and his epic pout

I know your weakness. It’s kisses. You are doomed. (Don’t worry. We’re all doomed eventually.)


Bitty walked into the house and saw Kent sitting on the couch with his arms crossed over his chest and one of the most epic pouts he’d ever seen. Since Kent had taken the entire couch, Swoops was sitting on the loveseat with KJ in his lap.

Bitty walked over to Kent and kissed the top of his head before brushing his fingers through his hair. “Why are you pouting, sweetie?” he asked. He waited a minute for a response and got none. “Swoops? Honey?”

“Trainer didn’t clear him,” Swoops said. He helped KJ off the couch and watched their cat walk over to Bitty. “Said that he can’t lace up for two more weeks. Thus…” He gestured to Kent who was still pouting. Even more now.

Bitty sighed. “Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry.” He kept brushing his fingers through Kent’s hair. “How about I make your favorite pie tonight to make you feel better? How does that sound?”

When Kent didn’t say anything, Swoops picked up KJ’s toy mouse and threw it at Kent, hitting him right in the forehead. “Hey. Bits is talking to you.”

All Kent did was uncross his arms so he could flip Swoops off. He crossed his arms again once he had held the finger up for an acceptable amount of time.

“It’s okay, honey,” Bitty said to Swoops. He tilted Kent’s face up with a finger under his chin. “Kent is allowed to be mad. I know how badly he wants to get back on the ice.” He kissed Kent on his lips and held back a smile when he said Kent’s shoulders relax. He kissed him once more on his forehead. “Two weeks, then you two can make your playoff run, right?”

Bitty bent down and picked up KJ to put him in Kent’s crossed arms. He kissed Kent again on his lips. It was another kiss on his forehead that finally got him a response.

“Yeah,” Kent said softly.

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In honor of season 3 I’ve decided to write a little something that I’ve been wanting to write since starting the Single Dad Shiro AU. I hope you all enjoy! There are some spoilers to “fan theories” towards Season 3 but no real spoilers. I had so much fun writing this one. Be on the look out because I also plan to write a “Voltron Cannon Version” of this AU soon due to requests! So enjoy!


              “Are you sure he’s ready for this? Maybe it’s too soon?”

              “Who are we talking about mom, Keith or Kuro?” Shiro joked lightly, however it did nothing to ease his other’s constant worrying. His father looked far more relaxed than his mother, but Shiro could still see that Thace was pretty nervous about the whole ordeal.

              In fact, it felt like everyone but Shiro was nervous about today. When Shiro probably had the second most reason to be nervous. After all it wasn’t every day that your twin brother was about to meet his nephew, after being held prisoner for nearly four years. Even longer than Shiro had been held prisoner.

              In fact, there were still days that Shiro would lie awake with guilt even after his brother had been returned home. Shiro’s twin brother, Kuro, had joined the military at the same age as Kuro though the two of them had been separated into different units with Shiro in a special operations unit and Kuro on the ground. They didn’t see much of each other during their service but letters and skype calls were constant between the two brothers, as they were closer than anyone else. When Shiro and his team had been attacked and captured, it was Kuro who had led a rescue team after them, only for his entire team to be slaughtered before they could rescue Shiro. By the time another team had rescued Shiro and a few straggling survivors, Kuro had been declared KIA.

              So while the Shirogane house had rejoiced in one son returning home, they had mourned for the other that was dead. It took Shiro almost two years to jump out of his depression due to PTSD, stress, trauma and survivors guilt over his brother’s death.

              The reason for Shiro’s sudden turn in his attitude had been Keith.

              It was all thanks to Keith that Shiro hadn’t…killed himself.

              And now, here he was two years later, only six months after having his brother returned home. The call from Shiro’s old base had been haunting and nearly thrown Shiro into a fit, especially at the mention of his deceased brother. It was only the fact that Keith was sitting quietly in his arms, so full of innocence and life, that Shiro didn’t have an episode.

