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harry's never the living room and your hiding in the kitchen not making a would just watching and listening as he interacts with your newborn boy . . .

“Kept your mum up all night, yeah?” He’s on his tummy on the carpet, shirt off, only wearing boxers, your baby next to his head on his back, chewing on his little fist.

“You don’t know your mum jus’ yet but she needs her beauty sleep,” his lips on the babies belly as he presses sweet kisses to it, your baby giggling and holding his hair as he tickles his little tummy with his lips.


What Happened To Us?

Chapter 8: It’s all about the little victories

A/N: There is a bit of smut at the beginning of this chapter, so I want to make a warning that this content is not suitable for people under the age of 18. Proceed at your own risk ;)!

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“Don’t stop Jug!” Jughead’s entire body is filled with ecstasy as he thrusts deeper into the beautiful blonde.”Right there. Oh my god Jug!” Betty’s eyes are tightly shut and she is biting his lip. Wow she is so beautiful!

“Look at me.” He says. She opens her eyes.”Come with me.” She nods. He is almost there and he can tell she is too. “

Oh shit Juggie.” He smiles taking in the sight that he is bringing this much pleasure to Betty. He feels on top of the world. A high that can never be taken away from him.

They lock eyes as they both reach their peak. Green eyes staring back at him as he comes undone. “I love you so much Jug.” He wants to tell her how much he loves her, but the words are physically stuck in his mouth. Jughead looks down at Betty and she is no longer naked. She is in her cheerleading uniform and covered in blood. She looks at him worried. “Betts.” “

Help!” She screams. Jughead is frozen in place as he can’t do anything. All of a sudden she is on top of him. He tries to reach out for her, but he can’t reach her. He helplessly watches Betty scream.

Jughead shoots straight up off of the mattress covered in sweat. He looks over at his digital clock to see that it’s 4 in the morning.

That was a new nightmare. Since he got out of the hospital, he had nightmares about Betty being covered in blood every night.

He would never tell anyone, but he has had quite a few naughty dreams about Betty in the past. This one was different. It felt so real. Almost like a memory.

Betty sat in front of her mirror brushing out her curls. She is wearing one of Jughead’s shirts that she sleeps in every night and pajama shirts.

Betty spent a few hours tossing and turning in her bed, a new nightly routine. The moment she finally fell asleep one of the twins decided to wake up the entire house. Betty gave up on sleep by 4 in the morning. She got up and made enough breakfast to feed a small army. She decided that she would bring it to Archie’s later, an excuse to see Jughead. Even though he hates her right now, she still misses him. Even when he’s mad at her she still wants to be in the same room as him.

By 5 AM Betty was sitting in front of her vanity brushing out her curls.

“You are up early Elizabeth.” Alice walks in making her daily morning entrance into Betty’s room a bit earlier than usual.

“So are you.” “I just gave Emma a bottle. Do you think that is the right dress and jacket for court?” Betty examines her black dress with a light pink collar that is laying neatly at the end of her bed.”Spring colors are more appropriate.” Alice goes into Betty’s closet pulling out a pastel yellow cardigan.

“I don’t think looking like an easter egg is appropriate either. I’ll wear my blazer.” Betty notions over to her navy blue jacket. Her mother smiles.

“Good choice.” Betty begins pulling her hair back and her mom grabs her hands.”Hair down darling. This is a big occasion.” Betty exhales not wanting to be reminded that she has to face Chuck Clayton today and re live the day she lost Jughead.“Elizabeth that shirt is filthy by now, you need to let me wash it at least once.”

“No!” Betty responds rapidly. She wears Jughead’s shirt to bed every night with a pair of her own pajama shorts. The weather has gotten too warm for her to sleep in his flannel anymore. His shirt is the only article of clothing Betty refuses to wash because his scent is one of the few things that can make her sleep at night. Sometimes having his scent with her keeps her from falling apart.

“You are ridiculous sometimes Elizabeth.” Betty refuses to wave a white flag in this battle. She feels like he is so far away even though he is only sleeping next door. Betty doesn’t even want to think about how much space will be between them when his social worker sends him away.

“This is a battle that you are not going to win mom.” Alice reaches over Betty and grabs her concealer.

”Your under eyes are looking a bit rough, another layer should fix it.”

“Thanks Mom.” Betty says through her gritted teeth. Alice exits the room and a very insecure Betty sits in front of her mirror, hating what she sees. Betty grabs her pretty in pink lipstick and applies it. She is sick of looking at her reflection.

Betty quickly changes her clothes. She carefully folds Jughead’s shirt and hides somewhere that her mom cannot find.

Betty grabs her purse, jacket, and heads downstairs. She grabs the plates full of the breakfast that she made.

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Let’s talk about something I never realized.

I had always assumed that the Beast heard Belle say “I love you” before he “died.”  But no, your hearing doesn’t miraculously stay or something weird like that.  Adam didn’t hear her say it.

So imagine him fading away thinking that even though his life had been horrible, there was one small light that really truly meant the world over and more to him, and that he was glad that her face would be the last thing he’d ever see…

…then suddenly he’s feeling less cold and much more warm, and there’s a golden light at the end of a tunnel, and he’s still not sure if he’s alive, but then there’s more and more of it and he’s back in the West Wing, standing upright, his bare feet cold on the tile floor, his hair tickling his face and neck, claws absent from smaller, thinner hands, fingers, and it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream

And then he turns around and sees Belle standing there, shocked into silence but unafraid, fearless.  He stares at her incredulously because there’s only one way this could be happening: she loves him.  He used to think such an emotion was impossible and yet here he is and she loves him

He wants to run into her arms and laugh and cry and jump but he can only convey this with a look, an expression.  The night is over, the sun has risen, and the curse is lifted, but he did nothing, it was her, his beauty, his angel, his saving grace.

She smiles in realization, their lips touch, and his world is ablaze with life, love, color.  The ground shakes beneath their feet and dawn breaks across the castle.  This is his new beginning, his rebirth into a better life, a better man, and he is not alone anymore, he will never be alone again.

for she has set him free.