and his fabulous body

glasses || chris x eva

prompt: eva is studying at chris’ house after school but she ends up getting distracted by chris’ glasses.

requested by: anonymous

warnings: the tiniest amount of smut at the end.

a/n: i chose to write this because the thought of chris wearing glasses makes my ovaries explode.


If there was one thing Eva Mohn hated the most, it was studying. She hated even the aspect of starting it. There were so many better things she could be doing right now instead, for example she could be binge watching another show. Eva’s History coursework was piling up and if she didn’t pass on this, she would fail the entire subject.

Eva always thought that company made studying easier. She decided to go round to Chris’ house after school - which had become a weekly thing. Every Tuesday they would go to either one of their houses, make out a little (occasionally go further), talk for a bit and watch something. Although today she had to do some studying.

Eva lay on Chris’ bed getting frustrated with the coursework she was attempting to complete. The anger bubbling up inside her was so real and about to simmer over the edge, she was ready to toss her laptop out of the window.

“Breathe Eva, breathe.” She pushed the electronic device away from her, fanning her face as she started to sweat from frustration. 

Chris knew how stressed she got when it came to History, so he purposely distanced himself from her. He would either take a shower or just lie quietly next to her. Today he had opted for taking a shower seen as he had just been to the gym.

She collapsed onto the bed sighing deeply whilst covering her face up with her small hands. She needed a break. She picked up her iPhone scrolled through her instagram, seeing many pictures of people from her party which was the weekend before.

The door to the ensuite bathroom clicked open and out walked the one and only Chris Schistad in only his black sweatpants. His abs were gleaming and his arms looking extra delicious as there were small drops water peppering on his body.

Despite his naked torso looking fabulously beautiful. Eva wasn’t seeing that. All she noticed was the tortoise shell, large lens surrounded by a thin frame, pair of glasses adorning his face.

In all honesty, Eva didn’t know what to with herself when Chris made his presence known in a room with those glasses on.

Chris licked his plump lips and went to his set of drawers picking out a plain t-shirt to wear. He turned around and faced her with an adorable grin placed on his face.

“How’s your work going?” Chris asked Eva as he slipped the shirt over his head.

Eva wasn’t sure how to reply, her mouth was dry and she felt incredibly intimidated by how handsome he looked. She managed to snap out of her trance and coughed a little.

“Horrendously. I don’t understand it.” She replied.

Chris walked over to his bed and sat down next to Eva who had now moved to the end, her feet dangling off the edge.

“You know, History was my best subject. Let me help you.” Chris said and took the laptop from Eva’s lap.

Chris started to mumble some words as he read what was on the screen. Eva couldn’t help but admire his face that was concentrating, his defined jawline was just irresistable.

“Eva?” His voice brought her back into reality. “Are you listening?”

Her cheeks started to heat up a little in embarrassment. “Er…No, sorry.”

He rolled his eyes at her and commenced his explanation again, Eva’s mind started to wander to other places again. Absentmindedly her hands reached out to pull Chris’ glasses off. Before she could take them all the way off he grabbed her hands and looked her straight in the eye.

“What are you doing?” He attempted to sound accusing but a slight smirk was growing upon his lips.

“Nothing” She replied playfully.

Eva managed to wriggle her hands out of Chris’ tight grasp, still holding his glasses. She looked down at them and started to inspect the pair in detail. She manoeuvred herself around to face him, so she was sat crossed legs. “I really like these.” Eva said as she pretended to study them even more.

“Of course you do. You aren’t even listening to me?”

Eva tilted her head sideways, like dogs do when they are confused. She pretended to look as if she was thinking deeply. “Okay, maybe I wasn’t.”

“If you don’t understand it, then why aren’t you listening?” Chris moved the laptop off his knee and placed it onto his bedroom floor. He turned his full attention to what Eva was just about to say.

“I don’t know. I need help but I ended up getting distracted…”

“Oh really? I would never have guessed.” He replied sarcastically whilst silently smirking.

Eva placed Chris glasses back onto his head and fully looked at him, she was starting to completely lose it internally. She had been losing it to Chris for a while now but today was just the icing on the cake.

They weren’t together, well they were but not officially. She thought that was the best part about it. They both needed and wanted each other the same amount, everyone else and they both knew that they were basically a couple but they didn’t need to have a label. That was what made it so perfect.

