and him telling saul whats up

So, I had a dream last night that has been haunting me all day. Maybe if I share it I can let it go a little :D

I’ve been re-reading (in some cases, reading for the first time) the Nero Wolfe books, by Rex Stout, which are classic golden-age murder mysteries. Usually I read for 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Last night I fell asleep while reading, and I had crazy-ass Nero Wolfe dreams. 

I dreamed that Nero and Archie were on a case, and somehow Archie ran afoul of the baddie, whose name very improbably was “Vic”. Archie ends up almost-dead in the hospital, which understandably ENRAGES Wolfe.

Vic, who figures out what he’s done, sends Wolfe a letter saying he’s very sorry, he know what he did was a dire mistake, and he’s leaving town. Wolfe is not placated, and says so.

Archie finally wakes up and finds that his hospital room is full of orchids, but no Wolfe; Saul Panzer tells him that Wolfe has gone to seek his revenge

At which point my dream did an epic smash-cut to Nero Wolfe, hot on Vic’s trail, out on the open road, blowing through the empty midwestern plains on a motorcycle. 

I am so sad I woke up before I got to hear his monologue on the horrors of riding a motorcycle. 

howard-ly  asked:

you think nacho and jimmy probably ended on bad terms considering he name dropped/sold him out to walt and jesse so quickly? or he died and it wouldn't have mattered if he said his name anyway

Ok, I gotta say I am DOWNRIGHT FLATTERED that I’m the one BCS fans come to to discuss Nacho’s character arc. I AM 

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My jacket
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Cute chat between Rinn about Finn’s leather jacket and Rae’s thoughts about the mistakes she made and fixed in her life and Linda just being a very embarrassing mum.

Thankyou all so much for waiting and i’m feeling a lot better now, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/Christmas and Happy New Year emus!.  


Rae thought back through the past year, it was a rocky start for the pair, at first they didn’t see eye to eye, she thought he was a complete twat and moody, they became friends after the whole episode with Archie was over, they had many things in common, she saw a different light in Finn.

At the beginning, she wasn’t so sure about him he was annoyingly quiet when ever she was around or he would talk to Chop and blank her, it didn’t change but then her feelings started to become stronger for him, so she stupidly took some bad advice from Danny two-hats which didn’t really work, Finn was pissed at her, moodier than ever and in the closet he demanded to know what he had done wrong to her, she couldn’t say she loved him, that would of sounded so mad and crazy, she would of needed to invent a new name for madness, (the dictionary would read ‘Rae Earl’ under the word ‘Mad’) especially if he didn’t even like her back, so she said and did nothing, things changed again, his nan passed away the night of the party and she was the one to hug him while he cried into her shoulder, they spoke later that night when the party had died down, he said he liked 'talking to her and no body else’, they became even closer that night, a true friendship formed over night .

The day of her mums wedding she fell out with Chloe, 'nothing new but it was a painful day for Rae’, that one page in her battered diary caused so much pain for her and Chloe,she had no one to turn to any more apart from Kester he came through for her, she told everyone her deepest darkest secret, she had held in for so long the backpack of bullshit was finally off her shoulders and out in the open for good, Chop took the news well, he was the first one to start clapping, he understood in his own weird way, he made her smile that night at the disco, he supported her, he wanted to help in his own way and then he proclaimed his love for Izzy, nothing new really it was just a matter of time, the pair where in love for the whole time she had known them, ‘having a couple around you who are in love is a wonderful feeling, it means it does happen in this ‘small fucked up world’.

He left the reception, he told Archie where was going hoping the news would get back to Rae, it did, she found him at the chippy, he was looking hurt or broken hearted she couldn’t tell, ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ he sounded so hurt that she had lied to him, she said she was 'so sorry Finn’ but then he traced out 'I love you’ on her back, she said 'i don’t believe you’, he said ‘i didn’t care if you don’t believe me’, she couldn’t say she loved him back, it seemed to good to be true, they was a slight nerviness between them back to the pub, but it felt so right.

Well then it all started at the bowling ally, the two blokes sat behind them passing snide comments back and forth, talking about the pair, Finn never noticed but Rae did, she had somewhat an eyes for spotting people who where talking about her, it seemed they where all talking about her all the time just because she was different, ‘yeah she is larger then most she got over that a hell of a long time ago, so why couldn’t everyone else do that too its not like she had three heads and a extra arm flapping around’, then there was the start of all the doubts, it became very clear to Rae that Finn wanted her, he gently asked if he could touch her intimately, of course she said yes she had been waiting for so long for this moment, it was the first time anyone other than herself to make her come like that, he planned the caravan, her nerves got the better of her, he slowly unbuttoned the first one on her top she pulled away that was the beginning of the end.

