and here she doesn't have to be a spy

so Paranatural dumped a bunch of mysterious bullshit on us and I’m kinda freaking out

let’s take this from the top

monsters, presumably of a more physical variety than the usual spirits and ghosts - possibly including the dogs from chapter 4


corrupted by what? Three diamonds fusing into one really fucking huge diamond in Earth’s atmosphere and singing really badly? wearing out soul gems and becoming witches? staring into the void until the void stares back????

Then we’ve got Spender’s secrets, which we still don’t have any new info on

Then we’ve got “the disappearance of the Doctors Burger”. Assuming there’s not meant to be an apostrophe there, and that aliens aren’t stealing hamburgers for some weird reason (no matter what Yasuhiro Hagakure says), we have some interesting implications. We know a character with the surname Burger. Who happens to be living in a house owned by a family called the Guerras, despite not sharing their last name. HMMM. 

What I’m getting here is that Ed’s parents were both doctors, and also were both spectral. They disappeared without a trace, so Grandpa Guerra, who probably is the one who trained Dr. Burger and Dr. Burger in the first place, took in Ed and gave him a home to live in and a table to eat at. Isabel gets an adopted little brother out of the deal, too. I think this is all obvious, but I’m writing it down anyways to help myself think.

THEN we have Mayview’s ghost and spirit population. Max has wondered in the past why the Earth isn’t covered in the ghosts of bugs. But even the seemingly small amount of ghosts in Mayview when compared to the living things that once lived there is abnormal. Why? Maybe Mayview is a hotspot for gruesome deaths? Not that that would explain the spirits, just the ghosts…

And finally, we arrive at…”the incident”, which took place 13 years ago. It involved supernatural phenomena, but this phenomena wasn’t your usual supernatural BS. It was something so far out of the ordinary that the Consortium, an organization that literally revolves around knowing supernatural shit, has labeled it “unexplained” and left it like that. Did it involve the Goddess that Doorman worships and that Forge seeks? (Probably.) Was it related to Lucifer fishing a teenage Rick Spender out of a lake, which is stated to have also happened 13 years ago? (Almost definitively.)

And Agent Day is here to investigate the “hidden truth”. And she sees no reason to play I-know-that-you-know-that-I-know mind games with Dr. Zarei, which is a very refreshing frankness.