and here he's giving himself up again in order to save the home he left behind

Made of skin and bones

(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, obeying the alpha? 

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

1. Wolves

Your feet barely touch the grass while you run through the wet fields breaking the silence with your heavy breath. Your lungs hurt because of the effort and the moon shines upon you enlightning your path even if you don’t need it to guide your steps, you know those woods better than the palm of your hand so you don’t have any trouble in to sorting the rocks and the fallen trees.

Your legs threathen to give up in any moment and you slow down your race, taking deep breaths when you spot a light at the end of the path. You stop completely, watching carefully where do you step, not wanting to make a sound or break a futile twig that gives you away. Reaching the rustic houses you make your way through the large orchads until a small house that you know too well. 

Knocking two times on the wooden door you start to get nervous when you don’t hear a sound inside the house. Nervous you look around searching for wondering eyes that could reveal your position. You shouldn’t be here… if someone catches you…

- Y/N?? - a red head woman, Natasha, opens the window on a burst

- SHHH! - you hush her - Let me in - jumping over the ledge you enter in her home

Behind you, Nat closes the small door on a hurry knowing very well that you are making something really dangerous coming to his clan. Your clan and hers are faced since the two leading alphas get in to a bloody fight a lot of years ago. It has been so long since that fight that no one remembers anymore why you are still vexed, the king alphas had changed many times since then but the hate remains. 

- What are you doing here? - you best friend wrap you with her arms tighly, it has been nearly a month since the last time you saw her

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Live a Little (Taehyung/Reader)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Prompt: If You’re still taking Taehyungie requests could I get a smut for trying new things and Tae sweet talking her into anal and taking it super slow and gentle and she ends up having the best orgasm of her life?? More love makey anal. Rather than aggressive.

Genre: Fluff Smut

Words: 4.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Clothed grinding, body worship, oral sex, teasing, fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, etc.

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{PART 6} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; Jungkook finds out the extent of Yoongi’s damage, and gives a serious warning to the Montgomery’s in turn. Meanwhile, both you and Jungkook can’t seem to get each other out of your minds.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 6)

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Summary: You hear news of the fire and decide to take action. Dean, injured and trapped, fights for his life. 

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: angst, so much angst, language, house fire, being trapped, difficulty breathing, panic, fear, injuries…

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts and the schedule!

A/N: Okay, take a deep breath and please try not to kill me when you’ve finished reading…

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MCU Civil War Fic Recs | Stony Edition

FINALLY i’ve decided to post my first fic rec list. Caught up with my feels after watching CA:CW. THE PAIN, THE ANGST, THE HEARTBREAK </3 Anyway I’ve been reading lots of MCU Post-Civil War fics and I thought it’s time for me to contribute to our lovely fandom. Here are some of my favorites to share with y’all. Don’t be shy, feel free to share any fic recs with me (●♡∀♡) I’d love to read more!

last updated 17/7/2017.

new fics added on top :) will be updated from time to time if there are new recs.

Tony gets the phone, but he never uses it and he never intends to. Or, he doesn’t until Steve starts texting him, asking strange questions about medication and mental health, which is when Tony gets worried.

(A texting fix-it that grew beyond all proportion. Deals with depression and anxiety quite a lot. There is even some plot in there somewhere.)

Tony and Steve fall through a portal just after defeating Thanos and his army. Stranded in another dimension, the two have to finally face what happened—and what could have been.

“Tony is missing.”

Steve hears the words over Natasha and Clint’s bickering, over Sam’s snorts, over the erratic beat of his heart.

The Avengers are in the aftermath of the Civil War, trying to keep their heads above water when an unexpected portal opens up and drops a few familiar faces on their doorstep for the upcoming battles.

Never let it be said that fate doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Steve doesn’t think about having sex with Tony Stark. He certainly doesn’t plan for it. It happens anyway.

They fight Thanos—and they’re losing. And before Tony knows what’s happening, he’s standing with Doctor Strange in front of the Eye of Agamotto and gets send back in time. Can he find a way to fix things this time around, or are they doomed to fall apart all over again?

“So was I,” his soulmate would tell him one day, and what it would mean was that they loved him. 

Post-Civil War. A mission at a power plant goes south and the ensuing explosion triggers the denaturation of the serum. In which Steve insists that he’s feeling fine, Natasha gets Tony involved and pieces start being put back together. 

Tony bypasses into the mailbox every time. It drives Steve absolutely nuts. 

Tony can’t even recognize himself nowadays.

