and his heaving bosom

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I need to talk to someone about how beautiful Sam is


would you like to talk about his squishy little nose and the way he scrunches it when he’s confused?

do you want to spend time discussing his perfect profile? (look at the line of his chin AND DESPAIR)

What about the way that he smiles when he’s flirting with Dr Cara in Sex and Violence? (we could probably spend the whole time discussing that one episode, LET’S BE REAL)

It’s definitely worth dwelling on the cheekbones and their chiselled improbability…

… or pondering the beauty of each individual hair of his eyebrows (to say nothing of the starburst eyes).

Lizzy Bennet’s heaving bosom ain’t got nothing on Sam’s

and sometimes he can be extremely distracting with his tongue.

As Dr Cara so wisely observes,

Also a problem? His back

his arms

and the staggering size of his hands.

This of course is merely scratching the surface. I haven’t mentioned his moles, his dimples, the beautiful stubble along his jawline or the lustrous beauty of his hair. I haven’t discussed his long long legs or the way that his T-shirts swing around his waist because of his inhumanly broad shoulders. Nor have I mentioned my particular obsession with his bare feet, when we’re lucky enough to see them. I haven’t been able fully to discuss the agony provoked by his smattering of chest hair nor by the rare and oh so delightful flash of his smile. And I haven’t even begun to deal with the beauty of the booty.


Just You Wait - Alfie Solomons One Shot O/C (requested

“Only me, I have a request for a one shot… you probs know what involving haha.  If poss I don’t want no full sex in it, just lots of his hands and beard over her (o/c) body n her touching his hands I know it’s very specific haha thank you.”

Just You Wait (part 1 of 3)

 The daily rush was finally slowing to a more manageable pace, as Y/N leaned against the counter and blew a pale wayward strand of hair from where it clung to her damp face.   Blazes it was hot in the bakery today.  The ovens working overtime to keep up with the demand.   Eyes the colour of a summer sky scanned the store and quickly counted the number of customers in the queue.  Less than five -  that wouldn’t take long.   Now as long as another rush didn’t sweep through the doors, she might just have time. Plucking her blouse from the sweat that had gathered between her ample breasts, her pert nose wrinkled in distaste. Perhaps she was not in any condition to pay a visit after all.   What she needed was a mirror, a brush and just the right shade of gloss to pull herself together.   With a quick glance towards the front of the store, noting that the line had dwindled to only two customers, she yelled to the bakery Manager, Ms. Shannon that she was finally taking her break.

After five minutes to pull herself together, she was walking down the passageway that connected the store bakery with the real heart of the business of one Alfie Solomons.    Her heart began thumping madly within her chest as a vision of the man swam before her eyes.   She could conjure every detail in vivid fantasy; but her mind was always prone to linger on his strong, hands and that glorious beard liberally laced in ginger tones.   Her stomach flipped just imaging both of them all over her body.   Thus far, despite some not so subtle hinting, she had not felt the pleasure.  Yet.   Sure, he was technically her boss, but God – the man was just too much man too resist.   Also, she had no shame.   More to the point, she suspected Alfie was the kind of man who didn’t care about boss/employee protocol, and would likely be pleased even further by her wanton desire.   

Y/N had heard enough talk of the man to know restraint was not his strong suit, and thus she figured it was just a matter of time before she knew the feel of those long, lean fingers all over her naked skin.   Once she had trailed a painted nail along the veins that stood out on his forearms and nearly climaxed from that experience alone.   Pausing outside his door, she could see the man at his desk, booted feet resting causally on the surface while he pondered the papers he held.   Hell, how the man was somehow sexier in those half-moon glasses, she would never know.   Taking a deep breath, she paused momentarily to silently watch him… and collect her wits.   One never wanted to approach Alfie Solomons with anything less than a fully functioning state of mind.   Which was a serious challenge when one tended to hold images of riding that beard while trying to converse.   Today she planned on testing the limits of his restraint.   Only a taste though.  

Always leave them wanting more was her motto.

Alfie’s jaw had begun to ache due to the amount of beard scratching he had already accomplished, and it was barely noon.  If it was not a dozen things going wrong today, it was probably twice that amount.  Fucking hell days like this were beginning to take a toll on him.   He’d even lost the will to yell at Ollie anymore.   The words of whatever document he was trying to read were blurring before his tired eyes.   Flinging the document back upon the desk, he lowered the glasses once more and leaned back in his chair, palms swiping over his aching eyes.   He rested his head against the back of the chair for a few minutes, weighing the merits of a good, but brief nap.  His hands folded across his chest, but fingers twisted and clenched continuously as a restlessness coursed through his body despite the fatigue. His eyes opened and wandered to the ceiling.  Then rolled over his cluttered desk, and finally towards Ollie busy in his own office. The lad was muttering and Alfie shook his head, eyes rolling… and then they landed on her.

Even through the distorted plane of glass in the door, Alfie was forced to admit it was one of the most stunning faces he had ever beheld.   The golden hair that framed it draped down and curling at the ends.   He knew it had to be worn up while working in the bakery, which meant she had styled before coming to his office.   He smirked slightly.  Their gazes held across the room, while she waited for his summons to enter.   Her sultry, sweet smile not fading while he made her wait, but acting like a siren call that caused a tightening in his gut.   She looked like summer and cool evenings spent by a fire.   The caramel streaks infused among the subtle waves giving the paleness of her skin a warmth, instead of being washed out.  She was uncommonly beautiful – and knew it.    And therein lay the cause of his hesitation.   That spelled possible trouble if she thought it would grant her power over him.    Thought she could catch him.  Alfie enjoyed what a woman might offer – but Alfie Solomons didn’t get “caught.”   Once again his fingers grazed through the ginger streaked hair along his jaw.   Through the glass her lips parted.  

Why she was at his office was another matter; but he could guess it was not likely official Solomon Bakery Business.   She had been flirting outrageously with him for weeks now.   Certainly he was not opposed to Y/N’s attentions; indeed she had been the starring role in many of his fantasies of late.   He imagined the soft, silky feel of that wheat and honey hair draped all around them as he took possession of her lithe, young body.    What he doesn’t like is the coquettish games.  How she’d smile and touch him lightly and then move away.  Darting her tongue out to lick her lips, and then a look of almost disdain would cross her pretty features.  Like he, a Jewish Crime Boss of humble origins was beneath her; a Golden Goddess.   No, he didn’t need that bullshit in his life.   What he needed was a good fuck to release the anxiety of the day.   If she was game for that – he didn’t give a fuck what this uppity princess thought of him.   Leaning forward he crooked his finger in a forward motion.  

Y/N swung through his office door, eyes set on his own, breasts thrust forward and hips swinging.   Her mouth spread in a wide smile and he cannot deny that it spreads a warm, happy glow straight to his loins.   His legs swung down to the floor while he patted the edge of his desk.   A moment’s hesitation before she crosses to only lean against the edge; one leg casually brushing against his own.  

“Lovely to see you Y/N as always.  How are things in the bakery today?”

