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Our task is to construct an image of the man. We don’t yet know him. But we will.
└ for @johnsmoore ♡ (The Alienist (2018))

  • David: Hey, 'Daniel', it's me, David. The guy who's camp you FUCKED.
  • Jasper: Did you really think you were going to be able to convert the camp to your religion?
  • David: We can't do EASY things at this camp! And you want to do something HARD?!
  • David: You're a jerk-person, Daniel!
  • Jasper: Hold on, let me look up Daniel's address in the yellow pages. Oh, it says here: a garbage can.
  • David, laughing: Let me look up Daniel's phone number.
  • Jasper: David's gonna slam you here in a second, Daniel. LIGHT THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP!
  • Gwen: Get him! Get him, David!
  • David, laughing harder: *Holds up piece of paper with 1-800-FART-NOW written on the front*
  • Gwen: That's right!

try the kool-aid.

an SI-5 sequel to this

Maple Pancake

Street racers!AU

warnings: Daehwi is older here, past and present, last one and then the finale, sneak peak, for the confused souls (I’m sorry), strong language, (ft. Minhyun), Daniel gets burned here but I’ll give him a happy ending, bloody graphic.    

You slumped down on the couch after throwing the records on the table. Kicking your flats off your feet, you stretched your legs on the sofa before grabbing the list of patients from the shelf beside you. Your fingers brushed against the coarse paper as you scanned for a specific name; a familiar one. However, you were interrupted by a sudden phone call.

You lowered the list and took the call, a female voice ordering you to head to the desk counter. Quickly wearing your coat and heels, you left your office and walked towards the head desk. You placed the file down on the desk before getting inside the counter and talking to the other nurses. Thereafter, you scanned the file once again, this time questioning a friend of yours, “When was the last time you checked on patient 0172893?”

“A month ago,” the younger female answered. You grabbed your stethoscope, sliding it around your neck thus advanced to the patient’s room. When you accessed the patient’s room, you saw the girl sleeping calmly under the covers until you noticed the tears streaming down her cheek. Silently, you observed the room around you; everything was well-organized, the books were stacked neatly inside the shelf, a few CDs lying on the desk, and a picture frame facing down on her table.

You only gave the picture frame a glance before writing down the recorded data; intensive cleaning, excessive sleep (always restless), and a very curious behavior. You explained in the record, picture frame faces down when the patient could’ve not placed it on the table at the first place. You added in the probable disorders or mental illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Severe Depression (previous record), developing insomnia.

Your attention shifted towards the girl who abruptly woke up. She stared straight at the ceiling to focus her vision before turning to you. You asked, “Nightmares?”

“It never ends,” she replied. You smiled as you stated, “Not easily, but eventually. How many hours do you sleep?”

“Four to five at most, but I have a few difficulties in between. Sometimes, I just feel restless after a long nap.” She answered truthfully, pushing her head deeper into the pillow. You recorded it down on her profile, thus threw another question, “Feeling any other discomforts besides sleep?”

She responded after a minute or two, “Just the same nightmare from before.”

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