Tony misses Steve very badly after the Accords. Some days he deals with it better than other days.(a fic featuring the booty call flip phone, minor kidnappings, and time jumps between chapters because the election has been happening and my brain has been too mush to make a proper plot)

Steve and Tony love each other—that would undoubtedly always be true. However, there might just be things that don’t care for love, that don’t care what it means for the two to take different sides. Things that none of them could’ve foreseen. Things that might just rip everything apart.When the United Nations attempt to put restrictions on the Avengers, Tony has to admit that the pawns had been in place for a long time, he just hadn’t dared to admit it to himself. And now, it is simply a matter of who will move first—and more importantly: in which direction.

Tony struggles with the day-to-day of leading a UN-sanctioned team of superheroes, Steve goes on a listening tour across America, and Natasha would like to remind everyone that (unlike Sam Wilson) she is not a licensed therapist.(55/200) page fancomic

When we do things, we always have a good reason. It’s other people we see as defective.

Learning to look a little harder than that will be a long journey, but it might just be worth the struggle to change.

After the civil war, everyone is left living in the new reality they’ve created — and now they have to figure out if they are willing (and able) to try again at being a real team.

If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complicated. It cuts across all political lines and gets to the root of our humanity. It requires faith informed by years of intimacy that you’re doing what’s right for your loved one.

But Tony is just a man. And there’s only so much he can do.

(Or that time when Tony does what is necessary to survive just so that he can continue to fix things and makes extremely rash decisions; because even if Steve may have left him behind, doesn’t mean Tony would do the same. Kind of.)

Everything seems to be in working order; except one day, after hoping and hoping for a chance to set things right, to prove what he had meant in his letter, that he’d be there for Tony when Tony needs him, Steve is given the opportunity to. It just isn’t what he had expected it to be. Not by a long damn shot. Sequel to Rebirth.

Strangely, or not so strangely, Steve is the one to call first.“Tony,” is all he says, low and throaty and oh so raspy.Tony says nothing. Not because he has nothing to say, but because he has too much. And maybe, for once, Steve should be the one talking.

After the Civli War, the Avengers were back together.

How is everything going, Tony? Pepper had asked in her email.
It’s fine (Tony had written back). I’m fighting with Steve all the time. Everything is going to hell. I’m okay (you know I’m always okay).

(Or: How Tony and Steve learned to be a bit gentler with each other)

It’s a mistake destroying Steve’s gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it’s a mistake Tony is happy to make.

How to say ‘wish you were here’ without actually saying so, as done by Captain Steve Rogers.

One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.

‘Dear baby,’ he thought hysterically while dodging an arrow, ‘One day your daddy and I fought and almost blew up an airport. I hope you’re better at communication than we are.’

Tony blinked up at the face staring down at him. This was impossible. This was definitely 100% not possible, he had not just started giving a good morning handy to -


After the events of Civil War, Tony and Steve wake up in bed next to each other in an alternate universe. It goes about as well as you’d expect it to.

Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there’s still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.A family.In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he’s to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.

It was the first time they’d seen each other since Siberia. It was probably one of the worst possible ways to have an unscheduled reunion. It was also about to get worse. A lot worse. 

 Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.

An alternate universe where Steve wins the Civil War.

It doesn’t go well for Tony.

A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.

Steve and Tony before, during, and after.

“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”

“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”

As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

“Humans are machines. Fascinating ones, but fatally flawed- because we feel too much. We try our hardest to be objective; but whenever two sides are too close, we ‘follow our heart’, which means fall prey to whatever our emotions think best and fuck all that logic might have had to say about it.”

Sequel to ‘And In The Silence That Follows’. Three months after the 'truce’, AIM is on the move again, and Norman Osborn seems increasingly determined to seize power in the void that the Avengers left behind. Logic dictates that Tony should cooperate with the runaway superheroes, led by one Steve Rogers to get ahead of the situation. Too bad his trust issues don’t agree with him. Too bad humans aren’t actually machines who can turn emotions off at the flick of a butto-Oh. Hello Extremis.

Steve splays his fingers on Tony’s chest, over his heart, and Tony whimpers. “You should take better care of that, Tony,” Steve says, digging his fingers in briefly.

Tony closes his eyes. “Don’t.”

Steve laughs, and it’s cold. He trails his fingers lower. “I could hurt you,” he says, almost conversationally. “I’m a criminal now, remember.”

“He hid some things from me,” Tony says, then shrugs. “It’s fine. I hid some things from him, too. Don’t you know this story?”

616 Steve meets MCU Tony.

“You were supposed to say thank you,” Tony said after a moment, covering his eyes with his forearm. It wasn’t as if Steve could see him. “It’s only polite, you know. Happy birthday, Steve—Thank you, Tony.”