“Just fine they are Mr. Solomons.  We’ve had a real good day.”   Her eyes dropped demurely to the floor briefly.  “Why I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath at all.”   Then raised to meet his own, a subtle woeful shine that was designed to draw forth his softer nature.  “It’s lucky that I’ve had a few spare moments to come see ya.  Ya know, show my appreciation for hiring me that is.”    One hand had reached out to lightly graze the bare skin of his forearm.   Igniting a spark of lust within him to have those perfectly manicured hands on other places.  

“How has your day been Sir?   Is there anything ya need for me to do?”   A delicate brow raised, the hidden meaning not so well hidden at all.

Alfie studied her, a look of mild amusement only registering on his face.   He slid his chair upon the floor closing the gap between them, holding her gaze with his own penetrating stare.  She sighed, heaving her bosom high and ran a finger along the outside curve of her hips, before shifting as though she was about to make her leave.

“Well, I’d best be getting back. I just wanted to see you…”

A hard glint entered his gaze and she stopped mid-sentence; eyes wide and wondering.   It was at this moment Alfie decided he had tolerated enough of these games and it was time to take her in hand.  Literally.

She made to move away again, but a strong hand reached out and locked about her slender wrist.  

“Well love, I won’t lie to you, it’s been a hell of a day.  And come to think of it, there is something ya can do for me.”  His gaze didn’t leave her own as he yelled across the office space.   “Ollie, take a fuckin break.”

The lad darted from the office without a backwards glance.    She shifted nervously wondering if she had bitten off more than she could chew with this man feared by so many.   Even though the way he commanded so easily was making her nether regions quiver.   She drew a shaky breath, but was determined to not falter.   Trying to regain the upper hand, she leaned forward, fingers light upon his chest while she removed the glasses from around his neck.   Nails briefly grazing through the longer length of his hair above his shirt collar.  The smile she cast hinting at untold promises.   Promises to be bestowed at her fickle will.  He smiled back, the stillness of his body suggesting he was powerless to her magnetic pull.   His one hand reached for her own smaller ones, a gentle squeeze and she felt sparks burst within her entire body.  She began tracing that vein again…

Suddenly he exploded in raw power and sexual energy pulsed through the air, as he gripped her firmly about the neck and bent her back over the desk.  He paused briefly to give her a chance to voice protest — her eyes were wide and her chest heaved, but she said nothing.    Those lean fingers made short work of her blouse buttons, eyes never leaving her own.  His rough hands a light graze across the exposed flesh at first.   Her skin shivered in the coolness of the office though being overcome by the power he exudes over her has sent a hot flush coursing through her veins.    Then it’s all business of his mouth, beard and hands everywhere.   He never kisses her – just glides his warm mouth over her skin, the soft whiskers following.   Granting her a taste of what might be and she bites her tongue to keep from begging him to go further.   The contrast of his warm flesh and the cool imprint of his various rings almost sending her over the edge. 

Pushing her further back, his hands reached beneath her skirt and slowly slid up her legs; gently spreading them apart.   Her breath hitches when his head dives between them, while the light touch of a finger traces the outline of her panties.   He goes no further, but drags his beard scratching along her inner thighs before moving to cover her mound through the thin cotton material with his warm mouth.   She’s writhing, no longer able to keep from begging for more and pushing her pelvis into his face as his mouth moves over the soft cotton covering.    The strong grip of those hands squeezing her thighs and her mind is tumbling, wondering what his tongue might feel like.   Abandoning all pretense, she boldly reached down and tried to move her panties aside.   Alfie doesn’t stop, but gripped her hands and held them tightly pinned to her sides.   A growled grunt vibrates against her centre and a moan escapes against her will as she almost comes right there.   The wetness seeped through and he pressed his tongue briefly against her bud.   Moving up, he rubbed his beard against the soft roundness of her stomach and his large hands grazed over the sensitive skin covering her ribs to grab a handful of breast.   His eyes watching her closely; head tipped back, jaw slack and panting with need.   Her own eyes squeezed shut so she missed his slow smile of satisfaction.  

As suddenly as he started, he pulled away; leaving her limp and wanting him more than ever.   Her eyes liquid pools of unquenched desire, while he seems barely affected.   Save for the satisfied smirk and hard gleam in that stare he fixed upon her.   Waiting.  Watching her reaction.   Testing her further, his hands slowly slide up her body and once more he bent his mouth to skim along skin already showing the red rashes of his attention.  Lightly he skimmed along the delicate fair surface, his hot breath and the tickle of his beard spiraling her arousal further.   Y/N reached shaky hands to hold him closer, but he doesn’t allow her touch and pins them above her head.    Bending his face so close she thinks finally she will know the feel of those full lips upon her own.  She smiles softly back and they hold the moment.   Alfie merely brushed the corner of her lips with his own, whispering against their fullness; his voice deep and low.   But she can detect it’s also thick with need.  

“I say when, where and how it fuckin happens sweetie.  Now get back to work.”

Just like that he released her and strode away in that swagger that makes a woman want to abandon pride and chase after him.   He doesn’t even look back as he exits his own office.   Confused and mildly affronted, she fastened her blouse and returned to the bakery on wobbly legs.   Visibly shaken as she resumed her duties.    Ms. Shannon takes one look at her dazed stare and raised red rashes upon her throat and upper chest, and shakes her head knowingly.   As the hours slip by, her excitement dwindles into a sweeping embarrassment that infuses her cheeks with a heated blush.   Did she entirely misjudge the man?   Or worse, her own powers of seduction?   Suddenly she’s not so confident regarding their next encounter.    Her nerves a tangled mess as the hours pass slowly by.   Just before closing, Ollie strides purposefully into the kitchen office where she sits at her desk gathering her personal affects.   Not meeting her gaze, he simply hands her a note,

“From Mr. Solomons, Miss Y/N.”

She accepted the note, trying to search his face for some sign of the contents, but faithful, stoic Ollie reveals nothing of his employer’s intent.   Nodding his head, he took his leave.   Y/N opened the note to discover an address and a time scrawled in his neat handwriting.   A PS “wear that polka dotted dress, and don’t be late.”    A slow smile of satisfaction spread across her face as a warm glow pulsed through her entire body.   He’s played his hand, and now the play is hers.  Will she take a risk and up the ante?

We’ll see who says when and where Mr. Solomons.

She’d wear the polka dotted dress as per his request.   It wasn’t like she had not seen his glances rake over her curvy form whenever she wore it.

But she wasn’t above making any man – even Alfie Solomons - wait a little.   Her smile and confidence were back in place as she closed the door on her office and left the bakery with her head held high. 



All Business (Just you Wait, Part Two)

Well Played -   (Just You Wait, Part Three/Conclusion)

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Indecent Delicacies

Naluweek 2017 bonus prompt: Sharing ~ I just wasn’t feeling it for the actual prompt ^^
Setting: Modern AU
Title:  Indecent Delicacies
Word Count: 480
Rating: teen

Summary: When neither you nor your boyfriend have a lot of spare time, dating is often one of the last things you get to do; so spending time with each other is a hit or miss proposition. But small things can mean a lot, and it’s all in how you look at the situation. For Lucy and Natsu, sharing is always the best component of their time together.

