and his favorite boots

Something you can't fake (smut)

It was stupid, really. You don’t even know why you did it. And if someone asked you why, you couldn’t give them a valid reason. You and Harry went out that night, and as usual, he looked good enough to take a bite out of. A mop of short curls piled on top of his head, green eyes bright as ever, a floral shirt and tight jeans covering his body and his favorite black Gucci boots on his clumsy feet. You don’t know how you got so lucky. And this is exactly the reason you dragged Harry out of the party early. You both had already had a few drinks, so you didn’t care about the commotion you were making in the backseat. His lips were all over you, kissing every inch of skin he could reach. You swung a leg over his lap, grinding yourself on his skin tight jeans, feeling him get harder with each swivel of your hips. You began to unbutton his shirt and lick down his neck and he let out a moan. 

“Shhh” you giggled against his skin and pressed your lips to his again. Your tongue ran across his full bottom lip and pushed itself into his mouth, tasking the sugar from his drink on his tongue. His finger tips had an iron grip on your hips as his teeth bit down on your bottom lip, tugging on it. 


“Shhh” he smirked up at you. 

The driver cleared his throat, “We’re here. Have a good evening.” he said impatiently.

“Sorry. You have a good one, mate.” Harry said politely. He picked you up and carried you up the walkway, through the front door and to your bedroom, where he playfully threw you on the bed. You watched him as he kicked off his shoes and undid his belt. Harry walked over to you and placed himself between your open legs, pulling down your dress and wrapped his soft lips around your nipple.

You tangled your fingers in his freshly cut hair and moaned out his name. Your dress was then pulled down your legs and left carelessly on the floor. Before you could even blink, Harrys lips were wrapped around your clit, gently sucking on it, while one of his fingers gently traced your dripping hole. 

“Always so sweet for me baby. Such a good girl.” he nearly moaned as he licked up your juiced and pressed kissed to your inner thighs. 

“God H, please fuck me. I need you.” 

He rid himself of his shirt, jeans and boxers and climbed back between your legs. The tip of his leaking cock was rubbed on your clit and entrance before he pushed himself inside you in one fluid motion. He always managed to feel so good inside you. You were convinced that he was made for you. Harry was the perfect length and thickness for you, always giving you that delicious stretch and burn you needed and he was the perfect shape to rub against that little spot inside you that could make you scream for him. 

He let his head drop to the crook of your neck and press sweet kisses there, as you wrapped your legs around him. “Shit, baby your pussy is always so fucking tight for me. Always taking my cock so well.” 

You looked up at your beautiful boy, but his eyes were glued to the place where you were connected. 

“Look at that…so pretty.” he said breathlessly. His thumb came up to rub your clit in tiny circular motions just the way you like and you could feel your high approaching. You clenched around him and bucked your hips up 

“Shit Harry!” you clenched around him again, and you’re sure thats that did your beautiful boy in. He stilled above you and let his swollen lips fall open, as white hot ribbons of his cum coated your walls. 

“Oh fucking hell (y/n).” he let out another groan and let himself collapse in your arms. Your fingers messaged his scalp and you rubbed his back, as he returned from his high. Then the realization hit you - you were so busy watching Harry that you didn’t cum. Harry lifted himself up off you and let his eyes scan over your flushed face. 

“Did you…?” he asked you in a raspy voice. You didn’t know what to tell him, so you told him what you thought he wanted to hear, 

“Yes, of course.” you let you hands gently hold each side of his face before you leaned up to give him another kiss on the lips. When he pulled away, he gave you a look that automatically let you know he knew you were lying. You had never looked someone in the eye and lied to them like that, let alone Harry. 

“’K” he said sharply. He kissed your cheek and rolled over, turning off the light and went to bed. 

“You what?!” exclaimed your best friends at the same time. You had to tell someone about the events of last night. 

“Harry Styles made you fake an orgasm? Dear God, what has this world come to? I though Harry was some kind of sex God.” said your friend Jasmine in shock.

“Trust me, he is. It’s just…I don’t know what happened. It was going great and I was about to, but it was like someone pulled a rug from under me. I got so caught up in him, that I forgot about me. And the worst part about it is, I lied to him about it, and he knew it instantly. I thought I was protecting his ego.”

“Honestly…” started your friend Sara, “He’s probably more hurt about the fact that you feel like you couldn’t tell him the truth, rather than the fact that you didn’t orgasm. I think you should talk to him.”

As soon as you heard the front door close, your heart started racing. He didn’t announce he was home like he usually does, so you found him at the door, kicking off his shoes and scrolling through his phone. 