It was raining when Tony exited his car. In front of him was a church.

He wasn’t sure why it always rained nowadays, but it wasn’t like he could do anything about it. Tony knew this weather kind of suited his mood, and his current mental state.

Attending funeral after funeral after you’ve been beaten up by the father of the embryo in your womb in Siberia before he left you in the cold, was beyond hard and painful. Tony had cried himself to sleep more than once. However, he couldn’t let anybody know, except Vision who had figured it out by himself.

“I sense a lifeform in you,” the android had mentioned to him once. “Is it… Steve’s?”

Tony remembered breaking down in front of him, after that Vision never mentioned the relationship between Steve and the lifeform in Tony’s womb again. He felt guilty, yet grateful. It had been barely a week after the incident in Siberia. Tony wasn’t ready for something that would remind him of that event, and he doubted he would ever be.

Steve never lets go of the phone. Sam thinks that it’s time for him to use it.

The written letter and cellphone never made it to Tony.

Tony never made it home.

Everything about them happened in seconds. Their first meeting was quick, with Tony landing next to the Captain, each man giving a curt nod and name in greeting. Their argument on the hellicarrier took mere seconds to escalate. Until Steve was goading Tony into putting on the suit and going a few rounds and Tony not so subtly reminding Steve that he wasn’t afraid to hit an old man.
It was only seconds of staring at Tony on that New York City Street, his arc reactor dark, no rise and fall of his chest, for Steve to know that inside the tin can, was a good man.
Then Ultron happened, and it took seconds for their world to change, seconds for Steve to throw his shield at Tony and for the billionaire to send a repulsor blast back. They went from laughing and relaxing to standing on an edge thousands of feet above solid ground.
And now…now everything’s changed. And all it took was a combination of seconds; of decisions made, actions performed and words spoken that they couldn’t get back.
Just a few ticks of the clock for their world to shatter.

It took two months and fourteen days.Well, two months and sixteen days if you wanted to be nitpicky and count the two days it had taken Tony to actually accept that yes, the phone was still lying on his desk, and no, it wouldn’t magically disappear just because he wished it so.The phone, and beneath it, that goddamn letter. If you need me, I’ll be there.

After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn’t blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they’ll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn’t have to worry about Steve’s grim frown, Bucky’s hateful gaze, or everyone else’s cold annoyance.For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn’t sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he’d somehow acquired a kid.

He’s sitting there on the carpeted floor with blood dripping down the back of his head, holding the battered red notebook with trembling hands. He looks up from the page and tries to blink away the scribbled words that won’t seem to disappear from his eyesight. He can’t breathe, can’t get his throat to work properly because it feels like he’s being strangled by the sheer truth of what he realizes now.

They knew. Oh god, they knew.

When Tony discovers a devastating secret, it will threaten to tear apart everything they hold dear.

Steve is going to realise in the worst possible way what happens when you let pride, rage and fear cloud your judgment. What happens when you don’t listen.

“And you think you could take me, do you, Stark?”“I’d give it a good fucking try. I’d like to shove you into the nearest wall and wrap my hands around your damn neck.”“Oh yeah? And then what?”Post-CACW, a series of phone calls between Tony and Steve. 

Total: 38 fics

FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 13

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

A/N: Oh my god. We’re back. I haven’t really edited this chapter since I just wanted to post it but oh well… lets hope for the best. 

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)(Part Nine)(Part Ten)(Part Eleven)(Part Twelve)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,320 (ish)

Warnings: Depressing themes, dying father, some light smut, mentions of blood, spoilers (you must watch season 2 episode 1)

(I listened to ‘HAEVN - Fortitude’ during the first part of this chapter)

You slowly sat up, the ringing still muffling all sounds around you. 

You tried calling out for Archie but you couldn’t hear yourself. However, you must have spoken because Archie’s head turned back to you. 

His cheeks were damp and his mouth moved silently. You could see he was trying to talk to you but the ringing in your head was only just fading. 

You tried to stand but wobbled and fell again causing Pop to drop the phone he was on and lunge forward to catch you. 

“You alright?” Pop asked, his voice quiet but coming through to you. 

“Dad.” You reached forward, ignoring Pop, and Archie at that moment, stood up. 

“The ambulance is on it’s way.” Pop told Archie, his voice clearer now. 

“Th-there isn’t time. H-he’s losing too much bl…” Archie shook his head, he knelt down and took the truck keys from Fred’s pocket and then helped him up. 

