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Answering a Question With a Theory

I saw the CinemaSins’ recent video about Beauty and the Beast (2017), as one does, because no matter how many mistakes they find, they can always make it sound hilarious.  But one comment in particular stood out to me: the one about the castle.  

The quote is as follows: 
“The castle begins crumbling like the boss level of some super Mario game for no other reason besides adding suspense.”

So basically: what was the reason for the castle falling apart? Shouldn’t it completely collapse once the last petal falls?

And to be completely honest, that one threw me for a sec.  Why did the castle stop falling apart once the last petal fell?  But then I got a thought that kinda answered that question for me.  It ain’t official, but I think it makes the most sense: the castle is too settled in reality to bear the weight of magic. 

There are a ton of objects in the castle that aren’t sentient and move anyway, like the cups and plates in Be Our Guest and the saucers that Chip moves during the fight scene.  I have a theory here about how there may be telekinetic energy at work during the curse.  For the castle, it almost seems like the exact opposite of how the objects inside are affected.

For instance, the staff can make plates and glasses and carts move around easy-peasy; nothing much happens, but as every petal falls, the more the staff become their own objects, and the more the castle starts to fall apart.  Or is it “the more the castle begins to bend with the strength of the curse”?

If the curse took its full effect when Agathe cast it that one night, then there would be no story.  The residents would just be objects, and the Beast would remain a Beast no matter how many times he fell in love.  The curse was a curse that took reached its full effect over time, and grew stronger with every passing day, especially when a petal fell.  The castle’s crumbling is just its reaction to the increased strength of evil magic (because come on, what kind of magic like this is good? Even if it is just to teach a lesson…).  It can’t support itself.  I bet Agathe knew this and sort of shrugged about it, maybe made it so no one inside would get killed. Emphasis on inside.  Gaston wasn’t inside.

(And I like to think that Adam’s mother brought her own kind of magic into the castle, to keep things light and bright and happy. But it’s just a headcanon; not important)

Once the last petal falls, the magic that Agathe left behind will depart from the castle.  There will be no more “cursed” castle, only an old castle with nothing in it but antiques and a ferocious beast.  After that, the castle will be left to the elements, and will eventually fall apart and become a ruin thanks to weeds, wind, and rain.  

Notice that the shaking and falling apart got worse when the rose only had a couple of petals left.  The magic was becoming stronger.

To accent this point, there is a small part after the servants’ fading scene (very, very brief) where the lanterns in the courtyard go out, signaling that the entire castle had fallen prey to the curse and was officially “dead”.  No more fighting, no need to fight; it was all over.

And after this, the castle didn’t fall apart anymore.  In fact, the only living thing in that castle was Belle herself.  Everything–including the Beast–looked a lot more faded than usual.  To me, everything blended together except for Belle’s white dress.

So, long story short: the castle is unable to bear the weight of so much magic inside of it.  That’s why it crumbles.

The Signs Loving Somebody
  • *Check Sun and Moon Sign*
  • Aries: excitement, restlessness, caring, delicate, a truthful kind of love
  • Taurus: communicative, smiley, wants to connect, so thoughtful, a sweet kind of love
  • Gemini: forward, honest, endearing, can be quite nervous, intuitive, a unspoken kind of love
  • Cancer: emotional, affectionate, kind, hilarious, always has heart eyes, a once in a life time kind of love
  • Leo: passionate, supportive, sometimes mixed signals, positive, a lasting kind of love
  • Virgo: sincere, hesitant, soft, often goofy, an "I'm here for all of you" kind of love
  • Libra: affectionate, pure, harmonizing, proud, 'a meant to be' kind of love
  • Scorpio: beautiful, emotional, deep, sometimes tense, wild, an unforgettable kind of love
  • Sagittarius: full speed, committed, generous, unstoppable, an intense kind of love
  • Capricorn: stubborn, faithful, intimate, slow, a forever kind of love
  • Aquarius: sexy, earnest, confident, clingy, a daydream kind of love
  • Pisces: heart stopping, romantic, shy, devoted, a soulmate kind of love
Mitch jokingly says to me a lot, “Thank god I’m a good singer, because I’m good at nothing else.” I know he’s just joking, but sometimes, I get the feeling that he actually believes that…and it destroys me. He is easily one of the most loyal, honest, handsome, beautiful, unique, hilarious, & talented people I have ever met. Truly special.
—  Scott Hoying // 🍓 coffee table book


Week Two: MOVIES
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Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Nine: Hello again and welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

I had originally named this post ‘BLOGS + VLOGS’ but after the overwhelming amount of suggestions specific to YouTube channels, I figured to dedicate this week’s post entirely to YouTubers. Voilà, here we are!

The genres vary this week, as always. We’ve got beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cooking vlogs, music vlogs, talk show set ups, and a bunch of other types of content! One thing is for sure, and the whole point of this entire project: these are all LGBT+ YouTubers. A lot of them are here on Tumblr too! So I added their @’s for you as well. 

