and him just holding her while she cried

luna’s scene with adria is so fucking emotional. i can’t get over it. she is literally there with her, every step of the way, talking about waves, reminding her of home so that she can die peacefully, holding her tightly in her arms. like, i dont think i’m able to express myself well enough… just look at this scene

that moment when adria stops breathing

when luna realizes that it is over

how she then turns to nyko, because this hurts

the way she puts her hand over adria’s face and kisses her hair while she cries and nyko says “your fight is over”

or when she grabs nyko’s arm and leans into him and he leans into her, like a goddamn rock, looking like a goddamn broken family

or when she hardcore caves and just cries and cries and nyko kisses the crown of her head

honestly, my brain responds to this moment like hypersensitive seismograph

good fucking bye.

Luke Garroway+ Support Systems 

Jocelyn Fray

  • Sometimes Luke has bad days, reminders of what Valentine did to him. On those days he gets quiet and withdrawn- so she just pulls him close and hugs him while he cries softly. 
  • Then she makes him his favorite meal. He’s supported her through everything, and she loves him. Of course she would do anything to make him smile. 
  • Especially when that beautiful smile is missing (s2g that thing could outshine the sun), his eyebrows drawn and back hunched. She can’t possibly understand what he feels, she loved Valentine but he was a part of Luke. A literal half of his soul. So she doesn’t try to understand or tell him she knows better. 
  • She just holds him, sings softly and cooks him a nice meal. He deserves it. 

Alaric Rodriguez 

  • When Luke first turned he had no idea how to control his powers 
  • AND he had been betrayed by his best friend/Parabatai 
  • He was filled with self-loathing. He thought that he was less human because he was a downworlder. 
  • So Alaric, for months, just talked to him. Reminded him that he’s still the man he was, reminded him that Downworlders are just as human as Shadowhunters. 
  • Sometimes Luke would get so mad- mad about Valentine, mad that he’s a Werewolf, mad at himself for letting Valentine get this far. So mad he couldn’t control his powers. On those days Alaric stayed with him and helped him. Supported him. Reminded him his emotions are totally valid and that he still has support and love, even if it feels like the world turned its back on him. 
  • Luke never thought he would feel what he felt with Valentine again, but Alaric changed his mind. 

Clary Fray 

  • As a child, she had no idea why Luke would sometimes get quiet and sad. Why he would sometimes gaze into the distance as if he couldn’t see her. 
  • BUT she did love him like a father, and she would do anything to have him smile again 
  • So she would ask him to sit down in front of her and she would draw funny cartoons of him while she pretended she was drawing a portrait 
  • That always made him laugh SO hard
  • Then she would cuddle on the couch with him and watch jeopardy (Luke is weirdly good)
  • Now Clary does know. But that doesn’t change their relationship, he’s still her dad. So she draws him funny pictures, cuddles with him and reminds him that he is the best man she’s ever known and that she loves him so much. 
  • He’s her father in every important way, she loves him. He was there when she cried, so she is there when he’s sad. That is what family is for. 

Simon Lewis 

  • Luke is like a father to him, especially since his own father didn’t stick around. Luke would play catch with him. Luke was the one who taught him how to shave. 
  • Eventually, Luke is the one who teaches him to love himself in the Downworld 
  • But Simon notices that sometimes Luke’s smiles seem forced. He notices that Luke is putting his emotions to the side so that he can focus on someone else. 
  • On those days, Simon pulls Luke out and insists on a “guy’s night”- just the two of them 
  • So they binge watch Lord of the Rings while drinking shitty beer. Simon always makes sure to remind Luke that he is Simon’s hero and that Simon loves him like family. 
  • He never pushes the issue, they just sit next to each other and drink and make dumb nerdy jokes 
  • But Simon always ends the night with a hug and an“I love you” because frankly, Luke deserves to hear it. 

ANYWAY: Luke is so incredibly loved by his family and friends because they know he’s a great man with an amazing heart and that he deserves the world. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 

For Life (Baekhyun Wolf AU)

Song inspiration: For Life

Requested by the lovely @baekmuffin

Thank you for the request, love <3

It took a bit longer than expected due to my midterms getting in the way but I tried to get it out as soon as possible

I hope this is what you wanted and I apologize in advance if you imagined something different :)

Word count: 3,169

Warning: humiliation, slight angst, slight fluff, mentions of blood

“You’ve got to be kidding me; he did that? Okay, hold on, run everything through us one more time.” Jongdae frowned, rubbing her back as she cried into Chanyeol’s shoulder. (Y/n) sniffled, wiping her nose hastily with her sleeve. 

