and his cute lil smile in two

Boyfriend! Taehyung

Dating Taehyung would include:

  • alright lemme just start off saying that
  • he’s always rushing to grab whoevers child he can get
  • you laugh at him because he’s just all over every toddler that wobbles into the room
  • it honestly melts your heart bc you know how much he wants to be a dad one day
  • and he’s really good with the kids too
  • like they warm up to him right away because of his charming smiles and how he coos to them 
  • while the other members just laugh and move on it’s tae who’s always got a baby in his arms
  • meanwhile
  • when he’s not playing with random children
  • he’s at home with you
  • the two of you enjoy torturing yourselves with horror movies and although he doesn’t admit it
  • he’s fuckin scared when the axe murderer appears out of the woods
  • but since you’re more scared
  • he just pulls you to his chest and puts his hand over your ear so you can’t hear any sound effects
  • he thinks you don’t know but he closes his eyes when it gets scary too
  • taehyung always wants to know what you love about him
  • “y/n i want to know ten reasons why you love me”
  • “before i leave for work i want a kiss and i need you to tell me five reasons you love me”
  • he’s admitted that hearing those things are the only reasons he gets through the six hour long dance practices
  • so you go
  • “tae i love your laugh”
  • “i love your voice”
  • “i love how you always kiss me right when i wake up despite my morning breath”
  • and at that he laughs and leaves for work with his cute lil cheesy smile on his face
  • and in the middle of the day he’ll call you and say he loves you more than anything
  • but he can’t let his members or the choreographer know that he’s snuck off to call his love
  • “y/n this is risky and im gonna get two extra hours of practice if they see me but i love you so much”
  • very dramatic little shit
  • you get that he’s an actor but STILL
  • when you tell him to do the dishes he’ll groan and flop back onto the couch as if he’s been stabbed
  • it’s only when you come over and sit on top of him, kissing him deeply and grinding on him a little
  • then just pull away, stand up and walk away
  • he’ll whine and follow you to the kitchen like the lost puppy he is
  • he’ll back you up against a counter and begin a heated make out session
  • but you push him off and go
  • “not until the dishes are done”
  • he’ll pull a face and then you’ll hear the kitchen sink start after you’ve walked away
  • oooo sex is rly good between you guys
  • SUPER passionate and he’s very vocal
  • total missionary style type a guy
  • tbh probably gets kinky once in awhile when you ask him to try something new
  • ANYWAY post-sex cuddling is huge with tae
  • ya’ll are so worn out but still cannot
  • get
  • enough
  • of
  • each other
  • so bare bodies and all, he’ll pull you close to him to the point where your foreheads are touching and your breath is mixed
  • “i love you” is exchanged almost too much in your household
  • sleepy tae with his raspy voice whispering “i love you so much” is your favorite sound in the world
  • his hair will be messy and his eyes are dazed with sleep but the sight only makes you want to bury yourself back beneath the warmth of his body and stay that way forever
  • which he wouldn’t mind either
  • the boys are grossed out at how public you guys are
  • like tae is NOOOT afraid of showing you off
  • hand holding, kissing, backhugs, and overall pda is not off limits

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I like how your drawings of the boys have different things that make them unique. like kook's eyes and jimin's wing thingys. can you tell us all the detail for the boys :0


  •  I guess Jungkook’s design is pretty easy to get ahah. Irl he has really big eyes and bunny teeth so it wasn’t difficult for me to come up with! Then for the sparkles: I really wanted to accentuate this “innocent” or “clueless” vibe. His eyes are expressive, you can really see his passion in his eyes when he sings! Not saying that the others aren’t passionate, it’s just that his eyes are so expressive like he doesn’t even need to speak, you can directly see what’s going on (in my opinion ofc). So I just thought that sparkles would be a great representation of that! Also Jungkook isn’t 100% innocent, he loooves to tease his big bros. I know that I didn’t really have the chance to show this side of Jungkook, but since he’s such a tease, the gap between this and his BIG SPARKLY EYES is funny :^DD. At first he only had two “white bubbles” in his eyes, but then I said fuck it and added an entire galaxy. ALSO THE NOSE YES, I removed the nose. I want people to concentrate on his eyes, so I thought that the nose took too much place and was kinda useless? for his design. Actually a lot of people don’t even notice that he doesn’t have a nose ahah. And I think he looks so funny with his mouth on the nose area.
  • Tae’s design was also easy for me to come up with! He has amaaaaazing eyes, big and elongate, and ofc THE LASHES DAMN. Also he is really playful and that’s what I wanted to accentuate. So I mixed these ideas and bam I created his eyes. I really like it because it looks like he has something in mind like “ha ha ha :^DDD how am i gonna tease ma bros”. ALSO his iris aren’t round, it’s like two straight lines. I think it goes well with the playful side and the “blank tae” side lol. I also draw his amazing brows and his squared smile, he’s so cute ;;;
  • JIMIN. There’s two Jimin: normal sized and smol. For the normal sized Jimin I just try to replicate his natural eye shape, he kinda has puppy eyes! So nothing big. Of course the lil wings because he’s really sweet and just an angel in general. NOW THE MOST INTERRESTING PART: smol Jimin. Because some people always tell me “WHY DO U DRAW JIMIN SMOL, HES NOT THAT SMOL PLUS YOONGI IS ALSO SMOL, 0/100″, listen I’ll explain. The thing with Jimin is that he’s really cute but at the same time he really wants to give this “manly” vibe if you know what I mean. You know the “IM DA MAN IN DIS HOUSE”. So I just thought “ok, there’s cute Jimin, and manly Jimin but still cute, ok let’s create two Jimin”. Smol Jimin always wants to fite everyone and he’s fierce (like in my “not today what really happened”). That’s why I draw smol Jimin: because it’s funny af. Jimin likes to appear manly, but the fact that he is 30 cm in my comics makes everything pretty funny. This is the reason why I don’t often draw smol Yoongi, because he doesn’t give a fuck. 
  • Namnam ayyy!!! I recently changed his design so it’s a great occasion to talk about it! This man is S O F T, 100 % soft. He’s just cute ok, like look at his smile, I’m sure he’s sad when he walks on flowers. So I wanted him so have big iris (kinda) and also squared ish eyes. Because with this I can do two different things: softysoft Namnam and istg i’m done with everyone Namnam (like  in the last panel of the BS&T jpn ver comic), very easy to make :^DD And I added a white bubble inside because cute ok. He’s cute fite me. And finaly the flower on his head. He loves nature so so much so I just thought “why not adding a flower”. And ofc I never forget the dimples.
  • Hoseok’s turn :^DDD!! I just wanted him to be a sun ok, so that’s why I did. He has sunlight all around him, he’s like a walking sun. His eyes always look like he’s smiling even when he’s not. I also add a slight aegyo sal. THE NOOSE. So Hoseok is the only one with a different nose (i mean Jungkook doesn’t have one so it doesnt count). It’s simply because I personally think that he has an interresting nose shape and I just wanted to draw that! His mouth is basically a heart when he’s smiling and sometimes I add the dimples (i love dimples).
  • I talked about Gigi’s design here!
  • FINALLY SEOKJIN. I just l o v e his design. I love to draw him so much. Irl his eyes are really big and he kinda has cat eyes so I just drew that. His eyes are pretty round but yeah not like Jungkook. I like this eye shape because it makes him look sometimes playful and sometimes sassy depending on what I want to draw! Also he has two lashes because he’s pretty. And, the, sparkles. He’s just pretty so he needs his sparkles around him that’s all :^DDD

DONE holy shit it was long to write, I can talk about this forever I’m not even joking

RFA React to MC looking at Them like They’re the Entire Universe and More in a Photo

ok so this sounds like a dumb scenario but i just took a picture with a few friends of mine a couple hours ago and in the picture i’m looking at my boyfriend while laughing and it looks like i’m in love with him (which i am) and also like he’s my entire world and more so i wanted to make this a scenario of sorts idk man

if you all like this enough i could do v + saeran and possibly vanderwood but it really depends haha. that’s all for now please enjoy!