If you think I’ve mislabeled someone (as in, if I have put them in this list or in the gifs above when they aren’t LGBT+), please tell me immediately as there’s nothing I value more than accuracy - I will be sure to follow up. In addition! If you’ve got recs, don’t hesitate to send them my way (particularly LGBT+ YouTubers who are people of color - I was underwhelmed to see the vast yet not so diverse YouTube vlogging landscape when it came to popularity.)

Next week: LGBT+ HISTORY - a compilation of academic journals, articles, autobiographies, YouTube videos, and other types of media that cover the long and too often glossed over history of the vast and diverse LGBT+ community. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!


  • Pero Like - “Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos of tu vida.” A Latinx-oriented vlog in which one of the YouTubers is Salvadoran and gay, but LGBT topics are not the main thing they vlog about
  • Shannon @now-this-is-living​ & Cammie @the-2nd-star-to-the-right on their channel nowthisisliving - A lesbian couple who are “just sharing [their] story/love/life with anyone who wants to listen”
  • Claudia Boleyn - A bisexual YouTuber who makes videos about mental health and social justice issues
  • Miles Jai  (giffed above) - Posts improv sketches, parodies, “beauty tutorials”, as well as vlogs
  • Kat Blaque @katblaque (giffed above) - “Opinion Vlogger, Children’s Illustrator and Thrift Store Addict”
  • Sara @rnashallah(giffed above) - Totally not putting her up here because we’ve been mutuals on Tumblr for like mad long and I’m just very fond of Sara as a person. She vlogs about her life and tbh that alone is worth a sub in my book!
  • Eileen W. @peeves(giffed above) - Another good friend of mine (let me live). HILARIOUS, sarcastic, honest, and is pretty much always there to Validate You, so support her and subscribe!
  • Marina Watanabe @marinashutup​ (giffed above) - “Part time feminist vlogger, full time sass machine. Biracial, bisexual, bipedal.”
  • Kid Fury @signedfury - “Born in Miami and raising hell in New York City, Kid Fury is a media mouthpiece with a whole lot of nerve. This channel is one of many avenues Fury uses to cover life, pop culture and more with a unique and sharp flare of truth, shade, and fuckery.”
  • AriFitz @itsarifitz - Lifestyle + style vlog

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Hi friends. I put out a fic rec list a while back, and since then I’ve read a lot more, cried a lot more, laughed a lot more. So here’s another fic rec list for YOI! Most of these are different authors, in an attempt to spread the love. 

As before, it goes fewer bookmarks -> more bookmarks, in a very blatant attempt to give exposure.


Resting pulse by cafecliche: I’m crying all the time, when I read this fic. It’s amusing and witty, while capturing the Victuuri characterizations perfectly, and also THERE IS PINING. This author’s other fic also address anxiety beautifully, so go forth. Go read all of the cafecliche. Do it for your wellbeing.

Kiss, You’re On Camera by Ashida: THIS IS SO SWEET. They’re at a baseball game, and Yuuri’s neighboring seat gets taken by an attractive stranger. God, it’s cute. Please check it out.

Stay the Night by Shadow_sensei: Your heart won’t be ready for the twist at the end of this. You could never be ready. This story is haunting and I mean that pun in all the best ways—it’s also got a beautiful dreamlike, fairytale (more like scary story) feel to most of it.

Shall We Skate (Through Time) by counterheist: counterheist has written MANY quality fics (also see BREAKING NEWS: Local Man Would Like to Date Other Local Man), most of which have me laughing. God, counterheist is great. This time travel AU also INVOLVES PHICHIT, my man, deals with consequences and, finally, provides great plot.

Yuri Plisetsky Saves the (Figure Skating) World by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom): Yuri Plisetsky’s interpretation of Viktor running off to “coach” Yuuri. It’s so canon compliant it HURTS—like hurts your stomach, because you’ll be laughing. Also the author is a darling.

A Heart of Paper Cranes by missmichellebelle: Besides being a fantastic human being, this author handles fluff, first time meetings, and anything your heart could desire with aplomb. I love this fic to pieces, and I love the sweet honesty of the Victuuri in it. *swoons*

Meet me halfway (in the future) by MissSpock:  I LOVE THIS FIC?? I love MissSpock, who I discovered and promptly blazed through all the fic of. This excellent time travel fic explores jealousy in a ironic but honest way.

Nuclear Hearts Club by butterbeerbitch:  The best of mutual pining and high school. I think I recc’d butterbeerbitch on my last list too, but I need you to listen to me. This fic has beautiful musings on childhood, which are giving me nostalgia in ways nothing else I’ve read has, and it is heartbreakingly gorgeous. This is poetry, it is prose, I cannot believe this is a real human being writing this. While they have stunning imagery, they also aren’t scared to make gross, hilarious comparisons. Please read this. Do it for me.

Like a design by jinlian: Canon-verse, and very sweet and humorous.

Life Unwoven by rougeandtonic:  TIME TRAVEL AU. WHERE YUURI TIME TRAVELS… BOTH WAYS. You get double the Victuuri, all of the pining, all of the miscommunication being healed, and just… oh. I love this fic. I think about it constantly. I’ve totally already screamed a lot about rougeandtonic on my Tumblr, but I. Do Not. Care. Like, this author probably hates me at this point, but I can’t help it.  Please read their work: kokoro no kaze is another of my favorites.

