and his goons

“At least Nixon was-” please stop, Nixon was a fascistic lunatic. When Daniel Ellsberg revealed the Pentagon Papers, Nixon had his goons break into Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office to find things to discredit him with. He wanted to firebomb the Brookings Institute. He tanked the 1968 peace talks with Vietnam because he wanted a war to help him win the election. The most annoying thing liberals do is act like modern conservatives are a disgrace to the noble conservatives of the past. They’ve always been this bad. 

Reasons why I like Homecoming better than any other Spider-Man (live action) flick in existence

• Michelle
• Penis Parker looks, sounds and acts like an actual 15 year old high schooler.
• avoided origin story that everyone and their mother’s cat already know
• Ned Leeds is precious
• Batman is evil
• avoided uncle Ben (and his stupid mantra)
• started the movie in the super cool upgraded aesthetically pleasing suit
• Michelle
• Peter does not make creepy stalker pictures of his crush (that are made without her consent)
• instead just dreamily stares at her from afar like a loser like the rest of us
• no goddamn Harry Osbourne angst
• animated spider eyes
• Liz is gorgeous
• Peter’s adorable “Mr. Stark” whenever he says it
• K.A.R.E.N
• Flash is upgraded, honestly funny and weirdly endearing version of himself and is still a bully
• Peter Parker’s hair
• Aaron Davis The Walking Easter Egg
• Michelle
• Peter visibly needing help in being a superhero via Tony and Guy in the Chair Leeds
• also, dad!Tony
• The Villain Is Actually Father Of My Friend plot twist trope DONE RIGHT!!!
• Michelle
• no unnecessary amount of Plus One villains besides The Vulture and his (funny, curious) goons
• Stark company fucked everyone over (again)
• ended the movie in the cheap super lame aesthetically ugly onesie costume instead
• Peter’s won the day with character development depending on his own;
- no romantic interest (in distress) that prompted his strength
- no moody friend to guilt trip him into saving himself
- no edgy angst due to Uncle Ben’s mantra
• Michelle, the beautiful book-reading, has no friends, intellectually observant genius “my friends call me MJ” is the downplayed but so fresh and clearly-a-slowburn, full of potential MJ that I didn’t know I needed in my life, but just as Peter Parker will realize one day, what a blessing she is.


From the 307 dvd commentary on the scene where Malcolm gets sacked and then what happens after:

Armando: And I think this scene we recorded, we just did two takes of it, but we let it go.  We primed the rest of the building as it were.  We had all ready with people doing their stuff.  And I just said to Peter, do the scene and then just wander around and we’ll follow you and we’ll see what happens. And after the first take of it, I knew he goes into his office at Number 10, so the second take, I asked people to be, you know, gathering around Sam, and her in tears. Knowing that Peter would go into the room, but not telling Peter that that’s what he’d see.
Tony Roche: That moment’s really nice when he goes into the room and she’s in there.  Because it’s again, it’s what you said earlier, just little things that are just imprinted over the series.  You get that he, that he actually–
Simon Blackwell: Sam’s the only person he has kind of a normal relationship with.
Tony Roche: Exactly, yeah.
Jesse Armstrong: Quite a few people said they suddenly found themselves feeling sorry for Malcolm at that point, I think, didn’t they.

What I love about this is that Armando didn’t have to script Malcolm having a heart, he just had to set up the scene because he knew Peter would do the rest.  

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Okay, can someone explain to me what the democrats in government are doing? Like... I've never seen people NOT fight this hard in a long time.

The conservatives fucking shut down the government when Obama was president and you can’t fucking get together to put Trump and his goons at bay?

Now what the hell. WHAT THE HELL.

it’s so funny to me when people say Draco is irredeemable as a character?? like even if we ignore the fact that he literally is redeemable in canon (cursed child), malfoy was literally a CHILD during the war.
from birth he was conditioned to think a certain way, act a certain way, talk a certain way. he was encouraged to idolize his father and told that the world had a set order of things. people are brought up like this ALL THE TIME. and some of those people never snap out of it. but in the books we see draco has already started to. he doesn’t want to do real harm near the end. he can’t commit to the cause: he can’t kill dumbledore, he can’t identify harry, he tells his goons not to kill him. all malfoy wanted was to survive and come out of the war with his family still intact. by the end he knows that voldemort never planned on keeping any of them alive. so he tries to get out.
yes his family is shit. but he grew up with them. bigotry and violence and hate are all he knows, and the fact that he can leave that behind eventually is awesome.
we have seen characters go through this redemption arc before and nobody complained. zuko was, arguably, just as bad as malfoy (or worse) but he figured his shit out.
just because malfoy WAS bad doesn’t mean he IS bad. it’s fine if you don’t ship him with people, but don’t say he’s irredeemable. he can be redeemed and he has been.

Save You

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A/N : Hello~! Sorry it took me so long to post another imagine, I was in a writer’s rut. But besides that how many of you guys saw the IT remake yet? I just watched it now too long along and let me tell you, it was goood. I liked it so much, I’m writing an imagine for it haha xD so in a way it inspired me 

- How Y/N began to be friends with Bill and the loser’s club. (A little background/prequel to the imagine I have planned.)- 

Word Count : 1583

The sudden chorus of rattling lockers near you caught you off guard as you were putting some books away.

