and his cooking skills

  • MC: *walks into the kitchen* Is something burning?
  • Saeyoung: *leaning seductively against the counter* Just my desire for you.
  • MC: Saeyoung, the toaster is on fire.
BTS reaction to meeting someone like themselves


//A hard working and dedicated guy who lives for puns. His skills in cooking are unmatched and his pretty face stains his entire life. A very loving and kind person in general.//

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You both would meet at the grocery store, as you were picking out which sort of cheese to buy. He’d notice your confused state, and would reach out to help, when you both didn’t realize but the both of you spent at least an hour just talking. You ’d have frequent meet ups there worth, and he would consider you one of his best friends soon after. But he’s soon start to linger on your smile a bit too long. He wouldn’t realize but he’s develop feelings for you with time. Of course he’s too oblivious, only after one of his dongsaengs point it out does he ask you out. It’d be a steady friendship with high chances of developing feelings.


//A sassy and sarcastic person who knows when to work hard and when to take it easy. Mature, not very jumpy. Someone who prefers a night in than a night out. Lives for music no matter the genre. //

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Instant attraction. It’d be something weird that he can’t explain. But he knows it. Soon as he starts spending more time with you he’d develop really strong feelings for you. You’d probably meet through work or mutual friends, and slowly as the both of you open up to each other, he’d find himself talking to you more and more. But it’d take him a lot to submit to his feelings and actually ask you out. He’d also get so soft around you, you know the soft yoongi, always smiling. But he’d probably ask you out the day he takes you to the studio, because that’s how you know he fell for you hard.


//A complete sunshine, punny yet somewhat mature. Passionate about dance and someone who can straighten their act at the correct time but is very playful otherwise.//

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

He’d honestly be overjoyed to find someone like him. And you’d both be the best of friends ever. He’s honestly just call you up to tell you about the most lamest pun ever. But unlike Yoongi or Jin I don’t see him developing feelings for you that easily. But he’d have such a strong bond of friendship. After the both of you met at a party and instantly started talking about dance, he’d call you over often to the studio just so the both of you could dance and be goofs together. BUt he’d slowly start falling for your charms, but he wouldn’t even realize it.


//Sassy, Sarcastic and Smart. Someone who knows they have a lethal effect on others. A little clumsy, but very responsible. A dedicated and passionate lover of music and someone who reads a lot.//

Originally posted by baebsaes

He’d be so attracted to your sense of intelligence at first look like it won’t even be a secret. He’d instantly develop a small crush on you, and would definitely keep talking about you all day everyday. But this shy pumpkin would be so sneaky, he’d make hobi get your number and get to know you more through group chats, but as he opened up to you, and realized the common likes that you guys have he’s going to fall head over heels for you. TBH he’d be so shy, that unless either Hobi or Yoongi blurt it out, you wouldn’t even know about it.


//Shy and sweet, someone who reminds others of a puppy. Very kind and small and is a completely adorable squish. A perfectionist at heart and very dedicated//

Originally posted by taestylips

He couldn’t help himself, but he’d find you so adorable, especially the first moment he met you. You were helping a lost child find her mom, and as he overheard he somehow came to develop a liking to you. So he’d help you out, which led to a cafe date afterwards and exchanging number. You wouldn’t realize but every time he would just sit and listen to you talk. His crush would develop into something serious and he wouldn’t be able to help himself but ask you out.


//A clueless puppy, who’s passionate about whatever they set themselves to do. A straight up gamer no lie. Sweet and the type to make everyone laugh.//

Originally posted by hellosarang

He’d randomly come and pet your puppy as you were taking a walk with him down the road. So the both of you start talking and for some reason he’d just fall in love with your smile. He’s someone who falls in love with his best friend. Of course it’d be the clueless type of love, but unlike Jin, he’d be in sort of a denial. Like do I really like them? Oh my god no, they’re so cute. And then intense blush. He’d be in denial for so long, but for over you every single moment. You’d actually have to confront him about him. Cause he’s always so blushy near you.


