and hers are so nice

Okay tho, has anyone noticed how graceful Genocider Syo actually is?

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her movements flow so nicely

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even if they are very little

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there’s so much power in the way she moves

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yet it’s somehow subtle

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just look and appreciate


Pick one. 

You don’t need one. 

I just wasted 21% of my phone battery within a half hour having a serious political conversation with my cousin on snapchat and I honestly have no regrets 

List ten favourite characters (one per fandom), then tag ten people.

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1. Bruce Banner (Marvel)

2. Spock (Star Trek)

3. Monroe (Grimm)

4. Gary Bell (Alphas)

5. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

6. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

7. Joe Kido (Digimon)

8. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

9. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

10. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

Forgot this: I’m tagging at least iloisuus spiccan allassankari bankaikala sartag kichiotp frinia trammelsb ellewritesfiction blueringlady

If you have done this then no need to do it again! I’m just curious. (:


Here’s some more updates on Wild Bunch Francie. Out of the box, her hair was so dry, dull and limp feeling, I honestly thought it was kanekalon like the Gads About Repro Francie and she would have needed a partial reroot cuz she felt bald in spots.

A quick rinse and conditioner and turns out her hair is saran, her rooting is incredibly thick and is incredibly shiny. I’m tempted to boil her hair but it’s so nice and thick feeling atm.

Her fur coat had a huge indent from the wire holding her in box so i used a hairdryer on low and blew in the direction of the fur until the fur undented lo. I then used a fine tooth comb to brush out the fur and huge amounts of fur came out but it’s a lot more softer now. Too bad the fake vinyl trimming is flaking off like a jerk.

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I dunno if any one's one this before but how about a How to train your dragon AU? Ava is Hiccup, Odin is Snotlout, Gil is Fishlegs, Maggie is Astrid, Ruffnut and Tuffnut are Raven and Crow

i was a lil ehhh about this but then i imagined tiny viking ava with a hat too big for her head kicking ass and taking names on her vicious night fury so nice nice good AU A+

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And then there's Ginny who is just totally understanding because she feels just like George feels, developing a crush on Luna and Harry and at one point even Hermione. Of course Ginny really loves Harry more and she goes to her wise older brothers about this, and while George gives her some advice, Fred really really tries but it's hard because he doesn't get it and Ginny is like "oi Fred, that's fine but can you at least give me some sex tips?" and Fred FLIPS like "um no we're done here, bye"

ginny who crushes on luna and harry at the same time around her second and third year. like, she’s always had a crush on harry, it’s a constant in her life. but luna was so sweet and nice and non-intrusive and she’s exactly what ginny needed her second year after the hell that was her first and so she gets butterflies when they hang out and she thinks luna’s got the prettiest smile around. she crushed on hermione for a while because hermione just seemed to have everything together. it didn’t last very long but it was there.

ginny who’s really anxious about it and it got to a point where she couldn’t sleep and so she went to fred and george one night and they talk to her about it and calm her fears and george is awesome at explaining things and fred’s just rubbing her back and everything’s so so good.

My sister has class at 12, which was nice because I forgot but then my spirits were lifted when I saw her, so we were able to have nice sisterly time.
Now she’s gone and I need to figure out what to do with my day.
My plan is to scrapbook, write, listen to peaceful autumny tunes, and tea, because I’m so sick. Also pray, because I haven’t done it in so long. So if you’d like prayer, I’d be more than happy to pray for you.

My friend said to me today “I can’t wait to take you out and watch everybody fall in love with you and then tell them they can’t have you” I love her so much she’s so nice to me I don’t deserve it

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Fav Blogs: strengthcas is amazing and makes killer graphics, rockandrollchick is my happy place, castielsweetness (prev blueeyeddoeeyed) is super multitalented and a cutie pie, and of course puppymish is a lovely fairy who rallies the troops for misha collins and so I love her :D

strengthcas rockandrollchick castielsweetness

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