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Part 3: Imagine staying up past midnight with Chris.

Here’s part 1 and part 2 if you want to jump over and read those.

Dinner didn’t start at 8PM like you had planned thanks to the little detour to your bedroom. By the time the two of you managed to break away from each other and have dinner, it was 1:04AM; not that either of you were complaining.

Both of you were now in your kitchen devouring the last course of the degustation menu; dessert, which was your favorite. You were a little surprised that Chris was having dessert because you’d seen a few interviews where he’d stated that he wasn’t much of a dessert person, which was a bummer for you because your specialty was desserts. He said he’d rather munch on candy than cookies and cakes, but from the looks of things you’d changed his mind.

You watched him eat mouthful after mouthful of your tiramisu and smiled. You didn’t know if you were smiling because you were proud of converting him into a dessert person, or if you were just happy with the fact that- you were dating Chris Evans. You still couldn’t believe it was actually happening and you were a little afraid you’d suddenly wake up and realized it was just an incredibly vivid dream.

“Why are you staring at me?” Chris raised an eyebrow at you, his words muffled by the cake he had in his mouth. You chuckled softly and shook your head, lowering your gaze. “Did you want me to feed you, baby?” He scooped some up with his spoon and held it in front of your face. “Here.”

“I’m good,” you chuckled and pushed his hand away.

“C'mon,” he cooed and pushed the spoon forward. “It’s good.”

“I know, I made it,” you chuckled and pushed his hand away again. “I’m just really full.”

“One bite won’t kill you.”

“Stop!” You laughed and shied away from him as he tried to force another mouthful of tiramisu into your mouth. “I’ve already had enough to eat, Chris. If I eat anymore I’m going to puke in your face and that will not be pleasant.”

“No it will not,” he chuckled and lowered his spoon back onto his plate. “Can I just say,” he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table and his chin in his palm. “You look very, very cute in my shirt.” He smiled when you did.

“Does that mean I get to keep it?” You teased with a cheeky smile.

“And what am I meant to wear?” He chuckled, gesturing to his bare chest. “This is all fine and good while we’re in your house but the second I walk out, I’m going to need something otherwise I’m going to make headlines.” You both laughed at that. “I can see it now,” he chuckled, “right across New York Times. Captain America leaves his girlfriend’s house shirtless, where’s his shield when he needs it?” He joked then threw his head back, laughing harder than before.

You weren’t laughing because you were still trying to process what you’d just heard. You felt your lips part slightly, stunned that he just called you his girlfriend. Of course you’d be glad to be his girlfriend, it was just something the two of you hadn’t discussed. It wasn’t until he stopped laughing and saw your face that he realized what he had just said. You watched his eyes widened as he choked on the air in his lungs.

“Uh- I didn’t- I uh- You see-” He rambled, using his hands a little too much which meant that he was beyond nervous; you bit back your smile. “I um- it slipped out um- We haven’t talked about it so- ignore me, I- I didn’t-” he cut himself off and spooned more tiramisu into his mouth. “Mmmmm,” he hummed then dramatically spoke with his mouth full, “dishisdemicious.”

“Chris,” you chuckled softly and reached over and placed your hand over his. “You can breathe because I’m not the kind of girl who’s going to freak out because you just called me your girlfriend.” He swallowed his cake and pressed his lips together. “Do you want to have the talk so we’re both clear about where we stand, and so you don’t do whatever you just did?” You teased him and he chuckled. “‘Cause I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Well then- do we really have to have the talk when it’s clear we both want this?” He asked rhetorically and you raised an eyebrow with a small smirk on your lips. “I mean- I just unconsciously called you my girlfriend after a week and you didn’t freak out,” he chuckled then jokingly added, “if that’s not soul mate level, I don’t know what is.”

“Oh my God,” you laughed.

“Yeah, I said it.” He purposely puffed out his chest and brought a proud smile onto his face to comically relieve the situation. You shook your head, trying hard to stop laughing. “I’m an eccentric, okay?” He pouted and turned his hand, palm into yours. “Ignoring all the weird stuff I’ve said about the matter,” his index finger drawing small circles on your palm, “will you please officially hold the title of being my girlfriend?”

