and his hair is l a i d

Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

  • me: dino will always be the baby
  • dino: wearing a white button up top that's nearly transparent with his sweat
  • me: (voice cracks) dino will always be the baby
  • dino: dyes hair violet
  • me: (hyperventilating) dinO wIl l Alw Ays b3 ThE bAby
  • dino: wears sexy choker
  • me: (curled up on the floor, a single tear trails down my cheek) d i n o w i l l a l w a y s b e t h e b a b y

Ok but Modern AU Sasuke…

-so tired what is sleep

-seriously the bags under his eyes are gucci

-straight A n e r d

-hates finals and tests with a passion

-anxiety anxiety anxiety

-everything must be neat or he can’t function

-let’s his hair grow out and only cares how long it gets if Ino points it out or the bangs get into the way

-but one day Naruto mentions he looks good with long hair and he lets it grow out for a w h i l e

-finds gender norms annoying and stupid so fuck it wear a skirt to school three times a week

-loves naps more than homework and living

-loves his brother but would also sell him to Satan for a corn chip if he finishes the coffee and didn’t buy more

-it’s sacred ok

-“what’s up you depressed bastard”

-“Shut up Suigetsu”

-totally not a gamer of course not

-proceeds to beat all of Karin’s and Suigetsu’s high scores out of spite

-has almost ended a 11 year long friendship because sOMEONE USED THE FUCKING BLUE SHELL

-hint hint that person is Naruto

-a big gay and has a running crush on a cute blonde boy

-who is also Naruto

-“just talk to him”

-“no emotions are hard can’t I kill him instead and blame Sakura on the murder”

-loves writing and poems but it’s a secret

-it’s not a secret

-almost everyone has read one of his poems or short stories at least once

-usually by accident

-but they’re really good why hasn’t he published yet

-oh right cause he’s super shy about it actually

-writes love poems to Naruto when he’s supposed to be paying attention in class

-that goes into a special notebook no one can ever read

-fantasies about kissing him then gets too flustered to speak for three hours

-ends up kissing the blonde boy he’s been pining for YEARS after accidentally punching him

-it’s a long story

-but he’s happy and gay and nothing can change that

It Wasn’t a Mistake

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 5487

Warnings: sin, fluff, angst?, blood

Author’s Note: I decided to write this to celebrate the trailer of American Assassin coming out and it was a fucking amazing trailer. Dyl looked so good. oml. I want to thank like all my friends for encouraging me that this is good! I wanna thank @dumbass-stilinski for looking it over, helping me with some parts, and just being amazing all around. You da best babe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

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waking up next to your best friend after a drunk one night stand can’t be good… right?


★would get really nervous when he sees you next to him  

★his top two priorities were that you use protection  

★and that you were okay  

★when you finally woke up and offered him a sleepy smile he’d melt  

★’you look comfy’

★’i am’

★’you’re okay?’

★’yeah. are you?’

★’i feel much better now i know you’re not going to scream at me and run away’

★you’d lay in silence for a while

★until he rolls over to face you

★’what now?’

★’we go get breakfast and then you ask me on a date?’

★’you wanna go on a date with me?’


★’since when?’

★’a while’

★’it took us having drunk sex to admut you have a crush on me?’


★’not at all’ 


★when he wakes up to see you getting dressed he’ll get really offended 

★'you were about to leave’

★’well yeah?’ 

★’that’s rude’ 

★’it’s what happens after sleeping with somebody when you’re drunk’

★’get back in bed’


★’because i wanna cuddle more with you’

★’that’s not how it goes in movies’

★’don’t make me drag you, Y/N’

★he’d wrap himself around you 

★and probably go back to sleep with you


★joshua would stare at you while he waited for you to wake up

★when you finally id he’d offer your a shy smile  

★’you okay?’ 

★’shouldn’t i be he one asking that question?’

★he’d wrap you in his arms and bury his face in your neck 

★’i’m perfect’ 


★he’d press his lips over the skin of your neck

★and collarbones

★’i’m going to go run the bath. wanna join?’

★’do you have that strawberry soap?’


★’that’s my favourite’

★you’d share a bath together

★then go get something to eat

★if you wanted to start a relationship or never speak of the night again he’d be happy either way


★would be really shy around you

★you’d be cooking breakfast for the two of you

★and you’d notice him staring at you from behind the door and laugh 

★’you want some eggs?’ 

★he’d just stare at you in this trance

★’earth to jun’ 

★waving in his face finally gets him out


★’do you want some eggs for breakfast?’

★’oh, yeah. eggs are good’

★he’d go back to staring at you when you sat down to eat

★’are you okay?’

★’you look beautiful’

★your blush would trigger his

★’can we do it again one day?’

★’i think that would be good’


★he’d wake up before you 

★and watch you for a few moments

★when he realised it’s the afternoon he’d get up to run the bath for you 

★he’d gently shake you awake 

★’the bath is waiting for you’ 

★‘you’re the best’

★’i know’

★he’d walk with you and held you into the water

★when he turns to leave you grab his arm

★making him blush

★’stay with me’

★’i was going to make breakfast’


★he’d sit next to the tub and watch you 

★heart eyes for days


★is really quiet 

★won’t say anything until he sees you get up off the bed

★’do you want to get breakfast with me?’ 

★he’d become shy when you turn to face him 

★’i was just gonna grab a snack bar on the way to work’

★ ‘you’re working today?’


★‘call in sick’


★’so i can treat you well today’

★you’d head outto eat

★and spend the day in a park talking things out


★jihoon would have you wrapped up in the tightest hug known to man

★so you’d just have to lay there and wait for him to wake up 

★when he does his cheeks will be red  

★and he’ll be really giggly 

★’why’re you laughing?’