“Hi baby! How was your day?” you asked him kissing his jaw. He tensed under your lips. 

“Fine. Yours?” he said coldly. 

“It was alright. I made you dinner. Pasta, your favorite.” you said sweetly following him into the kitchen. 

The two of you ate in silence, Harry being cold and distant. 

“Look, Harry I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have lied to you.” 

“No. No you should not have. Am I not pleasing you? Is that what it is?” he looked up at you with sad, worried eyes.

“Oh gosh Harry no! H, you love me better than anyone else ever could. You know that.”

“Then why’d you fake it, and then lie about it?” 

You paused for a minute, “I don’t know. I thought I was protecting you. I thought your ego would take too big of a hit knowing you didn’t get me off. So i lied. I realize now that was stupid, and it would’ve been better to just tell you the truth. I’m so sorry baby.”

Harry pulled you into his arms and kissed the top of your head. “No baby its my fault. I was too wrapped up in you and in how good you made me feel to notice you weren’t acting how you normally do when you cum. I shouldn’t have been so selfish. This is mu fault and I’m sorry.”

He leaned down to you and pressed a kiss to your lips. He picked you up as he pressed kissed to your neck.

“H, where are we going?”

“Well I have to make it up to you, don’t I?”

well here it is the long awaited! (also its been a hot minute since I’ve written smut so forgive me lol) 

John’s favorite shoes are the velcro kind; it’s not that he can’t tie them, but they’re less likely to come undone this way. At some point his feet are too big to attain any, and he keeps his laces double-knotted at all times, preferring to cram his foot into his shoe painfully over just untying/retying them.

Jade’s favorite shoes are boots; they have good traction, they’re tall enough that nothing gets inside, waterproof, and they look really cool. She likes the ones that lace really high, and when she wears trousers she likes them tucked into her boots. When in a skirt, she goes with combat boots so they don’t rub against her shins. 

Rose’s favorite shoes are heels, ideally, but she doesn’t like to wear them initially because they hurt her feet. She sticks to vans at first, but eventually decides to tough it out and go with high heels. She gets used to them, and owns different styles for different outfits; she doesn’t wear them for the height, as there aren’t any shoes that will make her look tall next to Kanaya. 

Dave’s favorite shoes are men’s dress shoes. He wears a lot of Converse as a kid, which he still does like later on, but he prefers the classier looking shoe over the trainers. He calls it ironic at first, dropping the modifier eventually and just pointing out that they look sweet. He has them in a few different styles, some that Rose says she likes a lot, and others which look far too “Texan” in her opinion. 

|| hopeless triangle ||

I’m very excited to post this, and no tagging list for now since I’m writing this all on my phone.

For this story, I’m fan-casting h-rrison -sterfield as Harry Osborn, and if you’d like more stories with this concept, let me know ♡


“Ahhh, I have such a huge crush on Harry, but I’m afraid he’ll never go for a girl like me.”

Peter freezes when he hears you state that in a matter of fact manner. He quickly loses his appetite, pushing his lunch tray away from him as the apprehension quickly began to settle in his stomach.

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midnight star (1)

genre: thief!au

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,303 words

author’s note: the first part to a “whoever-knows-how-many-parts” series because I’ve had this idea for too long and I love Taeyong.    

other parts: (1) (2) (3) (4)

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opening line: “A thief who steals to feed his own competitive ego, Lee Taeyong has never tried to steal something as intangible as a heart before, let alone yours.” 

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All of the Stars

Summary: Bucky can’t sleep, so he goes star-gazing. 

Word Count: 844

A/N: This just came to me and I love it, I hope you all do as well. 

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Careful not to make too much noise, Bucky picked up the keys to Steve’s motorcycle on his way to the door, his hand gliding across the back of the couch and hooking around his leather jacket. Deftly swinging it over his broad shoulders, he finished grabbing his favorite pair of boots, the ones he had bought with the first paycheck Stark had given him once he became an official part of the Avengers. Steve had been so ecstatic and he and Sam had taken him shopping. Bucky couldn’t stop marveling at the giant shopping malls that he never thought would inhabit the future.

The door closed with a soft click and he took a deep breath. It was the middle of the night and he shouldn’t be going out like this, expose himself to the enemies that lured in the dark, waiting to strike at the perfect moment. But he couldn’t help himself.

Gliding down the hall and to the staircase, Bucky took them two at a time until he got to the underground floor, the old door creaking as he wedged it opened. He slipped through and closed it with his foot, stepping towards the familiar motorcycle. He had promised Steve he’d buy one of his own, but this one was special. He had half a mind to offer Steve all his money to keep it.

