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Season One

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Transformers: Matrix begins, as many stories do, with someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps the perfect place at the right time. It’s always hard to tell.

When Buster Witwicky accidentally absorbs the powers of the Matrix of Creation, he sets off a chain of events that calls the Autobots to Earth- followed by the Decepticons; who are hunting both them and the power of the Matrices. With the aid of his family, friends, and the giant robots from space that come to his protection, there’s much to be learned about how the Matrix of Creation was left upon Earth.

And why.


Daniel “Dannie/Dan” Hughes. A 1500 yr old huli jing (fox shapeshifter) and main protagonist turned antagonist from Insaneography.

Charismatic, intelligent, and manipulative. Dan’s a people person and can get along with nearly everyone, except a particular dragon.

He’s a fallen hero who helped maintain the world’s levels of chaos, swaying sides in major conflicts at the behest of a Muse. Trouble within their own ranks, his refusing to follow an order, and being denied the leadership position led to him killing their employer. The loss and feeling of betrayal spurred him on to create a group of his own, one to combat the former. 

Kicking OC October off with my favorite! :3