and his haaaaands

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but hey let's talk about how in character that new infinity war BTS pic is

it is everything :-)

i get the feeling the two Benedicts kinda crashed Mark and Robert’s lunch and someone clever spotted the perfect first Wong and Stephen with the Avengers moment! but here’s my take on it:

- stephen / benedict: looks fucking aMAAAzing. my god. his hair is shorter and he has lost the bouffant fringe which drove me a bit mental. his grey streaks look less like paint, too. i think he’s wearing an undervest so he won’t be as brian singer-ish (all dark and leathery and streamlined) as he will get all the garb back on, but you can see his undersuit is at least sleeker and more militant looking. yes. good. also the cloak magnets are visible. PLUS his haaaaands. unless he is pre-fixative, his scars look more healed, which would make sense. but which also tells me he’s not going to be wearing gloves all the time thank god. and so tony will comment on them i am sure. and their goatees are identical. which i was worried about. but i’m not now.

- i think they pulled benedict off doing stunts; he looks so bulked up. think he’s wearing a harness under the suit. with wong as well. no wait; wong isn’t also under his suit. i meant wong must be in his scenes. 

- tony… yeah you’re right; he’s so in character. arrogant and cheeky af. like robert obviously. but here’s the thing; what’s with the hole in his tunic over his chest. is the arc reactor coming back? has his injuries from civil war weakened him again?? will stephen have to doctor him now that pepper is gone?? (sorry. a shipping slip there). and i have to say - and i am biased - benedict as stephen looks the most majestic of all of them. even hot saucing-it; he looks like a leader. 

- wong. has hair! unless he wears a skin cap. and has a moustache. is he trying to get in on the facial hair bros thing. i love his fitted tunic hugely.

- mark ruffalo seriously looks like he’s popped in for a shawarma salad before he’s off to pick up the kids etc.

one thought it it seems from this moment that tony and stephen might not in that one scene together (science bros are not in full costume). but…. this image i’ve been waiting for, for a year. yes, yes please very good much.