and here is makoto with a kitty

'Things I said to this Cat' Starters

“If my boob is injured during this, I will never forgive you.”
“You, are a douchebag. But I love you.”
“You’re using me! For a raspberry milkshake!”
“I will NOT be the reason you get explosive diarrhea!”
“This is, and I quote, Not for Kitties.”
“Can we stop with the needle hands?”
“Ow! I love you, but ow!”
“You maimed me!”
“Aw, I can’t be mad when you do that.”
“Don’t you lick my face you fuckwad.”
“You’re so warm and soft and vibrate-y.”
“Look at what you did!”
“Make up your mind!”
“Okay, Shitlord, we get it.”
“Firestar wouldn’t do this to me.”
“Nothing will ever get you while I’m here. Oh, dear god, please don’t tell me I just pulled a Makoto Naegi on you. I’m so sorry, please don’t die!”
“Wanna take a selfie?”
“If I get sick and die because of you, I will see your ass in court.”
“Great, now everyone thinks I’m a furry.”

Request PT 2: MFW guys and MC reencounter her ex-fiancé

So. Many. People. Asked for this.
Minor swearing involved

“Well well well, who do we have here?”
Your ex-fiance’s cold, mocking voice pierces you through the heart as you walk out of the elevator. You hugged the folder closer to the sudden chill in your chest and try to ignore him. Makoto pulls away from the rest of the interviewees, and cuts in front of you with a sneer.
“You’re here for the interview too? Guess you really have nothing left since I left you, huh?” He reaches out for your chin and you jerk away sharply.
“It’s none of your business, Makoto.”
“Brave words for a poor little kitty, don’t you think?” His eyes narrowed with a smirk. “I could still use a mistress, if you’re still that desperate for a man.” His arm reached around for your waist and he yanks you closer. You hit him with the folder angrily and break away from him.
“Stop it, Makoto.”
“Kitty grew some claws, didn’t she?” He reached for you again and you cry out angrily.
“Don’t touch me!” You shove him away from you so hard you stumble backwards, losing your balance. Arms wrap around you and steady you on your feet. You look up. “Kunihiko!”
He wasn’t look at you, his eyes dark and glaring at Makoto, who suddenly looked very nervous.
“Mr. Aikawa.”
“I’m surprised you know who I am.” Kunihiko’s voice was icy. “Would you care to repeat what you have been insulting my fiancée with?”
Makoto looked terrified now, shifting pathetically on his feet as the violet eyes stared him down. You stare blankly at him, something similar to pity stirring in your mind. You looked away.
“________, are you alright?” Kunihiko’s eyes turn to you and you nod slowly.
“I’m ok.”
“Why are you here?” He put a hand on your arm, a casual, gentle touch that made your heart calm down. You smile a little.
“You left a folder at home.” You hold out the cream coloured file, thin and stamped for today. “I haven’t opened it, so I don’t know if you’ll need it. It’s dated for today, so I thought I should bring it over before I go to Lilly’s.”
“Thanks.” He grins at you. “Always so thoughtful.”
Kunihiko took the folder from you and opened it. He frowned and shut it again.
“Ah, I don’t need this anymore.” He looked up, straight at Makoto, and tore the paper folder in half. “I would like respectful people in my company.” Kunihiko patted your shoulder. “I need to get on with my interviews. I’ll pick you up for dinner later, alright?” You nod, a little stunned, as he walks off to his office again, beckoning for the first interviewee to enter, leaving Makoto to stare at his torn resume sitting upon the floor.