“Hey there B-B-Bill, still looking for your dead brother?” You heard and without needing to look, you already knew who it was.

Henry Bowers and his goons were harassing Bill Denbrough again but by the looks of it, Bill wasn’t going to take it sitting down this time. 

“F-Fuck you, H-Henry.” Bill snapped before pushing the bully back with all the strength he could muster up, obviously angry at the mention of his brother. 

Henry stumbled back into Belch and Victor while Patrick slugged Bill into the stomach, making him hunch over in pain. The older boy then forced the boy’s back into the lockers again, the locks probably digging into his back. As if they were on autopilot, Belch and Victor reached out to grab hold on to Bill’s arms to hold him still while Patrick stepped to the side to let Henry through. With a sinister smile plastered on his face, Henry stepped closer to Bill. 

“And what if I don’t? You gonna make me disappear like Georgie?” You heard the other three idiots laugh but there was nothing funny about it. You quickly glanced up and down the hallway, trying to see if there was an adult near by that could stop all of this before it got out of hand but unfortunately there was no one. School was out for at least an hour now so you didn’t know why you even got your hopes up in the first place. “How about you join him, B-B-Bill?”

You heard a swift click slice through the air that made you bring your attention back to the boys.

Bill’s face visibly paled as the gleam of Henry’s knife caught his eyes.
Henry seemed to want to go even farther than usual but you’ve had enough. He crossed the line the moment he even decided to bully people but the moment Georgie’s name left his lips and he took out his knife, he was taking it way too far. 

You hastily closed your book bag and threw it at Henry’s head, mentally thanking your dad for trying to teach you how to throw a baseball the other summer. It must have been your lucky day because your throw was spot on and it hit him square in the face. 

Finding your courage you then grabbed the largest book in your locker and rushed over to Victor and Belch. Cracking Victor over the head before throwing the book itself at Belch, you tried to grab Bill’s hand and make your great escape but before, you could you felt a hand weave into your ponytail. Henry harshly yanked you back while your hands instantly reached up to pry his fingers out of your hair. 

Hissing from the pain, you had no other choice but to follow the pull back and soon you found yourself face to face with Henry Bowers himself. 

“H-Hey, let her go!” Bill lunged forward but Victor shoved him back. 

“I don’t think I will!” Henry screamed, shaking your head back and forth vigorously with every word. “I don’t think I will.” He said again in a calmer demeanor, the evil glint in his eyes making you uneasy. “I think Y/N deserves to be taught a lesson, don’t you think boys?” Henry traced the dull side of the knife along your cheek before pausing at the junction where your jaw and your ear met. He leaned closer to you, whispering in your ear. “This is what you get for not minding your own business.”

Having had enough of his bullshit tough guy act, you let your mouth run wild and free, not entirely caring about the repercussions at the moment.

“It’s kind of hard to mind my own god damn business when your ugly ass mullet is in everyone’s face don’t you think, Bowers? Now let me go!” You thrashed and kicked against his hold, even scratching at his hands if it’d loosen up just a little bit. 

“L-L-Let her go, H-Henry!” Bill struggled against Victor but had no luck of getting free.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you Bill?” He laughed as he pushed the tip of the blade against your skin, breaking the surface right underneath your eye. You closed your eyes, afraid to see what he was doing to you. He leisurely pushed the blade across your skin, milliliter by milliliter. 

“Stop!” You heard Bill scream but Henry seemed to be too focused on you to care. 

“Henry…” Victor mumbled loosening up his grip on Bill, looking unsure about the whole situation. 

“What!” Henry turned his attention away from you to glare at the other boy. You took the opportunity to snatch the knife out of his hands and cut yourself free. A few strands of your once long hair flowing down to the floor while the rest stayed clenched in Henry’s hand. Scrambling to your feet, you hurried to grab hold of Bill’s hand before practically dragging him down the hall with Bowers and his goons in hot pursuit. You’d get your bag some other time, maybe when your possibilities of dying weren’t so high.

“Get back here!” The two of you heard them yell after you. 

Using your shoulder, you rammed into the school doors, pushing them open. The harsh sunlight momentarily blinding you. Looking behind you, you made sure to look Henry in the eyes before chucking his knife into the bushes as far as you can. 

“Have fun finding that, fucker!” You threw him the bird, watching as he visibly turned an unhealthy shade of red. Tugging Bill in the other direction, the two of you hurried out of their sight.

You and Bill ran all the way back to his house.

“I-I think we’re safe now.” You panted as you leaned on the wooden rails on Bill’s porch, out of breathe. 

“Y-Yeah…” Bill nodded. He wasn’t as out of breathe as you were but you figured that was because he had more stamina than you did from all the biking he did with his friends. The two of you took a few more minutes to recollect yourselves before Bill spoke up again. “I-I-I’m sorry ab-bout your hair.” 

Looking down to the unfamiliar sight of loose chucks of hair sprawled around your shoulder, it finally hit you what happened. Slowly reaching up to touch the bunt cut, you held a plank expression on your face. 

To be honest, it scared Bill how quiet you were. He’s heard how important a girl’s hair was to them and he felt bad that it got cut because of him. 

Taking a deep breath, you tried to smile as you held back tears. “It’s ok! Its just hair plus I’ve been meaning to cut it away.” You waved him off as to not worry him. “What about you though? You ok?” You leaned toward him, examining his face for bruises or cuts.

