and his dumb way to cope is to take his frustration out on her

Short opinion: This is the best book.  Not the best Animorphs book, just the best book of all time.  Period.

Long opinion:

This is one of those books where plot and character are difficult to sort out, because the plot is so character-driven and the characters are so influential to the plot that they are irreparably wrapped up in each other—and the entire story is driven by the protagonists’ agency.  This book opens and closes on Jake’s dreams, and in that first dream sequence he’s this tiny, helpless human in the face of this ginormous cosmic power.  I love that this scene draws attention to the fact that Jake first encountered Crayak under circumstances when he was literally the most helpless he’s ever been in his life: Jake is literally paralyzed because of the dying yeerk inside his brain when he suddenly finds himself facing down this malicious all-knowing deity.  In that scene Jake describes himself as the “keeper” of his brother’s memories (Have I mentioned the Cain parallels recently?), foreshadowing both the fact that by the end of the book he’ll be the only being with Howler DNA or memories in the whole universe, and the fact that by the end of the series he’ll be the only being with Tom’s memories in the universe.

The next scene with the kids watching a production of Lion King (funny how that plot hinges on the villain killing his older brother…) in a way that makes them utterly themselves: Rachel is pretty much daring a guy to try and hit on her so she can release a little pent-up frustration on a harasser, Marco is pulling ridiculous stunts to get Jake to laugh, Cassie is totally zoned out because let’s be real she doesn’t give a crap about the fine arts, and Jake is enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit while also not giving a crap about the fine arts.  When Ax shows up he’s totally confused but goes into hyper-protective mode toward his team anyway, and when Tobias pops up he figures out in two seconds flat what it took everyone else a few minutes to catch on to: this is the Ellimist at work.  

One of my favorite subtle moments in the series is when Marco snarks at the Ellimist about the pinnacle of ketran evolution being the ability to look like a teenager with braces, and then almost immediately has a silent freak-out because he just sassed a divinity.  I really love how Marco’s quick thinking gets him in trouble almost as much as it gets him out, and how it shows that even his clever one-liners are a coping mechanism rather than a calculated attempt to appear cool.  His inability to get through a stressful situation without making dumb jokes literally almost gets the kids killed in #30 and #42, and here he has the good sense to realize that the Ellimist is the absolute last person he should be mocking—about ten seconds after he’s already gone and done it.

Also, Jake and Rachel’s relationship in this book is heartbreaking and awesome.  When the kids first learn about the conflict with the Iskoort they’re understandably reluctant to get involved in yet another cosmic war but Rachel especially argues that they shouldn’t get themselves killed needlessly in a conflict that has nothing to do with the yeerks… Until Jake admits that Crayak has been harassing him in his dreams.  Rachel does a one-eighty to “No Crayak space monster is gonna beat up on my cousin” the millisecond she finds out (#26).  Marco also jumps sides of the argument immediately with an eye to defending Jake, and before they know it they’re already off to the races.  Later on, just before the final battle, Rachel literally holds Jake in her arms in grizzly morph while he becomes a Howler for the first time, because she’s the only person Jake trusts to kill him without hesitation if he loses control of the morph.  These two share a level of trust—Jake trusts Rachel to defend his life, but also more importantly to know when to end his life when the cost of defending it would be too high, and Rachel has exactly the same level of trust in Jake—that we don’t see with any other pair on the team.  It goes way, way beyond their simple shared willingness to get their hands dirty; it’s about trusting each other with their lives but also with their deaths.  

This is also the book where (if he didn’t already have it) Jake definitely earns the title of “war-prince.”  Not only does he fight a battle against two infinitely more powerful beings and win, not only does he outmaneuver the most deadly alien species the kids ever face using the power of love, but he also plays the part of Team Mom throughout this nightmarish field trip while just as scared and lost as everyone else present.  He takes the time to check on Cassie in the middle of the night while also terrified the Howlers will attack at any moment.  He gently talks Marco down when Marco’s about to panic at the sheer foreignness of the situation.  He not-so-gently calls Erek on the fact that Erek is lying by omission for large parts of this book.  All the while he also weighs and balances everything he knows about the Howlers and the Iskoort, constantly gathering more information (frequently at risk to his own life, as with that awesome-nutso gambit with jumping off a cliff to acquire Howler DNA) until eventually he figures out the motivations of everyone else jerking him around.  He describes himself as “an ant on a chessboard,” but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn how to play.  By the end of the book he’s thinking on the same level as the Ellimist and Crayak, while also viscerally understanding the ordinary Howler or Iskoort.  As Rachel’s bulletin board says:  ’“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.’ - Sun Tzu” (#4).  

