and his hair is l a i d

Im too lazy to log into my a r t b l o g lmao.
I ended up sketching Jotaro for some reason when I was going to sketch a random person? I made him look more realistic and I feel like his face shape is off as well as his LIPS!!! Lips are sooo hard to draw !! I think the proportions are way better than when I first started getting back into drawing !!!!! Cant believe its been 3 months !

Garmadon: La-loyd?

Lloyd: That’s right, your son, and it’s Lloyd

Garmadon: No, L-L-O-Y-D, I named you

Lloyd: You ruined my life [throws mask thing to the ground]

Garmadon: Pft, That’s not true, I have not even been part of your life, how could I ruin it? I wasn’t even there


[makes this face while the wind blows his hair like every dramatic scene]

I expected LEGO Movie humor and it already has by just a few dialogue, and I’m loving it


The problem is that Eren is ridiculously handsome these days.

Sure, Levi had always acknowledged that the kid was kinda cute, especially after he’d started growing his hair out and learned to control his temper better. That had been it, though, and since back then Levi had still been his Captain, he’d never really even allowed himself to dwell on such things. But now when he’s retired - and growing soft with age, as Eren himself had claimed once with a twinkle in his eyes - he’s become painfully aware of just how attractive he finds Eren.

He’s sitting amongst tall grass and wildflowers, more focused on admiring the line of Eren’s broad shoulders than paying attention to what he’s doing with his squad. Since he can’t deny a single thing from Eren, he’d naturally agreed to come along and watch them train. It would be really helpful, Eren had said, worrying on his bottom lip with his teeth in a way that had been horribly distracting to Levi, because even though he’d now officially been promoted to Squad Leader, he could use some feedback on his training methods.

They’ve been at it for what must be hours now, and Levi’s quite impressed. Maybe he really is old and soft, because he’d have allowed at least one break somewhere in between. Eren’s more strict than he would’ve imagined, even tense at times, and Levi’s not at all envious of his squad members.

It’s quite nice, in a way, sitting in the sun and merely allowing time to pass. That’s a luxury in and of itself, he thinks, being able to stop and smell the flowers, both figuratively and literally. He’s plucked a freshly blooming daffodil from the ground and is twirling it in his fingers when Eren seems to have decided it’s finally time for a break.

Without hesitation, Eren comes to him, leaving his squad to cool off amongst themselves. He plops down on the ground next to Levi, a little out of breath but still no less gorgeous. There’s a small frown resting over his features and Levi wants to kiss it away, to press his lips against the crease in his brow and the downturned corners of his mouth.

“Hi,” Eren says and manages a wry grin. “How am I doing so far?”

Levi tears his gaze away from the shining green of Eren’s eyes and instead turns to watch his squad members, most of whom are also on the ground, trying to catch their breath. “Well,” he starts off and intends to go on, but apparently that’s already enough for Eren.

“Really? I don’t know,” he sighs, taking a hand through his unruly hair. He’s discarded his jacket long ago and rolled up his sleeves, and Levi finds himself hopelessly transfixed by the firm muscles in his arms. Not to mention his hands, dear God, those broad palms and long skilled fingers that Levi’s imagined touching him all over so many times that he’s lost count by now.

To top it off, Eren towers over him by now, having grown several inches over the years. That’s completely unacceptable to Levi. This is Eren, his Eren who’d he’d vowed to protect, the perpetually angry and squeaky-voiced kid who’d looked at him like he’d hung the damn moon. His Eren is not allowed to be this attractive, because Levi honestly cannot handle it.

Eren is in the middle of rambling about something when Levi realizes he hasn’t been listening at all. He’s fidgeting in place, that much Levi registers, hands clenched into fists and his stare darting back and forth from Levi’s face to his own feet as he talks. There’s something trapped in the green of Eren’s eyes that reminds him of a panicked animal, and Levi wants nothing more than to soothe him and tame him.

“Hey,” he interrupts, making Eren stop abruptly. “It’s okay. Breathe. Relax.”

It’s a horribly clumsy attempt at comforting him, but Eren’s shoulders do drop a little. “Yeah. Okay,” he repeats with a long exhale. “Sorry. It’s, uh, you being here just makes me a little nervous.” It’s all said in one hasty breath, almost fearfully.

Levi blinks. “It’s okay,” he repeats, and having ran out of things to say, reaches out and hands his daffodil to Eren. “Here. Take this.”

It’s silent for a while, but Eren does extend his hand and pluck the flower from his hand, his face questioning but also a little hopeful. “What?” he asks, as if he hadn’t quite heard right.

“It reminded me of you,” Levi says and opens his mouth to explain further, but when nothing comes to mind, he closes it again. “Make sure you don’t crush it, though. Maybe train your squad a little less intensely.” He’s not sure if Eren can manage that for even a fraction of a second, being less intense than he usually is, but for the sake of his overworked squad members, Levi sure hopes so.

