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I hope you don't mind me asking, do you have any Gen!Thor fic to recommend to people who are new to the fandom too? Thanks :)

Hi!  OHO, I DO NOT MIND AT ALL.  ♥  As much as I love shippy stuff (BOY DO I), I am a great consumer of genfic as well–sometimes I even prefer it, because sometimes I just want to take the kissing parts out to focus solely on the other stuff.  And anyone can always come talk to me about the characters on a gen level and I will always have recs to shove at people.  :D


No Such Liberty by Xparrot, thor & loki + other asgardians + avengers + thanos, action fic, redemption fic, 147k
   Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
   I will love this fic as my #1 in all of the fandom until the end of my days, because it is absolutely everything I wanted.  Plot, worldbuilding, and characterization.  Set post-Avengers, it’s half a story about Thor&Loki repairing their relationship (and the long road it takes to get them there) and half about Thor continuing his journey of growing up, growing into the great man he’s to become.  It also has plot and action and made me cry a bunch of times from feelings!  (Majority Rule is also GREAT.)

Bargaining by proantagonist, thor & loki & odin & frigga & asgard & avengers, time loop, 110k
  Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.
   I cried like three times reading this fic, it’s so beautifully written and so good on the feelings, Loki working to understand himself and come around on accepting that it’s okay to love his family and to accept their love in return, all wrapped up in an epic, sweeping plot and worldbuilding.  Between this and No Such Liberty, I was absolutely spoiled for gorgeous fic in the fandom.

Postbellum by Shiny_n_new, thor/loki (pre-slash?) + odin & frigga + other thor characters, 22k
   While Loki is imprisoned for his attempt at taking over Earth, he discovers Thor is sneaking off to Jotunheim.
   The author marks their work as Thor/Loki, but honestly they read like gen to me and they’re really good (both this one and The Weight of Family) do a gorgeous job of characterizing both Thor and Loki, as well as writing good worldbuilding and engaging plot.  They’re just really solid in that way

  → You Shouldn’t Have by TheOtherOdinson, thor & tony + thor & steve + thor & clint + thor & natasha + thor & bruce, humor, 2.1k
   Thor takes gift-giving very seriously. (aka, Thor trolls the shit out the Avengers with tacky gifts)
   Everything TheOtherOdinson writes is one I would love to put on my favorites list–I’m only choosing this one as a place to start with because it’s my very favorite, where Thor trolls the other Avengers with super tacky Asgardian gifs and IT’S SO COMPLETELY TRUE TO CHARACTER.  They write fantastic characterization for everyone they touch, so just go through all their Marvel fics and you won’t be disappointed!  Personal faves: The Lullaby Singer (Odin is the one to go after Loki during The Avengers, HOLY CRAP SO GOOD), Life of the Party, SUCH GOOD THOR CHARACTERIZATION), and Five Times the Villain’s Weapon Didn’t Work On Thor and the One Time It Did, MORE SUPER FUN STUFF.)

“Growing Pains” by AloryShannon, thor & loki + other asgardians, action scenes, mythology elements, 49.2k
   Written for a prompt on the Thor Kinkmeme on LJ: “Odin, in this universe, has the foresight to realize that keeping Loki’s origins from him could end up alienating his son. On his tenth birthday, he tells Loki of his Frost Giant heritage, and while it upsets the boy initially, because he is young, he is able to bounce back once reassured of his parents’ general support. Still, Odin urges the young Loki to not tell Thor until he feels that his brother has truly matured to the point where it won’t affect his overall view of Loki. Meanwhile, some odd years later, Loki is going through weird frost giant puberty and Thor is entirely convinced that his brother is ill or mental or some thing or other. Hi-jinx ensue.”
   This one is a little rough around the edges (epithets and comes a little close to arrogant!dumb!Thor at times) but those are minor nitpicks in the face of a fic that felt like it was practically twice the length of what it actually was because it crammed so much stuff in there!  Plus, I’m a sucker for action scenes.  :D

 let slip the dog of war by dance_at_bougival, thor & loki & asgard, 9.7k
   The old ways are done. - the brothers renegotiate.
   All of this author’s Marvel fics are really good and worth reading!  They’re often mistagged, so what looks like pairing fics are actually entirely gen relationships, so don’t let that put you off!  The author gives a lot of sharpness and weight to their characters and interactions and everything is just really solid and good here.