-y'all went to a fishing trip with the RFA that saeyoung suggested as a way to get ‘closer’
-yoosung was really excited because he got to spend time with some of his favorite people ever as well as you!!! what else in the entire world could he have wanted more than that??
-so you two packed up what little essentials for fishing you had and headed out for the day
-when you finally got there most of the time was spent trying to explain to jumin that no, he couldn’t pay someone else to do this for him and then at other times helping calm down zen after a fish came too close to his 'precious’ face
-even though there were moments where jaehee looked like she was about to kill saeyoung for throwing a fish into her lap it was a fun time
-to commemorate the day together y'all decided to take a picture together with your phone
-while saeyoung was focusing the camera yoosung said something funny that made you burst out in a small fit of giggles while staring at him
-before you could even prepare the picture was taken and you felt yourself grow embarrassed at the outcome
-everyone was smiling and doing cute lil hand poses but you
-you were definitely smiling but you weren’t looking at the camera, instead you were staring at yoosung with this sparkle in your eye that caused a deep red to cover your face
-“the way she looks at him, it’s almost as if though he’s her entire world and more.” jaehee said while hiding a small smile
-“get you a girl that looks at you like MC looks at yoosung.” saeyoung said while choking back a small laugh
-“wow! look at mc you guys, looking at yoosung like she’s in love with him!” zen continued on with a small smile
-“maybe she looks at him like that because they are in love??”
jumin said in a confused tone, obviously not catching onto the jokes
-a few of the members groaned at jumin’s obliviousness as they looked over at yoosung who was smiling at the picture on your phone fondly
-you peeked at his face while trying to calm the violent blush painting your features
-“it’s funny you’re looking at me like i’m the universe and more, when you’re even more than that to me.”
-cue everyone literally blushing and internally dying at how precious their youngest RFA member still is
-yoosung now keeps that photo framed in his office, even after years of taking it, just so he can be able to see your precious face looking at only him like that

-aight so this man loves taking selfies
-it didn’t take you that long to figure that out
-at every moment of every day you were together he would come up to take 'unexpected’ pics of you
-but he was a fool! after a week of surprise selfies you got used to it, and could now strike a cute pose to match zen’s beauty in every picture
-one day y'all were just having a normal rehearsal dinner with his cast when zen (who else would it have been??) declared they should take a group picture that he could post on social media to hype up the release of the musical
-so everybody agreed and begin to come close together to take the picture
-zen unexpectedly put his arm around you and said something along the lines of “smile, my beautiful princess”
-so ofc you were all smiley and blushy while looking over at him
-before you even had time to snap back to reality the flash went off and the picture was taken
-everybody was passing around zen’s phone looking at the picture making vague offhand comments about 'the look in mc’s eyes’ when it finally got to you and zen
-zen stared at it for a second, a wide smile pulling at his features before he looked over at you with a small blush painting his cheeks
-“what??” you finally said
-“look at the way you’re looking at me babe.”
-he handed you his phone and you looked over at yourself
-your eyes were all glazed over because of the flash and a warm smile was on your face all while you stared at a gorgeous zen smiling at the camera looking like the most beautiful man in the world
-“ah, true love.” a co-star commented
-you were beyond embarrassed!! the way you were looking at zen was so precious and whimsical and god it was just so embarrassing
-“do you really love me so much that you look at me like i’m the entire night sky babe??? aahhh that’s so sweet of you. it makes the beast inside of me awaken just a tad-”
-he has the pic as his profile picture on all his social media accounts, each one zoomed in onto your face and eyes, staring lovingly at his gorgeous face

-you guys rarely took pictures together since y'all were so busy with the cafe all the time
-but today was a special day!!
-it was the one year anniversary of the cafe opening and you saw it necessary to take a picture to commemorate such a big milestone
-jaehee was a little hesitant but agreed on the terms that some would be professional and others would be silly
-so y'all set up a camera on a stand and put it on a timer and started taking a bunch of silly pics together, some of them being professional
-you didn’t realize even realize it but at one point all you were doing was laughing at jaehee trying to push all her hair out of her face
-when the little photo shoot of sorts ended y'all went into your shared apartment and started looking over them together
-the first few were cute, just mundane peace signs and sweet smiles
-then at one point jaehee’s bangs went in front of her face and you looked like you were dying of laughter
-towards the end of the of the pictures there was one particular one that jaehee looked at for a long time
-it was one where she was laughing while tucking her hair back into place and you were smiling fondly while looking at her with such a loving gaze
-she blushed and said nothing and just continued on to look through them, commenting now and again just how silly some of them were
-the picture was never brought up again but a few weeks later you found out jaehee had not only put it up as her profile picture in the chat room but also printed a copy and stuck it neatly on your bedside table
-you didn’t say anything about it but every time you saw it you were embarrassed but also a little glad to know that it was clear to see just how much you loved her

-the only pictures that are ever released the public of you two are serious ones or ones of you both looking absolutely gorgeous while getting off your private jet or coming home from the airport
-but there have been dOZENS of pictures of you that jumin has always kept hidden from the world and all of his friends
-pictures only he could ever see.
-these pictures were usually taken during silly photo shoots, a small thing you both did every month
-you let him try to take pictures of you just smiling and he struggles but he’s trying his best to capture your cute lil poses stop teasing him!!
-most of the time you’re the one taking pictures of him struggling to do a peace sign but other times you take pictures of you both doing cute poses or kissing one another
-one time v offered to take pictures as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and you both agreed because v was a close friend and jumin wanted a chance to see his beautiful partner in wedding attire again
-so you two began doing the photo shoot with serious and sweet poses
-one photo was of jumin tipping your chin up to meet his gaze
-another was of him wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder and there were dozens of others alike to those two
-but then in some you both were making stupid faces to each other and then finally, in the last one jumin said something that made your heart curl
-“i love you with all my heart mc, i wish i could marry you over and over and over again, just so i could see your precious face smiling at me while i slipped the ring onto your finger. is that selfish of me? i hope you feel the same, my love. let us spend the rest of our lives together, a life that will hopefully be filled with all your silly jokes and faces. things i fell in love with just as much as i fell in love with you. happy anniversary darling, i love you.”
-you were on the verge of tears and had no words to even explain what you were feeling but you just let out a small chuckle while staring lovingly at him while he looked over at the camera
-next thing you know the flash went off and you were now going over all the pictures together with jumin
-all of them were absolutely gorgeous (what else did you expect of v mc??) but your favorite had to be the one where you were sticking your tongue out at jumin and he was doing the same to you
-his favorite was the very last one
-one where you were looking at him with so much love in your eyes he could practically feel it radiating off the camera
-though you were embarrassed you were really happy
-he soon after put the picture everywhere he could
-in his office, in your office, in your bedroom, in a giant portrait right above the sofa
-though it was embarrassing it made you happy so it was alright

-he has like a thousand and one pics of you on his phone but little to none of you both
-all the pictures he has of you range from you in sexy lingerie to a bad angle of you sneezing while brushing your teeth
-he loves all of them just the same though
-one day he wanted to do a cosplay photo shoot with you which you agreed to since most of the time it was fun teasing each other back and forth about just how short your maid skirts were
-so he set up a camera you didn’t even know existed and immediately started posing all cute and such
-you tried to follow his lead but fell behind after a while and just stood back basking in all of his cute and over the top poses
-at one point all you were doing was laughing while he made the most ridiculous 'sultry’ faces he could at the camera
-when it was over you two stayed in your costumes and went over the pictures
-you couldn’t stop laughing at all his silliness and he couldn’t stop laughing because you were laughing!!
-it took forever because of your constant giggles and chuckles but you both made it through all of the photos
-you caught what was just a glimpse of one more photo which was just of you smiling at saeyoung while he side eyed you, a smile of his own pulling at his soft features
-you felt your heart leap in your throats as he wrapped his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead
-“thank you, mc. i’m really happy.” was all he said as he pulled you closer towards his torso
-you hugged him back and you both stayed there for a while, just embracing one another silently
-a few weeks later you came into your shared bedroom casually, almost missing the giant portrait of you two that was covering up an entire wall
-“yeeesss honey??”
-“why, why is there an entire wall covered in a picture of me staring at you.”
-“because the way you were looking at me was just so cute i couldn’t just let the opportunity of your cute smiling face pass by so easily!! look at you!! look at me!! look at our outfits! this is the best picture we’ve ever taken together.”
-“oh. saeyoung?”
-“i hate that you are the love of my life so much.”

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hello!! may i please request for a friends-to-lovers for jeonghan? on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of svt's *___* thank you!!