★’i’m nervous’


★’because you’re glowing and i’m probably a mess’

★’you look good’

★’you look better’

★kisses for hours

★probably leads to another round

★will probably write a song about this whole thing


★he’d flip out to wake up and not see you laid next to him 

★the worse would through his mind 

★so he got his phone to call you 

★and sees your text telling him you had somethign to do 

★he’d send one back telling you to not make dinner for yourself

★when you’re relaxing later on in the evening he’d show up on your door

★with flowers

★and your favourite food

★’special delivery’

★’you’re too cute’

★you’d share a meal together

★then watch a film

★and sleep in eachother’s arms


★he’d be another one that just stares at you until you wake up 

★when you do he’ll smile and press his lips to yours 

★’good morning,” 


★’last night was fun…’

★when you gave him a smile in reply he pulled you close to him

★’i hope we can have many more nights like that’ 

★’you want that?’


★’me too’

★’i’ll have to up my breakfast skills’

★he’d laugh and rub his hands over your your back


★blushy baby 

★seeing you sleep against him just fills him with warmth

★he’ll pay with your hair until you wake up 

★he’d hesitate to say something just in case you were mad 

★but when he saw your sleepy smile

★he’d melt

★and cuddle you as close as possible

★’you’re very clingy’

★’i have a right to be. don’t like it?’

★’i like it’

★nuzzles into your hair and stays there

★until your tummies demanding food makes you get up to eat


★he’d be in awe 

★he got to spend a night with you  

★and now you’re still curled into him 

★and you’re glowing 

★making you even more beautiful

★he’ll hold you to him while you woke up

★then move in case you wanted to be on your own

★’don’t go, you’re comfy’

★he’d move back to you, returning his arms around you

★’i hope i was good enough for you last night’

★’i think you were…’

★’it’s blurry for me’

★’i remember you kissing me… it was nice…’

★’you’re nice to kiss’

★’maybe you should kiss me more’

★’an offer i can’t pass up’

★he’d wink before pressing his lips all over your skin 


★heart eyes @ you  

★softest squish alive

★'good morning prince/princess’

★he’d move the blanket to make sure you were covered 


★he would give a shit about your morning breath and just go all in

★tangles his fingers in your hair

★so many compliments

★’you look so beautiful right now’

★’your skin looks so good’ 

★’i want to spend today kissing you’

★l a z y s e x a h e a d   


★takes him a while to realise what’s going on 

★he sleepily rolled over to get comfy and go back to sleep 

★but he saw you sleeping next to him and ??? 

★he saw you naked and moved the blanket over you 


★’you’re awake’

★’have been for a while’

★’are you okay?’

★’i don’t know’

★’i’m sorry’

★’it’s not your fault i can’t remember’ 

★’you want to remember?’

★’how often do i get to have sex with my crush?’

★’i’m your crush?’


★’very often if you want’

★he’d pull you so your back was pressed to his chest

★’let’s explore together’

It Might Be Nice // Part 2

Lmao, this took a long ass time but like ??? I didn’t even think it was going to have a second partso, yah. 

Here’s part one:

And, that’s it! It’s seems like Lance died but like…psssh, he…he’s sleeping, kay? Yah… btw LONG. POST. Translations: Ae-in (Sweetheart), Amor (Love) 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

One, two, three blinks and then –

Lance’s eyes stay closed.

“No.” Keith whispers horrified, his hand aimlessly patting the glass powerless, “No, no, no, no, no. Lance, please, no.”

There’s nothing at all. There’s no flutter of eyelids or a steady breathing or even a twitch.

There’s nothing but a ghost smile in those pale half parted lips.

“L-Lance.” He chokes out weakly, barely acknowledging the tears running down his face, “Ae-in?”

Lance just sits there, body heavily pressed against the glass, right in front of Keith, mouth frozen in a permanent silent sigh and Keith snaps.

“No!” He screams, “No, no, no! Lance! I-I love –! Lance, please! Come back! Come back, please! I-I didn’t –!” Keith’s voice breaks, words still falling out of his mouth without his consent, “I love you too! Please! I didn’t get the chance to –! Don’t do this, please!  I’m begging you! Lance!”

This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pounds at the glass that block his way to get to the brunet. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be –

“Please, please, please, break. Break goddamnit, please!” He shouts, standing up  and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break. Please, please – BREAK!”

It doesn’t and Keith can only slash out at the damn glass over and over again. His vision gets blurry as more tears keep gathering in his eyes and suddenly there’s no air in his lungs and he can’t breath, he can’t hear, he can’t - he can’t –

“No!” He yells as soon as someone grabs him from behind and pulls him away, “No! Get off of me! Get off –! Lance! Lance, please! No!”

Lance’s figure just keeps getting further and further away from him. He’s basically slipping through his finger and he can’t do a damn thing.

“S-Stop.” Keith sobs out desperately, dropping his entire body in defeat against the strong hold he’s trapped in, “S-stop, p-please, I-I can’t–I didn’t tell him –!”

Faint black spots start appearing in his vision. He tips to the side exhausted as he look straight into the only blurry blue dot he can see.

“L-Lance.” He whispers brokenly, “L-Lan –”

Keith hears the sound of something shattering as he loses conscience but he’s just not sure on what exactly.

Must have been his heart.

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Garmadon: La-loyd?