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Muggy and hot, the side-walk steamed; late spring in the city felt more like deep summer. A chattering group of teens stampeded past a couple deep in conversation over their conflicting schedules.

“Aw, Natsu!” Pouting, Lucy clung tightly to his arm. “Don’t you dare tell me you have to go in early! Do you know how hard it was for me to get this afternoon free?”

“Duty calls,” Natsu apologized, “I’ll make it up to you.” He grinned at Lucy, “It’s a damn shame too,” his eyes glided over her from head to toe, “today’s outfit is stellar. You still gonna be wearing that when I’m off shift?”

“Maybe.” Amused, Lucy winked at Natsu. Her voice a low sultry purr, she then batted her eyelashes. “Buy me a treat before you have to go and I’ll think about it.”

“Anything for you Luce.”

“Then let’s get ice cream!”

Minutes later they exited an ice cream shop. Natsu laughed as he held both cones aloft in one hand, keeping his girlfriend at bay with the other. “Careful! This is dripping already. You gotta keep it clean!”

Manicured hands slid over the crisp uniform covering Natsu’s chest. Lucy batted her eyes and licked her lips. “Really, officer?” She pressed closer and inhaled deeply, satisfied as his eyes were drawn to her heaving bosom. “That’s not what you said last night.”

Natsu grinned and took licks from both ice cream cones before holding them aloft again. “I say a lot of stuff. Wanna refresh my memory?”

Desire woke low in Lucy’s stomach. Grabbing his face in both hands, she hauled Natsu down for an open mouthed kiss. Pushing him against the brick wall of the building they had stopped in front of, she made him moan and gasp.

“Remember now, Natsu?”

“My memory is still a bit foggy,” Natsu ignored the cones he still held, “let’s share another kiss.”

“After we eat the ice cream.” Lucy waved her finger under his nose. “Don’t think you get to hog both of them!”

“Aww, Luce!” Officer Dragneel somehow managed to look abashed and sexy in his uniform. Grinning, he teased, “I’m willing to share my body with you, let me have both cones.”

His mirth died as Lucy took his hand and guided the cold treat to her mouth. Keeping her eyes locked on his she let her tongue swirl over and around the dripping cone. She ended by licking the melted mess clean off his fingers. “Share.”

Mesmerized he nodded, shifting to hold a cone in each hand. Thoughts clouded, he ate his and watched Lucy polish off hers. “I don’t know whether to arrest you for indecent behaviour or buy you another cone to share.”

Lucy winked. Her smile gave Natsu all the incentive he needed. After his shift he’d have to hit up the grocery store and stock up on ice cream.

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Just One Night

Summary: Dean deeply yearns for Y/N. But there’s just one problem…she’s not his.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Light/Implied Smut, Cheating (Reader)

Word Count: 1,054

A/N: So this is just a little something I whipped up. I needed a break from some of the other stuff I’m working on, and I wanted to practice more sensual writing…you know, for reasons. So please, let me know what you think. Thanks!

Feedback is appreciated. : )

Y/N and Dean entered the motel room, tired after gathering information for a hunt. Dean slammed the door shut behind him, letting out a tired sigh. Y/N stopped at the foot of one of the beds and turned to Dean.

“You ok? You’ve seemed a little distracted all day.” She asked, removing her grey blazer. She stood in her tight white blouse, tucked neatly into the black pencil skirt. Dean looked her up and down as he removed his own blazer and loosened his tie.

“Yeah. I just hate wearing these suits is all.” He smirked and turned, placing his blazer on a chair. He removed his tie and undid the top couple of buttons from his shirt. Y/N turned and stepped out of her heels. Dean’s eyes wandered over her waist, her hips. He lingered on the slit at the back of her skirt, watching intently as she bent to remove her shoes and place them neatly at the end of the bed.

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Omg Jade, i'm so excited about your AU events! Hopefully your writings could make everyone satisfied like always❤ how about Badboy! Aomine has love hate relationship with nerd girl (reader) she couldn't stand with his bullies anymore so she starts to change her appearance(she has his ideal body type) and he's ask her out? Maybe NSFW because of the sexual tensiom between them.. thanks

A/N: So, after I finished this, I realized the only factors I kept of your ask were Aomine as a bad boy and the girl as a nerd. I focused more on her irritation with him and his personality than with him bullying her though he is tactless (as we all know). Also, because you specified “nerd girl” I do have some common tropes here purely for the sake of description. Anyone can be a nerd but without actual physical pictures, I have to rely on my word choices to paint it.

“And _____-san with Aomine-san,” sensei announces. The female of the equation groans quietly, head smacking against her desk. Glancing around she’s unsurprised to see the notorious bad boy of Too absent…again. Why oh why does sensei hate her so? It’s bad enough to have to work on a paired project but with Aomine Daiki? The most narcissistic and lazy asshole she’s ever met?

The fact that he’s ridiculously gorgeous doesn’t help matters either.

After class ends, she’s fortunate enough to come across his pink haired keeper. “Ah, Momoi-san,” she calls garnering her attention.

She smiles brightly, waving. “Hello, ______-san, how are you?”

“Eh, could be better,” she confesses shaking her head. The pink haired girl tilts hers with curiosity to the reply but she ignores delving further into her personal problems by getting straight to the point. “Do you know where Aomine-san is?”

Momoi’s pink eyes widen before a devious smile curls up her lips. “He’s probably on the roof. I know his favorite spot; do you want me to take you to him?”

“That would be great, I don’t have a lot of time.”

The two walk briskly to the stairs heading up. By the time they’ve reach the top, Momoi’s companion is breathing a bit heavier, the weight of her backpack making her wish she’d had the foresight to leave it behind.

“Dai-san!” Momoi calls, voice shrill to impart maximum annoyance to her friend.  

“What do you want Satsuki?” Aomine grumbles, blue hair visible near the edge of the platform upon which he lays.

“_______-san needs to see you! Be nice!” she shouts then winks before leaving.

Time passes but Aomine has no intention of getting up. If she wants to talk to him, she can come up here. His arm lays across his eyes to block the blaring rays of sun but he jolts up at the feel of a shoe kicking the bottom of his own. He hadn’t even heard her climb the ladder.

“What the hell,” he snaps, eyes opening to look up.

Above him stands who he’s dubbed the “nerd girl”.  She pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose in a manner reminiscent to Midorima. “I could ask you the same thing,” she snaps, eyes hidden behind the glare of her shields. “It’s impolite to keep a lady waiting.

“Yeah, well, if you see one around let me know and I’ll make sure to jump right up,” he retorts, satisfied to see a faint blush of what he can only assume is anger flooding her cheeks. It makes her almost look human.

“You’re an ass,” she asserts. Setting down her bag, she unzips it and hands him a paper.

“What’s this?” he asks blinking.

“Our paired assignment that we are unfortunately required to collaborate on. It’s 25% of our grade Aomine-san, so I would appreciate it if you don’t dawdle in doing your part.”

