and his impersonation of her 'hi' is so precious

September ‘15. Musician things and such for my Bootleg Rec Page. Just love this trope and these fics! 

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AN ABSOLUTE ALL-TIME FAV, Can’t rec it enough:

Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones (23/23 | 122,787 | Mature)

Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014
“Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015
“Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

Loveee this storyy! *Squeezes the heck out of this story*:  

I Wish I Could See You Soon by talktowater (1/1 | 23,259 | Explicit)

Derek Hale is one half of indie duo Girls and the Dogs. He spent his late teens drinking and fucking his way around small clubs over the world, but now he is sober, sick of touring, and has rules. Or one rule at least, no hook ups on tour.

When the guy with the impossibly tight t-shirt who calls himself Stiles follows him back to his bus one night after a show in London, he’s in no danger of breaking his rules because as Stiles quite categorically states, he is straight. Right… good luck with that Derek…

Derek reading gay romance novels is everything I didn’t know I needed:

Broken Sundown by Anonymous (1/1 | 19,401 | Explicit)

Punk rock star Derek Hale is irritated when his new roommate in rehab turns out to be squeaky-clean Stiles Stilinski, the drummer for the hottest boy band in the U.S. Not even his favorite gay romance novel can distract him from what follows. Rock star AU, angst and addictions, alpha!Derek, mates.


Late Night Basement Songs by melfice (1/1 | 8,233 | Teen)

Band AU. They’re still nobodies when Laura Hale hears them, when she asks them to open for her band at their show in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is a little terrifying and extremely exciting and it’s the first real gig they book. It’s also the first time that Stiles meets Derek.

Glorious Perfection!:

Untitled by felicitysmoak (tumblr fic)

Anonymous: Please please please could you do this prompt for sterek please with lots of mutual pining?! we were both drunk when you proposed to me and i accidentally posted it across social media so now we’re hungover and trying to figure out this mess bc we’re not even dating

Musician Derek:

Hot! Everything is perfect and hot!:

Words Like Sparks by kototyph (1/1 | 6,222 | Explicit)

The prompt, from the lovely Saucery:

>> stiles is an incredible songwriter




So much adorableness i could DIEE:

I Call You Names Because I Love You by tylerfucklin (1/1 | 13,025 | Mature)

Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.

No sleep was had binging on this fic:

Here’s to the Static by matildajones (18/18 | 80,890 | Teen)

Stiles spends most of his college break in a coffee house where he stares after Derek Hale. For some reason, Stiles is unaware of the fact he’s quite the musician, and Derek amuses himself at Stiles’ obliviousness.

A rollercoaster ride! So so good!:  

*You Belong With Me by adult_disneyprincess (1/1 | 10,638 | Mature)

“You don’t know Derek Hale.” Lydia says, and Stiles shakes his head while looking at the file in front of him. “He is one of the biggest music stars in the world. Bisexual heartthrob for boys and girls alike.” She says, and she even waves her hands a little.

“Stalker?” He asks, and she makes a noise of agreement.

“So what is the Derek Hale doing at my lonely little private eye in the middle of nowhere?” Stiles says, and he flips through the file that really doesn’t tell him anything.

Tissues are a necessity! Gorgeous!:

Pretty Melody by thepsychicclam (1/1 | 30,501 | Explicit)

Stiles hasn’t seen Derek in six years, so when he shows up at the bar where Stiles works, claiming to be some indie rock star, Stiles can’t believe it. Stiles has even more trouble believing that he and Derek are about to have a one night stand.

Soon one night turns into two and three, and seeing Derek causes old wounds to open for Stiles. As Stiles reconnects with Derek, he finds himself painting things he’s been avoiding, and he thinks maybe he’ll finally start to heal.

The cutesttttt:

Teardrops on My Guitar by hazelNuts (1/1 | 3,895 | Teen)

anonymous asked, "i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush au”

Stiles got the first note the night before his mid-term. A post-it note was attached to his laptop screen. Go to bed. You’ll do fine.


‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural (1/1 | 13,865 | Teen)

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

The definition of perfect:

The Last Song I’ll Write About You by WhoNatural (1/1 | 1,890 | NR)

“So his face sells records, is what you’re saying,” she says, and yeah, he’s been talking about the jerkwad for most of his lunch break, but that’s no reason for her to get that glint in her eye. “You must think it’s a pretty marketable face, if it can make someone’s debut album go triple-platinum in the span of two months.”


Unchained Melody by uraneia (2/2 | 5,195 | Explicit)

Derek is an Elvis impersonator. Stiles is the sound and lighting engineer in charge of his show. Over sequins, hip swivels, and 50s ballads, they fall in love.


*Kiss Me, then Kiss Me Again by tryslora (1/1 | 1,745 | Teen)

No one mentioned the crowd surfing when they convinced Stiles to join them seeing Wolf Pack.


The one where Stiles manages to crowd surf right onto stage and into Derek’s arms… and Derek doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Bromance and romance<33:

This Is How We Go by skoosiepants (2/2 | 5,744 | Teen)

Scott and Stiles go on the Warped Tour with Allison’s band.

Hellll to the yesss:

Pony by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 1,573 | Mature)

In which acoustic musician Derek Hale seduces Stiles with a modern R&B classic.