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accidental-rambler  asked:

“I’m in a bookshop and I really need to get that book but I'd rather get on my toes and jump at the shelf and do every single ridiculous thing to reach it than ask for your help, oh wait, you've read that book, let's have an aggressive in-depth discussion about it." for nessian au, pretty please :) (bc height difference and bookworm Nesta are life!)

(they really and truly are. Okay i had a go??) 

Azriel emerges from the backroom with a large box full of new books to put out onto the shelves. He and Cassian had agreed to watch Amren’s book store for a few hours while she ‘did things’, which was all the information either of them had gotten on the matter. Az doesn’t mind, he enjoys working in the shop. Cassian sets up at the front of house and talks to the customers and deals with that side of things, leaving him free to sort out the backroom which, inevitably, is always a mess. 

Glancing over at his brother as he begins to set up the display at the front of the till he notes the way he’s standing. Both elbows are braced on the desk in front of him, his chin propped on his hands, gazing across the room with unwavering focus. 

Azriel spots the girl who’s become the unfortunate object of Cassian’s attention and frowns. A few years younger than them, by the looks of it, petite, brown hair that turns golden when the light hits in the right way, a neat dress on. Pretty, he supposes, but not worth the intense focus Cassian is levelling her way.

“You’re staring,” he says pointedly, hoping this will direct Cass’ attention elsewhere. 

It doesn’t. He only gets an irritable wave of one of Cassian’s massive hands, he doesn’t even turn to look at him as he does so. “It’s a slow day,” he says, as though this explains anything, “She’s very entertaining.” 

Frowning, Az sets down his box and pads noiselessly over to the counter for a better look at the woman. She seems to have her eyes on one of the books on the top shelf but, coming in at just a little over five feet, she’s having some difficulty getting the one she wants. 

Az sighs, “Why don’t you go over there and help her?” he suggests, shaking his head. 

Cassian turns to him with a look on his face that implies he’s just said the stupidest thing he’s ever heard in his entire life. “But this is much more fun,” he says, a wicked grin spreading across his face. 

“She’s going to hurt herself,” Az says, casting a wary eye over her again, fearing for the straining muscles in her shoulders as she reaches for the book again. 

He makes to slide out from behind the counter but Cassian grabs his wrist. “We’re right here,” he says, that annoying smirk firmly back in place, “She can ask us for help any time she wants. You know Amren’s policy is not to bother the customers.” 

Azriel glowers, “I’m sure she wouldn’t want us to have to send a customer to hospital because you miraculously decided to start following the rules,” he comments drily. 

Cassian irritably flaps his hands again in a shushing motion, then gestures back towards the woman, now apparently looking around for something to stand on. Cassian slaps a ten pound note down on the table, “I give her five minutes before she’s over here begging for one of us to help her get her book.” 

Azriel eyes her again with an appraising look, then rummages in his own pocket and pulls out a ten pound note of his own, far less creased than Cassian’s and lays it neatly on top, “Not a chance,” he says simply. 

As predicted, Azriel is correct. Five minutes later he scoops up the money, Cassian grumbling irritably with his hands shoved deep in his pockets, and the woman is still doing everything she can think of save simply asking for their help. When she gets to the stage of piling books out of her bag on top of one another to reach the shelf above, however, Azriel nudges Cassian in the ribs and orders him to go and help her. Now. 

Huffing, and throwing Az a vulgar gesture over his shoulder, Cassian moves towards her. 

“Need a hand, sweetheart?” Is how Cass chooses to open proceedings and Az groans, shaking his head. He resists burying his face in his hands only because he wants to fix this moment perfectly in his memory for the rest of his life. 

The woman gives him a truly withering glare that would have caused any man save Cassian to shrivel before it and then replies with forced, terse politeness that no, she does not need help from some overlarge, hulking busybody, thank you very much. 

Azriel’s eyebrows raise in approval even as he watches his brother cock his head at her, sizing her up, a new worthy opponent to distract him from the slow day they’re having. “By all means, knock yourself out, sweetheart,” he drawls, crossing his arms over his chest and stepping back to watch her struggle, smirking. 

“Don’t call me that,” she snaps at him, eyebrows narrowing. 

“Well if I knew your name, I wouldn’t have to resort to it…Sweetheart,” he replies with a casual smirk, laying a delicate emphasis on the petname. Azriel is thinking he should have started another bet before Cass left him, namely on how long he could pull this shit with her without having his head ripped off, which she looks altogether too capable of doing. 