“Thank you.” Eren’s lips are curving into a tiny smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing Levi’s ever seen. “I’ll try to take good care of it.”

“I know you will,” he says, more to himself than to Eren since the kid is already up and ready to continue,  newfound enthusiasm in his voice.

One of the members of his squad outright whimpers when told to get up and resume training, another one actually has the gall to talk back at Eren, but none of them even mention the delicate daffodil now tucked behind his ear.


The food facility was bristling, making the air stuffy. You groaned, fixing your hat as you put a piece of bread on your napkin. You were never a big fan of crowds. Taking your meal, you walked outside, deciding you’d be better off eating in your room.

“What the hell?” You cursed as you say a rather attractive man with short, blonde hair making his bed quickly.

“Hey. Sorry.” He offered a dazzling smile towards you as he fixed the scratchy blanket. What the hell was Calvin Klein model doing in the military?

“Hi.” You nodded, your voice coming out small.

“Looks like we’re roomies now. I’m Alex. Alex Summers.”

“Y/N. Y/N L/N. Nice to meet you roomie.”


dont fucking remove my captions.
frank’s kinks/sex would include:

-lib biting
-b l i n d f o l d i n g 
-blood kink (i mean…how the fuck does he not have one)
- throaty growls when you tease him
-whimpering when he came
-”fucking…come here.”
-bruises shaped like fingerprints on your hips
-back scratching
-gasping when you pulled his hair
-seeing how many times he can make you cum in one night
-loves giving oral
-uses one of his ties to tie you to the bedpost
-breath play

Your James Buchanan Barnes

Title: Your James Buchanan Barnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Summary: Bucky wouldn’t show his jealousy. But how long could he really last?

Bucky is a possessive man. Not that he’d admit it up front to anyone. Back in the 40s, he was this suave ladies man that could have had any dame he wanted, no questions asked.

James Buchanan Barnes couldn’t possibly show the world how much his heart screamed and how hard his fists clenched at the sight of his doll rolling her head back in laughter as this greasy hair, grubby-hands S.H.I.E.L.D recruit blurts out yet another one of those jokes Bucky couldn’t help roll his eyes at.

He let out a grunt, much louder than he normally would have. Seeing (Y/N)’s eyes light up as she sees him standing by the doorway, Bucky couldn’t help the smile creeping onto his face.

“Doll, do you want to head out for lunch?” Bucky asked, trying hard to look nonchalant at the recruit’s arm that was placed just a little too close to (Y/N)’s warm ones on the lab’s desk.

“I’m sorry Bucky. I’ve got to finish up here and get these mission reports to Agent Hill before she leaves for the day.” came (Y/N)’s reply, her eyes downcast, lips pushed into a small pout.

Seeing her expression, Bucky’s furrowed eyebrows relaxed, only to knit back together once more as he spots the recruit blatantly staring at his doll’s lips. That god-damn recruit even had the nerve to lick his own lips. You’ve got to be joking.

Bucky took a long stride and was just about to give the recruit a piece of his mind when he hears Steve walking into the lab, calling out to him.

“Hey Buck, head to the gym with me?” Steve asked, eyes glued to his phone in his hand, his other hand rubbing the back of his neck, looking slightly exasperated at what was on the screen.

He let out another short grunt to show his agreement, his pride getting the best of him. He couldn’t possibly show his best friend just how jealous he got over a dame. I mean, he is James Buchanan Barnes, the all-around ladies man.

The second time that ugly feeling of possession crept up his heart was when (Y/N) was lounging in the entertainment room. Her hair in a messy bun atop her head, body wrapped in a fluffy blanket and a thick book perched on her lap. She was quite engrossed in the novel, failing to notice when Bucky walked in.

Bucky leaned on a wall, an endearing smile on his face as he took in the sight. A small gasp escaped (Y/N) when she hit a particularly exciting part of the plot, causing Bucky to let out a soft laughter.

(Y/N) turned her head to where Bucky was and as their eyes met she squealed and attempted to untangle herself from the blanket.

“Bucky! You’re back! I missed you so much! No more week long missions for you sergeant!” (Y/N) said as she leaped in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist; finally free from the blanket.

He tightened his hold on her and buried his face into her hair and replied, “I missed you too doll. No more week long missions without you, I promise.” his deep voice muffled.

After a short while, (Y/N) released her hold on Bucky and grabbed his hand to lead him to the kitchen.

“Bucks I made you a plum pie! Actually… I may have made about ten. I mean I know its too much but I just couldn’t fall asleep without you next to me, I had to do something to keep myself distracted! I’ve cleaned every inch of our room, redecorated it and even rearranged all your Henleys by color…” (Y/N) explained, her voice getting softer by the second, a pink tint on her cheeks.

A rush of affection came to Bucky as he hears that she has missed him just as much as he missed her. He was about to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her in when he finally took notice of the oversized sweater she was wearing.