Jake also verbally embraces the title of “prince” for the first (possibly only) time in the series during this book, twice ordering Ax to defend his own life against the Howlers.  Jake doesn’t totally get andalite culture, evident in the fact that he’s not sure why Ax cares so much about having run from an unwinnable battle.  But he also knows and understands (and cares about) Ax, enough so to grasp that what Ax needs is the reassurance of his prince that he didn’t do anything wrong.  Jake has to practically step on Rachel’s toes to stop her from volunteering for the suicide mission (because of course) but he does it, aware that Ax will view this as a chance to reaffirm his place on the team and regain what “honor” he lost by running from the Howler.  Jake is never comfortable with the leadership role, and least comfortable of all when someone puts a formal title on his leadership.  However, he also understands that when Ax is literally ready to die in order to affirm his place on the team, the whole “prince” bit is not about him; it’s about helping Ax.  And so he calls himself Ax’s prince, not once but twice, in order to save Ax’s life.  Because it’s what needs doing in order to keep the team alive.  

In addition to the spot-on characterization and the mind-bogglingly huge plot, this book also has some vicious commentary on philosophy of war.   Marco actually calls Erek on the fact that, when the Animorphs are about to be slaughtered by a far more powerful enemy, Erek’s decision not to act is an action in and of itself.  Maybe Erek doesn’t have a choice about not causing harm, even at the expense of preventing a murder, but Erek also sure as hell does not have the moral high ground.  Pacifism is not a righteous course of action in the face of atrocity, and Erek standing by to watch his friends get slaughtered—knowing all the while that the entire Iskoort species also hangs in the balance—is not the moral high ground.  Jake actually feels loathing for the Pemalites as he frantically flies back toward the hopeless battle that might have cost Cassie and Rachel their lives, thinking that he’ll never forgive them if they got his friends killed with their short-sighted, obsessive nonviolence when they programmed the Chee.  

The social comment in this book isn’t a particularly comforting or comfortable one (but then when are they ever, in Animorphs books?) but it is an important message: that the world is an ugly place in which simple neutrality is the prerogative of the privileged.  One cannot call oneself moral simply by standing by and refusing to fight back while evil triumphs (X).  As Cassie points out to Jake, only slave owners and Nazis have ever had the luxury of branding entire groups of people as uniformly evil and one’s own cause as uniformly good (#26).  In order to stop a terrible wrong, the kids have to commit a terrible wrong.  The war is not won through anything as easy as standing on principle, because no lofty abstract principle ever works in 100% of cases in the real world.  Erek is no better or worse than any of the kids because he is held to a certain standard of behavior by external constraints; even an idea as pure as “do no harm” does not stand up when one has the chance to stop genocide and cannot.  

Crayak understands the idea better than the Pemalites did, when he designs the Howlers: the opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference (X).  The Chee aren’t programmed to hate—or to love—any other species.  

More specifically, this book also calls Erek out on his tendency to consider himself above the Animorphs because of his nonviolence.  Erek is every bit as vengeful (bloodthirsty, even) as Ax or Rachel throughout this whole conflict, but he also refuses to acknowledge that fact.  He conveniently forgets to mention the fact that the Howlers are innocent (relatively speaking) in their childish indifference to death and ignorance of failure until Jake also discovers that fact.  Years before the Animorphs use Erek to do their dirty work in the fight against Tom’s yeerk, Erek uses them to do his dirty work through setting up the fight with the Howlers and letting them annihilate another species without even having all of the facts about who they’re fighting.  

The motif is writ large throughout the series: war is won through sacrifice, and most of those sacrifices are not as clean or glorious as simply dying for one’s cause.  Erek stands by, choosing to give up the fight after only one battle turns too ugly for his liking (#10), and as a result the entire species of Howlers gets wiped out by Crayak.  As a result of his later actions, both Tom and Rachel get killed and the Blade ship remains free to conquer another planet (#53).  And yet this is a being who (allegedly) never hurts anyone for any reason.  Erek is self-righteous, vengeful, and morally hypocritical.  That fact gets a little lost in books like #20, #32, or #45, but here Jake makes the contrast between his friends—who are running headlong into a deadly battle for the sake of some yeerk-descendants—and the Chee—who are forced to stand by and risk nothing with nothing gained—painfully clear.  

This book offers no simple answers, and it shows that in war, there are no simple answers.  However, it also ends with Jake surrounded by his friends, taking triumph from the fact that he’s just a helpless little human facing down a malicious all-knowing deity whose ass he just kicked.  USING THE POWER OF LOVE.  Have I mentioned that this is the best book ever written?  

Leverage OT3 Recs: Getting Together (Eliot POV)

The OT3 get a lot of development on screen as a relationship, but we never actually get to see them actually figure out that they’re all in love with each other. Here are my favorite stories of how Parker, Eliot, and Hardison said “yes” to their relationship, told from Eliot’s point of view. A heart symbol next to the fic (❤︎) means it’s a special favorite.

Feel free to reblog with your own additions!

Already Here by zvi (1402 words, rated G)

Eliot does tai chi forms when he’s unhappy. Tai chi wasn’t the first formal martial arts training Eliot had, but it was the first that felt natural and comfortable even when he was bad at it. Running through the forms puts him present in his body and his space, in a way that means he’s not surprised when Parker drops in on him. He is shocked when she says, “It’s good. If you’re in love with us. We are. With you.”

