and his face when she woke up

Victor actually IS the jealous type!!!

Remember this scene from episode 2? 

Victor was obviously pretending to be asleep while posing sexy for Yuuri. I mean c’mon I was thinking the same thing even when I didn’t know the ending of episode 10. So anyway, Minako was talking how Victor showed up for Yuuri then he “woke up” 

At this point he’s still calling him Yuuri and he’s pretty calm and has a genuine gentle expression on his face. But that changes quickly

An unfamiliar woman sitting next to Yuuri and explaining how Yuuri gains weight fast. She seemed to know Yuuri too well and that triggered Victor’s sudden attitude change

His expression shifts to his fake pissed off smile

And then starts insulting Yuuri

This is the exact expression  when he tries to hide his anger so he smiles ,  but oh boy. he was so pissed 

It’s understandable, I mean Yuuri seduced him and left him hanging for many months without contacting him. He sees a video of him skating his routine, flies to Hasetsu just to see the playboy being with a very attractive woman. If it were me I would be thinking the same and calling Yuuri a PIG.

When they’re finally alone, he doesn’t misses a chance to ask him if he has a girl he likes. A GIRL, because of MINAKO 

Then he asks him again because he didn’t receive and answer, Yuuri wimped out. After Yuuri says he doesn’t, Victor asks him if he has a “koibito” which is a neutral term for lover. So again, the first time he asked him if he has a girlfriend is because he thought Yuuri and Minako might be an item. 


(Victor: What’s up with this kid? He made a costume inspired by one of Yuuri’s? I don’t like this.) 

(Victor: Okay, Phichit, you might have spent more time with Yuuri than me, but he’s mine now so back off) 

Actually this was the most obvious one hahaha

His eyes aren’t smiling!!! 

Some people will say jealousy is bad and unhealthy well I agree to disagree because, Victor’s form of jealousy is still in the safe zone. It just proves how madly he’s fallen for his Katsudon. This will be my last post until episode 11 is out. By the looks of it, we will get to see a flashback from Victor’s past.

Jealous Victor is adorable and he needs to be protected!

one time after a show a young girl was crying because her friends had left her and brendon comforted her and asked her if he could call anyone for her

once at a meet and greet a fan joked about wishing she could have an interesting story to tell about meeting the band so brendon stood up on the table and said “like this???”

brendon has said his favorite fan stories are the ones where people have told him he gave them the courage to come out to their parents

brendon cried when he woke up and saw that same-sex marriage was legalized and then cried again on periscope when he brought it up

brendon once broke his ankle onstage and finished the show without missing a beat

one time a fan was shaking when meeting him and she apologized by saying “im sorry im sorry im just nervous” and he said “dont worry, im nervous too!!”

remember that video where brendon was signing things for a group of fans and one of them kept touching his face and saying “you’re real!!” and instead of feeling like his space was invaded or getting annoyed he just smiled and said “im real!”

brendon brings water out to fans who are waiting in the hot sun for him

brendon ordered a bunch of pizzas for fans that were waiting in the cold

everyone who has ever met brendon has said that he’s kind and funny and genuine and down to earth

brendon got genuinely upset when his fans were jokingly describing themselves as “panic trash” and insisted that they call themselves “treasure” instead

brendon once responded to an overweight fan who said “people wont let me participate in a video in class because im too fat” and he said “make your own video; you can do it better”

brendon urie is kind and good

Cold Nights

Summary: Reader wakes up in the middle of the night because she is cold.
Content: Fluff!, Sleepy!Steve

You woke up in the middle of the night, covers bundled up around your body, Steve peacefully sleeping next to you, facing the other direction without covers. You were shaking from the cold as you nudged to get as close to Steve as possible. You rested your forehead against his back, hoping he would feel it and turn around to cuddle you.
”Steve?”, you mumbled when he didn’t react.
”I’m cold”
Steve turned around almost immediately, and lifted the covers around you, got in under them with you and put his big arms around you. His body felt hot against your cold skin and you stopped shivering.
”Better?”, he half whispered with eyes still closed, his nose resting in the crook of your neck.
”Mm”, you hummed sleepily. Steve smiled and mumbled a ”Good.” before kissing your neck and slowly drifting back to sleep.
A little bit later, Steve woke up and (Y/N) was nowhere to be seen. He looked around from his position on the bed. Upon sitting up, he noticed the lack of blankets on the bed. Confused, he looked over the bedside to see (Y/N) peacefully sleeping on the floor with all the covers messily wrapped around her. Smiling to himself, he stood up and lifted (Y/N)’s sleeping body up bridal style with all the blankets into their shared bed.
”Steve?”, (Y/N) mumbled in her sleep.
”It’s okay darling, I’ve got you.”, Steve kissed her forehead softly.
He repositioned himself and got under the covers with her again.

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Exo Reacrion To When You Mumble Their Name In Yor Sleep


*Tries hard not to burst out laughing so that he will wake you up*

*Will most likely tease you about it later*


*You keep mumble his name in your sleep as you cuddled up against him. Chanyeol would start to play with your hair, with a big smile on his face.*

“Gosh, I love her”


*Watching you with a smile spread on his face, admiring you features as you keep saying his name in a extremely entertaining way*


*Dies from you cuteness overload *


“What is she/he doing?” ^^


*Feels honoured”

“Did she/he just say my name?”


*Would the first times thinks it’s cute. But after a few times, he would get irritated since you always somehow woke him up (by just mumbling)*



“She/he’s so cute..”

“what should I do..”

*when you wake up*

“Hi jagiya, did you dream about me?”