“Mhum” Eva mumbled something unrecognisable, before wrapping her arms around Chris neck. “These are just such a big turn on for me.” She continued as she pointed at his glasses.

As soon as their lips collided, they were fighting for dominance. Their hands tangled in each others hair. Chris’ hands slowly slid out of Eva’s hair and inched down to the bottom of her back.

“You in those glasses, it does undescribable things to me,” She says out of breath.

“Maybe I will continue to wear them around you.” Chris replied with a smug smirk plastered across his face. He kissed her again. “So I can always have this treatment.”

Eva giggled against his neck as he reached down and squeezed her bum.
After this encounter, he definitely kept his word. Chris would purposely put his glasses on whenever Eva was around. Even if they weren’t alone, he would tease her in front of their friends by taunting her. Sometimes she would pounce on him to have a quick hook up. Other times she would just admire his beauty from afar and realise how incredibly lucky she was.


A/N: I am so sorry this update took so long! I’ve got exams this year and i’m trying to start revising now, so i’m probably going to be slow. I posted this on my wattpad ages ago and only remembered now to post it here. Requests are always open.

“One at a time, people. There’s enough Erron Black to go around … if you got $50.” Damn it, Erron.

But the mods are priceless …


pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 3000 

warnings: swearing, drunkenness, aaron burr being pretentious, sleepiness, alcohol mention, badly and probably incorrectly translated french

prompt/request: Can I have a John Laurens imagine where you are dating and you guys get drunk with some friends at a party and you see him all over another girl and it gets angsty but then super fluffy? I love your writing BTW 💙💛💜💚” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: here’s a funny joke/alternative title if you’ve read one of my other laurens fics, lipstick on his collar: ‘a fic where john says it’s not what it looks like and it truly isn’t’. either way, enjoy!

“How do I look?” John asked, standing in front of the mirror.

He was wearing a black dress shirt and gray jeans, with his hair tied back in a bun. It was a casual night, of course, but Alex had tortured him the last time he showed up to a party in sweats and a t-shirt. You rolled your eyes and stood on your tippy-toes to kiss his scruffy cheek. “How do you think you look?” you questioned, running your thumb over the spot you just had your lips on.

He shrugged, reaching a hand up to smooth out a crease in his shirt.

“Fabulous.” You laughed and grabbed his arms, turning his body to face yours. “Sexy. Handsome. Pretty. Beautiful. Perfect. Like you always do, John.”

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Incomplete list of dorky things Mettaton has done

(aka reasons I love him)

Here’s your friendly reminder that this hotbot:

  • Had a bed in his house, even though the lack of one in Napstablook’s house and their fake sleep in ruins indicate that ghosts most likely don’t need to sleep;
  • Collected diaries, making only one entry in each;
  • According to Toby, had 4, 5 and 6-fingered gloves because he wasn’t sure how many humans actually have;
  • Got invited to an unfamiliar house and immideately decided that the appropriate thing to do is to lie seductively on the piano and feed himself grapes;
  • Bonus points if he was in the box form; 
  • Was unironically selling Bishie Cream, Anime Powder, Cute Juice, Attraction Slime, Beauty Yogurt and fashion basketballs made for wearing not playing;
  • Also sweet treats made out of sparkling stars, burgers made out of edible glitter and sequins and sandwiches shaped like a sword; 
  • Also pressed his face into the steaks and sold them as well (and it apparently wasn’t real meat either);
  • Promised one of his employees that if something happens to him, their face will be pressed instead;
  • Wrote reviews for his own hotel, one of which said “my face tastes beautiful!”;
  • Had tables in form of himself in his restaurant;
  • Refused to put functional lamps in the rooms of his hotel because “stars make their own light”;
  • But put giant bottles of perfume called Eau de Rectangle that looked like lamps and had caps too large to open;
  • Apparently placed a statue of himself in an already existing fountain, causing the water to flood the floor and the carpets?
  • Hired a monster just because as a rectangle he sympathized with their angular struggles;
  • Ignored all suggestions on the improvements of his hotel because “that’s not how they do it on the surface”;
  • Instead of berating Burgerpants made a whole CD album full of songs of how bad he is at his job and played it;
  • Was posing dramatically when the eggs on his cooking show didn’t turn out right and beating up villains on a quiz show;
  • Had a show dedicated to washing hands;
  • Made 28 movies all consisting of a 4-hour shot of rose petals showering his body;
  • Made a fabulous entrance by sitting god knows for how long behind a wall of his friend’s lab and then repeatedly running into the said wall until he crashed through it;
  • Included a question “would you smooch a ghost?” that only had answers “hell yeah” in his quiz and made the timer count up during that question;
  • Had adorable rectangle outfits;
  • Kept repeating “welly well well” when he couldn’t think of a good excuse;
  • Tried to make a pun and immediately decided to cut it in post-production;
  • Totally believed his enemy saying that there was a mirror behind his back and decided to check if he (a rectangle) looked good enough for the fight;
  • Made Frisk write an essay about himself in like 6 seconds;
  • Was fine with beating up a 10 yo and threating them with a chainsaw on live television, but didn’t allow them to write curse words in the essay because “family-friendly show”;
  • Felt the need to have a union-regulated break in the middle of the fight;
  • Caught a thrown stick in his mouth and winked;
  • Pointed at his friend and her crush with a leg and said “smooch now”;
  • Decided to sell Toriel plushies with his face instead of hers;
  • Put legs on his rectangle.
Got7 as Youtubers