              Imagine his shock upon hearing that Kuro had been found. Alive.

              After four years of imprisonment, Kuro had been returned and deemed to head home. Shiro had cried. Shiro’s parents had cried. Hell, even Keith had cried, not understand why his family was crying so much.

              Once the family had learned of Kuro’s health, they had instantly begun to worm back into Kuro’s life. Beginning, with letters and phone calls over Kuro’s treatments that had eventually dived into skype calls. Those had been extremely emotional. Shiro had cried even harder upon seeing his brother’s haggard but smiling face after four torturous long years. His brother’s hair had grown out significantly, and there were patches of facial hair all over his face from years of neglect. Kuro had several scars over his face, one was similar to the scar on Shiro’s nose but was more angular than Shiro’s. His eyes were full of haunted memories and Shiro had cried even more.

              Until his brother had told him to stop crying like a baby. Eventually the calls went to Thace and his wife, and soon enough the entire Shirogane family was calling daily for six months until Kuro asked to come home. Shiro had never scolded his brother for asking, until in that moment. Of course, you can come home, please come home. Please, please, please.

              Then Kuro was on a flight home and today was the day that he was scheduled to arrive home. And the day that he would meet the entire Shirogane family, including little two-year-old Keith. Shiro had told Kuro all about Keith over several skype calls, and his brother had silently listened with a small smile over his face as Shiro had gushed over Keith.

              Shiro’s parents couldn’t help but be worried that Kuro would become overwhelmed or how Keith would react to a stranger. They only had their son’s and grandson’s best interest but no matter what, Shiro was doing this. He needed this. Keith needed this.

              Kuro needed this.

              “Are you ready to meet uncle Kuro, baby?” Shiro asked softly, brushing back Keith’s hair (which was growing ridiculously fast for his age) as Keith sucked on his fist. Chuckling, Shiro removed Keith’s hand from his mouth, only for Keith to pout epically and shove his wet hand at Shiro. “Ah, ah, no. We don’t eat our hands. You’re gonna need that.”

              Keith frowned again, but eventually lost interest upon inspecting Shiro’s prosthetic for the umpteenth time. All that time Shiro had spent worrying that Keith would be terrified of the arm, had been thrown out the window when Keith had only displayed curiosity and glee upon seeing the arm.

              Shiro let out a shaky breath, trying not to jostle Keith too much as he waited outside the hanger where Kuro’s plane was coming in.

              “You’re going to like uncle Kuro.” Shiro smiled softly, unaware of his parents watching his interaction. Instead he focused on those big blue eyes that he loved so much, which were looking right up at him as if listening intently. “He’s so much fun and he’s going to always watch over you, just like daddy. But don’t you like uncle Kuro play any tricks and gang up on daddy. Okay? I don’t need him and you against me.”

              “Aw, Takashi, you’re no fun.”

              Shiro did jump this time, and Keith squeaked in annoyance. Quickly, Shiro shushed Keith with a soft smile and Keith huffed but calmed down. Turning, Shiro felt his voice catch in his throat and his eyes had already begun to water. His entire body was full of a rush of adrenaline and Shiro could barely stop himself from running. He bounced Keith, feeling his throat tightened and legs beginning to tremble.

              How times had he dreamed of this moment? How often had he wished for his brother to come home?

              And there he was standing just two feet away from Shiro and his family.

              After four years apart, and four years of believing his brother to be dead Shiro had so much to tell his brother; so much to say but instead all that he could say was, “What the fuck did you do to your hair?”

              Shiro slapped a hand over his mouth and his entire face went bright red, which Keith found immensely amusing. He squeaked again and slowly patted at his father’s red face.

              One of Kuro’s eyebrows rose and he couldn’t even stop the amused grin from coming onto his lips. Kuro’s hair was no longer shoulder length but had been cut close to his head on all sides but with a teeny tuff of bangs at the front of his head. It wasn’t an undercut like Shiro but it was still much shorter than Shiro had seen in years. However, it was the white tips of Kuro’s bangs that had caused Shiro’s outburst.