“Is that… is that Vision’s sweater?” Bucky asked, brows knitted, voice lower than (Y/N) was used to.

“Uhh, well yeah. I mean…” (Y/N)’s reply was cut short when Thor bolted into the kitchen, voice booming.

“Ah! Lady (Y/N)! Just who I was searching for! Could you make me some of those pop tarts we’ve had this morning? Just about six will do. I’m feeling a little peckish.” Thor asked, a casual arm draped on her shoulder.

“Oh wait! Is that a pie I see? I wouldn’t want to trouble you in that case Lady (Y/N)! I’ll just have some pie instead! Looks wonderful!” Thor continued, taking a slice of pie and setting it on a plate.

He then took the rest of the pie away with him, giving (Y/N) a loud thank you, leaving Bucky, (Y/N) and the one slice of pie in the kitchen.

If Bucky’s anger was mid-level earlier, it just got through the roof after Thor’s little pie-stealing stunt.

That block of wood of a God just had his arms on his doll’s shoulders, his face was barely an inch away from his doll’s face AND he took away the pie that his doll has made for him. He might have nine more whole pies but his doll made him ten and ten pies is what he shall have.

Bucky was just about to open his mouth to show her his discontent, he even prepared to pout for added effect. But just then, Nat sauntered into the kitchen greeting them both.

“Hey, Bucky! Hey (Y/N)! I’m just going to make myself a snack. Please just continue whatever it was earlier. I’ll make myself scarce.” she informed them, smirk evident on her face as her gaze fell on Bucky’s possessive form.

Once again, Bucky lost all the courage he’s gathered to show (Y/N) she belonged to him, with him. I mean which charming 40s sergeant would tell a dame that he didn’t like seeing her in someone else’s shirt. Not Bucky that’s for sure.

But the jealousy and possessiveness only got increasingly worse. Bucky even growled at a puppy that rubbed itself on (Y/N) feet.

Back in the compound, Bucky threw himself carelessly on the couch and he covered his face with his hands and let out a loud groan of frustration. (Y/N) sat on the couch and lifted Bucky’s feet up, placing it on her lap. She looked to the frustrated man, her face filled with concern and nervousness.

Bucky took his hands off his face and took in (Y/N)’s worried gaze. With new found confidence, he reached over and grabbed her hands, his metal arm curled around her waist as he hoisted her up, gently placing her on his lap.

Leaning his forehead on hers, he looked into her eyes and started, “Doll. Sweetheart, I just… I know this might sound ridiculously petty to you but… I’ve got to get it out of my system alright? Just… just promise me you won’t hate me okay?”, he took a deep breath and continued, “I’ve been jealous, okay? It’s just all these men hovering over you and I’m just this guy that somehow got lucky and got you as a girlfriend. I… I really don’t like how they lo-“.

You cut off his rambling with a peck on his lips and said, “Bucky, I’m sorry I made you feel so awful. I… I don’t notice people hitting on me because most of my waking moments are spent thinking about you. And I don’t mind people taking pies I’ve baked you because I know I’ll spend my whole life with you and I could bake you all the pies you want. Also… Vision’s sweater? That’s… that’s because the whole week when you were gone I wore your sweaters all day. I knew you were due to be back home so I threw all your sweaters that I’ve worn into the wash, hoping it’ll be washed and dried for you when you returned. I.. I didn’t want you to laugh at how childish I seem. I’m a grown woman that wears her boyfriend’s shirts all day because she misses him too much…”.

Both of your faces were flushed but at ease. It felt good to have shared with each other the feelings you were both trying to hide.

Deciding in that moment, Bucky lifted (Y/N) up and carried her to where the Avengers were. He strode into the room with her in his arms, all his teammates’ eyes were on him.

“Let me get this straight, guys. Don’t ever stare at (Y/N) like she’s a piece of meat. Don’t stare at her period. No lingering gazes. No wrapping your arms around her shoulders. Stop making her heat up your pop tarts or make you snacks and don’t ever go near the food she makes me.” Bucky listed out, voice serious and laced with determination.

The lot of superheroes had looks of shock and confusion etched on their faces, minds trying to process what just happened.

Finally letting out his piece, Bucky turned around and headed to his bedroom, (Y/N) still in his arms, her face a deep shade of red, buried into his shoulder. 

Bucky finally understood he was not James Buchanan Barnes of the 40s, suave ladies man. He was not the charismatic and witty James Buchanan Barnes. He was (Y/N)’s James Buchanan Barnes, a possessive man with the world’s best dame in his arms.