“Thinks you’re adorable, giggles as you keep saying his name over and over again. But when you start to move from the noise of his giggles, he would try to prevent himself from giggeling, to not wake you up.

“..sehun, SEhun, Shuhuuunie”



*As you mumnle his name in you sleep his ego would grow*

“I am the one, don’t weigh a ton, don’t need a gun to get resp-”  

Day 27: Magnus + Madzie

The sound woke him up. A quick shuffling of feet that brought to mind, wise but lonely eyes in a young face, thick textured hair and a little girl who hadn’t smiled as much since Alexander had brought her to his loft a couple of days prior.

With a flick of his fingers he was dressed and was soon on his way, following the sound like little breadcrumbs till they led him to the kitchen where he stopped for a long moment to watch Madzie as she splayed her hands out over the doll Alexander had gotten her when she’d first moved in.

The doll’s head was tilted to the side, the hands broken, and Madzie bit her lower lip, brows furrowed hard as she squinted and mumbled, fingers working with short sharp movement that ended with her releasing a little huff as she glared at her still broken doll.

The expression was so similar to one Alexander had worn when he was frustrated that something wasn’t going right for him that Magnus found himself smiling.

He must have given himself away at some point because Madzie whipped around, those dark eyes meeting his before she glanced down, a brief flash of misery on her face. She hunched her shoulders and took a step back, fingers absently reaching for her doll, then flexing as she pulled her fingers back into the pocket of her dress.

“I remember the first time I ever used my powers,” Magnus said, going for calm as he leaned back against the doorjamb, head thrown back, eyes gazing into the distance, half stuck in the memory and the other half paying attention to Madzie who now that Magnus wasn’t looking at her, was glancing shyly right back at him.

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peraltuki  asked:

Weird request with rfa members + v and saeran like mc tried to kill herself *:(* and when she wakes up she's like "who are u??" *mc pls you tried to kill urself you don't have amnesia wtf with that joke???* a reaction to that, yea, random 💕

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He can’t believe MC did that…
  • He knows that right now, MC would need him, so he was there.
  • Looks like his tears don’t will go away so easily too.
  • When you woke up, the tears come more and more, but now of happiness “MC!You’re awake!”
  • You just look at him, with a confused face, “Who are you…?”
  • Wait…How did she forget about him? The doctor didn’t say anything…
  • Now the tears that are coming from his eyes, it’s sadness tears
  • “….It’s me Yoosung…”
  • You start laughing, he’s so confused “I remember you Yoosung, i was kidding”
  • How can you joke in this situation?!
  • “This wasn’t funny MC…”
  • You just sigh…Looks like Yoosung is pretty serious with all this…Well, he should be, you look at the wall, avoiding eye contact
  • “Wanting to joke or not MC…We will talk about this…” You never listen to Yoosung use this tone, so serious, you look at him, he’s wiping his tears away 
  • “And it’ll be now.”


  • He’s so desperate, he’s walking all over the room.
  • When you woke up, he runs to you, holding your hands “…Babe!You’re awake!”
  • You look at him, “Who are you…?" 
  • Wait, what?
  • He knows that you don’t have amnesia, but he’s so dramatic that he start to freak out "WHAT???How can you forget about me???” He’s almost screaming in pain and you laugh 
  • “I’m kidding Zen, i remember you.”
  • His expression goes to dramatic to angry
  • “How can you do this MC? You know how much i’m suffering here?!And you come and try to be a Seven, how can you be so selfish?!”
  • He’s almost screaming, you’re surprised by his attitude.
  • “What i’m saying? MC almost died…She need me right now” This was what he’s thinking
  • He sighs and hugs you
  • “I’m sorry for that MC…Let’s talk about you now…And please…Without joking…I want to be the knight that’ll protect you…But i can’t if you don’t talk with me”


  • She’s thinking about all the possibilities that did you do this.
  • When she sees you open your eyes, she was surprised but happy with it “MC…You’re finally awake…" 
  • She smiles, calm, you look at her "And…Who are you?”
  • Jaehee loses that smile, with a perplexed look on her face, why are you joking with that MC?
  • “MC, this isn’t the time for jokes…This is a serious thing…”
  • Well, you can’t fool her, ok.
  • You sigh “I was just wanting to light up the mood" 
  • Now she was the one who sighs while looking at you, she holds one of your hand, tight like it was a way to you know that she was there.
  • "MC…I have a lot of questions to make, i understand if you don’t want to answer them right now…But you’ll…”
  • She said with a calm voice, a voice that made you feel like heaven right now, she kissed your forehead and smile again “Please…Don’t make me cry again…”


  • He’s worried about you, so he hires a lot of doctors, the best one, to make sure you were ok.
  • When you open your eyes, he smiles, with a relieved face, going beside you, holding your hands “…Hi love…”
  • You look at him, “Who are you?”
  • What kind of joke is that? The doctor already said to him everything about you, and he knows that amnesia was not a thing that you would have.
  • “…MC, i’m the man who cried, who cried so much because of you…” You look at him, a little bit surprised, tears are forming in his eyes.
  • “I’m the man who was desperate just to see your beautiful eyes open again…A man who don’t accept jokes right now!”
  • You sigh, avoiding eye contact with him, he puts his hands on your cheeks, making you look at him “I’m the man who loves you…And the man who’ll take care of you…” His voice is so sincere “I can’t think about losing you…So you…Wanting or not, will talk with me about this.”