Lloyd: That’s right, your son, and it’s Lloyd

Garmadon: No, L-L-O-Y-D, I named you

Lloyd: You ruined my life [throws mask thing to the ground]

Garmadon: Pft, That’s not true, I have not even been part of your life, how could I ruin it? I wasn’t even there


[makes this face while the wind blows his hair like every dramatic scene]

I expected LEGO Movie humor and it already has by just a few dialogue, and I’m loving it

hobi as your bf;
  • okay but imagine waking up to this sunshine
  • like it would automatically make you smile
  • which would make him smile back at you
  • “Good morning love” with his morning voice
  • followed by a sweet forehead kiss
  • him sending you special snaps only for you
  • like when he’s practicing and covered in sweat
  • a mirror selfie like “I’ll be there soon, wait for me ♥”
  • no but srsly you would be like couple sunshine goals
  • lot of pda (duh)
  • sometimes he would startle you with surprise back hugs
  • he would talk a lot about you to the boys tbh
  • like “did you see how cute she was today ?” “I’m so lucky”
  • Do you picture his bf material pics like in cafés and stuff ?
  • Well you’d be right in front of him
  • you both would sip on your coffees and hold one hand on the table
  • and take cute selcas with duck faces and him doing aegyo
  • when it comes to cuddle I think his fav position would be on the couch, your head laying on his lap, or vice versa
  • He’d also love to play with your hair in this position !
  • He’d have the bad habit to never tell you when somethings wrong because he doesn’t want you to worry
  • which would probably just make you worry even more
  • in bed, girl lemme tell you
  • he can be gentle af, complimenting you from a to z during the act, slow and everything
  • BUt
  • he can also get W-I-L-D, with biting, teasing, dirty talking
  • like girl have you seen those hips ? 
  • whenever he gets wild, the morning after, he’d be ever so gentle because when he’d see the hickeys and everything he’d feel a bit bad 
  • And caressing your cheek and your hair
  • because you’re beautiful
  • He’d be vry caring and lovely
  • because he loves you so so much
  • and shows it to you everyday

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[Part 1]

(Supermarket AU)

                                           Introduction Blurbs

Assorted Shenanigans (Random Drabbles)

Prank Wars

                                      Mafia and Soulmate AU

Yoongi - Addicted - [Part 1] [Part 2] 

Jungkook - Contrary [Part 1]

Jin - Rekindle

Jimin -  Crescendo [Part 1]

Taehyung-  Vague [Part 1]

Hoseok - Kismet [Part 1] [Part 2] || Before Bangtan

Namjoon - Brave


A Petty Game [Taehyung X Reader, Jimin X Reader]

Better Her [Yoongi X Reader]


100 Prompts

Gossip Girl Prompts

Fake BTS Chats



 Attempting to break up with Yoongi over hair dye.

Asking to be on his next mixtape.

He’s sick.

His birthday is coming up.

Late night shower problems.

You want taco bell.

You want a baby.

Casual Boyfriend Texts.

Casual Boyfriend Texts 2.

He refuses to give back a stand in Billboard Award

He comes home drunk and wants to explore

Birthday Texts

Missing him while he’s on tour

Daddy Yoongi

Father’s Day

Pre-Wedding nerves


You get into a car accident {Part 2} {Part 3, drabble}

Work is stressing Yoongi out

Thin Mints


Casual Boyfriend

Casual Boyfriend 2


Christian Chim Chim

He knows you too well


Concerned about his health

Asking him to move in

He comes to your graduation 

He leaves you hickeys

You want to learn Korean


You need him to pick you up

One Piece


Jungkook comes home drunk.

Getting his hair bleached.

His obsession is getting bad.

Did you mean to send me this?

Casual Boyfriend

Casual Boyfriend 2

IU obsession


Morning texts

He’s drunk and asks to stay over

Air Conditioner 


Anything for free food.

Acting like your father.

Casual Boyfriend Texts.

Casual Boyfriend Texts 2

Road Trip Texts

Why you can’t be an idol

Fathers Day

Famous for eating

He steals your choker


Telling him about your anime day.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Casual Boyfriend

He buys a pet goat

Birthday Texts

He’s away on tour and misses you

Daddy J-Hope

Father’s Day

You perform his dance

His fear of bugs

He gets really drunk

Stealth Mode

Rap Monster

Casual Boyfriend texts.


He finds a video of you rapping.

Best friend texts.

You break up then get into a fight over him

Missing him while he’s on tour

4 O'Clock

He gets jealous when you meet your celebrity crush

Father’s Day

He likes you

He leaves you hickeys

You’re in a rock band and the fans don’t like you (Rockband!AU)

He gets very drunk


Taehyung takes your makeup.

Casual Boyfriend texts.

Staying fit.

Road Trip

4 O'Clock


Farming texts

He needs help

You need a hair tie


You tell them you’re pregnant

They meet their child for the first time

He accidentally hurts you during rough sex





He’s nervous about the comeback

He’s afraid you won’t like his blue hair




Unwanted Attention


Minute Romance?


Xbox Funeral [Jimin, Jungkook, and Yoongi]

A E S T H E T I C  B O A R D S

Seven Deadly Sins

Hoseok || Envy

Taehyung || Greed

Jungkook || Wrath


Mint Green Yoongi




Bangtan Band AU

P R O M P T S 


“I could get used to waking up to you, actually.”

“Did they hurt you?” Mafia! AU

“Smartest AI on Earth, guide to the rich and wealthy. We get it by now.”

“Do you ever follow directions?”

“Do you think we’re bad people?” cheating trigger

“Why did you say ‘Daddy’ in your sleep?”

“I can’t go to Taco Bell for a while.”

“Give me anime or give me death.”


“I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date.”

“Love is overrated.” Fuckboy! AU

“I just ironed these pants!”