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Jared Leto x Reader

Requested by Anon: “What about the reader planning their wedding with Jared and he is super excited about all the details! Saw a gif about it the other day and want a full on story <3 If that’s lame, thats cool too 😂😂😂 I’m not goof with this stuff.

So I went a little above and beyond with this! There is link below for the song for their first dance, I hope you like it!💕

Whitney Houston x All The Man That I Need

The curtains billowed in the cool morning breeze, followed by the the alarm screeching at you. Without looking you shut it off and rolled over to give Jared a morning breath kiss, only to find that he was gone. 

‘What time is it?’ 

You sat up to check the clock and saw that the room was full of bouquets of different sizes and different types of flowers, each more pretty than the last. Slowly you got out of bed and walked over to the nearest one, running your hand over the soft petals of the roses. You picked a white rose out of the bunch and held it up to your nose, breathing in the fresh and sweet scent of the flower.  

‘How’d he get all of this in here without waking me up?’

You walked out of the room and found that the hallway was just as packed with flowers as the room was. A smile crept across your face as you strolled among them, it was just like walking through a meadow in spring. The house smelled natural and heavenly.

‘What is all of this?’ 

The entire house was filled almost floor to ceiling with flower arrangements. When you found Jared, he was sitting at the island in the kitchen, surrounded by flowers and paperwork with his laptop in front of him. You leaned against the wall, bringing the rose to your nose once again, watching him as he worked. His brow was furrowed as he looked back and forth between the papers and laptop.

“Hey there handsome.” His face lit up as soon as he saw you. He left his work and practically ran over to you, picking you up and spinning you around. You giggled as he set you down and placed a gently kiss on your cheeks.

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“What is all of this?” you pointed the rose to the flower arrangements that surrounded the both of you in the kitchen. 

“Your bouquet!”

“Jared, there is more than one here and they’re all so big!” you said laughing at how overzealous he was being. He looked around the room like there was nothing unusual about the amount of flowers that were in the house.

“Yeah I know but I you haven’t picked what you wanted yet and I figured that this was a perfect reason to shower you in flowers.” 

“Spoiling me already are you?” He took the rose from your hand and placed it between his teeth, he grabbed your hand and took a step back, swinging his arm behind him dramatically.

“Oh, you know it baby!” He pulled your arm and spun you into him, holding you from behind he started to sway to a song that only he could hear. Just then the phone rang and he left you to run over to it. 

“Hello?” You walked into the living room leaving him to his phone call and see what other kinds of flowers were laying around. You stopped in front of an arrangement of red roses made to look like a giant heart. You smiled warmly as you looked around at the others.

“BABE!” You ran back into the kitchen to see him packing up his papers and his laptop and putting them away. His hair swinging around his shoulders as he moved at top speed.

“What’s up buttercup?” You walked up behind him placing your arms around his waist hugging him, trying to slow him down. He was so excited about the wedding that he took over the appointments so that you could relax.

“You and I are going to go have breakfast and then an appointment at the reception hall, the florist and then a cake tasting!” He sounded like a kid that just found out they were about they were on their way to Disney.  You could feel the excitement radiating off of him as you held him in your arms.

“Come on, we have to get dressed and go!” He spun around in your arms and picked you up by your waist slinging you across his shoulder, you screamed as he spanked you before taking the stairs two at a time. When he reached the room he threw you on the bed, not missing a beat he slid in between your legs and kissed you passionately. 

“God, I love you.” He said looking deep into your eyes. His eyes always made you feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. You loved the way he looked at you even when you were in trouble.

“God, I love you.” You said back to him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. You brushed his hair behind his ear before smacking his shoulders. Sliding from underneath him you went to the closet to pick out both of your outfits. You set out a black muscle shirt, black pants and his favorite black boots, picking a pink dress and sandals for yourself while Jared showered. You joined him in the bathroom to brush your teeth finding it hard to not join him in the shower.

“Come on Jesus, were going to be late.” You took his hand in yours and led him out the house. When you reached the car he stopped you and opened the door for you then skipped over to the driver’s side. He sped down the driveway towards the city, the wind whipping both your hair and his around.

“How many flavor’s of cake can there be?” You said as you plopped down on the couch exhausted from the cake tasting. You kicked off your sandals and covered your face with one of the pillows on the couch. You could hear Jared laughing at you from across the room, without looking you threw the pillow at him knowing that you’d probably missed. The pillow came flying across the room and land square on your chest.