Summer went by in a blur, she couldn’t get naked for him in the caravan or for herself, then college started and her fears were back and the whole trying to accept yourself wasn’t working for her, she tried her hardest to avoid him in college and most of the time it worked and then her mother was right for the first time in about three years, she had to speak to him, tell him her fears, they just kissed, he invited her to stay at his for a very exclusive sleep over, it was her second chance, her Rae armour had legged it behind the sofa and never returned from it’s hiding place ever again, a little while later she questioned herself, he never did say why he liked her in the disabled toilets, she couldn’t understand why he would want to be with her, she was 'a blob, with a gob’ in her eyes, just like her mum, she eventually broke up with him, tears brimmed her eyes as she told him 'i just want to be friends’, they didn’t fit, that was her only excuse in her mind and the stares they didn’t help very much.

He moved on he had a new girlfriend Olivia, the night in the pub when he brought her in, Rae was more than jealous but she had know right to be, she ended it not him, ‘it was for the best’ she repeated that to herself non-stop, watching Olivia drape herself all over him, they didn’t last long she was twenty-four, far to old for him in her eyes, he was her Finn, but she ruined that like everything else, Then like a whiplash he split up with Olivia and decided he couldn’t be in Stamford anymore and moved to Leeds, he came to her house that night before he left, she couldn’t tell him to stay because she wasn’t strong enough for this to happen, not yet, she couldn’t be the strong Rae he wanted or needed.

She broke down after he was gone, Saul came along and brought so much fear into her life that night she still had small panic attacks at the thought, she got away just in time, she was lucky, she and Chloe didn’t speak after that, Chloe was to far gone, drugged up to the nines, Rae didn’t see what was happening to Chloe before it was too late, she was gone just like all the other good things she had in her life, ruined and destroyed.

She couldn’t move on from him, she went to Liam ;big mistake, he used her, for his needs only and she took it as a different way to selfharm but with no scars or lasting damage, the damage was already done and swirling around up in her head, becoming darker and darker.
She was all alone again in the big bad world but this time she had put herself there, she paid the price for her mistakes, she watched as he moved from her, rolling over in the tiny bed barely big enough for him let alone the both of them, she cried herself to sleep listening to his breathing and loud snores, she was hopeless no one could save her now, this was the end, she had finally hit rock bottom.

Her mum and sister where so ill and in life threatening danger, they pulled through, he came back for her, she didn’t how he knew she needed him but he was there in the darkest moment, her life changed for the better that day, she had a family, she helped her mum, she brought Chloe back, they fought there demons together and got back to college, together as best friends supporting each other every step of the way, She plucked up the courage to tell Liam she just wanted to be friends, the gang was back together, Chop stood up for Archie, Izzy said sorry to Archie and Chop, Chop and Izzy had a little reunion, then he walked in and change her life and thoughts, her brain went fuzzy, she was putty in his hand the way he stepped throw the pub door striding straight towards her, she had a small doubt, but something came over her, she was strong when she had Finn by her side she could do this for both of them but mainly and mostly just for herself, he slipped the tatty gown off of her shoulders revealing her naked form, she was strong.

That’s how she now ended up with a little more confidence, knowing that Finn would always want her, not matter what her size was, or how she looked, he loved her just the way she was.

Finn’s jacket actually fitted her, here she stood in front of Finn, his jacket firmly on and firmly still in tact, no rips or brakes at the seams.

She was happy, more than happy, over the moon in fact, it was a crappy old jacket but it belonged to Finn so she loved it too.

She had gained some more confidence in the short time they had become a couple again.

He helped, he was her light at the end of the tunnel.

Her knight in shinning armour, even though she never would admit it to his face, she could tell he already had an idea that he was.

She had zipped it half way up because well, yes she had a little larger figure but the ‘boulder’s’ as she called them where definitely in the way.
She walked fast down the freezing cold Lincolnshire street, twisting her scarf around her neck and slipping on her woollen gloves, she was heading straight for the heavy pub door, to a waiting Finn.

His eyebrows had shot up under his fringe when she walked in, he knew he left it at her’s again, but that was for Rae because she said it smelt like him, he understood that, he had some of her things in his room too.

He never expected her to wear it though, she had reservations about his cloths not fitting her, but she proved herself wrong and he always loved it when he was right and she was wrong.