She isn’t forthcoming with her name, she only turns away from him, as though he isn’t worth the breath it would take to spit out a scathing reply, and turns back to the bookshelf with renewed determination. 

Cassian simply watches as she climbs onto her teetering pile of books, reaches, stretches, jumps, snarls, and mutters a string of highly amusing curses that Azriel has never heard before in her attempts to reach the book. 

When, however, she actually starts climbing on the shelves in her bid to grab the damn thing however, Cassian starts forwards in alarm. Not a moment too soon, either, as a second later her foot slips and with a gasp she topples from the shelf, right into Cassian’s waiting arms. 

He sets her gently on her feet, looking a little shellshocked and she manages to grit out a stiff, “Thank you,” not looking at him. Before she can attempt any more dramatics in the pursuit of fine literature, Cass reaches up and tugs a copy of the book down, pressing it into her arms. 

Amazingly, she opens her mouth to snap at him but he cuts her off firmly, “You have good taste, sweetheart,” picking up her pile of books he carries them towards the counter, “Why don’t you go home and read it rather than ending up in hospital trying, okay?” 

She glowers at him but salvages her pride, lifts her chin, and marches towards Azriel. Cassian trails her like a lost puppy, watching her now with hungry eyes. He elbows Az out of the way to ring her up himself, studying the book she’d picked, “Let me know what you think of it when you’re done,” he says, “It’s a good read.” 

“I’ve already read it,” she says coolly, digging in her bag for her purse, having replaced the pile of books she’d attempted to use earlier as a footstool. Then she looks up at Cassian, eyes slightly narrowed, “You’ve read it too?” 

He grins almost wickedly, leaning casually against the counter, “Of course I have,” he smirks. When she further narrows her eyes, as though she doesn’t believe him, he launches into a debate about one of his favourite characters who was brutally killed off far too early, in his opinion. 

She fires up at once in response to this, seeing red and ranting at him about how necessary that death was, how it had to happen, how the story would have been flat and meaningless without it. After fifteen minutes of hot bickering back and forth, neither of them stopping long enough to breathe in between bouts, she catches sight of the clock behind the counter and jumps, blushing faintly. 

“I have to go,” she mumbles, pulling the book off of the counter and stuffing it into her bag. 

Daringly, in Az’s opinion, Cassian reaches across the table and takes her hand, staring straight into this beautiful blue-gray eyes, “I’m free at five,” he offers quietly, “There’s a nice little coffee shop just down the street we could continue this in.” Azriel isn’t sure if she catches it, but he can hear the hopeful note in his brother’s voice. 

She stares at him for a long moment, weighing, considering, then, “My name is Nesta,” is all she says, before turning and heading towards the door. 

The smile that spreads across Cassian’s face in answer might have implied that he’d just won the lottery, rather than potentially secured a date with a woman who seems just as likely to devour him as to get on with him. Az just claps him on the shoulder in a universal gesture that implies he’s going to need a lot of luck to get through this, then shuffles back down into the storeroom, leaving Cassian standing at the till and grinning from ear to ear. 

How Gladio came to finally trust and accept Prompto:

1.)    @oldsoulrocknroll Ahh thanks, I’m flattered! (I’m addicted to it too hehe). But what a good question! To be honest, I’ve been thinking this over myself the past couple days :P.

2.)  @literatadibujante  That… is a wonderfully angsty headcanon. Accepted >:)!

These two asks go so well with each other, time for some angst!

This is gonna be long so i’m gonna put it under a cut

Here’s how it happened:

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take me higher

nobody else can take me higher / nobody else

Summary: Post-season one. Victor’s past and the things he lacked, and his present with the things he’s gained.

Word Count: 13,869

A/N: This fic has been banging on the doors to be written since January, and now I’ve finally gotten it done. It’s basically an in-depth study on Victory’s motivations, his past, and what he wants with Yuuri moving forward. I’m not used to writing things longer than 5k, so hopefully y’all enjoy!

You can also find this posted on AO3.

The first time Victor remembers meeting Irina Fyodorova, she is a stranger to him: the woman in photobooks in his father’s study, worn and forgotten where he’d kept them in the bottom drawer of his large oaken desk. Victor finds them on his own when he is four or five, sneaking into his father’s study without permission. The memory is vague—long ago as it is, but something of it remains with him anyway. He recalls the heavy smell of cedar and dust that rises from the drawer, heavy and stuck on the frame that fights against its opening. It grates wood on wood, and the pictures appear to have been thrown inside, piled and crumpled and grey, her face colorless and caught in stills that try so hard to trap her there. So when he meets her only a few months later, he knows her face because he has seen it in those photos; but in front of him she is surreal, and unfamiliar, and he cannot comprehend quite how he is supposed to know her as his mother.

