and himchan in the background

  • Himchan: yeah, we're best friends, but i would fuck you if you asked.
  • Yongguk: what?
  • Himchan: what?
  • Youngjae: [eating chips in the background] you said you would fuck him if he asked

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B.A.P Reaction to you sneezing when he is going to give you your first kiss


Yongguk would die from laughing. He carefully leaned in, closing the distance between the two of you. Before your lips met, you pushed him away. At first he was shocked, thinking he crossed any border or you rejected him, but when you sneezed he couldn’t hold it in anymore. 

“Really? Now? You know how to ruin the moment.”, he would laugh.

“I’m sorry, should I have sneezed on you?”

Afterwards he would have to try multiple times to kiss you, because every time he leaned in, his head filled with the picture of you sneezing.

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Himchan would judge you so hard. He set the most romantic atmosphere ever: flowers, dinner, some wine, soft music in the background. Himchan really went out of his way. You sat facing each other, Himchan slowly leaving in and so did you, until you felt that you had to sneeze. You pulled away again, leaving Himchan kissing the air.

“Why would you have to sneeze now? Out of all moment this. This will be a first kiss story to remember.” 

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Daehyun would find this so adorable and cute. The two of you weren’t dating for that long, so you didn’t had your first kiss yet, but somehow already acted like a old married couple. You were watching movies with Daehyun, him practically stealing all the snacks. At this you pouted and to make up for it, he leaned in, with the intention to kiss you, but you turned your head away, sneezing hard. 

“Jagi, that was so cute! But can I give you now a proper kiss?”

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Youngjae would let his sassy side free. He waited long enough for this day and finally wants to kiss you. He wouldn’t even try to set a special atmosphere, since it already was special enough. Youngjae would act fast, but only with your agreement. When you nodded, he immediately leaned forward, but you pulled away sneezing. He would simply look at you like that. (GIF)

“Really? Just so you know, I won’t kiss you until you blew your nose. Or better, I won’t do it at all. What if you are sick? I can’t get sick.”

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Jongup would be even more awkward than before. The last few days he thought about taking the next step and decided during your movie date tonight would be the right time to kiss you. You, positioned in his arms, looked up at him and his lips seemed to move by himself, but you turned your head away sneezing. Jongup would lean back again, looking freaked out a little.

“What was that?”, he asked, nervously laughing.

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Junhong would be so giggly, you can’t imagine. Basically through the whole day he would make his top priority to tire Mochii out and teach him some manners, until you would come over so the two of you could spend some time, without a fluffy bundle jumping around. You both didn’t mind it usually, but Junhong wanted to do something special: the first kiss. The atmosphere was perfect: Mochii happily sleeping, some random movie playing and Junhong lovely staring at you. He would ask for your permission and then lean in in slow motion, until you turned your head sneezing.

“That was unexpected.”, he would laugh.

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