and hers are so nice


some new things i learned from our trip today:
@whelvenwings does not trust crocodiles
• turkeys run like they gotta go fast
• the more you do peace signs in an asian country, the more you blend in
• if your pizza doesn’t arrive in 15 minutes, your waiter probably forgot your order


Stop the guys who broke in here. Right now.
- Why should I?

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Okay, but what if Steve was like, a head or so shorter than Sam and he has to stand on his tiptoes to kiss him?

this is-this is the best-the best thing I’ve ever gotten this morning. not the extra hour of sleep. this.

oh my god just picturing it I’m crying. sam teases steve about it every time and steve’s like ‘oh ok fine. fine. no more kisses for you then.’. and sam laughs and scoops steve close and keeps pressing kisses to the side of his face, apologizing between his laughter.

and eventually steve is laughing too and they’re making out. life is so good now anon ilu.

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Hi there! Just a quick note at my daughter's request (she doesn't have a Tumblr) - she loves your art and your fics, and she tells me that she knows you're in a rough spot right now, but she's proud of you and she loves you!

This is very sweet! I’m so happy she enjoys my artwork and fanfics and I thank her for caring about me! If you can, tell her that I think she is super nice and I appreciate it so much, and that I hope she has a good day!

honestly though, HER customer support is so nice. once when I was in college I was trying to install a new game at like 4 in the morning, and I was typing in this install code and it wouldn’t work and I was very tired and very flustered because I had been up writing this really stressful paper and I just wanted to fucking play Nancy Drew. so I emailed them asking if the code was wrong, etc. and ultimately went to go swing on the swings near my dorm (don’t fuckin judge me) before I went to bed. and then when I woke up the next day I had the nicest email imaginable telling me that I was just a moron who didn’t realize it was an o and not a zero. 


“Just call me ‘hyungnim’. You’re the only one who has the right to.”

Wang So has had so little love in his life and it’s only these two people - Hae Soo and Baek Ah - who he has by his side, after so long on his own. So has worked so hard to protect the people he loves and has reached his desired goal of becoming king.

The irony is that it’s that same coveted seat that’s distancing him from them - first, it’s Baek Ah who’s bowing and scraping, calling him “Your Majesty” at every turn. Soo eases the tension with her antics and it’s so nice to see Wang So laughing and smiling, really rare! This just makes me think that Wang So, precious cinnamon roll that he is, is way too lonely and kind and loyal to be king.

What’s killing me is that I know he’s going to lose Soo next and become unbearably lonely and my heart can’t handle it.

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Candice is so funny, I've never seen her be so blunt about KC. She's usually nice & respectful but she makes her feelings clear. This time she was like "I don't know what the writers were thinking", "I don't see them together at all", "I don't get why people want them together". I think they've pushed her to her breaking point.

LMAO yep I think Candice has reached the point where she’s just done being asked about it. It’s the end of the show, it’s not something she wants to see them pursue nor do I think they will be pursuing it.

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"Please don't cry and do that shit to yourself over some boy that doesn't see how good you are Riley, you're beautiful just the way you are"

Prompt: anons ask+ why aren’t you eating.

TW: anorexia and physical & mental abuse

I cried while writing this so beware, and sorry for any errors


Riley honestly hated herself. she wasn’t pretty and defiantly not skinny enough, according to her boyfriend, Charlie. he told her to stop eating and she obeyed because if she didn’t he’d hurt her. she didn’t need anymore things to hide from her parents. although everyone thought Charlie was so nice. little did they know. 

Riley sat at the table pushing her food around with her fork. this wouldn’t be the be the first time she hadn’t eaten dinner. 

“come one riley eat something” Auggie said, nudging her under the table, Riley set her fork down and pushed her plate away even though her stomach grumbled. “I’m not hungry i’ll be in my room" 

she looked at Auggie who looked at her with a sad face. sometimes she wished kids weren’t so attentive about feelings. she stood up and went to her room, letting her back slide down the door as it closed. she cried into her knees.

Riley didn’t want to do this to herself but she was scared of Charlie. He was so strong and she was so weak.

she sat there all night until sun rose. she had been drifting in and out of conciseness, not knowing what was real and what wasn’t. Riley got up and put on a loose shirt and hoodie. she didn’t even own a hoodie like this one, it was probably Farkle’s. She wore it anyways, even though if Charlie noticed she’d get slapped.

Riley put on her make up to hide the sulking features from not eating or sleeping. she skipped breakfast and headed  down to the subway where she met Maya and the rest of the group. The said nothing. Although Farkle looked at her with worry, he had always seen right through her secrets, but he never said anything in case he was wrong, and he’s never wrong.

as soon as they got to school Charlie greeted the group slinking his arm around her waist tightly. Riley flinched at his cold touch. She wanted to run. Riley had always felt like she was at fault for letting it happen, for not breaking up with him before he got to controlling, but now it was to late.

he leaned down and whispered into her ear, “wow, you really lost some weight, you look good”

Riley’s face contorted in disgust  she ripped away from him and looked back at him in anger, but his grip tightened around her wrist. she cried out in pain catching everyones attention. That wrist was still sprained from when he yanked her to hard.