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things that all of us Sam girls can agree are The Best:

  • his huffy chest bless
  • soft, flowy, long hair that you just want to run your fingers through
  • the rainbow eyes
  • long, long legs that make you just wanna alsifjhnsdfgdf
  • The Many Bitch Faces
  • that one sleeping shirt he has (ʘ‿ʘ )
  • d i m p l e s
  • the pointy chin, pointy nose, and pointy cheekbones
  • bedhead
  • when he leans over and his hair falls down
  • when he pushes his hair out of his face
  • when just a few pieces of hair stay in his face
  • hair.his chest gap. you know that one i’m talking about.
  • his??? unbelievably cute moles??
  • shoulders
  • the fact he’s strong enough to throw you over his shoulder and carry you off to do unspeakable things to you
  • that weight shift he does when he’s done with Dean’s shit
  • them long fingers
  • that he prob has skin soft enough to make a grown man cry
  • his huffy chest bless
  • it needed to be said twice
  • his entire personality.

anonymous asked:

Heya, could I request a little scenario where the chocobros s/o comes home to find their young daughter had done their hair/makeup/nails as she was feeling sad and needed cheering up. Thank you in advance xx

This was a d o r a b l e to write. 🤗

I was smiling indefinitely throughout the writing process.

I hope this fills you with as much warmth as it did for me, anon.

Song: “I Have Friends In Holy Spaces” by Panic at the Disco

Prompto: Awaiting for his s/o to feast their eyes upon as they walk through the front door, Prompto struts flamboyantly around the living room, hands on his hips, lips pursed dramatically, strumbling childishly in a pair of heels that desperately cling to his oversized, sock covered feet. Their daughter an absolute mess of giggles, she lays on the couch, hands clutching at her stomach, as she takes in her silly father’s appearance. Once his s/o enters and takes in the garish image of Prompto’s now crimped and barrette covered hair, messily painted red lips, and glitter covered skin, there’s no doubt they’ll fall right into the rythym of their little girl, as they crumble into laughter on the couch. Prompto will give a playful wink and blow a kiss in his family’s direction, earning a flurry of whoops and cat calls from his s/o, who just can’t get enough of how ridiculous their silly lover looks. Once everybody has a chance to settle down, Prompto will continue carrying out his mission to make sure all memory of sadness and low mood evaporates away, as he sets to work on covering his daughters’s cheeks in lipstick kisses, building her laughter back up until there are tears of joy pooling at the edges of her smile crinkled eyes. Seeing Prompto go to such great lengths to make their daughter feel better will only deepen the already profound affection and care his s/o feels for him. And who doesn’t find a man who is good with kids charming?

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• a dork
• he has the need to keep his hands on you all!! the!! time!!
• he loves wearing matching sweaters
• your family loves him
• “prince/princess”
• he spoils you way too much
• kisses your nose when you do something cute
• asks you to pet his hair
• he makes sure you’re happy
• he makes sure you know you’re pretty
• his family wants you both married already
• he talks about a future with you
• he’s the understanding kind
• he supports your decisions no matter what
• when you both have a fight he would always apologize even if it’s not his fault
• in other words, b o y f r i e n d. m a t e r i a l

Ahem, in response to my previous angsty NIghtsilver thing, let me compensate with fluff:

- Peter and Kurt h o l d i n g h a n d s

- Peter and Kurt brushing fingers for just a little longer than strictly necessary

- Lazy afternoons lying outside in the park when the sun is warm and the air is calm and the grass is soft and the other is so beautiful

- Kurt wants to learn how to make flower crowns and Peter just so happens to be blessed with a little sister, so they both end up with crowns of daisies in their hair

- Peter who really likes having his hair played with somehow lets it slip and of course Kurt will oblige (and a certain speedster learns that he loves playing with the Amazing Nightcrawler’s tail, so they will spend entire nights just revelling in each other’s touch)

- Peter wants to learn German because daddy issues and bless his heart he’s actually trying (even though he’s terrible)      

- Peter introduces Kurt to all of his music collection

- A L L O F I T

- Kurt making hot chocolate for both of them and he reads while Peter hogs the telly that’s supposed to be shared by all the students (”they should be studying, man, not watching TV!”)

- They go to a cute café just because Kurt was interested and Peter just watches the little blue furry thing be adorable and wander about like an excited child with an oversized drink that is probably way too sweet

- First kiss!!!

- The two of them deciding on doing it properly, like, days in advance

- Staring at each other awkwardly while holding hands because they wouldn’t know what to do with them otherwise and just waiting because they’re too embarrassed to do anything??

- And then Peter, being the rash being he is, just kisses him very quickly but Kurt is so surprised that he instantly bamfs away (and then bamfs back, even more flustered than before despite that being seemingly not possible and apologizes and asks to do it again)

- Hesitating to come out because it’s?? Wrong?? And they’re afraid of being ostracized but hey if the lingering gazes in the halls and the extra affectionate touches weren’t enough to make it obvious they got mind readers in this school and Jean is extra disappointed because seriously, every single person in this place is a freak with powers and they’re afraid of being judged because they like guys? Really now?