  • He’s freaking out, he tries to have his composure, but he already cried so much.
  • When he sees you open your eyes, he runs to you with a wide smile on his face.
  • He doesn’t say anything, he’s just looking at you, happy.
  • You look at him, “Who are you?” ok, he knows that you don’t have amnesia.
  • But he knows what you’re doing.
  • He used to do this all the time…Joke when you’re dead inside when you’re sad when you need help.
  • “Funny…I don’t know who you are either…” He said a little bit confused, you laugh with that, and he smiles again, loving to hear that laugh again.
  • “We can get to know each other…” You said, thinking that was funny, he smiled and get closer to you.
  • “Ok…So you begin…Let me think about a question…” He smiles, but suddenly he’s serious, “Why did you do that?”


  • He cried so much, he prayed that you woke up.
  • The doctor already said to him that you would wake up, this is certain.
  • But he’s worried, nothing can make him feel better.
  • When you woke up, he’s by your side, looking at the wall and holding your hand, his vision is blurry so he couldn’t see that you open your eyes.
  • But looks like he was there, sitting beside you for some time now.
  • “…Who are you” When you said that he look at your direction and starts to cry
  • He hugs you, crying so much “Thank God…You’re okay!You’re okay!” He’s crying so much that you don’t have the guts to make another joke.
  • “I thought you were going to leave me MC…!” He’s still crying, when he stops, he looks at you, he can’t let the world take another person he loved from him 
  • “…I now it must be hard…But please…Tell me…You can tell it with jokes if this makes you feel better…" 
  • You just smile…He smiles too.


  • He’s screaming at the hospital staff, saying that you’re not waking up.
  • They said to him that he needs to be calm, and after a little talk with Saeyoung he’s calmer now.
  • He stays in that room, with you, so when you wake up, he was the first thing you saw.
  • He’s with his eyes closed, he’s not sleeping…He must be thinking about something, trying to be calm…You don’t know.
  • You know that he’s a mess, just to look at his face you can know how much he cried
  • ”…Who are you?“ He open his eyes almost immediately and he looks at you
  • "It’s not the time to be Saeyoung right now…” You laugh, but suddenly he hugs you, putting his head on your shoulder
  • “I thought i would lose you…” His voice is broken, you can’t help but feel sad about it.
  • He looks at you, with his eyes with tears, he doesn’t care about it right now.
  • MC…You saved me, you saved me when i was feeling down…So…Please, Please…Let me save you too”
Sleeping Positions - Avengers

Includes Loki and Bucky because why not. (The request was for cuddling positions but this is similar enough, right?)

Tony would lie in many different positions but would usually settle with his head on your stomach or sometimes resting on your thighs. He liked to have his head in connection with you for some reason. 

Steve would like to face you so that if he woke up in the night you’d be the first thing he’d see and he’d be able to smile. Knowing that at least you were still here.

Natasha would be the big spoon. She’d drape her arm across your chest, burying her face in your hair. 

Bruce would hold you against his chest, your breathing calming him. When you would fall asleep it would relax him and he could fall asleep as well. 

Clint would lay curled up in a ball and you’d do the same, facing each other with your hands intertwined.

You’d sleep with Thor lying flat on his back with his arms outstretched on either side of the bed. Your head would be rested on his chest as you stayed as close to him as possible to avoid falling off the bed. 

Wanda would like to sleep side by side, your bodies only just brushing. She’d make sure she always had you touching her hands. That way she knew you were safe. 

Pietro would lie flat on his stomach, his arm resting over your back or chest depending on which way you slept. 

Bucky always sleeps so that his right arm is closest to you. He wraps this arm around you tightly, making sure the other one is far away from you. As your relationship progresses he’s still wary but ends up sleeping on his side with both arms around you, pressing his lips into your neck.

Loki liked to lay flat on his back with just his fingers laced with yours. He liked to feel free to move in the night without waking you up. 

Scott would lay on his side, resting his head on his arm facing you. Your fingers would be intertwined between the two of you, holding you together.

Precious || Newt

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Request: Hi, I love your work you make my day! Can you do a newtxreader where something happens making the reader think the newt likes fierce and badass girls so she tries to be that without swearing but gets hurt. But newt fell in love with the reader’s kindness and innocence in the first place because she was a mad jack in the glade taking care of everyone. Can you please do lots of fluff in the end please.

Warnings: Fluff inside out.

A/N: This is for the lovely Precious, who kept me company from across the world. I hope you like it.

A dip on the bed woke you up.

“It’s just me,” whispered a husky voice. “go back to sleep, love.”

You ignored his command and turned to him when he joined you on the bed. You tucked your face in his bare chest, feeling it rise with his every breath. “How was your day?”

Newt sighed. “S’alright. Got someone in the bloody Slammer for the night. You?”

“Thomas is feeling better. I had to force him to stay put for a few weeks because his stitches kept opening up when he moves.” You responded absently, tracing your fingers along his chest.

“You stitched Thomas up?” you felt him smile. “Seems to me you weren’t the naïve little girl I met in the Box anymore. You’re braver.” You felt him massage your hair. “I like brave.”

Now, if you were to assess yourself, you were the opposite of brave, let alone fearless. You were still the naïve little girl he saw in the Box.

But you loved Newt more than you could explain. You’d change for him. You’d become the girl he’d always dreamt of, whoever that girl is.

Newt interrupted your thoughts. “Get to sleep, now.”

“Good night, Newt.” You whispered, shifting your head closer to him as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I love you.” He whispered, also on the verge of sleep. You let the words sink in as you let darkness overtake you.

You woke up to an empty bed – that’s the first thing you noticed when you woke. Next, the Greenie alarm buzzed your ears. You pulled on a shirt over your tank top and ran to the already dispersing crowd. You spotted Newt walking away from the Box with the frightened Greenie. You were on your way to the Med-Jack hut when you walk past Winston going to his workplace.

