and his cooking skills

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I don't know if you've already done this, but can you make a list of everybody's jobs on the surface?


Toriel is running a school, with some humans

Asgore is helping Frisk with political things and runs a community greenhouse

Undyne is a gym teacher

Alphys studies in the science department in a university with other monsters and humans, both in magic and science actually

Sans runs about six different hot dog and hot cat stands, does some stand-up at MTT Resort II, has a security post at a factory, works as an IT guy for the local computer store, volunteers at the observatory, studies astrology at the university with Alphys…and he usually gets caught napping at all of them at the same time

Papyrus is dishwasher at an Italian restaurant, hoping to climb the ranks to chef some day (Toriel is helping him improve his cooking skills) 

Frisk is an ambassador and in the fifth grade

Mettaton is a star (obviously) working with Nabstablook and Shyren. Burgerpants is the roadie, but he basically just carries around all the equipment and drives Mettaton’s tour bus (when he’s not working at MTT-Brand Burger Emporium II ) 

 Woshua is a Janitor (basically he shows up and cleans random places) and works part time as a health inspector

Aaron put out a series of workout videos (mostly just how many different ways you can flex at people)

RG01 and RG02 are life guards, and no they don’t take off their helmets

Bratty and Catty opened up The Garbage Store™

the other royal guards all joined the police academy and joined the police force

Grillby opened Grillby’s on the surface, right across from Muffet’s Bakery 

Gerson is a monster history teacher at the school

that’s all the guys I could think of off the top of my head

  • MC: *walks into the kitchen* Is something burning?
  • Saeyoung: *leaning seductively against the counter* Just my desire for you.
  • MC: Saeyoung, the toaster is on fire.
Can we get some appreciation for Coran and how much he does?

Okay, so I was looking for Coran’s eye color (because I couldn’t remember it) and then I started to look at the list of occupations:

Look at this! LOOK AT THIS! This man has a full plate on his hands. He’s so important and pretty much the key to getting the paladins as far as they have in being true paladins.

He’s been Royal Adviser for a while so there’s no doubt he’s got experience with knowing how to get a kingdom/empire to stay functional and diplomatically handle situations. He’s experienced in advising people on what they should do in tight situations.

Mechanical Engineer. He’s the one that keeps the ship up and running (later with the help of Hunk and Pidge I don’t doubt and I have no doubt he teaches them how things work when they have questions or seem to struggle with something).

Helmsman of the Castle of Lions. He can fly not just the Castle, but probably anything he gets thrown into and if he doesn’t know he’ll probably learn quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Part-time chief for the Team Voltron. Okay so his cooking skills are probably a 50/50 on it being actually tasty to humans (and sometimes even Alteans), but I’m pretty sure he’s been to war and had to make do with what he had to feed not just himself, but probably a platoon.

Chief Medical Officer. This means when the paladins get hurt, he’s taking care of it with or without the help of another. After everything was said and done, he was probably the main one to take care of Lance’s wounds after being seriously injured when the Rover imposter blew up.

Chief Trainer. He was probably part of the military force of Altea so he’s probably experienced in training others to fight in the first place. This is how he probably knows how to train the paladins. Also because of this experience (and probably experience interacting with the former paladins) he has initial doubt because these are just children and they seem to have no experience in fighting (save for Shiro and maybe Keith).

He knows nothing about their capabilities so of course he has doubts if they can make it as paladins, but as he learns more about them, he gets better at training them and finding methods to help them grow in their roles.

We’re gonna keep going with the fighting expertise. We see how he gets in a defensive stance when Pidge yells at Allura.

Originally posted by captbuccaneer

See how he turns his body? He’s ready to lunge to her defense at a moments notice if any of the paladins take a turn for the worse and attack her. And what happens when the food get’s thrown at her? He shows fighting experience and blocks the food so that not only she is protected, but himself so he can keep defending her should the need arise (despite it not being fatal to get food on his clothes

Even on the wikia it says “The eyes of a man who’s seen far, far too much pain in his lifetime.”

Look at his face:

Those are the eyes of someone that’s seen too much pain in his lifetime. As I’ve previously stated: there’s a high probability he’s been to war and that’s a lot of pain and suffering.