The agent handed your passports back, and you take them, tucking both safely into your purse. The two of you passed the gate and Ren sits you down on one of the plush seats to wait for him as he went to send an email. Ren was going to bring you to his country for the sports competition that happened every four years. Royalty from other countries would be there too, and he found it to be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to everyone. As you smile with a twinge of excitement, you hear an all too familiar voice.
“________! What a surprise!”
You look up, your heart sinking as you see him making his way over to you in a stiff business suit and tie. Makoto smirks.
“Aw, look at you, poor dear.” He snickers as your darkened gaze. You wrinkle your nose a little as he nears, backing away from him. Makoto advances. “You’re crawling your way back to your parents? Guess you shouldn’t have moved out of your apartment and quit your job so early, eh?”
You stiffen and glare at him, clenching your jaw against his insults, trying not to let him have the satisfaction of successfully provoking you.
“Look at your pathetic little pout.” Makoto steps up to you and grabs your arm, wrenching you around to face him. “That’s all you ever do, huh?”
“Let go of me.” Your voice came out in a low, steady hiss. You notice a hint of surprise in Makoto’s narrowed eyes. He was clearly not used to you having a trace of fire in your meek submissiveness. With a sudden burst of pride, you remember how being with Ren had changed you. Makoto’s grip tightened on your arm painfully and you yank hard, trying to break free. “Let me go!”
“Get away from her.”
Makoto’s wrist was suddenly clenched in another’s hand, and you look to see Ren’s green eyes, uncharacteristically angry and fierce, boring into your ex’s stunned face.
“Let her go.”
“Sure, whatever.” His voice sounded uncertain. Ren released him and wedged himself between the two of you, tugging you protectively behind him.
Your ex rolled his eyes.
“Is this all you can come up with, _______? Seduce another man into protecting you? Friend, I’m telling you, she’s just a load of-“
Ren gave him a sudden, violent shove and he falls back onto the airport benches.
“Don’t talk about my fiancée like that.” Green eyes flashed angrily from the normally calm and collected face. You tug on Ren’s sleeve.
“Don’t get violent.”
He patted your hand.
“Get the hell away from us.” He snarled at Makoto. “Don’t ever come near her again. I wish not to get violent, but there’s a limit to how far my tolerance goes.” Makoto scowled and quickly fled the scene, not wanting to further tempt Ren’s temper.
Your fiancé turned to you and pulled you into his arms, clutching you firmly against his chest. You snuggle to him, enjoying his protective closeness.
“Are you okay?”
“Mhm. Thank you.”
“It’s my duty to protect you.” Ren kissed your forehead. “I will never let someone hurt you and get away with it.” His lips curved into a smile and you mirrored his tender look, feeling another rush of love for him.

It had taken Yuta a whole week to convince you to join him in this game show. They were running a couples’ theme this week, and you nervously step out to the poolside.
“Ah, here she is, the last one of our ladies to be introduced!” The host boomed over the microphone. “Aww, look at her! Yuta, your girlfriend is such a dear!” You walked shyly over to your boyfriend, and he gives you a big hug, wrapping you into his arms.
“Yuta!” You swat at him.
“Looks like she’s not quite used to affection on the big screen!” The host chuckles and Yuta grins.
“She’s not part of the entertainment business so she’s a little fidgety.” He tapped your nose with a finger and you blushed instantly. “But I have every bit of faith we’ll do well in the games today!”
You glance around at the other contestants, and suddenly your heart clenches. Standing beside a popular model was your ex-fiancé, Makoto. He smirked when he saw you and you saw his eyes darken with a look you really didn’t want to know about.
“Alright, ladies, go over to the other side of the pool!”
You go off with the other women, and see the staff set up a large floating stand in the center of the pool, topped with a heart shaped piece of plastic.
“Alright, fellas, it’s pretty simple! Get the heart, and bring it over to your partner! All of the other unlucky ladies, well, look up!”
There was a gasp in the ranks as you tossed your head back and saw the stands above you, with buckets of water prepared. The clinking of ice was probably not your imagination either.
An elbow dug against Yuta’s side.
“You’re seriously dating HER?”
Yuta chuckled with an angelic look on his face for the sake of the camera, disgust building up inside him at Makoto’s tone.
“You sound terribly disappointed. She’s lovely.”
“Do you even know how much of a mess she is in bed?” Makoto’s face was a friendly grin, his insults such a low hiss through his teeth the microphones couldn’t pick them up. “Never thought someone else would be so dumb to go for a slut like this.”
Yuta forced out a smile at him and listened to the whistle go off. The five guys launched themselves into the water at the crowds’ screaming.
You gasp as Makoto climbs onto the center platform first, followed quickly by Yuta. He turns and shoves Yuta back into the water before grabbing the heart and leaping off the plastic.
“Oh, and it looks like Yuta’s back in the water!”
You completely ignore Makoto as he advances towards his partner in the water, your eyes glued to Yuta in the mess of other men trying to catch up. Suddenly, Yuta climbs onto the platform and launches himself off, landing on Makoto’s paddling form and slamming him deeper into the pool. The dark haired man floundered under Yuta’s weight as your boyfriend laughed, a sparkle in his eyes as he straddled your ex, pinning the man face down into the water as he struggled. Yuta looked casual, as if this was some comedic effect instead of brutal revenge, and pried the heart shaped prize away. He let Makoto come up for a breath and smacks his head back down with a blow from the heart shaped plastic and climbed off, making sure to kick Makoto –somewhere- under the water as he paddled over to you.
He hurled it at you and you reach out to catch it, landing on your butt on the slippery surface, but cradling the plastic piece in your arms.
“Nice going there!” The host calls out and someone blows the whistle. Yuta climbs up onto the platform beside you and tugs you close to him by the waist. He presses a light kiss to your forehead and you blush again as the cold buckets come down on the other waiting partners.
“You looked really cool.” You whisper softly as he hugs you for the camera. “But wasn’t that a little mean?”
Yuta chuckled.
“It’s just for show, _______. That’s all you need to know.” You felt the cold pool water seeping through your dry shirt as he held you, but you giggled faintly at his voice.
“Did Makoto say something?”
“It’s just for show.” Yuta grinned with a glint in his eyes, patting your head. “Don’t worry bout it!”