Lullaby of Birdland by Orchids_and_Fictional_Cities: Yuuri is a figure skater and Viktor is a jazz pianist. It doesn’t hesitate to deal with heavy topics, and the author knows. Their. Jazz. I’m drooling over this fic as we speak. Listen. I don’t understand how this has only 142 bookmarks at 7 chapters. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Meet Me by the River by c0rnfl0wer: do you want Slavic mythology and traditions handled masterfully and presented along with high quality love and pining? Then read this fic! Also, check out c0rnfl0wer’s other works, I can’t imagine how much research and effort he puts into his writing.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach by futuresoon: I can’t figure this mystery fic out for the life of me. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Do you like mythical creatures? Do you like mysterious and handsome men? Do you like food? Check this out. This quirky, supernatural fic leaves you curious, and ironically hungry for more. Might be on a hiatus, as a warning, but word on the street is that it’s not abandoned.

I see the universe in your eyes by fangirlandiknowit: Oh god. From Yuuri’s POV, and it’s so descriptive, so emotional. This was written a while back, but I just discovered it and it is quality.

(offer me) that Deathless Death by melonbug: VIKTOR IS DEATH in this beautiful and moving fic that’s wrapped up in mystery and prose, but which I want to continue reading forever. There’s some phenomenal life observations in here, too.

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing: I’ll never be over shysweething’s writing. I KNOW I recc’d this author on the last list, but you have to understand that it has brilliant dialogue, clearly understands YOI and episodes 11 and 12, and presents what was absent/only hinted at from them in a way that simultaneously soothes and breaks your heart.

These Frozen Nights by viciously: GEEZ so Yuuri can see ghosts, and Viktor doesn’t know… This fic is just ethereal and shocking, but still domestic and the Victuuri is sweet.

Taking the long way home by thankyouforexisting: Vicchan doesn’t die (so you already know this is gonna be good) and Yuuri doesn’t get drunk, so this fic explores how things change. It’s just… lovely. The dialogue is hilarious and magnificent, the AU is a great idea, and I’m loving this slow build.  NO, THANK YOU for existing, thankyouforexisting.

cover story by fan_nerd: Every frickin time I think back to my pre-AO3 account days, I remember a great fic and have to search for it. Every time I do, IT IS BY FAN_NERD. I love fan_nerd. This is a roommates AU, and is top notch.

Just Like a Stranger With the Weeds in Your Heart by MooseFeels: This ABO fic is just. Just. I tend to obsess over rhythm in my writing, and this fic has rhythm in excess. It just slides smoothly into your head, and astounds you.

Prove Me Wrong by homsantoft (tofsla): I started reading this and thought, oh, another soulmate AU, it could be decent. BUT I WAS A FOOL. This is not any old soulmate fic—it is beautifully handled, and I am unworthy of this and the one other fic by this author for YOI. PLEASE READ IT.

America goals by magnetic wave: Phichit is probably my favorite YOI character that isn’t Viktor or Yuuri, and this fic captures him so well. It also is a fic where you can see a perfect Phichit and Yuuri dynamic, without having to rely on Victuuri at all. I am in love.

Singularity by springsoldier (ladydaredevil):  I think I also recc’d this author on the last list. Do you care? I don’t care. You have to see this. It’s a STAR WARS AU. It’s so understated, and glorious, and hilarious. The Yurio is excellent, and the storyline is handled realistically. Finally, a Star Wars fic that shows you how a good Jedi deals with love.

A Lesson in Wanting by awesometinyhumanbeing:  I AM FANNING MYSELF. I love this fic! I love the trope of being in love with someone you’re married to, but being unable to deal with it. Reading the lines here just make me want to cry, and by the time things are finally resolved you will be incredibly invested in their happy ending.

Butt Stuff by Plumpie:  Yuuri gets an invasive… butt procedure. And Viktor is his nurse. Every moment in this is amusing.

At Home by SuggestiveScribe: SuggestiveScribe is pretty prolific, or was back a few months ago, and all of their works are breathtaking. Please check them out. This one’s fluffy, domestic despite the travel, and fun.

Katsuki Yuuri: Ascended Fanboy by Defiant-Dreams (DefiantDreams):  I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. Yuuri is a commentator, Viktor is still a skater, and everyone is exposed to their mutual and very obvious crushes in this great comedy.

Blackbird by sixpences: If you read nothing else I’ve recced to you but you still read this fic, I will be happy. This extremely well thought-out and planned fic showcases Yuuri and Viktor as intelligence operatives during WWII and the Cold War, and is brilliant in its complex portrayal of the issues at the time. Also, they’re ridiculously cute together even in heartbreaking circumstances. There is homophobia in-universe, but the handling of it is sublime and it’s there for a reason. I JUST UM. DEEP BREATHS EVERYBODY. THIS FIC IS SO GOOD.