//A little shy at first, but soon opens up to be a fun loving adrenaline whore who lives for pranks and sets themselves targets to be the best at whatever they do.//

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When he saw you playing at the arcade with your friends. He watched you beat everyone before you quietly not trash talking or anything, but as he stood back watching you beat your own friend for the semi finals, he heard you trash talk and make derp faces to distract them. He couldn’t help himself but laugh. So when the both of you went against each other for the finals, he couldn’t help himself. And the both of you met up frequently going up against each other trash talking and teasing. He’d see you as a really good friend, but would have this boiling jealousy. That’s when he realizes that he likes you as more than a friend.


Hunk shown being proud abt his cooking skills, Hunk sharing his food with his friends as comfort/support, Hunk sharing his knowledge about certain recipes, Hunk as a genuine foodie with an articulate taste

Me: The Good™ Content 👌👌👌👌

Hunk only in the sidelines askin bout food thinkin bout food hey what are y'all talkin bout here look im eating food


Being Elijah Mikaelson’s human girlfriend would include:

  • him always being faithful to you
  • spoiling the hell out of you
  • cuddling 
  • him giving you massages when you’re tense and vice versa 
  • helping his family and Hayley raise Hope 
  • competing with his wittiness 
  • wearing his shirts 
  • all kinds of amazing sex 
  • being best friend’s with his family and him loving it
  • him telling you stories of his past and you hanging on to his every word 
  • putting on his shirts to amuse him as they’re like a dress on you
  • him showing you the world
  • having the most wonderful time with him travelling across the world
  • just wearing one of his ties and nothing else which results in him being sexually frustrated
  • which then leads into heated sex 
  • helping out with the drama’s of New Orleans 
  • “let me run you a bath" 
  • him showing you his fine cooking skills his picked up over the years 
  • when the time is right, him asking you to marry him in the most romantic way possible
  • having a small but beautiful wedding with friends and family
  • him eventually turning you so you can spend eternity with him
Let’s all remember that Miyuki Kazuya

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  • Is a genius catcher (known nationwide) that makes aggressive plays that shows great reliability on the field
  • started his catcher career in elementary and showed an amazing talent for it
  • often bullied during earlier years of baseball due to his frank personality, getting called names like psycho and weird
  • does not have a particular close relationship with his dad
  • his mom either passed away or left as shown in a photograph
  • looks up to Chris Yuu Takigawa after having a match with him during junior high and lose badly
  • recruited by Takashima Rei

Originally posted by tetsuyayuki-archive

  • has no particular preference on food but he is weak on sweets 
  • he is good at calculating in his head but has no particular strength at academics
  • blood type is B
  • birthday is November 17 
  • is 179 cm
  • is arrogant and overconfident of his skills
  • special skill is cooking (he will make a good wife) 
  • his family owns a factory named Miyuki Steel
  • his junior high team is named Edogawa Dragons
  • talks a lot when he is happy
  • doesn’t like chocolate cake
  • isn’t drawn without glasses 
  • sleeps with an eyemask
  • started baseball because some kids invited him
  • Miyuki means: honorable fortune
  • Kazuya means: To be the One/First
  • claims to love pitchers with good control since they are easy to predict
  • claims to be a “Edoko/Tokyoite”
  • Yuuki’s shogi playmate and Isashiki’s former feet massager (which is now Furuya lmao)
  • his dorm number is 203 and people makes his room as the first string hangout 

Originally posted by miyukeis

  • enjoys pissing people off on and off the field
  • very blunt and frank especially when pointing out mistakes or should have done by his teammates
  • recommended as captain my Yuuki Tetsuya
  • often callous and is not afraid of getting disliked
  • but his teammates still like him due to his reliability and cool head personality
  • does not open up to other people and doesn’t like talking about his past
  • worries about not being a good captain but he is slowly making good progress as time goes on
  • friends with Narumiya Mei since junior high. Calling each other in first name basis
  • invited by Narumiya Mei to form the ultimate team but has declined in hope to face them himself 
  • decided to make the team’s goal to take their coach to Koshien