Yeah, I took a scene from my fav TV show.
Thanks for the read!


Teenage girls.

Heroic teenage girls.

Revolutionary teenage girls. Monster-fighting teenage girls. Nation-saving, friend-saving, family-saving, boyfriend-saving, girlfriend-saving, world-saving teenage girls.

Teenage girls with superpowers. Teenage girls with magic. Teenage girls with nothing but their own wits and training and the skills they’ve practiced. Amazingly well-armed teenage girls.

Teenage girl partners, working together. Whole teams of teenage girls, all with their different strengths and personalities and dreams and interests and flaws, forming unstoppable teams. Teenage girls and their sisters charging into battle together. Teenage girls whose heroism has other teenage girls falling for them.

Animation, live-action, movies, TV shows, comics, and novels where teenage girls who defeat evil are the main characters.

Teenage girls written this way by men who appreciate and respect them. Teenage girls written this way by women, who remember what it was like to be them.

Strong, powerful, occasionally-terrifying, awesome teenage girls.


…inspired by how tired I am of posts that rave about Tamika Flynn on the grounds that “in a world where teenage girls are so hated, this podcast is brave enough to let a teen girl character be a hero who leads a revolution!”

She’s a secondary character. She’s been mentioned in four of Welcome to Night Vale’s 43 episodes. The state of the popular media is not so bad that you need to settle for calling that a Groundbreaking Triumph of Social Justice. There are series, there are franchises, there are entire genres dedicated to teenage girls doing exactly this. Go consume some.

(After the jump: a list of the characters spotlighted here.)

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Things that actually happened at the skit by the seiyuus at the Kansai event:

  • Makoto and Haruka getting lost in a forest
  • Kitty Haru getting rubbed down by Makoto as he tries to dry him.
  • Kitty Haru getting rubbed down by Makoto and going: “Ah!!! Makoto stop! Put me down!!! Ah….but…oh….feels sooooo good….aaaaahhhhh”
  • Makoto replying:  “heehee feels good huh?”
  • (According to several tweeters who went to the event, Zakki and Tattsun used their BL CD voices here)
  • (According to a headcanon by one of my friends: Haru sees how Makoto treats his ‘sweetheart’ and gets jealous and dreams of being a cat.)
  • Haru dreamed all this he dreamed about getting lost in a forest with Makoto and getting rubbed down by him and moaning and purring at his touch.
  • Makoto casually being the one to wake him up from his dream because waking up together is obviously what best friends do all the time right?
  • Haru telling Makoto that Makoto dreams of swimming too, and Haru knows this because they sleep together like, all the time, and Haru’s watched him sleep so many times?
  • Since Haru’s dream also involved other things besides swimming, perhaps Makoto’s dreams involve rubbing and purring and moaning as well?
  • This could be a reference to the skit from the last seiyuu event where we saw Makoto being a little too eager to dry Haru’s hair and Haru protesting because as we now know he definitely likes it a little too much???
  • ???????
  • ????????????????????
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????

