and here we have the new and improved version!

Survival Guides are back!

Last year we provided survival guides for cosplaying, pre, during, and post con. These were a hit and we could never have written them without YOUR help! 

We need your help again!

Here is a link to the Pre-Con Survival Guide from 2015. Take a look and let us know what we can do to improve this document! We want to have a new 2016 version published sometime in mid February.

While you’re at it look over the During Con Survival Guide, the Post-Con Survival Guide and the Cosplay Survival Guide.

Send us messages!

Please reblog this post to spread the word, but if you have advice to share with us or feel something needs to be updated send us a message. Notes on reblogs get lost and we don’t always see them. You can email us at 

Thank you!

These were written by YOU for YOU. We could never have done it alone. You are all a part of the Homeless Network. Everyone who shares our posts, sends us ideas, questions, or information, YOU are one of us. Thank you for making this possible.

A special thank you to @shockingblankets for our first ever fan art!