“I was at the mall with Jongin, and he went to go pee, so I just waited for him and walked around. Taeyeon had dropped her bag while she was walking by me and when she went to pick it up, all of her other bags spilled. I went to help her put the stuff back in, and Baekhyun showed up, so I handed him the bags. Our hands touched, and I just felt the sparks. Then I looked him in the eye, and it all clicked. He was glaring at me as if I had a disease and sneezed on him. It was awful. Taeyeon thanked me and then Baekhyun walked away with her hand in hand. I didn’t want to tell Jongin because of what happened between him and Kyungsoo. He has enough problems right now, and my patheticness shouldn’t be a part of it.” She shrugged, wiping her eyes. 

“How are you the pathetic one? Baekhyun needs to be a man and either tell Taeyeon and break up with her or at least let you know what he’s gonna do.” Jongdae sighs. “It’s better to know you’re getting rejected rather than finding out when you thought you guys were gonna stay together.” Sehun sipped his bubble tea. “What relevance does that have towards her situation?” Chanyeol raises a brow. “She should prepare herself in case he decides to stay with Taeyeon instead.” he frowned for a moment, offering her the rest of his bubble tea. She took it, the sweet taste making her mouth salivate. “Sehun, don’t say that. He’d be the dumbest Alpha in the world to pass her up.” Suho sighed from the doorway, sending a playful wink her way. 

“Besides, he might be blind due to Taeyeon.” Jongdae snickered, “And broke.” (y/n) laughed, feeling slightly better. “See, there’s that smile we all missed. Now, you’re going to be late for class. Come on, pup, I’ll drop you off.” Suho grinned, gesturing for her to follow him. She got up, quickly saying bye to her friends before snatching her bag and running down the stairs to catch up with him. The car ride was comfortably silent, occasional hums along to the music being the only noise besides the radio and lively streets. “Call me when you’re ready to be picked up.” He smiled as she gave him a thumbs up before rushing inside her university. 

She couldn’t afford to miss class. Literally. She didn’t live in the Packhouse so getting by on her own added to the stress. Plus, paying off financial aid and backed-up bills certainly didn’t help either. Living at the Packhouse would mean she’d face Baekhyun and the snobby Taeyeon who entertains herself through making (y/n) miserable. Due to Baekhyun and Suho’s packs being allies, they’d see each other more than necessary. Whether it’s obvious gossip or tripping, Taeyeon usually managed to ruin her day. Dealing with them at the University was enough stress. They were the Golden King and Queen, no one ever going against them. Not unless they wanted to be utterly humiliated and/or beat to a pulp. 

Now if anyone ever messed with Taeyeon, there would be hell to pay from Baekhyun and his friends. While (y/n) swam in her debt, the alpha’s son and his skanky queen sailed their gold sea on a yacht. They were practically made of money. The alpha and beta didn’t think twice on spoiling their precious children.

(y/n)’s classes went by quickly; there were only lectures, but it exhausted her nonetheless. She ventured downstairs to the dining hall, going through the double doors only to slam against someone else. “You little bitch! Do you have any idea how much these shoes cost?!” Taeyeon growled, looking down at her pink Louboutin pumps that were covered in food. “Stupid omega.” She pushed (y/n) back, throwing the tray at her. Taeyeon snickered, kicking her in the stomach after she fell to the marble floor. (y/n) groaned, curling into a ball. 

“Maybe if you ever owned anything expensive, you’d go about your day differently. But let’s face it, you’re a worthless low rank that will always be alone. That’s just the way it is. If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll rip your throat out.” Taeyeon snarled, stepping on (y/n)’s hand on purpose while walking away with her army of skanks. (y/n) yelped, cradling her palm before standing up to run into the bathroom.

It was empty, thankfully. (y/n) Lifted her shirt, whimpering as she noticed the large bruise on her abdomen. She only had one more class, but the professor was out on maternity leave. The substitute teacher had no idea what to do anyway. (y/n) exhaled shakily, grabbing her phone from her pocket before dialing Suho. “Hey, can you come pick me up?” She tried to calm her wavering voice, but he noticed immediately. “Of course. Are you okay?” Suho responded with worry. “I’m not, just please, come pick me up.” her voice broke at the end. “I’m on my way.” With that, he hung up the phone. She put her phone back in her pocket, adjusting the straps of her book bag. (y/n) sniffled, hastily wiping her eyes before proceeding to remove any spaghetti from her hair.

A few minutes later, she felt her phone vibrate. Knowing it was him, she exited the bathroom, keeping her head down to avoid anyone’s eye. Suho was leaning against his car, arms bare as he sported a black sleeveless shirt. Taeyeon, Baekhyun, and their little gang were right beside the door, ready to taunt her some more. The queen bee smirked, nudging her friends.”Too scared to face us, omega? We’ll see you next week, low-life.” (y/n) prayed that Suho didn’t hear them, but with her saying it loud and clear along with his perfect hearing, her wish didn’t stand a chance.

