and hes hella gay

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Hi! Do you have any new fics where sheriff or Scott disaprove ?💕😊


1989 by neil4god (13/13 | 7,610 | NR)

Stiles is learning how to cope without Scott, now that he’s out of the pack and his life is falling apart around him he needs to figure out who he is and how he’s going to move on. All set to Taylor Swift’s 1989.

He’s a Sourwolf but He’s My Sourwolf by IdSellMySoulForRecentlyUpdatedFanfiction (3/? | 11,114 | R)

Idk wtf to title this fic if I’m being perfectly honest. It’s basically Teen Wolf where Stiles can see and kinda sorta talk to ghosts and kinda sorta has a few powers but not a lot and he realizes early on that he’s hella gay for a certain green eyed hunk who has the habit of slamming him into walls, working out in tight jeans but without a shirt, and brooding. Very obviously follows the Teen Wolf plot line (like hella strictly) until it very obviously doesn’t (trust me you’ll know when the fic reaches that point). If anybody actually reads and likes this I’ll be updating every Sunday. 

Miraculous AU: Everything is the same but theres Marius

In the day time he’s Marius Dupain-Cheng is just a normal guy with a normal life. But there’s something about him that no one knows about. HE’S LADYBUG AND SUPER GAY.

•loves fashion/wants to be a designer

• he has a crush on the model hottie Adrien Agreste

• gets all shy and clumsy with words when he’s with Adrien

•he’s hella gay and hella out (hella obvious)


•doesn’t really care if he is called Ladybug, he has spots and he basically a gay Spider-Man

•honestly at first he felt his masculinity was torn but then he remembered Francis from Bugs Life and that helped him

ok but here’s my favorite part about thinking about Marius AU:

•Adrien is gay too but deep in the closet :(
[freking homophobic dads have ruin everything]

•as Chat Noir he can be as much as a gay flirt as he wants and of freaking course he’s in love with none other than fREAKIN LADYBUG HIMSELF

• ladybug ain’t feeling chat bc of Adrien but enjoys the flirting

• chat has other nicknames for him such as: “Buggy” “bug-bite” or “ladybutt” (I can’t think of more I haven’t slept)

Idk everything’s the same but gay

I slapped some colour on these sketches! I’ve come up with some info about my Psychonauts OC so here goes!

His name is Igor, he’s Becky’s older brother! He works as a scene worker and handy man at the Gloria Theatre. He’s incredibly optimistic (and sometime passive aggressive), very strong and helpful. He would love to be an actual actor but he is downright terrible at acting, he over acts anything he does and often recites poetry to himself. He would be voiced by Cecil Baldwin, and he mostly just hang around the theatre, build scenery, fixes things and bench presses whatever he find fitting. He’s also hella gay.

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Craig and tweek!'


Sexuality Headcanon: I headcanon him as either bi or pan
Gender Headcanon: Cis male 
A ship I have with said character: CREEK ALL THE WAY
A BROTP I have with said character: His friendship with the rest of the gang (Clyde, Token, Jimmy) is important to me. As well as his camaraderie with Kenny sometimes. I like to think they like to ditch class together during their high school years and hung out at the parking lot or something.
A NOTP I have with said character: Anyone other than Tweek. Especially Red (They’re cousins wtf)
A random headcanon: I like the headcanon that both him and Tweek get braces in their middle school years and always got stuck to one another during their make out sessions XD
General Opinion over said character: MY SON


Sexuality Headcanon: He’s def hella gay to me
Gender Headcanon: Cis male 
A ship I have with said character: Again, Craig is his one and only love
A BROTP I have with said character: I like to think him and Butters could be good friends. Or him with Kyle or Kenny. Of course he’s close with Clyde, Token and Jimmy as well but not as much as Craig.
A NOTP I have with said character: Anyone other than Craig
A random headcanon: Tweek still occasionally take up boxing practices after school. It keeps him calm, making him focus on other things rather than using coffee
General Opinion over said character: MY TWITCH SON

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14,11,8,9 sunny

8. List one big secret you keep.

He’s thinking of asking Nile to move in with him at his place.

9. Do you have or want any piercings?

Sunny’s obviously got piercings, but he does want more like a tongue, and industrial piercing.

11. 3 Turn ons.


14. Sexuality?

He’s hella gay 

OC characteristic thing

Full Name: Lime Sordega
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Hella gay
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Ethnicity/Species:Black, Snake faunus
Birthplace and Birthdate: Born in Vale, ???
Guilty Pleasures: People tickling his scales
Phobias: Thunderstorms, birds, and coyotes
What They Would Be Famous For: Being hella gay/ SJW
What They Would Get Arrested For: Being hella gay
OC You Ship Them With: ???
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Probably Violet
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Sci-Fi
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Love triangles
Semblance: Reflection: Creates a clone that mirriors Lime’s movements
Why Someone Might Love Them: Sassy, Social Justice
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Sassy, constant hoe
How They Change: N/A
Why You Love Them: Its fucking @sunwukxng in rwby form why not

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Reiner would have a better skin care routine than most women nowadays. Hogs the bathroom all morning sort of routine. Hella gay Reiner is the best! :3

He would also carry hand lotion with him and nag at people for not moisturizing their hand and mama!brauning them with his hand lotion. “How can you kill titans with so rough hands! Handling swords and 3D gear is bad for your hands, remember the moisturizing..!”