- One of the two gets wounded in battle and the other watches over him like a hawk and keeps fussing over the little injuries even when the doc says it’s fine

- General Nightsilver fluff, please appreciate this pairing yes thank you

if only in my dreams

merry christmas my christmas celebrating friends. this has a happy ending, i swear

warnings: ptsd, depression

The woman at the gate counter is brunette, her hair pulled back in a snug bun and her demeanor all business when Steve approaches, his flimsy paper boarding pass in hand.

All he wants is to go back to New York. He doesn’t care if he winds up at Stark Tower or his apartment in Brooklyn, hell, he’d even take his quarters in S.H.I.E.L.D. He just wants a hot shower and a bed somewhere familiar; after almost two weeks of being on the move, going city to city to shake hands with politicians, each leaving grease stains on his palm, Steve is finished. He’s had enough of politics and fake people with even faker smiles. He’s tired. It’s been three days since he slept last and even the serum can only do so much when it’s up against abuse like that.

“Hi,” he says to the woman and flashes her a smile that he knows is wan at best. “I heard an announcement saying that the midnight flight to New York was canceled. I’d really like to get home as soon as possible—”

“You and everyone else here,” the woman says and she’s not being rude, just being straight with him. She glances up from her computer and her tired expression softens when she sees him.

Steve shifts, squaring his shoulders, knowing the look is because he’s in uniform. He came straight from meeting a slew of soldiers at the nearest base—because his flight had been delayed, he stayed an extra two hours, only to rush over for the next one to find it’s been canceled, too.

She glances at his name tag—there’s no flash of recognition, which is a small blessing because Steve’s not sure he could handle that with as much decorum as is expected from him right now—and then says with genuine remorse, “I’m sorry, Captain Rogers. As much as I’d like to get you home, every flight into New York is canceled for the next twenty-four hours. I’m sure you’ve heard about the blizzard.”

“Yeah,” Steve sighs, and remembers at the last second to run his hand over his carefully groomed hair and not through it. “I was just hoping… Well, thanks anyway. Sorry to bother you.”

“It’s no trouble,” she says softly and he can feel her regretful gaze on his shoulders as he turns and hauls his duffel back out into the airport general where he drifts to a stop and blinks around, numb with exhaustion.

What now?

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Diary (Draco)

Requested- Could you write a Draco imagine where the reader and him and ultimate bffs like Ron and Harry or something and she finds like a diary or something with really cute fluff like SO MUCH FLUFF!!!! Idk ur the writer but like the reader finds something of his that shows his feelings

- - -

You sat in the boy’s dorm just like usual. The other Slytherin boys were all used to it, as you and Draco were best friends in Hogwarts.

“Hey y/l/n, waiting for Malfoy?” A dark haired boy with pretty amber eyes greeted you with a smile, you recognized him as one of the Prefects.

“Yeah,” you smiled back, “where is he?”

“No idea. He’d be back soon I suppose,” said the boy. He left the dorm after a few seconds.

You got annoyed by how slow Draco was, so you started looking around Draco’s place. His belongings were placed neatly around the room as you remembered, but this time there was something else on his bedside table. His notebook? You thought and picked up the leather covered book. You flipped through the notes quickly, then realised that it was a diary. You chuckled at the thought of him writing and started reading.

1st September

Back to school, I guess. At least I’d get to see y/n and make fun of Potter. Father’s got me this diary thing, I’m not sure what he wants me to do. 

You flipped some more pages, and stopped when you saw your name again.

4th October

Today has been one of the best. Y/n and I had so much fun at the Black Lake. I was surprised that she wasn’t pissed when I “accidentally” pushed her into the Lake. She smiled at me in a way that made me unable to look away. Merlin, she is so beautiful. Anyway, I think I’m sick. I got pushed into the Lake by her as well.

Your eyes widened completely as you read through it. You were surprised and stunned in disbelief by the words he wrote. Turning to another page, you eagerly read it once more.

24th January

Ok. I admit. I like her. But how on earth can I tell her? I don’t want to ruin our friendship… I’ll probably

As you heard footsteps coming, you shut the diary close and hid it behind your back. The door was opened in a second.

“Y/n! I went looking for you!” Draco walked in and grinned. You grinned back nervously, hoping that he wouldn’t notice your awkward behaviour. But unfortunately he did. “You’re behaving oddly.”

“I’m not!” You raised your eyebrows, “I’m perfectly normal.”

“What’s that behind your back?” He asked curiously, then he realised what you were holding. “Is that my- Hey give it back!” He threw himself onto you and tried to grab his diary, resulting you falling on to his bed with him on top of you. Draco got his diary back, but you two were now blushing crazily.

“Um- D-Draco…”

“Oh I-I’m sorry.” He got off you quickly and apologized. “Did you read it?”

“Only a little. I’m so sorry.” You looked down to your hands and blushed even more, although it seemed impossible. “You like me?”

