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A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

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Chapter 17

He’d made a picnic.

This dominant and sexy, yet blushing and clumsy ball of pink fluff…had made a picnic.

Admittedly it was a raggedy blanket laid out on the shale ground with some take-out boxes spread out on it and around 5 large battery powered candles, but the fact that he’d actually gone to all of this effort- especially when you thought he saw the two of you as just as fling- meant you couldn’t help but cover your smile as you looked up at him, his face being slightly blurred where your eyes were watering from the breeze of the river- definitely not because you were almost crying at the gesture.

‘What do you think?’ he finally asks, when you dont make a move to say anything, his expression being nervous when you look up at him. You want to make a sarcastic comment, to tease him for being so dorky and adorable, but instead you step closer to him, reaching up to cup his cheeks with your hands and gently pressing your lips to his.

'Its…really sweet…thank you. No-one’s ever done anything like this for me before…’ you murmur, not thinking about what you were saying before you’ve said it, and you bite your lip as you look up at him, seeing him watching you speechlessly, before he slowly moves, pulling you over to the blanket and folding himself down onto it, holding your hand as you slip off your shoes and helping you down beside him.

'Clearly, I need to do more things like this, then. Rather than trying to get you into bed every night-’

'I mean, both would be preferable…’ you cut him off, grinning at him as he turns to look at you, the both of you collapsing into laughter against each other, before he reaches forward to uncover some tteokbokki, grinning when you inhale the smell of it deeply.

'I wasn’t sure how much you liked Korean food, so I got lots of different things…’ he says, as he uncovers what looked like some kind of Yangnyeom Tongdak, Jjajangmyeon, Kimbap and Japchae, as well as something that looked suspiciously like familiar fast-food fries and something else that appeared to be just rice.

'Did you get-’ you’re about to ask, when he begins to uncover a pot that had been left to the side and a smile grows on your face at the familiar sight of Kimchi.

'Is this what you’re looking for?’ he asks as he looks up to see your smile and grinning at you as you take the pot from his hands, picking up and snapping a pair of the disposable chopsticks and humming in contentment as you pop a piece in your mouth.

'You like Kimchi?’ he asks in surprise, picking up a piece of tteokbokki for himself and eating happily as he watches you sample each of the different things, moaning happily at each.

'Not always, the Kimchi back home is awful- but obviously it wasn’t authentic… this is amazing.’ you say, pointing the chopsticks at the pot you were holding and eating more, smiling to yourself as you raise your head to the sky and sigh happily.

'Can I ask you a question?’ he asks suddenly, bringing your attention back to him, so that you could see him where he’d shifted to a laid down position, propped up on one arm so that he could still eat.

'Fire away.’ you respond, crossing your legs and picking up a piece of the chicken as you wait for his question.

'Do you ever think about how big the world is?’

You pause in your chewing for a moment, glancing at him to see his eyes intent on your face before you continue to eat, swallowing your mouthful thickly and taking a sip of one of the steaming cups of ginger tea that he’d bought.

'I prefer not to…although sometimes I can’t help it.’ you murmur unsurely, your eyes that had been settled on the shoreline, moving to look at him as he sits up a little, his head cocked slightly as he regards you.

'What do you mean, you 'prefer not to’?’

You sigh as you place your chopsticks down, rubbing your hands up and down your arms as you think, Namjoon interpreting the move as you indicating that you were cold, and suddenly placing his suit jacket on your shoulder, smiling sweetly at you as he sits back beside you.

'Its…I guess its just because, whenever I do think about that kind of stuff…I get sad. I’m usually a bright, happy person, but its something about seeing all the impossibilities in the world, all the problems with it, the things that I cant change because of economics, or society or nature…I get sad, and then I struggle to be happy again.’ you say, becoming quieter as you trail off, grimacing slightly to yourself as you pull his jacket around you.

'Sorry, I tend to ramble…’ you say after a few moments of silence, taking a sip of the ginger tea and watching the way the moon glitters on the water, becoming more and more worried when he continues to say nothing.

'I…we can go…if you want to-’

'Do you really think that?’ he asks, his eyebrows creased as he turns his head to look at you, his eyes inspecting your face as you take in his expression.

'Uh…y-yeah…’ you murmur, not being able to take your eyes off of him as you see the light of the moon reflecting off of his skin, the reflection smooth unlike the rippling of the water, his eyes shining in the light as he watches you, his face suddenly getting closer and before you can question it, he’s pressing his lips softly to yours, the kiss feeling ghostly as his mouth barely brushes upon yours, all thoughts of how big the world was, flying out of your mind.