Teacher of the paladins. Trainer and teacher are two completely different things. While yes, trainers teach, they merely train a certain aspect. As a teacher he gives life lessons and gives them guidance. As a teacher he cares about his students as we see here:

When Lance is homesick he comforts him as best he can. He understands because he’s homesick, too (the only difference being he can never go back to his home because it was destroyed).

He teaches them lessons about things they had no prior knowledge of.

Hunk doesn’t know that the Balmera is a living thing or why they shouldn’t yank the crystals out of the earth, but Coran doesn’t yell at him over not knowing or get frustrated. He calmly explains, “It’s not a planet. Balmera are ancient animals. Petrified, but still alive. Their bodies naturally create the crystals that help power many Altean ships. I often accompanied my grandfather to visit these majestic creatures when he was building the Castle of Lions.

Long story short, give this man some love because he’s so underappreciated.

a friendly reminder that no matter how many bad books we read there’ll always be soc a.k.a the true masterpiece of our time which is like a safe blanket for murder babies and you can throw it over your head and pretend you’re on your way to a big heist or smth equally dangerous (but exciting) :’) and while you’re dreaming of $$$kruge$$$ you might also wanna remember that soc has:

- a bi poc character who didn’t dance around the term hgtawm style and pull some lame explanation out of his ass ala ‘it’s complicated’ but he actually said ‘not just girls’ so yeah confirmed bi poc who’s a KNOWN flirt and everybody praises him for it instead of mocking/shunning him honestly what did we do to deserve jesper fahey
- a disabled gang leader who’s literally thE BADDEST BARREL BOSS TO EVER WALK THE STREETS OF KETTERDAM caw caw bitches (he also has severe ptsd, panic attacks, suffers from traumatic flashbacks and experiences nausea and all kinds of ptsd symptoms everytime he (even accidentally) touches someone but does that limit or stop him in any way?? HELL NO MOFOS here comes kaz brekker with his crow cane and he’s about to whoop some ass better beware)
- a beautiful, amazing, talented, showstopping, spectacular, never the same woc who is basically?? everyone’s treasure, heart, love, most cherished person ever, role model, etc. etc. and it’s only right tbh inej ghafa owns my entire heart and i’d gladly give it to her over and over again if that would make her smile. she’s been sold into slavery (mentions/hints of prostitution which only adds to her bravery and strength thank you very much) when she was 14 but she managed to leave the past behind her and remain INCREDIBLY kind and humble despite all the shit she’s been through?? there is no character i adore, respect and love more than inej (okay maybe there is and inej calls her sankta alina b y e)
- a CANONICALLY. FAT. FEMALE CHARACTER WHO’S JUST!!! AMAZING. BREATHTAKING. HEART-STOPPING (literally). a true inspiration to us all who was also held captive when she was younger, trained by the mighty (goddess on earth) zoya nazyalensky, held captive again - this time by a gross ass, fanatic ass fjerdan nazi soldier/leader and lemme tell you she didn’t even lose her appetite. BOI she wasn’t even fazed. she couldn’t find a single fuck to give & she was determined to move on but she was plagued by guilt so she came back to save/help the boy who helped HER so she’s not just a pretty face and she’s so?? badass and smart and funny and fierce and she’s so fucking PROUD of every roll and curve on her body i could actually cry?? nina zenik, an actual muse for young girls/readers. nina zenik, life & wife goals
- a smol (very smol but also kind of a sinnamon roll tbqh? he aspires to be one anyway) angelic boy who comes from a TERRIBLY abusive home bc his father is an actual piece of shit and humiliated him all his life bc wylan couldn’t read. well guess what joke’s on van eck senior bc my boy, my CANONICALLY GAY SON, is smarter than him and his entire sorry lot and he’s gonna take over the world one day, you just wait. also just wants to make things go boom boom POW (usually regarding explosives but also applies to jesper a.k.a THE MOST PERFECT, CARING, WONDERFUL BF EVER)
- a big yellow tulip also known as matthias helvar. so matthias is that boy who helped nina escape the clutches of his scary boss and he’s the actual literal embodiment of the grumpy cat. but!!! he undergoes the biggest character development of all imo bc he manages to change for the better (bit by bit, brick by brick) and let me tell you that’s COMMENDABLE. like listen this is a young man who’s been brainwashed into hating everything nina & the rest of kaz’s merry band of misfits stand for. he’s been taught nothing but hate hate and more hate and he manages to turn his back on those prejudices and he opened up so much and we got to see so much more of him in ck and we learned that he’s super kind and sweet and giving, and he’s so pure and wonderful and amazing. he also loves nina zenik A LOT which is smth i can get behind and relate to 100000%
- last but not least kuwei, who’s not ~an official~ member of kaz’s vip club (pity pity pity) but. he’s a gay poc (asian!!! the same as tamar&tolya from tgt so please don’t whitewash him, it’s unacceptable) who’s sassy but kind of laid back at the same time and his favourite pastime is to just chill in the back and pretend he’s not listening/doesn’t know the lingo but guess what?? boy is like an international spy bc he understands more than he lets on. he also lost his father (which kind of turned him into a living prize bc everybody wanted him for his knowledge & chemistry skills, like he could probably cook up a deadly virus in three minutes if he was feeling inspired that day - which never happened but still. it’s good to have options) and yet never complained about anything and he just let that drama unroll like 👀👂 I HATE DRAMA 🎧🔍📝 overall deserved better

