and here's the phil version

Phil Coulson takes Melinda May–the real Melinda May–right back to that library he kissed her LMD counterpart. He does this after Melinda is healed up (they’d already confessed long held back secrets as she’d recovered in her med bay bed and Phil had pressed a kiss to their joined hands, the fear of almost losing her still strong), but May’s not sure what exactly they’re doing here or where exactly here is.

Phil plants her in a very specific spot in front of a bookcase and he’s saying something about Ulysses before she cuts him off.

“What are we doing here, Phil?”

He shuffles his feet and rubs the back of his neck nervously. “I shared a first kiss with you–well sort of you–here and I don’t want that to be our first kiss.”  He takes a step closer to her and one hand slides up to thread through her hair and his thumb rests on her pulse (how could he have ever thought the LMD was her when her hair was this silky when his hand was lighting up like a firework at her touch?) 

Melinda seems to understand and she bites her lip and lifts herself on her toes, using her hold on his chest as leverage. 

"Then let’s rewrite some of our history.”

Their first kiss–their first real kiss–is nothing short of electrifying. His hands are in her hair and tugging her closer and controlling the kiss, dominating. She’s moaning into his mouth and when her back hits the bookshelf behind them (when did they shuffle backwards?), she hitches her leg up over his hip to bring their bodies into contact. He’s hot and hard against her and they both groan at the feel of increased pressure. 

Phil stops to nip at her bottom lip and revels in the sound of her gasped out, “Phil.” 

He breaks the kiss and grazes his teeth down the soft skin of her neck and stops to suck at the pulse point. She bucks beneath him and clutches at his shoulders. 


It’s rare to hear him curse and it makes the moment all the hotter. Well, it’s a hell of a first kiss.

And here is the final version of my fanart of @danielhowell and @amazingphil from @incaseyouart Elf ! AU.

Had a lot of fun on this one and I’m pretty happy about the result (even if I’m disappointed about the blending on the cloaks >< ).

The eclipse rose is darker and less saturated in real life too.

Hope you like it anyway Vic =D 

Done using copic markers (and white gouache and a little bit of colored pencils )


Moonlight Phil Speedpaint, you can find the post for the drawing (here) and the Dan version of the drawing (here)