Bill was taken back by your sudden closeness and quickly averted his eyes to look somewhere else. He did note how pretty you were before looking away though. “I-I’m fine.” 

“That’s good!” You pulled back with a smile on your face, pleased that he wasn’t hurting anywhere. You felt an itchy feeling on your arm and turned to see what it was when you felt something push a strand of hair behind your ear. Looking back up, you met eyes with Bill. 

“H-H-How about y-you? You ok?” Once your eyes met and the tuft of hair was neatly tucked behind your ear, Bill retracted his hand back to his side. 

You could feel the light blush on your cheeks as you smiled at him. “Just peachy.”

He smiled right back at you before pulling a little bit of his flannel’s sleeve down and wiping the blood from your cheek. 

“Thanks.” You said quietly, your cheeks turning a darker shade of red.

“N-No problem.”

Not wanting to stay too long and make the moment awkward, you decided to was time to head home. 

”I’ll see you around, Bill.” You smiled before moving to step off the porch, already thinking of ways to explain your hair to your mother. 

“W-Wait Y/N!” You made it as far as the front lawn when Bill called back to you. “Can I-I walk you home?” He stammered. 

“I’d like that.” And like the gentleman he was, Bill walked you safely back to your house and later that evening your book bag and books were mysteriously returned back to you.

Needless to say, that was the day you developed a crush on Bill Denbrough.

- To Be Continued. - 

Part 2

What did you guys think? Please let me know! I’ve been out of the game for a while now and want to know what your thoughts and feelings are~! 

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Drop // Richie Tozier Imagine

AN: This is loosely based off of that one scene from Stranger Things but with a lot changed from it…idk you’ll see what I mean I’ve just been binge watching the show for the millionth time

The bell had rung and everyone went to their classes and sat in their seats. Per usual routine Richie sat in his desk and the stare fest began,

There she is. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). FUCK she’s gorgeous. She probably doesn’t even know my name. I can’t take my eyes off of her. No wonder I’m failing English…oh wait I think this History class… Richie thought to himself.

The class was over an hour long and Richie just kept staring at you. You were probably the ONLY thing that keep his mouth shut. All he ever did was talk but with you…he couldn’t form words.

The class ended and everyone formed a pile out of the door plaining ignoring the teacher’s request to slow down.


The day was over and Richie started walking home from school alone. Bill was at home because he got sick, Eddie’s mom held him home to disinfect him from anything he might have touched of Bill’s, and Stan’s bike was being fixed so his mom decided to pick him up.

So it was just Richie, alone. He started walking down an alternate path to avoid the route Henry and his friends take when he heard a noise,


Y/N?  Richie thought to himself

He started to follow the voice and it led him to one of the bridges that overlooked the river. Richie hid behind a tree and peaked to see you being held down by Bowers and his goons,

“She’s a pretty one isn’t she?” Henry said holding her down, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to wonder this town alone?”

“HELLPP!” you screamed kicking and jerking every limb

Shit do something do something he thought

“No one’s gonna hear you out here” Henry said. Richie reached picked up the only two rocks he could find and chucked it at Bower’s head


“Let her go” Richie said emerging from the trees with another rock in hand. Unexpectedly Belch comes up from behind him and kicks him in the back knocking Richie on the ground. He kneels over Richie and punches him in the face,

“Leave him alone!” you yell. Henry motions Belch to stop and then yanks you off of the ground. He flips you around so you’re facing Richie and grabs onto your neck,

“I’ll make you losers a deal” he says with a knife in his other hands. He points it at Richie,

“If you drop…her pants won’t” Richie looks up at him confused.

“Drop from bridge and I won’t touch your precious girlfriend” he says still holding you in a choke hold. You kick and cry grabbing onto his hands trying with all your strength to get them off of your neck. But you were too small and fragile compared to Henry he just held you back without trying.

“Don’t do it” you say struggling for breath, “I w-won’t blame you.”

“I don’t got all day now” Henry said looking at Richie on the floor. He adjusts his glasses and stands up walking towards the bridge,

“The rapids are too strong!” you yells with the last breaths you has, “Please don’t do it!”

Richie gets up onto the railing and overlooks the water. He takes a deep breath in,

“Richie please!” you yell

She knows my name… He thinks to himself


“RICHIE!” you yells. Henry puts you down and they all run over to the edge of the bridge,

“Didn’t know he had it in him..where were we?” Henry turns around to you standing with Henry’s dad’s gun pointed towards them,

“How the fuck did you?!” Henry says feeling the emptiness in his back pocket

“Go.” you say tears running down your face,

“GET. OUT.” you warn

“Look toots don’t hurt yourself…just put the gun down” you point it downwards and shoot Henry in the foot,

“SON OF A BITCH” he yells dropping to the ground. You reach the gun back up to his head and yell again,

“GO!” the boys all run away helping Henry up and into Belch’s car. They drive off fast and you run down towards the lake,

“Richie! Richie!” you yell out for him. You look down at the river hoping to God you don’t find him in there and see nothing but fast moving water.