He pecked her on the lips as she sat down next to him, his hand went straight to hers, fingers knotted under the table.

“Stealing my stuff now?”

“Nope, just borrowing it, it’s freezing outside, anyway you steal my things!” She smiled sweetly.

“Like what Rae?”

“My Blur album, Stone roses album, that letter you was never meant to read (the love letter she wrote him was firmly secured to his wall next to his bed) and that stupid little troll with pink hair, why would you even steal that from me?” she ask curiously.

“It’s just like memory’s, the first time i was ever in your old room was that party Chop throw and it was just there on the shelf just staring at me and just had to have it and coz of the time i found it under the bed in your new room, stuffed into a box when i was exploring plus it was right after our first night together, hmm good memory” he scrunched his nose up at her.

“whatever dickhead” she smiled shyly walking to the bar.


Drinks always flowed like every normal afternoon for the gang, slow banter between them, just a normal day like know other, life changes, that was one thing Rae had learnt, she stepped other every single barrier in her way, she tripped and caught Finn’s hand he was always there to hold her hand, he could even find her under the table without looking, he knew when she needed his hand in hers, when she had those bad days, where she couldn’t see any way out, Finn was there with a bar of chocolate, her favourite film and a lot of cuddles, he was good to snuggle on the sofa with, the way his arm would automaticly come around her waist when she laid down next to him or the way he would stroke her hair, he was a big part of her life now.

His jacket was one thing but when he had her in his arms talking softly into her ear in the middle of the pub that was a truly amazing thing, they had come so far to get to this stage, it started with a peck on the lips in the pub, to a quick make out session in the chippy toilets before college, they where having fun, finding out new things about each other and the way each other ticked, he had been sworn to secrecy to never mention the back seat of his car again, ‘well that was a whole different story, someone from the gang spotted something more then they bargained for in the pub car park’.


His jacket had come handy, it covered her when it rained, it was a pillow in the park, or she used it to sit on when the grass was damp, it kept her warm and it kept Finn warm when he did manage to steal it back, well eventually he had it for a flying visit.

She wore it most of the time, he realised one day that the whole lending her the jacket thing was his way of gifting it to her or claiming her as his, it was his thing, like marking her skin when she didn’t have the chance to stop push away or if she was to far gone she didn’t notice till the next day, he usually legged it before she punched him in the arm.

He secretly loved to snuggle to, he never said it but when he needed a cuddle and Rae wasn’t there he walked to her house and climbed the side wall to her window, she would let him in without a single word and go back to bed to cuddle and in the morning when he wanted to talking she would listen to him like when he listened to her.

The cuddle was done and sleep had taken over the house, it was quiet and everyone was sleeping until the baby would wake early in the morning.

Rae’s bedroom door slammed open, her mum walked straight in glancing at the pair fully clothed still in bed.

“Morning darling, morning Finn” she smiled placing a pile of clean clothes on the table.

“Morning” Rae mumbled into her pillow

“Morning Mrs B”

“Finn call me Linda please, your sleeping with my daughter where on a more personal level now”

“MUM!” Rae screeched, her mum knew just how to embarrass her.

“What! Rae I’m not stupid, i know what you’ve both been doing, i was once young like you both and let me tell you about the time i….”

Rae shot her mum a death glare to get out.

“All im saying is i was young and care free once, just be safe and don’t be stupid, I’m to young to be a grandmother yet” Linda pointed her finger at the pair making her point known and shut the door behind her.

The pair looked at each other and broke out into a fit of giggles.

“oh my god, she can still be more embarrassing then that ya know” she jumped out of bed and wondered over to put some music on, she looked over to see Finn stretched out on her bed.

“i didn’t think it would be anymore possible then that girl, she basically just said she knows what we’ve done it feels like she can see us or somet…creepy”. he laughed hoping she really couldn’t.

“Hey!, that’s mine give it back Finn!” Rae shouted as she walked into her room, Finn was stood in front of the mirror wearing her jacket she claimed from him.

“But it’s mine Rae” he crossed his arms, he was going to win this one, he only wanted to wear to the pub.

“Please Finn you would if you loved me” she had this in the bag, he could never resist that.

“Don’t do this Rae not tonight please just lend me it okay?”

“Fine but i want it back Finley!”

Finn laughed zipping up his jacket he had no intention of returning this, he would get her completely drunk tonight and she wouldn’t remember a thing about it in the morning.

She did forget, just like he knew she would, for almost three weeks he had his old leather jacket back.