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), jun (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • jeonghan became your best friend when you two were in middle school,,,,but only a couple of years later before you were going to start high school together,,,,,he had to move away
  • luckily, you still kept up with each other through letters,,,,,even when you could have texted or video chatted
  • for some reason you and jeonghan agreed that snail mail was just more ,,,, personal and fun
  • and even though you’d get nervous that sometimes jeonghan wouldn’t answer the letter you sent,,,,he always did
  • and he always signed at the end with two lil angel wings around his name
  • because when you were younger his nickname among the teachers was the angel-like student,,,,which you always thought was adorable and jeonghan adamantly said he wasn’t an angel to you but then to the teacher’s he’d just smile and you’d just be like hMMM jeonghan i can see your wings sprouting
  • but it’s really cute,,,because you both just talk about your hobbies and new friends but you also,,,,keep inside jokes for years 
  • and it’s been a while but one day you get a letter for jeonghan and when you open it out falls a polaroid
  • and on it is ‘took this at a fair!! thought you might like to see it, my hair got longer didn’t it?’
  • and you’re like,,,,looking at this photo of jeonghan,,,,,,how he looks now
  • and you’re,,,,,,just in awe because
  • what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,since when did he really ACTUALLY start looking like an angel
  • not to mention his corny butt drew a halo over the photo as a reminder of his old nickname
  • and before you can even come to your senses you’re holding the polaroid of your best friend from middle school to your chest and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,dammit he’s so cute,,,,,,,,,why is he soOO far away,,,,
  • which brings you to your next surprise because when you read the letter it says that jeonghan is going to bE MOVING BacK BECAUSE APPARENTLY THe COLLEGE HE GOT ACCEPTED TO is CLOSE To YOUR HOME TOWN
  • and you’re like oh MY GOD WHAT is THIS A SIGN
  • and in the letter he tells you to text him so you guys can meet up and you’re shaking as you hold your phone and press on his contact,,,,and you’re like ,,,,,oh my god jeonghan is going to SEE ME for the first time in a long time,,,,,holy ,,,, heifgkldsfa.,,,,,should i even text him or tell him i,,,,,,,moved abroad to avoid embarrassment kshdds
  • but it happens,,,,,and you and jeonghan agree to meet up at the park you used to go to as kids in a week since he’ll be in town to visit his college
  • and you’re waiting there, sitting on the swings and you can’t believe it,,,,,,that it’s really happening,,,,,that you’re seeing jeonghan again,,,,,,,
  • and suddenly you feel someone’s hands on your shoulders and you get startled but when you look back it’s,,,,jeonghan
  • but not the jeonghan from when you were young,,,,,,,the jeonghan from the polaroid 
  • handsome features,,,,,broader shoulders,,,,,but the same,,,,softness from his smile,,,,,
  • but then he sticks his tongue out and is like ‘do you want me to push you or do you want to keep staring at me?’
  • but then you turn back and jeonghan gives you a gentle push as you stretch your legs out to start swinging
  • and for the first hour,,,,it’s like you’re kids again!!! laughing on the swings together and it seems like all those years didn’t pass
  • and that you guys aren’t both?? becoming adults and that,,,,,,,,
  • when you look over to see jeonghan with his hair splayed over his face laughing so genuinely,,,,,,
  • you love him,,,,and seeing him happy always made you happy,,,,and as a kid you didn’t really know why but ,,,,, now,,,,
  • and jeonghan notices you’ve stopped swinging so he slows himself down too 
  • and he doesn’t say anything but you two look at each other and,,,,he breaks the silence only to ask you if you got the picture he sent in the mail
  • and you nod and jeonghan looks down,,,,smiling to himself and then he asks you why you never sent him photos of yourself the whole time you guys wrote letters
  • and you kind of go red and cling to the swing’s chain and shrug and mumble that you never,,,thought about it
  • and jeonghan says something that almost makes you think your ears are deceiving you he goes;
  • “did you not want me to see how beautiful you’ve gotten? did you think i’d drop everything and run back to you?”
  • and you blink,,eyes wide with surprise and you’re like n-no i- w-what do you mean???
  • and jeonghan tilts back his head in the swing and laughs and he’s like 
  • “did you think i’d fall for you and want to move back as quick as possible?”
  • and you’re like kldffs what,,,no-
  • and jeonghan suddenly looks back at you and is like, “well if you thought that you’d be right.”
  • and you can’t choose between leaning over to playfully poke him and tell him to stop joking around,,,,,,,or if you should lean over and just kiss him,,,,,
  • but jeonghan seems to read your mind,,,,because he sits up and is like “let’s do the one thing we could never do as friends-”
  • and he takes a hold your swing’s chain and pulls it closer so he can lean in and well,,,,,,,,,,
  • looks like it’s a good thing jeonghan’s going to college in this town because well how else would you get to see your boyfriend for cute cafe dates????? hehe,,,,,,,
There is nothing left of him - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Batmom is Harvey Dent’s sister, and she…isn’t dealing very well with his Two-Face transformation. Fortunately, her Bruce is here to help…

Hey guys ! So here’s a little story that is…a bit different than what I write usually ? I don’t know if I make sense….It’s also way too fucking long sorry ‘bout that. 
Oh and if you guys don’t know much about Two-Face, the “fictional biography” on his wikipedia page (right here) will tell you everything you need to know for this story. Written in basically twenty minutes, while watching a film. Anyway, hope you’ll like it

My masterlist blog :


-Oh leave us alone (Y/N) ! 

-It’s ok Harv’, she’s not doing any harm, she just want to spend time with us.

-But Bruce, she’s a baby !! 

You weren’t very tall for your age, and your brother and his best friend were definitely taller than average but…You’d be damn if you were going to let your older brother call you “a baby” ! Outraged by his words, you say : 

-I’m not a baby ! I’m six years old ! 

-And we’re ten, you’re a baby to us !! 

-Hu hu I’m noooot ! 

-You’re acting like one for sure ! 

-No I don’t ! I’m not the one that wet the bed ! 

Harvey gives a worried look at his friend but…of course he should know Bruce wasn’t the kind to mock others. Or, he wasn’t that kind of person anymore. Since his parents died, he changed. He laughed less, he smiled less, and he never teased him anymore. He was…different. But still his best friend. 

-You can stay with us if you want (Y/N). 

Harvey gasps at his friend’s words. Maybe it’s in that moment, that you started to have a crush on him ? Right there and then, as he was about to defend you ? You don’t even remember. It felt like he was always the one that held your heart, even when you didn’t even know what romantic love was yet (and any mention of kissing a boy would gross you out). 

-Come on Harvey, your little sister is nice ! If I had a sister, I’d let her hang out with us…

There’s an indescribable sadness in his friend’s eyes, and Harvey stops himself before he can say : “it’s not the same, you would do that because your parents are dead”…He doesn’t say it because he knows how insensitive and mean it is. But he’s not about to let this pass without a fight, they couldn’t hang out with you, you were such a baby !

But he never has the occasion to protest, because his sweet lil’ sis’, you, takes his hand in yours and…His friend is smiling. 

Bruce Wayne, whom he almost never saw smiling in those past two years since his parents’ death, that Bruce Wayne…has the widest smile as he looks at you. 

In this moment, it was just children sympathy. It was a cute act from a six years old who realized that her brother’s best friend, who was always nice to her, was sad. And so you took his hand, and squeezed it. And he smiled at you because the gesture somehow soothed him. 

In this moment, neither you nor Bruce, being kids, felt this particular love that would slowly grow between the two of you…But in this moment, your hand in his was the most comforting thing that ever happened to him since his parents’ death (that and Alfred’s hugs). 

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Drunk Texts

I am inspired by this to make a lil’ sanders sides mini fanfic thing so, here it is (thanks to @princeyandanxiety and @just-a-random-word for this)

Tw: Drinking

Pairings: Prinxiety (romantic or platonic), Moxiety (platonic) (and whatever other ships you see in this)

Virgil almost made it out of the house, but was stopped in his tracks by the yelling of his name.

“Wait! Virgil, you need to wear a jacket.” Virgil rolled his eyes as you looked over to Patton. He ran over to Virgil, holding out a black jacket. “Patton, it’s eighty degree heat, I think I’ll be fine.” “But it might get chilly tonight!” The whines of his friend made Virgil chuckle. “Hey, it’ll be fine. I won’t be outside much tonight anyway.”

Patton, defeated, put the jacket down. “Yeah, you’re right. Stay safe, okay Verge?” Virgil gave his friend a grin. “I’ll have Roman and Logan with me, I’ll be safe. Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Patton shakes his head. “No, you’ll need someone without a hangover tomorrow.” Virgil laughs, nodding. “You’ve got a point there. See ya later, Pat.” Virgil opens the door and heads out. “Yeah, see ya kiddo.” Virgil nods and exits, shutting the door behind him.

A loud honk comes from the car parked at the side of the road. “Hey, loser, get in!” The driver, Roman, yells to Virgil. “You are a much bigger loser than me, and you know it.” Virgil says as he enters the back seat, Logan being in the passenger seat. “Touché” Roman mutters as the car takes off down the street.

Later in the night, Patton is sitting at home, watching movies as he waits for the others to get home. He hears his phone ding, and checks it. It was a text from Virgil

Verge💜 Paatton

Verge💜  Heyy Patton

Verge💜  Im a terribe role model

Pat💙What did you do?

Verge💜 I uh

Verge💜 Had like, two shots within ten minuts

Verge💜 cuz im a fuking idiot



Verge💜  Shhhh im eating food and im only alliwed water ill be omay

Pat💙  wait this is so cute

Pat💙  look at you’re lil typos

Pat💙  awwww

Verge💜  fuck off im not cutee

Verge💜 imma go dance now

Pat💙  stay safe, verge

Verge💜 i will dontcha worry i got roman an logan

Pat💙  love ya

Verge💜  ditto

Virgil shoved his phone back into his pocket and met back up with the other two on the dance floor. Roman smiled at the appearance of Virgil and pulled him over by his arm. “Hey Verge, let’s dance.” “Hell yes.”

Logan stands to the side, not wanting to partake in dancing. He was the only one sober. They needed a designated driver, after all. Nevertheless, he ends up getting pulled onto the dance floor.  Eventually he’s enjoying himself as well as the others, just a little less eager.

It’s not until one a.m that they end up leaving, Logan dragging Roman and Virgil behind him. Logan puts the other too in the back seat and takes the driver’s seat. He’s sighs, ignoring the two in the back who are giggling, obviously having had one too many drinks.The three get home, Logan sees that the other two had fallen asleep. Logan shakes them awake. Both of them complain, but go into the house nonetheless.