“…Yeah, do you?” He asked, looking outside the window. You followed the direction of his gaze and saw the giant squid in the Lake.

You smiled and walked towards the boy, “I do, actually.”

He immediately looked back at your eyes as his whole face brightened up. “Are you serious!” You nodded and grinned, eyes also locking with his. He grinned back and hugged you. You were taken aback by his sudden move, but you hugged him back with your hands around his back. “Can I kiss you?” Without waiting for your answer, which was obviously a yes, he leaned in a planted a kiss on your lips with his hands on your hips. You smiled to the kiss and kissed him back.

“Jeez, we should have done this on 24th of January, when you finally admitted that you like me.”

“Y/n!” He laughed out loud. “Don’t you dare say another word about that stupid diary!”

You stuck your tongue out and laughed, too. “I bet Narcissa would want to know about what happened in May!”

“Don’t- you- dare-”

“You’ll never stop me!”

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callout post for jonathon ng aka eden
-needs to stop
-jawline damn
-have you seen his eyes??
-i’d fucking die for him
-i love him so much
-good ass quality fuckin music
-amazing in concert
-damn them lips.
-his hair looks fun to play with
-last name is hard to pronounce
-seriously i learned to pronounce it like a month ago
-has had 2 aliases before his current one?? um make up your mind
-his lyrics hit close to home ok

t.l;d.r: jonathon ng is a beautiful man who needs to be stopped

yes ok but

• Kazuichi Souda fumbling around for his glasses each morning
• Kazuichi Souda putting his hair up in a ponytail
• Kazuichi Souda’s voice cracking
• Kazuichi Souda stealing Gundam’s scarf
• Kazuchi Souda screaming when the toaster pops up unexpectedly
• Kazuichi Souda’s nickname being “Soudapop”
• just Kazuichi Souda in general
• Kazuichi
• Souda
• S o u d a
• love him

Hi guys! I know I disappeared but I am on my final exams and I have zero time to do anything new, I will check messages and be more active once I finish them, sorry about that.

I did this conversion for S4 (it was a pain ‘cause my HDD burnt years ago and I don’t have all the “raw” files so I had to extract the mesh with SimPE. I barely remember how that program works hahaha). I also retextured it and changed alpha to my current ones.


Hope you like it <3

Mystic Messenger Reactions: The RFA as types of vampires
  • Yoosung: "The Newbie"
  • -He was only bitten recently...
  • -Not one for human blood
  • -Thinks of sucking blood as an indirect kiss
  • -That low key freaks him out
  • -"Could I go into shock from drinking different blood types?"
  • -Would be pretty awk, indefinitely asking for help on how to be the edgy vamp he now is
  • -P o o r b o y
  • Zen: "The Looker"
  • -Would be tempting all the ladies
  • -Looks like an albino anyway so he should be fine
  • -Doesn't like draining blood BC it gets sick nasty sometimes (yuck)
  • -Refuses to dye his hair black (Jumin recommended him to do so)
  • -H e w o u l d n e v e r
  • -Still brags about looking hot
  • -Likes eating red meats instead
  • -It seems more practical ???
  • -Wears sunscreen while performing onstage... Those lights are rough on one's skin and overall complexion,,,
  • -Complains on not getting enough outside time
  • Jaehee: "The Pro Vamp"
  • -V practical
  • -U can't be a vampire if you're a whiny baby this is a real woman's game
  • -Is very good at hiding her secret, unlike Yoosung, Zen, and 707.
  • -Doesn't like to talk about how she got changed
  • -Is p darn good at what she does not to brag or anything but
  • -Is tight with Jumin because of it
  • -Brings a classy, decorative, and definitely lacy umbrella with her in public.
  • -Kind of intimidating now, not that she wasn't before.
  • Jumin: "The Negotiator"
  • -Alpha Male
  • -The dramatic one
  • -He probably wears guyliner to look the part
  • -Even so, no one really knows that he's not human
  • -He runs a business! He can't flaunt his powers!!
  • -Reminds everybody of Edward from Twilight
  • -Except he's better looking
  • -Still wears a tux
  • -Still loves Elly
  • -Doesn't go outside if he doesn't need to
  • -What's the point??
  • 707: "The Gag Vamp"
  • -Looks more of like a Halloween-infiliated vamp than a movie-generic one
  • -Quotes Count Dracula a whole lot
  • -Has many tricks up his sleeve
  • -Carries around fake packets of blood and plastic bats for kicks
  • -Wears a cape lined with purple velvet
  • -Loves being a vampire!!
  • -So many jokes!!
  • -likes spooking people
  • + V and Saerun
  • V: "4 Senses"
  • -The chill vamp that doesn't meddle or bite people
  • -He just chills eternally
  • -Is blind, so he uses vibrations to gauge where he I going (echolocation for the most part)
  • -Basically Alpha Male... Besides Jumin.
  • Saeran: "Devious Hottie"
  • -Definite blood kink
  • -No doubt about it
  • -Hardcore vamp
  • -Already looked the part before he had been turned
  • -Still a sexy beast
  • -Still loves being a vampire!!
  • -Wears chokers now
  • 💜💜
Partition - L.H.

