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“Oh, don’t you act like I want to spend a week sleeping next to Jack Thompson,” Peggy scolds.

“Could you stop saying his name in our bedroom?” Daniel grumbles, and it occurs to her it might make it worse for him, the fact that it’s Jack.

For a diplomatic mission in West Berlin, Peggy must go undercover as the wife of a junior attaché. Plot twist: it’s not Daniel playing her husband.

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Name: Daniel

Nicknames: dan

Star sign: Aries

Height: you wanna fucking fight is my height

Orientation: helicopter yes you heard me right helicopter

Hogwards house: I don’t watch Lord of the twilight zone so idk

Favourite color: rainbow

Favourite animal: in the title of my blog

Average hours of sleep: 3….2 ok maybe 1

Cat or dog person: idk tbh I like all of the animals

Favourite fictional person: don’t know there are alot of good characters

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 that is very thicc

Favourite bands/singer’s: daft punk,panic at the disco, mcr ( me and my technical/emo ass)

Dream trip: America so I can meet @music-art-death

When did you start this blog: I had more than one blog I originally started summer 2015

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Daniel “Dannie/Dan” Hughes. A 1500 yr old huli jing (fox shapeshifter) and main protagonist turned antagonist from Insaneography.

Charismatic, intelligent, and manipulative. Dan’s a people person and can get along with nearly everyone, except a particular dragon.

He’s a fallen hero who helped maintain the world’s levels of chaos, swaying sides in major conflicts at the behest of a Muse. Trouble within their own ranks, his refusing to follow an order, and being denied the leadership position led to him killing their employer. The loss and feeling of betrayal spurred him on to create a group of his own, one to combat the former. 

Kicking OC October off with my favorite! :3