and his little dog

  • Atsushi: (breathes)
  • Akutagawa: Who does that bitch think he is.

A man who loves Sherlock Holmes novels and puns names his dog Furlock. One day, he takes his dog out to town with him and stops in a little boutique. He brings his dog in with him and tries on a shirt. To his dismay, it isn’t the right size. He looks at his dog and says “No fit, Furlock.“

things the Hamilsquad cried over

● his breakup with Eliza
● getting accepted into university on that scholarship he worked so hard for
● being so broke he wasn’t able to pay the rent and had to ask a friend to lend him money
● Robin Williams’ death

● Titanic
● his mother’s cancer diagnosis
● his little brother graduating college
● those soldier-comes-home-to-his-dog-vids

● the paris attack
● getting his green card
● Rose Tyler, I…
● election night

● seeing whales die on the shore near his childhood home
● Mass Effect
● having to spend christmas away from his family because they don’t accept him being gay
● the relief of being hiv-negative after a scare

  • Ranpo: What's a metaphor?
  • Kunikida: My life is a trainwreck.
  • Ranpo: I know, but what's a metaphor?

I love animals.
When I was sick last month, Kiwi slept on my chest as I was lying in bed. She never does that. 
Last week, I went to the post office and there was a dog, he ran to me to be pet and this made me smile on a very sad day.
Today I practiced yoga for the first time in weeks, and Noodle put his little paw on my hands when I was in down dog, like to say “you will be ok” and then just laid there. 
It’s like they feel it when we need them.


Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village since classes are over ^q^) 

I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


  • Yuuri is a journalist major who wants to be a fashion journalist more than anything in the world
  • He looks up to Victor Nikiforov, editor of History Maker Magazine, a very very famous and prestigious company with millions of subscribers
  • Unexpectedly, he gets a job as Victor’s secretary, he’s super excited but he discovers that Victor ROASTS people when he doesn’t like their ideas
  • (and by roast i don’t mean he yells at them, i mean he smiles and tells them politely that it’s terrible and everyone is like??? is he nice??? is he evil??? omg i am horrified of him)
  • (He has a soft spot for his poodle, though, so after destroying several people’s hopes and dreams and telling them to come up with something else he’s like ‘MAKKACHIN!’ and happily jumps away to pet his dog)
  • Yurio is Victor’s little brother who he has a soft spot for and who loiters around the building and gives Yuuri a hard time by throwing spitballs at him
  • Anyway, Victor sees Yuuri as his new secretary and thinks he’s super cute but he has no idea how to express it so he tries to give him really hard jobs and Yuuri is like oh my god what the heck I am overwhelmed
  • He also gives him a lot of opportunities, though, and Yuuri does his best with them and keeps succeeding and Victor is internally super proud but externally like ‘hmm keep going. here’s another assignment.’
  • (But Victor keeps selecting him to go on different trips w/ him and Yuuri is like ???????? ok why am i getting all this special attention this is hype)
  • Somehow Victor works out how to express his feelings and tells Yuuri and they fall in love happily ever after

Okay but when Mary drugs Sherlock and he has that flash of a little girl by the beach singing with him and his dog, the little girl is taller than little Euros and she has a blonde braid or pony tail down her back. Setlock accounts confirm there was a young blonde girl in the beach scenes…


WTF? Are we supposed to believe that Sherlock just imagined a little blonde girl as a stand in for his real little (brunette) sister, who he doesn’t remember because she killed his best friend who he replaced with a dog in his memory…the same dog he and the little blonde girl were running around with on the beach in his drugged out memory flash.

Oh, yeah. No loose ends to wrap up, Mofftiss.