Logan opened the door, he seeing Patton asleep on the couch. Logan chuckles, shaking his head. He must have tried to stay up to wait for them. Roman and Virgil, both half asleep, enter the same bedroom. Logan furrows his eyebrows for a moment, but looks back at Patton. He smiles and puts a blanket over him. Patton stirs a bit, slowly opening his eyes.

“Oh, hey Lo. Where are Roman and Verge?” Patton looks around, trying to find them. “They went to bed. Exhausted from a night of partying, I presume.” Patton lets out a laugh, getting up from the couch, yawning. “I should go to bed too. And it couldn’t hurt you to get some sleep either.” Logan says, heading to his own bedroom.

Patton nods, going down the hallway. He stops at Roman’s bedroom door, opening the it. He smiles at the sight of Roman and Virgil, asleep, cuddled next to each other. Good, he thinks, they’re both safe and sound. After mumbling good night to the pair, he heads to his own room, happy that his little family are all home and well.

Wow this is cute I might want to do another part to this

  • listen it takes a lot for daniel to dislike somebody
  • so how’d you do it??? the answer is simple: you told the entire class that you thought dogs were better than cats
  • everyone in the class who knew daniel: oh sHIT
  • it wasn’t that you didn’t like cats it was more of you just liked dogs more and it came out wrong
  • and instantly the cat enthusiast stood up and was like…can u pls not say that
  • and that just flipped that lil competition switch in your brain and you proceeded to tell him how dogs were more loyal and active
  • daniel: gives you facts and statistics on how cute cats are and the percentage of ppl who prefer cats
  • and that was the day that you and kang daniel became enemies
  • which was a shock to like the entire school bc someone actually pissed off kANG DAN I EL???????
  • whenever u see him the hallways u make this face and just go DOGS and daniel would make the same face and go CATS
  • you know how in a lot of dramas/anime bullies destroy a person’s locker by spilling milk or whatever all over it??
  • well in y'all case u bully him by taping like 90 dog pictures everywhere inside his locker and writing with a sharpie WOOF WOOF BITCH
  • and daniel does the same w you lmao can you imagine this boy arriving to school early to tape a billion cat pictures in your locker and writing MEOW MEOW MOTHERFRICKER
  • seongwoo literally never thought there would be a day when daniel got pettier than him
  • the pettiness continues until one day you two accidentally meet each other outside of school
  • at a pet shop!!
  • when you two made eye contact it was a major FREEZE for a split second and instantly turned away thinking one word: shit
  • y'all tried so hard not to bump into the other but ofc that doesn’t happen :^) bc u two were actually headed for the same area
  • you two happen to end up……in the cat food section………
  • he saw you and without thinking he just went “why are you over here??”
  • you got a lil defensive and said “I didn’t say that I HATED cats I just…like dogs a lil more”
  • he’s still confused and asked why you were buying cat food and you explained to him that you were gonna feed the stray cats in your neighborhood and he’s like…oh…….
  • you tell him that you can’t have pets but you love animals so like…you can only play around with the strays man and he’s like well… that case I recommend this brand 
  • you laugh and ur like after all that bullying you’re still being nice wtf man lol and he scratches his head and just says well I mean the dog pictures are pre cute tbh and it’s kinda funny hehe
  • and he shoots you that cute ass bunny smile with the lil laugh and everything and your heart does like sixteen flips and ur like oh no
  • and after that day y'all lose that bitterness and distaste towards each other and all that pettiness becomes a lot more friendly based
  • whenever you two see each in the hallways now daniel mouths “cats” and giggles and you go “dogs” back at him and wink and it just becomes this little inside joke
  • it’s actually so cute and all your friends are like omfg u two need to date pls
Dating Jacob Portman would include

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- Both of you having 50,000 pictures / videos of each other

- Awkward lil’ kisses

- Him being really nervous to hold your hand

- Emma being sorta jealous but she’ll recover lmao

- If both of you were peculiar you’d leave your family behind to go to the loop with him

- Both of you driving down roads laughing over literally nothing

- Making jokes about how awkward he is

- The others picking on you two because of you two being so in love

- Miss Peregrine thinking you two are the cutest thing ever

- Wearing his clothes because ‘all your shirts are in the wash’

- Cute lil cuddles ok

- The song to describe your relationship would probably be Roman Holiday by Halsey

- Him being all smile-ly and happy around you 

- Him being really scared he’s gonna accidentally hurt you.


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  • hahahah fuk
  • OKAY first of all, lemme set the mood
  • so you first met dean because you auditioned to be the lead in a music video for him
  • the concept was pretty cool, and you’re a convincing enough actor so you get the part right off the bat
  • (you don’t know that dean actually picked you bc he saw your audition video and couldn’t stop thinking about you for the next twenty four hours)
  • so you get to the set, go through hair and makeup and you’re all done up, waiting to be told what to do
  • you haven’t actually met dean yet but you’re not too nervous bc honestly its just a video, you and him probably won’t even be that intimate (lmao)
  • so he walks into the room with the director of the video and almost immediately his cheeks go bright red
  • he’s stuttering as he introduces himself “I’m dean hyuk- I mean kwon dean- i mean… ugh” 
  • he’s just so cute!!! wow!!!
  • you end up giggling at him and he smiles a lil, at least glad you aren’t like disgusted by how shy he is
  • you two exchange pleasantries and the director begins explaining the plot he’s got and what he wants you two to do
  • the video actually requires a LOT of skinship tho… like a lot
  • if dean already wasn’t about to explode of awkwardness he is now
  • you too, are kind of nervous
  • but dean really looks like he sweatin damn
  • so you decide to crack a few cheesy jokes to ease the mood
  • (I’m stealing this corny joke from a site) “why did Beethoven get rid of his  chickens? because they kept saying ‘bach-bach-bach’” 
  • he actually laughs so hard he snorts and suddenly the mood is ruined for the director but its so much lighter between the two of you
  • you keep cracking jokes every time he starts looking worried again, and he’s actually thankful, giggling into your neck for one scene and biting his lip in another
  • the director wants to kill y'all 
  • but the video ends up perfect and dean kinda fell in love at first sight with you
  • he ends up asking you more confidently out to dinner, and you two hit it off
  • early in the relationship, he’s not super into pda
  • like he’ll maybe touch your lower back while you’re walking or kiss your cheek when no one is looking, but later down the road he’s so damn affectionate you almost wanna fight him
  • always singing
  • in the shower
  • while he’s cooking
  • in the car
  • look,,, this kid is so fucking annoying bc his voice is actually good
  • like you’re just innocently enjoying a song on the radio and dean has to pull out some extra ass riffs and high notes and basically out sings every song you put on
  • one time you tried to listen to beyonce in the car and he was about to attempt her high notes in love on top and you just. reached over and grabbed his tongue
  • like just deadass grabbed his tongue
  • he looked at you mortified and you were like “enough
  • but you enjoy his singing when you’re sleeping, especially when he’s singing about how much he loves you
  • wakes you up by singing super loud in the shower every saturday morning
  • *him, singing super loudly and purposefully off key* “I looOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOVe my baby-”
  • *you, half asleep in bed, tempted to finish him off once and for all* SHUT UP
  • he dances like a dad ok
  • y'all go to the club and you’re actually just so embarrassed bc he just… like he just sways his hips with a beer in his hand and attempts some form of a movement with his arms
  • its ok you don’t like him for his dance moves
  • always kissing your neck
  • loves biting you
  • kisses the back of your hand while he’s driving and nips your fingertips
  • when y'all are in bed he’s like biting into your neck and growling bc he literally can’t hold back you make him unravel so easily and haha… dam
  • obsessed with your body and pleasuring you
  • will go down on you for hours bc he just loves it, loves the sight of you when he does
  • always has to be touching you
  • has a hand on your thigh, not even sexually like he just likes touching your thighs cause theyre warm and soft
  • actually takes naps on you a lot
  • he’ll splay out on you while you’re laid on the couch and he’ll nestle his face into your neck and wrap his arms around you before clocking out
  • its cute the first few times but its not so cute when you gotta pee
  • “baby… baby please I gotta pee and you’re crushing my bladder”
  • “hmm… no… no thanks”
  • you’ve got to beat him on the back before he releases you
  • you read him zodiac memes a lot and whenever you get to scorpio he just rolls his eyes so hard cause most are so cliche (if you’re a scorpio you two just roll your eyes together lmao)
  • your birthday is his favorite day of the year
  • he’ll wake you up with kisses, make you breakfast in bed, and then will force you out of the house for the rest of the day bc he’s planned a surprise party for you
  • does not understand personal space
  • you know that tweet thats like “*pulls curtain back while wife is in the shower* me: Are we - stop screaming, it’s just me- are we out of Cheetos?”
  • thats dean
  • you’re like shitting on the toilet and he walks in like “yo that stinks, anyway I’m taking the dog for a walk to the store do you want something”
  • you throw a roll of toilet paper at him and he’s like lol why you throwing that you’re gonna need it judging by the smell
  • probably proposes to you while you’re half asleep, tucked under his arm while you watch a movie
  • he just slips out an expensive ring, smiles as your tired eyes widen, and then chuckles, “i guess this means you really are wifey now, huh?” 
  • dean is basically just such a good bf and loves you a lot and can’t get enough, lucky you
enemies to lovers yoongi