              “Seriously?” Kuro’s eyes drifted over to Shiro’s much longer bangs and Shiro cursed under his breath. “Thought it would be fun to match twinsie.”

              “Kuro!” That was it before their mother and father were sobbing and running at their oldest boy. Kuro barely had a second to drop his bag before he was engulfed in a hug by his mother and father. The three stood together in a tight embrace, with his mother and father sobbing and Kuro in the middle. It was a testament to how much Kuro had been hurt and how much he had missed them, because he didn’t once complain about the hug, even after twenty minutes of it. And if Shiro looked closely, he could see tears dripping off Kuro’s scared chin as he tucked himself into his dad’s neck.

              Shiro’s heart was thundering in his chest and his own tears raced down his cheek. A sob almost escaped him, until –

              Keith gently wiped at his dad’s face, eyes wide and fearful and lower lip trembling. Shiro swallowed thickly upon seeing his son’s obvious distress and his cute attempt to comfort his dad, and Shiro couldn’t help but gather Keith up even closer to him in a hug. Quickly, Keith threw his arms around Shiro’s neck and hugged back and instantly Shiro felt better than he was all day. Thank you sweetheart.

              It wasn’t until Shiro felt a tap on his shoulder did he pull away, to see his mother, teary eyed but smiling, and holding out her arms. It took a few minutes too long before Shiro realized what she was doing. Giving Keith a quick kiss to his head, Shiro gently deposited Keith into his mom’s arms before taking a deep breath.

              Slowly, turning around, Shiro was face to face with the brother he had grown up with. The brother he had loved and followed after with many adventures trailing him. The brother who had watched out for him for any bullies and kept him out of trouble. The same brother who had called him at four in the morning during junior year asking for Shiro to bail him out of jail for trespassing. The same brother who had risked his life to try and rescue.

              Shiro couldn’t hold back his tears and soon enough he found himself holding on desperately to the brother he believed to be gone for so long. He’s real. He’s real. This is real and Kuro is alive. Kuro is here. Kuro was holding onto Shiro just as tightly and they both had silent tears dripping onto the floor below them. Both were covered in scars, physical and mental; both had prosthetics and replacements on them, and both were haunted by the war they served in but nothing, nothing could ever ruin this moment ever. This is real. You’re real. You’re here, right in front of me.

              That is until a frustrated huff interrupted their hug.

              Recognizing the hug, Shiro was the first to pull back, but not before staring into those grey eyes so alike his and yet so different, and running a hand through Kuro’s short hair.

              “You’re ridiculous, you know that?” Shiro chuckled softly and Kuro sniffled, but managed a grin.

              “As if baby brother. You’re the dramatic one, going out and having a kid while I was gone.” Kuro replied, causing Shiro to roll his eyes.

              “Shut up, you ass.” There was no venom or bite in Shiro’s voice, but only tenderness and love. He was reluctant to pull away, but another impatient huff forced him to. Taking another deep breath, Shiro turned away to look back at his son.

              Obviously, angry at not being the center of Shiro’s attention, Keith was trying his hardest to reach out to Shiro and escape his grandmother’s hold. Shiro’s mom sheepishly looked at him before holding Keith out to Shiro. Upon, seeing his daddy, Keith had beamed and reached out with grabby hands, causing Shiro to laugh out loud.

              “Awww, does someone want daddy’s attention?” Shiro cooed, almost forgetting that his brother had never heard him talk like this before. Even with their dogs. “Are you being a grumpy pants? Huh, why do you always gotta be a grump?”

              Keith continued to beam brightly, as he slapped at Shiro’s chest and wiggled excitedly in his arms. Shiro laughed again, this time earning chuckles from his mom and dad. However, there was one person who had yet to speak and it was making Shiro’s heart beat faster. Taking, yet another deep breath, Shiro turned around to face his brother again.

