and his face was RADIANT

Hot Dad Syndrome

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Wolfstar (Remus/Sirius)

Characters: Teacher!Remus, Single Parent!Sirius, Kid!Harry
Rating: G
Words: 1400
Summary: Remus teaches Harry in primary school. He meets Harry’s godfather at a Parent-Teacher Night.

Remus smiled as he watched Harry run across the playground towards his father with a radiant smile of pure joy on his face, the sort that one only ever sees on small children. As Harry approached, shouting ‘Padfoot!’ (must be from some sort of make-believe game they played) at the top of his voice, the man’s face transformed in seconds from the mask of bored indifference from before into a look akin to Harry’s own. On any other man dressed in a leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows, sinfully tight jeans, and biker boots, that look would have been highly incongruous, but on this man, it seemed completely at home. The man lifted Harry in his arms and swung him around before placing him gently back on the ground and ruffling his hair.

From where he was standing, leaning against the wall of the school, Remus could hear Harry excitedly babbling about his day, and his father chuckling and responding with ‘that’s awesome, kiddo!’ all the while ignoring the disapproving looks he was getting from mothers who were quite obviously (in Remus’s opinion), merely attempting to cover up the fact that they all wanted to get into his pants (no, he wasn’t projecting). Remus was so wrapped up in watching the show of affection that he was shocked when Harry started pointing at him.

“That’s Mr Lupin! He gives me lots of chocolate, Pads! Lots and lots!” (What? It was a very effective way of motivating the kids. And so what if Harry needed more motivation than the others at times… Remus most assuredly did not show favouritism).

Harry’s father laughed and waved at Remus, giving him a great big rakish grin. Remus pointedly ignored the tugging in his stomach. Just because he had never seen Harry’s mother, didn’t mean that he didn’t have one. (And the fact that Harry never mentioned a mother either didn’t mean anything at all).

Harry’s father took his kid by the hand and swung Harry’s schoolbag over his shoulder and they walked out of the gates leaving Remus to shake his head to clear it and not think about those jeans.

Oh, who was he kidding? Remus had a severe case of Hot Dad Syndrome.


It’s Parent-Teacher Night (which is more of an afternoon, but that’s purely semantics) and Remus is organising his papers at his desk, filing away the files for little Hermione Granger. That kid was going to go far. He unashamedly let the other kids ask her for spelling help, and she picked up telling the time almost immediately, which was quite a feat for a kid her age.

He’s interrupted when there is knock at his classroom door and Harry pushes his way in, dragging his laughing father behind him by the hand. The man runs a hand through his shaggy black hair and takes a seat on the other side of Remus’s desk, giving another one of those rakish grins and a little wave, as Harry sits beside him, his feet swinging, and anticipation on his little face.

“Hi,” Harry’s father says.

Remus would swear later that his heart literally skipped a beat. The man had the deep, slightly raspy voice of a smoker, but didn’t smell like he smoked. It was enough to bring heat to Remus’s face which he attempts to cover with a slight cough and a “Hello, I’m Mr Lupin”.

Harry’s father grins wider (he really ought to stop that) and says, “I know. Harry’s told me a lot about you”. He’s lounging on the chair as though he belongs there, with an arm casually draped across the back, and Remus refuses to think about it.

Remus busies himself with finding Harry’s file. When he pulls it out he almost starts. So this man – Sirius Black – isn’t Harry’s father? He’s his guardian? Remus refuses to think about that also. He clears his throat.

“Ah, Mr Black is it?” he rather thinks that name is very fitting. Remus holds out his hand for Mr Black to shake. “Parental guardian of Harry?”