“Mm…” You pretended to think about it even though you were already going to say yes. “I mean-” you scrunched your nose, making a face. “That sounds like a lot of commitment and- I don’t think I have-” You were cut off when he jumped up from his stool and grabbed you, tickling your sides. “Chris!” You shrieked with laughter, squirming away from his touch.

“Say yes!”

“This is blackmail-” You laughed as he continued tickling you, you were running out of space to move before you fell off your stool. “I’m going to fa- Chris!” He ceased tickling you and wrapped his arms around your waist before you fell, lifting you to your feet.

“Say yes.” He whispered softly, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Of course I’m going to say yes, you doofus.” You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a guy than when I’m with you,” you admitted then blushed when he kissed you tenderly. “We still have to talk about some things though,” you said when you broke the kiss.

“Like who’s the top?” He teased.

“No,” you chuckled. “Like how we’re going to make this relationship work when we both know we’re not going to compromise on geographical locations.” He pressed his lips together, wincing. “And let’s not even mention our crazy work schedules.”

“Will you stop worrying?” He chuckled. “We’re going to make this work because I’m in New York like- more than you’d think.” It was said unconvincingly but you smiled anyway. “I visit Seb a lot, there’s uh- photo shoots and press tours and interviews that I have to come out for, plus I’m fond of a restaurant called Clover.” He wiggled his eyebrows at you, smiling goofily. “The food is exquisite there, and the head chef’s an absolute doll.”

“So I’ve heard,” you agreed, smiling.

“We’re going to make this work, Y/N,” he promised. “Do you want to know whyyyy?” He asked in a sing song voice and you smiled, shaking your head 'no’. “Because I couldn’t possibly leave my best girl behind,” he told you with a smile; his tone so genuine that it made your heart flutter.

“In that case, Cap,” you smiled back. “I’m with you till the end of the line.”

Part 4 sometime soon. x

Imagine: Dark!Poe falling in love with you

For @creepymarveljedi, Enjoy!

Poe glided past the door of your cell, peeking through the thick window separating you from him. You sat on the far side of the room, your legs tucked to your chest. When you looked up, Poe gave you a quick smile and you returned it with a smirk, getting up just as the door opened and he stepped in. His black robes dragged on the floor behind him and his hands travelled up to remove the dark hood that shielded half of his face. When it fell down his back, it revealed a mess of wavy black hair and glowing eyes. 

“I didn’t think you would come today.” You said quietly, taking a step towards him. 

Poe looked at you with confusion, furrowing his eyebrows. 

“And why is that?” He asked, his hand brushing against your arm. 

“You’re extremely late.” You replied.

Poe laughed. It echoed off of the metal walls of the cell and bounced right into your ears, tickling your eardrums. 

“I wouldn’t miss out on a day of seeing you.” He said, brushing your hair off of your forehead. 

You smiled and laid your hands on his cheeks, standing on your tiptoes to peck him on the mouth. Poe grinned as your noses brushed together and he pulled you closer, his arms hugging your waist. You pulled your face just centimeters away from his and hooked your hands behind his neck. 

“Good, it gets terribly lonely being locked up in here all day.” You teased. You saw something flash in Poe’s eyes for a fleeting moment but it vanished as soon as it had disappeared. 

Poe leaned into you and met your mouth with his gently. Your eyes fluttered shut and you kissed him back but he was already pulling away, his hands sliding away from your waist. 

“I have to go. Hux is looking for me, no doubt.” He whispered, backing away from you slowly. 

“Is everything alright?” You asked him, feeling the weight of his sadness on your shoulders. 

Poe merely nodded and smiled at you, his eyes avoiding yours. 

“Yeah, yeah everything’s okay. Why wouldn’t it be?” 

And with that, he opened the door of your cell and slipped out into the dark hallways of Starkiller Base.

Poe snuck to your cell the very next day very early in the morning. They were still dark circles under his eyes. Hidden in his black robes was a single red rose, tucked away and hidden from view. He stopped in front of your door and peered through the window, expecting to see you fast asleep on the cold floor. 