Set after “The Low Low Price Job,” Eliot comes back from his failed trip to reconnect with his family, and gets a reminder of who his true family is. This story is so achingly sweet.

❤︎ anything you can give by Thorinsmut (17263 words, rated E)

“Ok,” Eliot said. “Ok.” He hadn’t planned this eventuality, not in his rosiest daydreams before he cut them down to size, forced them into more reasonable shapes. But ‘reasonable’ never had described anyone on the Leverage crew, had it? Of course Hardison and Parker would go about it all backwards, start a relationship with him with the marriage proposal.

This fic has possibly the most romantic marriage proposal possible for the OT3, which feels just right for a fic set right before The Rundown Job, because these three are totally on their honeymoon in that episode – and scorching-hot sex. 

Exceptionalism by subluxate (5028 words, rated T)

“Yeah, Parker.”

“Eliot.” She sounds unusually serious. He tenses. “Take out your comm. I need to know something.”

He takes it out and asks, “What?”

“You know how you like food because it makes you feel something?”

“Yeah,” he says warily.

“Do you ever like people like that?”

I love how this fic fills in the gaps in early Season 5 and shows us the arc of Eliot figuring out and expressing his feelings for Hardison and Parker. It takes scenes like the retirement conversations in The Real Fake Car Job and shows us what they mean to Eliot.

❤︎ It’s a Long Way to Zanzibar by facetofcathy (11,722 words, rated E)

He knew Alec got him hot, got him wound up in some way, frustrated and irritated and horny and lustful and a million other things all tangled together. Parker was simpler, an unknotted cord. There wasn’t the same heat, but there was something, some draw, and it was just possible he did like her, simple as that. With his upstairs brain, anyway. “Yeah, yeah, I do,” he said. “I like you just fine.”

The OT3 go on a road trip. One of my favorites in the fandom. The Eliot POV here is sublime – his love for Parker and Hardison just bleeds through every word. 

like you know i am better than the worst thing i ever did by postcardmystery (1744 words, rated M)

He doesn’t watch Hardison drowning, because he needs to not watch, because he needs not to remember the man that he really is, under cheap clothes and easy smiles and the guns he never uses if he can help it. He needs to be able to lie to himself, just this once, and not look at choking gasps beneath the water. He needs to forget and never to forgive and to lie and force the man that did not make him the man that he’s become believe the lies he’s peddling, because he will die for his sins, but Hardison–

A painful fic about Eliot struggling with the man he was and the man he’s trying to become as he falls desperately in love with Parker and Hardison. This is my favorite fic about Eliot coping with his own feelings of inadequacy in this relationship.

The Symbology of Orange Juice by facetofcathy (832 words, rated T)

Alec nodded solemnly and pointed at him. “He is full of unexpressed feelings that he sublimates into mashed potatoes.”

It’s canon that Eliot expresses his feelings for Parker and Hardison through cooking, which is how we end up with totally charming fics like this one about Parker and Hardison eating food Eliot made and accepting his love.

the warmth of your doorways by gyzym (3205 words, rated T)

She wraps her arms around him – Parker – and presses his face into the crook of her neck, manages to keep still for all of seven seconds before she makes one of her soft little discovery noises and starts playing with his hair. “I’m gonna give you a bunch of little braids,“ she says, sounding pleased with herself, "and then take them all out again. Secret braids,” and Eliot falls asleep to the rise and fall of her breath, the warmth of her body against his, the feeling of those clever little fingers pulling lightly at his hair.

A deeply introspective fic, almost entirely set in Eliot’s head, about him learning to accept Parker and Hardison’s love in all the peculiar shapes it takes. 

your body is a war zone but you are not a ruin by postcardmystery (2158 words, rated E)

“You do,” says Parker, serenely, “But I mean more like, ‘Parker, I want you to sit on my face in ten minutes, okay?’”

“I have never–” says Eliot, and Parker giggles, says, “And I thought Hardison over-thought everything. Krav Maga, oh my God. Hardison! Come in here! Eliot’s gonna stop being dumb!”

“I find that difficult to believe,” says Hardison, leaning on the doorframe, “He try gettin’ you to sit on his face again for ‘self-defence’ or some shit?”

In which Eliot is incredibly subby for Parker and Hardison, because he knows that following them is his only path to becoming a better person, and Parker and Hardison teach him how to ask for what he wants, for once.

Satellite - Part 1

a/n: i’ve been wanting to write something like this for so long!! enjoy!

Summary: Y/N has to cope with the issues from her past each day. When she is sent to the ground with the 100, she finds hope in forgetting the past and starting a new life. 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader x John Murphy

Word Count: 1.6k

masterlist | satellite series masterlist

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Analysis: Levi and Desperation

This topic comes from an ask that’s currently in my inbox. The ask has several questions in that ask though, and since I had been wanting to write on this topic anyway, I felt it would best be served to break it out as its own article. So, my anon asks:

I was wondering, what else do you think Levi might suffer from? Illnesses, etc.