              Kuro’s jaw had dropped open in a tiny ‘o’ shape and his eyes widened upon seeing Keith for the first time.

              “Kuro, I’d like you to meet your nephew,” Shiro smiled softly at the awed look on his brother’s face. “Keith Shirogane. He’s two years as of three months ago and I adopted him when he was six months old.”

              Kuro’s look of awe never wavered at he took a closer look at Keith.

              “Shiro…Shiro he’s beautiful.” Kuro whispered, causing Shiro’s heart to swell. It was then that Keith finally focused his attention on Kuro and everyone held their breath. By now, they all knew what Keith was like around strangers and were prepared.

              “Ah, Kuro, now don’t be alarmed.” Shiro said quickly, expecting the worst. “Keith isn’t much of a fan of strangers. It’s not you, he just needs to get used to people, so don’t be alarmed if he starts crying or – ”

              Shiro froze, unable to say another word when Keith cocked his head and looked at Shiro. Then he looked at Keith, and then at Shiro. Everyone continued to hold their breath, even Kuro as Keith remained silent and continued to look between the twin brothers.

              That is until Keith immediately reached for Kuro and demanded to be held.

              Shiro would have laughed at the deer-in-headlights look that Kuro was giving Keith, who was becoming impatient, if Kuro hadn’t looked so scared. Of Keith.

              “Oh Kuro. He likes you.” Shiro said gently. “He wants you to hold him.”

              “S-Shiro, I shouldn’t. I-I’m not. M-My arm and leg…” Kuro rambled on nervously and Shiro rolled his eyes.

              “What did you think this was? Cosplay?” Shiro asked, waving his own prosthetic while Keith began to whine. “Now, my baby boy wants his uncle to hold him and he’s going to get that. Open up your arms.”

              Kuro had never obeyed so quickly before and his entire body was stiff as a board when the tiny human was put into his arms. He nervously looked down at Keith who was staring hard at Kuro. Kuro swore he felt the sweat drip down his back.

              “Stop, you look like you have a stick up your ass. Loosen up, hold his butt and his back.” Shiro said, correcting Kuro’s hold on Keith, before he could feel Kuro beginning to relax. “There you go. See, but be careful, he bites.” Shiro joked, earning a scowl from Keith.

              Keith squeaked, staring at Kuro for a moment longer before seeing Shiro. He spent another minute looking between the two before suddenly he was reaching for Shiro. Shiro saw the dejected look on Kuro’s face, and wanted to keep Keith in his arms but he knew Keith would throw a fit if he didn’t have his dad and Shiro never wanted Keith that upset.

              “It’s okay. Don’t be so upset.” Shiro said quietly as he took Keith back into his arms. Keith looked back up at Shiro and then at Kuro. “He does this to a lot of people.”

              “Yeah, the boy is a total daddy’s boy. It’s not you.” Thace chimed in while Shiro snickered. Thankfully, this caused Kuro to also grin.

              That is, until Keith reached for Kuro again.

              Flabbergasted, Shiro placed Keith back into Kuro’s arms. After a few seconds, Keith looked to Shiro and immediately reached for him.

              “Oh my. I think Keith might be a bit confused by twins.” Shiro and Kuro’s mom finally giggled, causing Thace to burst into laughter. Shiro and Kuro shared a look of surprise before identical grins spread over both faces.

              “Keith, where’s daddy? Keith where is your daddy?” Kuro asked, opening his arms. Keith blinked and quickly reached over for Kuro, as Shiro passed him over.

              “Oh Keith, baby where is daddy?” Shiro continued with a grin and held out his hands to Keith. Bouncing, Keith reached over for Shiro, causing Kuro to burst into laughter after he handed over his nephew. The sound was like music in Shiro’s ears and his smile couldn’t possibly get any wider.

