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Do you have some kissing headcanons for Levi?

Of course I do, anon! :D

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Now then,

  • He is a deep kisser that starts out slow and works his way up most of the time. Though he will change his technique up from time to time to keep things interesting.
  • He likes biting lips and having his lips softly bitten.
  • He changes tempo and direction often to truly savor the moment.
  • If he’s kissing someone, he cannot keep his hands to himself. He has to caress them too.
  • One of his biggest turn-ons is when his partner moans into the kiss.
A Job Interview With a Book Enthusiast
  • Interviewer: so under skills you've listed multitasking?
  • Me: yes, I juggle several different plot lines and points of views from different characters.
  • Interviewer: uh... okay. So it also says here that you're able to work well with conflict in a group environment.
  • Me: also accurate. This one time, these characters in this book I was reading just weren't getting along and I was able to just push through it because I knew-
  • Interviewer: let me stop you right there and ask a new question.
  • Me: okay
  • Interviewer: do you have any experience outside of books you've read?
  • Me: does this also include tv shows?
  • Interviewer: 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Actors are observers. They’re trying to have an understanding of human sensibility. And how do you have that accurate observation if you regard yourself as someone of great importance? When you’re the one constantly being observed, because they view you as a celebrity? It’s all wrong.

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Hi! I want my character to have come from multiple foster homes, like she gets moved around a lot.. I have no idea how foster homes work though, and what are some reasons that she could be moved to a different home? Thank you so much in advance! I just want my story to be as accurate as it can be! :)

Thank you anon for your dedication to accuracy; in situations such as these, it’s so very important to be true to real-stories–making it up as you go along can end up being disrespectful and down right harmful, so you are already making a fantastic choice in doing your research. You’ll find many resources here in the point of view of former foster children themselves. Any time you’re doing research, really do try and hear it from the mouthes of those who have experienced it themselves and listen, listen, listen. 

Here are some resources I hope will help: 

How The Foster System Works:

Moving Home to Home In the System:

Dark Souls 1: Distant Views Explained (Part 2)

Link to Part 1.

Larger source images can be seen in this album.

9) Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith from the Tomb of the Giants

My favorite surprising vista is the Demon Ruins skybox seen from the Tomb of the Giants:

If you’re having trouble recognizing familiar terrain from the Demon Ruins, bear in mind that everything in the upper half of the image doesn’t belong to anywhere you can reach in game. I refer to this as the “Upper Shelf” of the Demon Ruins, which you can see when looking up while you’re down there:

(you can see more pictures of these structures here)

What’s recognizable is what’s down below:

How accurate is this view compared to the game’s actual map space? It’s pretty close.

One thing that always renders regardless of distance is the player’s bloodstain. Even if you drop it in a different level that isn’t loaded at all, it’ll still display at its exact coordinates (assuming you have a clear view to it). We can drop our bloodstain right at the fork of the side path tunnel:

And see if it shows up from the Tomb of the Giants:

It certainly doesn’t line up perfectly, with the bloodstain appearing quite a bit further back in the skybox. However, the “general idea” is correct in that you really would see this area from the Tomb of the Giants.

10) A quick tangent on the Lost Izalith dome

The large dome structure we see when first entering the Demon Ruins (and also from up in TotG) houses Lost Izalith. I’ve seen people ask about the dome before, so I wanted to point out how we know that Lost Izalith is inside it. Apart from the map data clarifying that it’s located behind it, we are also shown this in-game.

When you walk through the wall into the area with all the Dragon Butts, you can see that you’re passing through a crack at the base of the dome:

Once you’re inside, you can look up and see the curvature of the dome:

11) A couple missed opportunities with the TotG/ Demon Ruins skybox

Despite being my favorite skybox, I feel like they missed two things which would’ve made it cooler. When you drain the lava after defeating Ceasless Discharge, this change isn’t seen from Tomb of the Giants. The lava remains.

Secondly, you can’t see Tomb of the Giants from the Demon Ruins. I’d understand if you couldn’t see into it due to it being too dark, but there should at least be that massive “window” that allows us to see the Demon Ruins from up there.

To get an idea for where it should be, the Map Explorer shows us. This is looking back from where we left the bloodstain in Ceaseless’ arena:

In-game, it’s just a solid wall:

I wonder if this has anything to do with Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith being rushed in development. While the skybox probably wasn’t high on their priority list for things to get right, is it something they would’ve fixed if they had a lot more time to work on this area? Who knows.