Dear Levi is a little ball of pain rolled up in a blanket of trauma with a dash of sass. I think at this time I’ve really covered all of the potential “illnesses” or disorders I think he could possibly be displaying such as OCPD,  perhaps some type of anxiety issues that he’s become very good at coping with. I’ve also covered before some specific personality traits he displays that would be a result of his many traumas which include a dismissive-avoidant attachment style and a flattened affect which I’ve mentioned in several places.

Something I’ve noticed about Levi that I haven’t written about yet though is that brosky does not seem to handle distress (or desperation) well, particularly in instances where there is a blocker to his over arching goals of defeating the Titans and he is unable to control the situation. I use the term “distress” to separate it out from general stress. I’m using distress somewhat interchangeably with “desperation” here, to denote moment of particular heightened emotions that a result of facing down potential disastrous failure. This first really occurred me when re-reading this panel a couple of weeks ago:

Now that we’ve spent so much more time with Levi, we can identify that this reaction is extremely out of character for Levi. Many fans have observed how, in general, Levi doesn’t give orders like this. He prefers to give people a choice to follow him, a chance to make their own decisions. Even when he’s about to lead the bait and switch mission against the Reeves company. He says “Do you trust him [Erwin]? Anyone dumb enough to say yes, follow me.”

Another big indicator is also in the Female Titan arc:

There’s that meme floating around (that is pretty funny) of this scene where Erwin is given the caption “I fucked up”. But when I see this scene, I really think its Levi who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Annie’s locked up tighter than Fort Knox. They need her to answer questions, to fill in the gaps of what the hell is going on. And Levi can’t get to her. So he starts running his mouth, partly to intimidate and partly to vent his frustration. (I’ve certainly done it before, I get pissed off and start pacing the floor, running off at the mouth how I’m going to beat the crap out of someone which I then never really do.)

Annie is doing her best to standoff with the Survey Corps, waiting for an opportune moment to break away. Its possible she could have turned to calling the other Titans eventually anyway, but Levi’s frustration driven speech is really what drives her to do it in that moment. Levi is a scary mutherfucker, I mean if I had him threatening to cut off my limbs I’d do everything in my power to get the hell away from him too.

And, of course, there is the infamous Historia scene:

Levi doesn’t wear desperation well. He explains his full view on the matter in that scene: “Of course, if there’s another way… If we could seize control of this world, then a lot of people who would’ve died will live.” By Historia becoming Queen, they’re a HUGE leap closer to ending the terror they currently live. But, just like with Eren shifting into a titan, Levi has to rely on someone else to do it. Historia HAS to agree to become Queen otherwise the best plan they have, the best one they’ve probably come up with in the history of the Survey Corps that will theoretically save the most amount of lives is completely down the drain. And Levi has to rely on Historia to make the right choice.

And he kind of sucks at need to rely on other people to make choices for him. You can’t really blame the guy. He has a history of choices ending poorly for him. And he’s not good at clearly communicating his needs to others. Violence is the best language he knows. So when he’s distressed and pushed to that point of desperation, that’s when he starts cracking and snapping at people in a particularly virulent matter.

There are some other subtle moments that display this too. In Trost for example, when Eren and Annie are fighting: Levi’s injured and can’t join in the fight. His only options are to rely on the fact that the 104 and Hange’s Squad can take care of things.

(I don’t know why, but I just really love this use of subtle characterization. Probably because I’m a theatre kid.)

So, while its not necessarily something he “suffers” from, per say, it is a really interesting facet of his personality that he doesn’t handle these particular types of distressful situations where he needs to rely on others well. Which is why I find this frame of Chapter 66 so hugely profound for him:

He makes the choice to rely on Eren and just have faith that he’ll make the right one without snapping. The page draws a parallel to the forest in the Female Titan Arc, but even then Levi still had a modicum of control. He knew Erwin’s trap was just ahead so if Eren made the choice to transform, he still could have guided Eren to help draw Annie into the trap. Here, he is completely at Eren’s mercy.

Bang Bang - Part II

Series Masterlist

Summary: Y/N is in a polyamorous relationship with John and Dean Winchester, everything seems plain sailing- apart from the fact she has the supernatural ability to read and control people’s minds. What could possibly go wrong?

Pairings: John x Reader x Dean, Sam x Jess

Warnings: language, angst, cliffhanger ending?


Y/N was going stir crazy in the motel room. There was only so much crappy daytime TV she could cope with as a distraction. She understood why the others had insisted that she sit out the hunt, she needed to make sure her abilities were still under control in dangerous situations. But, being stuck in a mangy motel on her own was enough to convince her to skip the place and head to the bar instead.

She was halfway through a conversation with the barmaid about some new cocktails she’d been offering to the locals when Y/N’s phone buzzed in her jacket pocket. Setting her bottle of beer back on the bar, she fished the phone from her jacket, smiling as she saw Jess’ name on the screen.

“Hey, Moore. How’s it going?”