I like brave, he’d said.

Brave it is.

“Hey, Winston!” you caught up with him, and he looked at you in disbelief. You usually kept to yourself, not minding to make new friends, so this was new. Before he could reply, you cut to the chase. “Mind if I help today?”

Winston’s eyebrows furrowed. “Not on his watch,” he smiled, pointing to the distant British boy.

“Just a while.” You promised. “I just wanna explore, y’know?” When Winston put on a hesitant expression, you continued. “The Hut isn’t even open yet. Clint opens it up after breakfast.”

He sighed. “Fine, let’s go.”

You smiled cheerfully as he led you in. It wasn’t a very welcoming place. It was quite dirty and full of live animals – and blood.

You forced yourself to slaughter your first animal, causing blood to splatter over your tank top – you took your shirt off before getting your hands dirty. You suddenly felt a little nauseous, so you excused yourself and ran to the bathroom and bent over, waiting for your stomach to empty itself. In the meantime, all you could cough up is dry gags. Tears came up your eyes like they always do when you get sick.


You didn’t need to turn to see who it was.

“What’s the matter?” he asked urgently, gathering your hair and rubbing your back comfortingly.

You ignored his question. “Is there anyone else around?”

“No. The curtains are closed as well.” He responded.

You shrugged away from his grip and pulled the blood-stained tank top off, leaving you in your bra.

“What the hell happened?” he was furious now,”Talk to me, Y/N!”  

“I helped Winston out,” you whimpered at his tone. He never really raised his voice at you. You began filling a basin with water, letting your tank top sit in it, and all you could do is watch the blood swirl in the water.

“Why would you?” Newt inquired, bewildered.

You shook your head, falling into Newt’s idle arms. He caught you immediately, and he rubbed soothing circles on your bare back.

“It’s stupid.” You whispered. You both sat on the floor for a few moments, entangled.

“Well, love, I’d like to know what made you do the very thing that made me think the worst about that.” He motioned to the bloodied top.

“You like it when I’m brave,” you mumbled pathetically. You sounded like a five-year old, but you couldn’t put it any other way. You hoped he didn’t hear you, but he chuckled sadly.

“Oh, Y/N…” he tightened his grip on you and showered your sweaty forehead with kisses. If someone walked in on this scene, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. “Don’t change to become someone I didn’t fall in love with.”

You began to sob quietly, and you sat curled up on his chest as he tucked stray locks in your ear.

“I fell in love with the quiet, empathic Med-Jack, not the girl with the bloody shirt,” he sighed at how cliché he sounded, but it was sincere – every single word. “I love you because you’re soft,” he pinched your side gently, and you bit your lip to avoid giggling. “and if I have nothing to protect you from, love, It’d take every ounce of will I’ve got to bloody stay away and mind my own business.” he pressed a kiss to your temple. “You’re too precious to me.”

You pressed your forehead to his neck, trying to catch your breath. When your breathing leveled itself, Newt spoke. “Let’s get you some decent clothing.”

He took his shirt off – leaving him with nothing – and putting it on you.

“This will send the wrong message.” You smiled despite your tear-stained face, causing Newt to smile back.

“Let them think what they want.” Newt pressed his lips together. “As long as they know I’m taking care of you well.” He winked, pressing his soft lips to yours.

Coax - Rafael Barba (Pt 2)

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: The next morning with Rafael.

Part 1

The sun rays pierced through the windows, lighting up every inch of the room. The morning was quiet, and serene. Rafael slept on his stomach, with his arm resting over her hip as she slept curled up against him. The brightness woke her up first. She snuggled closer to the warmth, taking a moment to adjust to the brightness. When her eyes slowly opened, she smiled at the sight of a peacefully sleeping Rafael. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand to get a better look.

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omgcp characters as things I've done
  • Inspired by @mrcrappyknight
  • Eric Bittle: Drunkenly stumbled into Williams Sonoma and cried about how pretty everything is
  • Jack Zimmermann: Stayed up until 4 in the morning watching funny moments in hockey games
  • Shitty Knight: Got high and vandalized all the stop signs in the neighborhood so they said "Stop Trump"
  • Larissa Duan: Ditched her friends mid-sentence because she got an idea for a painting
  • Adam Birkholtz: Stood on the table in a karaoke bar belting "Surfing USA" at the top of his lungs
  • Justin Oluransi: Threatened to murder his friends that keep trying to whip in public for no reason (read: Holster)
  • Chris Chow: Started crying when a cat he was holding put its paw on his face
  • William Poindexter: Got into a 3 hour argument of the correct pronunciation of the word 'caramel'
  • Derek Nurse: Got blackout drunk after senior prom and woke up wearing someone else's shirt (read: not his date's)
  • Whisky: Went to a frat party and said "no" to every boy that approached him
  • Tango: Walked around asking every person he came across if bears eat cows.
I’ll Miss You- Steroline Drabble

A/N: Sorry if this makes you cry as much as it made me cry.  This is just something I felt like writing that’s along the lines of what could happen in 8x07.  Enjoy!

Caroline laid wide awake at 2am.  Stefan’s arm was slipped around her back as her face rested on the pillow just inches from his.  She was afraid if she shut her eyes she would miss something.  Maybe she would miss the way his eyebrow furrowed when he was dreaming or maybe she would miss the way he smiled for a split second whenever she intertwined her legs with his.  These were her last moments with him, and she didn’t intend on wasting them by being asleep. This was their last night together. She wouldn’t be able to reach over and encircle her arms around his torso when she woke up each morning.