Road to Nowhere by Lise, thor & loki + frigga + other thor characters, thor 2 spoilers, action fic, quest fic, 27.2k
   When Loki turns up demanding Thor’s help on a quest to retrieve the All-Mother from Valhalla, Thor isn’t about to say no. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten anything, and what better time than a road trip through the backwaters of the universe for trying to talk things out?
   Lise aksi writes a lot of Loki whump if you’re into that kind of thing, though, this one is more of a “sullen worldbuilding-laden road trip that has feeeeelings” and I really enjoyed it and it’s a trip to go get Frigga back and I LOVE QUESTS TO REVIVE CHARACTERS.  :D :D :D  (I also really like Exsanguination a lot!)

Cultural Differences + The Road to Redemption is Pitted with Potholes by Sheyrena Wyrsabane, thor & loki & avengers, 80k
   Thor brings Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard and returns to Earth only after promising to return for Loki’s trial when the time comes. In the meantime he tries to navigate Earth’s foreign customs and not kill his teammates who insist on treating him like a small child rather than the god and prince that he is.
   I haven’t reread these in awhile, so I’m not sure how they hold up (and I remember Steve’s characterization being off) but they’re older ones (from around the time of The Avengers) and what they do get into is how Thor was often treated as an idiot when he really wasn’t.  Add in a plot with Loki’s redemption that was one of the early ones I read that I loved, and you have a collection that I really enjoyed a lot.

→ Everything’s Better With Bunnies by khilari, Persephone_Kore, thor & loki & odin & frigga, crack treated seriously, 12.7k
   When frightened or stressed, Loki transforms into a bunny and sometimes he needs to be cuddled to calm down enough to turn back. Unfortunately, the events of the movie are extremely stressful. Five times he transformed into a rabbit and needed cuddling and one time he didn’t and got cuddled anyway.
   It’s a cracky premise, I know!  But it’s really a great fic that has some great character moments and allows for some new understanding to happen, when Loki can’t hide how stressed out he is and so there’s a more visible sign for his family to pick up on.  But also BUNNY LOKI IT’S SO MUCH FUN.  (I also liked Overlapping Space, which is mostly Loki & Jane gen interaction, but a lot of Loki’s family really loving him.)

Godchild by griseldajane, thor & loki, de-aged!thor, some child in peril, 39.5k
   When Loki finds a de-aged Thor wandering alone on the battlefield, Loki takes the five year old child in and resolves to figure out how Thor was transformed and why…
   SUCH A WONDERFUL FIC.  Thor is de-aged and so Loki takes care of him, which allows for some breathing room in their relationship and Loki to find it a little easier to accept the affection from his family again.  A blend of SUPER CUTE with OH NO FEELINGS that’s really a great read.

Freefall + Landing by galaxysoup, thor & loki + other mcu characters, depression/suicide ideation, 28k
   Loki falls. Thor catches him. This does not solve as many problems as Thor thought it would.
   I haven’t reread these in ages, but I remember eagerly snatching them up and enjoying them a ton!

- If you want more Loki-centric fic (I tried to stick to fics that had an equal balance of Thor and Loki in this set), Mikkeneko’s The Great Subconscious Club is a stellar crossover with the X-Men, where Thanos’ manipulations on Loki are painstakingly worked through.  (Also I loved The Sweetest Ride a lot.)
- If you don’t mind comics-based fic, Road Trip into Mystery by Mythtaken Identity is one of my absolute favorites.  Thor and kid Loki go on a road trip to see kitschy American stuff, now that Asgardia is based in the US and there’s mythology and comics plots and tons of brotherly bonding and it’s SO GOOD. (I also love their MCU-based stuff No More Than a Goat and The White Boar and God in the Machine are favorites.
- Ask Me No Questions by Alex51324 is a very fun Loki Redemption story (his main relationships are with Thor, Tony, and Bruce) where he’s punished with a truth spell and sent to Earth to learn to get along with friends and maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t.
- Beneath by ninepen is a massive Loki & Jane fic, where he’s sent down to Earth and has to try to figure out a way back, which means using Jane Foster to help build a new Bifrost of sorts.  It’s very focused on these two, though, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be friendship or ultimately romance, as I never got far enough to find out.  But it’s very well-written if you’re into these characters!  But warning:  It’s 1.3 million words long, so clear your schedule or be prepared to be reading for weeks!