“Hi, wait- are you in a bar?” Jess questioned.

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Heartbreak Made Me A Killer

Pairing: Y/N/Vampire!Michael

Rating: PG-All (Ish?? Blood appears and typical vamp shit)

Request: No

Words: 6.200+

Summary: Your best friend Luke drags you along to yet another frat party in the deepest hope of trying to put a smile on your face. But it’s difficult to enjoy when your ex boyfriend of a vampire tries to make your life miserable after breaking his black heart into pieces. 

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Losing You

Summary: Y/N makes a wrong judgement and has to fix it, but will Roman give her the chance to?


I should have been used to it by now, but I wasn’t. Having a boyfriend whose life I shared with the public definitely had its drawbacks. The biggest was coping with rumours or just news about him spreading around the world. Sometimes I found out things after everyone else, which sucked because I always preferred to hear it from his mouth, but timezones were fucking us up and that was simply beyond his control.

This one, one of many, I wish I hadn’t read so late before bed. I was feeling down and out already, feeling sorry for myself, but now I had a legitimate reason to be mad and cry.

“Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks get cosy at WWE’s Royal Rumble afterparty…” the news read.

I didn’t need to read on, the pictures alone were telling. At the party, Roman and Sasha sat closely, smiling into her phone and her arm around him at one point as they took a selfie.

Then there were two more, one of them was blurry; but their figures stood outside the party venue. Roman towering over her and saying something in her ear. The last, they seemed to be heading somewhere, Roman following behind her.

“The WWE stars were last seen leaving the party, a source disclosed that they were heading back to his hotel.”

I didn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning as those pictures came to life in my head, playing like videos. I wanted answers, I wanted to speak to him, but I knew he was asleep. I shouldn’t have cared so much then; why should he sleep peacefully whilst I struggled?

I reached for my phone and scrolled through for his number. If we could call each other at 4am to speak and flirt for hours, then I could sure as hell call him at 2-something to confront him.

There was no answer the first time, I tried again. If he wasn’t going to answer, then heck, I was going to harass Dean or all his friends until I got a hold of him.

“Hu…llo?” He answered groggily.

“It’s me,”



“Whaaat..?” He replied sleepily.

“Wake up,”

“I’m sleeping.”

“Not anymore,” I scoffed. “Is it true?” I dove straight in.

“Yeah it’s true, speak to you tomorrow-” he said dismissively. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about; he just wanted to go back to bed.

“No, is it true what I read in the papers?”


“You and Sasha?”

“What about me and Sasha?” He sounded confused. I didn’t buy it.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb. You and Sasha at that party,”

“Y/N, are you drunk?” he asked hesitantly.

I read it before somewhere that cheaters always displaced the blame on the other person, or put the focus on something else. And he was trying to do that, like I was stupid.

“No, I’m not fucking drunk! I’m asking you; is there something between you and her? Did you take her to your hotel?”

“No, what the fuck? Listen, where did you get this from?”

“It’s in the papers, magazines, internet…social media,”

“Oh of course, we believe what they write now? Okay, well you ask them since they know and you trust them.”

“I saw the pictures,”

“Okay, then there’s your answer,” he said stubbornly.


Fuck him.

“I’m going to bed I’m not entertaining your shit at this time,” he spat angrily.

“Don’t - if you fucking hang up this phone, we’re done Roman. I mean it.”

He paused. “I think we were done from the moment you accused me of cheating. Have a nice life, we’re done.”



“Thank heaven you’re here, he’s been a nightmare since you two supposedly broke-up. Please talk sense into him,” Jey, his cousin, his confidant and best friend said to me, greeting me backstage at the show along with his brother, Jimmy.

“Right? He’s just biting everyone’s head off for no reason,” Jimmy added.

I’d arranged it with the twins behind his back to come to the show to talk to Roman. I missed him. The last week had been hell. I wanted clarification, or closure, I wanted answers. And if we were breaking up, I didn’t want to go out the way we did last week. I wanted it to be amicable, I still loved him. Really though, it was bullshit, I wasn’t ready to let him go. I’d come to fight my corner. Fight for him so to speak.

“On a scale of 1-10, how mad is he at me?”

“I’m about on 20, off the radar,” his voice was unmistakable.

The room went silent, tense. I looked down nervously, playing with my hands in my lap.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked. “We’re done remember? I don’t want you here.”

“Aye, Jimmy, let’s go grab a drink,” Jey suggested in hopes to escape this dreary scenery.

“No I’m okay, I’ll wait for you,”

“No, let’s go grab a drink,” Jey repeated firmly between clenched teeth, trying to pass on the hint.

Jimmy kissed his teeth and stood up grudgingly. “We’ll be back in a minute, y'all want a drink?”

Roman didn’t answer. I could only imagine his face.

“Y/N?” Jimmy asked.


“She’s not staying,” Roman spoke for me.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I didn’t come here to see you,” I changed tactics.

