and his goons

Riddle me This (Damian Wayne X Reader)

It was the normal Gotham night for villains. (Y/n) was in a museum with her father, The Riddler, and his goons.

“Hurry up before the bat get’s here!” Her father yelled

The goons picked up the pace. Then the skylight broke and Batman and Robin. The goons all got out there weapons. Riddler stood there with his daughter by his side. Batman and Robin easily took the goons out. Then the turned to Riddler and (V/n).

The two villains split. Batman went after Riddler and Robin went after (V/n). (V/n) headed for the roof, dodging Robin’s birdarangs. She grabbed her gun and shot at him.

She got to the roof and looked over the city. She looked back and saw Robin standing there.

“Oh look. The boy wonder. Not very intimidating.” She said

“Sorry to disappoint.” He said and advanced on the girl.

She dodged his attacks, then casually flipped him on his back.

“Sorry little bird. Love to stay and kick your ass some more, but I got to get going.” She said and headed toward the edge of the building.

Robin got up and ran after the girl.

“Call me sometime boy wonder.” She said then tossed a piece of paper at him then back flipped off the building.

Damian looked over the edged, but (V/n) was gone. She seemed to have disappeared. I picked the piece of paper up of the ground and looked at it.

(***) ***-****

~ (V/n) xoxo ((gossip girl))

He put the paper in his utility belt then went to find his father.

~Timey Wimey Skip a doo~

It had been about a week since Damian had ran into (V/n) and she back-flipped off of the museum. Damian was sitting in his room looking at the piece of paper (V/n) had given him. He sighed and took out his phone. He dialed the number and (V/n) picked up after two rings.

“Looks like you decided to call me Boy Wonder.” (Y/n) said as she plopped down on her bed.

“I want to meet at the museum.” Damian said

“It only took you a week to ask me out. Meet me there at midnight.” She said then hung up the phone, smiling to herself as she did.

Damian sighed and looked at the time

9:00 pm.

He had about three hours to kill. He went down to the batcave and trained for a bit then suited up for patrol.

Meanwhile, (Y/n) was getting on her costume, which consisted of black tights, a (f/c) skirt, a white blouse, and a (f/c) blazer, topped off with some black wedges of course. She put on her mask and her and her father headed out to cause trouble.

>>>~~~~~~> At midnight <~~~~~~<<<

(Y/n) had gotten to the museum around the same time as Damian had.

“So, boy wonder, any reason you called me, telling me to meet you here!” She asked him walking closer to him.

“That’s as far as you go (V/n)” Damian said causing (Y/n) to stop

“What, scared i’ll shoot you? If thats what your worried about about, I’m unarmed.” She said.

“I don’t believe you.” Damian said

“Of course you don’t. Go ahead, check me for weapons if you want.” She said.

Damian walked over towards her. He checked her for weapons, and she was right. She had came unarmed.

Damian looked at her and was about to saw something when (Y/n) grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. Damian seemed very much shocked at this jester, but kissed (Y/n) back. His hands were on her hips and her arms were around his neck.

After a moment more, (Y/n) pulled away. The two teens looked at each other. (Y/n) smiled then walked towards the end.

“We should sneak away from out mentors more often. Till next time, Robin.” She said then jumped off building.

Okay, can someone explain to me what the democrats in government are doing? Like... I've never seen people NOT fight this hard in a long time.

The conservatives fucking shut down the government when Obama was president and you can’t fucking get together to put Trump and his goons at bay?

Now what the hell. WHAT THE HELL.

Headcanon I

It’s sixth year and Harry is just that tiny bit more observant in his stalking of Draco Malfoy.

At first everything seems so ordinary that it is almost boring, the blonde swaggers casually around the castle, a sneer plastered to his face , his personal goons following behind him. But secretly Harry knows that watching Malfoy will never be boring for him because there’s a certain magnetic pull that the Slytherin has.

After some time though, just as Harry is considering giving it up, he begins to realise things about Malfoy. He begins to pick up on how his shoulders slump immediately and he let’s out a long breath that such a thin (and was he always that thin?) boy couldn’t possibly have held as soon as he’s alone. He begins to realise how defined his shoulders and ribs and cheekbones are and how hollow and dark the bags under his eyes are. He takes in the way he begins to let go of and then lose completely his former swagger and how he never seems to be in anyone else’s company anymore.