The basketball punk scans over the text before scoffing, “What is this shit anyway? Tch, I don’t have time to worry about this right now.” He stands, holding out the paper which she refuses to take.

“I’m not doing your work for you, Aomine-san,” she says firmly standing as well, the difference in their height making her swallow her nerves. She’s not exactly afraid of the looming male but he definitely has an aura about him that makes her apprehensive.

And she hates herself for noticing the tone of his muscles; she hates it even more that he doesn’t miss that she’s staring.

“Heh, why don’t we compromise, hmmm?” He takes a step forward but she refuses to retreat so now his chest is almost touching her decidedly large one. “You handle the assignment,” he murmurs, hand reaching out to play with some loose strands of her hair. “And I’ll handle you.”

Heat floods her face at his insinuation followed by righteous anger. Her hand moves before she can think, smacking him across the face. “You’re a pig,” she hisses, gathering her bag and storming down the ladder. She leaves with a parting, “Meet me at the library at 5:00, we’ll go over the details then,” thrown over her shoulder before the roof door slams shut. Behind she leaves Aomine fuming.

He’s never backed down or lost a challenge before and he isn’t about to start now.  “The only one who can beat me, is me,” Aomine mumbles, gathering his belongings.

That evening, she takes a seat in one of the study rooms and waits. And waits. And waits. Of course, the jerk would be late. When an hour past their meeting time goes by, a deep boiling anger bubbles up. She isn’t this person, isn’t one to go off and strike someone, to want to yell and scream at them but Aomine Daiki is decidedly good at getting her dander up. She loathes the injustice that someone so pertinacious and self-centered practically has the world at his feet just through sheer arrogance and entitlement.

And to top it all off, she knows he’s in a gang, a delinquent through and through and yet everyone, including teachers, fall to his feet like he’s some sort of god!

All because he’s good at basketball.

Ok, so maybe he’s better than good, maybe he is the best, but still, there are more things to life! More things that make people great, make them valuable and important!

Finally, she’s done waiting, grabbing up her bag and huffing out the doors making a beeline for the gym. It’s unlikely he’s even there given his penchant for skipping practice almost as much as he does class but she has to try. She has to get him to realize she’s not a push over and she’s not a patsy.

Entering, she sees who she knows to be captain and coach of the basketball team talking quietly. The squeak of her shoes against the floor announces her presence and both males turn to look in her direction. “Ah, excuse me, Imayoshi-senpai?” she calls.

His smile makes her shiver a little. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“I…I’m sorry to bother you but, have you seen Aomine-san? We were supposed to meet at the library and-“

“Ah, so you’re the reason Aomine-kun was all hot under the collar today,” he asserts making her blink in confusion. Coach murmurs something about grading papers, leaving the basketball player and flustered student to their own devices. Before she can ask him to explain Imayoshi goes on, “Please allow me to apologize for the inconvenience. You see, it’s my fault Aomine-kun just now finished. Course, now I understand why he didn’t complain as much as he usually does. What a naughty boy, am I right?”

Deep crimson overtakes her complexion, hands gripping the strap of her bag tighter. Why is she interpreting his commentary so…lewdly?

Imayoshi, ever observant, is tempted to continue this line of teasing simply for the pleasure of watching her squirm but he’s tired and besides; it’s clear this one isn’t interested in him anyway. Shame, she’d be fun to break. Shrugging on his own bag, Imayoshi points towards the locker room. “He’s in there,” then promptly exits the gym, leaving her to decide whether to continue waiting.

Taking a seat on the bench, she goes over her notes, mind wandering between what she’s doing and what’s taking Aomine so long. Undoubtedly, he’s done this on purpose, exerting himself as dominant and not one to cater to the beck and call of others, but he’s never tangoed with someone like her before.

“Yo,” his deep voice rumbles jarring her out of her thoughts. Looking up, she swallows the extra saliva that has suddenly appeared thanks to the sight of him shirtless, tribal markings dancing on his broad chest and over sculpted shoulders. A distinct heat erupts between her legs when she notices his nipples are pierced. How the hell does he play basketball with those?

“Oh, these? I take them out of course,” he comments revealing she voiced the question out loud.

Mortified, she covers her face, a deep groan pulling from her lips. His presence before her on his knees, face level with hers, makes her squeak. “You’d better be careful, _______-san, I just may get the wrong impression if you keep making noises like that.”

Her bosom heaves drawing his eyes downward, his blatant staring making her entire body hum with apprehension. Raising his eyes to hers once more he smirks, leaning forward. Heat radiates off his flesh, their proximity drawing beads of sweat to her brow.

“You know, maybe what you need isn’t a project partner so much as a…fuck partner?” he murmurs, lips millimeters from hers.

“You’re a pig,” she whispers.

“So you’ve already mentioned. And you’re a bitch, what of it?” he replies.

“I don’t like you,” she remarks.

“Tch, you think I like you? Hardly. Though despite your glasses and always wearing cardigans even when it’s fucking hot outside, you’re certainly alluring,” he admits, trailing a heated gaze over her curves.

“This…this can’t…this isn’t happening,” she asserts, willing her brain to work better than her hormones.

“Oh, I beg to differ princess,” he purrs, “I can see you want me, why continue to deny it? Take the offer, it’s not everyone I’m willing to give all this to.”

She narrows her eyes. “And here I thought I’d figured out how you got ahead in life, Aomine-san.”

“What’d you mean?”

She shrugs, glad to feel a bit of her senses (other than the horny ones) returning. “I was racking my brain trying to figure out how you could possibly still be in school and on the team even though you do nothing contributory to either. Well, at least in school. I know in basketball you’re second to none, though I have heard rumors of a certain red head at Seirin that supposedly can give you a run for your money.” She shrugs again, tapping him on the nose. “I just assumed you were a man whore, slutting it up to whomever you needed. How else would you still be passing your classes?”

“You, self-righteous bitch,” he snaps.

Eyes gleaming behind her glasses, she pushes against his chest, denial clear. Aomine may be a bastard, but he’d never truly force himself on her. He gets up, eyes full of fire.

“I believe that’s round one to me, Daiki-kun,” she purrs sashaying her hips as she exits. Turning around, she’s gratified to see evidence of a distinctly firm problem below his waist line. “Tomorrow, after school, 5PM, library. Be there.”

When she’s gone, Aomine grabs his basketball and slam dunks it hard enough to shake the rafters. This kitten doesn’t know who she’s dealing with and Aomine is dead set on turning her hisses into mewls.

A/N: I originally intended to end this NSFW but the progression changed as I went and I really like how things ended here with the bad boy being put in his place. I hope you still enjoyed it!

Release - Alfie Solomons One Shot (requested)

ok i’m here to request a nsfw prompt for alfie and alyona ;) it’s not detailed so you can go anyway you like with this but could you write a smutty one shot about them doing the dirty deed in alfie’s office😉😉thank youuuuu and there’ll me more coming ur way :)   


Alfie jumped startled from where he sat behind his desk, feet raised upon the scattered papers, when the door to his office flew open, hitting the glass wall behind.