Rae wasn’t happy he stole her jacket thinking she wouldn’t know this but she did she noticed most things, if something had been moved in her room or if Finn wore a different spray, she had a new favourite jacket the red chequered thing Finn had stashed a the back of his cupboard, it wasn’t the same though.

It was a warm sunny day the gang decided a trip to the park would be nice and brought a few beers for the afternoon too.

The girls had just sat down after finding the ice cream van which seemed to take much longer then usual, they were chatting about college when they noticed the boys had arrived.

“Finn put her down for fuck sake!, come play footy” Chop shouted from the middle of the field the boys from college had joined them for a match and waiting for Finn who currently wouldn’t stop snogging Rae half to death.

“Alright, alright i’m coming Chop!” he gave Rae one last kiss and dropped his leather jacket and ran to the boys.
The girls chatted about Chloe’s up coming date she had on Friday with a very nice boy called Joe he worked with Chop so she knew he was safe to know otherwise Chop would have a word he became protective of her after the talk the gang had about where Chloe had been, he was like the big brother she never had, but she hated it when he turned up at her last date that wasn’t a good look for her, the boys where still playing it was nearly four Rae had an idea to get the jacket she had to leave unnoticed by Finn.

“Guys I’ve got to go, look ill meet you all at the pub later, tell Finn he’s unlucky and he’s not getting it back” she picked up his jacket and her bag and left.

Rae wondered home slipping into his jacket she loved it, she had won, she laughed to herself thinking of reason to tell Finn he couldn’t have it back again.

Finn jogged over he hadn’t noticed Rae had left, she said she would wait till he was done but she was gone, Chloe explained she needed to go and told him he was unlucky and he wouldn’t be getting it back and that he knows what Rae’s talking about, he looked around searching for his jacket all he could see was his cig tin and his lighter next to it.

He jogged up the stairs Linda had let him in like she always did, she had mentioned something about giving him a key and the front door may as well be a revolving door.

The door swung open he stepped in and closed it behind him.

“that’s belongs to me” he sat down watching her sorting through her CD’s.

“Don’t you think the time has come for it to have a new owner?” Rae turned around.

“no i quit like my jacket Rae”

“but don’t you think it suits me better” she twirled around.

“you look lovely Rae, but i want it as well” he stood up walking closer to her.

“so you don’t want the gift i bought you earlier this is why i had to leave” she opened her cupboard and pulled out a bag and handed it to Finn.

“what is it?” he took the bag looking inside.

“i thought you could use that one and i could use your old one” she reasoned.

Finn pulled out a jacket that was slightly different to his old one, he looked up at Rae and grinned, he had been looking at the jacket before a few weeks ago when they had been on a small shopping trip.

“so is that a deal?”

“it’s a deal Rae” they grinned stupidly at each other.

A Night at the Fair! Part 1

i’m really sorry about it being so long, i have no idea how to do a ‘read more’ thingy so ill just apologise greatly now about it clogging up your dashboards! Sorry!

Rae wasn’t looking forward to the fair at all, a night spent watching Finn and Olivia together sounded more like hell than the fun she had been promised by Chloe. Even Izzys infectious giggling when she saw all the bright lights at the entrance couldn’t cheer her up. She’d promised though so here she was. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Why the fuck did i agreed to this!

She reluctantly followed Chop, Izzy and Archie through the crowd towards the burger van. However she’d been feeling before was nothing compared to feeling she got deep in her stomach when she saw Finn and Olivia stood waiting for them, they were facing each other with sickening smiles plastered across their faces.

you can do this!

Rae slowed down dragging her feet, watching as Izzy went and hugged Olivia. While Archie ran straight at Finn jumping up and down, the couple of cans he’d had on the way definatley having an effect on him. The closer the gap between her and Finn got, the worse she felt. Pretty soon she’d have to say hi, make conversation and act like everything was great.

I can’t do this!

I can’t do this!

“Rae” she turned towards he name, breathing a sigh of relief as she spotted Chloe rushing towards her a huge grin on her face. Pulling her into a hug she thankfully led her away from the gang, away from Finn and Olivia and over to a small group of men.

“Right this is Ian” Chloe pointed “That’s Ben, that’s Joe”

“An this…” Chloe released her grip from around Raes neck and went and stood behind the last of the men “Is Saul” She wiggling her eyebrows suggestively then she walked off to where Ian and the other guys were stood in a group laughing.

Saul gave her a huge smile, she looked over at Chloe confused then back to Saul. What was Chloe playing at.

Fucking Chloe!