“They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”

“I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

You could be empty.” LYRICS

“I didn’t mean what I said.” mafia!AU

“Don’t leave me behind.” 

“All I want is you and if I can’t have that-” highschool!au



“No, I don’t know how I got a boner, it just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”

This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.” 

“Please don’t walk out of that door.”

“Have sex with me.” college!au

“I thought you agreed I should wear this costume to the party tonight?” “Oh I agreed to you wearing it tonight, but I had no party in mind”


“You’re not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving.”

“Before you go. Please. Just talk to him one more time.”


“Is that my shirt?”

“I’m too sober for this.”

“You were red and you liked me cause I was blue.” LYRICS 

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”


“You’re hot, shame about the personality.”

“You have this very strange talent, Jeon Jungkook.”  Spy! AU

“Sex doesn’t make you any better at playing Overwatch.”

“He yelled yeehaw and I’m not quite sure why.”

“Do you ever look at your hand after you nut and just think “I’m so disgusting.” I call it post nut depression.”


“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“So much for rebellion.”

“I see you’re not with your sidekick this evening.”

Tell me about the one who loved him (part two) - A Sirius Black Imagine

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Part two of Tell me about the one who loved him

Many days had passed and Harry was sitting into Sirius’ room, along with Ron and Hermione. He hated being into the Blacks house, especially because he felt so guilty about facing Sirius everyday and not telling him the secret he knew about him. It put so much pressure on him that he did everything to avoid his godfather during the Christmas holidays, which made him sad and anxious. He needed his presence more than anything but he couldn’t handle looking at him in the eyes with what he now knew. The first day when he came to Grimmauld place, he thought about telling at once Sirius. But the man didn’t seem to be in a good mood; in fact, he looked more depressed than he looked back when he got out of Azkaban. One night, as Harry came downstairs to get a glass of water after a nightmare, he surprised a conversation between Lupin and Sirius, as they were drinking into the drawing room together.

‘I tried to look for her, but it’s like she vanished into thin air’ he heard his godfather whisper.

There was a pause.

‘Come on Sirius, don’t get yourself into trouble just for her.’

Just for her? Do you know how much time I spent thinking she believes I am guilty?’

‘Why does it matter? You said it yourself, it’s been ages.’

Harry heard Sirius swallowing heavily his liquor.

‘What about me?’ he asked.

‘You are safe here. Don’t you think about going out of here ever again before it’s okay for you to do so’ replied Remus with a cold voice.

‘It’s like you don’t want me to see her. Is it? Are you hiding something from me? Is she okay?’ said Sirius, sounding nervous and angry.

‘Are you thinking straight, Pads?’

There was another pause.

‘The girl has moved on, don’t go trouble Y/N with your excuses and explications!’

‘What’s the matter with you, since when did you lose any empathy for your old friend? I just want to see her again, just one time, for Merlin’s beard-‘

‘She’s married Sirius! There, I said it. She has a life of her own now, she moved on, don’t go trouble her with the past! What are you thinking, that she was going to wait for you? It’s been almost fourteen years.’

Harry felt the tension in the room. For a few minutes, he wondered what was happening as he heard nobody talk anymore. As time passed and nobody move or spoke, Harry walked silently back into his room. He felt so sorry for Sirius he couldn’t breathe anymore, his chest hurt. How he wished Sirius knew that he had a daughter with Y/N, that he had a future of his own, that he hadn’t lost everything. He heard somebody opening the door. Hermione was standing in the doorway, looking at him curiously.

‘I thought I heard noise in here’ she whispered.

‘Couldn’t sleep’ replied Harry, trying to chase away his thoughts.

She looked at Ron who seemed to be lost into a deep sleep.

‘That makes at least two of us’ she smiled. ‘Mind if I come in?’

Harry shook his head and Hermione sat beside him on the bed.

‘Are you having visions again?’ she enquired.

‘No, that’s not it’ said Harry, feeling uncomfortable with what he just heard.

Hermione put her hand on Harry’s and looked at him with sincere eyes.

‘You know, you can tell me anything.’

Harry smiled back to her and they sat in silence, staring at the flames crackling in the fireplace.

‘Hermione?’ said Harry, breaking the silence.

She looked up at her friend.

‘What would you do if you knew a secret, a big one, that would change one’s perception on life and future?’

She frowned her eyebrows.

‘Who would it concerns?’ she asked.

Harry sighed.

‘I know something – something very important – but I’m not confident about telling the person it concerns, because I’m not sure how that person would react.’

‘Harry, you’re worrying me… Why don’t you just tell me what it’s about and I’ll try to help?’

Maybe he could tell Hermione. He looked at Ron, fast asleep.

‘Are you familiar with the other students? Other houses, other years?’

Hermione raised her shoulders.

‘I don’t know everybody, but I have a good memory.’

‘There’s this girl, maybe you know her. Second grade’ he continued.


‘Well, I came to know recently, something about her. Something huge.’

‘I didn’t know you were interested in gossip, Harry’ mumbled Hermione, not sure where her friend was going with this.

Harry sighed heavily.

‘You know Y/D/N Y/L/N?’

Hermione raised her shoulders again.

‘Long black hair, silver eyes. She’s pretty too. She’s in Slytherin.’

‘The name does ring a bell. But I’d have to see what she looks like, to be honest… Where’re you going with that Harry?’

Harry felt his hands becoming sweaty and his blood pumping loudly in his veins.

‘You wouldn’t have to get out of this house to see what she looks like…’ he whispered.

Hermione raised her eyebrows and waited for the denouement. Harry felt nervous, he wished she’d have put the puzzle pieces together by now.

Don’t make me say it, don’t make me say it’ he thought.

