and hey it's daniel!

first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

Season One

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Transformers: Matrix begins, as many stories do, with someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps the perfect place at the right time. It’s always hard to tell.

When Buster Witwicky accidentally absorbs the powers of the Matrix of Creation, he sets off a chain of events that calls the Autobots to Earth- followed by the Decepticons; who are hunting both them and the power of the Matrices. With the aid of his family, friends, and the giant robots from space that come to his protection, there’s much to be learned about how the Matrix of Creation was left upon Earth.

And why.

im back!

hey everyone its daniel!

im sorry ive been gone for so long! i was in the hospital for a bit due to some mental problems and took a hiatus. but im back now and a lot better! its summer time now but im enrolled in an online charter school and i cant wait for it to start! while its summer time i am taking some online classes to catch up with what i missed in school while i was gone! so i promise i will post a lot more even in the summer! :)