“What the hell did you just say to her?” Suho’s head snapped up. (y/n) was slightly surprised. Despite being in his pack her whole life, not once has she heard him curse. Baekhyun stepped forward with a raised eyebrow. “This isn’t your territory, Kim. I suggest you step down.” Suho advanced towards them, grabbing (y/n)’s hand. “She’s my territory, so I suggest you tell your girl to step down,” Suho saw jealousy cloud the other alpha’s brown irises. Baekhyun narrowed his eyes, jaw clenched. “Let’s go home, sweetheart.” Suho made eye contact with him before pulling (y/n) to his side and walking back to the car.

“She did this?!” Yixing’s jaw dropped as he inspected the bruise that nearly covered the left side of her abdomen. “You need to tell Suho about this.” Chanyeol grimaced. “He can protect you and make sure Baekhyun and that skank don’t get within fifty feet of you.“ Xiumin sighed, running his fingertips gently across the bruised skin. “Hell, he could give you a better life. Suho would be proud to have you and would gladly show you off. Why are you wasting time on Baekhyun when all he’s done is let his whore beat on you?” Sehun threw his hands up in exasperation. “Sehun,” Jongdae warned sharply. “He’s right.” (y/n) shrugged, “Maybe I’m not supposed to end up with Baekhyun.”

“Suho?” (y/n) knocked on the door to his study. “Come in.” She did so, stepping in slowly. “Can we talk, or are you busy?” Suho smiled at her, “We can talk. Take a seat.” he gestured to the two cushioned chairs in front of his desk. She sat, not knowing where to start. “Did you want to ask me something?” Suho chuckled, breaking the slightly awkward silence. (y/n) nodded, lacing her fingers together, “This is a personal question, and it could be a sensitive subject for you, so if you don’t want to answer, I understand completely.“ Suho shrugged, “You can ask, I’ll answer.” She cleared her throat and inhaled sharply, “Have you met your mate yet?”

He blinked, unzipping his hoodie. “I met her a few years ago, but things didn’t work out. She turned out to be a bit older than me, but that wasn’t the issue. She was married with two sons and a daughter. I couldn’t just take her away from all that. She had her life and responsibilities; who was I to come between her family anyway? I had to let her go, and that’s what I did.“


“Baekhyun! Have you seen my black stilettos with the red soles!” Taeyeon screeched as she scavenged through their closet. The alpha rolled his eyes, feeling slightly agitated due to her loudness. “I’m right here, babe, why are you yelling?” She squealed, ignoring him once she found her favorite heels. “I’m going out with the girls tonight, so I’ll see you later.” She pecked his lips, slipping on her expensive shoes. He nodded, wrapping his arms around her waist so she wouldn’t go anywhere. “You’re going out again?” Baekhyun raised a brow. “Am I not allowed to?” She scoffed bitterly. 

“It’s not that, Tae, I’m busy during the day so we can only have us time at night.” He sighs. “Well, I want to go out, Baek. Like you said, you’re busy during the day; I’m stuck in this house all afternoon waiting for you. That isn’t fair.” Taeyeon crossed her arms. “I understand what you’re saying, but I’m the Alpha, I have responsibilities; you know that.” Baekhyun counters, eyebrows furrowed. “I do, and I’ve tried to work with your schedule but being stuck inside all day is frustrating. I can’t do it anymore, Baek.” She turned away from him, snatching her phone off their bedside table. “What are you saying then? That you’re going to walk out on us just because I can’t give you every little fiber of my attention?!”

“Yes, it’ll be for the better anyway. This isn’t the life for me, Baekhyun, I need somebody who isn’t going to treat me like their intern.” Taeyeon faced him angrily, striding to the door. “Can’t we talk about this? You’re ready to leave me without trying to help me fix our relationship! Dumping me isn’t the only option. We could negotiate.” Baekhyun grabbed her arm. “What do you want from me? I’ll comply with anything just don’t be so quick to walk out on me.” He stares into her brown eyes that instantly filled with tears. 

“You, Baek. You’re all that I want, but you’re never there. You’re always working and tossing me to the side.” She sobbed into her hands as he embraced her tightly. “I’m sorry, Tae. I wouldn’t have put you underneath my duties if I knew how you felt.”

“I’m sorry too. I was being selfish and completely unfair.” Taeyeon sniffled, gripping the sides of his sweatshirt. A sudden feeling of longing coursed through Baekhyun between his guilt. But he wasn’t missing his girlfriend. He missed her; his mate. The woman that was made for him: (y/n). Baekhyun didn’t want to admit it, but, he was wasting his time with a girl who’s heart he was going to end up breaking. He loved Taeyeon, but he was digging himself deeper in the mess he was making by staying away from (y/n). Baekyun mentally cursed at himself as he buried his face into her hair. 