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  • wanna say this one goes out to my mom aka @warmau who inspired me to start my writing blogs so please check her out and send her love because she is my absolute favorite author on this site
  • but this au seems wild and im wildin today and blowing money on cherry bomb photocards so why not
  • you and yoongi both work in the food court of your local mall, but at different restaurants
  • he works at the pizza place and you work at the chinese restaurant
  • ever since you got the job, yoongi most definitely caught your eye from across the way
  • his dark, black hair that hangs in his sleepy eyes…
  • his pretty, pouty lips, that are forever in a permanent scowl…
  • his resting bitch face as he tries to convince people to waste their hard earned money on a combo meal…
  • yoongi is really the whole package
  • half of your work shift is spent just staring at him and hoping to the good lord above you don’t get caught
  • you have a few times but that is beside the point
  • you just stare wistfully and imagine what would happen if you crossed the food court and ran into his arms-
  • but alas, you cannot do that because if you’re in the restaurant business, you can’t just spend time with the enemy
  • even if you’re craving pizza, it is forbidden by restsurant law to even give your thoughts to the competition, so you’ve never actually talked to yoongi
  • ever
  • but that is a okay because your spot as cashier is the perfect viewing place to glance over at yoongi when you have a free moment
  • yoongi totally knows you’re checking him out at all seconds of the day, but he’s too shy to ever go over and say something to you, even when he’s not working, so he pretends that you don’t exist
  • besides, he has lyrics to write on the back of used receipts, melodies to tap out with spoons and knives
  • customers to swindle
  • but hoseok, who works at the pizza place too, totally realizes you two have the hots for each other so he’s always like “oh yoongi i think we should get chinese for lunch today, im really craving it”
  • “it’s not even our lunch break??”
  • “okay well go get me a snack then, some lomein sounds amazing right now”
  • “hoseok, no, i know what you’re trying to do”
  • “oh come on yoongi, all you ever do is stare at them all dreamy!!”
  • and then hoseok clasps his hands over his heart and wails, “oh young, forbidden love, is there anything more romantic than that?!”
  • the whole food court has stopped to stare at him, including you, and yoongi is redder than the tomato sauce on the pizzas so he just ducks down behind the counter and doesn’t come up for like the next ten minutes
  • since you two never actually interact, you think all is lost but then
  • then
  • one day it’s particularly slow in the mall
  • it’s summer so you have a full day of work ahead of you, and you’ve gotten maybe ten customers in the four hours you’ve been working, and you still got like six hours to go
  • yoongi is in the same predicament, if not worse, because his dearest hoseok has off today and yoongi doesn’t really interact with his coworkers unless they’re hoseok so um…
  • the two of you are lazing around, stealing the additional glance at each other
  • when your boss comes over and is all “hey, we really are doing poorly today, we need to change our tactic to get some customers in”
  • he hands you a tray with little food samples on it and shoves you outside the safety from behind the counter, then says, “go out near the entrance to the food court and try to convince some people to get over here and eat our food”
  • “isn’t that a little i dunno… pushy.”
  • “do you like your paycheck or not”
  • so with some huffing and puffing and grumbling you take the tray and shuffle over towards the food court entrance, trying to pretend you aren’t embarrassed
  • but the pizza place is not having that, oh no, they also are under target today for sales and they won’t just have prospective customers snatched away like that
  • “alright yoongo, time to go win us over some customers!!”
  • “actually my name is yo-”
  • “use that charm of yours on the ladies, alright?”
  • “as long as i can use it on the dudes as well”
  • “sure sure whatever, just get out there and win us over some customers”
  • they hand yoongi a tray with some little pizza bites in little cups in it and he starts walking to the middle of the food court but his boss shouts, “no no, you need to be right over there with that chinese food! SHOW THEM THE SUPERIOR CUISINE”
  • if youre wondering, chinese food is better than pizza #facts
  • yoongi is a little freaked out by his boss’ enthusiasm for making sales but he does what’s asked of him because the only other place hiring right now is gamestop and he doesn’t wanna be stuck with jungkook every two seconds he weebs out over overwatch and persona so like… this job is pretty important
  • but then yoongi realizes you’re the one who’s also trying to sell food and now he’s all flustered and embarrassed and he doesn’t know what to do so he just kind of stands there and gapes for a few seconds
  • but then he gets on his #customerserviceface and traipses over to you, smiling that cute lil gummy smile of his face
  • “i’m gonna take you down” his smile only grows bigger and you’ve never been so attracted yet so afraid of someone in your life
  • “oh it is SO on dough boy”
  • “shut up you noodle brat”
  • “pepperoni person”
  • “you really don’t have anything better than that, you piece of kung pao shrimp”
  • “like that was any better pineapple pizza”
  • “you take that one baCK”
  • “mAke mE”
  • you two are so busy squabbling that you kind of ignore would be customers for like the first fifteen minutes
  • but then you remember what you’re supposed to be doing and with one final glare at yoongi, you snap “i was here first anyhow”
  • “it’s a mall, not your backyard” yoongi rolls his eyes “i can be wherever i want”
  • “except on top because i bet i can give out all my samples before you can!”
  • yoongi laughs and nods “you’re on. first one out of food officially has the best food in the food court”
  • the two of you spend the next hour trying to shove people down shoppers throats, and most of them end up at the mcdonalds, but you and yoongi are so damn absorbed in your competition that you don’t even care that you’re not actually doing your respective businesses any good
  • but it’s fun?? you’re having fun??
  • you don’t think you’ve laughed harder in a work shift ever before, especially when yoongi starts trying to do some god awful italian accent to try and win some customers over about it being authentic pizza
  • and he can’t help but smile fondly when you try to explain to customers for the millionth time that no, you can’t make szechuan chicken mild when it’s already premade with the szechuan sauce on it already
  • and when there aren’t any shoppers around, you and yoongi just kinda.. talk
  • he tells you about his dream to get to college to work with music production and how he doesn’t have the money right now, which is why he’s working at the freaking food court right now
  • and you tell him about yourself, and your reason for getting the job, and your hopes and dreams for the future as well
  • he tells you about his friends, about hoseok, the loud one who’s always screaming when there’s a flame in the oven because it’s scary
  • and about jungkook, who has the audacity to order dominos instead of visiting yoongi
  • and jin, who hogs the blankets all the damn time but washes yoongi’s uniform so him so it’s even
  • you talk about your friends too, but none of them seem as interesting as the people that yoongi hangs out with and you kind of hope that one day maybe yoongi will introduce you to them…
  • but then you realize that means hanging out with yoongi… as like friends or something…
  • and now you’re blushing
  • things have gotten pretty quiet now, and you think that maybe you should head back to actual work…
  • “wait, we both still have one left”
  • he shrugs and points to your little cup
  • your brows furrow and you frown slightly, then start to scan around the food court for anyone who someone to take your food so you can end this battle once and for all
  • but there’s a sudden weight on the tray, and you spin back around, and there’s yoongi, holding the cup up to his lips
  • and then he just chugs the freaking lomein like that, he just goes for it, finishes up your last sample
  • your eyes go wide and you smile softly
  • “well i guess you win” he says cooly, but there’s a noodle hanging from his lip and you point
  • he gets all red and quickly wipes it away
  • you take a deep breath, then reach over and grab his last pizza bite, then pop it into your mouth
  • “hey, this is actually pretty good” you nod
  • “the best food this damn place has to offer” he says with a wink
  • “hey wait a second-”
  • now you’re both laughing again
  • but your bosses are tired of you guys flirting instead of erasing the competition so they both call you back over so you can man the cash registers
  • but you and yoongi were having fun, a good time, and you don’t really want that to end?? so uh now you’re both waving over at each other dumbly from behind your counters and smiling and mouthing things to each other that you can’t really understand but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?
  • and as it comes to the end of your shift, you feel kinda upset because it’s been fun goofing off with yoongi??
  • like you’re so overwhelmed with butterflies that you actually spoke to yoongi?? like not only did you like introduce yourself?? but you had a real, actual conversation?? amazing??
  • you hope that tomorrow will be even better…
  • your clocking out right
  • the mall is shutting down for the night
  • the lights are all turning off
  • you’ve done all your side jobs, cleaned up for the night, restocked the sauces, cleaned all the machines and what not
  • you grab your jacket from the back, but when you come back out yoongi is standing there, hands in his pockets, looking all shy and cute
  • you blush and smile and give a lil wave
  • he smiles and waves back
  • “so…” you both say in unison
  • you both laugh and now you’re both tomato red
  • “today was fun” yoongi says slowly “so i was uh… i was wondering if you wanted to um…”
  • he starts to fumble over his words
  • “wanted to get some ice cream maybe?’ you suggest
  • yoongi’s eyes light up and he nods excitedly
  • you usually take the bus home, but yoongi drives, so you go with him to the ice cream parlor and you two share a banana split and maybe even a cute kiss too
  • the end