12) The “Ash Lake Expanse” from Tomb of the Giants

Not much further into the Tomb of the Giants, we’re provided another interesting view with a very different aesthetic from the Demon Ruins:

I refer to this area as the “Ash Lake Expanse” because it depicts the primordial underworld seen surrounding Ash Lake. This is not actually a view of the Ash Lake level, it’s nowhere near here nor is it meant to be. To get to Ash Lake from here, you’d have to fly forward, take an acute turn right around the rock structure, and then fly a pretty far distance. So it’s not even close to being in view.

This view of the underworld is also technically impossible given the map/ world design. Not even with a bit of stretching could it really fit, this is a lot more like the world design of Dark Souls 2 where things don’t try to fit 1:1 with the map data.

The violation here is that we should be not far from a valley wall in the Valley of Drakes, near (and underneath) the bridge leading into New Londo Ruins. Standing in the doorway where the yellow fog gate is and looking up, you can see the Valley of Drakes Bridge nearby in the Map Explorer:

In-game it looks like this:

So we shouldn’t be able to see far forward at all, due to being behind a wall in the valley, but additionally the valley simply doesn’t seem to exist at all from down here, because we can see empty space far beyond where the opposite side of the valley should be.

Given the consistency of the world design otherwise, I’m sure this wasn’t a “mistake”. They likely ignored accuracy here and went for environmental storytelling instead.

13) Bonus Kiln Fun Fact

There’s nothing really special to see in the skyboxes of The Undead Asylum, The Painted World, or the Kiln, because they don’t try to fit in with the rest of Lordran’s geography in any meaningful way. Players have noted losing a bloodstain somewhere (Anor Londo IIRC?), and being able to see it in the sky of the Kiln, but that has everything to do with the maps needing to be placed somewhere in the data and nothing to do with where the maps are actually supposed to be in canon/lore.

But one structural detail I find interesting is Gwyn’s lair, which is hard to see in-game. It’s basically like a giant version of the Lordvessel. You have a round structure which houses the flame on top, and a series of branches supporting it at the base:

14) Oolacile and Darkroot Comparisons

This also doesn’t have much to do with skyboxes, but it does pertain to the geography of Dark Souls. A while back I made an album of animated gifs that compare The Royal Woods to Darkroot Garden, showing how they’re mostly the same location, with some minor changes. Even things like trees are in identical locations in the past, only somewhat smaller due to being younger:

Differences between Gordon and Flying Scotsman

You guys have only ever seen my older pictures of Gordon (which are fairly accurate, but I need to do some more updated ones) and none of the sketches I’ve done of FS (they’re not terribly good, you’re not missing much) but this is something I thought about quite a lot during my hiatus from here since I did a lot with both of these guys on my other blog.  An important thing to note if you aren’t familiar with my perceptions is that I view them as basically a human-like reflection of their engine form.  A sort of extension of the faces they usually have, but they appear with an entire human-like body instead and the face disappears from their real engine “body” 

 I do see Gordon as being androgynous in the original sense of the word.  Both quite traditionally masculine and feminine in appearance.  Muscular with wide shoulders, but also very smooth and rounded in form with some curves and an overall elegant appearance.  Mostly due to the fact that I headcanon that he was rebuilt with Princess Royal parts with the 1940 rebuild since that’s what Awdry’s original model of him was supposedly modified from.  It’s also because of the smoother appearance his curved running board gives him.  I also tend to imagine him in a more stylized way due to his fictional nature, vs the very much real FS, but also because I’m partial to his more stylized early model-era faces and his “body” proportions are odd in TV to this day and his model much less detailed and realistic compared to FS.

 FS is much less feminine in appearance for the same reasons that Gordon is so. Stepped running board, more defined features, etc.  I tend to see him in a more realistic light as mentioned before. While they’re both the same height, FS is somewhat heavier in build due to being an A3 vs. a prototype for the A1s, which were slightly lighter and weaker. Also because his face is chubbier and it would make sense for the rest of him to be so as well.  This is actually something I got really hung up on for a while since it made sense for FS to be the larger of the two, but I personally tend to envision Gordon as larger i my head because he dwarfs the other engines he’s usually around, while FS is smaller than a number of the engines he would presumably interact with on the mainland.  Someday I’ll need to draw them side by side to really compare them, but I’ve been so laaaazy about ever drawing Gordon gah. 