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  • is a clutch hitter
  • very observant of the overall field workout and has good control of the defense 
  • proficient at retiring base runners 
  • reliable when there are base runners in his team but with no runners he is often struck out
  • grew out of “no runners and gets struck out” throughout the season 
  • capable of hitting precise pitches and has an unstable batting technique
  • did a homerun even after getting injured and increasing his RBI
  • likes to do whatever it takes to make his pitchers shine

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  • Sawamura Eijun attempted to call him in these nicknames:
  • Miyu-Miyu
  • O-Sachi/Mr. Happy [Based off a variant reading of Miyuki]
  • Miyukki
  • Four-Eyes/Megane
  • Goggle-senpai
  • Mean Wife [Because a catcher is considered the baseball team or the pitcher’s wife]
  • Fox/Kitsune
  • Tanuki
  • Mikki
  • Kazu
  • called as Pretty Boy Catcher by Todoroki Raichi
  • called as Last Boss by Wakabashi Gou
  • called as Leader-in-training by Sawamura Eijun
  • describes himself as a loner in a spinoff called Daiya no B!
  • won first place in the popularity poll

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Please remember that Miyuki Kazuya is not just a pretty boy catcher, arrogant and nasty person. He is very reliable and does whatever it takes to do what’s best for his team and he has the strong determination to win than anyone else. He may be overconfident in his skills but he has proven himself to everyone that he has what it takes to back up his arrogance. He is a precious cinnamon (sinnamon) roll and must be supported!!! 

(A PSA by me~ Please add anything you guys want for our precious Seido genius catcher!)

fluffy headcanons for the boys!!!!!! As requested by @daria-septiceye

-Yuuri, is afraid of the dark
-He’ll cross the road if he sees a dog just to pet it
-He’ll always be touching his s/o in some way, holding hands or his arm around the waist
-Will blush every time his s/o kisses him
-Is actually not that bad of a cook, and happily teaches his s/o some cooking skills
-Feels the need to cry whenever he sees small children with their parents playing, it makes him want to be a father will allow the kids onto his Instagram, YouTube ect and they’ll wreak havoc
-If his s/o cries, he’ll do anything to make them smile again
-Will binge watch anime with his partner
-His favourite is ouran high school host club
-This guy lives for cuddles and can’t sleep without them
-Will cook breakfast for his s/o
-The triplets loves it when hiss/o reads to them, whilst Yuri stares at his partner realising how much he loves her


-Tries to act tough, but is really a softie when it comes to cats and his s/o
-After Viktor leaves for Japan, Yuri cries since he lost his mentor
-Will make his s/o watch horror movies, but will get scared himself
-Always holds doors open
-Prefers to not cuddle when he sleeps, instead choosing to hold hands
-Isn’t big on PDA, but will still plant some kisses here and then
-Is a really bad loser, will pout big time
-Will proudly display and boast about his s/o
-Pets all the stray cats
-Wants to adopt all the stray cats
-Yuri X stay cats
-Has 1000s of selfies of him with cats, his s/o
-Animals absolutely adore him
-If it rains he’ll give his umbrella and jacket to his s/o

-Is very vocal about his relationship
-90% of his Instagram is pictures of his and his s/o
-This guy lives off of coffee, and buys a huge cafe standard coffee machine
-Will always wake his s/o up to kisses, and coffee
-Don’t like coffee? This guy will make you tea, latte, hot chocolate, anything for you
-Will hold his s/o constantly
-He’ll carry his s/o around, in his arms bridal style
-He wears Dior Fahrenheit cologne
-Will fight you for the bathroom in the morning, pretty boy needs to get ready
-Pretty boy is his nickname during practice
-Acts like a father to Yuri, and he wishes he really was his father sometimes
-He worries if he’ll ever settle down, by 27 he’d imagined he’d of met ‘the one’ and will have had a child
-Him and his s/o would help out at children’s skating rinks
-He’d lose his flirty ways quickly when becoming close to his s/o
-Kisses,kisses,kisses will always pull his s/o close and kiss them passionately
-When he’s in love, Yuri will be the first to notice
-When Viktor falls in love, he never falls out of love

Okay I know I pretty recently (read: yesterday) reblogged a post that mentions this, but I just rewatched The Wedding Job and I just gotta repeat:

Eliot loves cooking.
Eliot unironically enjoys cooking.
Eliot is really passionate about cooking.
Cooking is Serious Business for Eliot.