from twitter reports by various fans who attended, including (x), (x) and (x)

Uh so Eternal Summer yeah suuuuure more like ETERNAL FEELS.  KyoAni understands that emotions are amplified x10000 when cats are involved.  And of course these two doofs probably treated the white kitty like their baby or something and fed it and played with it and let it come inside when it rained and stuff @_@  Kitty probably got so chubby from Haru giving it mackerel all the time…

(And here I am drawing gross fanart in a doomed attempt to forget that the swimming boys will be graduating gwuuhhhhhh)

SouMako Fanfic

Takes place after the sprashu fes! that Sasabe coach held in his pool.

Sasabe asked Haru and the others to help him clean the pool, the lockers, the hall and everything in there. It’s fun to see 7-year-olds swim, but it’s not fun to clean their mess… They, of course, had to do it, in order to repay everything that their ex-coach has done for them. They all put on their cleaning gear, and get to work. Rei and Nagisa were assigned the pool. Some kid peed in the water and they had to deal with it. Taking out the water, scrubing the walls, and refilling the pool is hard work! Haru was assigned the halls, but most of the time he just stood looking at his pictures of the Relay from when he was little, to the one, he participated in last year. And Makoto was assigned the lockers, he did that job real fast! He’s used to cleaning, because he’s the one at home that helps his mom, while his dad is at work, and Ran and Ren have extra-curricular activities (And then they come home and make a huge mess). Gou somehow got herself out of the situation, and so did the coach. He made the gang to the work for themselves…
After Makoto was done he grabbed his bucket with the mop inside with his right hand, and the broom with his left and he decided to see if the others needed help, Rei and Nagisa were, as usual, making a big ruckus out of their activity, so he decided to leave them alone, and help Haru. He looked through the halls, until he found Haru in the materials closet putting all of the stuff back.
Haru realised that Makoto was there and while putting the duster in place he said: “I’m done cleaning… I’m going home, you coming?”
Normally Makoto is the one who asks, so he was surprised to hear that question, but still he refused saying: “I’m sorry, but I can’t. Okaa-san asked me to go do groceries for her… She texted me the list earlier.”
Haru made an indiferent gesture with his shoulders, he went to the entrance hall, grabbed his Cross-Body bag and said: “Well, I’ll see you tonight” Incinuating that they would be running again that night.
Makoto, with his usual smile just said: “Yes, tonight.”

it was already 6:30 p.m. when he entered the supermarket, he picked his phone to see the list, and grabbed a cart, as he scrolled down to see there were WAY to many things for him to carry in his hands… Some of the items were really close to the entrance, so he decided to grab them, and then go look for everything else.
After about 8 minutes, Makoto had almost everything. But there was one item left. Rice Vinegar. His mom was probably planning on doing sushi that night so he HAD to find it! He was confused, and he couldn’t find any employees around. The market was almost deserted, no one around… He found someone in the yogurt section and decided to ask if that person knew where the Rice Vinegar could be.

