and here not 2 seconds done with the separation

”Sweetness, Modesty, Bitter Chocolate" part 1 [here] [Artist]

Finally got off my butt and scanned the pages in for this. There’s two stories in the book (although the book’s not even that long) by two separate artists, so I broke up the parts. I’ll probably have the second part done and uploaded before I go to bed.

As I’ve reached this 300 follower milestone now, I’d like to thank all of you lovely people who keep me on their dash and you guys who also are voluntarily willing to roleplay with me. Also thank you all for a wonderful year, as this blog will soon be one year old!

Giveaway will end 10th of February.


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→ Both, likes and reblogs count!
→ The basic “don’t follow me simply because of the giveaway and then unfollow once the giveaway is done” rule here as well.
→ I won’t draw smut as I have to draw these things in school.
→ Be nice to people.
→ Yes I am watching you all.


(1) First place winner:
→ A drawing of two characters of your choice. (both in the same drawing or two separate drawings)
→ A portrait of a character of your choice.

(2) Second place winners:
→ A sketch pack of a character of your choice.

(3) Third place winners:
→A portrait of a character of your choice.

Please be patient with the prizes. I’m currently half way through my exchange year in Scotland and I have only 5 hours per week with a pen tablet.


I took some progress shots of this piece in case someone is interested in seeing it! Here are the steps leading up to the final piece:

1. Digital sketch (I bought a tablet recently but I’m still practicing using it) because I needed to figure out how to arrange the characters and it was way easier to do when I could draw them on separate movable layers. Naturally I drew a pencil sketch later, but I didn’t scan that one.

2. Lines, erasing the pencil. I’m really not that good with smooth lines but I cover it up with the last step, haha.

3. First layer of watercolor on all characters to get a good view how the colors should go together.

4. Second (& third, etc. if needed) layer of watercolor, one character at a time.

5. Added thick outlines and some highlights. And we’re done!

The final picture can be found in a separate post over here.

Clumpy eyelashes are very trendy at the mo, you either love them or wouldn’t be seen dead with them.. If you love them like me here is how to get them:  

1. Put mascara on as you normal would. Wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky. (not fully dried not fully wet).

2. Get as much mascara on your brush as poss and then with the tip separate the bottom lashes into points. (you can do the top ones too but I focus more on the bottom ones)

3. Put abit more mascara on.

4. abit more.

5. another coat of mascara.

6. More if you want and then you are done.

My favourite mascara at the moment is the MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara, (Comes in dramatic volume, waterproof or with a curved wand.) The chunkier the brush the clumpier the lash, Avoid comb like wands. The more mascara the better & just go for it.