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath:  Okay so listen. I am a very sensitive kid. This fic made me have a LOT OF FEELINGS, and is sublime. I will say there is definitely some violence, but it’s handled as well as this author handles everything, and the story as a whole transports you to this whole other Beauty-And-The-Beast but darker world! It’s very imaginative.

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) by DasWarSchonKaputt: I love Yuuko, and anytime she shows up in this fic I scream. This fic is just hilarious and deals with Yuuri’s feelings of inadequacy quite well. A+ role reversal AU!

Take Hold by Lavender Prose: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a complete sucker for soulmate AUs? I am, and this one is stunning and thorough in its worldbuilding. Also, check out the author’s tumblr for short but effective drabbles.

Kings in Couture by slightlied: I think a lot of people have also heard of this one, but I don’t care. The first two chapters are excellent, and accompanying drabbles for this universe can be found on the author’s tumblr, and they are also engaging. Just visit the author’s tumblr—it’s a lot of quality content of all kinds, and she’s bursting with ideas.

Now When Arrows Don’t Penetrate, Cupid Grabs the Pistol by ken_ichijjouji (dommific): AHAHAHA this fic, it’s funny. Also, it stars Phichit and almost every possible couple in YOI, so you know it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean: People like to watch Viktor suffer, but it’s always from pining. This fic handles the concept that Viktor can have major insecurities and struggles too, showing through heart-rending metaphor. And of course, it shows that Viktor can still deal with these things while having and deserving a loving relationship. Ah, homophobia warning here, but it’s a fic dealing with a lot of real world issues.

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0: Listen here. This is my favorite identity reveal fic. Somehow this author takes a plane ride (normally a terrible experience for all) and makes it into a rollercoaster of good times and cuddles and wrenching revelations. I love this Viktor, and this Yuuri, and the pacing is just right, as well as the Viktor/Yurio dynamic.

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood and MapleTreeway: probably a fic that everybody knows, but it’s so well planned and such a great take on selkies that I can’t help but recommend it. There’s actual poetry in here, folks, as well as great prose—dream scenes, sweet romantic getaways in bays, CUTE SEALS. And, for a time, a mystery! Just… read this fic, if you’ve somehow missed it.

Centripetal force by braveten: Braveten is pretty well known, so you’re probably like “kiaronna why are you showing us this, of course we all know this fic” but this is my FAVORITE OF HER FICS and it’s going to get recommended, dang it. If you somehow missed this adorable masterpiece and like college fic, check it out. One of the chapters also made me hide in a bathroom for a while to deal with my freakout about emotions.

Unfortunately, because of life, I haven’t had as much time to explore the tag… or much time in general. so if you’re one of the works I love but I missed you, I’m sorry! 

Hopefully you readers will share my enjoyment of these amazing works!

the signs as I know them
  • Aries: there's this fiery aura that surrounds them. they're always so warm and exciting. they're a natural leader and they won't hesitate to call you out on your shit. they might be pretty hot-headed sometimes but they're usually so generous and encouraging.
  • Taurus: very, very hardworking but they enjoy their lazy days too. they always try to get the best out of every thing. Is very affectionate and adorable when it comes to love, usually kinda introverted but they don't mind being in the spotlight. Rarely changes their mind but sticks to it if they do.
  • Gemini: so, so damn funny. I love these guys because no matter what they're feeling, they'll always try to make you laugh. So clever and intelligent but can be pretty manipulative sometimes, even when they aren't even trying to be. They have this childish quality about them which makes them seem so young and curious. Are usually very talkative but expressing their emotions and feelings can be pretty hard for them.
  • Cancer: Experiencing their moods is like watching those really old movies that make you feel so nostalgic. It's very hard to get them out of their shell because deep inside that cool, hard exterior is fear. They're always so paranoid that everyone is against them so they protect themselves under that strong, protective shell of theirs. Very poetic minded and imaginative but they do use logic over intuition sometimes, depending on their moods.
  • Leo: Oh god, honestly, the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. So damn charming and hilarious. They can be so intimidating sometimes because they seem so cool, but you'd be surprised at how grounded they actually are. They absolutely love their hair and will complement you on yours too. Very honest and straightforward. I love how positive their vibes are.
  • Virgo: This is the sign I get along the best with, mostly because they're so careful, helpful and caring. They will always, and by always I mean ALWAYS put you first, no matter how shitty they feel themselves. It's very difficult for them to open up about their emotions and don't expect them to do that unless they trust you. They're always thinking and that's what makes them so prone to anxious and disturbing thoughts. They don't always show it but they're very sensitive deep down.
  • Libra: They're so damn friendly and will always try to include you in their group. They're so charming and incredible. They might seem emotionally cold sometimes but they know more than they reveal. They usually end up taking people's shit way too much, sometimes to the point where it's very unhealthy. So good at solving conflicts and they always strive for equality, no matter what.
  • Scorpio: I fall in love with them all over again just by the way they look at me with their magnetic, piercing eyes. They are so misunderstood because they don't show their true emotions. They either love you or hate you. They tend to hold grudges against people who have hurt them but if they forgive you, you're lucky because Scorpios never forgive and forget. Everything they feel is so intense and part of the reason why they hide beneath a poker face. Very obsessive and suspicious.
  • Sagittarius: They're honest as hell, sometimes to the point where it can come off as hurtful but they don't really mean it. Very independent, they won't put up with your shit and thats exactly what I love about them. Can be pretty blindly optimistic sometimes. They just want to have fun and want everyone else around them to have fun too. The most genuine smiles and hugs. Laughs at themselves.
  • Capricorn: Ambition really is the one word that describes them. I find them so fascinating because of their ability to never back down. They're so intimidating and it's pretty hard to try to talk to them, but they're really so warm and sweet. So damn self controlled, you can never guess how they really feel. Their opinions are usually pretty strong. I wish I could figure them out.
  • Aquarius: They tend to have a very easygoing and friendly attitude. I love the way they think so differently and never give a damn what people think of them. I love how they're always down to taking long midnight walks, star-gazing and discussing conspiracy theories. They're so quiet sometimes but when they do open up, you'd be surprised.
  • Pisces: They fascinate me with their imagination and intuition. The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. They can get so caught up with their dreamland sometimes that they forget what's really happening. It's hard to get them out of that place. I love how genuine they are with their words and emotions. They have such caring personalities and I love the way they listen to my endless rants.
Shinee Reaction to S/O making funny faces whenever he is looking


