and here we have a drunk kwon

"Aren't you the one sitting on my lap?" | DEAN Scenario (ft. Zico, Crush & friends) | Part 2

I hope you guys like it! I messed with it a lot tbh.

Summary: After arriving to the club, you have a drink. Jiho keeps you company, then Hyo swoops in and shoves you outside to see Hyuk. What does he have to say?

Word Count: 654


Jiho pulled up to the club and parked. Finally, you thought. Hyuk loosened his grip around your waist, so you turned to undo the seat belt, making him groan a little. You blushed and got out of the car, practically running into the club before he could say anything. You needed a drink.

You went up to the bar and sat down, “two shots of Jack please.”

“Make that four,” you heard Hyo say as he sat down next to you.

“So how was the ride?”

You scoffed, “shut up.”

Hyo laughed, and you quickly took your 2 shots.

“Damn,” he awed, “did you even breathe between them?”

You giggled at Hyo’s joke, “I’m gonna go dance. Hold my purse please.”

You dropped your bag in his lap again, and he just kept taking shots. You shook your head, walking over to the dance floor. It’s been awhile since you danced.

You knew someone was watching you, you could feel their stare as you swayed your hips. I don’t know him, you thought, eyeing him as he approached you. He greeted you, asking if he could buy you a drink. You opened your mouth to explain that you were with friends, but you were cut off by an irritated Hyuk. You noticed Jiho and the others eyeing the situation. Jiho was ready to grab all of you and dip, you could see it on his face.

“She’s actually here with me,” Hyuk retorted back to the man, “so I’ll be getting her a drink.”

He put his arm around your waist firmly to guide you over to a booth, mumbling to himself. You slid into the booth, him following behind. He sat so close, you could feel his body heat radiate off you.

“So, uh, what was that about?”

Hyuk looked at you sideways, “we’re here with friends, not to find someone to hook up with.”

Before you could say something, he got up and went to the bar. You scoffed. What was up with him? After a few more drinks, and listening to Jiho talk about music for 2 hours, Hyo plopped down next to you.

“(Y/N), go console Hyuk,” he slurred, “you gotta.”

You laughed, “how many drinks have you had?”

“8, but that doesn’t matter,” you laughed, “go talk to him. It’s important. I’m tired of hearing about it and it’s ABOUT TIME you hear it.”

Jiho looked at him, “whaaat? He’s serious?”

Hyo nodded, grabbed your wrist and pulled you up. He walked you over to the back door of the club and opened it. He lightly pushed you outside, “GOOD LUCK!”

Hyo shut the door and you heard a sigh and looked over to Hyuk sitting on the floor with a bottle of Jack. You sat next to him, causing him to take a swig.

“Have you ever really wanted to say something? Like really badly, but it’s weird and you have no idea how things might change?”

“Uh, sure. What do you want to say?” You took his bottle and took a swig, your stomach suddenly felt like a pit. Did he like you?

“I’d rather not say anything, actually. ”

“What do you m–”

You got cut off by Hyuk’s lips, and God they were so soft. You kissed him back, melting into the kiss. He put his hand on your waist and pulled you closer. It was filled with so much emotion, so much passion.

He broke the kiss for air, “I like you. A lot. But I don’t wanna make it weird and we have all the same friends and I just… I like you, (Y/N).”

He cupped your cheek with his hand and met your forehead with his and sighed. It felt so good for him to finally say that, drunk or not.

You smiled, “I like you too, Hyuk.”

He smiled and pulled you into his lap, “wanna get out of here?”


There’s part 2! I’m so sorry it took so long, life would not slow down haha, but here it is! I hope you enjoyed it!