And it’s not played as a joke.
The manliest guy in the series has a hobby many people interpret as feminine and it’s not played as a joke.

The only things that are played as a joke are his violent reaction to the bride’s mother insulting his cooking skills and how he takes his cooking more seriously than finding the money (and the thing with the whisk).
Hell, in the ending scene, he’s just cooked for the team and it’s not even commented on.

This stupid series is giving me all kinds of feels and I can’t stop thinking about it, okay?!

Why Zoro is important to Sanji

Listen here guys. Sanji spent all his childhood being hit by his sibillings. They kept telling him he was weak and useless. They didn’t show him even a bit of respect (except maybe his sister).
Now this: Zoro is the first one to aknowledge Sanji’s worth as a fighter. Luffy said Sanji seemed to be strong, but his first interest in him was his skills as a cook. But Zoro, the future strongest swordsman in the world, is the very first one to considere Sanji as an opponent worth fighting against. Zoro is the only one to see in Sanji what his own family didn’t: strenght.

anonymous asked:

If you are still doing mm reactions. How about how do they react to chef!MC.


  • lots of cooking together!
  • wants to improve his skills so he follows your steps very carefully
  • both of you try to find new recipes to try out
    • Yoosung even makes a binder!
  • it becomes a dance in the kitchen between you two
  • makes it a couple effort to make dinner every night
  • and it’s all the tastier with all the love
  • he learns a lot from you but it still takes him a while to pronounce some of the dishes


  • doesn’t cook at all but she can bake pretty well
  • she’s just so amazed how well you can cook AND bake
    • puts her to shame poor Jaehee
  • but she loves when you cook
  • you prep lunch boxes for the week for your beautiful gelato
    • because if you don’t she’s going to have a shit lunch
  • when Jaehee wants to bake, she loves having better equipment to make cakes or other desserts with 
    • omg this cake mixer is true bae
    • and this lazy susan??? hell to the yeah
  • and having you at the cafe is the best thing ever
  • because you’re already a professional so that guarantees that your treats will be delicious


  • he’s a pretty decent cook, just the simple stuff
  • but when you came around he leaves the kitchen to you
  • when you’re getting ready for dinner he either watches you or you’ll drag him to the counter to chop some vegetables 
  • when you have him taste test, he likes to savor the taste
    • makes a lot of pleasure noises which makes you flustered
  • for cast parties you cater to the event free of charge because Zen loves your spring rolls and wants them to be shared with everyone
  • takes videos of you while you’re cooking to show others a pro at work


  • wants to fire his personal chef when he finds out you’re a chef
    • no the man needs a job *A*
  • compromises that his chef works on weekends but the kitchen is yours on weekdays
  • if he’s home when you’re cooking, he will help you
  • he knows the basics so you give him easy tasks 
  • you use Jumin as your taste tester for experimental dishes or just when you’re cooking
    • he’s got a refined palette so he knows what he’s talking about 
  • encourages you to open up your own restaurant
    • but he kind of wants to be selfish and wants to be the only person to eat your dishes


  • “can you make a dish with honey buddha chips and dr. pepper???”
    • “is there such thing as kobe honey buddha chips???”
  • … ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  • you make sure that your jellybean is cleansed of the veneer of salt and honey lining his stomach
  • no longer will he eat complete garbage 
    • he will eat like a king
  • you cook his breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and makes sure he eats it
    • he will take reign of lunch time by making sandwiches for you two
  • brags about you on the chat 24/7
  • he will look up recipes for you to try
    • you will even take challenges ^^ 


Oil crackles in a pan as he places already cooked pork belly into the wok. After going on that cooking show, he kept working on his cooking skills. He wanted so badly to make dinner for you, a nice date night at home. He’s so cute standing there at the stove and stirring the meat, cute enough that you have to hug him right then and there. He turns to kiss your forehead when you lean your head on his shoulder. “Does it smell good? I wanted to make you something from Changsha, but most Hunan food is really spicy, so I can’t eat it.” You kiss his cheek and reassure him that it looks and smells amazing. This could become a favorite date idea. It doesn’t hurt that he looks adorable in his apron.