It never really changes the more they meet over the years. He grows older, and she becomes less intimidating, alien, unreal. She calls him ‘Vitya’; he calls her ‘Mama.’ He knows intellectually what she is to him, but Victor can never quite feel as though he really knows her. They live separate lives: changing and growing in their time apart. It’s a distance he feels that he can never really breach, a strangeness in a mother he only sees once every few months in a year. She will always, no matter how well he knows her, be a stranger he cannot fully understand.  

In an odd way how he feels about his mother is not so different now from how he feels towards the city of St. Petersburg.

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It’s just a nightmare, he just needed to wake up.  Confusion set in as he scented Mor and Feyre, why would they be in his room? His eyes fluttered open, and he knew why as he looked out the window to the garden of the townhouse. He was in Feyre’s old room. Even before his eyes confirmed, the tenderness of his wings told him that it wasn’t a nightmare.

He was whole, his wings were tender, but whole. His tongue felt like sandpaper, “How bad?”

Mor’s normally chipper voice was raw, “Everyone is alive.”

Alive is better than prisoner. Alive is better than dead. But alive is just another way of saying fine. That’s when he notices that one scent is stale. He taught her to always have a second exit plan, always. In all their planning, they had failed. Instead of giving the King a new piece of cookware, Hybern had handed their asses to them on a platter and Feyre, Feyre had gotten them out. She sacrificed herself, their bond for their exit. She had saved them.

He was not sure he was breathing. He had promised, he had sworn to Rhys that he would protect her. They had failed both of them. They had days, only days to enjoy the bond, and that was even irrupted by this stupid war. He did not want to know, he wanted to go back in the depth of the blackness that he awoken from.

“I’m not sure what you remember in those final moments. Feyre got us out, she broke the wards and passed the magic expelled as her breaking the mind control that Rhys had over her. She played just as Rhys does into what they think we are, to what they see. They bought it. She pleaded for them to break the bond and let us go.”

He could feel his heart breaking. He watched Mor, the sadness in her eyes told me that there was more. The look on her face was too similar to the moment it all went quiet fifty years ago. I braced myself, reminding myself that they were all alive. Feyre was alive.

“We returned and you were in bad shape, we have kept you asleep for a fortnight. I thought that the bond was broken, he pleaded and crawled. When we returned Rhys told us that  Hybern only broke the bargain between them, not the mating bond. So Feyre returned to the Spring Court as a spy. She promised to bring Tamlin down from the inside. Amren was as close to killing Rhys as I have ever seen her.”

If we had ever doubted that they were mates, their self sacrificing bullshit would prove us otherwise.

“I don’t give a shit if Rhys is not going to go in and get her, I will.”

Mor squared her shoulders,  “We have a direct order from our High Lady not to intervene.”

High Lady

High Lady

Quiet, his world had gone quiet.

He grunted as he pulled himself out of bed, grimacing at the bones cracking as he moved. Before he the chance to find him, he entered the entryway. An anger he had held onto for fifty years resurfaced.


“No, it is her choice to stay.”

“Like it was your choice to bind us to this city for forty-nine years. To sacrifice yourself until all that was left was a shadow of a broken soul. We stayed behind these walls listening to the rumors from Az’s shadows. We know what it cost you, but you have no idea what it cost us to feel helpless, betrayed and utterly worthless like the bastards and chattel that the world has told us we are.”

His chest rose and fell with every angry breath he took. He wanted to beat him across Velaris and back. That was how they had always resolved their frustration. He cursed as every bone in his body ached. So he would fight Rhys with words.

“You were not here when we learned that there was a human in Tamlin’s lands. You were not here to see that hope break every day for months and months. Because that curse was cruel, but it gave us a sliver of hope.”

“And when you finally did return, you were broken. Once again you locked us out, you did not lean on any of us because you felt that was a burden you should shoulder yourself. You were so broken that you would let your mate marry another male. You sat by and let another male break your mate!”

“We helped you put those pieces together. That first day, that first dinner, we knew you were in love with her. We knew she would be the only one that could reached you. She was our only hope for you to return to us. During that time, we embraced and loved her. Mother’s tits Rhys, she got Amren to laugh for the first time in two centuries. We love her as a sister and you are just sitting back letting her go back to the male that broke her.”

“You made her our sister and our High Lady, she is not just yours now, she belongs to every one of us. So, tell me Rhys, what happens when she returns broken or worse? What happens when she returns to us dead?”