“What the hell is this?!”

Alyona stood small and angry in the door frame, a piece of paper held tight in her fist.   Which was raised and shaking at him, making the paper flop like a limp sail.   Eyes narrowed, he considered her confrontational stance; eyes roaming the length of her body.  He could see it held rigid even from across the room.   Keen gaze lingered on the slender legs, curve of her hips and finally the heaving swell of her bosom, as she waited his reply.


His eyes finally lifted to meet her own; fingers distractedly working his beard. Fuck but she’d been in a mood all day it seemed.   He had been hoping that keeping her busy would help work off her temper.   Clearly he’d been wrong.

“Hello love.  Rough day?”  He rubbed the whiskers around his full mouth; ghost of a smile hiding behind.

“Don’t you patronize me right now Alfie, I’m not in the mood.”

“Well, it’s some kind of mood, innit?”   He ignored the glare that cast daggers at his head, tipped his hat – he knew it made her weak in the knees.  “Let me see that… since I can’t fuckin read from a mile away.”

His hand reached out for the paper, as she stormed closer, heels pounding so hard there were probably little dents of anger in his floor.  Alfie took the paper, raised his half glasses and quickly scanned the contents.   His brow knitted in confusion.   Just a regular work order; he didn’t see any cause for her anger.

“Well it’s a regular work order love, nothing to get all worked up over.”  His brow furrowed as he looked at her standing in front of his desk, arms folded across her chest and foot tapping the floor.  He tossed the paper back on his desk.  Hell but he wasn’t exactly in the mood to be dealing with feminine temper he didn’t have a hope in hell of understanding either.

Her voice pitched high within the space, “It’s not a regular work order Alfie dammit.  It’s changed the whole routine for the day… work I already did is now pointless, AND I have to go back and redo other work to now fit THIS.”  She picked up the paper and then tossed it back at him.   His brow furrowed deeper.

“I’m sorry Alyona, I am really, but it’s not like I could prevent it.  And just get Gil to help ya… that’s why I fucking hired the lad.  To work.”   His feet lowered from the desk and he leaned forward a tone of impatience coating his words, “Ya know work… that thing I pay ya, to do.”

Her jaw dropped, “Ohh, that’s what I’m here for am I?  To do your bidding?”

Once again Alfie, normally very astute regarding the flow of conversation, was at a loss as to the direction of her thoughts.   He leaned back, spread his arms wide and with dumbfounded look, “What?  The. Hell?”

Her mouth opened and closed, words half uttered but losing their force as she struggled to give voice to whatever emotions swirled inside her.   Watching her pass from anger, to confusion, to finally a frustrated sigh, Alfie suddenly leaned forward once more.

“Alyona.”  He waited until her eyes raised to meet his own.  “Are ya picking a fight with me?”

He could tell by the colour that immediately rose in her cheeks that he had finally hit the truth. Rising from his desk, he slowly advanced around its edge, lean fingers trailing along the wood as he held her now unsure gaze.

“Now why would ya be doing something like that love?”  Folding his arms across his chest he stopped before her.  Felt the tension coiled inside her and a wicked smile carved his features.  “A man such as myself…known of short temper.  Likely to take matters into my own hands… hard.  Fast.”

Her chest rose and he heard the hitch of her breath.  Jaw slackened, her pretty, little pout of a mouth once more trying to utter words stuck in her throat.   But her eyes… they held his own and a fire burned within those swirling depths.  The challenge she silently issued.  His hands raised to grab either side of her head, his voiced rasped against the skin of her cheek.

“Get on the floor.”

One tiny part of her mind knew she should have resisted him.  Pretended to fight harder.  But her knees submitted and slid to the floor, before her will registered even a tiny slip of a feigned defense.   His fingers tangled in her long hair, while the other hand unfastened his trousers where she could see the bulge of his erection straining against the fabric.   He freed his swollen cock, its head already glistening a drop of his own now raging need.   His hand ran over its length with a few slow pumps and her lips inadvertently parted as the desire swept through her.   Eyes still holding his own, eyelids fluttering, she reached up and took him in her soft hands.   Alfie’s arms dropped to his sides and he leaned back against the desk for support.

Bending her head, she took his long length into her mouth.  Alfie watching every inch of himself slowly enveloped by her warm mouth, his breath held, fists clenched at his sides.   The urge to grab her head and guide her motions a battle waged and nearly lost, as her mouth and tongue stroked and sucked a fire into his gut. He sensed this was not about his need, but something within her; a need she couldn’t name but judging from how she hummed and moaned upon his throbbing cock, was desperate to fulfill.   She swirled her tongue about the tip, around the sensitive underside and his head tipped back and almost gave in to the intense pleasure.

“Fuck … God Alyona….easy…”  His hands finally twisted in her hair, but in attempt to tug her off before he erupted.  Instead she swallowed his entire length and as he hit the back of her throat his knees damn near buckled beneath him.  With some force he squeezed her head and she finally released him with a loud, sucking pop.   Fuck no one ever worked him better.   “Hell love… I said easy…”

There was victory and wickedness in her gaze, and it sent another jolt of heat straight to his already flaming desire.   With one strong hand he raised her, while the other dove straight up her skirts and pushed her panties aside.   Already dripping with need and he groaned in his chest, pushing her up against the desk.   If he was in charge, and he didn’t fool himself that he was, he would have turned her pert backside up and pounded the climax right out of her.   But he could see that her eyes still had a challenge, the embers still brightly burning, as she settled upon the desk and kicked her panties off.   They hit his chest and she smirked, catching her full bottom lip in her teeth.  He grabbed her hips, bringing her to the edge and drove himself in with no hint of gentleness.  If it was a hard fucking she wanted, she was damn well going to get it.    Only too happy to oblige this unexpected wanton need, he thrust wildly into her soft flesh.  

Heart pounding as the desk shook, and papers fell to the floor; the one lamp balanced dangerously close to the edge, and still he could see the lingering clasp she maintained on her will.   Keeping this pace, he was desperate for release, but he’d be damned if he let that happen.   Death first before this little minx got the better of him.  Fuck he loved her with a madness he’d never known.   Loved that she craved him like this.   Suddenly he pulled out slowly, held her gaze for a moment before gliding back in her wet and warm walls with an exquisite slowness.   Saw the surrender of will as it left her gaze and her face softened.   Slow and gentle he fucked all the tension and heat right out of her skin; every nerve opened to him.   When her eyes rolled back and her head tipped to his ceiling, he smirked in satisfaction, but it was when the begging begin he truly knew she was his.

“God.. Alfie, fuck please… please.”  