You are bored and want him to notice you, so whenever he looks you are making funny faces hoping he’d look more often.


At first he couldn’t belive what he saw and was surprised at how good you were in making those faces, he would look away and then at you again just to see it again and after the third time he’d start trying to make funnier faces and animate others to do the same.


The Moment you did a strange face at him he’d think it was an accident and asks if everything was ok, but after the second one he’d realise it and he’d find it hilarious. He would first look around if anyone was watching and then he’d give you a strange face himself, finding it embarrassing to do when anyone is looking.


Seeing you with a strange face he’d think it wasn’t on purpose and laugh at you in his head, but after the second grimace he’d probably say something like
„ You know i think you are beautiful, but even you can’t pull off those faces without looking like an idiot.” As honest as always and you loved him for it.


You making funny faces would activate his childish side, he’d start being more embarrassing than you and would catch the eye from everyone near. It would be a new meme between the two of you and he’d be so hyper. He would combine it with some strange dance moves and noises, egging you on to go out of your usual self and do the same. At some point it’d be a competition on who did the strangest gestures.


The gentle soul that he is he’d first smile at you and think you are cute, trying to do some aegyo instead of creeping him out with grimaces. So naturally he’d give you some aegyo in return and leave you speechless for a moment.
Then after the second face he’d catch on at what you were trying and snigger, trying to sneak some faces himself.

Annyeonghaseyo, everyone! ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
I hope you liked this reaction and are reading the others too ~(つ▀¯▀)つ
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Requests are open, meaning if you want me to do a reaction/scenario/mtl about something specific just ask !
[Only about Exo, Shinee, Big bang, VIXX, Bts, Got7]

Eric’s 36th birthday

Okay so this is something I cooked up, sitting here in tears and sobbing hysterically. I thought it would be nice to get a little glimpse of what Eric’s life could have turned out to be. So this is playing in the future where you and Eric are married with children. Enjoy … or don’t. I’m such a mess right now that I can’t even worry whether this is good or not, I’ll continue crying anyway. It might be a bit too long though, sorry I got carried away once more.

!ALSO! This is an addition to an imagine I wrote already. It’s about meeting Eric at Rampart Range. SO this is 18 years later kind of thing, it would help to read the other imagine first but you don’t have to. If you want to just type in ‘meeting eric at rampart range’! You should find it pretty quickly :)

Today was Sunday and also Eric’s birthday. You were already busy in the kitchen since 7 a.m. Your littlest one Valerie had decided a few days ago that she didn’t want to eat ‘all the cute animals’ anymore, having an early phase of vegetarianism. However she did not understand that her beloved salami was also made out of meat no matter how often you and Eric tried to explain to her. Anyway, here you stood, cooking two different meals, one with meat and one for Valerie and baked a cake.

Valerie had been Eric’s choice. At first he wanted to name your children Mickey and Mallory. He and Dylan swooned over that damn movie Natural born killers and you didn’t have a problem with that but naming your children Mickey and Mallory? You had have some heated debates about those names and that night Eric had slept on the couch.

When your now 7 year old boy Jonathan was born Eric allowed you to name him after your father who died one month before because of cancer and could not get to know his grandson. Valerie came two years after Jonathan and the pregnancy was a wild ride. You had so many complications and she even came two months earlier by abdominal delivery. The doctor told Eric that she would likely not survive while you had still not woken up from your anesthesia. Eric was allowed to see her that night to say goodbye and named her Valerie because it meant power and strong-willed. And since then Valerie had shown exactly these traits. She survived that night and the two month stay in the hospital afterwards.

“Didn’t I tell you not to apply that much effort today?”

Eric gave you a quick good morning kiss on the forehead and regarded the mess in the kitchen.

“Why are you already awake, you shouldn’t be awake!”

