and his dance right after it omg

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:O I can't believe how much time and effort went into your latest yt vid. It's so beautifuly put together and that little fae house is so adorable and I was visualizing all the little fae inside your house dancing around under the pot with their colourful little lights haha. I'd really like to see more yt vids from you cause omg in LOVE

Thank you so much!! 💕 I’m seriously so proud of that little faerie garden/home and I had so much fun creating it. The funniest part is right after I made it yesterday my boyfriend had dropped his wallet somewhere in his car and couldn’t find where it went, and this morning when we woke up it had spontaneously appeared on his desk! I’d like to think that was the faes way of lending us a hand to say thank you 😊🌿✨


“Let’s welcome your favorite idols, Passi, Cherry-chan, His Majesty, and The Sophs!”
Pascal: And right after this, come buy your limited edition “His Majesty” merchandise! Only today!
Richard: WAIT NO–

An idol show occurring right after a victory skit if you have the girls in their idol master dlc! 
>> Video: X

They are also dancing to “Cutie Panther”, a song by Eli, Maki, and Nico! (Love Live) 

BTS Reaction #29

BTS reacting to you performing a sexy dance & whispering their name

Seokjin: *blushes so much omg*


*gets sososo nervous, but keeps watching you with hawk eyes* ಠ_ಠ

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Yoongi: *you tease the little shit by finishing your dance*

“How was that, hmm?” *you smirk*

*he literally shoves you onto his lap*

“You’re gonna finish that shit right here and now, kay?”

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Hoseok: “Hooooseok~” *you whisper after you finish your dance*

“Hey, that was hot, babe, but I gotta uhhh yOU knOw bYE”

*runs out of the room like sanic to fix the tent in his pants  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

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Namjoon: *damn, i hope this kid has something to cover up otherwise he won’t be able to keep it in his pants, but plays it cool*

“Hmm, so is that how you wanna play, jagi?”

*smug aF*

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Jimin: *bites his lips and ogles you the entire time you dance*

“Hey, babe, how about we make this dance a duet?”

*wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against him*

“Are you sure we’re only going to dance, Jiminnie?”

“Hmmm, can’t guarantee that, jagi” cheeky lil shit

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Taehyung: *his eyes are glued to you when you move your hips and body*

“Damn, she’s so perfect…”

*gets lost and spaces out, probably daydreaming about you*

“Tae, you okay?” 

“Hmm, I will be if you keep doin that for me, jagi”   *winks*

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Jungkook: “Damn, babe, all of this, just for me?” *smug af*

“Think you can handle any more, Jeon?”

“Is that a competition I hear?”


“Challenge accepted.” *smirks like the cheeky shit he is*

*on the inside: hOLY FU―*

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Closed RP

Rue had just started this working and it was already hectic. With her in college and working to achieve her dream of being a singer left on short on time and cash. After all, those dance classes weren’t cheap. And to top if all off she recently found a bunch of little fluffy angels abandoned in an alley. Rue didn’t care what her situation was, there was no way she would leave six kittens all alone.
She started working as a maid to cover it. Though it was hard to get started she got a lot of calls from men who thought she was offering… *ahem* other services. (Being so beautiful really was a curse)
Rue was going to give up when she had finally gotten a call. “Saphir huh..?” He didn’t sound creepy, and he lived next door. That was WAY too good to pass up.
“Maid Service!” She rang the doorbell, dressed in her favorite maid outfit and ready to work. Rue had no idea 6 fluffy disasters had followed her and made themselves at home in Saphir’s apartment. sxpphire-sky