Her hips strained up against him and he swore his prick was now stroking bone.   Her arms reached back and gripped the far edge of the desk and her back arched up, raising her hips even further so that he was pulled even deeper.  All the air left his lungs and the blood rushed to his head when he felt her clench and clamp around his pulsing shaft.   Legs locked about his waist, trembling and shaking as her climax tore through her entire body.  Her teeth biting down so hard to halt her moans, he saw she’d drawn blood.   Eyes glued to her, he managed a few more fast and deep thrusts before he exploded inside her with a guttural shout; his own body shaking in long drawn out convulsions that rocked him to his core.  He didn’t even know how he was still standing.  His legs had gone numb, and he’d pay for this tomorrow.   He would have no regrets of course.  Keen eyes scanned the still heavily breathing body laid out beneath him.  Her eyes were closed and one hand lay across her forehead.   Lightly he stroked the soft curve of her hip while his own breathing calmed.   Finally her eyes opened and she sought his gaze, a hesitant smile etched her lovely, flushed face.  Raising on her elbows, she loosed a heavy sigh.  His brow raised as he stared back.

“Feel better, yeah?”

She could only nod feebly, a measure of uncertainty in her eyes.  He reached for her hands and pulled her against his chest, stroked her long hair, while she collapsed against him fully spent.

“Has been a day, has it love?”

Felt the nodding of her head, before it turned and lightly pressed a kiss against his bristled neck. He chuckled softly as he kissed her temple.

“Yeah, well glad I could be here for ya.”   His strong hands ran down the length of her back.  “I mean, officially ya know I’m a bit offended to be used so… but listen sweetie…”

She swatted him lightly and met his eyes; saw the teasing glint within though he tried to hold onto the feigned offense.  “No yer not, and yer a shitty liar Alfie Solomons.”   She kissed him softly.

He pulled her in for a lengthier kiss, and then drawing back chuckled lightly.  “It’s not lying love… it’s negotiating.  And I think ya must know, I’m the best at resolving…” he cast a wink at her, “tense situations, right?”

At least she had the decency to blush, and he loved her even more for it.   She licked her lips as though ready to devour him again.  Alfie fastened his trousers, and then pulled her legs back around his waist and walked them over the couch.  Sinking down into the cushions, he cradled her close.  

“So, how do you think ya will feel tomorrow… because ya know I got a busy schedule and ya can’t just come barging in demanding sex sweetie.”

Her chest shook against his own as she laughed, squeezing him closer.


“Yeah Alfie.”

He shifted slightly and groaned softly.  “Fuckin hell… I think I pulled my back love.”

This time she laughed out loud.

“Yeah sweetie… well, it’s been a day, hasn’t it.”

  ~ The End ~     

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 13

The Watch

“Keep Calm Now, Lad.”

She can’t get down to him fast enough, barely taking her eyes off him, lest she lose him in that split second she looked away. 

From her fear and his steeliness very little needs to be said for the tension to be palpably felt. There’s only one thing on her mind and that’s to get to his side

That huge bosom-heaving sigh of relief of hers, as Jenny - like a boss - comes in and defuses the situation.


There’s this amazing level of instinctual awareness Claire and Jamie share, where they’re able to read each other’s body language and sense changes in one another down to minute details.

Case in point: The moment Claire does get to Jamie’s side, she reads him (not too hard I’d imagine having already had a gun in his face, dude is pissed.)

Her grip on him tightens - warning. Keep calm.

Her hand rubs his shoulder - soothing. Don’t do anything rash. Yet the look she gives him - be ready. And immediately, he reaches for his dirk.

And as that asswipe puts his feet up on the table, Claire - without needing to look - instantly puts a warning hand on Jamie’s thigh - stilling him.

They’re both so perfectly tuned to the other’s wave length, even before they got married, really looking forward to more of that in S2!

Jamais être Pris Vivant!

That look they exchange…

Claire and Jenny

Their deepening bond throughout this episode was so enjoyable to watch, even though what bonded them was something quite dire.

Jenny telling Claire about how it feels to be pregnant was one of my favorite scenes they shared:

“Then towards the end. When the child moves a lot. It’s a feeling like when yer man’s inside ye. When he comes to ye deep and pours himself inside ye and that throbbing begins. Feels like that, only much bigger, like… like it’s him ye’ve taken into ye instead.” 

Honorable Mention

Claire:  It’s alright. It is possible to deliver a breach baby. I may have to reach inside and guide it out.

Jenny: Alright. But, you’ll be fetching me a good stiff dram before we start.

Claire: In that case, the baby will likely be drunk, too.

Jenny: Then he’ll come into the world a true Scot. 

When ‘Failure’ Lost It’s Power

Each thinking they’d failed the other, what rose instead was love beyond dimensions. Where the fear of the other’s suffering trumped their own completely. And failure ceased to exist in their eyes and had no power between them. For him, she could never fail him, nor in her eyes could he ever fail her. It’s tender. It’s beautiful.

Gah! That neck kiss. The timid way she looks up at him after, as he gazes at her the way he does… Damn these two… I’mma need a moment…

Jamie and Ian

My favorite scene of these two by far’s the one where Ian kills Horrocks. So shaken by it, Jamie’s there to console his brother and in that moment the depth of their friendship comes through amazingly

“Haste Ye Back. Or Else.”

As far as their S1 goodbyes go, this one hit the hardest (Geez, S2 will just do me in completely). Having sped-read ahead, knowing what was yet to come, when she’d see him next… it’s just so achingly full of everything they are and feel.


This cheeky wee bugger helping his Auntie Claire!

And lastly, some favorite stills




AUTHOR: @wanderingthoughtsofanabsentmind


GENRE: Smut, Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Kayla and Loki have their first night as husband and wife.

RATING: M, Explicit

WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR’S NOTES: Hi there, this is a request from @sweetfemitaly for my reaching 100 followers so, yay! Thank you to @darquehuntre for beta'ing for me *muah*. Sorry this took so long and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome!

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Book: The Virgin Romance Novelist
Author: Meghan Quinn
Pages: 292
Publisher: Hot-Lanta Publishing
Rating: ★★★★ 4.5


Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch…
Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?
God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.
I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.  
My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.
But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…

My Thoughts:

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an a honest review – Thank you!

I finished The Virgin Romance Novelist earlier today and to say that I loved it would be a very big understatement. I actually loved this book so much that I feel honored that I was able to read it before it’s official release. 

Rosie Bloom wants to be a romance novelist but there is only one problem standing in her way, she’s a virgin. Not that being a virgin is a problem but when you’re trying to write a romance novel the lack of experience may be a tiny bit of an issue. With the help of her two best friends, 23 year old Rosie, who has lived an extremely sheltered life, decides she’s going to put herself out there and start dating. Each date that Rosie goes on is more hysterical and embarrassing than the last. The Virgin Romance Novelist was so funny that I was doing that weird laugh, the one where no sound comes out and your face starts turning a funny shade of purple and your whole body starts convulsing with laughter - I promise, it’s a really attractive look. There was this one scene where she gets a Brazilian wax and I was positive that I was going to die from laughing so hard. Other times I cringed at how bad the dates were, they weren’t just bad, they were awful! Between Rosie’s quirky dates, her slightly disturbing office life and her hysterical and loveable best friends, Delaney and Henry, you won’t stop laughing or smiling. The Virgin Romance Novelist has everything you need in a book; it’s comedic gold, filled with awesome one liners, and swoon worthy romance.