She smiled back feeling uncomfortable. She wasn’t good in these kind of situations and Chloe knew that, but she’d still fucked off and left her……. typical Chloe.

“You look nice”

Is he talking to me?

“What?"  Rae wondered if she’d heard right.

"You look nice” He repeated with a laugh.

“Thanks” Rae laughed relaxing slightly.

“Chloe’s told me alot about you”

Rae’s face dropped.

“Don’t worry, its all good” Saul laughed.

“Oh thats good then, i dont need to kill her” Rae faked a laugh, she glanced over to Chloe again to see her looking back with a huge grin on her face. Rae couldn’t be angry with her, afterall Chloe thought she was doing something good. She gave her a small smile then looked  back at Saul who was still staring at her.

The conversation with Saul seemed to just flow, she wasn’t used to guys openly flirting with her. So when Saul offered for her to hang out with him and the rest of them she agreed. Happy that she had something to distract her from the awful night she thought she was gonna have.

“Come on” Saul said, he grabbed her hand and started to lead her away.

Rae looked back at the gang messing around, part of her wished she was staying with them, but the other part was so glad to be getting away from Finn and Olivia. Knowing she wouldn’t have to watch them be all loved up together made her smile genuinely for the first time since entering the fair.


Finn looked up to see Rae walking away into the crowd hand in hand with that Saul bloke.

I can’t believe she’s fucked off with him, she doesn’t even know HIM!

Finn kicked the ground looking down at his feet. He turned back to the gang adament that he was going to enjoy himself too.

no more moping about, Rae’s clearly not!


Hanging with Saul was proving to be a good idea, they seemed to get on really well. Chloe, Ian and the rest of the guys had wandered off somewhere leaving them to just walk around talking. Even though she didn’t find him that attractive it was nice to talk to someone who listened and cared what she thought. But after a few hours conversation started to sag, so Saul had suggested they play some games.

“Here do you want a go?” Saul asked holding out the last ball.

Rae shook her head, she threw like a girl ironically and she didn’t want to look stupid. He gave a small shrug then threw the ball, knocking the remaining metal bottles down.  Saul pumped his fist agressively and laughed in the stall holders face as he passed him the stuffed animal he’d won.

Rae wasnt paying attention, she was too busy searching the crowd for a glimpse of Finn. She knew she shouldn’t watch them together. She knew the pain that would linger deep down after seeing them, but she couldn’t help it. It was her fault she wasn’t with Finn anymore so it was like her way of punishing herself for being weak. She was pulled from her thoughts by Saul’s hand squeesing her arse.

What the fucks he playing at?

“Wheres Chloe?” She asked using it as an excuse to move away from him and scan a different part of the crowd.

“Dunno” He mumbled turning to look too.

Rae knew full well she was only two stalls down pretending to struggle to hook a duck, she’d spotted her before on her search for Finn, but she carried on pretending to scan the crowd til Saul nudged her on the arm.

“Shes there” He pointed

Rae looked over to see that Chloe had got what she was wanting, Ian was now pressed up behind her, his arms reaching forward holding onto the rod with her. They hooked one straight away and Chloe was rewarded with a stuffed frog teddy.


Finn felt his stomach drop as he watched HIM slide his hand down Raes back and gave her arse a quick squeese. He couldn’t see Rae’s face, so he had no idea if she liked it or not.

What does it matter Finn? She’s not your girlfriend anymore!

He kept telling himself the reason he cared so much was because he didn’t trust this Saul guy, but it wasn’t just that. The thought of her being close with any guy made him feel like he’d swallowed a lead weight.

He hated the way they were now, they weren’t close anymore. He missed just hanging out listening to shit reggae, he missed her going on about anything and nothing. He missed her!

You need to fix this Finn!

“Should we go on the big wheel?” Finn was pulled from his thoughts by Olivia nudging him on the arm.


don’t do it to yourself!

She spotted them all back at the burger van.

Probably Chop’s idea!

Finn looked so happy as Olivia fed him a chip.

She turned back to Saul with a sigh, why was she being this way. Saul was being lovely with her. He was making it pretty clear that he liked her so Why did she keep wishing she was here with Finn instead, when she could see he’d clearly moved on.

She had to stop this, she needed to focus on Saul. On the guy that she hadn’t pushed away……..yet!

“So, what would you like to do now?” She asked giving him the best smile she could muster.

“You want some food?” He shrugged pointing over to the burger van. Rae felt herself tense, she found it hard watching Finn with Olivia from across the field, she couldn’t handle standing next to them, they’d try and talk to her and then she might just punch Miss Bailys and ice square in the face.