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Hoi! I'm new here to this blog! And it's to meet you Aria and you too V! Sorry are you called Vzearia or Aria here? Youre kinda new to me sorry!

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

*waves* welcome luv!!!! You can call me Vzearia or Aria, whichever you’d like. My nickname is Aria because I have a character named V who is not me so I do that to try and not get people confused. 

Hope you enjoy it here!!!! :3

My favourite page of Gotg - Collect Them All

So, I started it today - thank goodness my day off is finally here. I like it (I mean, it’s about Groot’s clones, that’s awesome), but it’s not the best thing I’ve ever read. The author is taking too much time to get to the point and some bits are kinda boring. It’s not like the characters are OOC or anything, even the new entries are pretty interesting and it starts with a pretty nice idea (I should know, given my last posts). It’s just slow and maybe too serious. At least, way more serious than I expected. 

But then, this page happened. And I loved every word. It has both humor and heart, and that’s exactly what I wanted from a book like this. I’m glad most of it comes from Rocket, he’s incredibly funny and he also shows his heart of gold to all the Groots he has around. I love how he just rolls with all the weirdness and goes in full dad mode with the flick of a switch. There’s a scene a couple of pages later where he sits on the couch and he’s promptly surrounded and hugged by baby Groots he’s basically an old cat lady. I love bits like this one, especially when Rocket is involved (the author put a lot of effort into getting his character right and it shows). 

This may not be the best book ever (go check Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Steal The Galaxy! if you want a bunch of very good characters, a well-written story and a whole lot of fun), but I think pages like this make it worth the struggle. Not exactly my piece of cake, but you guys may want to give it a shot!

Introducing Bodge

I’m happy to announce that I’m introducing a new character to my RP roster!  Meet Bodge, former Singer, former member of the B tribe, current moody/angsty tracker.

Look at her profile HERE


Bodge just wants to exist and eek out a living in this world.  Her past is troubled and mournful, but she is here, and she is alive.  Perhaps that is all that matters.

I hope you enjoy reading about this new character.  I’m very excited to finally be bringing her into Final Fantasy.  If you think you might be interested in some kind of RP with Bodge send me a message or an ask or a thing!  (note: Bodge is currently stuck on Mateus due to server congestion.  I hope to be able to transfer her to Balmung soon, but until then my options may be limited when it comes to things in game.)

Thank you for taking the time to check out Bodge!

On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

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Dumbledore’s Army! I’d been wanting to do another watercolour portrait wall, and with the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter this year it seemed like the right choice (/great excuse) to draw these cool, dorky, brave kids <3

While we’re on the subject of tumblr’s shortcomings as a fandom platform, I want to say one more thing. I’ve been thinking lately about how it’s really important to remember that fandom isn’t just on tumblr, but on AO3 as well. One angle that I don’t see people talking about a lot with regard to commenting on fic is that it’s another level of interaction that I don’t think fandom can live without–not just because it fuels writers, but because it can fuel readers too. 

Over the course of my fandom life, I’ve gradually worked my way up to leaving more and more detailed comments (not necessarily always longer, but definitely more specific) and let me tell you–it’s incredibly rewarding. Just recently, I left a comment that prompted a writer to share a lot more about what they were thinking while writing the fic and to give me a rec for a fic with a similar theme to the one they wrote. Sometimes writers will reply to comments by going into more detail about the headcanons they have for characters or explaining more backstory for a part of the fic that I mentioned liking. I’ve had people follow me here on tumblr after I commented on one of their fics on AO3 (and as a writer, I’ve followed people who have commented on my fic too–if I can find them here), and from that, sometimes new friendships arise.

What I’m trying to say is that the importance of comments as an aspect of fandom interactions can’t be overstated. It’s not just about stroking a writer’s ego. You can get things out of it too, whether it be a new headcanon to think about, an insight into the creative process, or even a new friend. Being specific about the parts of fic you like can give writers the confidence to write more things in the same vein or to write more period. Back in the LJ days, fic and personal posts were all mixed in together, so it was easier to have those kinds of interactions, but now that those worlds are split, I think it’s even more important to remember why commenting is important and what it can do for fandom as a whole.

So next time you’re leaving a comment, I challenge you to view it not as “paying your dues” for reading the story, but as an opportunity to interact with the person behind it. You don’t have to be long-winded. Tell them what your favorite part of it was. Pick out something that was unique about it and ask about their inspiration. Talk about how it made you feel or what it reminds you of. You won’t regret it. 

Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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Oh my stars your art is amazing!!! Do you think maybe you can make a shading tutorial sheet? owo

Hey there Anon! Sure thing! I’ll do my best to explain the process of how I usually do things in regards to coloring and shading. I’m not the greatest at Explaining, so I’ll do my best to keep things as crystal clear as possible!

Step 1: Lineart
I’ll start with Lineart purely because this step is important to the coloring process in one regard, and that is making sure the entire line layer is closed without any holes. Even the smallest little gap will make the selection process hard later, and we don’t want that. So the cleaner lineart you have, the better. I’m going to go ahead and use my Monster Hunter Generations Huntress for this.

Step 2: Selection
Either in Photoshop or SAI or whatever you use, click outside your character and any other negative space surrounding them. This means…basically anything that’s not your character. Then go to Selection > Inverse and invert the selection. You should have something similar to what I have below. This makes it so much easier to add colors without having to worry about all the little nooks and crannies that could mess the cleanliness of the drawing up real bad.

Step 3: Flat Base
Create a new layer beneath your line layer with the selection still active. This will be our color layer. Remove the visibility of the line layer, and fill the remaining “Silhouette” with a dark base color. This makes those nasty corners look a bit cleaner, as sometimes if there is a lighter color your computer will want to make them stand out pixelated. Again, this is just for cleanliness beneath the line layer. Turn your line layer back on, as they will now act as barriers for the fill bucket tool. Make sure the entire silhouette is filled, and that no lines were accidentally selected! You want a see a completely filled and flat color if you turn the line layer off.

Step 4: Flat Colors
At this point you can lock the transparency of your Color Layer, and go ham. Either with the pen or a fill bucket, figure out how you want to color your character and add in the flat colors. Notice I’m on the same layer as the Base that we made. This is so those lines still play nicely with one another. Clean up where necessary.

Step 5: Analogous Color Gradient
Well, we don’t really want our character to be too flat, do we? This is where the color wheel becomes your best friend. Select similar colors with the Magic Wand (like I’ve done her skin tone here) and using the color wheel, choose an analogous (that means “close by” in color wheel terms) color to add a bit of depth to the color. For skin, I usually go with a red or a bronze, sometimes purple. Use the airbrush for this. Then, deselect and select another color to gradient, until all the colors have some degree of new color to them.

See? Now things look interesting! We added some blue to the greens, some purples to the reds, some blues to the grays and so on and so forth.

Step 6: Shading
Okay, here’s where things get interesting. Time to shade. Make a new layer between the Line Layer and Color Layer, and make sure you make it a clipping group/clipping mask. This is so it won’t go anywhere that you don’t have color. Set it to multiply or linear burn (whichever you think looks best) and bump the opacity down to about 40-50%. Choose a color (or color-value gradient, if you have drastic value changes in your piece that make light and dark values not play well with the single color you picked, and swap between those) that you want the shadows to be; I like deep pinks and purples. AVOID BLACK. I first use the Pen tool to get down “hard” shadows - shadows cast by hard materials, close shadows, and inorganic materials. Once I’ve got those down, I head on over to the softer areas, such as the skin, hair and cloth and alternate between the watercolor and marker tools to give “softer” shadows. There’s no real law to this, you just have to know where shadows fall and how they behave and  work with those three tools to get the look you want.

Step 7: “Highlights” - Rim Lighting
Okay, these aren’t really “highlights” in the correct sense, but adding sort of “rim lighting” around forms really helps make a picture pop. To do this, make another layer above the shading layer, set it to “screen” and keep the opacity at 100%. Then, get really familiar with your CRTL key because you’re going to be color sourcing a lot. To add a rim light to a form, select the base color of that form, and use the marker to trace along the edges. For example, I picked up the nude from the skin, the silver from the dagger, the gold and maroon from the hair and the tawny brown from the skull to use on those specific objects. Any place you want clean works well, but the edges of forms works best for this technique. Additionally, if you’d like, you can create another layer above the Screen Layer and set it to Linear Dogde, and do my “glowing eyes” technique on anything you want to stand out, such as the metal of the belt, gold objects and of course, eyes.