Mr Black gives a little smirk as he takes Remus’s hand to shake. “It’s Sirius, please. And call me his godfather, it sounds classier. Parental guardian makes me sound so much older than I actually am!” He breaks the handshake and kicks back in his chair again. Remus can’t help but give a little smile at how casual Harry’s godfather is with him. Sirius, even. He has to remember to call him that. If the smile is also for the fact that Harry isn’t Sirius’s actual son and therefore there’s a chance he is single… then no one else has to know. He mentally kicks himself for thinking like that. This was just a regular parent-teacher meeting. Think about little Justin’s father, he tells himself. Yep, that would do it…

“Harry is a truly wonderful child,” Remus explains, smiling when Harry grins widely – a little like his godfather. “He gets on very well with the other children, and he’s keeping up nicely with his work. Sometimes he can be a little bit of a troublemaker…” Remus punctuates this statement with a mock reprimanding look at Harry, who plays along, biting his lip and ducking his head, hiding a smile and a giggle. Sirius pats him on the head and nods in agreement. Remus continues. “But he always tries to do the right thing eventually, and he helps to clear up his own messes. Of which there are many”. At this, Harry actually giggles.

“He sounds just like his father,” Sirius says, almost wistfully gazing at Harry (who is looking very proud) with affection.

Not wanting to pry, but slave to his own curiosity, Remus asks, “Were you and Harry’s father very close, then?” He almost kicks himself again, because of course they were close. Sirius is godfather after all. But Sirius doesn’t seem to find the question strange.

“Yeah,” he says softly “we were best friends in school. I thought that after the car crash I wouldn’t be able to look at Harry – he looks like them both, you see. Just like his father but with his mother’s eyes – but as it turns out, we’re just what each other needs”. Sirius looks a little bashful at having shared so much, and tries to apologise, but Remus just smiles at him.

“Thank you for telling me,” he says, genuinely thankful at such an insight into Harry and Sirius’s bond.

They continue to discuss Harry’s school performance, with Remus occasionally sharing tales of Harry’s rascally behaviour, not failing to notice the immense sense of pride in Sirius’s eyes, even during stories of Harry’s misbehaviour. The boy seems equally proud of himself.

Just as they are winding up the meeting, Remus suddenly remembers that he has to fill in some papers for admin. He starts to shuffle through his papers to find the correct document. When he produces it, another question occurs to him.

“So you’re raising Harry as a single parent, then? I mean, godfather?” He flushes slightly as he realises how that must sound. It seems like Sirius realises it too.

“Yeah, I am single, thanks for asking,” he teases, chuckling, You probably could’ve just asked me out for coffee if you wanted!” He’s only half joking, which Remus doesn’t fail to notice. He also doesn’t fail to notice the genuine smile on Sirius’s face.

Flushing bright red now, Remus smiles back, “Err, yes, coffee. Coffee’s good”. He mentally berates himself for his ineloquence, and accidentally drops his pen onto the desk.

Sirius laughs at him, and picks the pen off the desk, pulling Harry’s document towards himself. He scribbles something down and slides the paper back to Remus. It’s Sirius’s phone number.

Sirius gets up from his chair and stretches, revealing a thin strip of skin between his jeans and his top (Remus thinks this was purposeful), before taking Harry’s hand.

“We should get going then. Thanks for meeting with me!” Sirius winks. “I think Harry really likes you. He’d probably appreciate seeing you around a bit more”. Chuckling, Sirius leads Harry to the door, stopping briefly to turn around, hold his unoccupied hand up to his ear to mimic a telephone, and mouth ‘call me’ with another wink. The pair walk out of the classroom, leaving Remus to sit, slightly stunned at his desk, staring at the black ink on Harry’s document.

Don’t imagine your bias on your wedding day. Don’t imagine the radiant smile that takes over his entire face as you turn the corner and begin making your way down the aisle. Don’t imagine him stammering through his vows, struggling to read through the haze of unshed tears in his eyes. Don’t imagine him smiling into your first kiss as spouses, only breaking away to whisper in your ear, “I love you”.

okay, it's like this:

Jared: solid piece of man meat. he is a literal brick house. like, i hugged his back and it hurt my boobs because it is actually like hugging a Red Wood tree. but he’s also like, a puppy. honestly, his face is radiant, and i think he might actually be like, a man-puppy hybrid or something. a muppy. yes, good.