This continues for a few weeks until Harry knows something is definitely wrong. Draco no longer wanders the halls of Hogwarts like a self-proclaimed prince, instead he lies on his back with his arm covering his eyes on the grass field behind the school or stares blankly across the school grounds from the astronomy towers.

And he is always alone.

In class he’s always absent, Harry notes. He stares forward in the direction of the teacher but he always seems to be looking through Professor Snape. There’s something wrong with his eyes as well, they’ve lost their usual malicious gleam and seem to have rusted over (not that Harry stares at his eyes or anything regularly). His hair is much too tousled and his gaze when he sees Harry staring at him from across the great hall is much too passive.

The blonde is reduced to hardly anything more than a skeleton at this point and soon Harry realises that he isn’t stalking Malfoy to stop what ever the fuck he’s doing, it’s so that he can keep a close eye on the slowly deteriorating boy because no one else is.

No one else is seeing what he is seeing.

No one else is realising that Draco is slowly dying.

No one except for him.

It’s suddenly Harry’s unspoken mission to make sure Draco doesn’t suddenly slip past his fingertips and disappear completely because then who will he have to call a git and chase around the castle long after his anger has subsided and his chest hurts from running and a strange burning sensation?

One day, instead of heading up to the astronomy tower or behind the school, Draco Malfoy leads a determined Harry up to the owlery where the howling wind and beating rain is much more menacing. Harry is shivering under his invisibility cloak and he can see that Draco is too, all he’s wearing is his now-soaked button up and his school slacks.

Harry is confused (and all too relaxed, he tells himself after) until Draco’s stiff body begins to move towards the stone wall and he lifts a leg onto it.

What’s he doing? Is all Harry can think.

But then Draco is lifting his second leg and it all clicks.

The Gryffindor throws off the invisibility cloak and sprints over to grab Malfoy’s wrist and pull him away from a premature death.

Malfoy spins around and even through the rain, Harry can tell he’s been crying. The Slytherin is too stunned for words as Harry throws his arms around his waist and pulls him close in a bone-crushing hug.

‘Pot-’ is all Malfoy can manage before he starts crying again.

He can feel Harry’s warm breath on his neck, repeating over and over that it’s ok and that he shouldn’t do this.

He can feel Harry’s tense muscles against his chest and around his middle.

It’s Potter. Of course it’s Potter. It’s always Potter. Is all Draco thinks as he succumbs to the shorter boy’s sleep-inducing body heat and rests his tired head on his shoulder.

Harry would’ve loved to be the taller one in this situation so that he could rest his chin on the blonde’s head, but he does the next thing he can think of which is to play with Malfoy’s hair as he hiccups into Harry’s shoulder.

Malfoy slowly wraps his arms around Harry, appreciating the warmth the latter seems to be radiating.

Harry can feel all too well each and every rib of Malfoy’s and though that in itself isn’t a nice feeling, having a raw, vulnerable Draco in his arms is.

‘It’s ok.

It’s ok.

You shouldn’t do this.’

Malfoy nuzzles his face into Harry’s neck and breathes in his scent.

'Thank you Harry.’


From the 307 dvd commentary on the scene where Malcolm gets sacked and then what happens after:

Armando: And I think this scene we recorded, we just did two takes of it, but we let it go.  We primed the rest of the building as it were.  We had all ready with people doing their stuff.  And I just said to Peter, do the scene and then just wander around and we’ll follow you and we’ll see what happens. And after the first take of it, I knew he goes into his office at Number 10, so the second take, I asked people to be, you know, gathering around Sam, and her in tears. Knowing that Peter would go into the room, but not telling Peter that that’s what he’d see.
Tony Roche: That moment’s really nice when he goes into the room and she’s in there.  Because it’s again, it’s what you said earlier, just little things that are just imprinted over the series.  You get that he, that he actually–
Simon Blackwell: Sam’s the only person he has kind of a normal relationship with.
Tony Roche: Exactly, yeah.
Jesse Armstrong: Quite a few people said they suddenly found themselves feeling sorry for Malcolm at that point, I think, didn’t they.