Step 8: The Overlay
Almost done! While your photo can now stand alone as “finished”, there’s one more thing that I enjoy doing, and that’s adding a simple color overlay to bring the whole picture together. This is done by flattening all the layers you have so far (you’ll want to “Merge Down” in order from bottom to top or “Flatten” to avoid the layers going crazy on each other) into one layer. Then, make a layer on top of that one, set it to a clipping mask, and set it to “overlay”. With the Airbrush, choose some colors (I prefer soft pinks, blues and violets) and go along the “edges” of your character with a BIIIIIG brush. This kind of resembles soft ambient lighting or shadows. I just think it makes the photo look nicer.

TA-DA! And Now we’re done!

And there we go! I hope that helped, and I also apologize cause this ask sat in my box for awhile and I never got around to it until now. :P
I’d be happy to answer any questions y’all have, but this is the simple basics! Remember to practice practice PRACTICE!

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).

folks …… listen ….. we need to talk abt andi mack 

bc this is a disney show that is about a biracial girl in a chinese american family (let’s make a side note, the three main bffs are: half? i think? chinese, black, jewish!!!!!! bc representation1!!!!!!) about a girl who discovers her older sister is actually her mother who gave her up to her parents bc she wasn’t ready to take care of a child and the shift in their relationship when she discovers this 

it’s already dealt with the complexity of a family dynamic in this situation, dealt with teenagers not letting their crushes define them, talked about protesting unfair dress codes in schools, had an ep about a principal telling the main black character that she can’t wear her natural hair, in its next episode is going to centre on chinese new year (i.e. giving the main character a connection to her chinese heritage) and in the first ep of this season, gave one of the main characters (a jewish boy!!!!!!!) a coming out arc!!!!!! like!!!!! folks!!!!!!! disney is doing that 

y’all who were obsessed w girl meets world (and yes i was too) best get your asses over here and stan this show bc as much i loved gmw, this has diversity and representation eVERYWHERE and i am living for it and i want this show SUPPORTED THANKS

Writing paragraphs

Writing paragraphs seems like an easy thing to do, but here are some tips to help the flow of your story and make it easy for your readers to follow.

Always start a new paragraph when:

A different character speaks

A new event happens

The location changes

Someone enters or exits the scene

Time skip- forward or back, your choice

Your POV changes

Don’t make paragraphs too long. I’ve seen paragraphs which are an entire page long- looking at a large chunk of text makes it feel daunting, which isn’t something you want for your readers.

Go through and see where your focus changes- are you describing one part of a location, and then another? New paragraph. In the midst of a battle and your protagonist takes a moment to observe the scene after a one on one fight? New paragraph.

You can also use a new paragraph for dramatic effect. If you want to put emphasis on a certain sentence or action, use it as a paragraph on its own to hit home the importance, or raise tension.

It’s up to you.

Happy writing.



I’m here to show you the new keycharms I made! soooo:

My Hero Academia Keycharms!!

For now, the characters I made are: 
• Midoriya Izuku
• Bakugou Katsuki  
• Todoroki Shouto
• Kirishima Eijirou 
• Shouji Mezou
• Tokoyami Fumikage  
• Present Mic
• Eraserhead

I’m very happy of how they came out, I really hope you’ll like them too!
I know that they are not so popular, but I made also Shouji and Mic, because I love them so much. :v

If you want to look at them or order one, you can find them in Etsy Shop!

Link of the keycharm page: Link!

Doctor Who Moves Into the Future with Jodie Whittaker

The BBC announced today that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the next Doctor, the first woman to ever play the role!

As I write this I’m literally crying and shaking. I’m beyond happy – I’m ecstatic.

This is an exciting and very welcome move by Chris Chibnall and the BBC. Jodie Whittaker is an incredibly talented actor who previously stared in Black Mirror and Broadchurch. I know she’ll bring a new and fresh vision to the role. And it is incredibly encouraging that Chibnall and the BBC took this step to reinvigorate the character and the show. They’ve given us a peek at their new, exciting vision of what Doctor Who can be, and I’m so here for it. Each regeneration has arrived with a celebration of the show’s ability to grow and change. This time, it rings a little more true.

We also cannot overlook what an important moment this is for all the women and young girls who watch and adore Doctor Who. Young girls will finally get to see themselves as the hero of the story, an all too rare moment when most movies and TV shows – especially in science fiction – star men. Even young boys will benefit from being able to look up to a woman as their role model.