Dating Zach Dempsey Would Include...

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Requested to do the ‘dating Zach Dempsey would include’ but with a booknerd fem!reader :)


- Getting to see how smart Zach is, everyone thought Zach was under average when it came to smarts but when you start to date him you find out just how smart he is, not in the stereotypical Asian guy can do any math way, he was terrible at math but he was an A+ bio student and knew more about marine life than anyone you’ve ever met.

- Hand holding lots of hand holding, Zach is big on holding hands whether it’s while you’re walking to class or under the table during lunch or even at the library while he stands patiently next to you as you take your time looking at all the books, you don’t mind all the hand holding since your hands are always cold and Zach’s much larger ones are always so warm and soft.

- Going on dates to the aquarium, your favourite place to go to on weekend dates is the aquarium, you like watching all the fish swim around therapeutically and you love watching Zach’s eyes light up as he sees the aquatic animals he’s usually reading and studying about in textbooks.

- Cuddling on cold rainy days, Zach is a massive teddy bear when it comes to cuddles, he loves to be cuddled and also loves to be the cuddler and when it’s a cold rainy day that’s the perfect time to sit on the couch and watch movies while cuddling each other.

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Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2

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Inhale, Exhale

PAIRING: Peter Parker x Reader (Gender-Neutral)

(ANONYMOUS) REQUEST PROMPT: Heyy :) Could you please write one for Peter Parker, where you’re just trying to watch movies with him and stuff, and he keeps falling asleep, super fluffy if you can, haha.

WRITTEN BY: @spiderlingy / Krystal W.

WARNINGS: Intense fluff.




     It was on a rainy Saturday night where you and Peter were cuddled against each other on his comfortable bed under the warm blankets, watching the usual old films in his small yet cozy dark room. 

     Your eyelashes fluttered against your own cheeks, your ears distinguishing the steady rhythm of the rain pattering against the window panes and the soft muffled voices emitting from the film. Your eyes lazily trailed from the film to the glowing streaks of water on the window glass. Peter ran his hand gently through your hair, the thick strands slipping through his fingers like silk. You tilted your head up to admire his facial features, your eyes momentarily getting deeply lost in his, with the light from the television shining on his handsome face.

     “What?” Peter inquired with a sleepy grin, his drowsy lids fluttering like the majestic wings of a butterfly.

     “Nothing, I’m just really glad to have you, Peter Parker.” You sighed in content, gazing at him longingly. 

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This is the only thing you need to see from “Bill Nye Saves the World” to hate it, and him, forever.

Shit was painful to listen to.

Here are just a few of the 4000+ comments left on this video:

“So this is what you see when you die.”

“This is a cool little segment entitled “Why Trump Won”.“

“Remember 2 girls 1 cup? This is what was in the cup.”

“This is cancer. The death of western civilization.”

“Bill should have used his supposed science skills to cook up some Hydrogen Cyanide and gas everyone involved with this fucking travesty.”

“Can we skip the foreplay and start the purge already? I’m sick of watching my civilization rot.”