“You seemed a little stressed, my love. Allow me to help.” You watched as Jared knelt down and rested his head on your stomach, you ran your fingers through his long soft brown hair, massaging his scalp. 

“Your skin is so soft, do you moisturize?” You felt his hand traveling up your leg starting at you rankle. His hand reached your inner thigh and he began to rub your skin in small slow circles 

“No, Jared we said we would wait.” He looked up at you pouting as you continued to rub his head. You laughed at the face he made and rested your head on the back of the couch and closed your eyes.

“But waiting is for…patient people.” He whined 

“Its okay, just one more week, baby.” You said smiling down at him. You imagined him in his tuxedo watching you walk down the aisle, Shannon and Tomo at his side. You couldn’t wait for the day that you would officially become Mrs. Leto.

“What’re you thinking about?” He got up and sat on the couch and pulled you into his lap. You placed your head on his lap as he cradled you and you told him about how excited you were about your upcoming wedding day. 

“So what is the plan on the big day?” You asked looking up into his big blue eyes.

“Well the night before I’m going to stay with Shannon and then we get to start the new chapter of our lives together.” He looked down at you and kissed your forehead. He stared at you for a while rubbing the top of your head. Your eyes fluttered as you tried to keep them open but exhaustion won.

“Is my blushing bride sleepy?” He said after you yawned. Carefully he picked you up and cradled you in is arms and walked up the stairs to the bedroom. He set you down on your side of the bed and began to undress you.

He unzipped your dress and helped you to stand up so he could slide it off of you. You lost your balance as you attempted to step out of your dress, Jared caught you and held you close to him before setting you back down on the bed.

“Look at you, not even a drop of alcohol and you’re just all over the place.” He laughed as you hit him multiple times with one of the pillows on the bed. He grabbed your legs and laid them down on the bed and placed the warm covers over you. You turned and watched as he got undressed and slid into bed next to you. 

He pulled you closer and you pressed your face into his chest as he stroked up and down your back. He moved the hair out of your face and went back to rubbing your back

“Hummm.” Your voice was muffled by his chest. His laugh rumbled deep inside his chest making you smile. He began to hum for you, slowly lulling you to sleep.

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“(Y/N), you alright?” Your maid of honor asked you, her face betraying how concerned she was for you. She was floating around you all day making sure that your hair, make up and dress were perfect.

“Yeah (B/F/N), I’m just nervous is all.” A nervous laugh escaped you. Taking a deep breath and you stood up from your chair as she set the top of your veil in hair, placing the lace in front of you face. You looked at the door in fear when you heard the playlist begin. 

“Its time! I’ll see you out there, you look so beautiful.” She gave you a big hug and then dashed out of the room with the rest of your bridal party. You smoothed the lace on your gown trying to keep busy until your dad came to get you.

‘He’s not out there yet…I still have time.’

You rushed over to your phone and dialed his number. 

“Hey, baby.” Hearing his voice made the weight on her chest disappear. You felt relieved and happy to be talking to him.

“Hi.” exhaling the breath that you didn’t know that you were holding.

“What’s wrong?” he sounded concerned.

“I’m just nervous is all.” You said laughing at yourself.

“Its okay baby. I am too.” Hearing that he was nervous too made you feel so much better. It always seemed like he was never nervous or afraid of anything. He was the bravest person you knew and you were so happy to finally be his.

“They’re calling me out baby. I’ll see you soon.” He blew you a kiss through the phone and you returned it. You were pacing the room until your dad came in, ready to walk you down the aisle.

“You look beautiful honey.” You flashed your dad a huge smile then took another deep breath and linked your arm with your father’s, holding onto him for support. Your song began to play as the ushers opened the doors.

Everyone was up on their feet staring at you with their phones out taking pictures. You looked around the room shoot shy smiles at everyone, then you saw him. He stood there waiting for you, he watched you with those intense blue eyes, you could seen the excitement written all over his face. Soon it felt like it was only you and him in the room, everyone else disappeared except for you and Jared. 

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You heard the minister say something but you weren’t paying attention, you were completely focused on Jared. He walked up to you and took your arm from your father. You held onto him for dear life as he led you back to the minister.

“You look absolutely stunning.” He leaned forward and whispered in your ear causing you to blush bright red.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” Jared turned to you and lifted the veil and placed it behind you. He took your face in his hands and kissed you passionately, you giggled and kissed him back placing your hands on his. 

“I present to you, for the first time, Mr and Mrs. Leto.” Jared took your hand, locking your fingers together and raised it in the air with his while everyone stood up and cheered for you, Jared led you outside and everyone followed.