“Na i’m good” She tried to act cool but inside she was secretly pleading for him to suggest something else, anything else.

Please! Please! Please!

“I’m gonna get a hotdog, you sure you don’t want anything?” He asked placing his hand on the small of her back and leading her to the van and towards guarnteed pain.

“Rae!” Archie shouted as he spotted them.  Bouncing over to her with a huge grin. “Wheve’ve you been hiding?” He slurred slightly giving her a hug.

“Just hanging with Saul” He released her and dragged her over to the gang only letting go when she was stood firmly between him and Chop.

“You sure you don’t want anything babe” Finns head shot up at the word 'babe’ to see Saul stood behind Rae with his head rested on her shoulder. She gently nodded and smiled, watching him as he went to line up before turning back to the group.

“So hows it going Raemundo?” Chop asked with a suggestive smile.

“Alright” She shrugged.

“Who’s he Rae?” Izzy said looking over at Saul who was now being served.

“One of Chloe’s mates” Rae said turning to her with a smile “He’s in his twenties”

If Finn could rub Olivia in her face then she was gonna do the same with Saul.

“He seems abit weird” Finn said much to Olivias annoyance.

“Na, hes really cool” She replied with a little smirk.

Ha is Finn bloody Nelson alittle jealous!

Rae looked down at her watch to see it was only eleven. Time seemed to have gone so slowly, she realised how much she wished she had stayed with the gang when Saul appeared at the side of her and signalled for them to go.

She gave them a quick wave and followed Saul over to a nearby bench. Sitting down next to him she allowed him to put his arm around her. Uneasiness washed over her. She didn’t like how his hands were always somewhere on her, either around her shoulders, holdings her hand or squeesing her arse. She was pretty sure that he’d tried to grope her tits as well earlier but she’d brushed it off as accidental. 

This is getting to be beyond a joke!

“You don’t look like your enjoying yourself?” Saul asked glumly before taking a huge bite out of his hotdog.

Was it that obvious?

“I am” Rae plastered on a fake smile. Although she wasn’t she didn’t want him to know that. He looked genuinely down that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Although his touchy feeliness was part of the problem it wasn’t why she was feeling so down.

Saul didn’t seem convinced “You wanna get outta here?”

Rae looked over at the gang wistfully wishing Olivia would just bugger off.

She watched as Olivia wrapped her arms around Finn’s neck and move in for a kiss. Rae looked away quickly before she saw anything else, just the thought of them kissing made her go cold. The overwhelming need to be as far away from them as possible now outweighed the uneasyness she felt about Saul.

“Yes please” She smiled

Rae ignored the suggestive smile that spread across his face. Hoping it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“There’s just something i want to do first” He said stuffing the last of his hotdog into his mouth messily.


Finn pushed Olivia back lightly before the kiss went any deeper. He wasn’t in the mood for her constant affection tonight. He ignored her groan and looked around spotting Rae in the distance being led towards one of the stalls. They stopped and Saul picked up a big wooden gun on a chain, he was clearly trying to impress her.

Clearly he doesn’t know Rae!

“Finn, whats up with you tonight?”

Finn reluctently turned to Olivia who clearly wasnt happy.

“Nowts wrong” He shrugged, this wasn’t the time and place to be having this conversation. He just wanted to have fun, which was proving to be very difficult.

“Really?? Thats all your gonna say?"   He watched as she turned and huffed off over to Izzy and Chop.

He knew he should follow her and appoligise, but he didn’t. His head was all over the place and he wouldn’t of known what to say so  Instead he looked back over to find Rae staring back at him, her back to Saul while he played with the gun. He watched as she turned her head slightly and said something. he must of replied because she began to turn back around.

No Rae, look at me! Please!

It happened before Finn could do anything, Rae turned to look at Saul just as he was turning to her, resulting in the gun colliding with Rae’s nose. She hunched over, her hand up to her face in obvious pain.


"Oh shit, sorry Rae” Saul said flinging the gun back onto the stall ledge. He placed his hand on the small of her back.

holy shit this hurts!


Rae looked up to see Finn jogging over, the rest of the gang close behind.

Christmas thoughts

Hello Emus! After what it seems a month and a half, here you have what I’ve been writing. I took a long time because of holidays (you know, people go out and do stuff and have fun and blablabla). After watching series 3, although I really liked it (i didn’t like some parts but i kept positive about most points), writing it was difficult. Why? Because they’re not a couple anymore. I thought they were going to keep an opening ending with their relationship, but the thing with Katie just broke me. 