“Lucas Robert Hemmings,” y/n muttered crossing her arms over her chest as she pouted in the limo as the limo sat in LA traffic. They were already thirty minutes late to the band’s party at one of the clubs because his hair wouldn’t sit the way he wanted it to on his head, and now they’d be, at least, another thirty minutes just trying to make it to the other side of the city.

“Baby, come on. I can’t control LA traffic,” he groaned knowing he wasn’t going to hear the end of her bitching until they showed up at the club. “If it helps, you look absolutely delicious tonight.” He ran a hand up and down her thigh slowly noting that the tight black dress she had on came barely to her mid thigh and was accented with her thigh high heeled boots.

“I better look delicious. I spent forty-five fucking minutes getting ready.” She could feel his breath on her neck as he lightly took her earlobe between his teeth. “Absolutely not, Hemmings. I’m so mad at you right now.”

“Baby, you’re so sexy when you’re mad.” His hand made its way resting on her outer thigh millimeters away from her ass as he kissed down to her neck. “Come on y/n. We have half an hour to kill, at least. Let daddy show you how sorry he is. Let daddy take care of you, kitten,” he muttered against her skin earning a soft moan from her. She made eye contact with the driver who had his eyebrows raised in amusement at the two in the back of his limo.

“You know what, fine…but we’re doing this my way,” she whispered back looking at him slightly as he threw her an amused smirk. “Roll up the partition please.” She waited for the small window rolled up completely dividing them from the driver before unbuckling herself. “I only have one rule, okay daddy?”

“Anything, kitten,” he breathed out watching as she got on her knees in front of him, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and unzipping them.

“My hair’s off limits. It took a long time to make it look this good,” y/n said back pulling down his pants and boxers enough to free his cock from the cloth bounding it. He was already hard and she could see the bits of pre-cum drip down his shaft. “So pretty, daddy.”

“Let’s get on with this, kitten,” he said back quickly earning a smirk from y/n. “Let me see that pretty red lipstick all over my cock.”

“As you wish,” she muttered before taking him in her mouth not bother to tease him. She got right to it, not bothering to waste time. She moved her head at a slightly quickened pace making sure to suck the tip hard when she got close to taking the entire thing out of her mouth. After warming up her throat a bit, she put his entire cock in her deep throating him gagging a few times until her lips was touching his pelvis.

“Fuck. You’re so g-good to me,” he groaned resisting the urge  to grab fistfulls of her hair and fuck her mouth. She took him out of her mouth completely before pulling off her panties to straddle him. “How would you like to do this?”

“I want you to let me ride you and then I want you to cum inside me. Sound good, baby?” y/n asked straddling his lap and lining him up with her before going down on him being filled up completely. She didn’t wait to start moving her hips against him as he let his hands drop down to her hips helping her move against him. Y/n pressed her lips against Luke’s as she felt a slap against her ass adding to the pleasure of it all.

“That’s right, baby…ride daddy. Come on,” he groaned low as he felt her tighten around him. “You going to cum?” All y/n could do in response was moan as she buried her face in his neck. Luke took initiative and starting moving his hips up to meet her hips in rough thrusts causing her to cry out and tighten around him releasing on him. Seconds later he did the same breathing heavy as she rested on his chest.

“Um…Mr. Hemmings,” the driver said causing Luke to notice the partition had been rolled down enough for them to have a conversation. “We’ve reached out destination.”

“We’ll be out in a minute,” he said back as y/n quickly rolled off her boyfriend to pull her underwear back on noting that Luke was grabbing it and putting it in his jeans pocket.

“Hemmings. I’m going to have cum dripping down my leg if you don’t give me my underwear back.”

“Looks like I’ll just have to clean you up when we get inside.”


Sorry it’s short. I kind of rushed this. I’m visiting my mom at work and I’m kind of bored.