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Rule of Thumb

Requested: no

TW: abo, alpha dean, dubcon issues, use of alcohol, weed, sex, knotting, breeding kink, depression, body issues

Summary: Dean Winchester is satisfied in his life as a mechanic at the family shop, but that doesn’t mean Mary Winchester is happy her 37 year old alpha son is unmated. So she does what any mother would do, she medles. They’re used to the blind dates and hook ups until an omega shows up in town, an omega who has a rule of thumb not to trust alphas. 

Originally posted by dreamweightjensenacklesontopofme

It was raining heavily in the middle of the night. Mary Winchester didn’t mind, it was good for her plants, after all April showers did bring May flowers. The sound of the rain wasn’t what woke her up, it was the emergency phone for Winchester Automotive. She rolled over, smacking John across the face for him to get up and answer the phone. 

John grumbled, but answered the phone, his expression and tone softening when he heard the fear in the voice of the girl calling. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll be right out with a tow truck. Just wait in your car.” 

Mary got up to make a pot of coffee and call Dean to meet up with John at the shop. John kept a tow truck in the back field of the family farm for cases like this. He started the engine and drove to the Gas in Sip just off the interstate. 

He scanned the lot, quickly spotting the red Mustang. Pulling up beside the car, he got out, cautiously walking toward the driver’s side. His nose flared slightly as a gentle, omega scent filled his nostrils. No wonder she was so scared on the phone. John softened his expression and smiled as she got out timidly. 

Lavender. She smelt like lavender. “I’m John, we spoke on the phone.” 

“Y/N.” Her reply was soft. She had a slight edge and he couldn’t deny the sharp inhale she made when she smelt him. 

To Y/N, all alphas were the same. They built you up with promises they wouldn’t keep and would throw you out the minute you became an inconvenience. She gave him a quick once over, relaxing slightly at the gold band on his finger. At least he wouldn’t hurt her. 

“Well Y/N, you go on and get in the truck and out of the rain. We’ll go back to the shop and see what is what and then go from there.” 

His alpha tone was stern yet comforting. She knew not to think twice and did as he said. John Winchester seemed to know what was best, and right now that meant keeping her safe. 

On the other side of town, Dean Winchester thankfully had an excuse to leave the horrendous date he was on. The girl was sweet, really, but he was allergic to cats and he got the impression her’s were a top priority.  He paid for her drinks and grabbed his keys, going to open up the shop.  Winchester Automotive had a policy, a set of morals really, that they should be available 24/7, and he didn’t mind. Saving people kind of was in the job description. 

Dean opened up the shop, turning on the lights and getting the bay open and ready. They probably couldn’t fix it tonight, but he would try. He eased back into the front desk, propping his feet up on the desk. Seger, the shop guard dog, happily trotted over to lay his head in Dean’s lap. 

He hadn’t had his eyes closed long when the door bell went off. His green eyes fluttered open at the same time his nostrils twitched. A wave of calm crashed over him at the scent filling the shop. Dean looked up, a slow smile spreading across his face at the sight of his father and the small little omega beside him. 

“That’s my son, Dean. He doesn’t always sleep on the job.” John winked at Dean before going back into the bay. “She’s got a beautiful car, but I think the engine is shot.” 

Dean was still trying to recover from the high feeling of the unmated omega In front of him. “Oh?” 

Y/N didn’t know why she was blushing. This Dean guy was an alpha, a no go, but damn his black t shirt was incredibly tight. And his green eyes reflected the ceiling lights and gave the illusion of a twinkle. “Yeah” she finally sighed moving away from the strong scent of whiskey. “My baby just died on me, I mean I know she was having some trouble but, she just died.” 

Dean stood up, earning a whine from Seger. He walked over to join your side watching John under the hood. Seger whined and followed after a Dean, tilting his head slightly. He nudged at the back of Y/N’s legs. “Sorry.” Dean quickly apologized going to pull the German Shepard away from the girl, but she shook her head. 

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N momentarily forgot about the overpowering scent of alpha. She got down on her knees, becoming eye level with the dog. “You’re a good boy aren’t ya?” The cooing was too much for Dean to handle. 

“His name is Seger.” 

Y/N’s eyes sparkled slightly, looking up at Dean. “Nice taste.” 

John kept his smile to himself and put the hood back down. “I’ve got good news and bad news.” He wiped his hands on a towel and leaned against a tool bench. 

“Bad news first please.” It was hard for Y/N to distract herself from the dog, but she managed to pull it together. 

“Your engine is shot.” John said simply. For Dean, the strange feeling of happiness at the news was concerning. 

“Where’s the good? I’m a broke, college dropout.” And there was the cynicism. The thoughts were starting to creep in, all the ways these two alphas could ruin her. They would take her car, she was going to be in so much debt she would have no life meaning. 

The two Winchesters exchanged a soft glance. There was a story behind you, no one really just drifts through Kansas for kicks. “There is good darling. We can get the part in tomorrow and have you out of here by the end of the week.” 

Y/N awkwardly shifted her legs as she mulled it over. She wasn’t going anywhere specifically, that wouldn’t be an issue. Money was the issue. Her savings was running short and there was no chance in hell of her asking her parents for help. Running a hand through her slightly greasy hair, she bit her lip. “Do you guys take credit cards?” 

John opened his mouth to answer simply, but Dean was getting anxious. There was a pretty girl with a nice car who loved his dog standing right beside him. “As a matter of fact we do.” His charming personality made it difficult to resist smiling. He stretched his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, noticing a slight agitation but no protest. “And for pretty girls in mustangs we’ll just charge you for the part.” 