I needed to think how I was going to keep writing stories about my favourite otp ever, even if they were no longer together. It’s been a sad process to me and not having stuff from series 3 to read, it was harder. I NEED YOU TO WRITE HAPPY STORIES AND HAPPY SERIES 3 AUS FOR ME!!!

Anyway, after the last episode I became with this idea and I started to write it through my free and happy time. Now it’s here. I hope you like it. 

Thank you for every like and comment I’ve received through these two months. I know I haven’t posted anything and I’ll try to write other stuff asap, so thank you all. Especially, the kind messages I’ve received. Emus, you’re lovely ♥



She lies alone for the third night in that empty flat far away from home.

Four months ago, she was leaving her family, friends and town for the promising Bristol. She thought she could make it, and she did. After two lonely and dark weeks on her own in a city she didn’t know, she started to do everything by herself. She made friends, she passed her exams…

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Twelve Breads to Woo Them

by @alliswell21

Prompts: Multiple

Day 7: Mistletoe

Rated: G

Pairing: Everlark

I apologize for the length of this bad boy, I’ve had technical difficulties lately, computer has been very friendly, so I combined days 4, 5, 6 and 7, into this nice mashup. 

Please excuse any mistakes you may find while reading this chapter. 

Thank you for your support!!!


Prim sits bright eyed in one of the dented tin chairs in the audience side, and holds her breath in awe, while listening delightedly to the children’s rendition of Yuletide Star.  

“The choir sounds very good, Katniss. I’m so proud of you!” she says during a break. She sighs wistfully, “I wish I was allowed to sing with the little kids. It just looks like so much fun… I mean, look around you, all the paper stars as backdrop to the song and then all the crumbs on the kids’ faces! The government seems to be stepping up, doesn’t it? Sending cookies in for all this little ones. Most of them are Seam too! This is gotta be the greatest treat for any of them!”

I agree, it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for the children of the district, but for some reason Prim’s wrongly attributing the gift to the leadership of New Panem, makes my blood boil.

“The government had nothing to do with the cookies.” I snap shortly.

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Say It Ain't So, Part 11

Hey everyone, Sorry it took so long to get part 11 out.  I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Forgive me if I tag you twice or miss your tag. Forgive the typos. One more chapter. The other parts are here

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Rae tapped her toe against the chair leg. Her arms were wrapped around her body and she was paying close attention to a bit of fuzz on her legging. Kester cleared his throat for the third time and then took a deep breathe. 

“You want to talk about what happened?” Kester offered again. Rae could hear the buzz from the florescent light above. She took a long slow breathe and slowly looked up at Kester.

“Not really,” she shrugged and returned to the fuzz.

“Rae, what’s going on, we’ve made so much progress. I’m trying to help you here.” Kester leaned back in his chair and rubbed his hand over is face. 

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I'mma Rip His Dick Off

So basically, I gave in and decided it was finally time for me to start writing some MMFD stuff. This is my first ever MMFD piece and I don’t really know if I’ve grasped the characters that well yet, but I hope to improve with some practice, so be nice (I know you will)

Also, I’m the kinda person that really like prompts because I need something to spark an idea, so if you’re finding that you have prompts that all the really good writers haven’t gotten around to yet because they are too amazing, shoot it to me if you like. 

Summary: Finn finds out about Saul. Warning: Some coarse language, may be triggering I dunno. 

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just finished the entire animorphs series and read all of the ending for the first time, and holy shit woah. I think I loved that ending but I honestly can’t tell yet. Here’s my rambling, liveblogged thoughts on it all under the read more (spoilers to heck and back obviously. are there even people animorphs can be spoiled for anymore? best to play it safe i guess)

