and his curls :3

  • Sherlock: *knocking on his bedroom door* Molly?
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: Molly, c-can I come in now?
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* I'm sorry I called your mother a witch and that her only achievement in life was giving birth to you.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *quietly* I may have accidentally let slip the, um...gender of our, uh... *clears his throat* baby.
  • Molly: *giggles* You idiot...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* She called me names, too *folds his arms; pouting* It is a real job.
  • Molly: *opens the door; smiling* It's okay.
  • Sherlock: *hopeful* Really? What made you change your mind?
  • Molly: *rubs her stomach; chuckles* Hmmm, something very persuasive.
  • Sherlock: *smiles*

anonymous asked:

So there was an ask about Saruhiko running into a strain that would cause him to cling to the person he loves most. What if the person he clings to is Misaki?

Imagine this one happens pre-reconciliation because it’s more fun that way. So Fushimi gets hit by the Strain that makes him cling to the person he loves most except of course that person isn’t around so he’s mostly just very on edge and twitchy, his hands keep clenching and unclenching and he just feels uncomfortable without knowing why. He keeps snapping at everyone who tries to talk to him and he can barely even concentrate enough to write his reports because his hands won’t stop shaking. Finally he gives up and decides to go after the Strain himself just so he can finally get some work done.

He’s walking around the city when he happens to spot Yata skateboarding by. Fushimi immediately forgets his Strain issues and decides to go tease Misaki. Yata’s obviously not particularly pleased to see him and they start to fight…except suddenly Fushimi drops the knife he was about to throw and grabs onto Yata’s sleeve instead. Yata’s all confused and tries to shake him off, thinking Fushimi’s trying to like drag him to the ground to beat him up or something, but Fushimi just keeps clinging. Fushimi’s also pretty irritated about the whole thing but he also can’t bring himself to let go, and at the same time for the first time since he was hit by the Strain power he feels safe. Yata tries to figure out what Fushimi’s deal is and let go already while Fushimi just snaps back at Yata to shut up and yanks his hand off Yata’s sleeve only for his other hand to grab onto the hem of Yata’s shirt.

Some time later Yata comes walking in bar Homra and everyone’s surprised to see him dragging Fushimi in along with him, Fushimi’s hands fixed firmly to Yata’s shirt and a grimace on his face. Yata says that he couldn’t get Fushimi to let go and Fushimi mutters that this is all Yata’s fault somehow anyway. The two of them are arguing when Kusanagi gets a phone call from Awashima asking if he knows where Fushimi is, as Fushimi was hit by a Strain power earlier in the day and no one knows what its effects are yet so they’re all worried about. Kusanagi glances over at where Fushimi and Yata are bickering while Fushimi clings to Yata’s arm and is like yeah, he’s fine we got him. Maybe no one figures out the exact Strain power for most of the day, like Yata’s kinda confused why the Strain power made Fushimi cling to him and Fushimi mutters that it must be a power that makes him attracted to idiots. Yata’s annoyed at having to deal with Fushimi all day but the few points where he manages to make Fushimi let go he sees how on edge Fushimi gets so he ends up walking around all day with Fushimi a couple steps behind him, clinging to his sleeve or his shirt, a couple times Fushimi just follows sullenly along holding onto the tail of Yata’s red hoodie thing that he always has wrapped around his waist. Eventually the power wears off and they part, Fushimi going back to Scepter 4 to complete the paperwork and that’s when he spots a little line in the paperwork about how the Strain’s power makes you cling to the person you love most. Fushimi stares at that line for a long moment, the clicks his tongue and promptly pushes the report aside.