If John wanted to give him hell he could, but right now Dean just wanted the pretty girl who smelled like lavender to be smiling. And she did. “I, that’s not fair of you. I’ve already dragged you out of bed at” she glanced up to the clock on the wall “1:35 in the middle of the night. I can’t ask you for that.” 

John shook his head. “You didn’t. We offered.” Alphas and chivalry was not a cocktail Y/N knew well. 

“What’s that thing Sammy does?” Dean clicked his fingers in thought. “Quid pro quo?” 

Y/N squeaked out a sigh, the last bit of youthful innocence that remained in her urged her to hug them, but she could only muster up a relaxed shoulder shrug. “Thank you.” 

Dean gave her shoulder a squeeze, reminding her of his presence there. “Mom up?” His eyes scanned John’s face. “We can lock up and take her home.” A flirtatious grin stretched across his face. “Unless you want to come to my place.” 

Y/N tried not to give into the charm and instead focused in on the trunk of her car. “The cops don’t have to get involved do they?” 

The two alphas shook their heads, suspicion running through them. “No, why?”

“Um, I, no reason.” An embarrassing laugh echoed through the shop. 

“Damn aren’t you sketchy?” Dean laughed.

John rolled his eyes and went to go lock up. “Seger’ll keep a watch out for your baby. Mind if we ride with you Dean, I assume you want to stay the night.”

Dean nodded leading Y/N out toward a “67 Chevy Impala?” His eye brows quirked up in admiration. 

“You have your baby, I have mine.” 

The cozy feeling from earlier was slowly fading. Fear took control again as she realized she was going to be left alone in a car with not one, but two alphas. Y/N fell silent, and remained silent until they arrived at a charming farmhouse with the front lights on. 

They were met at the door by a gentle looking blonde who reached out and pulled Y/N into the house. “How do you take your coffee?” The house smelled…homey. Mrs. Winchester, at least that’s who Y/N assumed she was, had a faint scent of sugar and caused Y/N to relax ever so slightly. An omega was a comfort. 

“I’m fine, thank you though Mrs. Winchester.” Y/N didn’t keep much from her parents, but she kept her manners. 

Mary shook her head, giving Y/N a pat on the arm, “nonsense. You’re still damp from the rain, go on into the living room and I’ll bring you something to eat.” Her smile was so achingly maternal Y/N had to fight the fondness. She was going to be in for a long night. 

anonymous asked:

Some hcs for Kakyoin, Johnny, Josuke and female s/o who tells them that she's pregnant? How would they react, what would they do etc?

[ I’ll assume this is when everyone is older and they’ve been trying to get a kid for a while :D Sorry if its a bit short though :’)]

- Kakyoin just woke up to see you smiling at him by the bed holding up the pregnancy test kit. In his initial grogginess he asks you whats going on but soon enough it just ends up with a smile slowly creeping across his face as he processes what he sees
- He literally just stares in shock, just a smile on his face as he stares at you, processing all that encompasses the good news that was just told to him.
- Soon enough he just can’t stop the soft smile thats splayed across his features as he pulls you in for a tight hug telling you how much he love you and giving you a long kiss.
- He’d be exploding inside, to have a child with you? He wanted to make sure he’d give the kid all the love in the world and the best childhood ever, whatever he didn’t have he would do it now for his own.
- “ What do you want to do to celebrate?” He’d pick you up and carry you into the kitchen, deciding to make you a fruity breakfast pancake telling you how it’ll be good for you and the baby if you complain about not wanting to eat it
- He wouldn’t tell the other crusaders but they’ll find out on their own like “ Kakyoin why are you asking me about Jolyne.” “ Sorry Kak but did you just ask me about Holly?” They’d love to help him out though.

- It was while you were snuggling after a long day that you tell him you had a surprise for him, taking out the pregnancy test kit and passing its results to him he’d just stare at you in disbelief.
- He was in denial at first telling you things like “ No way. You’re lying. There’s no way I’d be this lucky.” 
- So when you nod and tell him its real Johnny didn’t mean to but tears just started falling from his eyes, he’s sobbing now as he hugs you and telling you non stop how much he loves you and won’t ever stop
- Ever since you came into his life, the curse that he always believed he had seemed to have lifted and you getting pregnant is just proof on that.
- In his teary smile he’d run his fingers over your stomach before looking up to give you the biggest smile.
- “ I can’t believe it…to be blessed like this feels like a sick joke.”
- He’d now wipe away his tears telling you if its ok to let Gyro in on it too, he wants his best friend to know his joys anyway, the moment you agree Johnny is off the bed and getting the phone.
- This is where it just gets cuter, as you watch him on the phone he has eye contact with you and can’t stop smiling, saying things like how happy he is and how he wants Gyro to drop by for a celebration. 
- He’d probably suggest a name like Nicholas but in the end there’s a whole bunch of other names he considers too. 
- Johnny would be the super concerned dad, not knowing how to go about taking care of you and constantly calling Gyro up for help.