There’s no way he walked away from that

“RICH-” you turn around and bump into a drenched and shivering Richie,

“Oh my god” you say hugging him as tight as you can

Oh shit she’s hugging not pop a boner Richie

“Are you okay!?” you say frantically

“Yeah I’m okay” he says trying to act as tough as he can around you.

“Are you crazy? You barely know me and you almost killed yourself”

“I’m a good swimmer” he said showing off. You laugh and hug him again,

“Do you wanna come back to my place? I don’t think anyones home and I can give you some of my brother’s clothes so you’ll be dry” you offer. His eyes go wide, even wider than his glasses magnify,

“Yeah” he says unable to form any other words.

I’m going to Y/N’s house. I just saved her from Henry. She knew my name…the boys will never hear the end of this

It Wasn’t Real (part nine)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: ALSO, WARNING: This is kinda seeming like a Stan x Reader with how much i mention Stan but don’t get it twisted: IT WILL BE A RICHIE X READER! It’s just Stan was so close to winning i wanna still make him a strong, prominent character!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader.

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, so….

Tag’s List: @chalatea - @darlingimafangirl - @chalatea - @myfriendmagislit -@frozenhealswrites - @fl0werb0nes18 - @emotionallyenterprised - @alec-lighwccd - @bellasett - @starshininginthedark - @tastefulcaring - @impulsivesuperrobin - @newtandthediamonds - @huge-waste-of-time​ - @jess-sxcks​ - @theoraekensnotsosecretlover​ - @moonageharry​ - @nieligator​ - @sufferingstilinski​ - @the-fantastic-fandom-dork - @horsiesandstuff​ - @arianamichelle04​ - @alloffmyships​ - @darlingimawriter​ - @gcnnyweasleys​ - @redvelvet-cupcake​ - @almusanzug​ - @d0nt-g0-imagines​ - @brighter-thanthe-sky​ - @murphamy-minefeild​ - @celestesfairy​ - @fly-like-a-grayson​ - @emrysaaryn - @holy-minseok - @antiherojason - @multifandom-states - @mysticsthinking - @ladyfairenvale - @crazyinlovewithbatman - @shaniacboogara - @welcometoourcomputershow - @17marvelousfreak - @funtik2011 - @anon-leaning-against-a-trashbin - @terrashrone - @im-fandom-trash - @mrgrytyrll - @ponyboys-sunsets - @captainslugcat - @eachandeveryfandom - @queenylime - @catwoman2502 - @1enchantedfantasy1
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You hadn’t realized how late you’d been at quarry, until you stepped back outside. There, standing in the middle of the road stood you, panting and pacing in the stop. The sun was setting and you could feel the cool air breeze in as the warm sun was covered by the dark sky. 

Your mind was running wild. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t think coherently. IT had Stan… while you and everyone else had been bonding at the quarry, Stan had been in danger. And it was all because of you. If you hadn’t dragged him back into this mess, if you’d just left him alone… then none of this would’ve happened. You needed to find Richie, needed to tell him what had happened. But no one else, Richie already knew and that was the only reason why you justified going to him.

You wouldn’t risk the lives of your friends by dragging them back into something they thought was done.

You clenched your fists, nodding to yourself. Richie had only left a little bit ago, if you continued down the path you should be able to reach him before he got home. Then, you’d tell him everything and you’d guys would figure out what to do. So, nodding your head you began walking again, not quite running but your feet carried you along the road quickly. It wasn’t until you reached an alleyway, a alleyway you were sure Richie took home and turned a corner, did you feel your body flying downwards.

Something’d tripped you.

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Headcanon I

It’s sixth year and Harry is just that tiny bit more observant in his stalking of Draco Malfoy.

At first everything seems so ordinary that it is almost boring, the blonde swaggers casually around the castle, a sneer plastered to his face , his personal goons following behind him. But secretly Harry knows that watching Malfoy will never be boring for him because there’s a certain magnetic pull that the Slytherin has.

After some time though, just as Harry is considering giving it up, he begins to realise things about Malfoy. He begins to pick up on how his shoulders slump immediately and he let’s out a long breath that such a thin (and was he always that thin?) boy couldn’t possibly have held as soon as he’s alone. He begins to realise how defined his shoulders and ribs and cheekbones are and how hollow and dark the bags under his eyes are. He takes in the way he begins to let go of and then lose completely his former swagger and how he never seems to be in anyone else’s company anymore.

This continues for a few weeks until Harry knows something is definitely wrong. Draco no longer wanders the halls of Hogwarts like a self-proclaimed prince, instead he lies on his back with his arm covering his eyes on the grass field behind the school or stares blankly across the school grounds from the astronomy towers.

And he is always alone.

In class he’s always absent, Harry notes. He stares forward in the direction of the teacher but he always seems to be looking through Professor Snape. There’s something wrong with his eyes as well, they’ve lost their usual malicious gleam and seem to have rusted over (not that Harry stares at his eyes or anything regularly). His hair is much too tousled and his gaze when he sees Harry staring at him from across the great hall is much too passive.

The blonde is reduced to hardly anything more than a skeleton at this point and soon Harry realises that he isn’t stalking Malfoy to stop what ever the fuck he’s doing, it’s so that he can keep a close eye on the slowly deteriorating boy because no one else is.

No one else is seeing what he is seeing.

No one else is realising that Draco is slowly dying.

No one except for him.