I finally turned around to face him and he was seething. His expression was dark and sinister; I wondered what he’d have said to me had his cousins not been around.

“Aye bro, please, let’s just go,” Jey insisted with frustration.

“We don’t-”

“Jimmy please! Get the fuck outta here?”

“Rude! See what I mean he’s been so bitchy lately?” Jimmy complained to me as Jey led the way out. “I’m only going cos you said ‘please’ Romeo.”

“I don’t want you here,” he said finally when our company had disappeared.

Like a thousand sharp knives in my chest, those words hurt when he repeated them. I didn’t want to cry in front of him either,besides, I’d done plenty of that the last week, so I held my head up high.

“Did you hear what I said-”

“Yes! I fucking heard you Roman, but I’m not going anywhere.”

“What do you want from me? Don’t play games with me, I’m not in the mood. One minute I’m cheating, the next we’re done, now you’re here…what do you want?”

“Don’t raise your voice at me, I’m not a child,”

He glared at me, a stone cold expression.

“And don’t look at me like that to intimidate me like you do your peers in the ring, I’m not one of them,”

He said nothing, but his face softened slightly. He was starting to crack. The bricks on his walls falling off one by one.

“You need to go,” he said calmly, quietly.

“No, I’m not going,” I stood my ground.

“That’s what you think, y'know what? You better be gone by the time I’ve done my segment. I have no problem getting security on you, you can deal with that harassment lawsuit when it comes,”

It was so serious and tense, but I almost laughed at that statement. He was being petty and dramatic, and I could start to see through him. He was torn between trying to stay mad and being happy to see me. I felt the same, I leaned more towards the latter however.

“You’d really do that to me?” I used my sweet voice. “Don’t be dirty,”

He shrugged and flashed a killer sarcastic smile, the one designed to haunt your thoughts.

“I’ve been called worse: a liar…bastard…cheater. Sticks and stones baby.” he repeated the words I’d thrown at him angrily on the phone.

“Well, I had reasons to at the time,”

“Oh, so you’ve changed your opinion of me? I’m so glad,” he mastered sarcasm so well.

I began crossing the room to meet him, he started backing away subtly.

“No, you’re gonna change it, tell me what’s going on with you and Sasha?”

Now I had him backed against the wall, literally and metaphorically. He rolled his eyes and puffed a breath of air, running his hand through his hair. I missed playing with it.

“You tell me,” he said.

I didn’t take the bait. I just looked at him. He looked at me. We just looked at each other, a fight to see who’d crack first.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, his head against the wall.

“I saw the pictures,” he said in his normal conversational tone. “I get it, they are very convincing, but it was literally just me and her chilling, as I was with Naomi, Rene, Cameron - y'know? Someone just thought those pictures were worth a story, without even thinking or caring about how that impacts me…or you. It’s about a story, money, and entertaining people who care enough about what I do in my private time. And I was hurt that you believed it, I know I haven’t been home much, but I’m with you here,”

He pointed to his chest.

“You occupy my every thought, even when I’m across the world. I don’t think about other women, I don’t care to. I’m with you. I’m yours in every way possible, mind, body and spirit.”

“Why didn’t you say all this before?”

“Because I was angry that you doubted me,”

“But if you told me this earlier, I’d have listened. I needed to hear that,”

“You called me at 2am, no one’s reasonable at that time,”

“What about after? I was scared I’d lost you, I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t stop crying-”

“You were crying?” He asked with remorse in his eyes. I immediately regretted mentioning it, it broke him. He hated seeing me cry, let alone knowing of it and not being there to comfort me. “I didn’t mean to make you cry,”

“It’s okay, I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions, I’m the one that should apologise, that’s why I came here. I was being unreasonable, but I wish you reached out to me too. I’m sorry for being so pissy and dramatic,”

He pulled me closer, closing the gap between us.

“That’s us sweetie, we’re dramatic,” he smiled, holding me at the waist. “We are hotheads, we’re imperfect, we’re flawed…but we are us, and I love us.”

I giggled, smiling against his lips as he lent down for a kiss.

“I love us too,” I said, before he engulfed me into a full kiss.

“When I finish my match I can prove to you how much you mean to me,” he said with a dark tone, his eyes piercing into mine, lust firing them. “Show you that I’m yours,”

He took my hand, placed my palm flat against his chest, “It’s yours,” he said. He trailed my hand lower, kept going until it rested on his groin area. “It’s all yours,”

I felt warm and delighted, the tension alleviated off my shoulders, the stress and worry of losing him vanished. I had him back.

No, actually, he’d never left. I’d never lost him. He was right here. Always. As usual.


So today we’re going to highlight the significant differences between the past Pines twins’ and the present Pines twins’ relationships. And nowhere do I think the contrast is more defined than in the two scenes that, ironically, people seem to believe are reflections of each other. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. Rather than provide a point of comparison, they reveal to the audience just how much different the two twin relationships are, and ultimately why Dipper and Mabel have a fundamentally healthier relationship than Stanford and Stanley ever did.

