Werk it Yeolie

Obi wan is just so good that it baffles me. He went through so much shit- watching his master get killed, and then all the crap Anakin put him through (where do I even begin??), and yet he is still so good. It would make sense for him to turn to the dark side, I wouldn’t blame him for it. But no, even after everything he had been through, after his master was killed, after his padawn, whom he loved like a brother, betrayed him and became a Sith Lord, and after all the Jedi were killed, his devotion to the Jedi and to goodness still remained so strong. 

That’s what I love about Obi Wan. He had been through an incredible amount of pain and suffering, but he didn’t become hateful, he only remained kind.

Grabbing his towel from where he’d left it in his bag he looked around the gym. They were still busy but he needed a break. Closing his eyes he used the towel to wipe his face off before heading outside the building. Leaning against the wall Zeke opened his eyes to look around the street, he hadn’t been here too long but he felt like he knew this place well enough by now. “Fuck.” he muttered moving his arm, his muscles protesting the movement. “I need a hobby”