Jensen: smells like man, and sunshine, and clean, and holding hands with the boy next door who also happens to be a super hot dad. he’s a wee babe. yes, he’s got muscle (in all the right places, hello arms), but his frame is thin. his waist is thin. he’s a child. (only he’s a man. a man child. who hugs you with his whole heart and makes you see doves, and lilies, and unicorns, and other forms of twitterpations.) 

Misha: not as tall as i expected, but i still only go up to like, his sternum. so still very tall. and his back is squishy. but firm. like the perfect type of pillow or chew toy. and he’s very cuddly. like, he will just cuddle you. also he smells like spearmint. 

Mark: Mark just screams and swears at everybody.


Statement of Fact

Summary: Selene says it like it is. Gladion is flustered. Hau is a fanboy of a pretty actress and Lillie ships it.

Relationships: Gladion x PC, the Alolan Quartet, Hau is a fanboy.

Notes: Slightly AU. But not enough to matter.

It said a lot for the genes Lusamine had passed down to her children, Selene thought as she stared blatantly at Gladion over the food-laden table the four of them were sitting at, going over every aspect of his face like her ability was Keen Eye. It wasn’t anyone who could pull off being a punky edgelord and still have the face of an angel. Even during the times when he lived in a motel room and worked as a mercenary for Team Skull, not getting proper nutrition and under a lot of stress, Gladion had looked good.

Now, more relaxed, happier and well-fed, he was radiant. In addition to his fine-featured face - with the high cheekbones and the perfect nose and grass-green eyes shaped sharply - he had a leisurely air, like he could afford to chill. The vanished tenseness made him look both his age and a lot more approachable. 

If he smiled more, Selene thought idly, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think that he’d get cast as a model or an actor, maybe even an idol right off the streets by any castor with halfway decent vision. 

Actually, come to think of it, that was a likely possibility even if he didn’t smile. Wasn’t the bad boy concept getting popular?

He noticed. “Why are you staring at me,” he said flatly, losing his smile. He’d gotten happier, but someone staring intently with lasers practically shooting out of their eyes would make anyone uncomfortable and wary.

“Did you know you’re really good-looking,” she replied. Like him, it wasn’t exactly a question, more a statement of fact.

Hau choked on his malasada, and Lillie dropped her fork. Both of them gawped.

Gladion stared at her with disbelief, like she had suddenly morphed into an Ultra Beast before his eyes.

What, was the fact that he was good looking new to him? Did he not look in a mirror or something? Well, if he wasn’t fully aware of how good-looking he was, she’d have to let him know.

Selene continued talking. “Have you considered a career as a model? Or an actor? I heard that celebrities who are also really great battlers are all the rage now. Like that actress, Rosa something or another.”

Hau, being Hau, was the first to recover. It might have just been the mention of his favorite actress, however. “Oh I love Rosa! She was so epic in the Full Metal Cop series! Did you know she and her Pokémon do their own stunts? Did you know a fourth movie is coming out?!”

“You could do live-action really well, too,” Selene continued on, ignoring Hau when he went into his Praise-Rosa fanboy form. “You’re already pretty edgy, so …”

A tiny giggle escaped from Lillie. Gladion shot a betrayed look at his sister, who immediately tried to wipe the amused expression off her face. Key word being ‘tried’.

“I mean,” Selene continued on, getting really passionately into it. “It’s practically your civic duty to make your face widely known. It would be a crime to keep the rest of the world from your handsome looks. Seriously, think about it, Gladion.”

He sputtered, and then abruptly got up from his seat. The force he shot up with nearly knocked the chair over.

“I’m going to go pay,” he said in a strained voice, and began speed-walking towards the counter.

“Hey, we already paid!” Hau called.

At the friendly reminder, Gladion changed his directions and marched out of the café.

He wasn’t gone quickly enough for Selene to have missed the sight of the reddened ear peeking out from between pale golden hair, however.