I have been hoping and arguing and fighting for this change for years, and I’m just so unbelievably happy that it’s finally happened. I’m so happy that Chibnall and the BBC were willing to take this leap. I’m so happy that I’ll get to see Jodie Whittaker step out of those TARDIS doors. And I’m so happy for all the girls who will get to see her take the TARDIS controls and take us on new and exciting adventures.

So let’s get out there and celebrate. Let’s show the world how thrilled the fandom really is. And let’s get ready to fight the trolls with everything we have to defend Jodie. This is our moment, and we’re going to enjoy it to the fullest!

I am not sorry and you’ll never take me alive!!

Inspired by @chancellorxofxtrash‘s post
Summary: Katsuki Bakugou must defeat his new boyfriend’s seven evil exes in order to win his heart.
Actually, i don’t ship katsudeku, but he fits here better, than anyone else. Take my tablet away from me before i draw somethig else for this AU, I have too many ideas



PAIRING: steve harrington x reader, billy hargrove x reader

summary: nancy breaks up with steve and he is a bit of a mess when you find him. being the new girl in hawkins you try to befriend and keep nancy off his mind. it backfires and now you have him falling in love with you, as you fight off the urge to fall in love with him, too. [THIS IS AN AU!]

warnings: swearing, sexual situations, violence

a/n: quentin tarantino is my favorite director and i really love old movies. so here’s this. lot’s of music in here. also, nothing too major happens now. just two characters meet. this is possibly the maybe first time i have such an independant/strong reader

if you like my stuff and want to support me, don’t forget to treat me to a KO-FI!



“Hey, sorry to bother you. I wouldn’t be if… if you didn’t look like you could use some company.”

Your statement is met with silence as the unfamiliar guy in front of you lifts his eyes up to stare at you in bewilderment. Late autumn wind blows past and ruins your neat hairdo. Your hand grips the strap of your purse; you note tears glisten in his deep brown eyes and decide to look away so he’d have enough time to collect himself. The guy sniffles, rubs his eyes before giving you a tight smile; He opens his mouth to possibly dismiss you, but you beat him to it, “There’s no shame in crying. If you’re sad, you’re sad, right? Nothing you can do about it.” He sighs, “May I sit?” You inquire. After a moment of consideration, he gives a curt nod. And so you do.

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First of all, we get to go to Edom. […] There is someone named Asmodeus, you might be familiar with him, and we get to kind of slightly peel back the onion of that, which is super interesting. I wish Harry was here too, because he’s crushing it this year. He has also this new set, this apothecary. And he really had to deal with the ramifications of Season 2B of siding with the Seelie Queen and with all the warlocks behind him, this is the right thing to do. Magnus, that wasn’t the right thing to do. You messed up. […] We really deal with the reality of ramifications and bad decisions. You know, people on TV, they do it all the time and it’s like, ‘Oh, everything’s fine now.’ Life’s not like that, you know, and these characters, especially him, he has to really go through a whole metamorphoses in Season 3. It will rock your world. It’s amazing; it’s so good.

MRe-organized Masterlist: June 2017. 
Updated after every new fic.

The previous masterlist [here] was getting long in a particular section… so to even it out, we’re trying categories! There may not be a big difference between some categories, but its main purpose is to even out the masterlist without being too messy. 

Tags We Use:

  • #mysme-fics
    • #adminnao
    • #adminri
    • Note: The old HCs/fics written by Admin E are untagged, as there had not been a need to distinguish herself before having co-admins.
  • #character names (e.g. yoosung kim, saeyoung choi, etc.)

Categorized by the genre/section that matches the most.










There’s so many, it needs another section of its own. Majority written by Admin E. ;)

Reactions to Hobbies/Habits

Characteristics Reactions

Situation Reactions


HCs/fics revolving around a specific character and MC.

Yoosung Kim

Zen / Hyun Ryu

Jaehee Kang

Jumin Han

707 / Saeyoung Choi

Unknown / Saeran Choi

V / Jihyun Kim


(note: normally we won’t write him.)

Event Specials

Yoosung Birthday Event Specials: [Here]

Zen Birthday Event Specials: [Here]

(the b-day events include HCs, fics, sfw and nsfw)

V-Day 2017 Specials: [Here]

R.I. August 2017 Masterlist: [Here]

The end of August will mark her last time writing headcanons for MysMe ^^ 

Admin E’s Masterlist : [Here]