- Admin J

[SCENARIO] How the Hip-Hop Team will Propose [MG/VN]

Just a short (it turned out really long holyjisoos I had to split it in two sorry guys) scenario speculating how Seventeen’s Hip-Hop team would propose to their significant other. It was an idea I’ve kept in my head for a really long time, and I’m glad that I can spare some time to get it out.


You may request for other units, too! But do remember to go off-anon before doing so!

- wooed
- Scooped ✌️

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I can see the Hip-Hop Unit being extremely creative and extravagant with their proposal methods, finding the most unique yet romantic ways to pop the question to their significant other. Though things may not go as well as they had planned, the sheer amount of sincerity and thought that went into this, just for you, makes up for it all.

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Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Jongin…can’t cook.

It’s like the pack of chicken is mocking him as he stares at it on the counter. He’s never cooked before and watching the cooking channel surely doesn’t count.

Jongin gulps, leaning over to peep inside the living room. Kyungsoo sits on the couch with his legs resting on the brown ottoman. Jongin lightly smacks his cheeks and pumps himself up mentally. I can do this. He cocks his neck and rolls his shoulders as though he’s about to take on an opponent.

He’s been going on dates with Kyungsoo for two weeks now and they’ve always gone out to eat, until the man invited Jongin over for lunch one afternoon. Jongin was surprised at his cooking skills. Kyungsoo was skillful, quick and simply great at making food that it rendered him speechless. Not only was the representation noteworthy, but the taste and burst of flavors could rival that of the top chefs in Korea. It’s safe to say, that after that day, Kyungsoo cooked for them on more than one occasion.

Lately, however, he’s been suggesting that Jongin cooks them something. Kyungsoo is polite and simply mentions it. Though Jongin knows the underlying tones are inquiring, he simply brushes him off with a next time. Well, the next time is this time and that’s how Jongin ends up in his kitchen staring at the pile of chicken breast, fettuccine and Alfredo sauce.

Pasta is easy, he tells himself. All he has to do is cook the meat, boil the noodles and add the sauce, then everything comes together on the plate. So why is it that such a simple dish is making him sweat buckets as if he’s ran a marathon?

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo calls.


“Everything okay in there?”

“Everything is fine.” He squeaks before clearing his throat, “It’s fine.” he says in a deeper tone.

“Alright.” Kyungsoo turns up the volume on the TV and Jongin returns to his measly attempt at cooking.

He finally conjures up enough courage to begin, and forty minutes later, he’s standing in the middle of a kitchen with a pout. His noodles are overcooked, chicken burnt and he wants to cry into his palms, but he can’t. Kyungsoo enters the kitchen moments later and Jongin tries his best to smile but falters immediately after.

“So…” Kyungsoo looks around the kitchen, “I take it things didn’t go so well?“ He gives Jongin a small grin.

Jongin turns his back, hanging his head low. “I-I c-can’t cook.” he says.

“Hey, that’s okay.” Kyungsoo reaches out and grabs his forearm, “Look at me Jongin.” The taller turns around with unshed tears in his eyes, threatening to release down his face. “How about we cook together next time?”

Jongin sniffs. “Okay,” he mutters.

“Okay?” Kyungsoo wants to confirm and Jongin weakly nods, “Good.” Kyungsoo smiles.

BTS Scenario: Cooking Mama~

BTS Scenario - Jungkook X Reader - Jungkook’s been hiding his gf’s cooking skills, until he’s caught with his hand in the ‘kookie’ jar. XD (Scenario, GIF, Text Included)

Y/N is a young amateur baker that enjoys exploring different types of recipes and dreams of one day owning a small shop in your hometown that showcases your creations~

A/N: New little mini-series that came into my head by the shore~

Part 1:

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

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2016 a.k.a Bangtan’s year


  • We followed the journey of our youth which gave us happiness after the sadness ->  The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever
  • We matured a lot, found new questions and we were able to see the member’s new side too -> WINGS
  • and finally RUN the single arrived to Japan too, sharing the memories with other language too ~