You weren’t there. 

Poe felt the air escape from his lungs. Swiftly, he spun on his heel and made his way to the control room, trying to fight down the panic that was rising in his throat. 

“Where is Prisoner-7J98?” He asked quickly, confronting General Hux himself. The fiery haired general shot Poe a deadly look, his mouth turned downwards in a permanent grimace. 

“Ren took them to the interrogation room. Why do you care?” He spat, eyeing Poe with distaste. 

“I thought they had escaped. I was making sure we didn’t have a prisoner freely wandering through the base.” Poe replied steadily even though his hands were shaking. From fear or anger or both, he couldn’t tell. 

General Hux narrowed his eyes. 

“No one escapes from their cells. It’s impossible.” 

Poe stared at his feet in mock shame, desperate to end the conversation. 

“I apologize, General. I won’t disturb you again.” He muttered before turning away, walking speedily towards the hallway leading to the interrogation room. Just as Poe rounded the corner, he broke into a full sprint, his heart pounding painfully. His eyes were beginning to blur from terrified tears and his legs felt like jelly. It felt like a century before he finally made it to his destination. 

He skidded to halt in front of the dark interrogation room, peering through the window. 

There you were, strapped to a large chair. Your head was lolling backwards and your eyes were shut. Your wrists and ankles were restrained to the chair, metal bars encasing them. 

Poe jabbed at the button to open the door, nearly missing it. The only thing racing through his mind was whether you were dead or not. 

Poe raced into the room and knelt next to the chair, his hands resting on your cheeks gently and turning your face towards him.

“Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?” He whispered, studying your face for any sign of movement. 

After several moments, you blinked your eyes open slowly, furrowing your brows as you tried to make out his face in the dark. 

“Poe?” You rasped, feeling as if your head was about to explode. 

Poe let out a massive sigh of relief and tear rolled down his cheek. 

“Thank god, thank god.” He breathed, his hand brushing the hair out of your face. He kissed you quickly, his mouth smashing sloppily on your forehead. In any other case, you would have laughed but now, you barely had the strength to even crack a smile. 

Poe started to search for the button that would release you from the chair, his hands shaking uncontrollably. You watched as he did so, closing your eyes as exhaustion began to overtake you. 

“Y/N, stay with me! I’m going to get you out of here.” Poe whispered, squeezing your hand. Your eyes opened again lazily, a great heaviness weighing them down. 

“I’m so tired.” You murmured. 

“I know. I know. I’m going to get you out of here so you have to stay awake.” Poe said, finally finding the button and smashing his fist down on it. Your restraints flew open, releasing your wrists and ankles. 

You made a move to get up but you fell back in the chair, feeling your legs fail from exhaustion. You gasped aloud and searched for Poe’s hand, which found yours almost instantly.

“It’s okay. I’m going to take you to the garage and we’re going to fly far away from here. We’re going to fly so far away.” Poe breathed. 

You suddenly felt his arms slip under you and lift you up. You rested your head against his shoulder and closed your eyes. 

Poe started running. 

Bad News

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Request: You’re stiles sister and Theo likes to flirt with you around the pack and stiles always gets angry because you flirt back. Then one day stiles catches you guys making out and attacks Theo

I forged through my locker trying to find a pen. Having lent most of mine out, I was down to a broken pencil with no eraser and a hot pink gel pen. Something told me my chemistry teacher wouldn’t appreciate all my work for the day being turned in in pink. Down the hall to my right, I heard a familiar laugh. I glanced up from my search to see my brother, Stiles, and our friends down the hall. My brother and I were the only humans in all supernatural wolf pack, that often saved the town from evil. Currently, we had two enemies. A group of scientists that call themselves the Doctors, and most recently a pack of chimeras(man-made half supernatural half humans). Their leader being a boy called Theo Raeken. He was conniving, deceiving, and strikingly handsome. The deadliest of combinations. Although the others disliked Theo, I couldn’t help but flirt with him when he talked to me. Stiles was always red in the face with anger over it.