  • oh good Jake sees the pure, ruthless, straight line from A to Z, this won’t end horribly AT ALL
  • Jake what are you doing are you lying and using literally everyone you know, leave the Chee out of this please
  • verisimilitude, that’s a big word for a 16 year old kid who hasn’t paid attention to a thing except animal-based military strategy since the 3rd grade
  • no wait james and his team aren’t actually dead are they
  • they can’t be
  • they’re innocent disabled kids you can’t actually kill any of them off what the hell if anyone had a surefire chance of living it was these kids that’s not how this game is played who are you george rr martin???
  • come to think of it whatever happened to Chapman + his yeerk, they were kinda big characters. the animorphs obviously didn’t bring him onboard the pool ship but then how did they force erek to do their bidding while they were up there, did they just tie him to a tree in the valley with rachel’s sister pointing a gun at him or-
  • you can’t end it like that what nooo
  • oh good we’re gonna open 54 with a recap, this is exactly what i felt like reading after getting massive confirmation with who was gonna die from the inside cover of all places
  • she mentions the taxxon rebellion as the start of something big but uh did they ever do anything on the ground, like, what have they actually done to pull their weight here??? Not a god damned thing???
  • i’d like to see gedd get drunk actually, is that a thing they do for fun, have yeerks ever been permitted fun
  • not jara hamee noooo he was so brave and kind and we haven’t even seen him in ages. this is on par with killing tonks and lupin, that was just pointless and mean :/
  • Marco’s loving this talk with the andalites, i think he’s more pissed off at how the andalites abandoned them out of all of everyone. poor Tobias though ;__;
  • woah, only one of the talk shows marco mentions is still on air, i suddenly feel old
  • “a Spielberg movie about us. Animorph. Come on, you gotta love that” WELL THEN WHY DOESN’T IT EXIST??? (except definitely not spielberg. i’d rather something animated, like, a teen titans/young justice kinda deal that went on for 80 episodes, not that i’ve put any thought into this)
  • “I wrote a book, with some help from a ghostwriter.” Drawing from personal experience to write this one I see, Applegate
  • i had to google what a palm pilot was, christ
  • rime of the ancient mariner? even when he’s mr hollywood marco betrays an unexpected wit, that’s really cool to see honestly
  • morph therapy omg that’s great, sign me up please. I have a feeling I’ll need it after this.
  • visser one has half a dozen lawyers defending him in court??? who would ever willingly take that job? are they controller-lawyers or are they just dudes like saul from breaking bad, tell me more about them please
  • Marco just hit jake in the head while in gorilla wtf dude. I know we live in a universe with joss whedon-laws where people can be safely knocked out whenever you want with no brain damage but that still seems kinda rude
  • still no shoe morphing? I could have sworn they learned how to do that towards the end of the series, huh. It would have been a cool touch if they did figure it out towards the mid 40’s, just a lil something to acknowledge them being the undisputed morph champions of the universe. Plus I thought that andalite lady Ax liked morphed shoes no biggie, so at least cassie should be able to right
  • Jakes getting better! And while I totally get and even appreciate Cassie being with someone else, another larger part of me is just screaming ‘what is this a stephen king novel, no, i did not read 62 books to see no one get together we needed this, if Jake is better what barrier do they have now’
  • no scans don’t crap out on me now, we’ve been through too much to stop here, you’ve been good all book just keep it together a lil more okay
  • super subtle mention that the next president of america is female, niceee
  • “And of course the inevitable bogus Tobias sightings.” omg there totally would be
  • we just mentioned tobias’s mum without mentioning, y’know, where she is. or where most of their parents are doing now. Woulda been nice to see Eva at Visser One’s hearing, like a reverse Visser chronicles kinda deal. was kinda hoping tobias’s mum would at least try to do something about his self-imposed exile, but noooo, he was super duper hopeful towards having her in his life in the last books and was staying human to be around her where did that all change shouldn’t he have clung to her more in his grief? (you can see i’m already in denial) That or he coulda thought about becoming a nothlit finally, like how in 41 he became Ax and stayed that way that was super cool and great on every level
  • “I had seven cars. A butler named Wetherbee. (Actually his name was McPherson, but I liked the sound of ‘Wetherbee.’)” I fucking love Marco and everything about him, he was born to be a millionaire
  • [shivers like a dork]
  • “We spent the next six weeks wandering around the system, seeing some cool things on strange worlds, but no evidence of Kelbrids.” that sentence alone could be a damned mini series ugh
  • “ram the blade ship” OKAY THEN.

everything about this ending is meant to imply they live and get into yet another big war like old times and their adventures continue, which is honestly really great, except y’know, you ended it on something way more suicidal than usual with no indication anyone makes it out of the next 5 seconds alive, and Ax might be dead already? He’s at least been absorbed into some kinda mysterious entity, who coulda at least been confirmed to be the voice that put Jake in the future. hnghhhh. not sure how i feel, i’m gonna go listen to owl city songs on repeat for an hour and try not to cry, see you all tomorrow.

(feel free to reply to this anyone, I’d love to meet more of the animorphs fandom and find out where there is to go from here. Is there fanfiction that needs to be read? Maybe anyone’s redone the ending? same for theories/fanart/overly long accounts of marco using morphing power for sex/etc etc etc)