It’s suddenly Harry’s unspoken mission to make sure Draco doesn’t suddenly slip past his fingertips and disappear completely because then who will he have to call a git and chase around the castle long after his anger has subsided and his chest hurts from running and a strange burning sensation?

One day, instead of heading up to the astronomy tower or behind the school, Draco Malfoy leads a determined Harry up to the owlery where the howling wind and beating rain is much more menacing. Harry is shivering under his invisibility cloak and he can see that Draco is too, all he’s wearing is his now-soaked button up and his school slacks.

Harry is confused (and all too relaxed, he tells himself after) until Draco’s stiff body begins to move towards the stone wall and he lifts a leg onto it.

What’s he doing? Is all Harry can think.

But then Draco is lifting his second leg and it all clicks.

The Gryffindor throws off the invisibility cloak and sprints over to grab Malfoy’s wrist and pull him away from a premature death.

Malfoy spins around and even through the rain, Harry can tell he’s been crying. The Slytherin is too stunned for words as Harry throws his arms around his waist and pulls him close in a bone-crushing hug.

‘Pot-’ is all Malfoy can manage before he starts crying again.

He can feel Harry’s warm breath on his neck, repeating over and over that it’s ok and that he shouldn’t do this.

He can feel Harry’s tense muscles against his chest and around his middle.

It’s Potter. Of course it’s Potter. It’s always Potter. Is all Draco thinks as he succumbs to the shorter boy’s sleep-inducing body heat and rests his tired head on his shoulder.

Harry would’ve loved to be the taller one in this situation so that he could rest his chin on the blonde’s head, but he does the next thing he can think of which is to play with Malfoy’s hair as he hiccups into Harry’s shoulder.

Malfoy slowly wraps his arms around Harry, appreciating the warmth the latter seems to be radiating.

Harry can feel all too well each and every rib of Malfoy’s and though that in itself isn’t a nice feeling, having a raw, vulnerable Draco in his arms is.

‘It’s ok.

It’s ok.

You shouldn’t do this.’

Malfoy nuzzles his face into Harry’s neck and breathes in his scent.

'Thank you Harry.’


I was supposed to be drawing Sammy, but i decided to draw two of Prince Flanagan’s Goons from his boss fight (i also figured out how to make another card with out photoshop)

introducing Sir Donny and Lady Maria, they’re devil and angel food cakes. both of their designs were inspired by the ones from the “Cookie Carnival” Silly Symphony with my own little twist.

There’s six different goons you can fight (these two counting as one) i’ll draw the rest when i can (maybe when i get all of them i’ll draw them with Flanagan)

So, a few days ago I unpacked a moment in the show that I believe to be one of the most terrifying, when considered through Dipper’s eyes.

There’s another BIG one of these moments I feel like is often overlooked.

Dipper’s confrontation with Bill Cipher in Weird 1.

Now at this moment, Dipper is trying as hard as he can to put on a brave face. He just watched his great uncle get turned to statue. Nothing around but Bill Cipher and his goons. For all he knows, he’s completely alone. The kid is probably riding off of pure adrenaline and Ford’s words to him at the very beginning of the episode: “Being a hero means fighting back even when it seems impossible.”

So he stands up to Bill. Or at least, he tries to. “Hand over my uncle!” he shouts. “Or else…!”

He holds up the journal. The sum of Ford’s research, and to him, a physical representation of the sum of his ability and knowledge. The last bit of Ford’s influence he has to help him outwit Bill.

Except of course, Bill Cipher calls his bluff.

“Go ahead, Pine Tree, show me what you’ve got!”

Dipper hastily flips through the journal pages, fear griping him like a vice. He turns on the blacklight. There has to be something, there has to be SOMETHING- because Ford told him he COULD fight back!

And yet-

All is lost.

He looks up from this book, from this statement- a statement of lost hope, of giving up because it seems impossible- gripped in panic… and there’s Bill right in front of him, vividly colorful and physical and entirely REAL.

It’s no longer a game. It’s no longer a dream. This is REAL. The destruction and threat Bill Cipher poses to his family and this town is REAL.

And Dipper has no idea how to stop him.

y’all can we talk about how great Arario is
  • first of all it was ot13
  • hojoon was serving looks i can’t get over it
  • the spinny thing with seogoong and p-goon at the end
  • traditional concept mixed with the hip hop ideas
  • iconic a-tom hair
  • sassy!hansol with the fan
  • sangdo was also really swag and it was great
  • those masks dude
  • drunk man!jenissi
  • also like everyone looked good all the time
  • favorite hair on xero tbh
  • this was nakta’s era guys
  • p-goon lifts his shirt in the dance practice and i need water
  • b-joo looking ethereal
  • dance line really showed their stuff
  • p-goon jumps over xero
  • nakta’s vocals
  • the fans
  • their live show outfits(like those bright ass yellow ones)
  • gohn, just everything about gohn
  • god bamm a-tom got a bomb bomb and pow
  • this was such a bop guys
Savior (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

Originally posted by reedstrangerthings

Request:  “Scary Movie Night” was so so so cute! Can I request a Mike X Reader where the reader is like a year or 2 older than Mike and she stops Troy and his goons from beating up Mike and the guys one day and mike just completely falls for her?