 Once you were outside Jared dropped your hand turned to you and picked you up by your waist and spun you around in the air. You screamed with laugher as he held you in the air, slowly bringing you back down to earth and kissed you once again. You heard Shannon and Tomo scream and when you looked over they were jumping up and down and rushing over to congratulate you two. 

“Welcome to the family, Mrs. Leto.” Jared said before they finally made it over.

Jared held you close as you both swayed to the music. Everyone was watching as you both stood in the middle of the floor for your first dance. He took your hand and stepped away from you and you did the same. He pulled your hand and you spun into him, landing against his chest at the climax of the song making everyone cheer.

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He kissed you once the song was over and passed you over to your father while he went to dance with his mom. Every so often you would look over and catch him watching you. Once this dance was over Jared walked over and took your hand again for another dance, you closed your eyes and pressed your forehead to his, together you let the music move you. 

“I never want to let you go.” He kissed you softly on your nose and tears began to well in your eyes, this was the happiest day of your life and you couldn’t imagine spending it with any other person.

By the end of the night you were ready to sleep for a five months. Relatives and friends fighting for your attention to with you both “eternal happiness together.” Shannon and Tomo were packing the gifts into the limo and Jared ushered you away from everyone towards the car, knowing how exhausted you were. You both waved goodbye to everyone when you turned to him.

“What now?” You said, an excited smile spread across you face as you watched him fake concentration on his answer. You couldn’t help but admire how beautiful he was, knowing that you were two were finally married filled you with so much warmth.

“I’m thinking…Venice.” He looked down at you and then turned to everyone who was standing there waiting to send you off.

“WE’RE OFF TO VENICE!” for the billionth time that day everyone screamed and cheered as you got into the back of the limo. You poured yourself a glass of champagne while you waited for Jared to join you. 

When he got in, he tossed his jacket and bowtie to the side and rolled up the partition.  You watched him closely, completely unaware of what he was planning to do. He crawled over to you and took the champagne flute from you and finished it before kissing you fervently.

“I’ve waited long enough.” You yelped when he laid you on the seat suddenly, you reached up and tangled your hands in his hair and kissed him back.

“I love you, Mr. Leto.”

“I love you too, Mrs. Leto.”

“You’re looking kinda green around the gills, Spock.”

“That would be due to my Vulcan blood, doctor.”

“No, I mean you’re growing gills.”

At first, Spock thinks, surely McCoy is joking. But the assumption quickly fades when he sees the look on McCoy’s face. He touches the side of his neck and his fingers come away slightly slimy. He looks at his hand and see scales.

There’s the usual panic whenever unexplainable phenomena occur. He winds up in the isolation ward with Chapel, who is in full hazmat gear and is carrying a bottle of water with a spray top. She spritzes him occasionally and that helps with the itchy, dry skin, but it doesn’t stop the slow progression of the disease. If it is a disease.

It takes only a week for his legs to fuse together, skin growing first dry, then rough, the scaly. He forgoes pants and mourns the fact he can no longer wear his favorite boots with the little black heel. His feet flatten and shift into flowing fins. The scales are smooth to the touch now, and match the pale green scales on the back of his hands. Thankfully his upper body remains relatively the same, but now he’s heaving trouble breathing.

McCoy discovers the diseases isn’t communicable and then spends four sleepless nights in his room, along with Scotty and Chekov, and together the four of them build a tank that Spock can submerge himself in. At least he won’t suffocate in the meantime. It takes days for them to get the salinity right and meanwhile Spock is sluggish and tired all the time. Sulu transplants some seaweed and rocks into the tank and Spock tells him it’s illogical, but secretly he feels better anyway.

After the tank is complete McCoy refuses to leave, even though Spock is fine for the time being. Spock curls his tail up to his body and watches as McCoy eventually passes out, slumped against the glass. The glass is warmer where his body is, and Spock presses against it. He thinks he can feel McCoy’s dreams through the glass, but they are muddied by the water. Fuzzy and disjointed. Like passing through a haze.

Work on a cure is slow. Or perhaps a cure will never come. Spock has trouble parsing McCoy’s increasingly vague updates. He finds himself growing isolated. Alone. He can’t even work, because he can’t bring the electronics into the tank with him.

He calls McCoy in and demands to be let out.

He touches his hand to the glass as McCoy lists all the reasons that he shouldn’t be out and about. Spock neatly negates them all and finally McCoy stops and sighs. Spock thinks he’s smiling.

“Got something for you.”