 I waved to the pack, and held a finger up telling them I’d be there in just a minute. I went back to looking in my locker, finally finding one of my brother’s half chewed pencils and knew that’d have to do. I tossed it into my bag and shut my locker. I jumped when Theo muscular figure surprised me from behind it. He smiled, dazzling me it took me a little to long to respond. 

“Hey Gorgeous.” He said.

“Theo,” I blushed. “You scared me.” 

He pulled his backpack that was hanging by one strap on his shoulder tighter and chuckled. “I’m sorry, I was trying to surprise you.”

“Well you did!” I slapped his toned chest gently.

He flexed as I hit him and chuckled again. “What are you doing later?”

I furrowed my brow in concentration trying to remember if I had anything planned for the afternoon. 

“Homework, and that’s pretty much it.” I noticed him looking down the hallway a smirk smug on his face. I started to turn my head to see what was more interesting than our conversation, but he grabbed my chin with his thumb and index finger pulling it up to face him. He had another breath taking smile on his face, mesmerizing me.

“You’re so beautiful, you know that?”

I watched as his face closed in on mine and it felt like a million years before he was centimeters away from my lips. I could feel his sweet breath on them, luring me in.

“Y/N!” Stiles’s voiced boomed from behind me shaking me from my trance. I pulled back from Theo slightly closing my eyes.

“Raincheck, Raeken.” I smiled before spinning around and walking towards my friends. I nibbled on the inside of my cheek, trying to hide my bliss from them as I join their conversation.

“Hey guys.” I smiled still drunk off Theo. Stiles glared at me and I rolled my eyes. 

“What, Brother?”

“Why do you encourage him?” he asked annoyed.

“What do you mean?” I said defensively.

“What do you mean?” he mocked.

“Okay!” Lydia sang looping her arm with mine. “I’m starved. Let’s grab lunch.” She pulled me away from my brother before our words could turned deadly.

We all sat together at the lunch table talking about the lacrosse game that evening. Scott, Liam, Kira, and my brother were all on the team together so it was a big deal among our group. 

“Can we actually get pizza time after the game?” Malia whined.

“Yeah!” Liam said mouth full of mashed potatoes.

“Oh my gosh, let’s get pizza and then hang at our house!” I squealed. “My dad wouldn’t mind if we had a few people over.”

“We can’t have a party, Y/N.” Stiles scolded.

“It’s not a party, stupid. It’s small get together amongst friends.” The pack knew me better than that, like my best friend Lydia I jumped at the sight of an opportunity to have a party.

“Come on, Stiles. I’ll personally assure she doesn’t invite anyone else.” Lydia smiled at Stiles and I knew he’d agree to anything she asked. 

“Fine!” Stiles huffed in agreement. Lydia smiled at him again, and I knew he was melting on the inside. She scooted back in her chair from the table and picked up her lunch tray with the remaining scraps of her lunch on it.

“Thanks big brover!” I beamed as I copied Lydia. She walked from the table carrying her tray towards the garbage cans, and I followed her.

“How are am I going to invite more people if you promised I wouldn’t?” I asked her as we reached the trash cans dumping our food out and placing them on the stack of dirty trays.

“I said you wouldn’t invite anyone, I didn’t say anything about me.” I laughed high five-ing the cleverness of my best friend.

“Invite anyone to what?” His warm voice said from behind me. I blushed instantly, and looked over my shoulder at Theo. I pivoted my body to form a sort of circle with him and Lydia. 

“I’m having a party at my house tonight after the game. Wanna come?” I asked coolly. 

“Anything for you.” He grinned just as the bell ending lunch rang.

“I’m going to go. See you in class Y/N.” Lydia winked at me before leaving me alone with Theo.

“So,” I started stepping closer to him to avoid the oncoming flood of students around us. “What are-?”

“Y/N!” Stiles appeared next to me glaring at Theo.

“Hey Stiles.” Theo said innocently, which only seemed to infuriate my brother. He responded with a dirty look before directing his attention to me. 

“You have a class to get to missy.” He said sternly.

“Yeah, but Stiles-”

“But Stiles, nothing. Let’s go.“ he pulled me by the arm into the crowded hallway. I yanked it away from him. 

“What was that for?” I hissed.