What I love about this is that Armando didn’t have to script Malcolm having a heart, he just had to set up the scene because he knew Peter would do the rest.  

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y’all can we talk about how great Arario is
  • first of all it was ot13
  • hojoon was serving looks i can’t get over it
  • the spinny thing with seogoong and p-goon at the end
  • traditional concept mixed with the hip hop ideas
  • iconic a-tom hair
  • sassy!hansol with the fan
  • sangdo was also really swag and it was great
  • those masks dude
  • drunk man!jenissi
  • also like everyone looked good all the time
  • favorite hair on xero tbh
  • this was nakta’s era guys
  • p-goon lifts his shirt in the dance practice and i need water
  • b-joo looking ethereal
  • dance line really showed their stuff
  • p-goon jumps over xero
  • nakta’s vocals
  • the fans
  • their live show outfits(like those bright ass yellow ones)
  • gohn, just everything about gohn
  • god bamm a-tom got a bomb bomb and pow
  • this was such a bop guys
The Next Picasso || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by alectightwood

word count : 905

pairing : jughead x reader

warnings : reader being bullied on, cursing.

summary : Reggie and his goons all gang up on you, taking you sketchbook and make fun of you but Jughead steps in to stop them.


     You always tried to live your life one day at a time, and making as little noise as possibly. You weren’t one to be in the lime light and having any attention on yourself was very stressful. You mother always said you were too backwards for your own good. You would only laugh and sneak off to your room where you’d spend the next few hours drawing or whatever art medium you were messing with that day. 

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okay so I have all of these modern au headcanons okay be prepared this is massive I really want to write a fic based off of these.

  • So Anakin and Obi-wan are war veterans, were very close friends during the war, and Anakin lost his arm in an explosion, and of course it was replaced by a prosthetic. 
  • Anakin and Obi-wan still hang out and live very close to each other.
  • Anakin went on to marry Padme and have Luke and Leia, and he’s an extremely good father
  • Luke and Leia love playing with Uncle Obi-wan (who is probably drunk 95% of the time)
  • C-3PO and R2D2 are Luke and Leia’s friends. Threepio is a blond british boy who always seems to wear yellow and is a concoction of many different anxiety disorders. Artoo is the boy in the wheel cheer who is a little ball of sass and cuss words and screams a lot. 
  • Han Solo is kind of the class clown, king of the playground, a bit of a bully, and his little goon friend is Chewie, the kid who has a speech disorder. They’re never apart. Another goon of Han’s is Lando, they’ve known each other since birth.
  • Luke and Leia become friends with Han and Chewie, even though Han always makes fun of threepio. The two learn to tolerate each other, though.
  • So Anakin owns this boat right, cuz he loves swimming and being at the lake but he HATES sand due to a childhood incident of being left alone while buried in sand. He refuses to even touch it so they have a boat instead.
  • So the Skywalker family plus Obi-wan go out in their boat and spend a day on the lake. Obi-wan can’t swim but Luke and Leia team up to shove him in the water. Anakin has to go in and save Obi-wan ofc when isn’t anakin saving obi-wan
  • Everyone thinks its so funny because at the end of the day Obi-wan is lobster red and the Skywalkers dont burn they just tan 
  • Mace Windu is Anakin’s psychiatrist (anakin has bpd and ptsd obvi) and he’s very well taken care of this isn’t an angsty au dont make me cry god
  • Whenever Anakin is having an “off day” Luke and Leia will make get well cards for him and make him pancakes with Padme’s help
  • Actually on second thought let’s add a little bit of angst to this qui-gon was Obi-wan’s and Anakin’s platoon leader, although he was killed in the same mission Anakin lost his arm in.
  • After the war, Anakin’s bpd and now ptsd got so bad that it was in his best interest to become an pysch inpatient at their local hospital.
  • Yoda was the tiny ancient activities director and people thought he was kinda cool i guess i mean he’s old what would you think.
  • Okay that’s good for the angst for rn alright so now everyone’s a little older and Han, threepio, luke, leia, artoo and chewie are all this big group of friends.
  • ofc artoo and threepio are totally gay for each other. This eventually leads to luke questioning himself, and he finds that he is in fact %110 gay.
  • Anakin is the first to know, naturally. He makes a dad joke about it naturally and sits Luke down to tell him that he himself is actually pansexual, and talks about some relationships hes had with guys in the past, and that he and “Uncle” Obi-wan actually sleep together from time to time, which Padme has consented to.
  • Padme tells Luke that she knows that Anakin’s sexuality is very much fluid, and sometimes she wouldn’t provide the satisfaction Anakin needs. They still love each other very much, but are respectful of each other’s needs.
  • Luke tells all of his friends and they all approve of him and say that they love him.
  • Now he just has to get over the fact that he’s smitten with Han solo. He’s convinced Leia is too and they constantly fight for his attention.
  • Anakin and Padme decide to just let the situation work out by itself because interfering in some way might suggest that they have a preference for one kid or another, and they don’t want either of their kids thinking they’re less loved than the other.
  • Well it still hasn’t fully worked out. There’s still a bit of competition between them. They still look out for each other though.