You asked him nervously, trying to shield the cake from his view. You had decorated it with everything Eric liked. Computers, movies, your children, his former dog Sparky, his car, his friends and you even put a ‘R’ on it for Rammstein but you could not spell it full because of the children that would be present that day.

You heard the sound of the coffee brewer and the rattling of cups, meaning that Eric was taking his morning coffe and you decided to fnish the cake later since he would sit down now and read the newspaper like every morning. You watched as he began to clean the kitchen.

“You are always making such a big deal out of birthdays.”

He mumbled while he trashed countless packagings of flour and chocolate icing. You sighed and took his coffee, placed it on the table and forced him to sit down. Eric growled in protest but you wouldn’t endure him and his constent mania for cleaning right now.

“Are the children already awake?”

“Jonathan yes. Valerie is still sleeping like a log.”

He answered and began to read the newspaper but that did not stop him from watching you warily as you cleaned up.

“Don’t be so grumpy, it’s your birthday!”

You said and bowed down to kiss him briefly on the cheek.

“You mean one more year on the scale and three more lines on my face.”

You laughed and took the newspaper out of his hands, placing it on the table while you sat down on his lap.

“Oh I think you are still very much handsome Mister!”

Eric smiled and perked his eyebrows up.

“Mh Mrs. Harris. I can only reciprocate that. You look so hot covered in chocolate icing and dough.”

You giggled and leaned in to kiss him. Eric took one of your legs and hooked it over his closed ones so that you were straddling him properly. Moments like this were so rarely considering you both had two little children and Eric his full-time job at the marines. It was already a miracle when you were able to spend two seconds alone. You sighed as Eric opened your mouth with his tongue and softly dug his fingers in your hips, pulling you closer to his crotch.

“Mom! Jonathan won’t let me use the bathroom!”

You sudddenly heard a little scream and tiny footsteps down the stairs. You groaned in frustration and Eric sighed disappointed as you stood up. A tiny and angry Valerie stumbled into the kitchen.

“I need to pee and Jonathan won’t open the bathroom!”

She said and stamped her foot.

“Okay come on. We’ll talk to your brother.”

Eric said and easily threw the 5 year old toddler over his shoulder. You watched with a smile as your husband carried your daughter lovingly away, wondering how in earth you had deserved this life before the microwave rang and reminded you of the chocolate icing for the cake.

Eventually Eric managed to smooth down differences between your children so that Valerie could pee and even dressed them before they came down the stairs, squeaking happily.

“When’s Dylan coming over?”

You asked while setting the table.

“I don’t know, he, Robyn and Ivy are stuck in a traffic jam. By the way they asked me to be the godfather of their son.”

Eric and Dylan were swooning over their kids long before they hadn’t even been born. They always talked about marrying them off to each other and stuff like that. You were already Ivy’s godmother, Robyn was Valerie’s and Dylan was Jonathan’s godfather. Now Eric would be the godfather to the second boy of your clique.

“They know it’s a boy? I thought they wanted to wait until birth with the gender reveal.”

You said slightly confused but still happy for Eric and Dylan that it was a boy. Now their whole marriage concept would work out perfectly, at least in their unrealistic fantasy.

“Yes, Dylan told me yesterday. They couldn’t wait anymore.”

A little while later everyone arrived at short intervals. First came Kathy and Wayne and your parents. Kevin and Lydia came with their children Kathleen and David. Not shortly after the bell rang again and you opened the door to Dylan and a severe pregnant Robyn accompanied by their daughter Ivy. Your children were already screeching happilly when they saw their cousins and Ivy. The last one to arrive was Brooks.

It was pure chaos. Birthday parties always were. Jonathan had pushed Ivy so that the little girl started crying hysterically and Dylan tried his best to calm his daughter while Eric gave Jonathan a warning. Then Valerie threw a temper tantrum because everyone else was eating meat and she couldn’t understand that everyone could decide for themselves what to eat.

And so it was obvious that you were glad when you could escape that little Armageddon in there, by leaving the house for a second and went onto the terrace. It was cold but pleasant, typical weather for April. You walked until the end of the terrace, having a beautiful view over Littleton. To be honest, you would have never thought that Eric and you would stay here when you married but this town here meant so much to the both of you. You met here at Rampart Range, had have the most hilarious days in school together and practically developed your relationship here.

You turned around quickly when you heard the sudden noise from inside, watching as Eric slid the glass terrace door open before he closed it again and shut out the noise coming from inside. He walked over to you with a smile on his lips and a blanket in his hands. You smiled as he gently wrapped it around your shoulders. 15 years of marriage and he still treated you like the first day you both met when he gave you his shirt to sit on.

“What are the children doing?”

You asked and Eric pulled you back slightly so that you were leaning against his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“They keep my brother, Brooks and Dylan busy.”

He grinned and you both laughed. You sighed happily and relaxed into Eric’s strong grip. There was nothing that let you feel more at ease than having him near you. You both stood there for a few minutes, just silently starring into the clear night sky. You felt like you both were 18 again.

“Do you remember that day at Rampart Range? When you left me the note in my jacket and told me to meet you there? We watched the stars back then like we do now.”