‘Wait a minute…’ he heard Hermione say.

She got up and started pacing in the room.

‘I think I know who you’re talking about. She has those shiny long black hair does she? I remember her cause the first time I noticed her, she was in the library and something about her felt very familiar when I glanced at her!’

Harry waited patiently for Hermione to figure it out.

‘The eyes, yes, the eyes. These silver eyes, well, her whole face expression, the smirk…’

There was a long pause. Her eyes widened and she put her hand in front of her now opened mouth, her expression shocked.

‘Are you sure?’ she asked, nervously.

‘Without a doubt.’

‘Does he know?’

Harry shook his head and felt his eyes burn. 

‘I surprised a conversation and I asked questions to Lupin afterwards and pretty figured the rest myself.’

‘Then maybe you’re wrong’ suggested Hermione, not sure she really wanted to believe what she was just told.

‘No. Lupin confirmed it. He asked me to tell no one, but how could I keep this to myself?’

‘You need to tell him, Harry!’ said Hermione, hurrying to her friend, taking him by the shoulders.

‘How can I be the one telling him? How can I tell Sirius that he has a daughter he doesn’t know about?’

Harry heard the floor crack outside the room. Both he and Hermione jumped with fear. He stood up and looked into the door crack that Hermione didn’t close entirely. There, two pairs of bright silver eyes were shining into the dark, reflecting the dancing flames of the fireplace behind Harry’s weak body, surrounded by black fur all around. The big dog seemed to look blankly at Harry. Surely, Sirius had heard them say they weren’t able to sleep and decided to make them laugh by transforming into Padfoot, like he did some nights before. He started to walk slowly in reverse.

‘Sirius, I-‘ Harry tried to mumble.

But the dog had disappeared.

‘SIRIUS!’ he shouted again, waking up Ron and the entire household.

They heard a door being shut down loudly downstairs. 

It’s Not Him

A/N: I’m back from a writing hiatus as you’ve probably noticed, so here’s some Sam Winchester smut.

Pairing: implied Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester x reader 

Word Count: 3,120

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT. Angst????

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His lips on your neck only barely ignite the spark you’d feel if it were the man you’d imagined. Why you’d initiated this bar bathroom quickie was a mystery to you. No one was him. No one came close to being Dean Winchester.

What was this guy’s name? Henry? Harry? Hal? You can’t remember, and quite frankly, you don’t care. Quickies and one night stands only tide over the very strong need for Dean for a day. Is it even worth it?

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jared telling you he has a daddy kink; headcannons



-so first off, you tried to get some daddy kink action before he did

-you two are making out

-and he kisses your neck

-he finds your sweet spot and you just kinda accidentally let a tiny whimper of 

‘fuck, daddy’

-jared fucking loses his shit


 -you’re so incredibly embarrassed, like you don’t think your face has ever been redder 

 -jared w i l l n o t s to p l a ug h i ng 

 -and you like swat him gently and mumble super childishly 

 'stop making fun of me' 

-he’s like

‘are you kidding me? you called me ‘daddy’ I will /never/ stop making fun of you about this, fuck i gotta tell connor. he’s gonna crack up’

-you shake your head rapidly

‘jared i swear to god if you tell anyone– its not even a big deal! just forget it ever happened, okay?!’

-he’s still laughing 

-you get up and walk out like 

‘fuck this shit, talk to me when you’re done acting like a 6 year old’

-jared calls after you through his laughter

‘n-no babe! come back. i’m not trying to kinkshame you– i mean i kinda am but,’

-you obviously come back a few minutes later after he’s chilled out but you can still see him holding back laughter

-it’s pretty chill for the rest of the night

-until, that is, you fall asleep

-so you’re cuddled into jared’s side fast asleep, and he’s laying awake, staring at the ceiling

-and he k e e p s thinking about your little whimper

-like he cannot stop

-and he’s sitting here trying to convince himself it’s because he thinks it’s funny

‘psh i would never be into that kind of thing’

-but he like shifts a little bit and then he notices he’s totally hard

-and he’s like,,,, o h

-does he get himself off on the thought of you calling him daddy?

-the world may never know

-the answer is yes

-he doesn’t say anything for a few days, like he doesn’t bring up the event at all

-it’s kinda weird to you because jared’s not the kinda guy to let go of a moment that embarrassing

-you thought he’d tease you about it for days

-one day he’s playing video games and you’re chilling on his bed with him

-he suddenly pauses the game and puts the controller down


-your heart like, stops

-he looks so serious and you are immediately concerned

‘j-jared is everything okay?’

‘yeah.. yeah. everything’s fine, there’s just been something i’ve wanted to tell you but i.. i don’t know how to say it. i just.. look..’

-you grab his hand and squeeze it reassuringly

‘you know you can tell me anything right?’

-he nods and takes a deep breath, using his free hand to push his glasses up and he mumbles so so quietly 

‘i think i have a daddy kink’

-you’re like

‘wait what?’

-he gets super frustrated and like almost yells


-you take a few moments before laughing hysterically

‘o-oh oh my god. that’s what you just got so serious about? oh my g o d’

-jared just pouts, burying his face in his hands

-you’re ready to give him s o m uc h s h i t

-’wait, im sorry kleinman, i actually don’t think I heard you correctly, could you just say that again? you have a /what/ kink?’

-’don’t be a dick, y/n. i blame this on you.’

‘i-i’m sorry, okay. god, oh my god. i can’t believe you.’