              This game went on for many more moments, with the entire family content to stay like this forever.

              “Alright, alright you two.” Thace finally plucked Keith out of his sniggering uncle’s arms. “Alright son, now can you tell me which one is your daddy?” Thace turned so that he and Keith were both facing Kuro and Shiro. They were standing side by side, looking remarkably identical with a few differences that only those who knew them could see. It was a test of knowledge for the toddler, nothing serious, but everyone was curious.

              It only took a second, but soon enough Keith was reaching for Shiro.

              “Yes! Oh, my precious star, look at how smart you are!” Shiro praised, scooping Keith into his arms and snuggling his cheek against Keith. Keith then nodded, as if confirming his decision before running a tiny hand over his daddy’s scar on his nose.

              All the while, Kuro watched the scene with a fond smile. He wasn’t out of the woods yet, but Kuro knew that he would be okay with his family by his side. With his mom and his dad. With Shiro.

              And now with Keith.

              I’m going to love you with every last fiber in my body, and I’m going to always protect you.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter lay on his cot with the cell lights down after Graham left him. Several hours passed.
For a while he had textures; the weave of the pillowcase against his hands clasped behind his head, the smooth membrane that lined his cheek.
Then he had odors and let his mind play over them. Some were real, some were not. They had put Clorox in the drains; semen. They were serving chili down the hall; sweat-stiffened khaki. Graham would not give him his home telephone number; the bitter green smell of cut cocklebur and teaweed.
—  A friendly reminder that Book!Hannibal spent hours pouting while desperately trying not to, over the fact that Will Graham didn’t give him his phone number.

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Supercat - don't touch me, I do not require affection from anyone... Yes u do Cat 😈

The rhythmic beeps of the heart monitor and the steady breaths of the respirator set Kara’s teeth on edge.  She wasn’t allowed in the room.  Family only.  She stood outside in the hallway, looking through the glass, her view hindered by the partially closed venetian blinds covering the windows; like a puzzle that was missing pieces, hinting at the full picture.  She refused, tempted as she was, to use her x-ray vision to peek in at the curly haired boy laying on the bed.  She could see the tube where it entered his mouth and pulled at his cracked lower lip, even if she couldn’t see his closed eyes.  She could see his chest rising and falling to the rhythm of the respirator; one breath in, two beeps, one breath out, over and over and over, even if she couldn’t see the tiny spot on his hand where the IV entered his vein.  She could see his tiny, thin arm , wrapped in a red cast, because red was his favorite color, even if she couldn’t see the brace around his knee where it had buckled under the weight of the concrete; and she could see the halo of curly blonde hair steady and still at his bedside, even if she couldn’t see the tears tracking down pale cheeks and dropping onto sterile, starchy bedsheets.

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So this is reverb 2.5 for 2016, a SoMa Star Trek AU inspired by the adorable art of @chaoticlivi.

Thanks go to @bendandcurl, @therewithasmile, @ilarual, and my awesome artist partner livi again for being clutch with the betaing and helping make this so much better.

Summary:  Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, recent graduates from Starfleet Academy, have both been assigned to the new flagship Resonance. Expecting to learn the ropes, they get more than they bargained for when the terrorist group Arachnophobia targets the ship on its maiden voyage. As everything falls apart around them, can two rookies really make a difference?

Word Count: 12K

Pairings: Soul x Maka

Read on FFN or AO3.

Art by @chaoticlivi can be found here.

She feels nervous, which is both strange and undeniable. Why should she be nervous? Taking a shuttle craft is nothing new–she had toured the ship months ago as it was being worked on–she’s about to be reunited with her closest friend. That part gives her butterflies, though, fluttering wildly in her middle like she’s ten again and watching her mama go off on yet another mission, which is just silly. She’s a fully vested member of Starfleet now, top of her class out of the academy, assistant to the Chief Tactical Officer of the new fleet flagship Resonance. She is Ensign Maka Albarn and she does not get butterflies.

