and his adorable dorky sarcastic face

Otabek Headcanons:

- doesn’t mind being big spoon but loves being little spoon when he cuddles with Yurio
- platonic soulmates with Makkachin (they understand each other in a deep and personal way)
- is the best dam son-in-law-to-be and helps Yuuri with dishes
- thinks its cute when Yurio gives someone his middle finger
- is meme trash
- boy bands
- lowkey super dorky and into weird obscure superhero comics
- annoying af when he feels like it
- hides his sassiness under his stoic outer expression
- makes sarcastic comments that everyone takes seriously because he says them with such a straight face
- loves dogs and cats
- master hair braider (Practiced on his sisters and now Yurio)
- gets shy when he tells Yurio he loves him
- has dark green reading glasses that he hates but looks adorable in
- plays neko atsume religiously
- loves chocolate and donuts
- got a motorbike for the sheer overwhelming chick attraction powers that he doesn’t actually need because he’s really gay
- once got to hold baby chickens at a petting zoo and cried inwardly because they were so fluffy

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anonymous asked:

He's got this huge dorky smile where his eyes scrunch up and his whole face smiles and it just makes my heart go '!!!' And he's funny and sarcastic and adorable and he has this warm blonde hair with a little tuff that always sticks up and big brown eyes and he looks warm and cuddly and he's tall and I wish I could have a conversation with him without practically having a seizure.

ahhh, you’ll be able to do it someday! I believe in you

anonymously tell me about the person u love