and hey rose did work in a shop!


Marvey Week
└ July 9th: Day 4 » The Time Machine

Doctor Who Episode Rose AU

It was just another day in the shop. In job Mike hated. But he needed money to help out Grammy so he did what he had to. Going into work that morning he had no idea he’d be attacked by mannequins or saved by a man who calls himself The Doctor. When Mike woke up the next morning he was all ready to chalk it up to some crazy dream. Only the shop was blown up and he had no job. But hey Mike is the king of denial unless his denial show up at his door looking way too handsome in that suit. Of course then getting attacked by a plastic arm was just icing on the cake. He needed a drink or twenty. Plus answers? Nope, the Doctor was not giving them up. The whole disappearing act was both annoying and cool.

He couldn’t let it go though. Anyone else would have said fuck it and let sleeping dogs lie. But he wouldn’t and if there was one thing Mike was the best at it was research. He would win the gold if research was an Olympic sport. He was going to find this Doctor and get some answers.

Well he didn’t o much as find the Doctor but rather the Doctor found him since Trevor was replaced with some mannequin and tried to kill him. And he got his answers. Only he’s not sure he didn’t just lose his mind and this is all in his head. The Doctor’s an alien? Ships that are bigger on the inside? Another alien is trying to take over the planet? Yep he’s officially gone crazy. Yet he’s still with the Doctor and now trying to save the planet from a plastic alien controlling thing.

Oh and he found out what happened to Trevor who is currently having some sort of breakdown. But really aliens trying to take over the world? Bigger things to deal with. Especially since the Doctor’s negotiation is more giving orders and Mike doubts that’s going to work. Someone’s got to do something and Mike has always been a more leaping without looking kind of guy. Gets him into a shit ton of trouble but in this case he just saved the Doctor’s life thank you very much.

In the span of three days the entire universe has changed and Mike’s never been more excited. Plus and offer to travel through time and space? Yeah there’s no refusing an offer like that.