'Don’t be sad.’ he murmurs, the compassion in his tone surprising you slightly as he reaches a hand up to hold your neck, pressing his lips more forcefully against yours, his other arm coming out to hold you against him, pulling you into his warmth.

'The world is strong and beautiful.’ he murmurs as he breaks the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours, and you smile at the way his shoulders are hunched over so that he could match your height, 'And so are you…’

'Thank you. But, its okay…everyone has to be sad sometimes…’ you murmur running your thumb over his cheek as you look at him, shooting him a shy smile.

'But right now, you don’t have to be…because we’re sat by the most beautiful river in Seoul, surrounded by life- people living- being able to breath the air and see the stars in the night sky…and you’ve just had one of the best foods that humans ever created.’ he says, grinning at you as you chuckle, humming in agreement.

'So, even if there is bad in the world…you just have to look for the good in the bad.’ he whispers, kissing your cheek, before hugging you to him and you smile as you lay your head on his shoulder, both of you looking out over the river and the city lights shimmering on the water.


AU: That was a lot more philosophical than i intended :L 

Stay With Me || Neymar Jr

anonymous said: Hello love, do you mind writing an imagine where Neymar is visiting New York City but is having trouble communicating with the person at the front desk at the hotel. This girl (Lesley) notices and asked Ney if he needed help, so she helped him. He ends up making her his “translator” while he is in New york. Lesley is 10 years younger than Ney (she is 17 yrs old). He ends up falling in love with her but tries to deny it because of the age difference. Hope its not to much!!

The bright yellow cab sped off, it’s tires screeching as it disappeared out of my view. I hitched my backpack over my shoulder and maneuvered my luggage up and over the curb of the road. After walking for a few minutes, I finally found my destination, The New York Palace Hotel. I decided to book an amazing hotel as a treat for myself. 

I slid open the doors, immediately patting myself on the back for booking this hotel. I immediately awed at the lobby, which looked fabulous. There were two sets of stairs on either side when you walked in, the brown marble complimented the white and caramel decor. And a grand chandelier hung from the ceiling, illuminating the beautiful lobby.

I tried not to look too amazed, like I’d never been in a beautiful hotel. I had, being a model had its perks. I made my way to the front desk, making sure I looked professional, and like I was supposed to be there. I noticed a man in front of me, having trouble speaking. The front desk lady squinted, trying to understand the man. I didn’t want to interfere, so I decided to give it a few more minutes.

I understood the man perfectly, being half Brazilian, I spoke fluent Portuguese so I managed to comprehend that he was trying to check-in. He uttered a few English words, but nothing anyone could understand. I glanced at my watch, I’d been waiting for twenty minutes. Finally, I picked up some courage and nudged the man in front of me.

“Would you like me to help you to check-in?” I asked in fluent Portuguese, he gave me a weird look then mumbled, “Sim.”

“Excuse me ma’am,” I smiled politely and she raised her eyebrows, giving me a light smile. “He would like to check into his room, but cannot speak English.” She nodded understandingly.

“Alright that’s fine. What’s his name?” The lady asked, as she started to move her mouse and type somethings on her computer. I turned to the man, he was just watching me.

“Qual é o seu nome?” I questioned, the man simply smiled, removing his sunglasses from his face. My eyes widened and he gave me a playful smirk, making my cheeks swirl with red.

“Neymar Jr?” I uttered quietly, he nodded, slipping his sunglasses back on.

I bit my lip, “He’s Neymar Jr.”

The lady look alarmed, pushing her glasses down the bridge of her nose, “Oh well, I’m going to need to see some ID, and if it’s possible, to take off his sunglasses.” I nodded, translating it to Neymar. He shrugged, bringing his backpack around and fishing out what looked like his driver’s license.
He held it up and plucked his sunglasses off. The lady took his ID and nodded.

“Suite 812, floor 19.”

I translated his room and floor and he smiled, “Obrigado.”

Turning back to the lady, checking into my own room. I was across from Neymar, which was extremely convenient enough to be creepy. Neymar and I stood in front of the elevator, I glanced at him as he flashed me a smile. I fiddled with my fingers, the elevator still hadn’t opened and it was getting awkward between Neymar and I.

“Thanks for helping me check in,” Neymar added as the elevator arrived, I nodded politely, lugging my bags and stepping into the elevator. 

He sighed, “I’d ask you something, but I’d like to know what you’re here in New York for first,” He spoke, in his thick accent. I pressed my floor, and shrugged.