“He’s bad news, Y/N! You need to stay away from him!” 

“How do you know what I need?” I complained.

“I’m just trying to protect my little sister.” he insisted.

“No. You’re trying to control me.” I sped up trying to get away from him, but he trailed after me.

“You’re too young to understand what he’s doing!” He said pulling me back by my wrist. I frowned at his insinuation and pushed him.

“Leave me alone, Stiles.” I spat, turning from him and walking away.

The party turned out to be the perfect idea after the game on account of us winning. It seemed like the whole school was sardined into my house, and the probability of us getting in trouble for this was increasing by the second. My big brother found me in the kitchen pouring a drink.

“Small get together amongst friends?” he snarled.

“Oh, Stiles. Lighten up!” Lydia said sweetly coming out of no where. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the over crowded living room. 

“I’m not happy about this.” He yelled to me but couldn’t resist a smile.

I took a big gulp of my punch, noting that someone had definitely spiked it already. I started on my rounds around the house to make sure everything was in order and everyone was happy. As I headed to the front door, I saw the pizza guy standing outside with about fifteen pizzas and some guy from the party paying for them. I rushed over to the door pulling money out of my pocket.

“Hey! You didn’t have to do that.” The mystery guys face was covered my the mountain of pizza boxes. I grabbed his arm pulling him through the packed bodies and into the less crowded kitchen. He set down the boxes on the counter revealing his face. Of course it was Theo, who else would have done something so nice for me. A smile grew on my face.

“Here.” I offered handing him the money, but he shook his head.

“It’s no biggie, beautiful.” He chuckled.

“Please!” I begged putting it into his hand. He sighed stuffing the bills in his back pocket.

“Can’t a guy do something nice for once.”

I laughed and he walked over so he was standing right next to me.

“So this is what doing homework looks like?” He asked gesturing to the party. I scrunched my face up in confusion.

“At school, you said you were doing homework after school.” He reminded me.

“Oh yeah,” I remembered. “Homework’s boring, and I’m not a boring girl.”

“No, your not.” he agreed making me blush again.

“I don’t know why my brother doesn’t like you.” I smiled placing my hand on his.

“Me neither.” He grinned but something was hidden behind it that I could read. His eyes peered into mine, and the noise of the party and everyone else seemed to disappear. His hand slowly snaked around my waist pulling our bodies closer together. For the second time that day, our lips were so close that if either of us flinched our lips would brush. Theo didn’t take the chance of being interrupted again, he pressed his lips firmly to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. I felt his tongue at my lips begging for entrance and I opened my mouth slightly to let him in. I savored this moment knowing it may not happen again, but a part of me hoped this wasn’t a one time thing. What happened next, happened fast and without warning. Theo’s lips left mine abruptly, and he was ripped from my arms. Stiles, had seen us kissing and rage got the best of him. He had Theo by the collar of his shirt, and threw him against the wall pinning him against it. I wasn’t aware my brother had so much strength. 

“What the hell do you think your doing?” He yelled in his face, the whole party crowded into the kitchen trying to figure out what was going on.

“Well I was kissing a pretty girl, but you kind of ruined that.” he combated.

“Stiles!” I screamed. “Stop!”

“I told you to stay away from her!” Stiles said through gritted teeth.

“With a body like that how could I?” Theo smirked.

Stiles pulled his fist back and skin met skin. Theo’s face fell due to the blow, and when he lifted it blood trickled from his nose. Theo grabbed Stiles by the upper arm and pushed him backwards slamming him into the island in the middle of our kitchen. 

“Stop!” I yelled as Theo cocked back his fist to hit Stiles. I grabbed Theo’s arm trying to stop him from hitting my brother, but he pushed me off of him too hard. I stumbled backwards falling into the cabinet with glass doors that held our mother’s china. Pain shot through my arm, and I cried out. Stiles pushed Theo away from him and ran to help me. Just then, a boy ran in the room.

“COOOPPS!” He screamed and the once packed house emptied in minutes. I caught a glimpse of Theo before the crowd swept him away andd the deputies stormed the place. He had an evil smile on his face, and I knew that my brother had been right. He was bad news.