and his hair is so much fun to draw too~


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

When You Cuddle (GOT7)

Ngl to you all, this time, I needed a little mood boost. Nothing boosts my mood more than this adorable band. I am just in pain and revising constantly- it’s not fun! However, the musical rehearsal was good today because we practiced the encore (Bohemian Rhapsody) and it was so much fun- Killer Queen gets her own lil’ bit - AH. Anyway, please enjoy and be in a better mood than me <3

(gif credit to the original owners)

He loves the feeling of your warmth on his.Sometimes, you’d have to initiate the cuddle but he’d get right into it. He’d sling his muscular arm around your shoulder and place his head on top of yours. He’s the traditional type and loves to idly play with your hair or draw circles on your arm with his thumb. He’ll occasionally kiss your cheek too. He’ll definitely have a silly grin on his face as you nuzzle into him, ridding him of his cool exterior.

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When it’s just the two of you, it’ll be his idea of heaven. He’ll pull you in as close as possible. Your legs are always slung across his lap which would allow you to hold you like you were the most precious jewel on the entire earth. He makes you feel like you belong and that you are loved. He’ll probably stroke your thigh back and forth. His touch being delicate but still express his fondness. For him, just sitting as you were in a comfortable silence is his favourite part of your time together.

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@califlair Happy Birthday!!!  (i tried to draw a proper michi instead of a chibi hehe ;v; )

I hope you had an awesome day! :D

Characters - Warm Bodies

I had too much fun to draw faces lately :D So I ended up, to design the other characters for my Warm Bodies AU. So we have Astrid and Rapunzel, both are Hiccup’s best friends. And we have B(unny) - yes…. it’s my human!Bunny…and I’m not sure about his hair….. :/ But yes, B(unny) is J(ack)’s best friend and obviously a zombie too xD


Warm Bodies AU 

Have some of my favorite NPCs~  
Intuition and The Devisor~ both played by x33n i believe 

I meant to draw Martha too but she can have her own post 
but we got Intuition hanging out and the Devisor doing his spying and stuff 

Two-pounds-sugar solution

When Sam acts as bait on a case, Y/N resorts to baking to keep her mind off things: there’s nothing that works better as a distraction than a little action in the kitchen.

Word count: 3749

This was fun to write, even though I spent so much time trying to finish it. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Anyway: let me know what you think, and also, let me know if you want me to tag you in my stories, or if you want off the list.

“So get this; it’s a man-eater.” Sam tapped the screen on his laptop and turned it around so that Y/N and Dean could see the drawing too. It was a woodcut of a woman with long, dark hair, pressing her hand to a limp man’s chest.

“A what?” Dean snickered, earning an annoyed glare from his brother.

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‘What about that one?’

'Oh yeah. I like him.’

'Yeah, me too.’

It’s a college AU-ish stuff I guess? Whatever, maybe snapslikethis can come up with a better description.

I’ve seen that new pic of Sophie Turner yesterday, and I tried to draw Lily like that, I guess it turned out quite well. I need to get used to Lily with straight hair, but I like it so far. Also I added Sirius with an undercut because I missed drawing undercut!Sirius. And yeah, the sign on his shirt is The Dogfather, I’m very creative, I know. And of course they are referring to James. I plan to draw a pic with him and the other marauders sometime, designing their appearance is way too much fun. (it’s done already, it’s here.)

Hopefully I can colour this next week, so stay tuned. You can also send me ideas about the others if you want.

art prompt to draw your oc with wings based on their sexuality from @draw-your-oc

my wonderful ezz. He’s a trans man and akoipanromantic asexual. look how precious. my darling sweet child

i’m having too much fun with this prompt

It’s a scientific fact that every time I draw siren!dan from @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight ghoul grumps au I draw his hair a little longer

I got a sketchbook with brown paper recently, so I drew this guy on the front page (I draw him way too much tbh, I have a lot of drawings in my other sketchbooks that I don’t post here. He’s just so much fun to draw, idk why. Maybe it’s the tail?)

“She was much too young to be tasked with that kind of responsibility.”

Okay, so I just read the entirety of the Guardian comic by @mintywolf and feels hit me in the face like a brick. The panel on this page in particular. So uh, fanart? =O I hope that’s okay! =S

(Minty, you drew his chin so nice, and I’m Auron trash, that’s literally all it takes for me to asplode cause he would be making a face like this when no one else was looking agh)

Just a little something I doodled today.  I’ve been in a Fragile mood lately and it’s been so long since I last drew Seto I’VE REALLY MISSED DRAWING HIM I used to draw him so much and going this long without drawing him has made me sad so I went to remedy that today ヽ(;▽;)ノ And I feel much better now.

I did use this opportunity to practice some more ¾ angles but it really was just so nice drawing him again.  Especially his hair since I’ve always had the most fun with it because its such a mess oaeirhgoierg His design still comes so easily to me too (´ノω;`) I miss my bae