-he’s like super embarrassed so you go up to him and kiss his cheek and you’re like

‘hey, it’s okay. i don’t mind at all. honestly, im glad’ 

-he doesn’t respond because he’s still like dying inside

-so yo start to like kiss his face

-and mumble about how much you love him

-he mumbles back

‘i love you too’

-you start kissing his neck and he kinda puts his hand in your hair and you just

‘fuck me, daddy’

-and he l o s e s it again, but in a good way

-like he just gets so dom

-o h m y g o d

-like he’s pinning you down

‘if you insist, babygirl’


-alriiighty boys im done here

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Hi! Just wanna tell you that L's hair on chapter 9's 5th page looks awesome! Thanks for writing this and please continue! I look forward to fluff :D

Aww, thank you! I spent a lot of effort on that panel >u>;;;; had to use a ref… Keep holding on for fluff! I promise the next update is in the works ;u;

Here’s Sleepy L from the panel right-side up for you ;u; (it looks a bit weird…)

Soft Hands: Chapter 2

She was beautiful. Gorgeous, even. But, that’s what everyone thought, even Bill Denbrough the quite boy who always sat at the back of the room.

(Y/N) (L/N) was the most popular girl in Bill’s school. Everyone in Derry knew her. And everyone loved her. Whether it was platonic or not.

There was no doubt that when (Y/N)’s little sister went missing, she would be devastated. She spent all her time with her sister. So, when she went missing, she walked around the halls, less confident then usual. She slumped when she sat, which she never used to do. Worst of all, she hid the sadness, but every once and a while, you could see her break. She’d run straight to the bathroom and no one would go near the room until she walked out.

Bill was the most concerned out of everyone, you could see it in his expression every time he looked over at her only to find her running to the bathroom again, her face showing so much emotion. His friends always teased him about his little crush.

They both knew the other existed, they just never talked to each other.

(Y/N) thought the boy with the stutter was brilliant. He always had something smart to say (at least when she heard him talk) and when he said it, he stutter but, she could hear the slight confidence in his words. He had a group of friends who, (Y/N) could tell, made him extremely happy.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but be jealous of Bill and his friends. Her friends were vile. They laughed at her failers and ‘boo'ed at her victories. But, everyone thought her friendships were perfect. She hid the hurt and the betrayal she felt in her heart.

On the day before summer break, (Y/N) and Bill finally interact.

“Bill! Get your ass over here!” Richie called from the other side of the school yard.

“Coming!” He called back, quickly making his way over the freshly mown lawn. Richie yells at him more and Bill picks up his pase.

Suddenly, Bill falls to the ground.

“H-hey-” he starts as he looks up at the person who bumped into him. It’s (Y/N), the girl he admired from afar.

“I’m sorry, Bill. Didn’t mean to get in your way.” She says as she holds out a hand for him to take.

As soon as he touches her skin, he feels like fire is running through his viens. Her hands were extremely soft, like a cloud. He never wanted to let go.

“Hey Bill, I think your friends are calling you.” (Y/N) states. Bill is quickly realizing he is still holding her hand and they’ve been staring at each other for the past 2 minutes.

“O-oh. Um, t-thank yu-you.” He quickly takes his hand away from here and wipes off his jeans which, are covered in dirt.

“Bill!” Stan calls.

“You better go. They might bite your head off.” (Y/N) jokes. Though, Bill wouldn’t be surprised if they did decapitate him.

“Bye, Bill. I hope we can hang out sometime. Have a great summer!”

“Buh-bye.” Bill starts to walk away from the beautiful girl. All he can think about is the girl’s beautiful hair and her soft hand and-

“Billy, you just talked to (Y/N) (L/N)! Your all time biggest crush.” Eddie says loudly.

“Eddie, qu-quite d-down. The wh-whole school do-doesn’t need to know that.”

He looks over where (Y/N) left. He hands were so soft.

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(I might continue this. It just depends if people like it)

WDW’s Reaction to Their S/O Having Cramps & Moodswings

A/N: idk this feels kinda specific but also I really wanted to make it so hopefully y’all enjoy! Also this is just based off my personal experiences with periods, and what’s been recalled to me through a few close friends. I know everyone goes through different things and I don’t wanna make assumptions. Love you all! -Anna

Disclaimer: Period talk ahead- just putting it out there.

♡J O N A H♡ Would be the king of caring for you (no I’m not just saying that because he’s my lane) no matter how you felt- even if you were having a perfectly fine day. 

“Are you doing ok, Princess? Do you need anything?”

“Umm, no…I’m fine babe, thanks thou-”

*opens up his actual tote bag filled with goodies because Jonah’s a mom friend i stg*

“Do you want some trail mix? I custom ordered it gluten and dairy free because I know you feel bloated after you eat gluten or dairy or I also have some Gatorade if you’re low on electrolytes or I have moist towelettes if you’re feeling overheated or-”

“Jonah…Jonah? Jonah oh my god I don’t need a- wait, is that a candy bar?”

“Umm, yeah, but that’s m-”

“Can I have the candy bar?”

“Umm, are you sure you don’t want the-”

“I want the candy bar, Jonah.”

     If you were having rough period day though, he’d actually be really empathetic, and pick up pretty easily on what would frustrate or aggravate you (basically he wouldn’t nag you with his tote bag of period goodies). He’d probably enjoy a chill day in with you, and anything that was sore or hurting he’d do his best to fix however he could- because at the end of the day there’s nothing that would upset him more than you being uncomfortable or in pain. More than likely he’d bundle you like a burrito in a heated blanket and wrap his limbs around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he softly whispered to you that everything was going to be ok, and that he loved you very much.

☆C O R B Y N☆ Would be extremely soft and caring with you in as much as he could, including your grouchy attitude. More than likely, anything you’d say he’d immediately agree with just to keep you happy, no matter what.