Author Note: I only did this one because I’m completely absorbed with Stranger Things considering Stranger Things 2 has literally left me amazed in all aspects. It was just brilliant and I loved every moment. I hope this is great I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also I would love some Stranger things requests at some point.

A yelp sounded just a little ways down catching (Y/n) off guard.Her eyebrows furrowed as another yelp sounded. The cool august breeze teased her skin as she stopped at an intersection near the center of Hawkins. Her eyes scanned the streets curiously wondering if a dog had made the noise. There was nothing in sight though only a few cars strolling by on the early Saturday morning.

She shook her head and stuffed her hands in her pocket. Perhaps she had just imagined the whole thing. It wouldn’t be the first time that she imagined something like this. “Leave him alone!”  A voice shouted somewhere to her left. (Y/n) tensed slightly at the voice, but followed it nonetheless. She could hear a faint voice just a little ways down.

What is going on? (Y/n) stopped near an alleyway as something thudded against the ground. She scowled slightly at the sight before her.

There stood her annoying little brother. Troy was towering over some poor innocent boy with a mocking grin across his face. The boy had dark black hair and she already noticed a few bruises across his arms and face. (Y/n) clenched her jaw as she also noticed Troy’s goons,

Two goons were holding onto two other boys. The boys were struggling against them and haven’t seemed to notice (y/n).

“Leave Mike alone Troy,” The curly haired boy said. His eyes were nervously flickering between his friend, Mike it seems, and Troy.

Troy crossed his arms his lips tilting upwards in a cruel grin. “Come on Frog-face answer the question, and maybe we’ll let you go.” His voice was taunting now as he stepped closer. Mike only sighed and shook his head.

“Just leave us alone Troy,” he mumbled quietly. Mike was obviously annoyed with Troy and just wanted it over with. Troy scowled as Mike stood up. In a split second Troy had slammed Mike into the wall. Mike groaned in pain and weakly struggled against Troy.

“Answer my question first Freak,” He snapped. He was holding Mike by his sweater and his knuckles were white. His lip was drawn back into a snarl as growled, “Hurry it up Freak. I don’t have all day.”

“Damn right you don’t.” (Y/n)’s voice was nothing but hostile and rang out in the alley. Troy froze and his eyes met hers. (Y/n)’s eyes narrowed as She snapped, “What the hell do you think you’re doing Troy? Let him go.”

Troy huffed and released Mike before turning towards her. “Since when are you my boss?” 

His goons were eyeing the other unsure of what to do. Mike was watching (y/n) in awe surprised that someone other then his friends was actually standing up for him.

(Y/n) stepped forward and looked down at her brother practically sneering. The anger flickering in her eyes made Troy step back slightly in fear. “Since I’m older and Dad isn’t afraid to ground your ass if I tell him about this,” She stated simply. Her eyes landing on her brother’s goons. “Goes for you two as well let the kids go.”

The goons quickly let go and stepped back. The two boys who were released eyed (Y/n) with wonder. They quickly went to Mike though and began to ask if he was alright and check over his wounds. Troy glared up at (Y/n) obviously unhappy.

She could of cared less at the moment and only growled, “Go home Troy.” She pushed him forward noticing how he mumbled under his breath. He made his way, bumping her as he passed, down the alley and out of sight. (Y/n) made her way over to the boys hesitantly touching Mike’s shoulder in order to get his attention.

He tensed under her touch, but relaxed once he realized it was her. (Y/n)’s eyes scanned over him taking in the bruises. Troy was a lucky kid. If they weren’t related she would of kicked his ass for this. “You alright?” She asked.

Mike’s face heated up as he gave a hesitant nod. “Y-Yea thanks,” He stuttered nervously. He fiddled with the sleeves of his sweater as his gaze flickered to the ground.

The curly haired boy spoke up next. “Thanks, but uh who are you,” He asked curiously tilting his head. He never seen the girl before and she was obviously older then the group, but surely they should know who protected Mike.

(Y/n) shifted nervously studying the three boys for just a moment. She smiled slightly and held her hand out. “(Y/n)… and you boys are?” 

Dustin shook her hand smiling slightly which showed his missing teeth. “I’m Dustin,” He stated before pointing to the other boy. “He’s Lucas.”

Lucas eyed (Y/n) cautiously but nonetheless shook her hand mumbling a quiet hello.

Mike wasn’t sure what was wrong with him at the moment. His stomach was doing somersaults and his face was heating up. He shook her hand smiling slightly. “I’m Mike.”

(Y/n) smiled slightly and stepped back glancing out of the alleyway. She bit her lip wishing she could perhaps stay longer with this boys. They seemed nice. She needed to go soon though, or else her father would have a fit. “Well Mike and friends if my brother bothers you anymore just come down to the arcade and I’ll handle it.” She stated taking steps backwards now. “I would love to chat more, but I really need to go.”

Mike watched her go with wide eyes. Dustin and Lucas shook their heads noticing the red hue spreading over their friend’s face. “Seriously Mike? Her?” Lucas asked.

Mike’s face heated up more. “i have no idea what you’re talking about Lucas.” 

Lucas rolled his eyes and got his bike along with Mike. Dustin frowned slightly eyeing the two curiously. “What? Lucas? Mike? What am I missing?”


Meet Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ moon goons!!