It’s a breathing device.

He still has to be fully submerged once every four hours, and he needs to use a wheelchair to get around, but now he’s free. He tries to go to his quarters but McCoy stops him.

“Oh no, no more slacking. You’re fit for duty.”

McCoy wheels him, protesting, to the turbolift. He’s shocked to find that ramps have been installed along the way. And on the bridge Jim’s chair is gone, and in its place is a sunken wading pool. 

“Sulu and Chekov already love it,” Jim tells him with a grin. “They’ve been competing to see who can get the most ridiculous swimwear past dress code.”

Spock looks over to where Sulu is at the helm in a command-gold bikini and Chekov is wearing three pairs of Bermuda shorts, one pair on his legs and another on each arm. He’s fairly certain none of that meets dress code, but he says nothing. He’s too thankful. 

He feels McCoy standing by his workstation. When he looks up, McCoy is smiling.

“I’ll get back to work on that cure.”

“Take your time, Doctor,” Spock says, his voice accented now with the sound of popping bubbles. “There is no urgency.”

He curls his tail up to his body and gets to work mapping the stars.

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Selfishly Selfless

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Selfishly Selfless
[Was there truly a selfless act in love │Samuel Seo]

There was a fine line between selfishness and love.

If you love someone you were supposed to be selfless because you should put their happiness before your own. But is it selfish to want them to be with you? Was there really a truly selfless act?

Love was inherently selfish.

The only selfless thing you’d ever done was break up with him. But you were too selfish to actually let him go.

It wasn’t that this was routine perse’. You two never sought each other, this was never planned. You’d just always end up finding each other when you needed one another most. Maybe it was because you knew each other so well, that it was never a conscious decision.

It was just fate.

Samuel rolled over on his side watching you shimmy your jeans on. There was something so bittersweet on watching you leave. He’d gotten so used to seeing your back as you attempted to leave his apartment before he woke up. You always failed, but it didn’t stop you from trying. He smiled seeing the sun shining in through his curtains, indicating that you’d slept in. As much as you tried to leave before sunrise, it just wasn’t in you to be awake that early. It probably took everything in you just to get up this early.

Your bare silhouette was beautiful as you stretched your arms over your head, slipping on your shirt, not bothering to put on your bra. You were always too lazy to be bothered with it in the morning. He smiled seeing you stuff it in your bag along with your heels. You searched around his room, looking for your favorite pair of boots of his to take. They were far too large to actually fit you, but anything was better than your heels.

“Stay for breakfast, I can whip up your favorite” he smiled sleepily, already knowing your answer. He didn’t have to see your face to know you’d have that nervous look in your eyes. You were probably anxiously biting your lip, dreading turning him down.

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Silent Symphony

A lovely anon requested this little imagine a few days ago. It’s been two years since I’ve written an imagine, I’m very sorry it’s rough 😅

Summary: (Y/N) has drifted from her love of playing music, while Harry is determined to reinspire her.

Harry sighed as he pushed his key into the lock. He missed the days when he’d come home and could hear you playing from his car. He used to intentionally leave the living room windows open in case you leaned toward your violin that day. Though watching your fingers dance across the piano was his favorite.

His boots echoed throughout the uncomfortably silent home. A sound he wouldn’t have noticed nearly a month ago.

The afternoon Suncast warm glow across the living room. (Y/N) went across the small coffee table, papers littered everywhere.

“Busy day?” He asked, breaking the silence he’d grown to despise.

“Mhmmm,” (Y/N) quietly answered, her eyes never leaving her manuscripts.

“Tell me about the novel,” Harry suggested.

“It’s still the same one as last week,” she chuckled, her attention drifted to him finally.

“Ahhh, but all that editing has to change it at some point.”

“Oddly enough, it hasn’t.” (Y/N) sarcastically responded.

“How much longer do you have?”

“About a hundred pages.”

“That’s not a definition of time, love.”

“Yet it tells you I’ll be here a while,” She chuckled.

Silence once again smothered the room. Harry admired how her hair gracefully fell into her face as her pen raced along the pages. She has been obsessed with this new manuscript for far too long. “The grammar is horrible”, “This scene is weak”, “You can’t just add a character midway into the book”. He couldn’t help but smile at the outbursts (Y/N) had over the last few days.

Without much thought he reached for his guitar. He allowed his figures to mindlessly strum whatever they pleased. He let his eyes close as the melody surrounded him. When he opened them again he found (Y/N) admiring him. Her (Y/E/C) eyes glued to his hands. She had never quite gotten the hang of guitar, and he couldn’t pass up the chance to get her to play.

