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First of all, vanilla sex is so misleading. The idea that you either have missionary sex (that of course is always boring and never enjoyable and passionless) or wild crazy kinky sex is beyond comprehension. Your sex isn’t boring if you don’t think it is, that’s why you’re having it. Missionary position has the unfortunate history and name attached to it, but face to face sex (in however position you find it) is completely understandably enjoyable. And I mean that outside of deeply romantic soul mate love making. If you’re going to be vulnerable with a person and have sex with them, of course having sex face to face is going to feel intimate and enjoyable, up to and including plain old missionary sex. But another thing is: why do things outside of “boring missionary sex” get to be claimed by the “kink community”? Passion, excitement, discovery? I’m sorry but why can’t those things happen in a so called “vanilla” sexual experience? Do people dictate what kind of pizza toppings people need to eat to feel your hunger satisfied? Like fuck no, am I right? So your friend eats cheese pizza and you think that’s the most boring pizza in the world, are you going to argue with them to not eat cheese pizza? What kind of asshole are you? Leave people alone. People have great sex all kinds of ways, and it’s not about how boring a hypothetical outside observer would find it. The people involved, regardless of age, experience, relationship, gender, etc etc are the only ones who get to decide if they just had bad sex or not.

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i kno u've said you dont want to share ur rp blogs here, but can u tell us at least what fandoms ur blogs are part of? :DDD

Most of them are fandomless, actually.
I am a proud OC mun…. which is why I may be just a little protective of other OC blogs. And why I made the OC shoutout blog, because I know how much work can go into those characters and I want other OC muns to feel appreciated, too!  <3

Ziam time is a fun time every time

YOu guys! YOU GUYS. So, tomorrow is obvs Part III of Our Thrilling Marilyn Monroe Murder Mystery Day (I made that up but it felt right and it felt important to give it a Wednesday day), but I think we should also try something new, because this fandom has been super balls lately and I dunno about you, but i would prefer to also cry and poorly caps lock spell about Zayn and/or Liam. So if you’re on board with me, send me some shit - videos, gifs, a “remember when Zayn/Liam/Ziam did this thing and we all cried about it” (and 1d day anon, you’re wish is my command tomorrow cuz we gon’ do that). Also, its casual and you totally don’t have to send me anything I can just cry here about ziam by myself Nuhbigdeal (but it’s more fun to cry together).

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goals in life: become really active in the WTNV fandom again bc people are cool there and i need to yell about Cecil and Carlos