“You know he likes you,” Lillie chided once Hau was out of earshot. She’d deliberately sent him away, asking him to keep an eye on his brother, and he had agreed to do so cheerfully. “Don’t tease him too badly.”

Selene finished her dessert. “I promise I’m not playing with him,” she told Lillie solemnly. She was serious this time, not the faux-solemn she’d been when teasing Gladion.

“I know,” Lillie replied. Her friend wasn’t the type to play with hearts.

She put down her fork and sighed. “Do you think that was too much?” she asked, looking uncharacteristically uncertain.

Lillie stifled a laugh at just how much Selene looked like a sad Rockruff, drooping its ears and tail in fear of losing affection. “Probably not,” Lillie said. “He doesn’t hold grudges.”

He wouldn’t against Selene, anyways. Of that Lillie was sure of.

And speaking of things she was sure of . . . .

“Why not just be the first to confess yourself?” she asked. Selene was certainly bold enough to do so. If there was something she wanted, she didn’t wait around shyly silently wishing it would miraculously fall into her lap one day. She reached out and snatched it up.

Not to call her brother an ‘it’, but why not do the same with him?

Selene sighed again, this time in exasperation. “He’s only just gotten to accepting me as a rival,” she reminded Lillie. “If he won’t even admit that we’re at the friend level, how am I supposed to ask him out?”

Her friend had a point. Lillie had a duty to stand by her brother’s side … but just this once she’d go with Selene instead.

Besides, supporting Selene would probably end up making both of them happier a lot faster.

Sense8 AU || Closed


Tony jolts awake, sitting upright in the chair he’d fallen asleep in.  A piece of paper sticks to his face, but he hardly notices for a moment as he recalls his dream.  Never had he had such a vivid or memorable dream in his life.  The woman’s face sticks clear in his mind - radiant and beautiful and kind.  How does one look kind?  Tony doesn’t really know, but she did.

But so… so sad.

Tony snaps back to himself, pulling the paper from his face and… wiping away tears from his cheeks.  Crying in his sleep?  He’s only glad that he’s alone down here in the workshop.  Scrubbing a hand over his face, Tony tries to will the image of the woman from his mind.  It’s the second night he’s dreamed the same dream, and Tony isn’t a firm believer in coincidences, but dream stuff is just… silly.  Maybe his subconscious is trying to tell him something.  Maybe he’d seen the woman before.  Maybe it was something important.

He dismisses it, looking down at the paper he’d peeled from his face.  The schematics are all but gibberish with a couple hours of sleep under his belt, not the genius they had seemed last night (this morning?), but he files them away, for another time to decipher.  For now, he drags himself toward the coffee machine he felt it necessary to install down here, while trying to respond to the hundred emails he had missed while sleeping.  Taking over a nosediving company is exhausting, especially when he’d rather spend his time working in the lab, not cleaning up the messes left by daddy dearest.  He’s done it, though, somehow.  He saved SI and now he has to run it.

So, Tony is a little preoccupied.  Understandable.  Too preoccupied to notice that he is not, in fact, alone.  The first gulp of coffee is still burning its way down his throat when he nearly drops the mug.

He could be hallucinating.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

He’s pretty sure a few hours of sleep after none for three days isn’t nearly enough.  He could absolutely be hallucinating.  He downs the coffee.

Small Bump

TITLE: Small Bump


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: angst / romance

FIC SUMMARY: Tom and OC are expecting their first child. 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspired by Small bump sung by Ed sheeran. Make sure to tell me what you think!

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The ultimate bliss in the Hereafter

“[Some] faces, that Day, will be radiant. Looking at their Lord (seeing His face).”


Ash-Shaafi'i said:

“I swear by Allaah, had I not been certain that I will see my Lord in the Hereafter, I would not have worshipped Him in this life.”