  • okay so obv werewolves aren’t human’s favorite monsters
  • there are hunters and poachers and people who just plain kill werewolves on sight
  • you are a circus worker
  • the newest circus addition is the werewolf exhibit, where a tamer brings out a werewolf pup for all the humans to gawk at
  • and tbh you don’t rlly like it. the thought doesn’t sit well w you,,, but you don’t know how to stop it
  • there’s this lil werewolf pup in a small cage in your mobile circus,, and you’re doing your nightly checks on the cages when the pup starts whimpering???
  • and you know your boss told you not to open the cages but you figure letting the little gray wolf walk around for a bit won’t hurt anything
  • so you unlock the cage
  • and it’s almost instant,,,, like as soon as he crawls out of the cage he transforms into a boy
  • like a human boy
  • and his gentle brown eyes are wide and he’s like “you’ve got to get me out of here”
  • he’s frantically looking around as if your boss is going to see him
  • and he’s like “at least feed me a burger or something i haven’t eaten in days”
  • you ??? bc your boss told you that he was keeping the werewolf fed????
  • the werewolf boy licks his lips and looks around “i smell pancakes and eggs”
  • you are highkey surprised by how good his scent must be
  • “well there’s a diner just down the road??”
  • “pls pls pls take me there. i won’t complain or anything and i won’t try to run i just need food”
  • and you feel so bad bc you had no idea your boss wasn’t feeding the boy/pup and you hate that you’ve gone this far without noticing
  • “let me get my bag to pay for your meal”
  • but gUESS WHAT
  • you decide that you don’t want to be around some toxic circus owner who mistreats monsters so you quickly pack up your entire suitcase and sneak back to where the werewolf was waiting
  • luckily your boss could sleep through a nuclear war so he hears nothing
  • when you return back to the boy he’s shivering so you give him your jacket while the two of you walk down the street towards the diner “try to get the cheapest thing on the menu,” you tell him
  • and he’s nodding like yeah i understand i’ll get one (1) scrambled egg pls
  • you realize he thought you meant it meanly, that he shouldn’t be allowed an expensive meal, so you quickly shake your head
  • “no! not like that just … I need to save enough money for two train tickets back home,,,,”
  • it takes the boy a few moments to realize that you are offering to take him away from the circus
  • “i-isn’t this your job? won’t we get in trouble?”
  • you shrug “the pay’s lousy and i don’t want to work for a man who treats people like he’s been treating you. i would’ve taken you out of i had known sooner … ”
  • “renjun! my name is renjun.”
  • he smiles down at you,, and you notice that he has a cute lil snaggle tooth and his hair looks soft nd pretty
  • like a field of wheat or gold or smth equally as mesmerizing
  • “i’m y/n.”
  • the two of you eat at the diner, and the waitress sneaks a few extra pieces of bacon onto his plate after seeing how starved renjun seemed
  • then you guys hit the late train
  • the two of you look like runaways, with your bag under your feet and renjun sleeping w his head rested on your shoulder. the two of you sleep the whole way home,,, and you call your parents at the station to come pick you up
  • and they’re like,,, glad you left the circus if the boss was an abusive douchebag,,,, but also they’re like,, you can’t just steal a werewolf and expect us to keep him,,, they get violent you know
  • so renjun can’t stay w you
  • and he’s highkey sad bc he really likes you and your scent is comforting to him
  • he holds your hand while the two of you walk around town,, trying to figure out what to do
  • when you stop in front of this large gothic house that definitely looks haunted,,, and there’s some kind of swampland right behind it??? in the suburbs???
  • renjun’s like where are you taking me what is this
  • but you brighten like i know a boy who lives here! his name is mark and he’s a witch! he told me once that he lives here w a bunch of other monsters including a werewolf!!
  • “but i can’t just live w random monsters they won’t accept me as their own”
  • “sure they will,” you assure him, “they do it all the time.”
  • you knock on the door
  • it’s opened by the disgruntled human doyoung, holding a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • “hello”
  • you squeeze renjuns hand and blurt out “my friend’s a werewolf and he needs a place to stay.”
  • werewolf!sicheng pushes doyoung out of the way from wherever he had been hiding and grabs renjun by the shoulders like “where are you from? did you have a pack? how old are you? what color is your fur? does the moon affect you too????”
  • nd it takes taeil to pull him back like calm down buddy he’s just a pup
  • bc honestly renjun is small like he’s really not a very big kid and his wolf form looks like a medium sized puppy (not that nct know this)
  • but renjun is pretty calm i mean he gives off this calm aura and he introduces himself and answers all of sicheng’s questions
  • it isn’t long before nct welcome him into their home of misfits n monsters
  • renjun loves it there,, and he calls you every day from mark’s phone to tell you about it
  • soon doyoung enrolls him in mark’s school so he’s able to get a good education
  • and he gets to see you every day so he’s happy
  • life w nct is so much fun for renjun
  • he’s a part of the club for canines w sicheng jaemin and mark, although he doesn’t understand why mark is there he doesn’t ask questions
  • realized v v quickly that doyoung doesn’t like his werewolf form simply bc he hates the fur on the couch
  • it acts up his allergies so renjun tries his hardest to remember not to change his form
  • but sometimes he and sicheng and jaemin change into dog forms and chase each other around the house for fun so he forgets abt doyoung
  • poor doyoung
  • doesn’t rlly know abt the werewolf/vampire rivalry until donghyuck explains it to him
  • except he rlly exaggerates everything and makes it seem like there was some kind of conspiracy that started the whole war
  • taeil has to shut him up and tell renjun that it was simply a question of which mosnter was more fearsome
  • renjun doesn’t think he’s scary at all
  • he doesn’t think sicheng is scary either
  • the two of them eventually learn to calm each other down during the full moon so much that neither of them are very scared of the moon anymore
  • what renjun is still afraid of are humans
  • the only humans he likes are doyoung and you
  • otherwise he gets rlly skittish and nervous around them
  • you don’t know this but he has nightmares a lot about the circus and your boss locking him up again
  • he has nightmares abt you not rescuing him and him starving in the small cage
  • it’s hard for him to sleep all through the night he usually wakes up whimpering
  • and he crawls under sicheng’s covers to feel some kind of comfort
  • but one day sicheng is out for the night on a date
  • and when renjun wakes up sicheng still isn’t home,,, and he doesn’t want to wake the other boys bc he isn’t sure if they’ll understand (spoiler alert: they will and they do)
  • so he steals mark’s phone and calls you up
  • even though he isn’t crying you can hear the tremor in his voice
  • “renjun? what wrong?”
  • nd he breaks down and tells you everything,,,, how he’s scared of most humans,,, and every night he dreams of the circus,,, and how he’s terrified that your boss might find him one day and demand he return
  • you rush over to the house immediately and renjun lets you in
  • the first thing he does is hug you
  • and he sniffs your hair
  • i know that sounds wierd but renjun connects your scent w his freedom and safety,, and just the scent of you helps him feel more at ease
  • he doesn’t want to let go like his hands are clasped at the small of your back so tightly he isn’t in any hurry to release you yet
  • the two of you sit on the couch and watch late night cartoons w a blanket covering your legs
  • nd eventually renjun lays his head on your lap and tells you all abt his dreams
  • while you run your fingers through his hair
  • he falls asleep like this, and you do too after a few minutes
  • when mark wakes the two of you up the next morning to get ready for school, you’re both snuggled up close to each other
  • you give renjun your hoodie to sleep w at night so he’ll feel safer,,,, and bc of this he has a lot less nightmares
  • wow i love werewolf!renjun
  • the end

part of monster!nct collab w @trickortaeil

Is it too Cliche to Match a Lil’ Bit?

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1220

Summary: You’re finally old enough to attend one of  your fathers infamous parties, and you decide to bring Spidey as your date—Nat and Cap help the two of you get ready.

A/N: I thought including the party in this post would be too long—if you want another part for the party scene, let me know! I imagine it’d be rather long, but I haven’t even began to think about it yet… Just let a sister know if you’re interested, and I will write it…

After years of convincing, your father finally allowed you to go to one of his parties. Sure, it was because it was a low-key party with only his closest friends and colleagues—but it was still a party! Not only that, but Peter was going to be invited, on account of his involvement with the Avengers. You two had been seeing each other for a few months now, and your dad has been taking it surprisingly well for how over-protective he is. He insists he’s okay with it, despite the extensive list of rules the two of you need to follow—Peter’s convinced he’s only been invited because Tony wants to keep an eye on the two of you, but you know how his parties are. With any luck, your father’ll be busy entertaining his tens of guests, and you’ll be free to have fun with Peter with minimal super-vision.

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Better Together (Smut) Part One

Request: Heya hey can you do one where you and shawn are best friends but then sleep together its gets awkward after but then you both decide to try a relationship? (Lil smutty and fluffy?) haha ur stories are cute!!

Word Count: 2,466

A/N: Again a two part, because it became rather long. 

Better Together (Smut) Part One

“Cheers to you being home… for a while at least” I yelled, trying to out speak the noise in the bar. Shawn clucked at me, before raising his glass clinging it into mine.