His new title is “Bill Nye the Touch My Sex Junk Guy” @hominishostilis @matt-ruins-feminisms-shit @scrawnyflannelman @siryouarebeingmocked

✌🏼 sup. This is Morgan Rielly. He is a 6’ 1” 22-year old Canadian defenseman who wears #44 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His most common nickname is Mo. He was drafted 5th overall in 2012 and his first year in the NHL was in the 2013-’14 season. He has represented Canada in 6 international competitions including IIHF World Junior Championship in 2013 (4th) and IIHF World Championship in 2014 and 2016 (5th & gold). He represented Canada as a part of Team North America during the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Mo is kind of a big deal. He’s lowkey good because he’s not flashy but the management and coaches really love him because he’s such a great player, leader, and person overall. Last April, he signed a $30 million 6-year contract with the Leafs (so he gets around $5 mill a year). He currently has an A in Toronto (no one has a C), and a whole lot of people really want Mo to be the captain next year because he has shown amazing leadership qualities and just generally cares a lot about the team.

His main bond on the team is with fellow defenseman Jake Gardiner who is American. There’s videos of Mo from Jake’s instagram doing various things. Mainly all shopping - whether at the mall or at the grocery store. In one of them Jake is too busy filming Mo and teammate Nazem Kadri that he walks backwards straight into a trash can. In another one, Mo juggles random objects at the grocery store, and in another Mo gets a cake just for himself. These videos are very cute and bromancy. One time they were in a studio and (horribly, ohmygod it was so bad) sang Little Things by One Direction together.

Mo is such a sweetheart and a giant nerd ass. He got all of his teammates thoughtful gifts for Christmas and he’s the self-proclaimed dad/father figure of the Leafs “at the ripe age of 22”. He also did a cooking thing because he lives by himself and he only knows how to cook chicken so he wanted to expand his cooking skills. Lord help him though. He’s also a horrible dancer but dances anyway even if it is super cringey. He spent his time this Christmas with sick children (it was his first Christmas in Toronto). He’s so soft and he really loves his mom and dog which he posts on insta often about them. He sticks up for his teammates especially when the media asks about scoring droughts and people not doing so well, and he credits them with their success and never talks himself up like ever. Everyone loves Mo

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Tell us your theories for the cabin trip 😛

My theories are basically my headcanons for both squads in a cabin on the holiday. (I’m sorry if that’s not what you want):

• There aren’t many rooms so people would have to split into pairs to share a bed. Isak demands the biggest bedroom farthest from other rooms for him and Even because they’re using their The Only Couple Privileges™ (they get it of course once Even once again starts bragging about their loud sex life.)

• Also, another thing I want to happen is parallel to S1 with Isak and Even about it get it on in the morning and Jonas walks in and storms out just as quickly with an ‘ohhh! sorry sorry!’ and both of the squads are heard laughing. ( @skam-addiction for you ;) ) Isak is so annoyed. Even is grinning.

• The boys try to make the girls play some FIFA (I don’t know if it would work in the cabin but let’s pretend).

• Sana and Mahdi are really competitive and insanely good against each other. 

• The squads are so entertained looking at them playing so intensely. Also, Sana and Mahdi have a lot in common. 

• They’re the quiet observers. When they notice something they look at each other with that knowing smile.

• Vilde quickly learns and is awesome at it and even beats Magnus. 

• Magus cannot believe it

• Even plays against him then and Isak knows that he loses on purpose so Magnus would be a little happier. 

• Isak is constantly melting at Even’s selfless actions.

• They mention the Ouija board accident and Isak cannot believe that a fucking Ouija board outed him. 

• (The boys and girls, especially Magnus and Eva, are laughing their asses off. 

• Even just grins and wraps his arms around Isak’s waist and stares at him fondly because grumpy!Isak, come on?)

• Chris is with Isak on this one. She still can’t believe her previous man now has a boyfriend and the spirits™ were actually right. (’I wasn’t your man Chris, what the fuck’)

• Basically, both squads bond more and more and it’s insanely nice.

• Eva coos every time Even comments something sweet about Isak or when Isak has that droopy smile while looking at him.