“Go have your girls night, love. Don’t worry your pretty little head about me. Enjoy yourself.” He pulled away from her with a smile, wiping her tears. “Luckily I’m wearing my waterproof makeup.” She chuckled softly. Baekhyun kissed her sweetly, handing her the small clutch on the bed. Taeyeon pecked his cheek before heading outside the Packhouse.

Baekhyun sighed as he sat at the edge of their bed. He cradled his head in his hands, cursing the world and all of its inhabitants. He wouldn’t be able to stay away from (y/n) much longer. Eventually, Baekhyun’s going to fall ill, and the pack healer would diagnose him. Taeyeon finding out he had the Moon Phase would break her. But (y/n) getting sick would kill him. 

The Moon Phase was one of the deadliest illnesses known to werewolves. It occurred when a mated pair stayed away from each other without being marked. The illness had eight stages in the short order of nausea, dizziness, fever, vomiting blood, fatigue, unconsciousness, comatose, and lastly, death. It could kill both wolves within a few days of showing symptoms. 

Baekhyun was already beginning to feel it. Time was running out.


“I’m gonna die, aren’t I?” (y/n) whimpered as Sehun felt her temperature. “No, Suho is on the phone with Baekhyun’s father. You’re gonna live, just hang in there.” She nodded, sharply inhaling a breath before retching into the toilet. 

The male rubbed her back soothingly, “You should be okay, your symptoms aren’t that bad right no-” His sentence died down when he saw the blood in the toilet bowl. “Suho! It would be really helpful if you could hurry with that phone call!” Sehun yelled, grabbing the paper towel on the sink counter and wiping the corner of her mouth. 

“(y/n), don’t you dare pass out, look at me. Please stay awake, keep your eyes open.” He patted her face, but she was already unconscious. “Crap!” Sehun put down the toilet seat after flushing it. He quickly gathered her into his arms, standing up to practically run downstairs. 

“She’s entering stage six, we need to leave now!” Sehun entered the kitchen with a worried expression. “Let’s go, we have permission from Baekhyun’s father.” Suho snatched his keys off the counter before heading outside with Sehun in tow.


“Is she dead?” Baekhyun weakly walked over to sit on the chair beside the bed with a frown. “No, but if you waited any longer to say something, she would’ve been,” Suho growled. “Do you even understand a small fraction of what your actions have done?” Mr. Byun crossed his arms. “You’ve almost killed yourself and your mate, Taeyeon is d-” Baekhyun cut him off with a sharp snarl, “I don’t care about her right now.” His father glared at him for a moment, “You put the pack’s wellbeing in danger. Until you are better, I’m handing control over to Suho.” Mr. Byun and the others left without another word.

“I’m sorry, (y/n), even though I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I hope we could start over if you wake up.” Baekhyun grasped her hand gently. “I should never have chosen her over you. I’m not going to make that same mistake again. I swear.“ He drew patterns into her skin with his index finger. "But, if you decide that you don’t want me, I’ll understand.” Baekhyun inspected her soft hair. “My wolf is upset at me due to you being sick. He misses you, we both do. I’m angry at myself too, it’s all my fault that you’re like this. Yixing said you could hear me, which I hope you can.” He chuckles to himself.

“I like your hands. They’re soft and fit into mine perfectly.” Baekhyun mumbled mindlessly as he held them. “I wish I could hear your voice, to see your eyes looking back at me. I regret rejecting you like that in the mall.” His voice broke as he began to cry into her side. 

“I regret everything that has led up to this moment. All except meeting you, now that I think about it, that was the best day of my life. Your beautiful eyes looking into mine with the cutest expression on your face. I melted right there. I didn’t know it then, but that was the day you changed my world completely. One day, I hope I can make you melt the same way you did to me. After all this, I’m going to treat you right. I’m going to take you out and make time for you. But before I can do all that, I have to grow a pair and be a man by apologizing to Taeyeon. I’ll be back, love, I promise.” Baekhyun leans over to kiss her cheek before standing up.

He wobbles down the hallway, using the walls to direct himself to her bedroom. Baekhyun knocks on the door before entering carefully. “Can we talk?” he asks her gently. “You should be resting, so only for a minute.” Taeyeon wiped her eyes before sitting up. “I’m sorry. I really am. I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t want to hurt you either. Just know, that there’s a man out there, who’s far better than me, that’s going to love you and never hide anything from you.” He gives her a sad smile before turning to exit. “Treat (y/n) right, Baekhyun, or I’ll rip your throat out in your sleep.” Taeyeon states with a small grin. “Will do.”