Got off a taxi, and literally RIGHT in front of me was Lee Jongsuk (guy on right in first picture and guy on left in second picture). I stood there staring at him, wondering if it was him or not (because literally NO ONE was around). When he saw me, he started walking away because he didn’t want to be noticed, and I couldn’t really take pictures because I felt like I was intruding in his private life.

But let me just say, he is GORGEOUS omg he was dressed down, and was wearing sunglasses, but you just couldn’t hide that celebrity face and glowing radiant skin of his. I heard him talking on the phone and I felt like I was in a drama..

I should’ve yelled “재희야!!! 송재희!!!! 물통!! 돌파리!!!”

BBRae Week 2016 Day 2 - Family

The day Raven knew they were a family was not the day she had expected.

It wasn’t the day when she found out Trigon had left her barren, denying her the choice to become or not to become a mother, crying for some reason she didn’t fully understand while her boyfriend comforted her awkwardly only a week into their romantic relationship.

It wasn’t the day when she looked up into green eyes set in green skin and said ‘I do’ for all to hear, though she loved him profoundly.

It wasn’t even the day when she and Garfield finally were able to officially adopt Melvin, Timmy and Teether, as close to her heart as any child of her blood could be. They were together and safe and happy.

The day she knew, truly knew, was when Garfield ushered three shy children into a row before Raven as she read in her favourite chair. She frowned when she saw the tracks of tears on Garfield’s face, tempered though they were by his radiant smile. The three children blushed and fidgeted.

“They have something they want to ask you,” Garfield said, quieter than usual. “Go on. It’s okay.” Timmy, always eager to prove he was the bravest, stepped in front of his sister and his brother.

“Raven?” he started, bashfully.

“Yes?” Raven said, encouraging him.

“Can we… can we call you Mommy?” he asked.

Raven dropped her book and fell to her knees on the floor, clutching all three children as close as she could, constantly affirming that they could call her their mother, for that is how she liked to think of herself. After that, there was no need to think.

Raven knew.

Mushy and short but I’m ill and weak and trying lol

Finding Home - Salambo06 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Hi everyone !

I’m finally posting what I called for a long time ‘The French Fic’ !

I’m a bit nervous posting this one because I worked a lot on it and I’m really hopping you’ll all like it !

This fic is for @divine529 :) And thank you to @prettysherlocksoldier for recommanding me for writing this :)​ 

John looks sternly at the different suitcases on the luggage carrousel and tries his best not to sigh in impatience again. Harry is waiting by his side, a radiant smile on her face and playing with her purse as she looks for her own suitcase. The flight hadn’t been long, and honestly, John had known worse, but Harry had squirmed and gotten up every ten minutes. He wasn’t lying when he admitted to himself that he was looking forward to being alone. His own room, his own bed and most importantly, peace. He hadn’t been very enthusiastic about this vacation but John realises he actually is glad to be away from London. He loved the city, yes, but limping his way into coffee shops and pubs wasn’t exactly what he had thought going back to civilian life would be like. Just like crashing his big sister’s couch for the past three months.

Harry is nice and John can tell she is trying to get over her addiction, but they’ve never had a warm and comfortable relationship. Three months is a long time, a really long time when you think of bills, food and spending most of your time with your sibling. Especially when you’re old enough to live on your own. So yes, this vacation still means he has to spend two more months in Harry’s company, but it also means no cooking, cleaning or worrying about daily life problems, and John is perfectly happy to take a break.

“Oh, here they are!” Harry exclaims. John follows her as she hurries toward their luggage. “Why did you have to take your army backpack?”

“It’s the only baggage I have.” John defends himself, throwing it over his shoulder and readjusting his cane so he won’t hurt too much.

“It’s old and ugly.” Harry points out.

“We should go grab a taxi,” John says, cutting their conversation short. Harry shakes her head before following him.

“God, everyone is speaking french.”

John listens to Harry’s complain as they make their way to the exit and he can’t help but smile as he responds, “You did choose to go to France, you know.”

Harry shrugs and takes her phone out of her bag, “I don’t even speak French.”

“Once again,” John repeats, “your choice.”

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