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Uuuhhh 38 omg

38) things you said while holding my hand

“So, are you nervous?”

Yuuri blushes at the mere question, playing with the lapels of his blue costume with his free hand. He sees the concern written across Victor’s face—well-masked but present all the same. It makes sense, he supposes, for Victor to be concerned. After all, before almost every other performance he’s a wreck, desperately trying to tune out the both the world and his inner thoughts.

(But now?)

“No,” he answers, and he means it, somehow. He’s not nervous. It’s as though every fiber of his being is informing him that he should be, but his mind is denying the slight shaking to his knees and the constant need to lick his lips. “I’m not nervous.”

“Good,” Victor mumbles, and kisses his forehead. “Because I’ll be right behind you.” He squeezes Yuuri’s hand and Yuuri squeezes his back. Although he’s not nervous, he’s still not really ready to let go.

Cocking his head to the side, Yuuri adjusts Victor’s lapels. “The matching outfits were a good idea,” he says thoughtfully.

Cheering from outside.

“You should get out there,” Victor says, and kisses him again. “Blow them away, Yuuri.”

“I think they’ll be looking at you,” he admits, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks. “The second you’re on the ice, the return of Victor Nikiforov…”

Victor laughs at that, shakes his head. “No. Trust me. Nobody will be looking at me. Not with you out there beside me.”

Yuuri isn’t sure what to say to that. But they’re ushering him out of the locker room, and his grip loosens, then his hand falls away. “See you in a bit,” Yuuri calls, and can’t hold back the smile that devours all of his features, that results in him being inexplicably happy.

“See you,” Victor returns, smiling.

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14 with tree bros please?

“Take. It. Off”

“Really babe take it off, you’re embarrassing me.”

Evan pouted, “But it’s Halloween! Let me have fun dad!”

“Don’t call me dad Evan, that’s just wrong,” muttered Connor blushing furiously. Connor walked over to Evan and put a finger on the side of the costume.

“I bet if I flick you you’d fall right over in that ridiculous thing,” Evan shook his head indignantly, which soon changed to fear as Connor prepared to flick him, “TIMBER”

Evan fell down in his tree costume.

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84. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” with Tom Paris? <3 <3

The so-called ‘technology’ in this holodeck program seemed like it’d never work in the real world. Everything looked so fake; it was a wonder how Tom was about to be so enthralled by it. To you, this program was a waste of photons. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You muttered, running your eyes over what looked to be the helm.

“Hey, Captain Proton was very well-liked, in its age.” Tom defended, strolling over with a smile on his face. And you had to bite your tongue in order not to laugh at his costume.

Very well-liked, huh? Your eyes returned to the controls. They all looked so rudimentary; buttons and levers. “Well, if this is what passed as entertainment, I’m surprised humanity even survived.”

Tom rolled his eyes at your sarcastic comment. “Hah hah. Now, are you going to play this program with me? You promised.”

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There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️


“So stop making that face at me…”


a stage manager and her crew

i was just wondering why ben platt never wears shoes whenever you see him in pre-show photos and videos. like, does the man hate wearing shoes or something???? i mean, honestly:

and it just dawned on me that the reason he doesn’t wear shoes before the show is BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WEAR SHOES AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE SHOW!!!! HE PUTS THEM ON DURING ‘DOES ANYBODY HAVE A MAP’!!!!!!!!!! i was agonizing over why he doesn’t wear shoes. i was honestly so confused because literally everyone else is wearing them but he isn’t?????