Baekhyun returns to his bedroom where (y/n) was now wide awake and sitting up. “Hi.” He murmurs, “How are you feeling?” She shrugged, “Better, I guess. How about you?” Baekhyun moves from the door to the chair beside the bed. “I’m doing better.” A somewhat awkward silence washed over the room. “I heard you, by the way. Did you really mean what you said?” She fiddled with her fingers shyly. “Yeah, especially what I said about your hands.” A shade of Pink dusted over his cheeks. “That’s good to know.” (y/n) chuckled, patting the side of the bed beside her. Baekhyun laid beside her, leaning his head on her shoulder.  “I’m never gonna let you go.”

Fairy Tail Chapter 512

Okay, so I’m really excited that the cat is finally out of the bag (no pun intended, Happy, kind of), but why did Mashima have to ruin it with fanservice?

Like, he easily could have gone so many different routes than this one. And he barely has Lucy wearing any clothing as is, so skin-to-skin contact would not have been a problem. 

Not to mention, their clothes were dry. I could see that if they had been soaked or covered in snow, then yeah, you would definitely have to strip. But this is just ridiculous. Lucy could still get the job done with her clothes on. 

Because, let’s face it. Lucy and Natsu lying naked together while everyone watches is just creepy. 

BUT! Lucy holding Natsu to share her body heat (while she’s wearing what little clothing Mashima grants her), holding him close as she cries, pleading for him to open his eyes and that she needs him, that he can’t die on her… 

Now that is beautiful right there. 

Please, Mashima. Don’t ruin this moment, please. Grant these babies the moment they deserve.

P.S. The whole Sting, Rogue, Kagura unison raid was kind of cool, although I still feel as if the big, bad Larcade was shut down pretty easily. Like, the tension build up for him being Zeref’s son and all that just seems like a waste, as if Mashima put way more effort into him than need be, considering he was only alive for a few chapters..


Now it’s time for ½ of the Busan princes, Park Jimin and the adventures of the Parks

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of one, a lil girl
  • The most precious chubby cheeked, puppy dog eyed, pouty lipped angel
  • Basically is a girl version of him in a really small form 
  • He totally cries when she’s born
  • Like when he first holds her, he realizes “oh my god, she’s real” and he’d waited so long for her to be here and now she was finally in his arms and he was just so happy
  • He spent the first night in the hospital holding her while you slept, sitting by the window and pointing out all the things he saw to her bc she was sleeping just as peacefully as you were
  • He l o v e s kissing her
  • Anywhere, her cheeks, forehead, her lil nose, her hands
  • He never actually puts her down and she grows used to the feeling of her father’s arms around her and it’s really hard to convince him to put her down bc “I just got her, you held her for nine months now it’s my turn”
  • He’s s o in love with her
  • If his actions towards her weren’t enough, the look of love and adoration in his eyes gives it away
  • He stares at her like she’s his whole world and she stares at him with a sense of wonder and it’s actually really precious
  • When she first starts figuring out how to stand up, he’s right behind her with his hands hovering around her in case she falls bc he’s not about to let his angel get hurt nope
  • Her first word is undoubtedly “appa” and he just smiles so wide and he brags about it to everyone, especially Tae bc “did you hear that? I’m appa, she’s saying appa, did you hear it?”
  • He lets her get away with basically everything
  • Like she can play with his hair, she can squish his cheeks, she can tug on his necklace, anything she wants bc the look of fascination on her face is enough for him to completely melt
  • She also loves playing with his hands
  • She likes sitting in his lap and just toying with his fingers and her hand is so lil next to his and his are so warm
  • C U D D L E S
  • So much cuddling
  • Whether she’s a few months old or a few years, she’s in his arms every night for at least an hour and it feels weird to both of them when they don’t have their daily cuddles
  • Like he goes away on tour when she’s three and it’s his first time away from her and he doesn’t like it at all
  • They Skype each other every night and he always breaks into the widest smile when your faces appear on the screen and he’s immediately asking if his two girls are doing okay
  • She’s talking at that point and tells him about her day and she never fails to add in a “I miss you, appa, when do you come back?”
  • And he always tells her how many days are left and he sees her smile fall bc she was hoping he’d say he’s coming back tomorrow 
  • He’s immediately doing everything he has to in order to get her smiling again
  • Like “look, appa can make a weird face” and “angel, smile for appa, he wants to see your dimples” and “what if I go get uncle Hoseok and we dance your favorite girl group dances for you?”
  • Okay but you know how chim has this really soft speaking voice like it’s gentle and sweet, well imagine that only in a lil bby form
  • No one can resist her lil voice like she just says “please?” in her soft voice that reminds everyone of chim and she immediately has whatever she wants
  • We all know Yoongi has a bit of a soft spot for Chim but he’s even more of a sucker for a lil Park
  • Whenever chim is recording his parts for the album, she’s just chilling in yoon’s lap and playing with his scarf
  • Jimin sings to her every night
  • He’s always the one to put her to bed bc he’s the only one who knows how
  • He sits on her bed with her and she just lays her head in his lap and he rubs her back and plays with her hair while he sings her favorite song
  • Sometimes that isn’t enough and she needs the sound of his heartbeat to fall asleep to so he has to lay down with her and let her rest her head just above his heart
  • He normally ends up falling asleep with her when that happens bc he always stays behind a few minutes after she falls asleep just to make sure that she’s actually asleep and doesn’t need him to continue
  • She’s the sweetest, politest lil girl
  • She’s so grateful for everything and he feels so proud bc that’s his angel
  • She follows him around like a lil puppy and it’s honestly really cute bc every now and again, he looks back to make sure she’s still there and she’s just right behind him with a lil smile on her face
  • Seeing her smile at him makes him actually melt bc she got his eye smile and she just loves her father so much and he loves just as much and they’re best friends and I’m :)