Seven Minutes In Heaven: Tsubasa Shirai MATURE

A continuation of the original Seven Minutes In Heaven fic which can be found here.

Still holding your hand, Tsubasa comes to a halt outside the bedroom of a certain clairvoyant Demon. He turns to face you, his mouth curling into a smirk, a mischievous glint in his chocolate brown eyes.
“This seems like as good a place as any. Don’t you think?”
Although you are sure you will pay for your actions later on, Tsubasa’s lustful gaze makes it impossible for you to resist and you follow him into the extremely untidy room.

 Closing the creaky door behind you, you kick off your shoes. With a quick shrug of your shoulders the oversized jacket falls from your petite frame. The ardent Angel licks his lips as he slowly closes in on you, pinning you against the wall.

Tsubasa’s lips settle on your neck. His tongue rapidly flicks against your skin, only stopping to occasionally nip the soft flesh. Encouraged by your breathy moans, he works his way up. Covering your mouth with his, he gently nibbles your lower lip. As the kiss deepens his hands rove all over your body, tracing every curve.

Lavishing your breasts with attention, he fervently licks and sucks the hot flesh. His hand drifts to your bottom half, dipping inside your trousers. His movements deliberately slow, he teasingly strokes you through your underwear. Shifting your pants to one side, his fingers glide over your lower lips. Your breath hitches as he slips two fingers inside you, expertly pumping them in and out, his thumb moving in a circular motion over your clit. As the speed of his movements increase, you become so sensitive to his skilful touch that it is almost too much for you to handle.

In the next moment he pulls away from you completely. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he licks them clean, savouring your taste. Drinking in the sight of your flushed cheeks and heaving bosom, his eyes darken. The naughty Angel has you exactly where he wants you, desperate to feel him inside you.

Roughly tugging his tie you pull his body flush against yours, your fingers tremble slightly as you fumble with the knot. His tie disposed of, you nimbly undo the buttons of his shirt. Throwing it to the floor, Tsubasa speedily divests himself of the rest of his attire, giving you a clear view of his hard length. His eyes locked with yours, he slowly strips your lower half.

Pushing you harder against the wall, he presses himself against you. A quiet moan escapes him as your heated skin makes contact with his. He bends slightly, urging you to wrap your arms around his neck. Pulling yourself up, you wrap your legs around him. His large hands cup your thighs as his throbbing member rubs against you.

Sinking his teeth into your shoulder, he gives a throaty growl as he enters you. His mouth travels across your collarbone biting and licking as his thrusts become harder and deeper, your hips moving in perfect sync. Tsubasa lets out a satisfied chuckle as you call out his name so loudly that there is no doubt the entire household will have heard it.

With one final thrust you feel yourself tightening around him, your juices spilling over his length. He lets out a strangled groan as he comes inside of you. The sound of heavy panting fills the room as Tsubasa carefully lowers you down, your legs still trembling. Keeping your arms firmly around his neck you pull him into a kiss. Your tongues brush against each other, engaged in a battle for dominance, which he easily wins.


The pair of you return to the party, grinning even more broadly than before. Satoru looks you both up and down, his trademark smirk replaced with a frown.
“Please tell me you didn’t do it in my room.”
Tsubasa nods, enjoying the look of pure horror on his rival’s face.
“That’s it, you’re toast!” he growls, directing his deadly glare at you.

Standing protectively in front of you Tsubasa stares the furious Demon down.
“She’s already been to Heaven once today. There’s no need for her to go again.”
Haruhito pouts, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Really? You went to the Angel Realm without me. That’s not fair!”
“Well, you could join us next time, if the lady agrees.”
The handsome blonde’s expression instantly brightens,
“Yeah, we’ll have great fun!”

Flustered you dash towards the bathroom. As you study your reflection in the mirror a smug smile stretches across your face. You may not have visited the Angel Realm but you certainly have been to Heaven and back.

The Magic In You

AN: CS “first time” one-shot. This is a rougher take on what Killian and Emma’s first time could be like (mostly because I was tired of the cutesy fics cause lets face it they are a sexual pair and he’s a pirate) with an added twist. Enjoy!

Warning: I am not liable for your ruined panties. Proceed with caution!

Word Count: 3200

Rated M for smut and dirty talking Killian

Also on


Killian and Emma stumbled into her room at Granny’s, Killian crushing her with his weight against the door, “God’s Emma… do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this?” he whispered huskily against the shell of her ear, his lips grazing the lobe and tugging gently earning him a throaty whimper of desperation as he grinding his hips against her jean glad center allowing her to feel every hard inch of him within the confines of his leathers.

“Do you feel how much I want you Emma? Have you any idea how long I’ve imagined you writhing in pleasure underneath me, my cock buried inside of you, filling and stretching you…” he groaned, his thumb sensually swiping across her lower lip, breathing against her neck, each profound word he muttered to her sending jolts of lust straight through her body, rocking straight to her very core, her thighs clenching with desire.

“I long to be inside you, nestled between those gorgeous thighs of yours, listening to what I do to you. Do you promise to moan for me love?” he jeered, the pad of his thumb brushing its way inside of her mouth, Emma nipping it lightly with her teeth causing him to chuckle darkly, his hot breath against her ear making her shiver, his hips never ceasing their teasing motions against her.

God’s…” he breathed lowly, his nose nuzzling against the crook of her neck as he spread kisses against the expanse of skin there, “let me feel you Emma…” he mouthed at her collar bone, his upper lip lingering against her flesh as she threaded her hands in his dark locks.

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anonymous asked:

Pretty please may we have a sneak peek of the princess and the pirate, to combat the Dark Ones of last night! ;)

Yeah, I was feeling the need for some fluffiness after the angst (although I’ll probably wallow in it later) and instead of a sneak peek I decided to write a little scene set in the world of Beyond the Horizon, where the pirate and the princess are happy and in love and most importantly NOBODY IS SECRETLY A DARK ONE. Ahem.

Dance Lessons 

The sword clattered loudly to the deck for the fifth time in as many minutes and Emma looked like she was on the verge of bursting into tears, swiping angrily at her eyes and then putting her hands on her hips, pacing around the blade as she glared down at it.

“I’ll never get it right.”

“Captain?” Keswick called helplessly when she stamped her foot like a petulant child who had been denied a sweet. Had it been any of the crew throwing such a fit Keswick would have simply clouted them soundly on the ear and ordered them to pick the sword up again, but every man on the ship knew better than to even think of raising a hand to the captain’s wife. The penalty had been made abundantly clear, and no one on his crew was fool enough to risk his wrath when it came to her.

Even if she was about to completely lose her temper, and rather spectacularly at that if her flushed cheeks and heaving bosom were to be believed.

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First, Armand, regarding your opening question, you’ve obviously never met d'Artagnan.

Second, it’s equally obvious that your vow of chastity that you do occasionally remember taking is pretty much the only reason you get anything at all done. 