“Come ‘ere,” he offered.

She moved next to him and playfully strand. His dimpled smile grew as he showed her the simplest chords. Before long he had her playing along to YouTube video as, he “sucks at teaching” according to her. Silence would hopefully become temporary.

anonymous asked:

Yunobo Revali and Sidon trying to impress their crush hc's

Will do! 


- This poor boy is so shy around new people

- And his crush??

- So much worse

- He would start out slower and less noticeable, as in leaving small notes for them where they would find them, telling them to have a nice day and such

- As he eases into it more, he’ll go up to them directly and eventually he’ll take them around to certain areas he’s found, just for them.

- If his crush is non-Goron, you bet he’s taking them around the Death Mountain area

- Yes, he has multiple heat-resistance potions on hand

- once he accidentally gave them too much

- kinda shows off Daruk’s Protection if there are any monsters around, and is considerably much braver

- his crush knows he’s shaking in his boots though

- He eventually gets their favorite rock/gem/mineral out of them and next time they meet he definitely has it

- “O-oh, this? Yeah, this is for you!!”

- He is so taking them to the top of Death Mountain when he confesses and it’s gonna be cheesy

- His favorite thing about them is their personality


- Yes we all know and love this arrogant bird boy

- And when he’s trying to impress his crush?

- Hylia help them and/or anyone around them

- Will challenge them or other people to anything.

- Cooking contest, flying contest (if the one he challenges is a Rito), shooting contest, who’s faster, etc.

- His crush is never down when he’s around

- Literally

- He will take them flying without warning at times and they get to see a lovely bird’s eye view

- So they best like sightseeing too

- Is also their cheerleader when they’re doing something else

- He denies it of course, but he’s always in his their view when he does cheer them on

- Also brings his crush things he finds when he’s training showing off to the world how great he is

- Plus he tells them a lot of stories about himself and battles he’s gone through and makes sure to glorify it

- He tends to pay close attention to what grabs their attention and go for those topics/gifts mementos

- “Hey there, (Name). Look at this.”

- “Oh by the way, you can keep that. I have plenty more.”

- Grins a lot more around them don’t tell him, just enjoy it

- His favorite thing about his crush happens to be their eyes, so he wants theirs on him all the time


- The Best Boy

- So Revali is a cheerleader??  

- He is nothing compared to Sidon shhh don’t tell him

- Believes in his crush 25/7, no exceptions, and is not afraid to shout it out

- Their smile is his favorite thing like gosh it just makes him so happy

- The most social with them, and the one who will teach them everything he knows

- Everyone knows his crush when he takes them to Zora’s Domain for the first time (if they’re not a Zora themselves)

- He loves taking them to Shatterback Point (seeing as the Lynel isn’t alive), taking in the lovely view….

- and then he leaps off the cliff and scares the heck out of his crush

- Because he took them with him

- He apologizes afterwards but he’s going to be ecstatic if they want to do it again

- After that he always asks for permission though that first jump was to get the jitters out of him, he gets nervous too!

- His crush always will be in a better mood after they hang out, and so will he

- He is smiling so much at them

- I think we were all smitten with this boy on first sight I mean really he doesn’t need to do much 

Sugar and Salt.

This is pretty much just a bunch ‘o fluff!


You smiled as you watched him, still in a deep sleep. Still in the clothes he arrived in the night before. Aside from his shoes, of course.
It took you a little bit of tugging and pulling, but you managed to get his boots off and covered him with a blanket. His favorite blanket; which happened to be the one you always used, but you knew it was his favorite because he could smell you on it.

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If your taking prompts maybe glanni getting some unwanted advances while waiting on ithro to show up for their date or something

I was hoping to get some requests about Glanni or Ithro! :3 Never written them before.

Glanni knew he looked good.

He was wearing his favorite heeled boots, skin tight black pants, and a deep purple collared shirt. Over the shirt was a charcoal vest where a gold watch peeked out of the pocket. His makeup was on point, as always, and his hair was slicked back.

Glanni knew he looked good.

He didn’t need some idiot who couldn’t get a clue to tell him that. Over and over.

“It’s so cold out, beautiful. Why don’t you come to my place and we’ll warm each other up?” The man way saying. 

“I am so close to punching you, you don’t even know,” Glanni replied in a monotone voice. He had tried moving to the other side of MayhemTown’s park fountain but the man had yet to leave him be. And Íþró was late for their dinner date.

The stranger pressed up again Glanni’s side. “I like it rough,” he said, sliding a finger under Glanni’s chin.

