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are you still doing this Au + characters headcanon? if so, what about the Yuu-boys being knights (called Phantom Knights) and the bracelet girls spies (unoriginally called Bracelet Spies) to two OC princesses? could you make up sth with these ideas?

Instead of OC Princesses i’m gonna use Ray and Zarc, because OCs are a lot of work. Also, Regency au means “hello kids it’s murder time!” =D

  • So Ray is the princess of this fallen kingdom/tribe. Their kingdom was a matriarchy. It was conquered by Pendulum Kingdom. The Princess, Ray, was known to be a brilliant strategist & spymaster, she went into hiding with her servant girls when her kingdom fell. 
  • These women have one goal. To rebuild their nation and take back what was theirs. 
  • So all the bracelet girls gets into King Zarc’s court. 
  • King Zarc have these knights as his personal guards. 
  • So anyway, the girls gets cozy with the knights, learning the kingdom’s secret, and helping Ray plan a rebellion/assassination/whatever. 
  • Ruri, who got cozy enough to get to Zarc, poisons Zarc. 
  • Turns out though, “Zarc” is just a body double. The real King Zarc is actually Yuya the Phantom Knight. Only the other Phantom Knights and the body double knew about this. 
  • This presents a bit of a problem for the girls, because… frankly, they all like Yuya (not like like). He’s nice. 
  • This presents a bit of a problem for Yuto, who discovers Ruri’s identity. Because he likes Ruri, like… a lot
  • Featuring… Reiji the advisor. 
  • Gongenzaka the other knight. 
  • Shun the other Rebel
  • Yuzu the court musician spy & Serena the court dancer spy
  • Ruri the humble sweet servant girl who could do no wrong
  • Rin the hardworking servant girl who could do no wrong
  • Deceased: Dennis, spy for Zarc who infiltrated Ray’s kingdom and was very much responsible for its downfall. Killed by Ruri once discovered. (Yuri’s still sore about it.) 
  • Sora the servant boy who doubles as an assassin
  • Courtroom bickering between Yuri and Yugo, every single day. 
  • Shingo the snotty nobel what else is new
  • Also Yuto was a minor nobility from Ray’s court. He was taken to Pendulum Kingdom as a hostage as a child. Then he gets treated kindly and got indoctrinated into serving Pendulum. He and Ruri didn’t recognize each other because people change a lot as they age. 
  • The reason all the bracelet girls looks like Ray and all the boys look like Zarc is because most of them (sans Yuto) were chosen as potential body doubles for the Princess/Prince. 
Jack Zimmermann Is Not Good At Flirting

Shitty: Okay, so your crushing on Bits, now what are you gonna do about it?

Jack: I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think I’m going to seduce him with my superior athletic skill 



Shitty: Thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Jack: How dare you! I have an elaborate three pronged plan! I made a binder! *hands shitty the binder*

Shitty: Step one find bittle….step two seduce Bittle with my superior athletic skill….Step three…Jack does that say marriage? 

Jack: I needed a third prong…it’s a three prong plan…I’m not going to go after Bittle with a Two pronged plan Shitty thats just embarrassing. 

Shitty: You wrote Mr. Jack Bittle in the margins…

Jack: Oh I’m sorry, would you rather I make Bittle change his name? And what Shits? make our son grow up Rocket Gretsky Zimmermann I don’t think so. 

Shitty: Wait I’m sorry…you have your children names picked out…and you chose Rocket Gretsky? You know it’s guys like you that make me call myself Shitty.

Jack: Like the hockey players? also if you say it fast it sounds like Rocket Jetski which is just a cool bonus. 

Shitty: Oh yeah I’ll bet Bitty will love that. 

Jack: Yea-ohmygod! what am I gonna call Bittle when we get married? Should I start calling him Eric just to test it out?

Shitty: Uh…Okay well how about instead of marriage…you could just try coffee? 

Jack:  but how will I fit in the seducing? 

Shitty: I’m really not understanding how the seducing would work…I mean are you gonna like give him a lap dance or-

Jack: No! I’m just gonna like *waves hands around* you know jump and run and stuff…like just general…athletic things…until you know…stuff happens…

Shitty: Are you just naturally bad at this, or are you so beautiful you’ve never had to try before?

Jack: Bit of column A, bit of column B

Shitty: This isn’t going to work. 

Jack: Take that Shitty 

Bitty: What? 

Jack: Eat more protein…Eric. 


What if in Fourth Year...

Harry and Cedric both hit the ground hard in what looked to be a graveyard after they both grabbed hold of the Triwizard Cup.

“It’s a Portkey…” Cedric said in amazement as he looked at the cup in his hand.

“I don’t think this is part of the Task…” Harry said, frowning as he looked around.

“Maybe it is and we have to figure out how to get back?” Cedric suggested.

“In any case,” Harry said as he stuck out his wand purposefully in front of him, “We shouldn’t be here. We have to get back.”

There was a loud bang and huge triple-decker violently purple bus appeared in front of Harry and Cedric. The door opened and Stan Shunpike stepped out, opening his mouth to start his lines, when he caught sight of Harry and Cedric.

“Ernie! Look ‘oo it is! ’S Mr. Potter!” He said excitedly, gesturing for the two to get onto the bus and eyeing the Triwizard Cup in Cedric’s hands. “Where ya’ goin’ Mr. Potter?” he asked as with another loud bang they were back on the road wherever they had flagged the Knight Bus down from. Cedric looked around in awe after the sudden jump had tossed him onto one of the nearby beds.

“Hogsmead Station. Right outside of Hogwarts.” Harry requested, sitting on the bed next to Cedric after giving Stan the money for fare.

“Right you are Mr. Potter!” Stan said as he rapped on the glass behind Ernie to give him Harry’s desired destination.

Back in the graveyard, a very baffled looking Wormtail stared at the spot where the Knight Bus had disappeared just as he was making his dramatic entrance, the Dark Lord fuming in his arms.

Mark Hamill. The Legend. THE Joker.

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