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A Guide To Pucci’s Weird Hair

So, it’s not uncommon to see people struggling with drawing Pucci’s hair, and that’s fine. It’s weird, both versions of it, and even I have trouble with it sometimes. A while back, as you might recall, I tried to draw up a handy guide for drawing Pucci’s hair, but it was shitty quality. So now, I’ve drawn up a much better one, and I hope it sheds some light for all you aspiring Pucci-drawing-people.

This package includes: the Original and Final versions of both hairstyles, from a variety of interesting angles, all for the low, low price of free! Enjoy!

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I BEG YOU for more first kiss scenarios PLEASE THEYRE SO GOOD


  • keith asks lance to spar with him one night because he’s feeling kind of anxious and lance’s company + training help to ease his nerves  
    • so they’re alone in the training room and the both of them are breathing really hard and kind of sweaty (they’ve been at it for an hour now) 
    • keith tries to go in for a hit but he’s tired and trips and goes sprawling forward
    • except lance reaches out for him, catches him in his arms very dramatically, and cushions his fall 
    • keith ends up on top of lance, whose looking up at him with a dumb grin and tucking his hair behind his ear 
    • “not as smooth as you thought you were, hu keith?” 
    • but keith just rolls his eyes and grins back and leans down
    • kisses him right on the mouth
    • “how’s that for smooth?” he asks after he pulls away 
    • “umm yes smooth yeah very… s-mooth. do it again” 
  • alternatively, lance asks keith if he wants to go swimming one night 
    • (granted this is after they figure out how the upside down pool works)
    • they’re swimming around, goofing off for the most part
    • lance keeps deadman floating to freak keith out
    • they compete for best canon ball like fifteen times 
    • keith gets on lance’s shoulders at one point and they try to balance
    • it’s late at night, and if you’ve ever been in a pool late of night it’s really pretty bc it looks like it’s glowing and makes for a really different atmosphere
    • the lights from the pool are reflecting on keith’s face and it’s making him look,, too pretty for lance to handle 
    • keith starts splashing him and laughing and his hair is stuck to his face and just so messy and his eyes are red because he’s dumb and opened them in the water even when lance told him not to 
    • lance is having none of the splashing and starts splashing back, except he’s getting closer and keith is laughing and trying to get away 
    • and then lance has him pressed up against the wall of the pool, and he stops with the splashing and just looks at keith, who looks back, kind of confused but still smiling 
    • “lance? you ok? too much water in the ears?” 
    • lance just shakes his head and reaches a hand up to wipe away the droplets of water on keith’s cheek 
    • keith kind of breathes his name before lance leans in and kisses him
    • it’s really soft and they have to kick their feet to stay floating and lance starts slipping underwater so keith has to pull him back up from the armpits to kiss him more
    • they float around and kiss underwater and on the bottom of the pool even though that’s very impractical and they end up with water in their mouths and nose 
    • worth it though
  • first kiss underneath the stars 
  • or going for the cheek but accidentally getting the lips and then just going with it 
  • after a very close call during a mission when they’re both desperate to just make sure the other is alive and can’t help themselves 
  • it’s always a long time coming and very pure and good and leaves them both dazed and happy afterwards 
  • thank you much love 

One of my faves from the comics, Gladston Gander! I’m so GLAD he’s gonna appear in the new Ducktales, I wonder what is he gonna be like…

I do like his new design as well but you know what? I’m gonna miss his dumb curly hair. So I decided to draw @modmad‘s fan-design instead of the official one because look. at it.

(You should probably also check out modmad’s art tag too)

Relief was the last emotion Rey could’ve felt. How could she believe anything he said? She seethed with anger at him, desperate to tear the man’s mask off and hammer it into his skull. He regarded her with the same cold metallic expression. “You still want to kill me.”

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.”

He held her stare, and then his gloved hands touched the sides of the mask and took it off.

He had a young man’s face, with an old man’s eyes. His lips and dark hair stood out agains the pale complexion of one who shirked the sun. He looked like a student who took no joy in his studies. One who perceived only the great problems of the galaxy and not its simple pleasures.
—  p. 133-134, The Force Awakens: A Junior Novel by Michael Kogge.
  • someone: *quotes oscar wilde*
  • me: DID YOU KNOW that oscar wilde used to decorate his room in college with feathers and flowers and everyone thought he was really weird but oddly popular and he was also really gay and he had two men fighting about him and the picture of dorian gray was actually TOO GAY for the public so he had to rewrite it and he cried when he had to cut his hair short in prison and -