As for similarities, both have the typical big thighs and large hips than a lot of Gresleys have (reflecting their firebox shapes, actually).  And the round faces that all the A0/A1s/A3s have/had.  Also strangely slender fingers (though not necessarily small hands, just delicate-looking fingers).  Which came from a joke a while ago, but it just stuck with me.  It gives them a certain elegance.  Though it looks stranger on FS since his limbs don’t taper as much.

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Hm, I don't know if you have already answered this question but I wanted to know; how Levi would feel/react if he found out his partner cheated on him?

Hello, anon! I do not believe I have answered this before so here goes,

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother. 

As far as how he would feel, I think he would be extremely hurt by it and probably pretty angry.

As far as how he would react, I believe that depends. If he found out offhandedly from an outside source or something similar, he’d honestly want to know why. Mostly to see if it was something he needed to improve on or if it was just selfishness on his previous partner’s side. Obviously, he’d be offended and upset, but I don’t think he’d go ballistic or anything. 

If it was a situation where he caught his partner in the act of cheating with another man, he’d probably beat the shit out of the other guy out of sheer reaction. Levi is a naturally violent person, let’s be real. He broke a guys arm in canon for talking shit and touching him, and in acwnr he KILLED someone for cutting Isabel’s hair and hurting her. If he caught another dude with his partner it would be a done deal, and I have no doubt that he would fly off the handle

Either circumstance would end with him being single, though. 


Well, here is what actually went down! It’s going to be a long post but everything here is 100% accurate from my point of view and it’ll detail everything from start-to-finish. The post is cut into sections so you can read what part you’re interested in.


I always planned to compete on SMTM since I first watched the show (SMTM3) – just the idea of rappers having their own show was new & fresh, the first of its kind. However, the fact that it was obviously for Koreans or those that knew Korean (shout out to Toy) made me not go until I found out that they were doing LA auditions for everyone. Mnet promoted the audition as an “open casting call for rappers,” which made me believe that they were looking to branch out to rappers of other races as well.

So I bought my ticket, and traveled from Toronto to LA where I met a few Koreans at the hotel I stayed at. One of them ended up becoming a friend of mine who I still talk to – more on him later! He passed round 1!


We were asked to arrive by 9AM, which most of us did, but we didn’t start auditions until like 3PM. This really helped us socialize with the other rappers that also came to audition. I spent most of my time with JooNann (my friend from earlier), Flowsik, TinaMina, Lafic (who is also from Toronto), Kash, and etc. 

In the words of Flowsik, “LA auditions are very chill. In Korea everyone competes and the [atmosphere] is too serious.” (Quote is probably not 100% accurate, it’s just what I remember).

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listen- i consider myself a reasonable person. i’ve got no problems with absorbing new information and changing my behaviour or viewpoint to more accurately reflect how the world is or ought to be. i, like almost everybody, go through this process nearly constantly because the world is consistently changing and evolving- new discoveries are made daily, and new voices are heard every minute. i’m here to listen, to learn, to live the way i think is positive and can make a positive difference. but there’s one thing i have a problem with. one thing you’ll never, ever stop me believing. one point of view i will never shift on. i have viewed the issue from all available perspectives, most of which are more informed scientifically speaking than my own, but i will not waver. i will never, ever accept the opposite of what i believe in one specific regard. pluto’s a fucking planet to me okay

I am having a serious issue with people conflating time periods and acting like everything “old-timey” is interchangeable and viewing academia as some kind of oppressive system trying to stamp out creativity like can we not 




Basically, I think that the SJ-popular tendency to view Lived Experience as the best, and indeed maybe the only, evidence is actually really intellectually backward.

Our ability to accurately and predictively imagine states we have no personally occupied is a front-runner for What Makes Us Human (if you’re the kind of person into defining traits as central to human-ness). It’s pretty fucking important to how we operate, at a minimum.

But here’s this awful notion that there’s some ineffable thing you Cannot Understand Unless It Happened to You; and I’m still waiting for any good argument why oppressions are like that but every version of the argument I’ve heard boils down to “the very fact that you don’t understand why these things are unintelligible proves I’m right.”

Which, well. Cool circularity, bro.