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heckinhowell  asked:

do you have an blog recs. i have literally not followed any new people and i just need more friends bc im a pathetic potato sack

oh boy do i have blog recs…

✨these are some mutuals that i love very very much and most of them are really talented content creators (gifs, icons, moodboards,text posts, etc) and i know you’ll love them too cause they’re literal angels:

@vincent-phan-gogh @our-smol-beans @danielbear @devilester @internetfathers @spaceboyedan @boncasphan @lcssamazingphil @hydratedhowell @dxntasies @pugjumper @little-cheeky-monkey  @phandum @lestershorizon @doinganap @frecklednp @dayphil @celestialesters @jpgghowell @lesterscorgi @blushinlester @the30s @punklester @homesicklester @phanwhom @cutefreckledfaces @aforeverhome @illuminati-dan @little-lester @danlands @gleephaniel @cuddlesphan @pepperminthowell @galaxylestrr @bumbledan @believerphil @sharkdan @tealeaveslester @liabilitylester @rosepetaldaniel @softphanboys @rosehowell @fallinghowell @latte-howell @sleeplessphilip @nyellointernet @problemdan @fringez @curlydans @mostlyphil @fondnp @phreckledphan @htmlditl @dankdeepdaniel @rebrandes @spacekiddan @cuddlingsun

*this was a really short list of my mutuals cause i tried to add just the blogs that mainly post dnp sorry !!*

✨here is a list of other blogs that i really admire and follow and appreciate them from afar cause we’re not mutuals but i still really love them:

@princessdan @dantichrist @phillp @pinkpastelphan @masochistphil @ratinof @danisnotoffice @gamingmas @forgetfullittleguy @dawniel @princephil @astronautdan @oops-phan @acurlyphil @glowinghowell @borkdan @donthavetobebrave @phansterdam

catharinaloss  asked:

simon/jace/maia prompt: simon finds out jace & maia hooked up and he was surprised by it, but he was more surprised to see he was disappointed they didn't invited him along 👀 👀

okay so like I low-key took a different twist on this prompt rip me but uh basically the gist is Maia and Simon have an open relationship (both of them being polyamorous) and the story of Simon & Clary’s breakup should be canon ur welcome

“Woah, woah, hold up.” Simon said, raising a hand. “You hooked up with Jace? Like Jace Jace?”

“You know any other cocky blonde shadowhunters named Jace?” Maia replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Is it a more-than-one-time thing?” Simon asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“You can’t be seriously judging me right now. Our relationship is open, remember? And I had to watch your whole mess with Clary.” Maia 

Simon sputtered. “What-no- I’m not- I wouldn’t- Me and Clary weren’t a mess!” 

“Yeah you were, Clary broke up with you by coming out as a lesbian.” Maia pointed out. 

“Well I consider our relationship was the helpful nudge to help Clary realize who she is.” Simon said. “Plus It was a totally mutual break off! We mistook our strong platonic feelings for each other of that of romantic ones. Happens to everyone.” 

Maia rolled her eyes, but it was without any harsh intent. “So you if you weren’t judging the me-and-Jace… thing, what was with the look?”

Simon tilted his head. “What look?” 

“The one you had when you asked if it was a more than once kinda thing.” Maia said, trying to mimic the look he gave her. 

“Oh,” Simon blushed. “I was wondering if you thought Jace would be open to, uh, another partner in crime?”

Maia smirked. “I don’t see the harm in asking him.”