and his collection of ties


Harold Finch | Ties (Season One)

Mr. Harold Finch seems to have approximately 70+ different ties in Season One. They include roughly two speckled, ten plain, twelve striped, nineteen vintage patterned and twenty-seven geometric.

Now here is the fun part: one of the images above showing Finch’s ties is actually of Reese’s. Have you found it?

Skin slapping against skin. The sloppy, squelch of a thick cock plunging deep into his soon to be raw, needy hole. Ten minutes left alone in the dressing room and this is where they were. Minghao was bent, head first over a makeup table, the very top of his skull bumping dully into the mirror every now and then with a particularly deep thrust. His red track pants were hanging around his ankles, leaving his stiffened dick to graze against the edge of the table and jostle, leaking long streaks of precome onto the floor.

Jun had a tight, tight grip on his hips - what was normally soft, forgiving skin was now red and brazen with the force of harsh fingers being gripped tight in. His bottom lip was snagged between his teeth, getting red and near bleeding with the force to be discreet and not cry out; the tight, greedy heat pulling in his dick again and again. A ring of sweat was collecting on his brow, where the cotton of his tied bandana connected with the flushed skin of his forehead.

He ploughed forward more still, punishing and saving Minghao with his cock. When he heard the dull, barely audible murmur of grunts, maybe gasps, coming from the brunet, he knew it was time to drive it home.

He reached forward, gripping a heady fistful of the dyed hair in his hand.

“Come on, baby boy. Come for me.” He groaned out in demand.

And he did. Minghao clenched his jaw and sealed his own mouth tight, barely keeping in his own moans as he came, untouched, dribbling his release all over the front of the table and then down in a small, shameful puddle on the floor (and getting even a small bit on his pants).

Jun, feeling Minghao’s ass clench and seize around him, came soon after, shooting his load into Minghao’s hot body. He craned his head back in euphoria, letting out a long groan and basking in the moment.

Feeling sweaty, spent, and with the rest of the group long missing them by now, Jun leaned down and pressed his front flush against Minghao’s back, the latter limp and weak under him. He was poised to pull out just as he mumbled in the other’s ear:

“Happy Junhao Day.”

(A/N: so this seems like it came out of nowhere. but it was pretty much 100% inspired by @livingthroughtheexperience. yeah she is junhao trash, mostly minghao trash, and she hounded me about this day so it inspired me to write this. i wrote it in twenty minutes, in my second period class, ten feet away from the teacher, during a lesson. eeyyyy i’m a horrible student. but i love how this turned out. -Tanisha<3)

wanted plots/connections: teacher/student, big age difference, abusive relationship, D/s. 

“i told you…” philip pressed his lips into a thin line. “don’t wear that damn tie with that shirt– actually, you should probably just burn the tie. it’s hideous. seriously.” he stared at it, a mild look of disgust written across his face. “you should probably just get a whole new collection of ties.”

 I saw this post about dorky headcanons about volleydorks and, well, @heyyyfuturefish and I got carried away…

so here.  have some dumb headcanons that really have nothing to do with anything but we found to be wonderful:

  • Daichi has so many shirts that are similar colors and leaves them around his room all the time instead of in a hamper so he has to do the sniff test on them all the time 
  • Iwaizumi always ties his left shoe first
  • Kuroo tries to look fairly badass but he literally only has tswift on his iPod
  • Tanaka has a collection of hair ties (most of them are his sister’s that she lost)
  • Akaashi has rock music and nature sounds on his ipod
  • Suga has like 5 alarms on his phone to get up, In 5 min increments.  Each one has a different alarm sound and increasingly vulgar labels
  • Bokuto made up his own language/code when he was 10.  He still uses it to take notes in class a lot of the time.
  • Noya wakes up at like 3 am every single day for no reason.  No alarms or anything just awake.  Then goes back to sleep.  He then needs an alarm to wake up for practice.  But he’s still an early bird and instantly awake.
  • Iwaizumi owns a version of each generation of Pokémon games.
  • So does Hanamaki.
  • They battle each other all the time.  Iwa always picks fire types.  Hanamaki has a Magikarp named Oikawa.  He never let’s it evolve
  • Almost every single sock that Yaku owns has holes in them
  • Lev has like 8 pairs of gloves and none of them match and they hardly ever fit so most of them have the fingertips cut off
  • Yahaba always forgets his deodorant at home and constantly steals Watari’s
  • Kyoutani absolutely has to stop to pet every dog he sees. If he doesn’t he has really bad days, as if he’s plagued with bad luck
  • Hanamaki has 4 blankets on his bed at all times and sleeps on and around and under them in a tangled mess
100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 56

“It brings out your eyes” [AO3]

Requested by @beekeeper-cas​ | Human!AU, Dean and Cas being adorable, fluff :)

Cas sat on the bed, several ties draped over his arms and holding one up to his neck before shaking his head and returning it to the pile. This was useless. He had seventeen ties and he didn’t want to wear any of them to Sam and Jess’ wedding reception. He huffed and looked utterly dejected as Dean came into the room.

“That’s one hell of a look,” Dean commented, seeing Cas’ look of despair and his collection of ties strewn across the bed.

“I don’t know which one to wear.” He explained, tilting his head as an inclination that Dean should choose.

Dean sat down next to him, rifling through the ties before picking out a silky, dark blue one. “This one.”

He held it up to Cas’ chest, a smile on his face. Cas still seemed unsure but Dean stood up, before taking Cas’ hand and pulling him up and guiding him to stand in front of their full length mirror.

Dean stood behind Cas, his chest to Cas’ back and began to tie his tie for him. The entire time, Dean had a smile that opposed the grumpy look on Cas’ face.

“There,” Dean said and dropped his hands to loop round Cas’ stomach before pressing a soft kiss to the back of Cas’ neck which made the man shiver and close his eyes.

Castiel turned round in Dean’s arms and opened his eyes to meet Dean’s green ones, stomach fluttering and seeing him like it was the first time all over again. He kissed Dean back, lips meshing together like they were made to fit together. Dean pulled back, keeping his hands on Castiel’s waist as he kneaded the softening flesh there.

“It brings out your eyes, you know,” Dean winked and chuckled lightly as Cas’ cheeks reddened from the compliment, Dean told him things like that all the time, yet the blushing never seemed to cease and Dean seemed to enjoy watching the flush reach his ears. “C’mon, before we’re late.”

Another set of kisses were traded and Dean took Castiel’s hand and led him out the door to the Impala. Castiel gazed at Dean the entire way there, just seeing, watching, how beautiful Dean was to him. He was just so damn lucky to have him.

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