me and @leiaorgiana have been talking about piper being 1 inch taller then leo and now we’re both trash for this

just imagine:

  • leo trying to grow his hair out so it looks like theyre the same height
  • but then piper notices and starts wearing 3 inch heels
  • and then he cries
  • or piper noticing leo trying to get something from a high shelf in bunker 9, and her saying shit like “oh, do you need somebody to reach that for you?” while batting her eyelashes all innocent like
  • and leo’s practically on fire screaming “oh my god piper youre only ONE INCH TALLER THAN ME. it makes NO DIFFERENCE”
  • but then she just. reaches up and like. grabs it
  • and she hands it to him
  • and then he cries some more
  • or her calling him stuff like “short stuff” and “shorty” and “strawberry shortcake” just to grate on his nerves
  • and leo slowly, slowly gravitating to platforms
  • and when they try to kiss she’s like “wait” and holds out a hand

I keep on chasing after her who doesn’t want to be chased
I do my very best and everything for her
I make sure she stays in my life
I think hard why she just doesn’t even care.

She holds and clings to him
She gets hurt and cries continuously
She stays stuck while he moved on
She keeps on waiting.

She asks why she just can’t love me instead of him
She loves him who took her for granted
She loves him who can’t see her worth
She still hopes that he will love her back.

I hope she loves me back.

We are both asking for someone’s love.

—  c.i.j. // change of heart
When your daughter starts dating

Requested by @tia58



Sam would be weary of his daughter seeing another hunter at first. He would want her to go to school and have the normal life he never had but he would also respect her wishes. He would share his concerns with her and treat her like the adult she was becoming. He would listen to her side of things and ultimately let her make her own decision.

He would sit in bed reading the first time she had gone out. You would smile at him and tell him she would be just fine but Sam would just shrug it off and tell you he just felt like reading and that it had nothing to do with Y/D/N being out.

Sam would also be the first to notice the pain she was trying to hide when that said boy broke her heart. He would be there for her and listen to her and hold her while she cried and tell her everything would get better and that he had no idea what he was missing.


Cas would be very conflicted about his daughter dating a hunter. They are all he really knows. You and the brothers are his family and you are all hunters and even though you all tell him it is no life he can’t see anything wrong with the way you have chosen to live yours. You are the bravest and kindest people he has ever met and he would a guy like that for his daughter but he also know not all hunters see things as grey as the Winchesters and you have learned to do and his daughter is half angel and therefor fair game to some hunters.

Cas will pace the floor the first time your daughter is out with her new “friend.” He will constantly pop in and out of the bunker almost popping in on her date a few times but your strick warnings about him doing makes him decide against it. Still he draws a sigh of relief when she walks back through the door to the bunker unharmed and happy.

Cas will hate the boy when he breaks his daughters heart. He will let her cry in his arms and he sit with her and watch Netflix in silence while you keep a steady stream of icecream heading their way. When your daughter has finally fallen asleep Cas will visit the boy. He will not wake him he will just leave him with sits that aren’t going away for months and a burning sensation when he pees that will last weeks before the doctors find a cure.


Your daughter and Dean will have a screaming match when he finds out she is going on a date with a hunter. He had tried so hard to keep safe and let her have a normal life even though her parents are both hunters. He has shielded her as best as he could from the horrors that comes with the life and he has made sure she went to school (the same school – not moving around like he did as a kid) all her life and now she is telling him she is going on a date with a hunter? No way in hell!!

You finally convince Dean to let her go and that you can trust her even though he objects (it is not her I don’t trust Y/N). Dean was pacing the floor of the bunker and training in the weaponry (you were actually afraid he was planning on shooting the kid a few times during that night) until Y/D/N is finally back home safely. Dean doesn’t say a word when she smilingly skips through the bunker but you can tell he is conflicted. All that it takes to make him happy is usually a smile from his daughter but he also hates the reason for her good mood.