Phobos and Deimos are very poorly formed, teeny tiny moons, and on their own they have pretty much zero self esteem or confidence.
Despite the regular celestial spirit’s shape shifting abilities, they are unable to fully form their bodies, and therefore come across scrappy and battered, Phobos missing a leg and Deimos missing an arm and an eye.

They both also have slightly monstrous appearances, Deimos resembling a Nosferatu, and Phobos looking maniacal with his large round eyes and a mouth full of thick pointy teeth.

They were blessed to be the moons of an aggressively protective planet such as Mars. Mars absolutely loves and adores them and won’t stand by idly if anyone were to insult his moons’ poor form or scrawny appearance.
Phobos and Deimos serve as his backup, his yes men (they think everything Mars can think of is a good idea), his goons, but more often than not he refers to them as his boys and treats them in an almost fatherly manner, though that behaviour is sometimes exchanged with a more ‘gang leader’ sort of relationship, in which case he treats the moons much more like his peers, despite them being ‘lower class’ than him.

Following in Mars’ ‘War’ shirt footsteps, Phobos and Deimos’ shirts proudly display words ‘Fear’ and ‘Dread’, which is what the roman gods Phobos and Deimos represented. They also wear Mars’ ‘Marz rulz Sun droolz’ logo on their sleeves.
They often mock Sun (who belongs to @owlygem), like the two tiny gremlins that they are, but if Mars isn’t around, they get very submissive very fast, if Sun as much as raises his voice.

Mars is the sole source of their confidence. Alone, the two are extremely meek as they are fully aware of their weakness and ugliness.
They have an almost twin-like bond, being extremely in tune with each other’s thoughts and actions, and they love each other as brothers. They are never seen apart.

Phobos is generally the louder one, but also more dimwitted and extremely brash, rarely thinking before speaking. Deimos is the quieter one and the smaller and weaker one, which makes him somewhat more reserved on his own, but he tries to keep up with Phobos. While still crude, he tries to put a little more thought into his actions.

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PICKLE: …miss guru? my super cute blue alien lover is over there and um, what’s the verdict? are we… are we gonna make it!?

GURU: hmmm… yes, i see a blue haired baby in your future! a baby, and maybe a dog and a cat if pets is ever released… yes, i think you’ll be just fine!

PICKLE: ehhhh?! that happens after we move to a bigger place, right?!

save me a dance [richie x reader]

summary: it’s the school dance and richie is sad that you didn’t go with him. a the end of the night he punches your date. fluff.

requested by anon : hey there! loving the loser’s imagines! may I have one where reader and richie are long time friends and theres a dance? Richie get’s super jealous that the reader goes with another boy? ends in fluff? :)
a/n: wrote it listening to this. listen too it adds to da mood

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Dances are stupid. Fluorescent lights are stupid. All those icky couples holding hands and swaying to some totally not cool music are so lame, and Richie Toizer wonders do said couples realize how pathetic they look? Bill and Beverly are among the crowd and Toizer sighs heavily into his punch. The drink is fruity and already warm, which means it mostly tastes like piss but he’s too thirsty to throw it out. It’s hot in the gym – it had been transformed to suit the romantic aura of the End of the Year Derry Middle School Dance, - and he undoes the first two buttons of his dress-shirt. Why is Richie Toizer at a school dance and alone? Well, Billy Denbrough was too much of a pussy to go with Beverly alone, and Richie being such a fan-fucking-tastic friend agreed to tag along in hopes of getting his flirt on. Sadly, all the girls here are with dates. Wait, backtrack. Getting his flirt on with one specific girl. Who is here with a date.

You. He’s thinking about you, dumbass.

Richie knew you would be here, because if he had enough sense he would’ve asked you out as a joke and then followed through much too eager. He overheard a conversation between you and some boy – Brad, was it? – when he was shoving his calculator into his schoolbag after math class. Brad. Can he be more generic? He plays football and had already kissed three girls! And not in a play, either! Girls just like him for some reason! Richie can’t see the appeal: Brad is a dork, with a dorky smile, dorky physique and dorky blonde hair and dorky blue eyes. So what if Brad is a year older, Richie is just as much of a man as he is, if not better!…Angrily and glaring fiercely at the both of you, he had pushed his way to the door. Surprised you had called after him, and in a fit of uncontrollable jealousy Richie had snapped at you, “The hell you talking to me, for? Don’t you have Brad’s dick to suck?” And promptly left. That was his mistake, Richie now realizes this. He shouldn’t’ve said that. Maybe if he hadn’t, you would’ve saved him a dance.

He sees you dancing in the crowd – you stand out like a sore thumb and briefly he questions why no one else around finds you as mesmerizing as he does. Your hair is made into a pretty up do, the dress is certainly a change from your shorts and sweaters, but it’s a nice change. When he first saw you enter gym he nearly choked on his punch and had to fix his glasses to make sure it was really you. It was. That didn’t make it better however, as you hardly noticed the lonely boy in the back of the room and happily trotted to see your date and gave him a shy hug.

The song ends. Richie rolls his eyes. Finally, is this bullshit over? The crowd shares dazed smiles and some couples trickle back to the food stands to grab a snack, or leave entirely. Brad rushes to the other side of the gym to get you a drink. Crossing your arms over your chest you look down; the soft smile you wore fades as if it had never been there in the first place. Richie gulps, places the nearly empty glass next to the bowl and stands up. He’s going to approach you. He’s going to say what a loser he is (and not in the cool sense, either) for what he did. And he’s going to ask you to dance. Yes, he is totally brave enough to do that. He beat the shit out of a murderous clown once last summer, he can approach the girl of his dreams and ask her to spare a couple of minutes with him…Totally.