“Well if you must know, I’m just here for vacation,” I smiled, catching his gaze. I blushed immediately, making him chuckle lightly. I was very young, so attention from men made me flush, I felt special when someone paid attention to me. And, being talked to by Neymar Junior made me blush feverishly every time he spoke with his smooth accent.

“Me too.”

Soon, we both reached our floor and exited the elevator. Neymar followed me down the corridor, he had no idea my room was right across from his. He tried making conversation, “So do you have a suite?” Neymar asked, curiously.

“Uh yeah.”

I reached my room, fishing the card out of my hoodie pocket, Neymar walked to the room across from me. I could hear his footsteps shuffling around.

“If you’re only here for vacation, do you mind being my translator? I mean, I’d like to spend more time with the pretty girl that helped me check in,” Neymar chuckled. “I need some help communicating since I can’t speak English very well. I hope you want to spend some time with me.”

I blushed, my back still towards him, “Sure. I’d like that.” With that, I wheeled in my luggage, stepping into my luxurious suite as the door closed behind me with a light- click. I had to admit, my manager had booked this suite (not me)  and insisted on coming with me in case I get mobbed by fans or paparazzi by myself. I managed to persuade her that everything would be alright. 

The rest of my night consisted of: room service, a steamy shower, and thoughts about Neymar. He had been stuck on my mind for some time now and I had to say, he was extremely attractive. Being only seventeen, I tried to control my inner fan girl when he asked to spend time with me. I tried to play it cool as I slid my room key in the slider thing, and I had kept my back to him because my cheeks began to heat up and I felt my palms get sweaty and I couldn’t face him; looking like a sweaty oaf.

So my only option was to keep my back to him and play it off cool and collected, even though I was the total opposite. I was the quirky kind of odd ball girl, I loved having a good laugh and going on an adventure once in awhile. I wasn’t a typical model, assumed to be stuck up because of my looks. I loved my fans so much and whenever they approached me I would greet them kindly, I was really blessed with amazing fans whom I loved with all my heart.

After my scalding shower, washing off my inner fan girl. I wrapped myself in a soft white towel, accommodated by the hotel and exited the huge bathroom.

I changed into my pyjamas which were plaid boxers, and a black t shirt. I dried off my hair, brushed my teeth thoroughly and washed my face. I was exhausted by the time I was done. I plopped into bed, engulfed into the warm sheets, as my head hit the pillow, I was already out like a light.


Neymar and I spent almost all day together. He had knocked on my door as I was getting ready and had a limo waiting in front of the hotel. We were currently sitting in a café patio in front of the restaurant. No matter how many times I denied it, I was feeling something for Neymar.

Every time we brushed hands, or me being a clumsy dork, every time we bumped into each other I couldn’t help but blush. He was very smooth, kind, and funny. It was something about him, he was different than any other self absorbed men I’d previously met.

“Hey, Lesley, you okay?” Neymar asked, waving his hand in front of my face. I blinked, obviously hypnotized in my thoughts and nodded. He got up, tossing some money onto the table and grabbed my hand, I snatched my purse at the last minute as he dragged me away.

We spent the few days we had together, sightseeing, shopping and laughing at every single thing one another did. Neymar was a major goofball which made me laugh all the time, occasionally snorting, which I thought was disgusting. But Neymar assured me it was adorable, making me blush even more than I already was.

We even attended a few night clubs, with him grinding me all night. I never minded, and no one recognized him or me, because they were so drunk and it was dark. To be fair, we were both drunk too.

“Those glasses would look so amazing on you,” I said sarcastically, making Neymar laugh at my side. I raced to the kiosk, picking up the dorky glasses and placing them on his face. He looked at the small mirror on the table and burst into laughter. He picked up a giant pair of pink and blue sunglasses and placed them on my face, which made me laugh. We took several selfies when someone spoke up behind us.

“Isn’t that Lesley and Neymar!”

I panicked, grabbing Neymar’s hand and sprinting towards who knows where. We ended up in an alley, panting and groaning (well mostly me) since Neymar was in such good shape because of football.

“Oh god that was crazy!” I finally got out.

Neymar giggled, “I know, let’s go, it’s almost 7.”

“Okay well we need to call someone, genius,” I remarked, which made him hit my arm playfully. My flight was tomorrow and I didn’t want to just leave him behind, after all our good times. Eventually, a red corolla pulled up, I recognized the driver, Alejandro who was Neymar’s friend/driver.