• Sana rolls her eyes at Eva’s antics but has that knowing smirk when she looks at Isak because let’s face it she’s happy for her biology partner and friend.

• Vilde and Noora make dinner (yep, S2 throwback to these two girls) while Jonas pipes up to help with incredible cooking skills (everyone’s surprised except Isak. He’s his BFF, of course, he knows. Plus, I headcanon Jonas as a man that can really cook OK).

• Jonas and Noora discuss social matters of the world and find many things in common ;)

• With Even’s encouragement, the squads have a movie marathon. 

• Jonas and Even and Sana have a surprisingly well-informed discussion about the films and Isak sometimes throws in some obscure cinematography terms just to see that surprised face of Even’s which turns into the fondest expression ever as he kisses Isak on the temple, all proud.

• Everyone is groaning. (’Yeah just rub it in’ -Noora and Eva smile while trying to act offended.)

‘Get a room’ -Mahdi chuckles. 

• ‘We already have one’ - Isak smiles slyly which earns him another kiss from Even.

• Magnus throws a pillow at them. 

• Jonas chuckles but smiles at Isak because he’s really really happy for his friend.

• Everyone is absolutely disgusted by them. (They’re really not.)

• Also, the girls wanna throw a prank on the boys and mention Sana’s magic hijab. No one believes it and actually finds it ridiculous though Magnus is a bit more careful with Sana now.

• (Sana secretly finds it endearing. Magnus can be really adorable, ok).

• I have so much in my head now but the clips is gonna drop soon and I have to mentally prepare myself so… 

Voltron Fanfic Recommendations #1

For anyone that knows me, I read fanfics like I breathe air. I read fics from many fandoms including Harry Potter (the granddaddy of fandoms), Gravity Falls, Merlin, Miraculous Ladybug, Welcome to Night Vale, and more. Crossovers included. Since I discovered Voltron, I was pleased to discover quite the thriving fan fiction community behind it. I have read so, so many Voltron fics. My only criteria for liking a fic is that the story and grammar have to be decent. That’s it. Most of these will probably be Klance (Keith + Lance) because everyone and their freaking dog ships it, but I like Gen fics too. I might also add fics from other ships too, but we’ll just see what happens. Also, there’s going to be a lot of long fics on this list. I really like to read.

So here ya go…

Alternate Universe (AU) - Includes modern, college age, high school, coffee shop, fantasy, mermaids, etc. so on and so forth…

(M) The Quilted Lion by geewillikers (@gurlskylark) - (97,262 words) - Keith is stuck in New York City barely making ends meet so he and Pidge can live in a decent part of the city close to her university. They scrape by on the illegal winnings Keith makes in street boxing matches, but his manager, Shiro, decides that it’s time Keith gets a side job. He’s whisked into The Quilted Lion café owned by the woman Shiro’s been fawning over for over a year, only to find that he has more to worry about than his lack of magic and cooking skills–There’s a waiter at The Quilted Lion who is entirely Keith’s cup of tea. Klance and Shallura. (Restaurant/College/Boxing AU)

(T) Nothing’s Quite as Sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester - (50,370 words) - Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street. Klance. (College/Coffee Shop AU)

Canon Universe

(T) Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (37,701 words) - Lance and Keith are constantly being mistaken for a couple. Lance is highly offended. Keith is quietly outraged.Pidge decides if she can’t have peace, then she can write an epic scientific dissertation on the romantic failings of two exceptionally dense paladins. Klance. (I laughed so much when reading this. One of my faves.)

(T) Like a Bolt from the Blue by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (5646 words) - Keith has a near-death experience, but he’s actually pretty okay afterwards — he considers it all part of the Paladin calling. Lance, on the other hand, is wrecked by it, and so he trains his butt off to ensure that Keith will never die on his watch. (A nice short fic in which Keith watches Lance training and is pleasantly surprised. Feelings occur.)

(T) Time out of Mind by aknightley - (27,849 words) - Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

Looks Awesome So Far… (Incomplete Fics)

(G) Ghost of the Future and (G) Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name and Zizzani - Lance and Lance from one year in the future switch places in a time travel accident. Each fic is seen from the POV of a different timeline, they are a direct mirror of each other. Really, really good so far.

