and his face is like that

I think my grandfather had no idea what kind of bear he was poking.

I’ve decided that he’ll now be enjoying weekly e-mail updates with all the BS Trump and the GOP are pulling straight from me. Actual news and actual information with actual facts and statistics from a variety of sources, things that are simply reality and not some talking head’s opinion on something.

And it’s been strangely silent, almost as if he can’t offer a rebuttal… 

Let’s see him insist who’s right and who’s wrong now, eh??


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 246]

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

One of my favorite Killian Jones moments based purely off of the Killian Jones Facial AestheticTM is that one where he and Ariel were tromping through the chilly woods, and Killian turns around to tell her off for thinking he’s a good person, but his nose is all rosy because it’s probably below freezing and he didn’t want to wear the scarf that Smee knitted for him the night before.


Jared: “Hey guys, it is —”

Jensen: “No, not ‘hey guys’. This is for us.”

Jared: “Hey myself and Jensen. I am either you or next to you right now.”

Jensen: “Yes.”

Jared: “It’s magical.”

They couldn’t act more like smug husbands even if they tried - drunken words of truth right there. How on Earth are we supposed to believe they’re just buddies when they’re practically admitting they’re joined at the hip? I have no idea how they had the nerve to post these videos, but I’m eternally grateful.

Jensen interviews Jared on how he feels about wrapping up season 10. Jared repeats “amazed, excited and tired” before the camera sneaks towards Jared’s face and he assumes his kissy face. What’s really interesting, though, is that at the very end he changes his course and his lips hit… something other than the camera. I guess you can tell what I’m thinking here.

They certainly seem to have the most entertaining wrap parties. It will be a cold day in hell when I get over this.

Goblin Ep 14  preview

Episode 14 video preview (translation)

무엇을 잊은 걸까요
누구를… 잊은 걸까요
어떤 얼굴을 잊고, 무슨 약속을 잊어
이렇게 깊이 모를 슬픔만 남은 걸까요
누가 저 좀…
아무나 제발 저 좀…

What did I forget?
Whom… did I forget?
Whose face and what promise I’ve forgotten
that it leaves only deep sorrow like this?
Someone please…
Anybody please…
save me!

Episode 14 text preview (translation)

검을 뽑고 스스로 소멸을 선택한 도깨비의 흔적은 모두의 기억에서 사라진다. 그후로 9년이 흐르는데… 도깨비와 신부(김고은), 그들의 비극적인 운명은 과연 이대로 끝난 것일까?

Dokkaebi (Goblin) pulled out the sword and chose to cease to exist. His traces disappear from everybody’s memories. Nine years have passed since then. Dokkaebi and his bride, is their tragic destiny going to end up like this?  

I heard a story on this radio station, about this man who stepped out one morning only to find himself slipping on a ice patch on his front porch. He fell so hard he broke his neck, and was completely immobile, but still conscious. So he screamed for help for like HOURS, but his closest neighbor was a mile away, and just as he was slipping out of consciousness in twenty degree weather, his dog managed to let herself out of the house, to come to him, and comfort him. For several more hours she sprawled herself across him to keep him warm, and licked his face to keep him conscious, and howled relentlessly until the neighbor a mile away realized something was wrong, and came to check, and like… he’s okay. He’s in stable condition now, and suffered no frostbite, and like OMG… I gotta stop listening to this station in the morning, it is waaayyy too early to be crying like this.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for learning to draw anatomy? p much the only thing I can draw is just girls in the same pose that is a slight face tilt with hands behind the back and always in dresses because I cant draw legs

Honestly the number one thing is PRACTICE, practice from life, practice from reference photos online. Even if you are just hanging out somewhere for a while bring a sketchbook and draw some people walking by, observational drawing really helps. 

A few other things are just knowing basic proportions. Theres one book by Loomis that I really like about anatomy (i still haven’t bought it) but my illustration professor last quarter gave us scans from his book. Loomis uses a skeletal frame to create his people from that focus on set landmarks of the body.

These I all got online through googles images when I searched up Loomis Mannequin. And these are just a ideal guideline, once you get the basics down then you can successfully manipulate the human figure. 

As for arms, if you are drawing a hand lets say and dont know where the elbow should be just know that the wrist joint to the shoulder (socket) the halfway point is where the elbow should be. So draw a line connected the two and in the middle draw straight down. Same thing works for legs I believe. I would draw and show you but my computer has been acting up so :c

I however don’t always go about the same way when I draw people. I still heavily rely on references because people are really really hard, sometimes I use photos of myself. Practice really really does help, I’m telling you. I hope this answers some questions! If you have anymore let me know! c: