and his bickering with other member is cute

Reaction to Your Group Members Picking on You. . .

Anonymous said: i have a request eonni!! one where you are the maknae of your group and you get picked on and your group members say things like “ahhh shes such a baby!” or something like that pls. and can it be for got7?? thank you eonni! fighting! also if it wasnt in anonymous, could you make sure i am? thanks!

Reaction to Your Group Members Picking on You…

A/N aww this is cute~ i’m guessing its a joking picking on? if not please tell me and i’ll change it to your liking. and you weren’t in anonymous, but i got you babe. enjoy!

Kai Eonni ~


He would find this endearing. He wouldn’t be able to hide the smile your cute bickering between you and your other members brought upon his lips. However, every time you would look over at him, he would try to quickly hide his smile and avoid eye contact. Feeling bad that this is making him laugh, but enjoying it too much to cut in. Later he would apologize, trying to get you to forgive him for laughing, offering kisses, cuddles and hugs.

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He would make sure that it doesn’t go too far, and as long as you were okay with it he would be okay with it. However, he would keep an eye on you and your smile to make sure that it’s a genuine smile and is never once forced. His protective side kicking in as he keeps an arm around you, keeping you close and putting in little comments once in a while like, “You’re perfect Jagi.” or “I love your baby face Jagi, it’s cute. Okay?” Making sure that you’re okay with sweet comments.

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He would keep track of things your other members are poking fun at you about and use them later on. He would find this as a good chance to find other things to get you flustered about, and this would officially make this day one of the better ones that he has had. When you would whine to him about laughing at you for being called a baby he would be like, “Aww come here, I’m sorry, are you sad? Don’t be sad… Baby~” A mocking tone coating each and every one of his words.

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He would try so hard, like, genuinely trying to hold his laughter in, like I’m serious, he would try really hard, but, he wouldn’t last more than about ten seconds until his adorable laughter spread throughout the room. It wouldn’t just be any laugh though, it would be that hard laugh you have when something hilarious happens, when your stomach tenses up to the point of a cramp and your eyes water. This would be pure gold for Mark  and he would let everyone in the room know. Later he would apologize, or at least try to, but he would end up laughing all over again.

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He would be a little unsure whether he should laugh or come to your rescue? So he would be sitting there with an unsure smile, his eyes darting from you to your older members. Afterwards when you two are leaving your dorm, he would wrap an arm around you and ask softly if you’re okay. When you smile and laugh saying, “Ah, that? Yeah, they like to pick on me, but it’s like if we were siblings or something, it’s not serious.” He would feel this relief leave his shoulders and would smile genuinely now, kissing the top of your head. “You were getting so flustered, it was so cute that it was hard for me not to smile. I’m so lucky to have such a cute Jagiya.”

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BamBam would jump at the opportunity to pick on you as well, loving the view of your flustered features, finding it irresistibly cute. He would, like Jinyoung, keep a mental note of jokes that your members say so that he could use them later on when he’s bored and wants to see your flustered again. Though he would always make sure to make it up to you with kisses and cuddles afterwards to remind you how much he adores you.

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Omgggg, this would be a free-for-all, except it would be for Yugyeom. He would take videos, laugh hysterically, pick on you with your members, and would mock you. This would be Yugyeom World right here. He would replay those videos while you two are snuggling, laughing at them every time. He would bring up the memories at the most random of moments. You two would be picking out crêpes at a breakfast restaurant and he would just look over at you like, “Hey, Jagi, remember that time…”

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nct 127's reaction to a new girl trainee

⤷ anon said to hyucksgrl; hello! can you do a reaction of nct 127 to a new trainee (a girl), and they feel protective of her bcs shes very younger then them?

⤷ idol(s); all of nct 127

⤷ a/n; i’m super sorry that this took so long !!! i was waiting to get a new phone, so i could make reactions, because my old phone was extremely glitchy. sorry !



when taeil first saw you in the practice room, dancing flawlessly, he knew that he needed to protect you from all the harsh things that came with being a trainee/ idol. he took you under his wing, and soon became a big brother to you, and to him, it was like the sister he never had.

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johnny [youngho]

absolutely loves making fun of you, but when it comes to the other members striking up jokes about you, to you, he gets defensive, and starts scolding them about not talking about you like this, and you mentally face palm yourself because you’re like “you do this all the time”

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when you first met him, you saw him as this ice cold, stern guy, but in all honesty, once you actually got to know the real him, you asked yourself why you even thought of him that way. he scolded you about not keeping clean, or not listening to your older members, but he loved you to death, and taught you so many things. when it came to hate, and he saw how hurt you were from it, he would make sure that no one would ever hurt you.

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he teaches you japanese, and laughs at you when you get them wrong. very patient with you, since you’re still young. loves teaching you nct 127 dances, and sees you as his little sister. when you receive hate, he becomes a totally different person, and automatically tells people to stop.

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[srry i just had to use this, he looks like an egg right here]


hates when you call him a bunny, or cute. he bickers a lot, but besides that, he adores you. you guys have multiple inside jokes, and lowkey judge the other members from his, or your group, but you both still know it comes from a place of love. you guys tell each other everything, so when you told him that you were receiving hate, he immediately stood up for you, and made sure no one talked about you in a negative way again.

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jaehyun [yoon oh]

critiques you on your singing/ rapping/ dancing. you both call each other stupid nicknames. he loves your company, although he never admits it himself. stands up for you in any situation, whether the dreamies went a little too far with their prank, or you get hate online, or anywhere. he just wants to protect you.

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winwin [sicheng]

is extremely shy, and doesn’t really know how to start conversations with you. when you guys slowly got closer, you both were the best of friends, and always were each other’s rock.

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mark [minhyung]

he loved your style of rap, and you guys quickly became friends. you somehow always end up with his jacket, and he always wonders why. you both laugh really hard, but become serious after you stop. whenever he sees something remotely negative about he, he goes from protecc to attacc in 00.1 second, and makes sure the person who’s talking about you so rudely, knows that you’re the most amazing person he’s ever met.

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haechan [donghyuck]

just like johnny, he absolutely loves making fun of you, especially you height. he puts his arm on top of your head, just to annoy you. goes on full roast mode when he sees someone attacking you. loves you unconditionally, and just wants to see you happy, and healthy, although he would never say it out loud.

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a/n; have you listened to samuel’s album yet, it’s literally the best thing i’ve ever had in my life bYE IM EMO

dating nct taeyong!1!2!1!!

• taeyong wants love
• taeyong is not afraid to show you that he wants love, well he’s kinda shy about it
• but he wants all the love.
• okok jk, not really, but ok jk.
• taeyong is super nice honestly
• he rests his chin on your shoulders and the top of your head a lot like, watching tv? his chin is resting on your shoulder. cooking? his chin is resting on your head.
• PRETTY RANDOOM BUT he answers all of your questions like, no matter what.
• “…mmmmm…. you look good in red. so. red.”
• he looks so good in like, sleeveless shirts
• he’s so passionate about dancing and he loves it when you love his dancing and he’s just so bashful whenever you talk about his dance skills
• he looks good while dancing in sleeveless shirts and he knows you like it. he. knows.
• he knows most of your weaknesses but sometimes he doesn’t know that the slightest “hand brushing through wet, just showered, hair” action drives you crazy and kills you inside
• “…are you ok????” //the tiny shy laugh he does whenever he’s kinda confused of flustered//
• taeyong is like, lowkey (HIGHKEY VERY) protective over you
• esp w the members
• he won’t even share you w the younger baby rookies
• “jaem-”
• “hyung-”
• “jaemin don’t… don’t touch her” and he whines
• “hyung…hyung i high fived her”
• “i…knew that ok that’s ok.”
• he’s kind of… ok he’s not over protective and stops you from meeting people or hugging people but honestly he’s like “…,,,, why’d u hug that guy there”
• “taeyong that’s my cousin. and he’s 4. 4 years old. and 3 months.”
• “he’s SO CUTE OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO adorable. can we take a selfie w him”
• SUPER- OK IF EXPRESSIONS COULD BE MONOTONE- that’s just, like, a poker face.
• but y'all sometimes use like, really weird filters like dog filters and like, angel demon filters and both of tou are making the best facial expressions ever omg but those are, p r i vate.
• but those selfies are also your…um, phone wallpaper, profile pic for every social media site ever, profile pic on kakao/any messaging app ever, and you post them on social media.
• taeyong posts them on twitter and he’s like “whOOPS. HOW DID THOSE GET ON MY ACC- OH GOSH. but we’re cute, she’s cute ok this is cute aren’t we cute.”
• he brags about you in such a lowkey way to the members. it’s so cute
• “hm who’s this cutie? //looking at a picture of you on his phone//”
• you bicker w yuta and hansol a lot. SO VERY SURPRISINGLY TBH
• “you and taeyong are like, perfect for each other. it’s like a frog and an octopus in love. it’s really beautiful.”
• “…you should be the next world wide drag queen, yuta.”
• “it’s true”
• “shut up hansol”
• hansol and yuta stalk you guys on dates but THEY AIN’T SLICK Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
• you guys mess w them on purpose sometimes and it confuses them so much and it’s the funniest thing
• taeyong loves sharing his jackets with you
• you guys buy matching couple snapbacks. yes. it’s cute. you guys are that cute.
• sometimes you guys could just be sitting and talking in the empty practice room and suddenly you guys would just, dance and it’s both really romantic and really… idk it’s really special? and really, fun.
• taeyong is very open about his feelings on special days where you two just stay up talking.
• he cries sometimes talking about his past and his present worries and you comfort him and you feel yourself slightly feeling like you’re about to cry too.
• the pressure of being a leader, of being such a big part of this group, and being such a looked up to figure in this group, really breaks him sometimes but he just tries to think about how such a positive turn his life has taken after he met you, got into this group, got accepted to this company, etc etc.
• aegyo. no need for any more words. just. aegyo.
• you were sick once and like, in bed all day and taeyong felt so bad that he just got you, everything.
• “ok, my baby ok, first off i hope you feel better soon and, i brought you soup, i made your favorite ingredients, and i brought your favorite books, i brought you a teddy bear and i brought you some of my nicest jackets, and, OH. OH YEAH. I GOT YOUR MEDICINE.”
• kissing lee taeyong is either super intense and really hot or super sweet and soft and sensitive and slow
• one time you were like, w hansol, GOD KNOWS WHY BC THAT BOY TEASES YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW, ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW, HE ONLY MESSES WITH YOU, but anyway, you were w hansol bc he’s an old friend of yours
• but you were just sitting at a cafe and just sipping your nice little, iced drinks and just talking about stupid memories from high school gym class, you were in like, 2 classes under him. but he still heard about your embarrassing gym stories. they. were pretty famous.
• and then suddenly this hand just, hit hansol on his back and was like “HANSOL?”
• AND boy was he hot. he had really nice eyes and he looked at you and he was, obviously surprised to see you w hansol bc hansol wasn’t. dating. anyone.
• “um, who’s this?”
• and you smiled and said “im hansol’s old friend”
• “oh, well, it’s nice to meet you!”
• and then, every time hansol met with you, it seemed like taeyong was always with him, and that he somehow always, “happened” to be there.
• and then well, meet and meet, you found out that, wow, lee taeyong is a great guy
• and you guys started talking without hansol, LOL SORRY HANSOL, and you guys, liked it. a lot. taeyong felt like he didn’t have anything to hide from you, and he felt so…comfortable.
• meet after meet, you guys just got a, bit closer, inch by inch, after three meets his hand would be on yours, after five, you guys would be hugging, and after seven, he’d be playing with your hair.
• but he never, asked you out. you know?
• but he probably got some weird lecture from hansol and yuta about how he’s gotta GO FOR IT.
• because one day, as soon as he met you, he seemed anxious and when you said “how was your day?”
• he was like “it was goo- hey you, wanna date? like do you want to be my girlfriend?”
• and gosh you could not stop smiling and you nodded and he smiled and gosh SO CUTE.
• taeyong loves you all the time, but he especially loves you when you bake, or buy him chocolate.
• or chocolate chip cookies. or chocolate flavored macaroons. you know he just really loves chocolate.
• he also just, loves you so much, just, he loves you.
• he loves it when you guys just, embrace each other and snuggle up on each other and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
• he sometimes treats you like you’re 3 i swear- he’s such a grandpa omg but it’s cute you guys are cute
• you’re like an older sister to donghyuck and mark it’s so funny it’s just, damn it’s just really funny.
• you’re so nice to your elders and you’re so polite and taeyong loves that about you, he loves it so much
• he likes it when you don’t necessarily dress up, like doll up, you know? he likes it when you dress up too but he loves your casual outfit. skinny jeans and a shirt, a pair of joggers, trainer pants, everything casual, he loves it.
• he gets super shy and laughs and smiles a lot when you compliment him on his dancing or singing or rapping
• he feeds you a lot like “this is so good try this oh my god”
• he sometimes just stares at you and you look up at him and smile and you’re like “what?”
• “you’re just so pretty”
• but you like it so it doesn’t really matter
• this is super like, this is such a cliché thing but i can totally see taeyong cutely calling you “여보/yeobo” or like making up a really cute petname/nickname for you
• taeyong is one of those boyfriends who like, consistently tells you how beautiful and nice and wonderful and talented and pretty you are, so you don’t feel even the slightest bit insecure.
• because taeyong knows what it feels like to be insecure, not visual wise, but from the way others view him and he doesn’t want the person he loves the most to go through the same thing, and when you first heard him tell you that, that’s when you first realized that this guy is really, a wonderful and kind hearted person who’s been through so much and that he really loves you.
• ok but taeyong is such a sucker for cute babies he really wants kids
• but like, not now ofc, not now, not yet
• the closest thing he has to a child is the other 39 members of nct, yes even the older ones.
• one time you got kind of jealous bc he had this very, intimate acting session in a (future) mv but taeyong kept teasing you and hugging you and being like “nooooo baby you know i love you”
• working out w taeyong. is a thing.
• taeyong could literally go from, PERFECT MAM HE’S WONDERFUL WOW HE’S A GIFT WOW HE’S A 49495959 OUT OF 10. to omg he’s so cute he’s like 3 no jk he’s obviously like 4 months old goodness what a cutie pie gosh you’re so stupid and so cute and so precious im lovin it.
• taeyong cooks for you and he’s always like “can you try this for me?”
• it’s always tasty
• he loves puppies
• puppies are great and you will never see taeyong not gush over puppies when he sees one.
• taeyong once saw you take care of jisung once and gosh you’d be such parent material
• he once saw your little baby niece. he gushed all over her gosh he loved her and he loved you loving her and goODNESS.
• he’s super good with words it makes you just, QUESTION.
• taeyong has nice clothes
• taeyong’s a fashionista, that does not try.
• taeyong is so, TEMPTING SOMETIMES
• k that was so 19+ i can’t believe i did that he’s like 5 noOooOoo
• taeyong has this, laugh, that he does when a joke or something isn’t funny but he doesn’t wanna hurt the other persons feelings and it’s super obvious, and so, funny.
• his eyes also like, shake??? waver???? when he does that laugh and, IT’S SO AWKWARD HAHA
• “if doyoung and i both fell into a lake and was drowning, who’d you save?”
• “you.”
• “i can swim”
• “you.”
• you guys go shopping sometimes but 7/10 times you guys leave empty handed bc you guys are such parents omg you guys are like “I THINK WE NEED THIS BUT WE PROBABLY DON’T AND WE’RE SHORT ON MONEY”
• but the other 3 times you guys either buy food for everyone in the nct dorm or clothes
• “taeyong you’re going to the convenience store that’s 2 minutes away”
• he really wants cute little babies with you
• like he can’t wait for little tiny babies who’s half you and half him to run around the house and play with him
• he’ll be such a good dad
• it took him like, surprisingly a very short time to say “i love you” to you
• he just, said “i love you” the morning after you two talked all of your feelings out which was like, a few weeks after you two became official
• he totally prefers just seeing you in person, but if he can’t, he’ll video chat you
• sometimes it gets, really weird like, johnny comes in the screen and then ten and then they’re dancing and having a contest on who can twerk better and taeyong’s disgusted
• it’s super funny
• or sometimes he’s laying down in the bed in the dark and just smiling and quietly asking you how your day was and how much you mean to him and something funny that happened that day
• you guys go and take walks a lot, you guys love the other members and their crazy, chaotic selves, but sometimes you guys enjoy the quiet, and the breeze, and the crunch of the leaves during the fall.
• you guys sometimes just, go into animal shelters and pet stores and play with the animals
• you better love taeyong
• with all your heart
• i support this relationship yes i do yes
• pls don’t let my support go to waste
• lee taeyong deserves all the love


also this was requested by @yuyukar !!!! (i was working on both hansol and taeyong at once haha) i hope you see this and i hope it’s good haha
Pidge and Matt Sibling Headcanons

I told you guys id post some so here they are

• Pidge runs towards him and does that thing where you jump on the person and wrap your legs around them (ive seen it a lot when family member in army returns videos)
• She kinda slides off as a way of getting down but they continue to hold on to each other forever
• They end up on their knees sobbing on each other with Pidge mostly in his lap
• They only break apart when the “i missed you"s turned into cute bickering turns once again but into embarrassing stuff

After Reuniting
• He always calls her “Katie” or some other family nickname but everyone else always calls her “Pidge”
• Someone says Pidge wont get up and Matt just goes “i got this” and calmly exits the room. He just walks right into her room, falls onto her face down starfish style, gets right next to ear, and yells “WAKE UP!”
• No one ever picks Pidge up. Anyone who tries always gets gets tasered. Matt just walks into the kitchen one day fireman carrying a kicking and screaming Pidge (who eventually gives up and makes herself dead weight)
• They dont like touching each other that much (so like hugs are “gross”) but they actually touch a lot more than they think, like sitting on the couch with overlapping legs or wrestling
• Pidge runs around the Castle one day screaming with Matt chasing her. The Alteans try to intervene when Pidge says Matt is going to “torture” her but by the time they make it Matt has already got Pidge, but they hear laughter? Its just Matt tickling her and blowing raspberries in her neck when she says she refuses to “talk”. (After explaining to Allura and Coran what tickling is and seeing how fast Pidge gave in they make it apart of training and Pidge will forever hate Matt for that)
• Pidge is always constantly kicking him under the table
• Matt likes to walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her and rest his head on hers and she HATES IT
• Lance will prop his elbow on her shoulder and then Matt will come up and put his elbow on her other shoulder and she just gives up on life
• Pidge always tries out new pranks on him. He hates it.
• Her way of waking him up includes wacking him, tickling his feet, ice water, jumping on the bed, and dragging him out
• Whenever they are both siting across from each other on the floor or couch they have to have a footsie war
• They are both pretty good at embarrassing each other but Pidge is better
• Matt is in charge of Pidge when she is sick or hurts herself
• Matt is a million times worse than Pidge when it comes to putting the newest project down and going to bed. If he’s working with someone he’ll make them stay up with him. Pidge and him have competed to see who can last the longest. Pidge always loses. Her record is three days. His is six and a half.
• When ever they work on a project together it always ends in fighting
• Matt is better at videogames and Pidge will forever be salty
• The fights over the remote are very physical and something usually ends up broken. They broke a lot remotes and vases back home.
• They dont do a lot of good sibling things but when they see someone else do it to the other (like sharing a jacket or making sure they get to bed) they get a bit mad and possesive for a few minutes because ‘thats my job back off’
• They are not morning people
• Matt never lets Pidge off the hook because he is so tired of the younger sibling gets away with everything and having such low standards to meet
• Even tho Pidge can now beat up someone 4 times her size and weight somehow Matt always wins and she cant figure out how and all he confesses is that its “an older sibling thing” and Lance being a middle child confirms but she doesn’t believe it
• He also always wins at like three games and she is convinced he’s cheating but with no proof eventually gave up but one day Lance walks in on it and tells her the secret most older family members know. Matt proceeds to hate him for the rest of the day (Lance was seeing Pidge as a peer and not a younger member and he kicks himself every time he has to play her)
• Pidge is a full believer youngest goes first no matter the rules and it annoys Matt to no end

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Sonamy boom how sonic found out that he liked amy or vice versa

(x) Preview image made by Fennec! Please support her! (I love how self-aware Sonic is in this comic where he looks at his heart he just made and is like ‘crap’ lol XD)


“Sonic! A word with the bird?” Soar quickly had charmed his way into stopping Sonic’s morning run, who rolled his eyes and folded his arms; groaning.

“Mr. Hedgehog, rumors have flown up to my part of the sky and stated that you’ve been running since before the dawn of time! What do you have to say?” He almost jabbed Sonic with the mic, and he had to lunge down to dodge it.

“Hey!” He glared.

“Well said.” Soar pulled the mic back, and then turned to the camera, “Now, for the juicy gossip.” he bounced his eyebrows, as Sonic looked confused.

“W-wait a minute, I thought you just talked about rumors? Why are we going into-OFFPH!”

“Zip it, I haven’t questioned you with intimidating camera lights yet.” Soar shoved his mouth shut before then putting an arm around him and in a flashy manner, raising his head up.

“Ladies and Gentlefolks watching, it’s time for Dropping an Ease!”

Suddenly, Sonic was whisked into a chair, “Hey!” and immediately strapped down from his arms, legs, and braced to the chair.

The chair then squeakily was adjusted to move up with some pump-mechanics and a strobe light flared down on him.

“Wrong light!” someone called, and the light that was blinding Sonic suddenly changed to an interrogation light.

“Better! Roll with it!” the same voice cued and then a hand whipped to a point for Soar to come back on.

He swerved in, happy as ever, before starting up his question again, pulling out a card. “Oh, there’s the lights! Haha! Now then, Sonic…”

“I-I-I don’t think I signed up for this.” Sonic fidgetted.

“Who is…” the man narrowed his eyes, leaning closer to the chair.

“No…no… no!” Sonic kept swishing his head around, before Soar slammed a hand down on its side, stopping Sonic from struggling.

“You’re… Crush!”

“I don’t have one!” Sonic shouted out.

“Don’t lie to me! Lie to them!” Soar then pulled him out of the chair when the locks came automatically off and pulled him up to the camera.

“Honestly! I’m way too cool to have a crush!” Sonic’s face was partly smashed into the camera, as Soar pulled him away, giving him a funny look.

“Really? That’s so… Boring.” he flung Sonic over his shoulder, a humorously blank expression on his face, and Soar looking disappointed.

“Well, that was lame. Sorry, folks! But I guess that means his heart is still up for grabs! Any takers?”

The twins at home squee’d and tapped their feet on the ground.

Dave rolled his eyes, apparently having peeked into his mom’s room to see what she was watching.

Amy.. held her blanket closer to her side, and looked down.

The next day, Sonic was recounting the odd experience, but Amy seemed a bit bitter and was countering everything with sarcasm and ridicule.

“Woah! I’m sorry, but… when did this turn into pick-on-Sonic day!?”

“Last Thursday, but I forgot.” Amy glared back.

“Woah, you two need to chill out.” Tails put up his hands and stepped in-between their odd bickering, before then looking to Sonic with an arrogant glee in his eyes, “I mean. Pfft. We can’t all have love interests.” he gloated, clearly having a crush already.

Sonic groaned again and stomped off.

Once he was gone, shaking his head and growling in anger, she softened up and gripped her heart.

“How can someone NOT have a love interest?!” Amy complained at her group meeting, as the other members looked to each other, and awkwardly back at her. “I mean.. when you spend enough time with a totally cute girl you tend to fall for her, right!? Am I missing something? Could it be her hair? Her cooking? When you literally go out and see a guy-flick WHILE complimenting his manly musk- how can you not get brownie points for that? HOW CAN HE NOT HAVE A CRUSH!?!?”

The rest of the members saw her outburst, and out of fear, nodded and scooted back, all trying to reassure her standpoint or agree in some way to her while they muttered in fright.

Walking home, Sonic dashed right by her, and she mumbled something under her breath about him being a ‘fly-by’ kinda guy, before he came back, seeing her with a smile.

“Oh, hey, Amy, how are ya? Alone? Tonight? Dark night? So am I! haha..?” He suddenly chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah. Real chilly.” she hunched forward, sighing. “Sonic… can I ask you something.. personal?”

“Personal? Why Personal? Why do we need to be personal?” he fidgetted, rubbing his arm and looking away, trying to keep up his smile. “Ehem, but on the off chance it’s something cool, what did you have in mind?”

She sighed again, “What.. do we have in common?”

That stopped him real quick, as he looked up to the stars. “W-well..”

“I mean, we both love fighting robots… I guess.” she tilted her head, “And you like to eat and I like making things to eat, so we get along there too..” she gestured a hand out. “I just can’t seem to remember anymore…” she lightly scuffed her hand against a piece of wild wheat, letting the little particles fall where they may as she then dusted her hand off.

Sonic began to reminisce, it was a night like this one too… when he found out…

Amy acting silly and over-the-top, ranting on about the movie they just saw.

“I can’t wait to someday take down a whole evil army!”

“Yeah!” Sonic jumped up, “And I can save a princess!”

“Pfft, please.” she flapped her hand out, “I’m the one saving lazy princesses! You and go and uh… slay a dragon or… something.” she happily balanced on a pole before Sonic spoke up again.

“Hey,… I could save anyone I wanted too! That’s it! A dragon princess!”

“Lame.” Amy did a unique flip, which caught Sonic’s attention. “Woah…” he stared, “Hey, that’s actually kinda cool. And I should know, I’m the epitome of cool~” he flashed his best ‘cool-guy’ finger guns and smile.

She stared a moment before her red cheeks turned away and giggled, sitting down on the horizontal pole. “I guess I just like to be athletic.”

“And that’s totally cool!” Sonic jumped and grabbed the pole, lifting himself up by his arms, showing off. “Hey, Amy. Me and Tails were thinking… you.. you could be pretty cool if you were a hero, ya know.”

She gave him an odd look, “What do you mean? Could?” she teased, lifting her head before ducking it and seeming to blush again, but he didn’t notice, looking up at the night sky.

“I mean.. the first time I met you, you stormed through our door and demanded to be apart of our gang, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, you made it! You took down Eggman’s robots and even out swung Knuckles! It could be fun, you know? Even if you are a girl…” he looked away, growing strangely shy.

He didn’t seem to mean coming off any particular way, but Amy puffed up her childish cheeks and went to get him.

“And what is that suppose to- ah..aHHH!!!” she lost her balance! Falling fast before Sonic impulsively moved and grabbed her hand.

“Hang on!”

He tried to pull her up, as she watched with amazed eyes before their fingers slipped.



He dashed down in a quick spin-ball like way, ratcheting off of trees and a building nearby to then grab her in his arms.


The two stared in wide-eyed enchantment at one another…

Sonic’s heart was racing, but he figured it was from all the excitement of the daring rescue.

He had never been this close to a girl before…

Amy stumbled out of his arms, growing increasingly more embarrassed. “T-there! You saved a girl! Way to go!” she seemed to aggressively speak the words out, but Sonic took it literally.

As she adjusted her dress and patted her flaming cheeks, he looked at his hands, and then smiled gleefully up at her.

“I did!”

She turned around.

“I totally just saved your life! Ha! You must think I’m the coolest dude around now!”

She couldn’t help it. She turned with a gentle smile, “You were cool without the heroics… Sonic.”

He paused a moment, watching her expression and feeling something stir once again to be closer to her again.

She batted her eyes away, a cute touch, before closing her eyes and tilting her head in a way that made her hair sway with the gesture.

“I always thought of you as my hero.”

Then, something odd and strange happened to him.

He pouted, feeling embarrassed as his face brightened and he angrily wagged his arms about.

“BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR!” he hollered, “I’m supposed to be cooler than that!”

What he never admitted, was that the heat that seemed to come from anger… was from being so touched by such a strong, graceful girl considering him her hero before he officially saved her.

Sonic shook his head from this thoughts, “I always thought we had saving people in common.” he smiled gently, not expecting her to catch on to his inside-reference.

“Hehe, yeah… We’ve always loved saving the world.” She smiled then, turning back to him.

She put her hands behind her back, “You know, we’ve saved it so many times!”

“It’s been fun.” his voice lowered, his eyes lingering on her younger self, the image in his mind.. the feeling of holding her again..

“Yeah, well… I guess it never gets old, huh?” she turned to look back at the stars, not even noticing him staring sweetly to her.

He tilted his head, “No.” he tenderly closed his eyes and looked down. “I guess not.”

He forgot the world for a second…

He’d rather save her again…

If ever she got into trouble again, she was too careful these days…

Too good at saving others and herself.

She suddenly saw something and went over to get it, before tripping and Sonic opening his eyes, almost too late to notice.

Could it be..?

His heart raced, he wondered if fate had heard him before Amy caught herself and balanced her landing with a beautiful roll and poise.

“Ta-dah! haha! No girls’ complete unless she can catch herself, huh Sonic?” she cheekily smiled behind to him, grinning wildly and hoping to make him feel impressed.

However… from his point-of-view… it was cruel. Oh so mockingly cutely..

His hand was still inches from reaching out for her…

He withdrew it back and folded his arms, turning grumpy.

“Yeah,.. swell.” he pouted. “Call me old fashion… but I liked it when heroes saved princesses…” he muttered out.

Amy blushed and looked away. “Y-yeah… I guess that’s just you.”

He frowned harder.

“But…” she giggled and kicked the ground, “Nowadays… girls need a new kind of hero..” she skipped on, and in curiosity, Sonic followed after her.

“Like what?” Sonic stated, rounding to her side. “What kind of hero do girls want?”

“Not want.” Amy stated, winking at him and turning, “Need.”

He pursued, “Y-yeah, but you didn’t answer me!”

“So persistent~ Why are you trying to find out what girls need in a man, Sonic?”

“You said hero.”

“Fine. I’ll tell you.” she put her hands on her hips and spun around. “Girls need a hero who saves them from the things that aren’t attacking them on the outside.”

He paused, not understanding.

“…A princess…” she touched her heart, looking suddenly sorrowful as she peered down at it. “Needs someone who will save her tears…”

She walked on, and Sonic found himself falling in love all over again… 

Sonic then deeply believed that it was an inexcusable sin to make girls cry.

“Oh no…” he shuttered. “I think I did lie.. But not to them.” she was already out of earshot.

“…But to her.”

He didn’t want to save princesses.

He wanted to save the one girl that saw him as a hero… before he ever was one.

Infinite - Introduction

Kim Sunggyu: Gyuzizi, Gyu-grandpa, Gyu-leader. Oldest in infinite. Voice of an angel. Kontrol is my jam. Used to hate Woohyun but they’re now married. Would sacrifice everything for his 6 children. Princess of Woollim. Can go from oppa to baby in less then 0.01 sec. Hamster-gyu. Needs to be protected and loved. CEO is scared of his whining. Wink master. Changes from being bullied to strict leader when they practice. Refers to the rest of infinite as ‘the kids’. Loves them to death. Always commenting on their instagram posts. RISPECT. Musical king. Raps perfectly. Performed the whole of daydream by himself including the rapping for their concert. Variety king. Weekly Idol = Diss is Sunggyu

Jang Dongwoo: Pure child. Loves his members ass. Give the boy booty. Dances like the ocean. Raps like he’s spitting fire, sings like an angel. Jang angel. Crybaby. Kindest in infinite. Protect the poor child. Loves his parents. And his niece. Jang Dino. Never bring the pure child to a haunted house. The real maknae. Respects Sunggyu. Always finds the booty. Soft. SKINSHIP. Sleeps through anything, including Sungyeol drawing on his face. Abs. TEPUUUNG. His adlibs in Diamond killed me. Nam Woohyun: Fanservice king. Nam-grease. Namu. I am tree. Vocal king. Power vocal. Boi got moves. Unofficial 3rd member of dance line. Disses Sunggyu like there’s no tomorrow. Solo album. FEELS. Part of parent line with Sunggyu. Kkeudeok kkeudeok. Voice like honey. HEARTEU. Hearts for days. Loves Inspirits with all his heart. Nam-Pabo. Probably an exhibitionist but who’s complaining. Best friends with Kibum (Key) from Shinee. Toheart. Abs. Abs flash in Be Mine. NEKOHAJA. High notes on point. Supports and is supported by Sunggyu even though they used to hate each other. Nam Perfect. Lee Howon: MAAAH BIASS. Boi got dance moves for dayss. Two modes, Hosass or Hoaegi. Boy loves purple. Sends selcas to his members. Can’t do aegyo. Has natural aegyo. Dances like a god. Kicked ass on hit the stage. Acting on point. REPLY 1997. Part of the exhibitionist club with Woohyun and Dongwoo. Abs. Loves his members and Inspirits to death. Became more open to affection. Scared of ghosts but wants to meet one ever since they stopped living in their dorm. He’s lonely. Members show him love. Was in Ah-choo. Sasses his members. Loves puns. Boy is so witty. I say ho, you say ya. Lee Sungyeol: Yeol-choding. Competitive af. Inspirits love him. “I’m in charge of being tall.” Inspirits would name all his strengths and wouldn’t be done till next year. Used to be in SM Academy. Visuals on point. NEEDS TO STAR IN A FUCKING DRAMA. Best actor, in my opinion. PIERCINGS. Used to have a ton. A whole row on his left year during chaser era. Has crossdressed more than once. Troublemaker and pick me. Special stage king. Sexy back with Hoya. Must watch. He will chase Inspirits to the other end of the world if we cheat on them. We would never. Disses everybody. Infinite, Woollim, his brother, his father, himself. Never disses his mother. Boi been exercising. Bickers with Sunggyu on instagram. ARIGATOU. Red hair was amazing. I’m as tall as his legs. Yeol-model. Tags irritate his skin. Manly and cute. Kim Myungsoo: L. VisuaL. L-cosplay. Looks like an anime character. Japanese on point. Was in a Japanese drama but played a Chinese character. WOZAIZHELI. Taboo words. Sunggyu almost got hit. Loves his members. SKINSHIP KING. Pure marshmallow. Used to fall over a lot. ACTOR MYUNGSOO. Is adorable. Best aegyo. Would cling onto the members 24/7 if he could. Hyungdon and Defcon are his biggest fans. Apparently watches a lot of porn. Sungyeol and Hoya found out. Soft. Second softest in infinite after Dongwoo. I love him. Straightens his hair. Lee Sungjong: MAKNAE ON TOP. Could beat all his members to a pulp. Anyone insult them and he’ll take out a knife or just give you poisonous lemon candy. LEMON SATANG KING. Visuals. So pretty. Prettier than all the Inspirits. He’s beautiful. He knows it. Used to kick a teddy bear when he was pissed. The bears name was usually Kim Sunggyu or Nam Woohyun. Looks beautiful even with different coloured face paint on his face. Looks amazing with blonde hair. Does girl group dances like he owns them. Loves lovelyzs like his actual dongsaengs. Can’t act. Jjong-victim. Always gets dissed by his hyungs. Jokes on them cause Sungjong is fabulous. And he knows it. 7 visuals. 7 vocals. 7 dancers. 7 rappers. 7 perfect human beings. 7 members. 7 boys who have has our heart forever. This is Infinite.


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-Just happened out of thin air one day because they hung out so often anyway, and were already super close. They were just hanging out in the living room playing video games and ended up sort of like kissing. It was weird at first cause like wow Jin hyung but it was also like wow… Jin hyung…

-They’re kind of quiet about their relationship. No one really notices the change because they act like two giant babies together on a daily basis anyway.

-When they do actually get a moment alone it’s usually in the living room after everyone else has gone to bed. They’re like tangled together on the couch either watching a movie or cuddling together talking about whatever.

-Jungkook is a legitimate savage when it comes to video games and does not spare Jin just because they’re together. “Don’t feel bad. No one can beat me at this game.”

-Kooks does a vlive one night and accidentally only talks about Jin. Only realizes it might seem a little weird when the comments start coming in “Kookie has a crush on Jin!” He turns into Jungshook real quick.

-Cute little nights when they cook together. Everyone else has gone out so they can make a mess in the kitchen and bicker and kiss each other freely. Jin actually wonders what it would be like if they had their own place and could do that every day. Jungkook takes him out of his thoughts by just smiling at him.

-The only reason any of the other members find out is because it’s late one night and Jin was sure there was no one home. Everyone had gone out to get dinner after practice. But apparently Namjoon had stood behind and had to witness them together in the living room. “YAH WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. NOT EVEN IN A BEDROOM. PEOPLE SIT ON THAT COUCH.”

-Needless to say they have this weird, “okay so like… we’re a thing but itxs not a big deal or whatever so no one needs ti know about it.” Yoongi doesn’t give two shits. Namjoon is mentally scarred. Taehyung and Jimin just shake their head because it was totally weird. And Hoseok just left the room.

-They learn things from each other. Like how to remain relaxed. And how to actually be an adult without having to act like one. They somehow fit together seriously well and everyone just gets it after a while. Jin and Jungkook kind of just make sense together.

A/N: ALL THESE SHIPS AND THIS BABY TALK I AM JUST A PILE OF ACTUAL MUSH 😭😭😭😭 I hope you liked it anon! You totally gave me a new respect for Jinkook! Xxoo ❤❤

EXO reaction- painting their pregnant wife’s toenails


He thinks it’s adorable! He’d joke around the first couple of times, but he can’t help it!

“Aww, Jagiyah~ You can’t see your toes?”

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He’ll do anything that makes you happy! Granted, you’ll have more polish on your toes than the actual nail.

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He would be so proud of himself when he gets it right. Even though it was just a nude top coat, he’d be raving about it all day.

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It’s apart of your daily routine! He never really minds helping you out, even though it may be a small task. You’d have to hold in your laughter though because we all know he’d have that extremely focused look on his face while he puts the polish on.

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This sweetie couldn’t even hesitate. He will do whatever makes the mother of his child happy.

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He’d be entertained at first, just watching you try and paint your toes yourself until he cuts in and help you out.He doesn’t want you to strain your self for pull a muscle trying to reach over your bump.

“Does baby like mommy’s toes?”

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I see him just buying you a gift certificate to a spa. He’d try to paint them once and as soon as he screws up, he’ll just leave it to the pros.

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He has an older sister, so I assume he knows his way around nail polish. (especially since he can apply lipstick perfectly). There’s about a 90% chance he’ll take a picture of your toenails if he does well.

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“Do I have to?”

He will only do it if you promise to never tell a soul! No one would ever let him live if they knew how super soft he was for his wife.

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He would give up halfway through the first toe, Needless to say, you’d just wear closed toe shoes for a while.

*LOL* “Sorry babe.”

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Much like the other members with sisters, Kai is familiar with nail polish, but in this case, it’s not much help. He would be sitting there, bent over, laughing at himself. 

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“Aaaand done!”

“Sehun! You missed both pinky toes.”

“They’re too small! I kept messing up.”

After a few seconds of marital bickering, you’d just settle for peep-toe flats.

“You’re lucky you’re cute, Hunnie.”

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SHINee 5- Demigods

A/N This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians AU, I got a request but accidentally deleted it so I’m sorry anon! But here you go!

A new group of Demigods sent on a quest to defeat the new terror threatening the world. Death itself. Can the five boys save the world? Will their contrasting personalities stop them fromdefeating death? Will they overcome diversity and jealousy? Probably, everyone can only hope for the best at this point.

Lee Jinki- Son of Athena

  • The boy with a plan
  • Has been at camp since he was 13
  • He was the ideal Athena kid;  well rounded, thoughtful, brave, a leader
  • He was the head of the cabin
  • He loved capture the flag and leading the team sometimes.
  • Chosen to lead becuase the quest called for it
  • Didn’t want to
  • But he was a senior camper so basically he had to.
  • Good with a sword but prefers calling the shots and watching to help plan the next move.
  • Really helpful on the quest
  • Made sure everyone packed the important stuff.
  • “No, Taemin, that is too much clothing….”
  • Has always been close with Taemin and Jonghyun
  • Doesn’t think Minho likes him?
  • Died for a bit on the quest and the others had to like, save him
  • Death was like: Bish you’re mine
  • He didn’t enjoy being a ghost
  • Once he was saved, he got really serious about the threat and decided that they needed to end it sooner rather than later.
  • Led his quest members to victory, destroying death despite his constant bickering with Minho and his annoyance with Kibum.
  • When his mom asked if he wanted anything in return he asked for a hug
  • This cute bean just wanted his mom’s love and acceptance
  • She told him that she was proud
  • He almost passed out
  • After they got back, he claims to be able to see dead people now.
  • “It must just a side effect of being dead for two days”

Kim Jonghyun- Son of Apollo

  • Best singer at camp
  • He got it trademarked.
  • Lives in the amphitheater
  • Always seen singing, playing music, or shooting archery
  • Led camp singalongs.
  • Been at camp since he was 12
  • Weary about questing
  • becuase the prophecy sounded like it wanted a hunter of Artemis to go on the quest
  • But the camp couldn’t get in contact with the hunters 
  • They tried for like, 3 days but they were going to run out of time.
  • Decided to send him instead becuase he had the Apollo genes, he could heal people, and he was the one volunteered by his siblings.
  • Pissed
  • Went on the quest anyways becuase His boyfriend and his bestfriend were going
  • At least he could try make sure they were okay then, right?
  • Became the leader when Jinki went MIA
  • Bartered with the gatekeeper of Hades to get Jinki back.
  • He traded his voice so he could go get Jinki
  • Big sacrifice especially for someone who sang all the time.
  • But they needed Jinki to lead them to save the world.
  • Now he understands who the oracle talked about when she said the voiceless one
  • It was a struggle to communicate in battle without a voice
  • He did get his voice gifted back to him by his father after they saved everyone.
  • He cried
  • “Thanks pops”

Kim Kibum- Son of Hermes

  • The master to all trades
  • Nicknamed ‘Key’ becuase he could pick any lock or break into anything
  • Most people are surprised he isn’t an Aphrodite kid, but like, His mom is basically a human embodiment of her anyways
  • Miltiligual, and he has a knack for knowing exactly where he is and where he needs to be heading at any time
  • Been at camp since he was 14
  • Proud of who his father is, despite having so many siblings.
  • “I’m not an extra kid, I’m his favorite”
  • Fights with Minho about it all the time
  • Sends Jonghyun after him.
  • Bc Jonghyun can be a scary guy when it comes to his boyfriend getting hurt
  • Exctied to go on a quest
  • Time to prove he is the best Hermes kid 
  • Volunteered himself to be a navigator
  • Cried a lot becuase of Jinki and also becuase of Jonghyun’s voice.
  • “I could’ve traded my gucci instead”
  • He was in charge of getting them shelter after a rouge monster set their tents and other supplies on fire.
  • Lowkey stole them all new clothes
  • Said he bought them
  • Really helpful in battle too
  • Like he just zips around with his two swords having the other’s backs and stuff
  • Good team player.
  • Snapchated Hermes sayings that he was his favorite child and sent it to all of his siblings.

Choi Minho- Son of Ares

  • Basically the most intimidating guy at camp.
  • If looks could kill
  • Stereotyped as a player, but he has only ever dated one guy? (Taemin)
  • To be fair he thought Tae was a chick for his first month at camp
  • Really good with most weapons
  • But extremely lethal with a spear
  • Named his spear Brittany (T:Why? M: Like Brittany Spears?)
  • Leads a lot of training and fighting classes to younger campers
  • Has been there since he was 12.
  • He was HYPED to hear there would be a quest and that they were in need of a child of war
  • “Where do I sign up?”
  • Threatened to fight any of his siblings for the spot, but it was his right as the cabin head.
  • He got mad when they chose Taemin for the quest.
  • Scared for him
  • Also kinda glad that Taemin was going though?
  • Bc he doesn’t think the rest like  him too much. Like Jinki needs to mellow out about Athena being superior to Ares, Key is annoying, and Jonghyun is dating Key so they can’t be friends by default.
  • Got V upset and jealous that Taemin and Jinki were getting close though the quest
  • But he also started to warm up with Jjong and Key too.
  • Saved everyone at least once on the battlefield. 
  • He knows what he is doing man.
  • Don’t question his fighting.
  • Cried when Taemin got hurt near the end of the battle.
  • Wont admit he did though.
  • Once everything was okay again, he asked his dad for new specially made sheild replica of his
  • Showed off once they got back to camp.