Variety shows:  this year our boys got more chances to shine and show everybody else their colourful personalities, their brain, and how they have fun not just among themselves :) 

  • Vhope’s Star king’s appearance :D
  • Run BTS was still going on guys….yepp yepp in the beginning of the year :D
  • Jihope played interns and made pants for charity work ~ ( which sold out really quickly and on a good price)
  • for chuseok special Seokjin showed his cooking skills and although he couldn’t participate for long because of his shcedule he still earnt so many praising words
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams Hobi occured :D 
  • Taehyung and Minjae Bromance broadcast ~ 
  • Jungkook and Minho Bromance [ shy kookie was so cute]
  • Star King with Hobi, Jimin, Namjoon ( ahw I can’t forget when Jimin got so shy ><)
  • Running Man: finally their dream came true :D
  • Flower Crew with Jungkook
  • after problematic man Namjoon appeared at a new show, New Boy with older actors, mcs, singers and showed his clumsy adorable side 
  • the whole team appeared at the SHOW 360 and caused so many funny moments :D + showed their cheesy acting skills in the short films which were made for this show hahah :D
  • Cultwo show [well its a radio program hmm.] but savage Jungkook with Jimin’s pepper…I mean…yeah….
  • ISAC twice with many medals ^^ and the throne for running is still theirs :D
  • and not lastly BON VOYAGE for the 3rd  anniversary~ just thinking about it my smile spreads ^^

The world is not small ^^ 

  • Concerts (+ fanmeetings): Japan, Abu Dhabi, France, Los Angeles, New York, Taiwan, Korea, Taipei, Macau, Nanjing,Osaka, Nagoya, Beijing, Manila, Bangkok, Tokyo  
  • Tour: EPILOGUE!
  • Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert


  • Puma
  • Smart
  • BBQ chicken

Meaningful dates:

  • 8th of March:  BTS 1000 Days Debut 
  • 7th-8th of May: Epilogue concert Olympic Hall
  • 13rd of June: Anniversary with Bts festa
  • 12th of November: 3rd Muster
  • 12th of December: Hwarang first ep.

Meaningful numbers: 

Bangtan has

  • 4 million followers on Twitter
  • 3 million [ almost 4] followers on V app
  • and  400,000 members on fancafe


  • Melon:  Top 10 artist + Album of the year 
  • Melon popularity awards  17th and 24th of October
  • Mama: Best dance performance male group + Artist fo the year -> DAESANG!!!
  • Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang
  • Seoul Music awards: Bonsang 
  •  Gaon Chart K-Pop awards:  K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award
  • Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards :  Cultural Minister Award
  • Asia Artist Awards :  Best Icon Award, Singer +  Best Artist Award, Male Singer
  • PKCI Awards:  Best Male Artist/Group
  • UK Charts Awards:  Global Artist Of The Year
  • PopCrush Fan Choice Awards :  Best Album +  Best Group +  Best K-Pop Act +  Best Music Video +  Most Loyal Fanbase
  • SBS PopAsia Awards :  Best Song
  • KBS World Radio :  Best Boy Group

               RUn [ in the beginning of the year]:1 win / FIRE: 3 win   // BST: 6 win

And I still didn’t mention how many records they broke~

{Reaction} EXO confessing their feelings

Disclaimer: I don’t own images/gifs used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Chanyeol had stayed up all night, composing a song that he had put all of his feelings and emotions into for you. When the time came for him to finally perform the song for you, he’d be incredibly flustered and shy, his heart beating fast as he concentrated hard on not messing up his words or the chords on his guitar.

Chanyeol: “This is for you {y/n} I hope you feel the same way.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyungsol

After receiving the worst possible advice from his fellow members, Kyungsoo decided to take matters into his own hands and put his cooking skills into action. He invited you over and cooked your favorite meal.

During the dinner, you noticed how much shyer than he was than usual.

{y/n}: “Is there something on your mind, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: Actually, there is something I need to talk to you about…”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun, being one of the more outgoing and forward members of the group came out with his feelings pretty smoothly and quickly, making sure to pull on your heartstrings with that charming smiles as he did so.