Glanni narrowed his eyes, “It was a threat, actually.”


“Remove the finger or lose it.”

“Let me impress you with my fingers and you won’t want me to remove them.” 

Just when Glanni was about to sink his own fingers into the other man’s eyes, a voice called behind him, “Glæpur! Sorry I’m late!”

Suddenly, Glanni was pulled back away from the stranger. Íþró held him in a dip and kissed him hard. Glanni threw one leg in the air to stay balanced and wrapped his arms around Íþró’s neck. 

When Ithro pulled back, he and Glanni turned to face the stranger, still holing their positions. 

“Is this man bothering you, Glæpur?” Íþró  asked loudly.

Glæpur?” The stranger looked horrified, “As in.. as in GLANNI Glæpur?!”

Glanni gave him his best shark smile, “The one and only.”

The man made a quick exit after that. Íþró set Glanni upright, glaring after the stranger. Glanni looped an arm around Íþró’s shoulders, “Do you always kiss on the first date?”

“As always, you’re the exception to my normal rules.”

“Mmm, I think I like being an exception.”    

My Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 823
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @angelwriter3895  ) Could I get a comfort fic with lucifer? Perhaps the reader (or your own OC that is very much whatever you want) has had a shit day and kinda realizes after she goes to the bathroom that she is on her period. (Period sex in the comfort stuff is up to you.) Luce does what he can to make her feel better bc she is his favorite hunter. Perhaps a little Dean and Sam planking in retaliation for making his favorite hunter/mate upset.

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This is Part 3 of Being Galra | All Parts

The Red and Yellow Paladins learned more about the other than they ever thought they would, and not in the bad way. During a normal day, this wouldn’t have happened, but the situation they were in set the tone for open and shameless talks - the comfort of good food, the social release of midnight conversations, the sleepiness breaking down mind-to-speech filters. Keith would have never known where Hunk’s orange headband came from and the story behind it. Likewise, Hunk would’ve never guessed that Keith liked to wear toe-socks in his boots and how he ‘Hulked-out’ of his favorite pair when his Galra form was first revealed.

All at once, the two was aware of the situation. Almost two hours had passed, the kitchen was still a mess, and the entire Altean Casserole had been demolished. The paladins were leaning back in their chairs, feeling comfortably full and drowsy.

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Paring: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Just some fluff.

Originally posted by smuttwd

Waking up feeling the warm shine of the sun in my face, I slowly recover my mind after the great slumber. I move slightly with my eyes still close to search for Negan. Feeling the empty mattress I growl in disappointment. That old man, probably lose his sleep.

After getting up and stretch in front of the big window enjoying the great feeling of the sun embrace. I start to look at the great room. Yet in that fucked up world, Negan lives as a king, of course he have that after some decisions he made and yes he is a “freaky deaky”, he can be the devil in hundreds and hundreds of people eyes but what can I do? He’s gorgeous, sexy, smart, treat me as a queen, never let anyone treat me badly even before we get along and married. I know it’s cliche and I hate myself for feel like that but I think we were meant to find each other.

Negan POV

I lost my sleep before the fucking sun raised, what I am now? A rooster? Fuck. After a great night of freaky deaky with doll; I was actually expecting sleep for days. That girl have all of the best. She’s fucking great, know my body so well and even when I am the only one doing something in some moment her moans, grunts, the way she speak my name… Fuck, I didn’t know I had so much stamina. I had so many women in my life, but that one? Is like Y/N was made just for me.

But I probably lost my sleep cause I was anxious about today. I will prepare a picnic. Yes a fuckin’ picnic.

Knowing Y/N favorite things I told my men to search her favorite fruits, her favorite cake flavor (and make sure the person that does it fears me enough for don’t try put venom on it), favorite soda (if that shit still on shelf life), her favorite everything. I told if it was necessary for them plant fucking seeds just to make her smile. After two weeks of scavenging and some men I had to kill in different places I got everything.

Going to kitchen and say for the old lady who are in charge on supplies, prepare the more cheesy picnic basket she can, and I told her if she says anything to anyone, well, her loved son would met the hot iron.

When I get Dwight to prepare one of the cars, and after having him making sure he and others fuckers get a save place for us to go. I get to call her for our little trip.


Suddenly I hear the door open and gracious footsteps, I look around seeing Negan there with his delicious smirk. He’s using a black pants, grey t-shirt, a pair of boots and no jacket; But his favorite outfit on hands. Lucille.

“Why she’s bloody? Killed anyone already?” I ask with a steady but still hurt voice.

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