“You know, I think chocolate’s actually good for you. Like, it’s a plant, so it’s basically a vegetable. I’m eating a vegetable right now.” Pursing his lips together and refusing to make eye contact with you as he flipped through the channels on the T.V. he’d nod.

“Yeah, I read something about that. They’re actually considering repackaging chocolate’s everywhere to cater to the vegan community.” 

On a serious note though, he’d probably be the most interested in knowing what’s actually going on- like, he’d be on google for hours.

“Princess? How long have you been menstruating?” (would 100% call it menstruating)

“Ummm, a few hours? Why?” Excitedly, he’d pull up a very detailed diagram of a step-by-step process of what’s happening in your body.

“You’re currently shedding your endometrium!” Cringing, you’d shake your head violently as you playfully pushed him away.

“Corbyn if you say endometrium one more time I’m gonna throw up I’m not kidding.”

♧D A N I E L♧ Would be the most likely to handle it the best. He’d always be 100% prepared with a heating pad and pain killers, and would be the most likely to listen to your rants or concerns with sincerity instead of just writing it off as hormones.

*wiping away a fear stray tears*

“Sometimes I just feel like I really want a pet dragon, you know Danny?” He’d nod, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as you grew tired. Running his hands softly through your hair and laying soft kisses on your forehead, he’d reply.

“You’d be crazy not to, baby. Could you imagine how handy a pet dragon would be? You could get an old fashioned tower and store your most prized possessions there…you could fly…it’d be the perfect companion.” 

He’d also be flexible with any plans you two had made earlier, more than happy to skip the adventures and take a chill day in watching movies and having heart to heart conversations about the little things in life.

♘J A C K♘ Wouldn’t catch on right away, but once he did he’d be 100% loving and cuddly, wanting nothing more than for you to feel comfortable. That being said, he would NOT agree with you on everything the way Corbyn would. 

*watching a Purina Dog Food commercial and sobbing*

“That dog is so- *sniffle* -happy to have his- *sniffle* -food and why can’t the whole world be that happy!?” Jack would roll his eyes, not looking up from his phone as he replied.

“Because the whole world isn’t an over-payed ungrateful golden retriever who sells dog food to pay for their owner’s vacation to Bali.” Sobbing harder at this, you’d pelt countless throw pillows at his head which he was 100% not prepared for.



“Baby, you know I love you- but that’s a golden retriever and-” 

*immediately pelted with another throw pillow*

     In all seriousness though, Jack would probably make you laugh the most, because even though he might tease you from time to time, he really only wants to make you feel better. The two of you would spend the rest of the day cuddled up on your mountain of throw pillows watching cute baby animal compilation videos online and playfully teasing each other the way the two of you always do.

♕Z A C H♕ Ok, here’s the thing with Zach. Does he get slightly afraid of you when you get into a mood or give him the cold shoulder? Yeah. Does he understand how periods work? Not really. But let me tell you- this boy would NEVER shy away from the tampon/pads aisle. It wouldn’t bother him in the slightest. If you needed him to run to the store to get your favorite treats, some pain killers and a box of period products- he’d be on it, no questions asked. Checking out in front of other people at the store would actually fill him with a weird sense of pride and responsibility, and for that you were eternally grateful.

*on the phone in Walmart loudly*

“Yeah, I’m staring at the tampons now, what brand did you say you wanted?”

*at home giggling*

“Zach, don’t be so loud people are gonna look at you funny!”

“So, who cares? You’re my girlfriend, babe. Wait, hold on a sec, this grandma is giving me a side eye.” 

*holds phone slightly away from his ear*


*to the phone*

“Alright baby, you have about 30 seconds to tell me what to buy before someone comes to kick me out of Walmart.”


Shower HCs (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

No one asked for this, but I’m feeling it soooo…

Pronouns: Gender-Neutral (if you’d like to request different pronouns just ask ❤)

Warnings: Nudity (I mean, they’re showering together so), steamy kissing, swear words, bad writing


- You only suggested it because you were running late

-Like an, “I’ve gotta leave in fifteen minutes and I feel like a grease ball so can just jump in with you?” type of thing

- he was like “ok…” but secretly he was like “HoLy ShIT”

- he would try his best not to… stare?

-Bless him he’d just turn his back to you and keep rinsing his hair and try really hard not to get a boner

-But then you’d be like, “Peter look” and he’d turn around to see that you’d given yourself a mohawk with the shampoo and he’d laugh and just be like “holy fuck they’re cute”

-But then you’d be like “Here, let me give you one”

-and he smiles and you start to lather up the shampoo in his hair and your nails feel really good on his scalp

-he’s just in heaven aww

-You know that face that dogs make when you scratch them behind the ear?

-Yeah, that’s basically the face he makes everytime you play with his hair

-just a content little smile

-he gives you a little beard with bubbles and you do the thing that kids do in the pool where they flip their hair over on itself and it looks like George Washington

-Everytime he’d laugh those f u c k i n g d i m p l e s

-He looks so cute with his hair all slicked back from the water awwwwwww

-you stop to play with his hair for a second and everything’s so warm and soft and soapy and sweet

-And he turns to you kind of abruptly and is like,

-“Hey, can I kiss you?”

-And you’re like, “yeah…” but in your head you’re like “HoLy ShIT!!!”

- and he kisses you and you can feel him smiling and his nose and cheeks are red from the steam and w o w i e

-and it was fuckin gentle and shit! Not like Peter, who sped through literally everything. It was slow and nervous and soft and sweeet.

-and both of y'all are all wet and slippery and soapy

-his chest is right up against yours and it kind of turns him on a little bit

-You run a hand through his hair and bite his lip softly and he groans and pushes you back against the wall.