This was the last straw, She was done letting him use her like a toy. she had bruises everywhere and if she didn’t stop him there’d be more.

“let go of me!” she yelled at him, “were done”  she ripped away from him, but he pulled her back making her whimper in pain.

“your embarrassing me” he said angrily. suddenly a person came up behind her

“she said let go” Riley looked back at the person, Farkle. He had a murderous look in his eyes, as threatening word flowed out of his mouth, “look we good do this the easy or the hard way, because if you don’t let go i have a bottle of acid in my backpack that will burn your skin to the bone”

Charlie let go slowly before running away down the hallway. What a coward. tears fell down her face, she turned around and let herself crumble into Farkle’s arms. Farkle wrapped his arms around her and Riley cried into his shoulder. He held her by the waist, he could feel her ribs. “Oh my god Riley when was the last time you ate? i can feel your ribs.”

No one even ask Riley about how skinny she had gotten until now, they had all though that she was on some gruesome diet. Maya remembered a couple days ago Auggie had told her to pay attention if Riley was eating or not.

When Riley knew her secret was out. She just cried more into his shoulder, “please don’t cry, and do that shit to yourself over some boy that doesn’t see how good you are, Riley”

Riley felt so weak, her wrist hurt from the bruises Charlie left with his tight grip. She felt like if she stood back up she’d just crumble back down again. “let me take you to nurse to get checked out" 

She felt safe in Farkle arms as he picked her up. The entire group watched as she trembled in his arms. Riley could see tears streaming down Mayas face. Zay and Lucas just stared down at floor. They all felt so stupid for not noticing how sick she was. Smackle walked up her and Farkle and handed Riley a granola bar,

"Eat. It may not be much but it’s a start”

Riley smiled. She though she was alone for along time, but now she, funnily enough, had a granola bar.


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I feel like Emily is so used to having to try and work hard for positive attention that when people do or say something nice to her out of nowhere, her immediate reaction is "Oh my gosh, you really did this for me? Wow!" Followed by "Ohhhkay, but why? ...Like, why are you REALLY doing this? What do you want?"

yeah i could definitely see that. she believes no one would ever just do nice things for her without having an ulterior motive. so many people use her for her assets (money, family power, big house, cool expensive toys/stuff, etc) that she cant even fathom someone just genuinely liking her

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top ten fave blogs?

asalfjdl no this is hARd ,, okay um

@hartminkus - i love kat sm even if she doesn’t realize that anchovies are reAL and are not a government conspiracy

@fglmanis / @shylou - i love sauda so much oh my god she’s so sweet n nice and cute and i love her

@phalloween - kendra is a nerd who talks about emily Too Much but she’s cool n i love her

@glitterlynch - my girlfriend !! deashja is so sweet n wonderful n amazing and she puts up w my disaster self n i’m so glad i know her

@rileymeetspluto - avia is so amazing and sweet !! she’s always rlly nice and caring and super great i lov her

@queenrowbrina - andii is super amazing, and one of my first friends on tumblr !! her gifs are amazing and she’s always there for me and super supportive and i’m so so so lucky to know her

@spookyhart - lindsay is so nice and caring and also hella funny n just !! one of my faves

@sapphicmaia - even tho we r new friends ,, mako has rlly ,, impacted me. for example ,, this sentence that i actually typed n sent to someone

also mako is just rlly great and their hair looks so fucking good

@maurasargents - sara is super great n i love their blog and tbh ,, i jst like ,, go to their music tag n listen to music bc it’s hella good and also damn look at how nice that url is

@philtaatos - becca is my fave even tho she’s lowkey extra as hell and “ran into a door with her neck” she’s great and funny and her blog is rlly nice and i love her

@jackoangst - i !! love !! claire !! so much !!! claire is amazing and hella great nad gorgeous n i love her even tho the gc is rlly fucking dead 

oops this is eleven anyway numbers r fake so it doesn’t matter

Mom Anon

Apologies in advance, this is a long post. About feeling sorry for Sophie, I feel you Anna! I have felt a bit sorry for her ever since the LA premiere.

 I KNOW she pulled a dirty trick on Ben at PSIFF. I KNOW she has been as smug as anything during the last year and a half. I KNOW about Karma, come uppers and “maybe she deserves this”. But lets play devil’s advocate here for a moment.

After all, she has been in this sham for two years as well. And I can imagine even she knows by now fetch is not going to happen. I think there could be a few possible scenarios here, before Marvel stepped in.

- Ben wanted out and was going to do a “not his”. That would leave her as the bad guy. So she negotiated for a nice amount of money to dissappear, shut up about all of this and the end would be put on “mutual differences”. When she is asked after Pilo, she can say he is with his father or one of the grandparents. He can say Pilo is with his mother or one of the grandparents and in two or three years “he is in school".