Except today, apparently, she does.

And why, because of Soul? Soul of all people? Soul, who she’s known since they started together at the academy years ago? Soul, who she had loathed for months on sheer principle before getting stuck as his partner? Soul, who had managed to worm his way underneath her unrelenting drive to become her closest friend? Soul, who she knows better than she knows herself? Soul, who she has missed like a phantom limb these past months, desperately and achingly?


Such questions do nothing to quell the rampant butterflies.

The characteristic clang and jolt of the craft docking pulls Maka from her thoughts. As she collects herself to disembark, she idly wonders how long it will take to see the Concensio. It is a question as silly as her increasing butterflies; Maka might have known that she would see an unmistakable mop of white amidst the crowd, might have predicted the wide grin he quickly, futilely tries to stifle.

She throws herself into his arms before she even knows she means to, protocol be damned, basking in his warmth as he returns the hug.

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Captain Swan in “Best Laid Plans” (small little details)

Where I live OUAT airs at 1am so I watch it live and then usually go to sleep. And my Mondays suck for me so I don’t really have much time to write an episode analysis right after the episode airs. 

This means that by the time I can actually review (mainly) the CS scenes, I don’t have a whole lot of new things to say because the amazing metaers (is that a word?) of this fandom have already talked about everything.

So today I’ll talk about some small little details I’ve noticed while watching the CS scenes from the last episode. Hopefully, this won’t be repetitive (as much as I would like to, I’m sure I don’t follow every single blog that metas the CS scenes - if you are one, please let me know). I’m addicted to CS metas so if you write them, I’ll follow you for sure.

Okay, let’s start with their first scene. Of course the way Emma immediately comforted Killian and assured him that his happy ending wouldn’t go dark was adorable and my heart immediately bursted. And while yes, it’s ridiculous that Snowing thought CS and Henry couldn’t hear them when they were just two toothpicks away from them, my main focus wasn’t really there. I was more interested in hearing CS while the camera focused on Snowing (please don’t judge). And I don’t regret it a bit! Do you know why? Because I heard CS kissing. At least it sure looks like the sound of a small smooch and it fits with a) the way we hear it right after David stops looking at them and looks away:

and b) how the next shot of them is this:

So yes, they totally kissed in this scene. Which takes me to my next point: THEY KISSED IN FRONT OF HER PARENTS AND HER SON. And given how the rest of the scene played out, it’s highly likely that Emma was the one INITIATING THE KISS. 


After being openly affectionate with Killian in public spaces and having no problem joining the PDA squad, Emma ‘easy, tiger, we have company’ Swan has no issue kissing her boyfriend in front of the most important people in her life. In her parent’s loft. Homegirl doesn’t even care anymore and it’s soooooo adorable. 

Second scene is the epic jealous Killian moment. His pouts and insecurities are heartbreaking to see, but it’s understandable that he feels curious about what kind of relationship Emma shares with August. He’s seen how concerned she was about him, it’s normal that there is some curiosity there. Is that fueled by his insecurities? Yes, but it’s not just that. He loves her and sometimes you just can’t help but feel a little jealous over the fact that other people are close to the person you love. As long as it’s healthy and doesn’t exceed the limits and turns into an obsession and need of possessiveness, I don’t see an issue. He was adorable in the way he tried to bring the matter to the table with his “You care for him”. Just like Emma did last week, that was his way to get her to tell him what was the deal between her and August.

And let’s be honest. Emma loved every single moment of it:

About the scene in the docks, I’m afraid I don’t have anything new to say. Their development both as individuals and as a couple was incredible. I just hope Emma’s “They were right” didn’t mean anything else (ie: Snowing was right to think Emma could go dark). And speaking of that, I’m preparing a post where I go back to the Oscars promo and briefly dwell on it with the information we now have of the last episodes.

All in all, great episode for CS! Let’s see what the next episode brings us.