Musician Stiles:

Love everything!!:

It’s Not So Hard to Make That Sound by Flinched (1/1 | 5,503 | Teen)

There’s something about his voice that sort of slices Derek in two because it’s so real and personal. He’s followed his music for almost 7 months and as of last week, MovieKidd826 had 11 uploads, 68, 250 subscribers and over 2, 448, 989 views on Lenders in the Temple alone. Now there are suddenly 14 videos and Derek’s irrationally pissed off that he missed them.

When Stiles left for NYU just over two years ago, Derek told himself that Stiles deserved to have a werewolf-free life, but he couldn’t help looking forward to their weekly Skype chats. That kind of became his routine; talking to Stiles on Wednesday, and checking MovieKidd’s channel every Monday and Thursday.

Of course they just had to go and be the same person, didn’t they?


*Don’t Belong to No City, Don’t Belong to No Man by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 091 | Not Rated)

He’s still beautiful.

Extraordinarily, mysteriously so: that guileful kind of beauty that sneaks up on the poor fool lucky enough to recognize it, a peculiar constellation of dazzling features that, once recognized, become the only stars in the night sky.

That’s how it felt to Derek at least, during his fling with Stiles Stilinski, the musician who wandered into his bar late one night while on a break from his first national tour. Derek had no idea that the bewitching man was the next up-and-coming singer-songwriter the entire music industry was buzzing about. All he saw was the perfect storm of cocky, clumsy grace; disheveled hair and pink cupid’s bow lips that made him weak in the knees; bloodshot-but-still-glittering eyes the color of single malt scotch and even more intoxicating.

Hearteyes cuz soulmate aus:

Marks and Mics by DLanaDHZ (17/17 | 70,508 | Mature)

Hale siblings Derek and Laura have been hired to run security for Stiles Stilinski’s music tour. Business as usual, except someone is trying really hard to prove they’re incapable and hurt Stiles. Derek finds himself curious about Stiles’ bitter attitude and a strange illness that plagues the singer. And on top of that, Derek’s soulmate remains elusive.

Precious adorable boys!:

*dirty little secret by allhalethekings (1/1 | 2,596 | General)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when it comes to matters of love, Stiles is a bit of a masochist. The whole Lydia debacle spoke for itself, really, and the whole crushing-on-Danny bit didn’t really help either. Let’s not even talk about the mind-numbing two-minute relationship with Malia.

So it stands to reason that of course he’d end up developing a huge crush on Derek, his bodyguard (he has a bodyguard! Stiles Stilinski has a goddamn bodyguard!).


The Importance of Tight Jeans in a Boyband by defenselesswriter (4/4 | 9,526 | Explicit)

The Pack is a worldwide known boyband (They’re not a boyband, Derek. They’re just a band made up of boys, you uncultured swine).

Or in which Derek (not so)reluctantly goes to a The Pack concert with his sisters and falls in love.

Ohh the pining!!:

sing me a song, piano man by bleepobleep (1/1 | 2,223 | Teen)

Derek’s worked at McCall’s for three years, just about as long Stiles has been the pianist, and not once has Stiles ever sung a song about him.

Classical Music:

Beyond gorg:

Part of My Melody by hayesgeneration (5/5 | 21,772 | Mature)

Derek is a professional classical musician who has found himself lost without a muse, without goal and without even a hint of spark. He’s almost settled nearly contently (if not slightly unwillingly) on having to live his life as a recluse, when his sister finally grows tired of his antics, giving him a Christmas ultimatum.

Melting into a puddle of cute!! Just read it!!:

*Play it for Me by bioloyg (1/1 | 5,622 | Teen)

For the longest time it sat in the corner of his apartment hidden beneath a blanket, gathering dust. Sure, every once in a while he’d uncover it, tune it, and clean it off, but that was the extent of it. He could never force himself to sit down and play, get lost in the movements of his hands and the melody of a song.
OR the one where Derek is a landlord and plays piano and someone takes notice.

Who’s chopping onions?:

*filling me up with the shivers by teamfreewolf (1/1 | 2,470 | General)

Stiles does some digging into Derek’s past; he’s surprised by what he finds.

Romanze in F Major, Op. 85, for viola and orchestra by ravelqueen (1/1 | 4,467 | Teen) 

So Derek definitely doesn’t have a crush, but he may, maybe, possibly be a little bit interested in getting to know Stiles (biblically, Laura’s voice snickers in his head) better. Or at all.

Or the one where Derek plays the viola, Stiles is his conductor, but they are still just two stupid boys in love.

(Yes, it’s the Orchestra AU that no one was asking for.)

Super duper cute!:

*Gjallarhorn by LilyCissa (1/1 | 3,565 | Teen)

Tonight, The Triskele performed in a small pub near Stiles’ college, and for the first time, they could afford live music. They had called Loner, a small folk music trio from next town to play for them. Derek was the name of the flutist. It was like everything you could blow held no secrets for him : tin whistle, high and low; breton bombarde and of course, bagpipes. That was Stiles favorite instrument to hear. Well, at least, one of his faves. Stiles was the kind of guy to have a lot of favorite things.

Nerd love adorableness:  

*Derek Hale, Music Major by charimiel (1/1 | 1,431 | Gen.)

- and all around terrifying principal clarinet.

In which Stiles plays the Cello, Derek is a grumpy but amazing Clarinet player, and the whole music department is probably taking bets on when they’ll get together already.

Happy Reading!