He watched as his brother slipped on a cool mask, “I am very aware of that risk.”

That is when he noticed it, there was panic under that mask and he did not give a flying fuck.

“What do I need to do, what do I need to prove that you can trust me, to trust us?”

His brother just looked at him, watched as the shock turned to anger.

Rhys responded, in that familiar low male voice that told the world that they were on the verge of violence, “I did trust you! I trusted when you said ‘With my life, High Lord. I’ll protect her with my life.’ I trusted you to bring her home to me.”

He sunk to his knees as the smoke and shadows winnowed his brother away.


Monster (Carl x Reader)

“Imagine being Negan’s daughter. Simon lets you go scavenging around in the area outside the Sanctuary, but you end up lost. Everything will change when you run into the son of your fathers enemy.”

A/N: Just something random I did up to take a break in between requests.

Warnings: Swearing and Spoilers from season 7.

You weren’t sure what exactly you were planning. The sun had already started to set and you knew that your dad wasn’t going to be happy when he found out that you had left the Sanctuary. Simon had told you ‘just a few hours’ and that was the original plan but you got lost pretty quick. You hoped that your dad wouldn’t be too hard on Simon, he had trouble saying no to you and you enjoyed his company when your dad was out terrorizing the other settlements or with one of his many ’wives’. You continued to move through the thick brush as you tried to find something that looked familiar.

You heard the branch snap from behind you and you reacted quicker then you thought you could. You had tackled the assailant behind you, about to drive your knife into his skull before you noticed the color of his skin. The boy took your shock to his advantage and threw you off of him. You moved to get back to your feet but you heard the safety click off of his gun.

“Don’t move, put your hands up…”

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Sorry I'm Allergic

A/N: Okay so warning this has smut also I started this at 4:30pm and now it’s 4:24am like this looks like it was done in one second

Harry always made sure everything in his life was how he preferred it. If he wanted something he got it, if he wanted certain things changed they were changed in a heartbeat. Now, Harry wasn’t cocky about it this was just something he had grown accustom to, so getting what ever he wanted came like second nature. Although it wasn’t just him getting “special treatment” he made sure his family always had what they needed in a matter of seconds.

The only thing Harry actually wanted was someone to be with, share his thoughts with, and put his love into. Don’t get me wrong, Harry put his life and soul into his music no questions asked but he just wanted someone  that could share their feelings with him and every thought they had ever come across. And that’s where you came along, well in Harry’s book. When Harry first saw you it was at a smoothie place near his house. You were ordering a Groovy Goji with a grilled chicken wrap.

Harry didn’t know what attracted him to you he didn’t think it was your face seeing half of it were covered by Hangover styled Aviators. Maybe it was your voice, while it did sound beautiful it was the perfect mix of nasally, soft, and filled with confidence. The only words he heard there ‘goji’ 'also’ 'chicken’ since the strong wind was impairing most of his hearing. Goji and chicken sounded great to Harry but that wasn’t it either. So Harry decided it was the way you carried yourself, you stood tall and determined not to mention the natural glow you had.

Harry quickly ordered his food and sat at the table in front of you hoping to catch a glimpse of your face. A little after you both got settled you took off your sunglasses and he finally saw your full face. Harry was completely floored, it was obvious your beauty wasn’t the reason you attracted him but it was just a little bonus to finally see your face. Harry sipped on his antioxidant smoothie and tried to get a your attention buy dropping things and and coughing very loudly but you never made an effort to look up. Harry grow frustrated very quickly, everyone in the damned store looked at him with the “Oh my gosh it’s the Harry Styles” but the one girl he wanted wouldn’t even glance at him.

As said before Harry always got what he wanted, right now Harry wanted this girl to notice him and he got none of that. A hour passed of Harry ordering numerous drinks and still no contact from this girl. When he almost gave up the girl closed her laptop, shoved it in her bag and walked toward the door.

“See you again Y/N” the barista called out behind her. So that was her name it most definitely fit her face. Now Harry had a name and a face but he still seeked more. It was obvious he could have came back tomorrow and seen you, the barista’s words as evidence, but that just wasn’t enough. So the only thing that made sense to Harry was to follow you yes full on stalker follow you.

Harry made sure you were out of sight of the shop windows before towing after you. He pressed in his mind which direction you were going he all so made sure he was a good ten feet behind you at all times. While in this pursuit of you he’s learned a lot if things, everyone and he means everyone knew who were he watched as you received “Hi Y/N!” “Hello love, how are ya?” You replied with smiles, waves, and answers to those question. This whole ordeal made Harry more curious as to who you are. As he pondered who you might be he didn’t notice you stopped and turned to face him, causing Harry to crash into you.