To his surprise, it was Sousuke! The young man with whom he raced earlier. Sousuke gave him a long stare. Makoto was intimedated and wanted to get out of there, but he didn’t want to leave without asking him first. Very nervously he said: “Ummm.. Uhhh-” There was a slight pause and he yelled: “DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE RICE VINEGAR IS?” He immediatly blushed, in fact, his whole face was red.
Sousuke’s staring eyes, because teasing eyes. He gave a little laughter and said: “You don’t have to be so nervous, I’m not going to bite you, I’m not Rin!” He laughed at his own joke, while Makoto, being the nervous kitty he is, gave a little akward smile so that Sousuke would feel good about his dumb joke. “And yes, it’s in the 3rd aisle counting from here” while pointing at the direction Makoto should go.
Makoto took a deep breath and said: “THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP YAMAZAKI-KUN!” while bowing towards him.
Sousuke, with his cute smile just said: “You’re welcome, no need for that!” Makoto started walking away, Sousuke was looking at him go, and then yelled: “I’ll see you next Relay!”
Makoto turned around, but only him, not his cart, nodded his head while still slightly red, gave him a smile and left Sousuke.

Makoto headed to the cashier, there were only 3 opened. It was a very quiet night, not a lot of people were in the street. He headed towards the one that had the least amount of people, but he wasn’t the only one to think like that, someone else did too, and Makoto distracted didn’t notice, and accidently hit someone with his cart. He encountered once again Sousuke, who was also headed to that cashier. They both at the same exact time said: “You go first.” They looked at each other with widly opened eyes. “No you go first.” “No you!!” They sounded like a symphony. Sousuke pulled Makoto’s cart to the line, and then placed himself behind Makoto. “I have no hurries, you have to go back to your family…” Makoto worried as always he said: “Well, you have to go back to your school’s campus, won’t the teachers or Rin be mad?” Sousuke with half-closed eyes said: “No one cares… I asked Nitori to tell Rin that I was coming here. I’m short on yogurts and granola bars…”
They small talked during the whole process. One item in the old lady in front of them wasn’t scanning, so they stayed there for a little bit more time..
It was finnaly Makoto’s turn, and he was very nervously trying to put everything in the plastic bags, because it was late and he needed to hurry back. The cashier asked how was he going to pay, while in a hurry he stuttered: “Uhhh– Card!”
He passed his card through the machine, and it gave error, he blushed and said: “Uhhh, what? What’s wrong?”
Sousuke in his mind thought he was adorable, he walked besides Makoto and passed his card through the machine correctly and then started putting all of his stuff in the bags.
Makoto appreciated Sousuke’s gesture, they didn’t even know each other, basically at all, but the fact that he was helping showed something about his personality. Makoto entered the code, and as soon as he was done, he left the market in a hurry. Sousuke while staring at him almost run out of the store, gave a little giggle. The cashier looked at Sousuke and said: “He’s the most nervous and unnintencionally funny person I’ve ever seen ever.. And we get alot of characters..”
Sousuke looked at the woman who was no more thatn 5 years older than him and said: “Normally Tachibana is not like this… He’s kind and a good leader.” Sousuke was done really fast, he said good evening to the girl, and left carrying one plastic bag.
He starts walking towards the Samezuka academy but can’t help to notice Makoto stopped in a passagers red light right in front of the supermarket. From about 7 steps away he says: “You need a hand?” Makoto very quickly looks back, and says: “No need, I got this!” while giving him an open mouth smile with closed eyes. Sousuke decides to help him anyway, he went to grab 2 out of the 6 bags he had, and the instant their hands touch, Makoto drops everything. Even the ones of the other hand. The sign turned green, and Makoto thought he needed to be home really fast, but he has to pick up everything from the ground, a can started rolling through the street, Sousuke went to get it, and quickly came back to help the very nervous boy with his groceries, he then grabbed his bag, and 3 of Makoto’s and started crossing the road. Makoto followed him, and then he took the lead to his house. Of course allways saying stuff like: “I’m sorry” “I’m so sorry” “I’m so embarassed” “I probably embarassed you too” “I need to hurry” “Thank you” “I’m so so so so so sorry!!” Sousuke just smiled and said: “Wow, why are you so tense? It’s not even 7 p.m. yet, chill for a moment! Your family won’t be mad if you are late for a few minutes!”
Makoto somehow stopped shaking, stopped apoligizing, and stopped looking like an all around maniac. He completely stopped, and took a deep breath, while Sousuke walked towards his left side.