Baekhyun: “So… we’ve been friends for a while right? Well, I’m thinking we should take our friendship to the next level. How about we start with a date next Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exosback

He wouldn’t want to confess, the thought of being denied would be enough to turn his nose up at the idea. But one afternoon, the confession was almost pulled out of him on a rainy walk back to your apartment.

{y/n}: “You should have stayed at home, Sehun, you’re going to catch a cold.”

Sehun: “Do you think I want to be out here getting wet? I’m doing it because I love you, dammit.”

{y/n}: “You… what?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by getlayd

Yixing took the more traditional way to try and win over your heart by turning up at your doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a charming smile as he asked for your hand.

Yixing: “I know it’s short notice, but I thought we could spend the day together. I also have something I want to talk about with you.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by naekumvjv

Minseok would drop the bomb on you on  random afternoon you’re spending out together (more than likely in a coffee shop.) He’d be sipping his coffee before looking up at you with nervous eyes and and adorable smile before admitting his feelings honestly and directly.

Minseok: “I’ve liked you since the day we first met, but only now do I feel confident telling you how I feel so… should we consider this our first date?”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

Before going on tour would be when Chen decides to confess to you. He’d be so worried about you not feeling the same way that he would purposefully tell you before he’s about to leave in case you found it weird and needed time to think. His way of confession would make up for the time of the confession though.

He’d work on a video, filming all the members saying how much they’ll miss you while their away before presenting himself at the end, confessing fully to his inner thoughts in the hope that he can claim you as his as soon as he returns from tour.

Jongdae: “I know I was a coward, leaving it until now to confess. But it’s because you mean so much I can’t face the thought of losing you. I love you {y/n} and I hope you feel the same about me.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would more than likely, like Kyungsoo, ask the others for help and get rubbish in return. So, he’d decide on something sweet and original. He’d go into your place while you’re out and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the living room. In the living room at the end of the trail of petals would be a bouquet of roses and a little note that explains everything.

I’m so nervous to tell you how I feel in person, so here is the next best thing. I love you {y/n} I always have and I always will. I hope you will accept my feelings and let me take you out on a date next weekend.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is a sweetheart, and so will his confession. He’d decide on doing something more traditional too. He came to pick you up before driving you to a pretty beach just before sunset. When you’re finally walking through the lapping ways would he bring himself to bring up the topic.

Suho: “So {y/n}, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us to date?”


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Luhan wouldn’t take the same route of confessing as the other members. He’d think pulling something romantic would be pointless. Buying pretty flowers or staying up all night to write a song wouldn’t make you like him anymore in his eyes, so he decided it would be more practical to take the more direct option.

You and him were sitting in his apartment, his arm wrapped over your shoulder as the two of you watched his new film.

Luhan: I like you, {y/n}, I think we should date like this more often.”

You: “This is a date?”

Luhan: “Do you want it to be? Because I do…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would use his dancing to his advantage for this one. He’d decide on buying you both tickets to a professional dance performance to watch together and wait for the perfect moment to confess.

You: “The dancing is so amazing, almost like they’re really in love. It’s a shame it’s all just an illusion.”

Kai: “If you date me I can prove that not all dance partners love is just an illusion. I can show you some of my moves, maybe some of the more sexual ones, but perhaps not on the first date.” *winks* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris wouldn’t be shy about his feelings, he’d come out straight forward with how he feels and as he doesn’t think that sentiments will help the value of your feelings. Like Luhan, he doesn’t think these big gestures will make much of a difference, if you like him, then you do, if you don’t, then no big romantic gesture is going to change your mind. 

Kris: “I know this is sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now {y/n}… So, I was wondering how you feel about going to the cinema this Friday night?”

I just want to point out how brave Yomo is. Touka was cooking and suddenly the oven sat on fire, while everyone were screaming and crying, the only one who stood up in between the fire and danger was the brave uncle Yomo. Look at his face, a man ready to defend his family from Touka’s bad cooking skills no matter what.

uncle Yomo is a legend