So let’s really break this down and have a look-see:

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Goodbye Shyness (Stand Alone)
  1. Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a stand alone where a shy reader gets hammered for whatever reason and acts crazy. Sam and Dean had never seen her like that before and they just have a fun time and making sure she doesn’t kill herself doing something stupid and saying silly things. Thank you! :)

AUTHORS NOTES: Hope it’s ok xx, I wasn’t sure what sort of crazy you wanted. ;p

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anonymous asked:

Namjoon scenario where you two are dating but since you almost never see each other its like your not dating? so one day you ask your friend [on the phone] what you should do but he hears it?<3

Sorry, this is insanely long, but I was really feeling it while writing. XD Enjoy!

Originally posted by jeonsshi

say it isn’t over - rap monster x you

word count: 2,037

warning: mild swearing [ one or two swear words XD ]

“I don’t know what to do,” You sighed over the phone, leaning your back against the closed door as you slid down, sitting on the floor with your knees touching your chest. You were in the Bangtan dorm, getting something for Yoongi; he had forgotten to pack his hard drive again.

“About Namjoon?” Your friend, Shin Ah, said with a sigh of her own.

“Yeah,” You muttered, picking lint off of your leggings.

“He still hasn’t contacted you yet? Hasn’t it been nearly a month already?”

“Over,” You dryly answered, not wanting to talk about it, but wanting to talk about it at the same time. Shin Ah was your only form of comfort these days, ever since Namjoon became completely focused on his idol duties.

A part of you knew you were being selfish and a little greedy. By forcing him to stay by your side even when he was busy meant that you could be preventing him from growing as an idol and an artist, and you didn’t want that. You were so proud of him for reaching the stage in his life he was in right now, so proud of him for staying strong as the leader of Bangtan, but it was honestly so hard for you to cope with all the side effects and the aftermath.

What made the absence of Namjoon even more difficult to you was the fact that you had known this would eventually happen when you had started dating him. It had been your biggest fear, that Namjoon would gradually lose his head into making music and slowly forget about you. How could it not have been your biggest fear, when all you felt was doubt? When all you heard were the whispers around you that already talked about your break up, the voices of fans that disapproved of your relationship with him? You had gotten so much hate and was getting so much these days that it was starting to take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It hurt.

It really did.

And you didn’t know what to do to make yourself feel better.

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coolchessplayer  asked:

nanny/single parent au =D

I’ve seen this telenovela…………..

no but seriously I actually have and now I want a Mi Corazon es Tuyo AU for Soul and Maka so bad I can taste it. fuck.


When Maka had first taken this job, it had been out of necessity. She was having a hard time finding a job in her field, which wasn’t really surprising because publishing could be a very difficult field to break into, but needed to pay off her student loans and she needed to do it now. Taking a position as a live-in nanny for the two children of a wealthy young widower had seemed ideal. She had always liked kids, the pay was good, and room and board were included on top of her salary. She could do a lot worse than living rent-free in a mansion.

She hadn’t expected to fall in love.

It hadn’t been with Mr. Evans— at least, not at first. No, she had fallen in love with those kids. Indigo and Violet (she had had to work hard to keep a straight face at the names) were eight and five respectively when she first met them, and a sweeter little boy and girl couldn’t be found anywhere. They were intelligent, good-hearted kids, and Maka couldn’t have imagined a better pair of charges to look after, even if they did have a bit of a mischievous streak. They both took after their mother in looks, all high cheekbones and glossy brown hair, but Indigo had inherited deep blue eyes that Mr. Evans swore were just like his brother’s.

There was very little of their father in them, at least in looks. Mr. Evans— or Soul, as she had come to think of him— was certainly striking, with vividly white hair and eyes the color of claret, but his children hadn’t inherited his albinism (which, he had once confided to her, he was grateful for, because he wouldn’t wish the staring he often received on anyone).

She hadn’t much liked Soul at first. He seemed arrogant and cold on the surface, and they had clashed on the subject of his overprotectiveness, the way he guarded his children to the point of leaving them sheltered and unprepared. But as the months flew by, she got to know him better and her opinion began to change. He wasn’t truly arrogant. If anything, he was a little too humble, but running his father’s company (a job he admitted once that had never wanted, but was forced into after his brother had abandoned the future planned for him to run off to Africa to do mission work) required him to play the part of a businessman, and so he had developed a mask of confidence to help him cope with the role. He wasn’t cold, either. He was reserved, certainly, and didn’t always express himself very eloquently, but he was far from unfeeling. And if he was a little too zealous in protecting his son and daughter… well, who could blame him? He’d lost his wife so suddenly, so tragically when Violet was only an infant. How could he not be terrified of losing the children he loved more than anything?

And as she got to know him, Maka realized to her horror that she was starting to love him, as well. It couldn’t continue. She knew she couldn’t let it continue. Either the feelings had to go, or she did. But she couldn’t stop herself from falling, and she couldn’t bring herself to abandon the children she had spent the last two years caring for. How could she? Violet had started to call her ‘Mama’ no matter how much Maka tried to tell her not to. If she left, it would devastate the little girl, and she knew Indigo would be hurt as well (though like his father, he would probably hide the hurt behind a veil of disinterest).