- It would be after Josuke came home from work that you asked 
- Josuke is the one dad that keeps asking you if its legit, he’s like beaming. Right after you tell him the good news he’d shoot up right almost like a dog being told that dinner was here. “ Are you sure? This isn’t a joke right? Oh my god am I really-?”
- He’d pick you up and give you a spin before you tell him to be careful now and he’d just get shocked a little and carefully put you down kissing your stomach area and telling it what a happy dad he was going to be. 
- By now he’s doing a little dance and giving you about 20 possible baby names per second its adorable how excited and obvious his joy is.
- He’s also no peppering you with kissed telling you what a good job you’ve done and how proud he was of you constantly telling you how much he loves you.
- By the first hour he’s called the whole Duwang gang, everyone knows of the good news and the congratulations come flooding in. Okuyasu drops by later for a little celebration that Josuke invited him over for.
- Josuke would be the best partner ever, cooking little healthy dinners for you and the growing child, and be super overprotective too like “ Babe don’t do that its not safe!”
- He’d ask Jotaro all about how he brought up Jolyne and question his mom for tips on what she’d need when she was pregnant. Doing everything he can to make you feel better.

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Imagine after an operation Greg had a little amnesia. So he wakes up and see his s/o sitting next to him. He is really high on meds, so he starts to flirt with her and ask her to out for a date. But after his s/o told him some minutes later that they are already married, he completely freaks out.

A/N: I loved this! Drugged-up Greg is too pure and good for this world 😭❤️


“Hey..hey sweetheart” Y/N gently cooed while stroking Greg’s face as he woke up “How you feeling?” She asked.

He blinked, gently scrunching his face when the light shone in his eyes. “Why…why is the room purple?” He groggily asked. Y/N raised a brow and looked around, the room was bright white.

“Uh it’s not sweetie, don’t worry though it’s just the effects of the anaesthetic it will wear off soon” she gave him a reassuring wink which took Greg off guard in a good way.

Greg smirked and decided to use some of the old ‘Lestrade charm’ to woo this beautiful woman “I didn’t know they let those types of nurses in here…” He slurred his words slightly.

Y/N raised both her brows “What are you on about?” She let out an amused giggle and leaned over the bed guards, pressing her chin against her crossed arms.

“Well you know you’re far too attractive to be an ordinary nurse so you must be like one of those sexy nurses” he winked and gently bit his lip.

Y/N made a ‘O’ expression with her mouth as her cheeks tinged a bright shade of pink “Gregory Lestrade!” She playfully smacked his chest.

“You know my name but I don’t know yours…maybe I should take you out for dinner to find it out? Like a date? And when I find it out I promise I’ll be screaming it all night” he winked again and she gasped, lightly chucking at his drug induced flirtatiousness.

“Greg, you goof we’re married” Y/N leaned over and pressed a long kiss to his mouth “We have been for four years” she pulled back and burst out laughing at Greg’s shocked face.

His eyes teared up a little and he pressed his hands to his mouth to conceal his gaping mouth “Oh…god…really?!” He asked and she nodded her response, wiggling her left hand in front of his face. He gently took it in his and traced his fingers over the wedding band on her finger “I married you? You let me marry you?!” He asked almost screaming with delight.

“Yes of course! I love you” she laughed and Greg let out a grateful sigh.

“How did I get so lucky…?” He asked gazing deeply into her eyes “I love you”.


Draco could recall the moment he re-fell in love with his wife at the drop of a spell. The first time had crept upon him, never noticing really that he suddenly had fallen for the woman. And it also wasn’t that he ever fell out of love with her, but it was the dramatic wow that followed him from that moment he knew he loved her more than he ever had.

It wasn’t, as most would believe, the day his wife gave birth to their son. Their first child. Their prince. Although extraordinary due to the difficulties they had faced and it wasn’t the day after when she held him closely in her arms and looked up at him with a thankful look in her eyes because they finally had him.

It was the first night that their son woke in a fit of screams due to teething, the screaming from his son’s tiny lungs broke his heart and he could see it visibly broke hers. He tried countless things to soothe his son but all to no avail. His wife, shattered from being with him through out the day and had been ordered to let him calm their son, appeared in the doorway. Taking Scorpius in her arms as she shooed him from the room so he could sleep. It was mere moments when the crying stopped, appearing near the door as he heard her sing to him. Her voice carrying through the room, out down the corridor and Draco swore that the house even got a bit brighter.

It was a beauty he had never witnessed. Her words coming from somewhere so deep in her that it immediately settled the red faced baby unhappy baby. It was as though she soothed all his woes immediately, as if right there in the same moment his son fell over heels in love with her, just as he had. And he forgot entirely about his sore gums.

He would never know that it was that moment that the mother-son relationship was sealed for life. That his wife, his beautiful wife had made him calm not just in that time, but countless others. Had calmed even himself with her voice, as he looked at her through the crack of the door, regretting his temper that he couldn’t soothe his son and felt himself relax. Because if he had her, he knew it would be okay.

Draco listened to her voice most evenings as their son became dependant on the song before bed, it was only ever in the solitude of Scorpius’ bedroom, only from her to him. Draco listening on from the hallway in silence, himself in need for her just as much as their son did, as if he too had come to rely on it.

It was only as he grew older, that his son would plead for a song and she would, softly singing in to his ear in the company of others as if still just solely for their son. Draco found himself privately smiling to himself, never bringing much attention to it. Not because he didn’t want too, because he did desperately, but he knew how easily embarrassed his wife was.

She was private, she didn’t wish for a lot of attention on herself and he found that her most endearing quality. Something he later watched his son gain as he became a toddler and into a child.

So when Draco surprised her for their tenth wedding anniversary, her eyes widening at the sight of the large grand piano. Draco proudly smiled as he saw in her eyes how much she had wanted it, without so much as ushering a word. It was in that unspoken moment he realised that she had known the entire time to his late night listenings. That all those times he thought he had been as silent as a mouse, she had known. And it surprised him even more when she gently sat upon the bench behind the piano, her fingers grazing the keys as she opened her lips and the sound blessed his ear. That she too was gifted in so much more than he was aware of. And that as she began to sing he held his arms as he took her all in.