Could you maybe do a Heath ledger Joker where (Y/N) is usually calm and stuff but loses her temper when someone like hits Joker or something? :3c


If it’s ok, could you do a Joker (heathy!) one where he’s really protective and stuff

Warnings: Blood, Violence (how surprising)



Joker massaged his temples with his hand annoyed with his goons.

“How could they be so stupid!” He asked his partner in crime who was now very injured.

“It was an accident J, I promise.” Y/N assured him, she went on a mission with some goons to rob a bank when the GCPD came early and were heavily armed resulting in everyone getting a pretty bad beating.

“I’m just worried about you doll, you’re very easy to hurt.” Joker confessed, Y/N walked over to Joker who was sitting at his desk.

“Hey, look at me.” She put her hands on each side of his face turning it towards her.

“I know you’re worried but there isn’t anything to be worried about.” Y/N assures him, Joker nods and kisses her.

“Why?” Joker asks.

“Because I can care for myself an-”

“No, why as in why are you, a beautiful, intelligent woman with me?” Joker asks.

“Because you are an amazing, smart, and handsome man, you also are pretty funny but you already know that.” Y/N assures.

“Now, I’m going to get patched up i’ll be back soon.” Y/N kisses him lightly before leaving the office. She walks down to the makeshift infirmary, multiple goons that she went on the heist with were getting various treatment. She leans against the wall waiting her turn, noticing a man staring at her.

“Can I help you?” She questions sweetly. The man stands up making his way towards her.

“Why are with Joker, you need a real man.” He asks staring at Y/N’s body a few moments two long, Y/N’s mood darkens.

“And where would I find a real man.” Y/N’s fill with annoyance.

“With me sweetheart.” Hearing those words made Y/N want to gag.

“Well sweetheart, I’m already with a real man.” She replies clutching her fists tightly. The man laughs a raspy smokers laugh, Y/N always hated cigarettes, just more the reason to hate this guy.

“No babe, you’re with a crazy clown.” The man puts his hand on her hip moving his hand down. Before he could make his way to her butt she slammed her fist into the side of his face.

“He’s NOT crazy!” She slammed her knee into his stomach opening his fresh stitches, he fell to the ground and she straddled him.

“Understand?” The man gave her a lazy grin. She threw her fist at his face repetitively, everyone in the room could hear his bone cracking underneath his skin.
She was pulled off of him suddenly, she was about to throw a punch at the person responsible until they caught her fist. It was Joker who was grinning ear to ear.

“Let’s go princess.” He says letting go of her fist and grabbing her hand, on their way out of the infirmary he grabbed a first-aid kit. They made their way to their bedroom, Y/N sat on the bed as Joker went into the bathroom. He returned shortly after with a small wet towel, he pulled a chair in front of her and sat in it facing her. He started wiping the blood off of her face and hands.

“You definitely are a feisty one doll.” He laughed, Y/N’s face heated up, she usually didn’t lose her temper but when she did it was intense.

“You know, I’ve never seen you like that and quiet frankly I like it.” Joker said throwing the blood stained towel to a random corner of the room.

“Hmm, well don’t plan on it being a regular thing.” Y/N said laying on the bed.

“I wasn’t but when I do see it, it makes me excited.” Joker said climbing onto her.

“Really?” She asks smirking.

“Definitely.” He said kissing her roughly.