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The Best Things a Person Can be Given

It is reported from Ḥabīb Al-Jallāb that he asked ʿAbdullāh b. Al-Mubārak – Allāh have mercy on him:

“What is the best thing a person is ever given?” He replied, “Innate intelligence.” He then asked, “And if not that?” He replied, “Good conduct.” He then asked, “And if not that?” He replied, “A compassionate brother to consult.” He then asked, “And if not that?” He replied, “Long silence.” He asked, “And if not that?” Ibn Al-Mubārak replied, “Then an early death.”

– Al-Dhahabī, Siyar ʾAʿlām Al-Nubalāʾ (8:397)

So, After DC killed N52 Superman, They didn’t feel satisfied enough with the mess they made. Therefore they had to trash him even more by saying he wasn’t the real Superman! We’ve spent five years investing in his stories and adventures. He was the cool Supes with complexity and dealing with real life crisis like xenophobia and even cancer. He had a lot of potentials to become the best version of Superman ever. Such a shame how DC handled him. Superman Red? Merging two different men into one? Come On!

Only Clois fans matter as Superman fans to DC. The writers should pander to them and change everything to please them! A vocal bully fandom gets whatever they want or desire. That’s supposed to be justice to DC fans? Oh no! It’s just trashing Superwonder fans even more. What are we to them? Just a fandom to be easily ignored? Aren’t we the reason DC still produces successful Superwonder merchandise? They just break our hearts in Rebirth while they could have used Multiverse to be fair to both Superwonder and Clois. 

I have five years of my favorite titles and my otp. No force in the universe can take it away from me or claim it’s not real. It’s real enough for me! I have no reason to buy any Rebirth titles as long as they keep insulting and ignoring my favorite pairing. No wonder Batman is DC’s Superstar bc Superman is still stuck in the nineties since Clois fans won’t let him grow. Rucka, Tomasi, and Jurgens can go to hell. 


Amazing scene from episode 89.

Context: Upon finding out that Taryon hasn’t bothered to learn the names of most of his new traveling companions, Pike recruits Tary’s mechanical assistant Doty to immediately sketch some portraits. Of course, Doty takes the request very literally and decides to sketch everyone while they’re in bed. Many of them are not in bed alone.


SHELTER. (2016) || shigeru is message to his daugther.  

To Rin - From : Dad ヾ There was just so little time left after you were born. I don’t know how much love I managed to pour into raising you after your mother died… But your smile kept me going. (^_^) I would like to have come with you, but I couldn’t. I wanted you to forget everything and move on… I knew you’d be alright. But you’ll get lonely, and remember. I know you’ll grow strong, and read this letter some day. I really wish we could have spent more time together. I’m sorry. You were so young back then, too young to understand what they meant. So let me repeat…
My final words to you…..”


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