When Dean found his daughter crying and hiding in the backseat of the impala after the boy had broken up with her he just wrapped his arms around her and held her. Softly singing her the same song he did when he rocked her to sleep as a small kid. He doesn’t point fingers and he doesn’t even show her his anger. He is just there for her as long as she needs him to be. Silently happy he is still the one that she comes too and he knows that even though their tempers clash more often now that she is a teenager she will always be his little girl. 

“daddy!calum saying goodbye to baby girl hood at the airport when she has to leave from visiting him on tour -Anon”

alright this could be the death of me but here i go

okay so imagine Calum is standing there w/you and bby girl hood trying not to cry bc he’s a manly man who doesn’t wanna cry in front of his bby girl even though he cried so many times while watching his little princess sleep bc she’s so beautiful to him and so important and so y’all three are standing there and he’s holding his little girl and hugging her to his chest bc he’s not gonna see her until the tour is over with so your standing there watching them and he’s starting to get emotional and lets a tear fall and bby girl hood pulls away and is like “daddy why are you crying” and he just smiles at her and says “bc bby i’m gonna miss you sooo so much” and she’s just like “but daddy i thought you didn’t cry” and you just kind of giggle and Cal looks up at you with this look like “pls do not laugh at my misery of how much i will miss the most important people in my life” and you just walk over bc you hear your flight being called for the last time and you’re like “I’m sorry bby but we have to go okay?” and it really hits cal that he isn’t gonna be able to be with you guys for like two more months and he almost loses it in the airport but holds it together and you go to give him one last hug and he whispers in your ear “pls tale care of my bby girl and pls take care of yourself” bc you know he wouldn’t bare to lose either of you let alone both and you just nod and give him one last kiss and you turn to go get in line so they can check your ticket and bag amd when your just about there bby girl hood is like “hold on mommy I want one last hug from daddy” so you just smile and let her down bc Cal is still standing over there watching to make sure everything goes okay and he sees his bby girl running towards him through all these people and squats down and she runs into his arms and is giving him this bear hug and pulls away and is like “don’t worry daddy, i’ll take care of momma. i love you daddy” and she gives him a quick kiss bc you are next in line for tickets and bag check so bby girl hood runs back to you while Cal stands there with the biggest smile on his face and as he’s watching y’all walk away from him he shouts “I LOVE YOU GIRLS” and cries just a little bit more

The 100′s writers need to chill and learn to appreciate the slowburn. First Marper, now Ilian/Octavia (Octilian?). A part of me was actually rooting for Octilian, but now I’m really not happy with how it turned out. I’m supposed to believe that in less than 24 hours, Octavia went from wanting to murder Ilian in cold blood to fucking him, with no prior friendship to speak of, just because “she wanted to feel something.” Especially since she has felt nothing but anger and hatred towards him thus far and Octavia doesn’t really seem to be the type to hate-fuck. Though I could be wrong *shrug*

It just felt like self-indulgent fanfic PWP material that doesn’t deserve canon status. I think it should have been he stops her from self-harm, she has a melt down and cries - past caring that she’s letting this asshole hold her while she cries. In the morning, she’s embarrassed by her weakness and still a little angry, but starting to change. Octavia ends up following Ilian to his home and they slowly start to understand each other and the romance builds from there.

Not whatever this mess was that they tried to force on us. Did the writers not see the reaction to Marper - the bitterness fans felt at having a relationship force fed to them that had no prior chemistry? Did they not learn their lesson? Evidently not.


Prompts: “If you’re taking any requests right now could I have a one shot where the readers more on the chubby side and she doesn’t believe Gabe every time he says how beautiful she is and it leads to smut?” AND “Gabriel notices that his girlfriend (reader) isn’t eating and when he confronts her about it she gets defensive and tries to brush it off but he pushes and she ends up swinging at him. He catches her wrist and wraps her in his arms. He gently asks her what happened and she breaks down tells him someone thought she was pregnant. He hold her while she cries and tells her how beautiful she is to him. He makes a dish of her favorite casserole and asks her to please eat something. (Fluff) Thanks!!” AND “Hi Do you think you could do a fic where the reader is overweight and self-conscious and so Gabe shows her just how sexy he finds her and they end up having sex basically all weekend? Thanks in advance!!” AND “Hey I was wondering if I could request a Gabriel x chubby!reader please it would make my day!!!” AND “Hi! I’m so in love with your blog and I wanted to request an oneshot where Gabe and the reader are together for 5 years or so and it’s their anniversary and Gabe takes her out to dinner and then to a motel and they have romantic sex? All based on the song earned it from the weeknd? Of course you can change it if you need to. Tysm xx”