||🔻Gifs are not mine🔻||

A/N: This took me much a long time ohmygod. Hope you guys enjoy this <3

Bam Bam: This boy would for sure want to make the world a better place and, at the same time, he’d want it to be a bit for fashionable and self loving. I feel like he would be a male beauty guru plus comedian Youtuber like Youngjae.

Bam Bam: So in todays video, I will show you guys how to dab professionally^^

And because he is the Dab king, he has made a day named Dab day where he goes in a Dab-athon and makes his friends do it as well.

He’d do beauty videos for guys and get both girl and guys drooling over his My daily routine video (which is different every time cuz this kid’s goin’ places) because he uses it as an excuse to take his shirt of cuz there ain’t no one to stopin’ him. He’d actually help his views by giving them advice on what to wear when and how. “Personally, I like it when girls wear—” and “I think it’s best to wear -this- during -this- season.” He’d do Japan haul, America haul, Paris hall and what not haul and pose with all his might. The professional quality kills all his subscribers and they swear to god, they’ve never been killed to beautifully. 

Also, no one memes this boi cuz he’s already a walking, talking meme.

Jackson: Jackson would make work out videos. Because he loves all his subscribers, he would want them to take care of their bodies and health.  Health care. “Today, I will show you guys how to make all organic food. Not only will it be tasty but it will also help you keep in shape, so you guys can have a fabulous body like mine.” *poses* His  subscribers will be both both fangirls and fanboys. He would be ever grateful for all his subscribers and would surely show it though his milestone videos. His videos would also give him an excuse for just showing off those guns ; )

I also feel like he could also do some reaction videos. Like, he’d be super hipped up when he sees the MV of 피 땀 눈 물 Blood Sweat & Tears and he can’t compose his fan boy feeling. “Namjoon-ah!!!!” He’d definitely be jumping out of his chair omo i love him so much. love my squishy

JB: I feel like he would do many song covers. Having much an amazing voice would definitely earn him a spot in Youtube. And because Youtube now consists of many people, it would be a little difficult for him to stand out in the beginning of his youtube career. But eventually he’d earn quite a few loving subscribers who encourage him to make more videos. He’d get very flattered after seeing all of the loving comments on his videos. And oh my, all that fan art he’d get tagged on. But no matter what, he’d still appreciate all the hard work put into it. He’d get mail and posts of how his silvery voice helped out a lot of people in their rainy days. And after seeing that, he’d get more dedicated in making his videos and use the money he gets from Youtube to buy better instruments for recording. Through his journey, he’d even compose some original songs that would be professionally produced. And as he would enter the music industry, he’d still be able to manage his Youtube channel and upload a video every weekend.

Also, he’d get memed a lot by his subscribers. A lot. Someone save him pls

Jr.: This singer, dancer, actor, diva mom’s channel will take a little time to get discovered, and when it does, his subscribers will be very pleased with him as he provides a variety of videos. And because there aren’t many channels like his, he’d get many subscribers. Now, Imma start listing his content so you guys better get your seat belts on.


Voice of an angel basically. No more comments.