I’m really getting sick of John Nathan Turner ruining MY show. I have watched all of the Tom Baker episodes and am therefore an expert in Doctor Who. I know what it’s supposed to be about. Remember the good old days when the Doctor used to randomly try and snap people’s necks for no real reason? Now he can’t even shoot Davros without pussying out!

And what’s with the blockbuster plots? The ‘Black Guardian Trilogy’, give me a break. And all these episodes called __________ Of The Daleks. Self-referential more like self-REVERential!

Caves of Androzani was just self indulgent. Remember when Doctor Who was fun, not all military executions and wrestling with the concept of redemption? This is supposed to be a show for the whole family, but all people everywhere are just confused by these incoherent, convoluted plots. Mawdryn Undead? I had to carry two whole separate timelines in my head for FOUR episodes. Mess.

Don’t even get me started on this disaster with UNIT. UNIT were such an important part of Doctor Who and now he’s retconned this rubbish that doesn’t even make sense. He’s ruined UNIT. They will never be able to do UNIT again. I bet the Brigadier never reappears.

Still, the gaping plot holes and Peter Davison fangirls were one thing but this new guy, urgh. He strangled his companion! Hello???? And why is everything a joke all the time, Doctor Who is a serious show! This will they/won’t they dynamic is tiresome too. Remember when the Doctor didn’t have to be being clutched to his companion’s heaving bosoms to get ratings? Now we have to sit through this special bumper long series, ALL of it set in a trial, apparently about 'finding out the truth about the Doctor.’ This show is getting so self-satisfied.

Oh well. At least the next Doctor is going to be a bit older so hopefully this will mean a new, mature direction for the show.


I think what I admire the very most about Armand is his cool detachment and, you know, stoic-like nature.

I saw a couple of notes on my post yesterday (which was from 109) about it being the scene where Peter dislocated his thumb, but I always thought he mangled himself on Milady’s dress in this scene from 110.  You can see how CAPSLOCK!Cardinal could have been so carried away that he didn’t immediately realize he’s given himself a massive owie. 

(I don’t know if either the silhouetted shoving gif or the close-up shoving gif is the take, but I do see Milady looking down at his hands in the close-up and then there is an edit, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate anything.)

The Hand One-Shot

Summary: With the return of Killian’s left hand returns the pirate side of him he had long since forgotten and he gives himself over to his baser more sexual instincts. 

AN: So this was onceuponataarna’s head canon for the upcoming episode “The Apprentice” and I couldn’t resist writing it. I know the summary sucks and so does the fic kind of because it was supposed to be longer (I really wanted to post it before the episode) but I fucking have work and I’ve been working all week so I didn’t have time to give it all the attention it deserves but it’s smut so what can possibly go wrong? (This fic is un-beta’d, sorry) 

Word Count: 1200

Rated M for reasons


Killian’s nerves grew as they walked the length of the hallway that led to his room at Granny’s, her dainty fingers interlocked with that of his right hand as his thumb lightly traces her knuckles, soothing over the growing nerves taking hold over her. His left hand tingled uncomfortably, a confused frown marring his face as he stretched his fingers to ease the unfamiliar feeling.

They stopped at the door to his room and Emma swirled around to face him, her back against the wall. “Killian?” She looked at him with a puzzled expression, her eyebrows knitting together as her free hand reached out toward his.

She barely touched it and his hand quickly jerked away from hers as he felt the feeling beginning to rush up his wrist, that bares the scar from its previously severed state.

“Are you alright?” She asked again with a bit more sincerity in her voice.

Killian pressed his mouth into an easy smile that radiated over his entire face, his cheeks burning to keep up the façade. “Of course love.” He answered confidently and without hesitation, his voice dropping into a dark and husky tone as his good hand lightly brushes over her jaw causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He propped himself up against the wall in front of her with his left arm, his lips pursed as he examined her carefully, his head tilting in concentration.

Emma stared at him blankly, her throat dry as she watched his pupils dilate leaving only a small ring of the enchanting blue color of his iris’s behind. 

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The Usual Story (16/?)

What happens when the hot guy Emma yelled at in Starbucks for spilling her coffee, is her devilishly handsome and rich playboy new boss Killian Jones?

Catch up: Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 or on here

Rated M 

Sorry for the late update I’ve had no motivation. Thank you to all the people who liked, reblogged, and the lovely people who left reviews :)

Dedicated to the amazing lenfaz


Emma awoke softly, her eyes fluttering as she adjusted to the sunlight peeking through the windows in the room.

A room that wasn’t hers.

She was lying on her back as she felt a warm body beside her, a chin digging into her hair, an arm resting around her bare breasts, and a leg tangled amongst her own.

She turns her head towards the man who was still soundly asleep, his face void of any frown lines or dimples. She traces his cheek, memories of last night flooding her mind of his mouth and fingers everywhere.

Emma gently lifts his arm from her where it was pressed to her breasts, and rests it down on the bed as she slips and tip toes to the bathroom. She shuts the door quietly and sits on the expensive looking, good for two bathtub.

She presses her palms to her face and hates herself for this. It’s been way too long since Emma has stayed overnight, has made love with a person she has feelings for instead of just a quick fuck where she starts dressing the second they’re done.

She’s not panicking or regretting sleeping with Killian; she wanted to since she first saw his blue eyes and heard his sexy accent in Starbucks, and then even started fantasizing about it once she first kissed him. But now it actually happened.

She stretches her neck, rotating it around to relieve some of the tension. It is, after all, a big step in their relationship.

Her insecurities and fears of being abandoned start creeping up on her and she knows she’s being completely stupid and irrational. He’s not Neal she reminds herself and stands up.  She splashes water on her puffy eyes and gargles some Listerine and stares at her reflection in the mirror, “Enjoy the moment Emma Swan” she says to her reflection as she goes back to join her boyfriend in bed.

Emma can’t fall back asleep again. 

The moment she laid back down, pressing her face to his chest, curling an arm around his waist, and tangling one of her legs with his, all the memories of last night come rushing back to her. The way he cupped her breasts before taking her nipples in his mouth, the way he made her come with his fingers and tongue, oh that tongue, and the way he pounded in her erratically as they both fell together.

She clamps her thighs together as she feels her clit tingle in anticipation. She brings a finger down to her folds, and smiles in wonderment as she finds herself wet and aching already.

On any other morning she would have taken care of this situation with her fingers or her collection of toys. But when she looks up at the man who so thoroughly ravished her last night with his mouth, she decides to return the favor.

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Adventures with my Captain - Part 1 - Alan Fanfic (M)

Special fic written for hikarunohana about her adventures with her hubby, the one and only sexy Captain Alan! I hope I portrayed him right, and he is nosebleed inducing enough for you my dear Daph! And I hope everyone will enjoy it too! The story takes place right after Alan’s Second Sequel.

Warning:  It is mature, R-18, sexy times, yeah!

The sun was setting on the horizon and the newlywed couple was standing at the bow of the Rika, watching the event in silence. Daphne was leaning the back of her head on Alan’s chest while he had both his arms around Daphne’s waist as they soaked the last few seconds of the beautiful sunset that was coloring the sky a stunning shade of crimson.

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