and hes 23


Wtf did I just read? I can understand that Robin && even Matt affected him but honestly, he had it the worst? Really? I’m sorry but who out of ot4 has had everything paid for with hardly any work needed to be done? Also, Jay is Louis’ mother, that was his best friend. Wtf did I just read!? He jetted off to LA after his bullshit about Manchester.

“for those of us who know him better” …. I swear. Let me remind EVERYONE in this shit hole , you don’t know them. You fkn know a brand. && I’m sorry to say but enough with romanticizing the cherubic boy you saw singing Stevie Wonder for his audition. He’s gone. He’s 23 && surrounded by interesting people. Just stop. Your reach levels are astounding.

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tony totally does have a superpower. its just that his superpower is not dying of caffeine overdose which only rarely comes in handy when fighting supervillians

HBD HES, I love you more than you will ever know 😘💕🍾🎂🎁🎈🎉💞💟❤

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i have Thoughts™ about alec clinging desperately to the belief that he and magnus can make it work bc it really reminds me of the same way he said I believe in time the Clave can be reasoned with and how he genuinely believed the shadow world could be united with the Cabinet. on the surface you wouldn’t peg alec as an idealist, but i really like that there are just these moments that really showcase how very young and hopeful he is next to magnus.

Context: I’m DMing for a group who is playing Curse of Strahd. The barabarian, Bruce, forgot to retrieve his magic spear so it was confiscated by the law enforcement of the town they’re in. Seeing how dejected Bruce was, Zindara the warlock went and purchased a wooden spear made to be a child’s toy and used a bit of magic to make it sparkle. He then gave this to the barbarian and attempted to convince him that it was far more powerful than his other one.

Zindara: (IC) “Oh yes, this spear is extremely powerful. It’s a wonder I managed to get my hands on it, but I knew how upset you were to have lost your other one.” (OOC) I roll Deception to convince him this is a magical weapon.

He rolled a 23 while Bruce rolled at 2, so in awe of his new weapon he goes to show it to Larofin the paladin.

Bruce: (IC) “Look at this! Isn’t it amazing!”

Larofin: (OOC) I roll to see through the deception… 17?

Me, the DM: That is pretty obviously a toy spear. There’s even a price tag hanging off of it.

Larofin: (OOC) I want to roll deception to convince him that this is also a holy weapon used to slay a dragon… 19.

The barabarian rolls a 5 so listens in awe as the paladin describes how a holy warrior used this spear to slay an ancient dragon that had threaten to destroy his city’s temple and devour everyone inside. As the story is wrapping up the party’s “no-nonsense” NPC walks up and the barabarian calls her attention to his “treasure”.

Bruce: (IC) “Kamala! Look at this! It’s super powerful and rare! Zindara got it for me!” (OOC) Hah, jokes over now guys.

The NPC sees through the deception easily but doesn’t say anything for a few moments. She raises an eyebrow as she looks at the “legendary” spear, then at Zindara (who is trying not to crack up), then at Larofin (who is trying not to grin), then lastly at Bruce who is obviously very excited. There is a long pause before she speaks…

Kamala: (IC) “Wow, I never thought I’d see a weapon of legend with my own eyes. I used to hear stories about it; that only the most powerful of heroes are capable of wielding it.”

She rolled a 21 for charism and he, of course, rolled a nat 1 as the warlock and paladin nearly fell over laughing both in and out of character. Bruce is now completely convinced that this is a legendary magic weapon used by a famous paladin to slay an evil dragon, and thus calls it the “Sacred Spear of Dragon Slaying”.


Look I might be biased but it’s been 4 years and this is still one of the best performances of anything I’ve ever seen