So if she had to deal with having decidedly unprofessional feelings for her employer, she would stay and bear it. For the kids. And if she vented her frustrated affection and desire into writing steamy romance novels on the side… well… it wasn’t publishing, but she thought she might enjoy writing even more.

It was during one of her late-night writing sessions, curled up in the lounge with a notebook and pen, that Soul came across her.

“What are you writing?” he asked, peering over her shoulder.

Maka jumped, not having realized he was there. “You scared me!” she said with a glare.

He grinned, that shit-eating smirk that had been breaking through his stoic mask more and more often lately stretching across his face. “Just keeping you on your toes, Maka.”

She couldn’t quite manage to keep glowering at him when he was standing there in his bathrobe and ridiculous rich-people silk pajamas, with his hair sticking up all crazy. “Well, congratulations, you managed it,” she said in one last bid at sternness before a corresponding grin crept across her lips as well.

He came around the end of the loveseat and plopped down next to her, looking not at all like Soul Evans: CEO and very much like Soul Evans: Family Man at the moment. “Seriously, what are you writing?” he asked, leaning over to try and catch a glimpse of her notebook.

The combination of his shoulder pressed against hers and the idea of Soul reading the decidedly NC-17 scene she was drafting made her body temperature rise several degrees and brought a flush to her face. She twitched her notebook out of his line of sight. “A novel,” she said succinctly.

His eyebrows rose. “I didn’t know you wrote.”

“It’s… a recent thing. I told you when I first took this job that I was looking to break into publishing, right? Well, I still need that literary outlet, you know, but I didn’t want to…” She hesitated, but then plunged recklessly ahead: “I mean, I can’t leave Indie and Vi now, even if I could find a company willing to hire me.”

Soul stared at her for a moment, and his face relaxed into a gentle smile she had rarely seen on his face. It was similar to the look he wore when he came in to give his daughter a kiss goodnight, but it was somehow different as well, and she didn’t understand it. “I’m glad to hear that,” he said, and to her astonishment, his voice was as soft as his smile. It made her heart jump in her chest.

They sat for a few moments in charged but companionable silence before Soul spoke again. “Hey, Maka, listen, I’m taking the kids to an amusement park on Saturday, and I thought… I know it’s your day off, but would you like to come with us?”

She blinked.

Yes, obviously.

“Are you sure?” she asked tentatively. “That seems like a family outing, and—”

“Oh, and you’re not family?” he challenged. Then he seemed to second-guess himself and amended, “I mean… I do think of you as part of our family. You’re the first w— you’re the closest thing to a mother Violet’s ever had, and Indie adores you.”

Maka offered up a smile, small and shy and not expressing even a quarter of how happy his statement made her. “I’m honored,” she said. “And if you want me to come along on Saturday, I’d be happy to.”

“That’s great!” He beamed. “That’s… really great.”

And although neither of them realized it at the time, that was the moment that they took the first real step that would lead them down the path to making Maka his children’s mother in name as well as in spirit.

vi. bad behavior (from two terrified women and an outlaw. the pirate’s okay today and the kid didn’t ask for any of this)


She’s trying. She really is. Whatever she may have let slip at the park, it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things because Emma is her friend and Henry is their son and she can’t begin to imagine life without either of those constants anymore.

So she dashes off a quick text the next day, Dinner tonight? Might as well bring the pirate, because she is perfectly all right with Emma having a boyfriend and she is determined to let her know that before everything they have falls apart.

Emma is too prone to avoiding her problems and Regina will not allow herself to become one of them.

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Prompt: your post of Skylar and Anna BTS in PP2 just gave me the idea of Jesse and Aubrey becoming matchmakers for Beca and Chloe in PP2 (to the shock of the others as Jesse was the ex and Aubrey didn't really like Beca for Chloe), Jesse trying to get them together during the party and at school and when that did not work, Aubrey also start matchmaking them when they were at camp. During their final song they watch from backstage as they see their matchmaking was successful.

It was a strange thing, that much he could admit. But, he was a strange kid, and nothing but a sucker for a good rom-com. He’d played the part of leading man. He played the part of scorned lover. They were long and sordid movies in his life, but he’d long since popped out those DVDs, placing them carefully in their respective cases and throwing them on the shelves. Now, he thought he’d try his part as a director. 

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Light a Fire (Four Vignettes) Part 3

Once he had begged for her life.

What she gave him in return was so much more.

Written for Prompts in Panem, Day 5 - The Language of Flowers - Jonquil (1)

Bonus: To watch the fanvideo for this fic and the song Light a Fire by the incomparable akai-echo, click HEREIt’s truly gorgeous, all we’ve come to expect from her.  Leave comments and let her know how great she is!

Light a Fire, Part 1: HERE

Light a Fire, Part 2: HERE

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