The trip to Makoto’s house was about what Rin did when he went to the Iwatobi Swim Team, as little kids. Makoto explained that he was always smiling, and he really did enjoy swimming. Sousuke still smiling said: “So he didn’t change from Sano Elelmentary to Iwatobi Middle School… That’s nice to know…” Makoto asked when did Rin and him meet? Sousuke explained the story with all it’s details, and without them noticing they were at the door of Makoto’s house. Sousuke handed over the bags and said: “I’ll see you next relay!” Makoto couldn’t let him go like that, he helped him carry the groceries and relax, so he asked: “Do you want to come in and have dinner with us? Just text Rin that you are going to stay here a while with me..” Sousuke rejected him: “Naah, I can’t, your mother doesn’t even know me, so I don’t think she’d be confortable with me here.. I’m sorry maybe next time..”
“No!” Makoto very quickly said “You can totally come in.. My mom won’t mind, and then she can get to know you. Also I have to warn that I have 2 younger siblings.”
“Uhh– Okay, I guess, if you insist.. I’ll get the groceries in and then I’ll call Rin”
He helped get the groceries in. Makoto’s dad, who was already sitting at the table reading the newspaper, greeting the young gentleman with a simple good evening. Makoto’s mom, on the other hand, squeaked and said: “Wow! And who might this gentleman be? I hope you stay, because I will be making sushi tonight! Mako-chan, honey, did you get the rice vinegar?”
“Yes mom, I did.”
“Great! Little man you are in for a treat!”
Sousuke smiled and said: “I’m Yamazaki Sousuke, I go to the Samezuka academy… You have a very strong swimmer in this house!”
Ran and Ren that were running around the house stopped in front of the boy who was for a change taller than their onii-chan, and both said: “MAKE IT THREE!”
Sousuke bended his back down towards them and said while patting their heads: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, THREE great swimmers..”
Makoto’s mom said: “Well, I should start making dinner, I don’t want you (While looking at Yamazaki) to go back home very late”
Makoto asked if his mom needed help, she immediatly turned him down: “You know you can’t cook, honey, go show Yamazaki the house.” Sousuke then asked if he could help her, to get the job done faster, but she also rejected him. “No, no no, no, no, you are a guest here, go with Mako-chan he’ll show you around the house.”
Ran and Ren were already nowhere to be seen. Makoto’s dad didn’t even realise that he was someone that has never been there. And Makoto’s mom was making dinner.
Makoto shows Sousuke his room, and Sousuke immeadiatly goes towards a videogame that was on a shelf next to his desk. “I’ve been looking for this everywhere? Where did you get this?”
“Uhhh– I think Haru got me that..”
“Ugh. Haru?”
“What’s wrong? You don’t like Haru?”
“I don’t want to make a big mess out of this, and I also don’t want you to be mad at me, but Haru is a bad person for anybody to be around. Especially Rin and YOU”
“Why only me and Rin? Why not Nagisa, Rei or Gou-chan?”
He placed his hand in Makoto’s shoulder “Because the blond one is to naive, the one with the glasses doesn’t enjoy swimming and Gou can’t be influenced… I don’t want either you or Rin to get hurt by that cold blooded snake.”
“Is that what you think about Haru-ch-… Haru?” Makoto said while looking down and squizing his fists tight. He looked at Sousuke and very quietly said “Than get the hell out of my house.”
Sousuke was surprised, was the nervous TeddyBear angry? He then said: “I’m sorry for everything that I said… This is why I don’t have many friends…” He made an excuse, because he didn’t want to leave like that, his mom was already counting on him, and he didn’t want to be mad at Makoto.
He than placed his other hand on Makoto’s shoulder and pushed in against the wall, but very gently, he didn’t want to hurt the emotional boy.
Makoto looked up at Sousuke, and it was an unfamiliar feeling. Normally he looks down upon everyone, this was a different experience.. Sousuke while looking straight in his beautiful green eyes whispered: “I’ve never actually done anything like this.. You know.. Kiss a person I hardly know.. But there is a first time for everything, right?”
Makoto confused just said: “K- K- Kiss?”
