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Tie Breaker - Yoosung/MC Fluff Fanfic

@cluelessnutter​ it’s not precisely what you suggested, but it’s along the same lines so I hope you like it and thank you for the request! 

Spoiler-free, 10+, romantic fluff :) I used Cheritz’s naming convention of not-quite-the-brand-name, see if you can tell what games I’m referring to, haha ;)

“Seven! You’ll get sick if you eat the dough before I’ve baked it!”

Seven guiltily removes his hand from the bowl and licks the dough off his fingers. “It’s really good, though~” he says, smiling. You move the bowl farther away and motion with your fingers for him to back up.

“You’ll ruin your appetite if you keep eating,” you say. “And after I’ve put all this work into the meal, too!”

Yoosung returns from the living room and gives Seven his best withering glare. It’s not terribly effective. “Are you bothering her?” he asks.

Seven grins and holds up his hands in mock surrender, then notices there’s still a bit of cookie dough on his finger and licks it off. “Nope~” he says.

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Oliver’s POV of Connor leaving. Spoilers for 3x02.

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It was funny, Oliver thought, the details people take away from life changing moments. Like how he remembered his mom holding a pink towel when he told her about his acceptance letter into college, or how he was deleting a spam email when his HIV test results came back positive, or how Oliver’s hands trembled the entire time Connor was packing his bags to leave.

It was what he wanted, it was what he had asked for, and yet it wasn’t. Some part of him believed that even broken up, he’d get to keep Connor in his life somehow. That same naive part that kept silent all summer, thinking maybe it’ll be different tomorrow and maybe if I waited a few more days it’ll be okay. And when neither of those things happened, some part of him had still foolishly hoped that the leaving wouldn’t include any actual leaving.

Oliver loved Connor, he loved him so much it hurt sometimes. He loved him so much he couldn’t think past Connor and how deeply Connor loved. Oliver needed to be alone because Connor’s kisses were siren songs, his hopeful eyes would draw Oliver back in, and then he’d breathe Connor in like a man gasping for air and his resolve would crumble.

He watched as Connor moved through the apartment, eyes downcast, movements jerky as if he was tearing himself away from the space as he went. Oliver’s heart ached for him. For them. He wanted to hug Connor, to kiss him again. He wanted so much that his hands trembled with the weight of it. He clenched his hands into fists and held them by his side.

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The admins

Linda: I’m 19. I happen to know stuff about Estonia. My main blog is potentsiaalne.

Britta: I am 18 years old and I live. Also knows as ezrasgeorge.

Helerin: I’m a 19-year-old Estonian student residing in Finland. I worship kvass. Main blog helerious.

Helmi: I worship rye bread. Main blog music-can-destroy-everything.

Ellie: I am a 20-year old programming student, currently living in England. 100% made out of Southern Estonian salt and memes. My main is hamstershepard.

A brand new feature has been added to the Smithsonian dynamic image galleries for many transcribed archives collections: transcribed text

The transcriptions you’ve created on projects like the Burpee Seed Contest Letters can now be viewed when a researcher is exploring those digitized collections - such as part of the W. Atlee Burpee & Company Records. The Enterprise Digital Asset Network can now leverage the data from transcription to connect with the assets for more robust display connected to the EAD finding aid.

This new feature is an improvement that includes buttons to access the project in the Transcription Center, as well as linking to the catalog record. It means researchers will benefit from your work more quickly and more fluidly in their archival treasure hunting. Try it out here with the W. Atlee Burpee & Company Records, circa 1873-1978. Or see Leo H. Baekeland’s comments in place here.

Well done to the Libraries and Archives Systems Support Branch team. And thank YOU, volunteers, for the time and energy you share to improve access to Smithsonian collections. 

anonymous asked:

Okay but what if Aya became someone with a pretty important position in the legalizing / politician industries or something that's vital upon Scepter 4 legally speaking and this year it's her turn to do the every-once-a-year-you-spend-a-full-24-hours-checking-this-place-out at Scepter 4 and whoops! She just so happens to have a run-in with Saruhiko in that main office we usually see S4 inside in (because I'm a sucker for shit being shown off [semi] public with crowds watching) and cUE THE DRAMA

Aya would probably know going into it that she’s headed to Saruhiko’s workplace, since they ran into each other in the Another Side epilogue of LSW and she saw him in uniform. Maybe Aya’s been busy with work things and she doesn’t even realize that she’s been put in charge of examining Scepter 4 until it’s too late and she’s quietly cursing to herself because she doesn’t really want to have to worry about running into Fushimi all day but it’s too late to delegate anyone else. Aya tells herself that Scepter 4’s a big organization so as long as she’s careful she probably won’t run into Fushimi and everything will go smoothly, she doesn’t want anything messing with her job and she’d rather just avoid talking with him altogether if she can help it.

At first it looks like her inspection will go smoothly, Munakata’s probably very careful as to what members of ‘normal’ non-super-powered organizations can see so she’s only allowed in approved areas. He probably has one of the alphabet boys accompany her, like Akiyama gets to give her the tour and smoothly answer any questions she has in order to keep as much of what they really do a secret as possible. Aya can see what he’s doing and just rolls her eyes and acts like she can’t because she doesn’t particularly want to admit that she was a member of jungle and given a mission by the Green King himself, considering what that mission was and all. Akiyama’s showing her around when they round a corner and there’s Fushimi. Aya takes a quick step back and tries to look away, figuring if she doesn’t make eye contact it should be fine but then Akiyama greets Fushimi with a polite ‘Fushimi-san’ and that’s when Aya learns Fushimi’s currently the third in command. Fushimi walks over to talk with Akiyama and he and Aya immediately lock gazes. Fushimi would probably assume that she’s come to see him for some reason and he’d be irritated, like what do you want and Aya retorts that she’s not here for Saruhiko, she’s got a job to do. They end up bickering lightly for a bit before Akiyama manages to interject, all surprised that the two of them know each other. That’s when Fushimi and Aya both realize that everyone else around them has stopped what they’re doing and they’re all watching the Fushimi family drama unfold. I think if they were going to have any further discussion after that Fushimi would probably pull her into an empty room to hash it out, I can’t see either of them wanting to do that in public (of course if Fushimi doesn’t explain properly who Aya is and what’s going on that just sparks even more rumors, which he’s not terribly thrilled about either).