and his boys


i can’t believe i stan him TT


dan and phil meme: [3/5] favorite danisnotonfire videos ≡ How NOT to Stay Cool 

i’ll probably make the exact same video as this in december, instead just talking about it being mildly cold but, dammit, i’m british and complaining is what we do best.

silver-stargazing  asked:

If you're looking for prompts, maybe some Stan and Mabel bonding? Like cooking together or watching Ducktective? Hope your night's going well! <3

They’re making Stancakes :D

(Prompts closed! Thank you for sending them in- I’ll do some more tomorrow!)

I’m seriously sobbing so much as I type rn. I never thought I’d see the day where Jin gets so much lines, let alone the most lines in the entire performance. He’s come such a long way from being the member known as “unstable” during performances, and being a “bad” dancer. But now as you can see, not only did he kill the choreography, he slayed the song with his vocals for a whole 01:03 minutes (almost ¼ of the whole song ;;). Thank you Bighit, for shining Jin’s talent on us this comeback. And thank you Jin; for being you :’)

it’s been awhile since i added any dragons to my dragon fam but this is viran!! altho he really only goes by angel, and he’s a mage bc yknow screw being a dragon 

After Teddy’s year as Head Boy, at his Hogwart’s graduation, Harry fulfills tradition by giving him a new badge, this one smaller and saying “Past Head Boy” instead of announcing his Hogwarts title. 

It didn’t have Teddy’s name on it, though. Harry had found it in a tiny wooden box inscribed with James Potter and Lily Evans in his parents’ Gringrott’s vault, nestled in alongside a “Past Head Girl” badge. It felt right, destiny even, to give this one to his godson. 

I feel bad for my younger brother. He wanted to be an engineer of sorts but has been taking art classes since the past semester.

This semester he enrolled in a drawing class and he doesn’t draw. Like at all, but that isn’t the problem. It’s that he thinks that drawing only happens during school and homework and that’s it. He comes home and just watches TV and plays games and sleeps. He doesn’t understand that this is something you need to take beyond school. You have to be earnest in teaching yourself beyond the classroom with your own time especially if he continues on this path of art. I tell him this, but he gets put off and boy do I see him struggle.

I see him struggling to do still life drawings of simple shapes like cereal boxes and of course I help him ( he didn’t understand how to transfer the measurements from his pencil to the paper) and I encourage him to come to me if he ever needs help.
But if he changed his objective to art because he thinks it would be less work then ohhhh hoho brother do I got some news for you.

You know why I think it’d be good if they show us Lance coming out as bi-sexual, its cause he is the most relateable character in the series, he’s got all those insecurities and internal sturggles which most people in our generation deal with on daily basis, Lance coming out as bi could help all those people who struggle with it because Lance is not perfect, because he is like us. He is relatable. Lance should be a good choice for an lgbt representation and it can also be a part of his character development too.