Bill and Beverly approach him, their hands intertwined. Richie ignores them, keeping his gaze fixed on your form, fully believing that if he looks away for even a second he will lose this determination and cave in. It wasn’t like him to be this flimsy. When you still were just (Name) from Math he flirted quite shamelessly with you. Gradually it started meaning something to him – your smile, your laugh, you agreeing to walk home together, you even glancing at his direction. He was unsure if it meant anything to you, though.

“Hey, Rich—“

“Shut the fuck up for a second.” Richie blurs, holding his hand up and swiftly passing Bill and Beverly. The two share a look, shrug and move to get something to drink.

When he reaches you he’s nearly breathless; sensing a presence you look up from the ground and your eyes go wide in shock, “Look, before you say anything,” Richie starts, pushing his glasses up his nose, “I know I’m a fucking idiot. And I allow you to call me that for the rest of my life…” Your lips thin into a line. Richie gulps. Awkward, “So, now you have the privilege of belittling me.” You shake your head softly, take a step fully intending to leave but he grasps your wrist, “Wait!” There is a note of fear in his voice; his heart pounds in his chest and he runs speeches in his head, anything that would even come close to admitting how sorry he is, but it seems that he has connection problems and he draws a blank, “If there’s anything I can do…to… to make it up to you, just—“

“You were right…” You rasp and glance away hurriedly. Only now does he notice that you’re close to tears, “Brad is such a dick…You were right for getting mad.” The sudden heart piercing hurt he feels is swiftly replaced by anger and protectiveness. His fingers run to intertwine with yours as a way to reassure you, to tell you that he’s here now and he’s not going to let anyone hurt you. But before he can open his mouth out of the corner of his eyes he notes Brad approaching with two glasses of punch and an overly smug look on his face.

“(Name)?” Brand questions when he’s close enough, and with a scowl Richie steps forward, letting you go.

“This is for hurting my girl, fuckface.” And nicks him straight into his square nose. You gasp. Richie’s hand feels like breaking but there is no way in hell he will even wince in your presence. Brad stumbles back, nearly tumbling over and spilling the drinks all over him. While the taller boy and note – much taller and bigger and stronger – is still in shock Richie grabs your hand and dashes to the exit.

The night’s air greets the both of you and you gasp for air, your lungs burning and adrenaline pumping. You continue running until the school is in the far back; Richie knows that he is totally fucked if Brad and his goons catch him during the summer, which they will most likely do, but now he feels like such hot shit he doesn’t even care.

“That was—“ You trail off with a pant. Richie nods shakily.

“Amazing? You bet to fuck it was.” He replies. You walk in silence for a short while. His thoughts still race with the recent events, he hardly realizes that the two of you are still happily holding hands. A melody shakes him. Some house down the street is blasting music loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and he remembers just why he even approached you in the first place – he looks at you, sees you smiling at your shoes, that genuine soft smile you always regarded him with. His throat is dry and a lone butterfly flaps its wings in his stomach. Are there any festivals during the summer? And why in the hell does he even want to dance with you? Must be Bill’s and Beverly’s influence. “Hey, so, I actually thought you might save me a dance…You know, for old times’ sake, but I guess I kinda…” He rubs the back of his neck as his eyes wander around the neighborhood.

You bite your lower lip, trying to hide the grin from your face. With a light step you tug him along into some garden, closer to the music; the curtains are drawn and light floods from inside, shinning on the both of you in makeshift fairy lights. The cold air hugs your hot skin, the light breeze caresses the back of your neck and the billions of stars replace a crowd of happy onlookers. Richie is confused for a second, but soon it clicks on him and a bright red blush covers his cheeks and his glasses slide off his nose, again.

“Richie Toizer,” You call him softly, “may I have this dance?”


Well, this is certainly no lame school dance. Instead of deafening pop music some strange lulling melody plays from the stereo, loud enough to hear the beat but quiet enough for him to hear his own heartbeat and the small breaths you take. Instead of polished tiles dewy grass crunches under his feet. Instead of being watched by the whole school, you are only for his eyes to enjoy. A goofy grin blooms on his lips. You mimic the action. Both of his hands rest on your waist, whilst yours – on his shoulders. His skin tingles from your touch. The two of you sway to the rhythm. Okay, so maybe this isn’t as bad as he thought. Scratch that, this is the highlight of his year. This could only get more perfect if you kissed him.

Which at the end of the song, you do.


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To Build A Home - Chapter 8

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Warnings: A bit of swearing, I guess? This chapter is mostly fluff. See, guys? I’m not a total monster! 

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The boy - or rather, “the prince”- helped Virgil to his feet and then dropped his hand. “Who are you?” Virgil asked curiously,  jogging to keep up as the boy started to walk briskly in the other direction.

“Roman Prince, at your service!” the prince declared.

“Wait,” Virgil stopped in his place and the boy did too. “Roman, what?”  

“Prince,” Roman said slowly. “P-R-I-N-C-E.”

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