- She was as ready to call it quits as Ben was. Fetch didn’t happen and her own trick is biting her in the ass: if someone is inclined to offer her something, they are going to ask what she is going to do about Pilo and doesn’t she live in London? How is she going to manage this? (most of us agree she lives in the USA but I would think apart from family and (close) friends no one knows about the sham, especially in the USA and her artsy world). So she is ready to negotiate (see above).

- Fetch didn’t happen and she wants to move on (to a new target or not). She can;t do that while officialy married to Ben and living in London, so she is ready to negotiate etc

- She found someone in the USA she is romantically involved with and they want to make things official. That can’t happen because there is her other “marriage”. So she is ready to negotiate etc.

But then Marvel steps in and says: NO, this movie has problems, we don’t want to add to that by having the lead divorce. We want to attract another audience that wont like a divorce after two years with a young child involved. As a matter of fact, lets make it about family life and butterflies and you are pregnant again!
That would be a hard ball for both of them. And maybe even more for her. Because if Ben wants out after the promo, easiest way is a “not his’”, making her the bad guy. And will she get another favourable deal from him? 
Or alternatively, they have to stay “married” for at least another year, so both can’t move on. And who knows what the next people in charge of the next movie come up with.

I can imagine that would be enough to make her look sad and tense. It could also be because Marvel is curbing her influence and capacity to pull tricks but then the pg would have been denied I think.

I know this is all theory and in my head but I think, seeing everything that’s going on, she isn’t in control anymore than Ben is. Since a second pg would keep her at Ben’s side longer and in his limelight longer, she should be happy right now if that was her plan all along. But she looked genuinely upset in LA (in my eyes at least) and not much better in London. Something is brewing here.


Mom Anon, I cosign all of the above speculations as well as your uneasiness regarding how upset she looked in LA and London.  Something is definitely under way and none of them look happy about it.

P.S.  I took a bit of your theory out from your submission because I really want to allow them free reign to play it out as they wish this time around.  Apologies, but I don’t want us to keep repeating the same mistakes we made the first time around and they obviously can’t use outs if we keep beating them on every corner by predicting their next move over and over again  ;o)

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sadly danielle isn't in London there's shipping box on her ig story :/

Thats actually a table in the background of her IG Story picture. She even got her makeup done by a makeup artist today in London so have a nice day :) 

(( mindfang needs more friends but its really difficult for her to be..ya know..nice…..smh

so like or something if you dont mind being patient with rping with a muse that’s an asshole for the first several interactions? (unless she finds you cool then she’s just a mess tbh) idk i just wanna see how many people are interested in a high dramatic asshole tbh

I’m in fucking tears. Oswald waiting at home to confess his love for Edward while Ed is chatting up the Kringle clone. NOOOO, I want to diiiie. Lighter note: I love that they’re not shying away from Oswald’s feelings or making it like, “I love you because you’re a great friend~” - it’s heartbreakingly, awfully clear that Oswald is head over heels. The whole episode he was like a schoolkid with a mad crush. He was fluttery and giggly and nervous, which isn’t like him at all. Man, Isabella seems nice and all, but can something terrible happen to her so Nygmobblepot can finally live?

Little side note: It is really nice to see Chelsea Spack on screen again - she is ridiculously cute!

Man I had a great time hanging with Shakey tonight, I mean I always do. But we made so many goofy/funny posts today and were just laughing/giggling at them and other stuff lmao. Feelsgoodman

God I love her so much, she is just so chill, fun to be around and joke around with. I think I heard her laugh the hardest in awhile tonight too, it was cute and funny. Lmaooo, we both made each other laugh pretty hard today.

I dunno I’m just making this post because it feels good to be able to be that close to someone, even if we have been dating for quite a bit now and all. uwu I don’t think I’ve been as close to anyone as I am with her in awhileeee, so it’s just nice.

@shapedkiller‘s  first  thoughts  in  the  morning

[10/25/16, 12:29:49 AM] Kay: I’m sad
[10/25/16, 12:29:53 AM] shia surprise !: WHY
[10/25/16, 12:37:13 AM] Kay: Kieran was so nice tho? In the first season? I mean, he was a killer all along and he was shady af, but he was so nice to Emma? Made her feel safe and then all along, it was him he protected her from? I mean? His face in the scene where Brooke wins lady of the lake, he looks so genuinely happy and proud? But that’s just because he knows a freaking body is going to dump from the air? I think about him a lot? He was only 18?? He had so much potential, where did things go wrong? I mean, fuck yo dad boy go do your own stuff?? Teenage killers?? I really genuinely think about Kieran a lot and I just don’t understand how someone can DO that??? I am shook? How? And his face in the courtroom? He is stone cold? But that’s not the Kieran I like? The Kieran I like is nice and protective and secretive and I hate?? That?? I can’t believe? And now hes ded? Now he’s with piper? In hell? I can’t believe


(this is a sceenshot re-draw!)

  • Me, before Bismuth and Earthlings:ouo rose is such a good person she's fluffy and adorable and i love her
  • Me, after:rose u shady bitch u kept bismuth a secret tf did u do to pink diamond what else r u hiding ur hair so big cuz its full of lie s
—  s.s., “bury your gays”