“And our new apartment together” he hurried to say.

“And our friendship” I joined in, laughing.

“Best friend for ever, bitch” Shawn smiled at me.

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Jared Kleinman headcannons (Clothes Shopping)

A/N: I’m not sure these fit the request

-You dragged him to the mall at like 8 am because you didn’t want to be surrounded by people

- He was not happy about it and you let you know that

- “You’re honestly the most annoying person ever”

- “Shhh, Jar., you know you love me. If you didn’t, you would have jumped out the window.”

- “I still might”

- When you actually go to the mall, he insisted you get a milkshake to apologise for bringing him so early

- When you were sitting down, you explained why you brought him there

- “We’re seniors now! We gotta look stylish and shit. We rule the school, we gotta look like we do at least.”

- “We don’t rule over anything, but I’ll indulge”

- You first took a stop at Forever 21 which was just like stepping into a tumblr aesthetic blog

- You looked around for some nice high waisted shorts as Jared trailed behind you

- “But why do they have to be highwaisted?”

- “I don’t wanna have a muffin top, Jared”

- “But I have a muffin top everyday, we could be muffin twins. You always say my muffin top is cute”

- “Because it is!”

- He did the lil hug from behind thing, “Anything you do is cute.”


- “Whatever, you loser”, you said using a half assed insult to mask your feelings-

- You tried on a sunflowers dress and Jared said ZOOWEEMAMA which made you blush cuz you knew he meant it as a high compliment

- Then y’all made your way to Hot Topic

- “Maybe we’ll see Murphy here!”

- “Jared don’t be an ass”

- He gasped, “If I’m not an ass, then what am I?”

- But at Hot Topic, he kept on wearing the accessories

- “Babe, do I look good in this Louise hat?”

- “Jared! Take that off! The person who put that on before you could have had lice.”

- He would also put on the bras and ‘try to seduce you’

- “Hey, how about we get outta here and I’ll show you what’s under this?”

- Some random employee would catch him and yell, “Sir! Take that off right now!”

- He’d get you kicked out by repeating that and putting on the underwear also

- It was hilarious though

- Then you guys left the mall and went to Kohls

- Jared found a shirt he really liked with a portrait of Batman painted on Starry Night

- You found a nice shirt with your Harry Potter house crest on it (EVEN IF YOU’RE HUFFLEPUFF OR RAVENCLAW BECAUSE ALL OF THE HOUSES MATTER! M’KAY? M’KAY!)

- You two are comfortable with each other so you try on your shirts in the same fitting room because why not (there are places with undefined fitting rooms, fight me)

- When Jared takes off his shirt first, you just give him a hug and call him a big teddy bear

- “Get off me that’s gay”, he says with a blush

- You guys are blushy people when you compliment each other

- He does the same hug thing when you take yours off but you don’t tell him to get off

- You look in the mirror and just smile at the two of you

- You’re both cubby but it doesn’t bother you

- It used to, but since you two started dating you were always there to pick each other’s confidence up when you’re a lil down

- Jared always said it just gave more of you for him to love

- But he never admits to saying that, or any cute things for that matter

- But then he ruins the cute moment by saying something stupid

- “Wanna have sex?”

- “Jared!”

- cue his mischievous laughter

- But then you actually put the clothes on that you came to try on

- Jared wouldn’t stop complimenting how good you looked in the shirt

- You told him how the shirt he picked out for his personality

- Jared bought both of the shirts and you two went to his house to cuddle (and make out whoops)

- you didn’t leave with a lot of clothes, but you still had a blast

anonymous asked:

BTS Reaction to when you're at their concert they see you in the crowd and do aegyo or whatever and you answer them with aegyo back ?.Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~

BTS when they see you on the crowd at a concert for the first time!


I think Jin would have two reactions when he saw you for the first time ever at a concert-

1- Silly goofy Jin who’s trying to do aegyo your way and trips because he is so shy (lol)

2- But It’s Jin  … he would fast recover in a blink and would go back to his cool stage persona in no time


He would see you on the crowd and start sending finger hearts your direction trying to be cute lil motherf.
You would answer by flipping a finger to him; provoking a cute lil smile~.

Idk, is it just me who would do this?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jhope strikes me as a pretty intense guy on stage, so when he exchanged gazes with you he’d go “oh you came to see me?, watch this…” smug kind of attitude. 
He’d give his 110% to impress you

And boi he would deliver

Rap Monster

smoothmon here to slay your life!

Rapmon would keep his cool while performing and wouldn’t get distracted, but he’d send a cheeky wink your way if he catched your eye staring at him.


He very not smooth at all would get closer to where you were on the crowd, singing directly your way.
Probably, same as Namjoon, would wink and or smile cutely depends on the intenseness of the song  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Showing you all his skills 


You and me both know this boy…knows no chill...
V would see you and he turn on the smexy on and keep it on for the rest of the evening, stealing glances your way making sure you are watching him.
bodyroll game slick


Intense dab mode: ON 

lol jk

I think Jungkook is not likely to change when he saw you in the crowd.
He would get a little closer to you to say hi, and even maybe a little shy because its the first time you came to see him perform.

A/N: Thanks for requesting Nonnie :3

GIFs not mine!


Jimin’s Affection

And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an actual sweetheart with the cutest lil smile I love his smile so much, I love his shy smile, his happy smile, his laugh, just everything I love that lil ever so slightly crooked tooth I think it gives his smile so much personality and I adore it so fucking much, I adore him in general tbh, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Such a tiny ball of squish so sweet so kind
  • Jimin is S O affectionate oh my go d
  • Honestly good luck initiating the affection before he does bc the second he sees you he’s gonna wanna hug you or hold your hand or have any form of affection
  • He’s a lil flirt at times but then he’s also so shy
  • The type of boyfriend to wink at you but then start blushing and have to look away and hide behind something or someone
  • Give him a bunch of compliments and just watch him get so flustered and !!!!
  • But also the type to forever be complimenting you
  • Lots of massages, the kid’s a dancer so he’s most likely gonna be sore after a long practice and can you really say no to that sweet lil face when he asks if you’ll give him a massage (but he’ll also give you a massage too)
  • Lots of pet names, babe, baby, honey, darling, sweetheart/sweetie, literally everything and anything (if you’ve never heard Jimin say “jagi” I highLY SUGGEST LOOKING IT UP)
  • “Did you just grab my ass???”
  • “You grabbed mine first”
  • “…true” 
  • Giggles at literally every joke you tell him, even if they’re terrible jokes
  • Leans against you when he laughs
  • Such a good listener, the boys have said that Jimin is amazing at comforting and that they can go to him whenever they’re sad and you can bet an y th ing Jimin is gonna do the same for his love
  • You ever have a bad day or are just in a bad mood, you can go to him and get your hug and have him listen to you and give you his advice or have him cheer you up 
  • If you’re sat or stood next to him, just expect his arm to go around your shoulders, he’s so used to doing it he doesn’t even think about it anymore it’s just automatic 
  • He likes being able to hold you really tight and have you so close and be able to make you feel loved and get you to smile by squeezing you
  • If you’re wearing one of his hoodies, expect a million hugs bc Jimin would adore it if you wore his clothes and he can’t help but give you lots of hugs
  • He’s always really warm like do you ever look at someone and just go you look warm rn, that’s Jimin 25/8 
  • If you’re cold, just tell him and he’ll give you a big hug and not let you go until you’re completely warm and content again
  • He’s a nuzzler okay I’ve talked about this before I’ll forever talk about it bc it fits his personality so well
  • He likes to nuzzle his lil teeny tiny cute nose into your neck or your hair or your shoulder or really anywhere his head lands first
  • Especially when he’s tired or he’s missed you, he’ll just nuzzle your neck and close his eyes and hold you really really close and it’s one of those moments where neither of you have to say anything
  • Back hugs are a common thing, from both you and him
  • Randomly walks up behind you and just rests his chin on your shoulder (just think about that one time chim immediately latched onto Jin and wouldn’t let go for anything)
  • He doesn’t care about what type of hug it is, side hug, back hug, a quick hug, a long hug, he’s happy with any hug really
  • Cuddling with him is equally as amazing
  • He’s so ideal for cuddling, he’s so squishy and cuddly and he’d giggle all sleepy like and play with your hair a lot
  • He’d like pretty much any form of cuddling, facing each other (his favorite) big spoon, lil spoon, one of you resting your head on the other’s chest, anything goes
  • But his favorite is when you two face each other and your legs are all tangled bc he can easily reach over and play with your fingers or he can rub your back and he can give you that loved up look while he listens to you talk and it’s v v intimate ??
  • Like your faces are so close, your noses are almost bumping, he can lean in just a bit and be able to kiss you whenever he wants and he loves it
  • It occurs the most during pillow talk bc he likes to be able to look at you while you talk but sometimes after the pillow talk, you two may shift into a different position, sometimes you fall asleep like that, it really just matters on the night
  • The two most common are facing each other and spooning, he’s okay with being lil spoon but he’s also s o okay with being the big spoon so it’d depend on which way was comfier for both of you that night
  • He likes putting his head on your lap bc then you’ll play with his hair or run your fingers through it and he’s so content he could easily fall asleep like that and he has several times
  • Just imagine this for a second
  • Holding Jimin’s hand
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He prefers interlocking fingers bc he likes squeezing your fingers to get your attention on him and he likes kissing the back of your hand 
  • It’s really only when he’s leading you somewhere that he’ll just hold your hand, like if it’s a situation where he won’t be holding onto your hand for long but if it’s gonna be a few minutes of hand holding, he’ll wanna intertwine your fingers together bc his fave
  • He really likes playing with your fingers or letting you play with his when you two are cuddling
  • Sometimes, when you two have just woken up, he won’t actually get out of bed and he’ll just sit there and compare your fingers to his or kiss the tips of your fingers or anything like that
  • But he also sometimes traces over your facial features really gently until you wake up (and he lets you do the same to him)
  • Softest lips ???? Probably tastes like vanilla or cherry tbh
  • Kisses are pretty frequent, playful kisses, meaningful kisses, quick kisses, long kisses, pretty much all the kisses
  • He doesn’t really have a favorite bc any kiss is his favorite and they all have different meanings to them
  • He has quick, playful kisses that are purely just to get you laughing or at least get a smile on your face
  • He has the soft kisses that are his greeting kisses, they’re his hellos and goodbyes
  • He has the longer sweeter kisses where his hands are on your hips or cupping your face and he’s still being really gentle and there’s no rush and they’re meant to express his love and make you feel adored bc he really really does love and adore you a whole lot, one of my biggest Jimin head canons is that when he falls in love, he falls h a r d and gives it his all
  • All of them mean so much to him and they all make him happy
  • Dance room make outs
  • Cheek kisses are frequent, whether it’s you kissing his cheek or him kissing yours
  • Side note, just imagine that for a moment, kissing his cheek, it’s so squishy and soft and just kissable as fuck ????
  • He also has this habit of kissing your shoulder whenever he stands behind you, just as a lil “hey I’m over here if you need me”
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Is somehow both shy and confident about his PDA
  • Makes the first move to grab your hand but then also starts blushing a bit over it
  • He has moments where he honestly forgets you two are in public and starts being really affectionate and cute and gives you lots of kisses but then he also has moments where he can barely hug you without getting shy
  • He goes back and forth from having his arm over your shoulders or your around his to holding your hand when you guys are walking around in public
  • He loves both of them so so much so he really doesn’t mind
  • He’s okay with lil pecks/kisses here and then but he’s always gonna get that shy smile afterwards, every single time
  • If there’s a line or you’re somehow having to stay still for a while, he will wanna hug you and just rest his head on your shoulder and spend the waiting time like that bc that’s so much better than just standing around
  • Will absolutely without a second to waste give you his jacket the second you say it’s cold
  • You two have matching bracelets that you always wear and he’s so :D every time he sees it on your wrist
  • Affection with Jimin is a daily thing, it’s very love filled very sweet just like him, it’s all warm hugs, soft kisses and lots of lovey dovey stares