Does show off some of his dancing skills through his videos. Like; He’d dance near the ending of the video, during the signing out part. And, in a Q&A, a fan will ask him to dance a little and he will. Just a little. and that little gets us so frustrated damn it

He’d do short self produced films and skits. They would be about 25 to 35 minutes and last about  episodes of 3-5 (meaning 3-5 separate videos.) And because he has so much money, the product will be as fine as butter Some would be mellow-drama while others would be rom-com that’ll make all his views melt in a pool of emotions.

He will shoot an arrow of emotions through your heart and you will never be so messed up and happy at the same time. 

His views would easily see his caring -eomma- side through each one of his videos (not including the films). The views would not only fall in love with him a romantic way but also in a way that’ll make feel like he’s just another person who they can rely on as a friend. There will be so many cute and dorky moments with this kid. Like; he’d forget the camera’s recording and does something stupid yet cute(and because he loves his views he’d add the recording in the bloopers). Accidental innuendoes will be just another reason why his view’s will love him. are they accidental?hmmmmmm…

Mark: He would be the typical gamer that every body knows about. He’d play horror games like OUTLAST and P.T -Silent Hills- with the lights off and would shit himself (no hate bru) in ever jump scare. Chances are that he might even fall back on his gamer chair. 

No doubt he’d start screaming when he’d have one life left or if he’s close to death. “No!No!No! RUN!!! RUN! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” 

Then he’ll have to spend like an hour censoring all he bad things he said…eventually he’d give up and let the video be the way it is with him screaming and swearing at the monster that killed his player. He’d start a family in Sims and take care of his Sims life better than his own. He’d also show off some of his cool flips once in a while ; ). Sometimes, he would start rambling on like there’s no tomorrow while playing the game and other times would get to consumed in the game, he’d go silent. And after he realizes that he hasn’t talked the whole video, he’d have to reshoot the whole 30 minute video again. Lol, everyone should subscribe to Gamer Mark, I mean I would.

Youngjae: He would be your typical comedian Youtuber. Like Superwoman, Joe Sugg, Niga Higa, Dan and Phil, you could watch this sunshines videos for hours and not get tried. He can go from ranting about the rude lady he saw in the super market to his experience of almost dying in a haunted house and to hear-aching videos that’ll make you want to go through the screen and drown him in an hug. His parkour, trick-shot and dare videos are life.

Youngjae: Okay, Iheartyoungjaessmile says ‘keep a tissue off the ground for 40 seconds by blowing at it’. I can totally do this. Fighting! 

-turns into a laughing mess in the end. 

 And because he’s an angel, I think he might have to censor many of the things his hyungs would say in a collaboration video. This crazy, cute, weird, adorable, awkward, sexy(I had to say it. c’mon), funny and optimistic angle in the form of a human would brighten your day not matter how crappy it was. His subscribers would honestly fall in love with him because he would be the type of Youtuber who’s words would reach more than just the camera lens.   

And almost every one of his videos would feature Coco.

Yugyeom:Having such a strong desire and passion for dancing, his channel would mainly consist of choreographed dances, dance covers, and tutorials, along with Q & A videos. He’d spend endless time on making a new dance video that sometimes his subscribers would get worried about his health; he’d get dark circles underneath his eyes and his viewers would catch 30 seconds into the video. So when some of his uploads would be a few days late, the viewers wouldn’t mind it because they’d all love this charismatic child. 

Along with dance, he’d do some basic youtube videos with his hyungs…where somewhere he’d get his cheeks turning a very pretty shade of pink because of his hyungs^^

He’s also gets his hyungs to do group dances with him. 

And then that HD quality tho: 

And because- 

- he can do dis ⬇︎ MY EYES!AGHHHH

And when all these seven youtubers meet at vidcon or a meet and greet — well you I’m sure you guys can imagine what goes down there ^.^

Keke, I love this < 3

See ya ✌︎

~Admin Sushi スシ

He’s perfect and I love him 😍❤️

Otherside (event RP) || reluctantly-determined

With bro and Undyne gone, Sans peered over the doctor’s shoulder as she began to receive the videofeed from Mettaton’s body. 

so mettaton is going to be able to keep Frisk out of the lab right? couldn’t we have just locked the doors or something..?

Sans already knew the plan that the others hastily threw together, while he stayed back comforting Toriel. Mettaton would control his other body and run “FABULOUS” interference, preoccupying the kid until Papyrus and Undyne would be able to get there. Papyrus can most definitely get Frisk to listen to him, they like bro almost as much as they like Toriel, and Undyne could handle the flower easily…. But something still didn’t feel right…