You said and could not opress a smile at the memory.


Eric said, remembering what you had said about the stars that night.

“I could never forget that day. I don’t know how my life would have turned out to be if you wouldn’t have shown up but I know I’d rather die tomorrow than never have gotten the chance to know you. You saved me from a lot of things.”

“Oh yeah like that plan Dylan and you had to shoot up our school?”

You asked and Eric nodded.

“Yes, thank god we didn’t go through with that.”

He said chuckling. You grasped his hand and brought it to your mouth, pressing a kiss to the back.

“Happy 36th birthday Eric.”

You said and looked over your shoulder back at him in the dim moonlight before you leaned in to kiss him.

“And let’s hope there are a lot more to come!”

Eric smiled at you.

“Thank you babe. As long as you are by my side through all this years I’m okay with 50 more birthdays.”

You laughed and were pleasently surprised when no child suddenly screamed or ran outside to disturb you both like usually. It was one of this rare moments that you wished would last forever. You knew it wouldn’t but you would enjoy it to the fullest.


To be honest, who WOULDN’T watch this masterpiece? It has FOUR adaptations PLUS the anime and manga and has hyped countless fans from different countries. This is just….a true masterpiece. I don’t really say that word so much so It’s Fucking special. It carries so many hidden meanings and references in the show, I could rewatch it and probably find something new. Absolute beauty. The plot is simple but hilarious, the obstacles Kotoko overcomes to reach genius Naoki’s heart inspires my lazy butt to be as determined as she and Jesus….I’m having post-show withdrawls.

A letter to Scott Swift.

Scott, you’ll never probably see this but I write this in hope that one day you will…

Usually I’m full of words to say, but right now I’m struggling. Not because I don’t know what I want to say, but because I just don’t think I can say it and be able to show the extent of gratitude I have for you.

Thank you for your daughter.
Thank you for giving us your daughter..not just pieces of her, but every little thing.
I can only imagine how hard it would of been because I know that she’s your little girl.
Thank you for allowing us into your family’s life because let’s be honest you guys truly are FAMILY GOALS.
Thank you for being mystical, awe inspiring and hilarious..sometimes you having us questioning what you’re up to…guess taylorswift isn’t the only Shifty Swifty in the family!
Thank you for the dad jokes and the dad dance moves (they’re always on point).
Thank you for allowing your daughter to chase her dreams…because in return she’s made us realise that ours to are possible.

Scott, thank you for being the father that so many of us never got the chance of having.
You truly are a beautiful soul.

So thank you, thank you for being you. Thank you for allowing us the absolute pleasure and pure joy of having your daughter in our lives.
She’s one of a kind!

  • Aries: reliable
  • Taurus: smart
  • Gemini: fabulous
  • Cancer: realistic
  • Leo: beautiful
  • Virgo: sweet
  • Libra: honest
  • Scorpio: hilarious
  • Sagittarius: outgoing
  • Capricorn: cheerful
  • Aquarius: talented
  • Pisces: down to earth
  • Let's be honest, you guys are all amazing. And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what your zodiac sign is, it's who you are as an individual is what's special about you (but zodiac sings are super cool don't get me wrong folks).
Midnight thoughts on reylo fandom...

C'mon let’s be honest… Reylo fandom it’s FUCKING AMAZING! Full of funny, intelligent and talented people!
Beautiful fanart, perfect manip, hilarious gif, hot fanfic, complex and deep theories…
It’s like my personal Land of Toys!

BTS Masterlist


Reaction to Having a Tall Partner

Reacting to Y/N Snorting

Reaction to Y/N Remember the Little Things

Reaction to Y/N Wearing Girly Clothes

Motivating Stressed Out Partner

Reaction to Y/N Being a Dubber

Reaction to Y/N Being GD’s Little Sister

Reaction to Y/N’s Surprise Visit After Being Abroad After One Year

Reaction to Everyone Falling for Y/N at a Fan Sign

Reaction to Y/N Having a Twin

Reaction to Y/N Making Sexual Jokes

Reaction to Y/N Playing 1cm의 자존심(Taller Than You)

Reaction to Y/N Having Soft Hands

Reaction to Y/N Having a Tongue Piercing

Reaction to Y/N Having a Crush on Sojin(Girl’s Day)

Reaction to Y/N Asking Him to Buy Tampons for Her

Reaction to Y/N Freaking Out because of EXO

Reaction to Someone Flirting with Y/N and Getting Jealous Because of it

Reaction to Y/N Keratosis Pilaris and Always Stratching

Reaction to Accidetally Grabbing Y/N’s Boob

Reaction to Y/N Crying Because She Spilled Juice

Reaction to Y/N being a Brutally Honest and Hilarious YouTube Gamer

Reaction to Y/N Watching a Gory Surgery and Eating Meat at The Same Time

Reaction to Y/N’s Confession

Reaction to Y/N Saying They Hate Him

Reaction to Y/N Getting a Grape Stuck in Their Throat

Reaction to Y/N Being Better Than Him in Something

Reaction to His Best Friend Pretending He is Their Boyfriend

* Scenarios*

Yoongi(Suga): Just a Text(A), Please Don’t Shatter(A), Crazy Ideas(F)