“Come on! People are going crazy looking for you guys,” Alejandro exclaimed, unlocking the doors. “Way to be secretive on your getaway Juninho.”

“Lesley blew our cover.”

“Me?! How?” I shrieked from beside Neymar.

“You’re a model, your beauty blew our damn cover,” Neymar joked, nudging me playfully. I shoved him, making him wrap his arms around me. I caught a glance at the rear view mirror; showing Alejandro smirking at us with his eyebrows raised. I rolled my eyes, pushing Neymar off of me.

We arrived at the hotel, crashing his suite and ordering room service. We both pigged out on our meals, laughing and goofing around.
I reached for the remote, Neymar’s fingers brushed mine, we both looked up. Getting lost in his hazel orbs, I leaned in as he did too, his lips met mine, slowly and softly he kissed me, our lips moved in perfect synchronization. I moved closer to him but he pulled away, his eyes wide.

“My god,” Neymar started. “Y-You’re 17, I’m sorry you have to go.”

“I have to tell you something,” I stuttered, “I-I’m in love with you, I can’t help how I feel for you-” He cut me off.

“You’re way too young, I can’t,” Neymar shook his head, grabbing my wrists and pushing me out of the door, I felt tears pool up in my eyes. He shoved me out, slamming the door in my face. And then I cried.

I laid on my bed with dried tears, I was reminded that my flight was tomorrow which made me sob even more. Why was I so vulnerable?

I managed to cry myself to sleep, with the thought of rejection still fresh in my mind. 

The bright sunlight that shone through my balcony made my mood even grumpier as I woke up. I made my way to the bathroom, stepping into the shower, I let the scorching water droplets relax my body as I cried in the shower. I shampooed my hair and lather thoroughly, trying to wash my shame away.

I packed all of my souvenirs, clothes, and electronics. I zipped up my luggage, and grabbed my carry on, and rolled out of my room, and double checked whether or not I left anything behind. I walked down the hallway, looking back at Neymar’s room. I felt nothing, nothing but shame as I stepped into the elevator.

I hailed a cab, thanking the cab driver as he opened the trunk; allowing me to throw my luggage inside. I slipped into the back seat and fished my phone out of my cardigan pocket. I leaned my head on the rainy window, the patter of the rain, lulling me to sleep slowly. I blinked my eyes open, trying to stay awake. I watched the buildings and my hotel, with Neymar pass by.

I clicked on Neymar’s instagram page which had a picture of him and I, with our sunglasses on. I remember it so vividly, and now it was all gone.

Soon, I arrived at the airport. The driver pulled to the side of the entrance, I paid the driver the fare and got out of the cab, slamming the door behind me. I opened the trunk and got my luggage out, as I shut the trunk, the cab screeched and drove away quickly. I heaved a sigh and turned towards the airport entrance, my feet dragged along slowly. 

I got through security with a breeze and was now sitting in a table with Tim Horton’s chicken noodle soup and a bottle of Sprite. My gate was supposed to be boarding at 1:30, and it was 1:23. I decided it was time to find gate 52, I decided to buy some snacks too. Some gum and chips, I purchased them and made my way to my gate. I plopped down in the uncomfortable airport chair, it was only a matter of time until the airport voice spoke loudly from the announcer.

*Ladies and Gentlemen, we will now be boarding Flight 192 to Milan, Italy. Section 1 please make your way to board the plane*

I glanced at my boarding pass, I was section 1. I sat up and smoothed out my top and made my way towards the gate. Suddenly, someone bumped into me, it was all a blur, but my gaze met his’, his beautiful hazel orbs.


He smiled, with those beautiful teeth, “I’m sorry, for the way I acted. I’ve fallen in love with you, and I guess because of age, I acted like a jerk.”

“So why did you come? It’s not like all of a sudden I’m 20,” I smirked, Neymar caressed my face which made me feel at home. I was finally in his arms and it felt amazing.  

“I’ve had all night to think, and I think that because I love you, I’m willing to take any consequences, because I love you, so much Lesley. These past few days have been the best, because I’ve spent it with you,” Neymar confessed, letting all his thoughts out. I chuckled at his confession, nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

"I love you back." 

Neymar let out a breathy laugh, “Will you stay with me? Come with me to Barcelona, I need you by my side, I can’t let you go. Please Lesley.”

"I’ll stay,” I promised, that’s all he needed to hear and his lips found their way to mine, making my heart flutter. 

HOPE YOU LIKE THIS! I loved writing this one :)