and his kinda jealous look

oh boy if there’s one thing that gets me GOIN it’s Lea noticing things while hanging with the trio and IN PARTICULAR the way Sora and Riku dance around each other in this weird show of mutual pining like…

  • Lea noticing the way Riku feather touches his hand to the back of Sora’s neck sometimes without realizing he’s doing it
  • or the way Sora always looks in Riku’s direction whenever he pulls off a particularly cool-looking battle move
  • and subsequently the way he glows 100 watts brighter when Riku does notice and acknowledge it
  • how about the way Riku is so comfortable with Kairi when she hugs him but goes stiff as a damn board if Sora happens to so much as brush by him
  • OR the really sad but also kinda jealous look Riku has on his face when Sora and Kairi can’t see him as they play fight and wrestle
  • o r fuckinnn the way all three of them huddle together in encouragement before a sparring session with their arms around each other and the way Sora’s hand lingers on Riku’s back just a second longer than it does on Kairi’s when they pull away. 
  • how S L O W L Y he drags his hand across Riku’s back is painful too
  • But Lea’s all time fave observation is the way the two fall asleep on the green after a particularly hard days training and melt into each other so easily; the warmth of the setting sun casting bright orange shades across their huddled form, communicating everything they can’t bring themselves to say in consciousness to each other in their sleep
  • He loves those idiot kids!!!!!!!!

Arrow/Teen Wolf Mash Up!

Pairing: Reader x Roy, Reader x Jackson

Requested by Anon

Prompt: Roy Harper and Jackson Whittemore are twins, and they both like the reader. 

A/N: This was super fun to write! I may have gotten a bit carried away with it, so it’s pretty long and I plan on writing a Part 2!

*not my gifs*

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purplepimpryda  asked:


Al is a cool old motherfucker, you dig that guy. Like in a family way. He sorta adopted ypu as his son, and youre down with that. You look up to him like you would a lusus or parent. He seems like he knows his shit. Got a hella cool sense of fashion too. You love the way he dresses. You’d never met anyone with his condition before him, but it doesnt stop him from being a badass. His hair is like wicked cool and you’re kinda jealous of his horns. He looks a lot scarier than he really is, but hes still tough as nails. You just respect the guy like a fuck ton.

You’re Mine - Isaac Lahey Imagine

A/N: I got a request for a bit ago. It’s based on the reader is dating Isaac and Aiden begins to flirt with the reader. Isaac gets jealous and hits Aiden. I’m really sorry for the terrible writing and that it took me a while to post it. I were busy during the Holidays. Anyways, back to the imagine! I hope this is what you expected. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Request:  can you please make a Isaac Lahey imagine where Isaac and y/n are already dating but someone(maybe Aiden) start to flirt with y/n which makes Isaac jealous and Isaac hits him? take your time and I love your acct by the way.

Warning: Jealousy, Mild voilence.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey X Reader

Y/N = Your Name

**This gif is not mine**

You have just entered school as you were getting ready for the first class. You walked over to your locker and opened it, taking out the books that you needed for your first class which was history. When you have grabbed the books, you shut the locker close and locked it.

You walked over to the history class room and sat down at your desk. Your boyfriend Isaac sat down beside you as he smiled over at you and kissed you before the class was about to start. Aiden walked into the class room as well and sat down beside you on the other side across of Isaac.

Aiden smiled over at you and you flashed a smile back just to be polite and nice. Your boyfriend Isaac saw that Aiden was trying to flirt with you which made his blood begin to boil up inside of him. You looked over at Isaac and saw the expression on his face. He looked kinda mad. Was he jealous? You had no idea, but he for sure looked mad for some reason.

The class had just started and Mr. Yukimura was telling the class important notes as you and everyone else was taking notes for a test that would come up sooner or later. No one knew when it would come, all you knew is that you had to be prepared to whenever it would be given out in class.

When the bell rang you picked up your books and got up from the chair, walking out of the class room and over to your locker. You unlocked it before you opened it. Placing the books back in you shut the locker again and locked it. You began heading towards the cafeteria to get some lunch as your stomach was growling like a lion would roar.

When you reached the cafeteria you grabbed a plate and got over to the food desk and got some food, an apple and a bottle of water. When you had grabbed the food and the things that you wanted, you walked over to the table where Lydia and Scott and Stiles was already sitting at. Stiles, Scott and Lydia were your best friends.

Out if nowhere Aiden brough his food over to tje same table where the rest of the pack was sitting. He placed the plate down on the table as he sat down beside you. He looked over at you. “Hello, Y/N. i just have to say you look gorgeous as always. Too bad you’re with Isaac. I think you and me would be a perfect couple.” Aiden spoke and winked at you. But before you could say anything you got distracted as Isaac slammed the plate of food down on the table of the other side of you across of Aiden.

You looked over at your annoyingly boyfriend that looked so pissed off and jealous that his face was turning bright red. “You okay?” You asked worried, not sure what was going on with him. But then you knew it probably had to do with Aiden and what he had said to you. You assumed he had heard every word he said. Isaac cleared his throat. “Actually, no. I’m not okay.” He spoke irritated. He got up.

Isaac grabbed Aiden’s arm and pulled him up. “Can I talk to you for a second?” Isaac asked Aiden. Aiden just smirked. “Wait. Does this have to do with the words I told, Y/N?” Aiden asked as he tilted his head a bit to the side. “Matter in fact, it does involve exact the words you told my girlfriend.” Isaac said and clinched his fingers into a fist. He moved his hand backwards and swung his hand fast forward, punching Aiden in the face which made Aiden fall down on the ground.

“Don’t ever flirt around with, Y/N! Do you understand? She’s my girlfriend!” Isaac shouted out angrily as his blood was boiling up once again.

You heard every word they just said and you quickly got up from the table and walked over to Isaac and Aiden. You noticed that Isaac was about to hit Aiden once more.“Isaac! It’s enough!” You shouted out as you looked at him. Isaac looked back at you and sighed. “Alright, fine. Only because you tell me not to.” Isaac replied.

You placed your hands on Isaac’s cheeks, caressing them, making him look into your eyes. “No one will ever take me away from you.” You softly whispered. “You sure?” Isaac asked as he looked into your eyes. “Of course. I’m yours and yours only. I love you, Isaac.” You spoke and warmly smiled at him.

“I can live with that. You’re mine and only mine as I’m yours and only yours. I love you too, Y/N.” Isaac said to you. You and Isaac leaned in, meeting halfway, your lips touching his. You both sharing a deep, passionate and loving kiss.

Everyone in the cafeteria was cheering for you and Isaac. “That was just too adorable!” Lydia said and they all clapped their hands.

( I’m really sorry this was short. But I hope you guys enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more imagines! If you got any requests, feel free to send it in. Ask box is open. Thank you for taking your time to read. Happy Holidays guys! -Elin xoxo )