-Your arms are around his neck and his hands are grazing over your hips and the small of your back

-the kiss breaks because you nearly slip but he grabs your arms and you steady yourself against the wall and you and you both laugh

-And he’s so freakin cute with his wet hair and that wide grin and the little drops of water sticking his eyelashes together and trailing down his nose


-You both decide that you’re wasting too much water and you dry off. He throws you an old band shirt and It’s all worn out and comfy (He’s had it since middle school and it’s been worn and washed like 5,000 times and the dye is faded and the fabric is all stretched out and the logo on the front is all cracked you know what I’m sayin? Yeah)

-He’s too lazy to dry off that well so his shoulders are still covered in little droplets of condensation

-His wet hair is pushed behind his ears and he’s all cute and Squeaky Clean ™

-You end up missing whatever you were going to and you couldn’t care less.

-you would ditch anything to kiss that boy

boyfriend! ha sungwoon
  • sunshine???? and not just from the holy brightness radiating from his skin
  • he smol but would fight anyone who makes u upset
  • he doesn’t like waking up early like he’s the type who would naturally would wake up at like two in the afternoon and refuse for you to leave him in the bed by himself
  • probably doesn’t let you go to the bathroom bc of how comfortable he feels with you in his arms
  • you: babe i might pee on you
  • sungwoon, still half asleep: that’s…..fine……..
  • bonding time with sungwoon is playing video games together
  • at first he just let you win a few times but then you started taunting him like “wow sungwoon how many years have you played this game for??? and you lost to mE????”
  • sungwoon: mercilessly kicks ur ass and then treats you to dinner bc he felt bad
  • sometimes he takes you out to hang out with some of his celebrity friends like kai and jimin so he can look cool and be smug like “hey look I have a fiancé and y’all dON’T” but when you start fawning over his friends bc ur a fan he regrets everything and sulks on the way home
  • when u ask him what’s wrong he just dramatically sings the lyrics to downpour 
  • but can you imagine sungwoon singing a song to almost evERYTHING you say?? 
  • you: hey babe can you ask jimin if I can one of bts’s albums?? I’m a bIG fan u know—
  • sungwoon, with the hand movement and everything: never
  • texts you back with song lyrics too like stop this boi
  • his sister aDORES you and tbh the two of them fight for your attention
  • sungwoon is literally all about that pda and skinship like if u thought yoo seonho was clingy pls meet actual koala ha sungwoon
  • back hugs front hugs side hugs u name it
  • likes having his hand rest on your waist
  • during a soft and satisfying cuddling session he says things like “time I command u to stop” 
  • i say that sungwoon is soft but he can also be downright illegal if u think i’m lying pls watch the burn it up fancam
  • this is embarrassing but sometimes sungwoon really wishes he could be taller so he could that “i’m too tall for u to kiss” teasing
  • he’s super nice though?? the lengths that he goes through to make sure you’re happy are longer than guanlin’s legs
  • the reason why he’s boyfriend goals is that he’s always prepared for the worst like once the power suddenly went out throughout the neighborhood and u were panicking bc when is this shit gonna be fixed??? and sungwoon literally brought out a bunch of candles and flashlights from his own bag
  • you: why do you have these on you?? shouldn’t you have just clothes and your toothbrush?
  • sungwoon: I can never be too prepared!! I also have canned beans
  • his luggage is on the same level as doraemon’s pocket
  • imagine camping with him he can probably bring out an oven from his bag
  • allllllwwwaaayyyysss texts you after practice and updates you on what he’s doing and then asks if you’ve eaten
  • if not then he’ll literally order delivery straight to your place
  • he always insists on singing you to sleep and honestly can you imagine his godly vocals singing a sweet lullaby until you drift into the sweet of dreams
  • asks u to dye your hair the same color as his to be cute and cheesy
  • he takes a bunch of photos of yall on dates and snapchats them to the wanna one group chat to brag but usually he just gets his ass roasted
  • seongwoo: are u even tall enough to kiss them
  • seongwoo: hey look they were glancing at the cute waiter by the door 
  • seongwoo: according to a psychological study if your date has their legs crossed and facing the bathroom door they want to go
  • sungwoon, maintaining his sanity: I am the o l d e r o n e
  • he can’t really tease though sungwoon’s usually straightforward and direct abt what he wants
  • his kisses are like?? sloppy sometimes bc he can’t control how much he wants to kiss u and accidentally smacks his teeth into yours lmao
  • his lips are beautiful tho and are almost always soft??? u don’t even remember him ever putting chap stick on 
  • nicer kisses with sungwoon when he’s not as impulsive are cute bc when the kiss is slow and feels like it’s out of a drama he gets embarrassed afterwards
  • late night movie marathons with the skin care masks on and after every heartbreaking moment in a movie y’all would turn to the other and burst out laughing bc you both look ridiculous
  • sungwoon voice: riddikulUS, lus, lus, lus…
  • the more serious side of his occurs when you’re on the brink of breaking
  • whenever you’re vulnerable like that sungwoon calls you and doesn’t hang up until he’s by your side
  • and once he’s there he just doesn’t let you go like taehyun can spam his phone all he wants but sungwoon doesn’t leave until you’re better
  • he just talks endlessly and holds your hand and repeating the words “i’m here” and “it’s gonna be okay. trust me.”
  • he never goes into detail or depth about your situation because… him, the most important thing is not what happened, but your emotional stability
  • I mean later he’s probably gonna beat up whoever made u upset 
  • sungwoon is a living sun in your life because he’s always there wherever you are to let you see that light at the end of a tunnel

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