Listening to her sing.

Just for him. His own song.

And he was sure he fell in love all over again.

Richonne Head Canon Bingo

58. What would be their theme song?

So many people have come and gone…

“I thought you hated this song.”

Michonne opened her eyes and watched Rick approach her on the bed. “I don’t like it… but I don’t hate it.”

I lost myself in a familiar song…

Rick kneeled down and took her hand, kissing her fingers tenderly as his eyes moved over her tired face. “Then why are you listening to it?”

A smile graced her lips as she closed her eyes, running a hand over her swollen belly. “Good things have happened when we played it,” she murmured. “Carl woke up the day Daryl found the record…” She brushed her fingers across Rick’s greying stubble. “You and I…” He grinned at the memory of their first time together, prompting her to laugh. “And now this…”

Rick snorted. “Was the song playing?”

She nodded sleepily. “I’m fairly certain.”

“You could not possibly know when this happened to pinpoint the day that song was playing.”

Michonne pushed his curls out of his face. “I’ve got a good feeling.” Wrinkling her nose, she yawned. “More than a feeling actually.”

Rick laughed and leaned in, capturing her full, beautiful lips into a passionate kiss. “You’re ridiculous,” he uttered quietly, moving down to her growing belly. “You’re mother’s ridiculous.” Looking up, he saw that Michonne was already asleep. His heart swelled and he pressed a kiss to her temple before he got into the bed with her, resting a hand over hers. Their breathing soon aligned as they embraced one another.

It’s more than a feeling…

When I hear that old song they used to play…

(written by @bigunknownkingdom)

X-Files Fic

Years Left Unfinished

By gillyphile

Rating: T

Setting: Post-IWTB and Pre-Revival

Summary: Remember that time Chris Carter broke up Mulder and Scully but never really explained it? This is my attempt at exploring the flimsy reason he gave us. 

Year One

January 24, 2012

Mulder blinked his eyes open slowly, the sun filtering in through the living room window. He scrunched his nose and threw a hand over his face to shield himself from the onslaught of light. Rubbing at his eyes, Mulder sat up on the couch. He looked around and saw he’d left the TV on. He yawned, reaching for the remote to turn it off. He’d slept on the couch again. Scully had been busy at the hospital for the past few weeks, and she’d taken to sleeping there when she worked too late. Sometimes she would come home to get a change of clothes but leave again before he woke up. She usually left a note if she stopped by telling him to pick up some food.

Cracking his neck, he made his way to the kitchen. He eased the refrigerator door open and was met with mostly empty shelves and a couple expired items. He took out the orange juice and sniffed at it. It seemed fine, but Scully had warned him about the consequences of drinking expired beverages. He put it back in the fridge reluctantly and wondered if she’d come by during the night.

He hadn’t seen her in a while. Come to think of it, it had been more than a week since he’d last talked to her. Or was it longer? She’d been angry at him for not taking his pills. He refused to take anti-depressants. He wasn’t depressed. Just because he wasn’t working the x-files anymore and they were living in the middle of nowhere didn’t mean he was depressed. Maybe he shut himself in his office for days at a time and lost himself on conspiracy forums, but it was outside research and he had to keep track of paranormal abnormalities in the news. Anytime they spoke with each other these days seemed like one never-ending fight. It was a stupid fight. She wanted to help him get better and he didn’t think he was sick in the first place.

He lumbered into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, instinctively smoothing a hand against his scratchy jaw. He needed a shave. Scully didn’t like it when he grew it out too much. He reached for an unused can of shaving cream and plucked his razor from its perch next to Scully’s. His hand froze. Scully’s razor was gone.

He blinked. She never misplaced things. Scully was a stickler for having a “home” for everything. Something must’ve happened to it—her razor—the silly little pink thing he always teased her about because it was so unlike her. Maybe she just took it to the hospital with her because she was spending the night so often. But he couldn’t remember her having any major surgeries in the past week. An uneasy feeling clenched in his gut.

He opened the medicine cabinet, knocking over unopened pill bottles of anti-depressants as he tried to find her razor. Maybe she decided to move it. Or threw it out. He crouched down next to the toilet and emptied the trash can. Nothing. Panic started to build in his chest. He ran out of the bathroom and quickly surveyed their room. It looked cleaner than yesterday. Scully’s robe wasn’t thrown over the chair in the corner and her brush was missing from the dresser. Maybe she was going on a trip and she forgot to tell him. His gaze landed on the bed and then her nightstand. All her things were missing. His heart beat faster; this wasn’t happening. Mulder walked over to the closet and slid the door open. Her clothes were gone.

His head started to pound and everything became blurry as he stumbled to the front door. He needed to find her. This was all a mistake, she wouldn’t just leave, she—He saw the note on the door and an icy-cold feeling of dread spiked through him.


Science was always my north star of truth and cold-hard facts. But you showed me there was something greater to believe in, something beyond all the stars. After all this time, I thought the best thing I believed in was us. But I can’t keep following you into the dark, and I can’t keep fighting you. I don’t know what to believe in anymore, Fox.


He tore the note from the door, crushing it in his hand as tears threatened to choke him. He couldn’t breath. She was gone.

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- clarke writing his name oh my god
- he woke up when he heard her crying?? what kind of soulmate shit ? ? ?
- both of them being so damn sure the other is worth saving
- “if you won’t write it, I will” he loves her so much more than she loves herself
- of course the hand nuzzle and
bellamy’s face and him giving her hope as always