I have seen the day awaken in the middle of his brow,
the sun rising between the mountains of his shoulders.
The moon sleeps in the palm of his hands,
and the stars know his name.
For in the lost stillness of the night,
I sing to them the hymns of his glory.
They come to me thirsty, envious and bright
“What is it like to love?” they whisper,
“It is holding the sun between your teeth,“ I say,
“and not being afraid to swallow”.
—  There are stars in his hair, Diika:néhi L.S, an original 
Kino as your boyfriend

Originally posted by shineuro

  • constant contact
  • like he would always be holding your hand or playing with your hair or put his head in your lap when you sit together on the couch
  • c h i v a l r y
  • he would always open the door for you and pull out your chair
  • if you carry anything even remotely heavy he will take it from you
  • whether it’s your backpack, your groceries, your shopping bags
  • he’d be super patient when you want to go shopping
  • would want to see you try everything on
  • in the store AND at home ;)
  • would call you just to say good morning and good night
  • lots of aegyo over the phone because he misses you
  • never forgets your anniversaries, even the hundred day ones
  • doesn’t get jealous because he knows that you love him completely 
  • but he is always to open to improvement if he does something you don’t like
  • doesn’t like to argue but if it comes to that, he won’t lose his cool
  • he’ll just get frustrated 
  • but will want to talk it out with you until it’s better
  • loves kissing you but doesn’t do it excessively in public
  • would rather kiss you more when you’re alone so there are no distractions or barriers
  • would be excited to meet your parents 
  • they’d absolutely love him because he’s polite and positive
  • his parents would love you too because you make him so happy
  • 11/10 would be a perfect boyfriend

So now it is time for our angel, our hope, an actual ray of sunshine with such a bright smile and so many different talents and he’s just a wo w person in general, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Visuals are up first bc I need all of this I’m so fucking ready for mermaid!hobi
  • He would have his BST hair bc damn it that was such a good look like every look on hobi is really fucking nic E bc it’s hobi and you could literally make him wear a trash bag and he’d still make that shit look good but the BST look was so fucking nice
  • I mean forehead!hobi is a r e a l l y (really really really) good look too so it’s highkey amazing BST hair was like hey here’s a hint of it while also having fringe!hobi so you don’t have to choose I appreciate that so much bc it’s like the best of both worlds
  • Side note shirtless!hobi that’s all I’m gonna say that’s all that needed
  • His tail would be so fucking pretty bc it’s hobi he’s a pretty person he’s got that nice face that’s just wo W but he’s also got an amazing personality so it’s double wo W
  • But back to his tail, it would be mainly blue but it’s also got a lot of greens and lighter blues and a few patches of purple and silver here and there like it’s not just one solid color he’s got a lot of different colors that all blend well together
  • Ight but if hobi is so fucking graceful on land what would he be like in the sea
  • Like hobi is so fluid when he dances and he’s got so much grace and everything is just effortless the transitions from one move to the next are so amazing he just makes everything click together
  • And that’s all on land so I’d be s o excited to see him in the water bc he’s gonna be amazing to just watch swim around with his tail and he’s got a smile on his face and he always seems to be talking to one of the fishes or one of the other mermaids
  • He sometimes like to go up to shore and see what all of the humans are doing
  • He doesn’t know why they’re building tiny castles in the sand or why some of them are just laying on the beach when there’s so much water to swim in but he wonders if that’s just a human thing and maybe they don’t all like to swim and just come for the peace of it
  • He befriends a human named Taehyung and he confirms all of it, that some people come to relax, some come for romantic dates, some come to just run through the sand and some come to go in the water it really depends on who you’re talking to
  • Tae is one of the people that likes the sand and the water so when hobi offers to go swimming through the sea, Tae doesn’t hesitate to jump in
  • Your parents are the rulers in the lil area you and hobi live in
  • You don’t know too much about hobi besides the fact that he’s really really nice and treats you like he’s known you all his life whenever he sees you
  • He always makes you feel at home when you see him, his arm always going around your shoulders and his laughter always making you smile
  • He had a habit of making you smile and laugh without even trying, just by his natural reactions to things and his comments
  • He was a guard at your family’s castle, he was in charge of guarding the door that leads into the garden so you didn’t see too much of him but you did see him whenever you wanted to go out that door
  • You maybe once or twice used that door just to see him
  • He’s always so nice and friendly and you two end up talking for a solid hour or two before you actually remember you were supposed to at least pretend to go out to the garden
  • Soon those weekly visits turn into every other day visits which turn into daily visits
  • Now you’re spending all night with him, talking and playing games and having fun 
  • He’s always hugging you and giving your cheeks/nose/forehead kisses and he gets so smiley when he hears you swimming over bc it’s his favorite part of the day
  • Every member of your family is so on board with the relationship bc they all love hobi bc how do you not love hobi he’s amazing he’s a sweetheart with so much talent who deserves so much love and he just wants to cuddle like how cu TE
  • Even hobi’s sister is dropping hints at the two of you to take that flirty friendship and turn it into something bc he likes you and you like him but both of you are trying to figure out the other person’s emotions
  • Bc there is a l o t of flirting and a lot of affection but like what if he’s like that with everyone what if you’re just a best friend (spoiler you’re not)
  • Hobi’s father is the one to give the both of you the final push you need to actually become a thing bc he’s like my son’s got a crush, you’ve got a crush both of you are feeling the same thing
  • “You wanna do something Friday night?? like just get away from the castle for a bit, go swim up to the shore, watch the stars?? I can get Tae to bring us some human food”
  • “That sounds amazing”