With that said Sousuke kissed Makoto on the lips, one of his big hands was placed in Makoto’s cheek and the other was against the wall. The door was closed, but at any moment Ran and Ren could open the door without knocking, like they always do.
Makoto started blushing during the kiss while thinking about his siblings catching him like this. He pushes Sousuke away, and locks the door. He takes his blazer and tie off very fast, and jumps towards Sousuke and starts kissing him.
Sousuke is nervous, but goes along with Makoto, while kissing he’s able to take his jacket off, and pushes him towards the bed. Sousuke takes his button-up shirt off, and so does the other boy. Makoto is on the bottom, Sousuke is at top. Not only are they kissing each others lips, but also each others necks and torsos. Evrything was really intense until they both realised they had no idea what to do next. None of the have ever done.. You know.. The sex thing..
Sousuke very rapidly jumped from the bed to the floor, picking up his shirt and buttoning it. Makoto just layed there, feeling somewhat guilty about what he was about to do to someone who he kinda just met.
Ran nocked on the door, giving them both a big scare: “Onii-chan? Why did you lock the door? Dinner is readyyy~~!!”
Makoto with the scare ended up being sitted at his bed. He went to one of the drawers in his wardrobe and got one of his T-shirts out, while he is dressing, Sousuke is putting on the jacket he threw on the ground earlier.
It was dead silence. They couldn’t even look at each others eyes.
Dinner went.. Well… Makoto’s mom, who ,along with everyone else in that house, had no idea what they were doing in her son’s room, started asking a bunch of questions about Samezuka, and Sousuke’s swimming abilities..
After dinner, Sousuke offered himself to clean the dishes, again, Makoto’s mom rejected his request, and said for him to go to Makoto’s room to play video-games or something.
He really had to go. Rin called him about 5 times during dinner, he’s probably worried, Sousuke decided to leave Makoto’s house, and at his gate door he said: “I’m sorry for what I said about Haru, and let’s hang out one day, yes?”
Makoto placing his hands in his own arms and shiverring of cold said: “Yes! Of course! Just give me a call when you are free!”
“For that I need to have your phone number…” It was a subtle move to get his phone number, and it absolutely worked.. Sousuke now had Makoto’s phone number, and he left with a HUGE smile in his face.
Makoto went back inside, closing the door behind him carefully, and going back to his room, and just flopping into his bed. And he STILL has to go running with Haru in about an hour.. He couldn’t stop smilling for some reason. He was really happy about what happened earlier. He grabbed his Orca plushie and slowly started shutting his eyes, until he listened to a ding! It was his phone. He got a text from Sousuke asking: “What is your favourite colour?”
He smiled and answered asking then: “What’s yours?”. They texted back and forth for an hour, actually getting to know each other, until there was a ring on Makoto’s doorbell. Haru had been waiting for 10 minutes in their usual spot, the bottom of the stairs. Makoto lost himself in time, and as quickly as possible put on his track clothes and left the house running. He was out of breath and Haru said: “We haven’t even started running yet, and you are already tired?”
Makoto giggled at Haru’s joke and ran like usual. Makoto is really good at hiding secrets.
Sousuke arrived at Samezuka somewhat late, Rin was worried about him, but Sousuke didn’t care, he just laid in his bed staring at his phonse waiting for Makoto to respond. Rin was being noisy and nosey that day, and asked: “You are you texting?”
“Why do you care?” Sousuke immediatly responded.
“Geez, sorry, it was just a question, calm down.” While going to his desk to finish some homework.
Sousuke sent one last message before going to sleep. “You said that you were going to run with Haru now, so I won’t bother you anymore, but I just want you here, next to me, in my bed, so we can fall asleep together. Goodnight babe.”


This was my first time ever writing a fanfiction, so please don’t be mean. :( If there is anything that I should get better at, please warn me, also there might be some typos, or some words written the wrong way (I’m not english sorry), should I make a sequel or something like that?