So this is what I have for my list so far. I will post another fic rec list soon. This doesn’t even crack the surface of all the amazing fics out there that I have read. These are just the ones I’ve read recently. 

So go forth and read my minions.

“That Idiot”

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Genre: Fluff; Angst

Words: 1374


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

           “Levi! It’s them – survey corps!” Farlan announced the moment he spotted the wings of freedom crest on the soldiers’ uniforms.

           “You know what that means.” Levi answered, focused in front of him.

           “It’s the job.” It was Isabel this time.

           Levi didn’t bother to say anything else, they did plan this over and over, anyway. Still, hesitation is creeping up on him. Doing this job meant going to the surface. And going up there meant leaving the underground behind – which is good, except for the fact he’ll be leaving you as well.

           “Tsk, that idiot.” Levi muttered before the three of them separated and began their plan.

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happy birthday // h.s.

Did I write a one shot for myself about what I would like from Harry Styles on my birthday? Yes, I did. Did I also make it really smutty? Again, yes, I did. I hope you all enjoy and if not then that’s fine too! :) 

words: 5k+

Smut: yes

edited:Not really

You didn’t think today would be such a hard day.

By the time you’d drug yourself home to your tiny little apartment, you were far too exhausted to do anything but sleep. You were starving though and you weren’t in the mood for something like takeout, it was far too much for this hour of the night and you just wanted something simple. So frozen chicken nuggets was your plan. You grabbed your mail from your box downstairs, headed up the few flights to your apartment (you were sticking to your ‘no use of the elevator’ plan no matter how tired you were), and slipped your key into your doorknob.  You turned it, giving it a little push to really help it open up before you stumbled into your little apartment. Your headphones were getting a little tangled up in your purse and your mail, so you quickly tugged them out of your ears as you turned around to shut your door, dropping the mail on the front table.

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Ok like
If we do get a Steven and Lars fusion
I don’t want him to be a kickass fighter or anything

I want him to be as dorky as all get out.

Weapon? Nah. He just takes that shield and some random stick or the f***ing magic sword and voila, it’s a magic frying pan. 

His powers are the ability to cook anything and everything on the fly. Sometimes its not even food items. Sometimes he makes weapons to escape the clutches of homeworld and make it home!

“Thirty seconds in the oven and voila my dearies we have a ****ing WALL BOMB.”

When he gets introduced to the Crystal Gems, they don’t pressure him to be a warrior like Stevonnie or Smoky. They encourage his inventing/cooking skills, knowing he’s clever and passionate about what he does. Even if he is awkward and dorky about it. It makes him happy and boosts his self esteem!

Heck wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an episode with Sardonyx’s room again? And instead of a talk show, it’s the zaniest cooking show on cable? Complete with explosions?

“Add a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of FIRE, and you have yourself a delicious stir fry that also acts as a combustant!”

I know its a tall order, and to be honest, I have my doubts we’ll get a fusion, but Lars’ and Steven’s brotherly relationship means a lot to me, and I want to see this sort of upbeat development happen.

Honestly that pause before Emori told Murphy the truth and how deliberately she chose to do so and look ice-cold in his eyes and make zero apologies for it. Like. I’m not here for “even Murphy can’t trust her”, y’all, he’s the one person she DIDN’T lie to. She took the chance he’d look at her differently if she was as balls-out ruthless as humanly possible and he just respected and loved her extra.

God, this episode stressed me out because I saw the twist coming the whole time (pats self on back) and I knew it would make a lot of the audience turn on them and Emori especially, and I already kinda hated it for that. But just so you know where I stand – John Murphy doesn’t want, nor does he deserve, a love interest who is a cinnamon roll and makes him a Better Person with her goodness and light. I think there is something *so much more interesting* about the fact that Memori bring out something sweet and real and caring in each other, while also being pretty terrible people who would manipulate and throw people under the bus to save themselves and each other. Murphy is a more sincere, gentler person because of Emori and still they SQUASHED THAT LOVE = REDEMPTION ARC like a bug and I’m into it.

Fiction needs conflict; we’ve been really overdue for a reminder that both Murphy and Emori are Chaotic Neutrals at best, and the fact it came in the same episode as Murphy dancing around adorably and Emori raving about his cooking skills is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.