Lee Taemin- Son of Aphrodite

  • Not your typical Aphrodite kid?
  • Like he loves the whold lets look really cute and dress up and stuff.
  • He changes his hair color around a lot
  • And he loves clothes and earrings are his favorite
  • But he also isn’t afraid to fight and be a proper demigod.
  • Gets really pissed becuase his nickname is Pretty Boy around camp.
  • When he first got to camp as an 11 year old, his older siblings would dress him up as a girl, and that lasted for like 2 years
  • He fell for Minho hard as soon as he got to camp (even if Minho thought he was a chick)
  • Really good at archery too and he helps Jjong teach a few classes
  • He also has scary good charmspeak abilities so he gets whatever he wants if he uses it
  • But he doesn’t use it unless he really needs to.
  • He didn’t want to go on the quest
  • But they needed a ‘Son of Love’ for it
  • Lucky Lucky, they chose Taemin becuase they know he isn’t afraid to fight
  • He was used a lot on the quest to get them places and to trick whoever got in their way.
  • He was doing great.
  • He got along with everyone in the quest. He had his boyfriend, someone to gossip with, someone to sing with, and his new found friend Jinki.
  • They had beaten every obstacle  apart from the battle itself
  • He is really bad at close combat
  • And the only weapon they had left for him was a dagger
  • He tried to charmspeak the monsters and get them to kill themselves
  • But then one got him from behind.
  • After the battle, he had a close call to death and almost died 
  • Jonghyun saved him
  • He was really scared for a while becuase of the whole almost dying thing
  • When they got to olympus, his mom fawned over him
  • “You’re like a doll! My beautiful Son!”
  • She granted him a wish
  • He asked for a happy future with Minho for as long as they are alive.
  • He kept that a secret from Minho though.

A/N- I LOVE PERCY JACKSON OKAY? It was my life all of middle school and part of highschool. I hope I did botht the books, Rick Riordan, and SHINee justice in this!!

aofuta, okay, ship this with me i’m begging you

  • futakuchi always saying things like, “you don’t have to be nervous, we can go at our own pace”
  • but being too nervous himself to make any moves
  • aone being the one to make a lot of first moves (initiates their first kiss, etc)
  • futakuchi always being kind of startled and waaaay embarrassed
  • but still telling aone he doesn’t need to be shy/embarrassed
  • futakuchi takes aone’s hand when they’re walking home one day and he’s blushing really hard, so he puffs out his cheeks and looks away
  • and aone just looks down bc he’s blushing, too
  • and neither of them say anything
  • and they start holding hands every day
  • and they get used to it
  • and futakuchi’s like, “remember how you used to get so embarrassed by this?”
  • and laughs
  • even tho futakuchi pls u were embarrassed too
  • futakuchi trying to comfort aone over people being afraid of him
  • “well, kids are brats, anyway, so it’s not like what they think matters”
  • “girls are judgmental, so you can’t let what they think get to you”
  • “guys are assholes and you have me, so why does it matter?”
  • aone comforting futakuchi when he gets worried about the responsibilities of being captain
  • futakuchi getting mad at the younger members, ready to yell at them
  • aone putting his arm to stop futakuchi, and saying something supportive to the members instead
  • futakuchi talking to the team when aone can’t (which is often)
  • aone stopping futakuchi when he’s about to say too much
  • these two would balance each other out so nicely
  • and they’re date tech’s new parents
  • they even have a problem child to bicker over


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HI LOVE! So, I'm new to bts and I was wondering if you knew of any sort of master list in regards to jin what there is to know about him like how he even got into bts and just random facts 🙈💗

i’ll write a few facts here just for you 💙

- jin was actually studying acting and he was street casted because of his looks. SM entertainment tried to cast him first, but he ran away from them because he thought they were scamming him. 

- he come to bighit with zero singing or dancing experience and had to make a huge effort to learn everything and keep up with the other member’s talents. despite all this he never gave up and look at him now: he’s a a good dancer and has angelic vocals.

- he went viral 2 times just because of his looks. the first one was when he shocked everyone by stepping out of a car in a music show. he got the nickname “car door guy” because that was the word people who didn’t know who he was used to try find more info about him online. the second time was during BBMAS where people dubbed him as the “third from the left” because that day twitter was full of people asking questions like “wow who’s the third guy from the left? he’s cute.”

- jin is the youngest in his family but the oldest in bts.

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fefaamour  asked:

Hi! I hope you're doing well. I know you have a lot of requests, and you have your own life to run, so I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. Please rest well. I apologize for adding on to your requests, but could you elaborate more on Jimin's jealousy like how you did with Jungkook and Taehyung? If you can, that'd be great. If not, I understand as you are very busy. Thank you!

Hey! Thanks so much for being so considerate, you’re very nice. Really, what you’ve said was truly kind. <3 Thank you.

But oh boy, where do I even begin? Jimin could be jealous to the point of being possessive.

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Dating Kim Sunggyu Would Include...

here’s a random Sunggyu boyfriend list just because I felt like writing it :3

  • Him being the worst lil shit ever LOL
  • Lots of jokes between you two that no one else would get
  • A lot of “oh jagiya, I look handsome today” “oh no wait, I look handsome all the time :))” “right jagiya*silence*ah, I thought so too
  • It may not seem like it, but I think Sunggyu would surprise you from time to time with small gifts
  • They wouldn’t really be extravagant presents, but just simple small things that Sunggyu would shyly admit made him “think of you” when he saw them
  • Sunggyu wouldn’t be the best at expressing his feelings, but sometimes when it was just the two of you, he would confess that you basically made him feel like the luckiest man alive
  • Hand holding happens a lot
  • Stroking your hand with his thumb as he stares off into the distance and sighs also tends to happen a lot
  • Sometimes Sunggyu wouldn’t even say anything, he’d just give you that adorable eye smile of his and say “really?” as if he couldn’t comprehend that he actually found someone who put up with him 24 / 7
  • Ok as cute as he may be as a boyfriend, we all know he would also be a pain in the ass
  • The two of you would bicker so much that it would actually turn into a sport as the other members would watch in amusement and “keep score”
  • You would be the epitome of an old married couple
  • When people say that the two of you are really cute together, Sunggyu would smile and say “thanks, it’s all me
  • Could you stop complimenting yourself for at least five seconds?
  • Jagiya, you have to admit, if you were me, you’d never stop complimenting yourself
  • You’d probably be 120% DONE with him most of the times
  • But you’d still love him dearly
  • In conclusion, Sunggyu would have a somewhat balanced “romantic” side and a playful side to him, but you know at the end of the day he loves you more than anything, and it shows through the things he says and does
  • also side note sunggyu, if you wanna date, hmu