Word Count: 2,507
Warnings: body hate, smut
Author: J (fandomzilla)
Author’s note: I combined a few requests because they all fit in the same boat! I hope you like it! (Btw I guessed on the favorite casserole and did my favorite, which is breakfast casserole :) )

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do not imagine Maya, lying in bed, seeking inspiration for her next drawing. Do not even imagine her, unintendedly remembering those calming green eyes, and that warm smile, she found herself constantly dreaming about. Do not picture his voice running through her head, while she’s trying to think about anything else, just to find the thought of holding him tight on a storm night, attached to her brain. Do not imagine Maya’s distress, expecting to distract herself with whatever other thing she could come up with, rather than Huckleberry’s soft and kind words she had listened a couple days ago, just when she needed them the most. Do not even try to conceive how mortified the blonde beauty felt when acknowledging all of those doodles she sketched before on her notebook, and the frustration in her face when she realized she was doing it again. A wild dream, a completely ridiculous scenario about that tall, handsome boy that could never think about her the way she thought about him, that was now somehow captured inside every edge of a paper sheet. Do not envision the sudden anger she felt at that moment, because after all, they were just drawings. Do not picture that one last glance she took at it, a glance that lasted much more than five seconds, before she crumpled up the piece of paper and tossed it to the other side of her bedroom. Do not imagine Maya’s relief, when closing her eyes and feeling like just maybe she could release herself from those crazy thoughts on her head, right until she understood, that those wild dreams and completely ridiculous scenarios about that tall, handsome boy, could never be crumpled up out of her mind.

Seriously, just do not do that to yourself.

Sing Me Hey Jude

Characters: Daddy!Dean, Reader, Sam
Words: 1206
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I make a sad request where deans daughter gets fatally wounded in a hunt and he’s trying to fix her but she just wants him to hold her and sing her to sleep? 

Warning: Death of OC

A/N: This is super sad…I cried while writing it. 

           You rubbed at your eyes, the words on the screen blurring more and more the longer you tried to make sense of what you were reading. Nothing was coming into focus, but you were determined to figure it out.

           “Sweetheart, you need to sleep,” your dad’s voice startled you, making you jump and look up at him.

           “What? No. I’m fine,” you insisted, “I gotta figure this out for you and Uncle Sam,” you said.

           “Sweetheart, Sam and I will take care of it. You’ve been working hard and you’ve done so well. But you need to sleep or you won’t be ready to go on the hunt tomorrow. And you need to be on your top game.”

           You nodded, “Okay, Dad.”

           “Good girl,” he said, kissing the top of your head as you got up and walked over to the bed.

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Mom and Dad to the rescue


Bunny shot up from his gardening at the sound, seeing Jack do the same where he tended to the strawberries.  Bunny followed the sound, bounding over to over the hill knowing Jack wasn’t far behind and found Willow, running toward him on her back legs, wailing and holding her paw.  Big tears rushed down her face as the three year old ran to Bunny, who crouched down to her level and offered his paws out, coaxing her to show him what was wrong.

“Ow, ow, owie!!” Willow cried, wailing sobs following as she clutched her paw to her chest.  

“What’s wrong?”  Bunny asked, trying to calm her as she sobbed. 

“A bee!” She wailed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Okay, okay…let me see…”  Bunny consoled gently, trying to get her to loosen her arm an extent it from her chest.  But she just shook her head while crying, frantically. “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it!”  


Cameron Wakes up and Kirsten is so freaked out days later even though “IM FINE KIRSTEN I ONLY DIED A LITTLE” and she finally freaks out because she’s starting to be able to feel emotions now and he holds her as she cries after she’s done yelling at him about being stupid and he’s just holding her while they sit on the couch and it starts as humming and then a little whisper singing and it’s the most beautiful thing Kirsten’s ever heard besides the monitor beeping back on after he flatlined.

Should I write the thing?

things i need

  • rey falling asleep on the falcon and han putting his jacket over her like a blanket
  • rey and han are in danger and rey creates a force field around them
  • han getting knocked to the ground and rey standing over him with her lightsaber at the ready
  • someone mistaking rey for han’s daughter and nobody correcting them
  • han holding rey while she cries and whispering “shh…”
  • i just need han to be rey’s dad okay

Kaidan comes up behind Kasumi and holds her against the sink in the bathroom while she cries.

He runs the water, lukewarm, and takes her small hands in his while he washes her bruised and bloody knuckles clean. 

She doesn’t remember punching the bulkhead, screaming, as the Normandy flew away, leaving Shepard to make the run to the beam on her own. Doesn’t remember punching him as he pulled her away, her beautiful, delicate hands cracking against his armor in a futile attempt at rage.

She cries for Shepard. He cries for them both.