cute yoo youngjae things

  • when he wriggled in that sand during honeymoon m/v making pt. 2
  • laughing with his whole body
  • the two lil smol apples that form on his cheeks when he smiles rlly big
  • him in big clothing
  • his smile in general
  • the fact that he looks like an actual baby in big clothing (bcs his hands drown in them and its like the cutest thing i’ve ever seen ;;)
  • yoo youngjae

> bts reacting to you wanting them to hold your breasts when you cuddle


seokjin ; he would be all blushing, trying to hold back his embarrassed smiles. he would be okay with your request, doing what you asked of him but he would make it awkward. seokjin would probably very awkwardly hover his hands over your chest making sure you didn’t mean it as a joke before cupping your breasts.

yoongi ; to be honest, most of them would be really shy about it. since yoongi is always on the grind and tired, i don’t think you’d need to ask him if he was comfortable enough with you and vice versa. i feel like he’d do it unconsciously and if you didn’t say anything about it, he’d keep doing it.

hoseok ; this grown maknae would be jumping off the walls because of your request. i can see him being slightly too excited and just making the whole scene dramatic and unnecessary. he’d be happy doing it though, he’d tease you about it too.

namjoon ; this lil perv can react in two different ways. he can either be this cute smol (giant) who’d be covering his face from embarrassment and sheepishly hold your chest or be all smirks, probably thinking it’s your excuse to start some sexy time lmao.

jimin ; squishy squishy squishy is all i have to say. he’d be so shy, eye smiles a go with his smol bean self. he’d pull you onto his lap so that you sat perfectly on his lap, holding your chest. he’d bury his head into the crook of your neck and shoulder, being a cute shy bean :).

taehyung ; he’d tease the heck out of you, making you embarrassed for asking him to do that. but he’d assure you that he was totally down to cuddle while holding your bewbs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( i apologize as you can see i’m v immature )

jungkook ; similar to namjoon, i think he’d have two reactions to your request depending on how he was feeling. he might be totally down and pull you in his arms right away or he could be a bean and absolutely refuse to do it with flushed cheeks. i can bet that his extra ass would leave the room too tbh.

p.s there’s no gifs cause my ass don’t own a computer so :)) i cri

Getting Caught! - Chenle

(gif credits: 1aeyong


Could you do Chenle to please for the getting caught? I love these so much omfg 😂😍

Can you do the getting caught series with Chenle please? But only as long as it’s not a bother !!!

A/n: Chenle!!! so popular! sorry for the wait, also this is veryyyy short and to the point. I hope you guys still like it though! 

Getting Caught: ║ Mark  ║ Renjun  ║ Jeno  ║ Haechan JaeminChenleJisung  ║ 

  • Chenle 💖
  • this lil cutie
  • how can you not love him
  • ahhhh he always makes me smile
  • I love him so much
  • anyway every time I write one of these I always think it’s funnier than the last
  • but I really think this one is funny
  • enjoy!!

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Day6 Reaction to You Waking Them Up with Kisses and Cuddlez

Shoot me now, I’m too deep into the fluff life, I’ll never escape (not that that’s a problem :D)



Jae would love this, probably almost the most out of all the boys (“almost the most.” Say that out loud and see how dumb it sounds. I’m amazing. Very write, much skilled). You’d start touching his hair gently when you woke up because who wouldn’t if they had the opportunity because his hair if fan-flippin-tastic. And then you’d place just one lil light kiss on his forehead but then you’d kiss his cheeks too, and his forehead, and his temples, and he’d just wake up really happy and like ‘oh my gosh, so cute, this is great’ in his head. He’d laugh as soon as he was awake and hug you and bury his face lazily into your neck and hair while he just enjoyed the attention (because lbr, this boy basically lives for attention of any kind).

“Can you wake me up like this every morning?”


He would also love it, but unlike Jae, he wouldn’t respond immediately. He’s a lil $#!#$*% *ehEMMM What? NO, I didn’t say that noooo he’s so GREAT and INNOCENT and SWEEET ALL THE TIME I would never say that *coughcough… He’d pretend to still be asleep. For a little while until he started to smirk, but you were a little preoccupied with nuzzling into his neck and kissing his jaw line and neck and cheek to notice. Until he startled you by saying really quietly in his gravely morning voice “So do you do this most mornings and I’ve just never woken up to it before, or is this a first?” And you’d be startled and he’d laugh at you and poke your sides and you’d squirm and slap his arm before he reassured you.

“You’re too cute.” And chuckled and hugged you, placing a kiss of his own on your cheek.


As LONG AS THIS BEAR HAD GOTTEN ENOUGH SLEEP BEFORE YOU WOKE HIM UP, he’d think it was kind of great. He’d be a little more low key than the previous two though. He’d have fallen asleep on his back and you were sidewise facing him, sort of tucked into his side with your head resting on his shoulder. You’d have woken up and started admiring his profile, and so you threw an arm over his chest and starting kissing his cheek and jaw and temple really lightly. He’d wake up and he’d be a little confused for a second, but then once he was actually awake enough to comprehend what this ticklish sensation was, he’d smile and turn to look at you for a second before leaning in to kiss your lips lazily and saying “Good morning, sweetheart.” Then he’d turn on his side so you two could look at each other and cuddle till you were ready to get up.


This boy would start giggling and grinning SOOOO widely as soon as he woke up. He’d be in this really cute, drowsy but super happy mode. You would have been kissing his cheeks and his nose and when he woke up from it, you’d nuzzle up under his chin and his heart was just like ‘!!!’ and he immediately put his hands on your waist and turned over so you two were sideways and facing each other before nuzzling his face down into your neck with a HUGE smile and placing quick, cute lil kisses all on your neck and cheeks while mumbled good morning into your hair. Cutie.


When he woke up to you laying half on top of him and kissing his cheek, he’d smile really wide while he worked through his groggy state. He’d nuzzle into your neck and hug you around your waist without shifting his position and just relax and enjoy your company like that. Once he was a little more awake, he’d mumble a good morning into your neck, still not really moving except to turn his head and kiss your temple, just hugging you, and his smile would still be there. He’d be content to lay like that until you were both ready to get up.