Jimin: The Most Beautiful Flower(F)

anonymous asked:

💜💙💛 spill that tea beb - missy

vague: I have no clue why you think I would be interested in receiving 30 ~artsy~ snapchats of your day in greyscale, every day. I literally do not care one bit. You’re so vain it’s concerning.

confession: I’m waiting for this version of myself to die. I desperately want to change but I’m scared I’ll never become the person I want to be, or even a better person than I am now.

honest opinion: My first wife I met on tumblr dot com……. You really threw me into the world of Otayuri with your Quality Content and I am so grateful that you did! You are so beautiful and HILARIOUS and have such a strong and established personality, and I love it and you so much. I was so scared to talk to you but I’m so glad you did and now we’re closer - even knowing that you’re on the same side of the world as me is so comforting. Also you’re multilingual and I am so proud and impressed??? Wtf my wife?

What a Scorpio Thinks About the Signs

Aries: Hyper. Sort of strange but in a beautiful way.

Taurus: That person that you can just sit around with and they will just listen to your rants.

Gemini: I love them. They’re so funny and can make my day great with just one hilarious comment.

Cancer: Crybaby when they’re younger, but when they grow older you won’t see them cry in front of you. Also very caring and funny.

Leo: Very honest, a small portion of them may be a bit judgmental but they will say right it to your face.

Virgo: Some take advantage of you because they’re really clever, some will always be there when you need them.

Libra: Fucking crazy. But also extremely nice and sweet. But batshit crazy.

Scorpio: Secretive little hoes, but also very honest and the majority of them are loyal.

Sagittarius: Really defensive, sort of scary, but not scary at all too?? HILARIOUS.

Capricorn: Most of them are very trustworthy. They pretend to not care about what others think but they actually do.

Aquarius: Peculiar beings, have great sense of humor, takes a while to become friends with them unless they’re really extroverted.

Pisces: Knows when something’s wrong and you don’t have to tell them anything. Puts themselves in others shoes often. Very considerate.

On Thursday, my boyfriend will finally arrive.

He was very nervous when I was talking to him earlier; he seemed convinced something would make him miss his flight. I told him to go two hours early, I told him where to go to get his tickets, and to call me when he gets there. I get the feeling there is a part of him which doesn’t feel good enough. He hasn’t expressed that but I can tell.

He is more than good enough. He is great, superb, handsome, beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, supportive, loyal, and honest. I cried on camera today when I told him I thought I knew what love was and then I met him and found it was much greater and different than I had thought. I also don’t think he was used to having someone sit down and go over his feelings with him and really listen as I did tonight. It was very emotional.

His nerves are calm for now, I told him that I accept him for all he is and just to get on that plane. I’m trying to work with his BPD and make him feel secure and loved but it’s different for sure. All he has to do is get on that plane. God I hope he gets on that plane. The only thing that could sabotage it is his own anxiety. He’s better than that. God.

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what are your top ten favourite usuk fics of all time? :)

Oh anon, you ask the difficult questions…

I’m not going to try ranking them, but here are my top ten completed fics (and why I love them) in alphabetical order:

1912 (by RobinRocks) – Arthur and Alfred rekindle their love on the Titanic. What I love: historically accurate dialogue and the tension in their relationship. Spoiler: the ship sinks :)

Cold December Night (by Car) – “All England wanted was one kiss from America… What England wanted, he got.” What I love: great humor and the UST-iest UST that ever UST-ed.

Cuckoo in the Nest (by PennyLane) – Arthur is a novelist in hiding after a bad break up with Alfred to help as his personal assistant. What I love: slow build-up of the relationship and beautiful writing.

Don’t Panic (by simplytrop) – Alfred saves Arthur when aliens destroy Earth and wacky hijinks ensue (mostly drinking and alien elections). What I love: geeky humor and how madly in love they are without even realizing it.

In Spades (by ArixaBell) – “Poor peasant Alfred, struggling to care for ailing Matthew, attracts the eye of Queen of Spades Arthur.” Includes dubcon and UKUS. What I love: plot-filled writing and how Alfred and Arthur bring out the best in each other despite a bad start.

Teenage Wasteland (by Teenage Mouse) – Worried by England’s disappearance, America travels to London and discovers an entirely new side to the old, stodgy nation. What I love: wild-and-crazy!England and America’s painfully slow realization that his unrequited love isn’t so unrequited after all.

The Hudson River Challenge (by monobuu) – Cash cab + drunk!England = sexy and hilarious. What I love: drunk!England. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason he keeps showing up on my lists.

The Silken Rose (by snowyfoxpaws) – England doesn’t believe in the red string of fate that connects him to America. What I love: angsty love. Such angst!

Think We Are (by Gecko Osco) – A USUK version of the Breakfast Club. What I love: the perfect dose of angsty teenagers realizing what’s important in life from each other.

Where The Most Beautiful Roses Grow (by fakiagirl) – College professor Arthur meets his new neighbor in their quiet suburb. What I love: slow build-up of the relationship and pure fluff.