“Okay listen here mister, I let it slide when you stared at me back at the shop even when you followed me for two blocks. But now you’re just being creepy so can you just please leave me alone?”

Harry’s heart dropped down to his stomach, blinded by the thought of this girl he completely forgot right and wrong. For god’s sake he had followed this poor girl. “ ’M so sorry. I didn’t mean ta freak yeh out I just wanted to talk to yeh.” Harry explained. “Mmm really? Ever tried 'Hey wanna talk’?”

“I’m sorry. Can I please make it up to you? I just wanna talk to yeh a bit. Maybe over a goji berry smoothie?” Harry proposed, hoping for a positive response.

“Nope sorry I’m allergic” with that she turned on her heel and kept walking down the street. Harry had properly blew it and he was more than frustrated. On his walk home he thought about what he could do to try and make the situation better. The last thing Harry wanted to do was leave a bad taste in your mouth, that’s when he thought about the barista’s words “See you again Y/N!”

Harry woke up the next day with a plan already in his head, it wasn’t that elaborate but it was a start. He woke up and put on his best outfit, with the help of his sister, and walked to the shop that got him in the mess in the first place. Harry ordered his antioxidant smoothie and a sandwich for himself with a groovy goji and a grilled chicken wrap for Y/N. Merely minutes later you walked in  “Hey! Over here.” Harry called. You looked in the direction of the voice, once you saw who it was you tried to leave immediately, but Harry was too fast. “Please jus sit down with meh so we can talk.”

“No, I don’t talk to people like you.”

Harry has never gotten that response before when he asked to talk to someone. This girl really put up a challenge but that just enticed him more. “Just because ’m famous doesn’t mean ’m stuck up if tha’s what yeh think”

Y/N looked up at Harry with dulled slow blinking eyes. “Famous?” she chuckled “ When I said people like you I meant creepy, if we’re being honest here I have no idea who you are.” Now that was a huge blow to Harry’s ego, not only did she not know him, she called him creepy. “Yeh don’t know who I am? ’M Harry Styles I’m from the band One Direction well I’m doing my own thing for the time being but.”

Y/N racked her brain for 'Harry Styles' or 'One Direction’ but nothing came up. Of course Y/N didn’t live under a rock she always knew the latest songs and Netflix TV shows but she had never heard of Harry and his band. Now she was being pursued by this hot shot since yesterday that she hasn’t heard of mainly because their prime years were covered by her emo phase which left no room for boy bands. Since My Chemical Romance and One Direction didn’t mesh well on a playlist she was left completely clueless “Yeah dude, I don’t know who you are.” Harry sighed but maybe this was a good thing, since Y/N didn’t know him she may not associate him with the womanizer image that didn’t represent him at all. “Okay well maybe we could chat about it ovar some food and such?”

Y/N thought about it, if this guy really was a creep she could rely on the employees to save her since she’s on a first name basis with all of them and even texts a few of the baristas from time to time. There was no doubt his name held weight because yesterday everyone flocked to him as soon as they walked in. At first she just thought he was a local like her self but some people asked for pictures and autographs, she thought that was odd but the letter she was writing to her brother overseas was way more important than some pretty boy local.

After a long sigh Y/N says “I guess so.” with a smile that made Harry’s heart flutter. Harry lead you to the table where your food was set up “ I got what I heard you order yesterday. That’s not really helping the creep case but.” Harry said while he sat her down and pushed her chair into the table. “Yeah no it’s fine, really sweet actually.”

Harry and Y/N talked about a lot first was about his first band and his experience on the X Factor. Harry’s talk lead more into One Direction and the great times he’s had with all four guys and even giving Y/N insight on some of the worst. Then Harry let Y/N have the spotlight where she talked about her upbringing. She told Harry just about every embarrassing story in her life because that’s what made him laugh the most. Y/N and Harry talked the whole entire day, in fact they didn’t even notice until one of the employees told them the place was closing.

They walked outside the shop to bid a goodbye to one another but they both didn’t want the night to end so Harry had an idea “Come ovar my place for a bit? We could talk some more.” Harry leaned his forehead on to hers and intertwined their fingers.


Harry and Y/N walked back to his house, they talked some more about TV shows Harry spewed out his favorite in a heartbeat since he barely watched TV but he always had a few he tuned to immediately. Y/N however recommend every show on HGTV like Flip or Flop and Vintage Flip just to name a few. Harry never heard of these shows but seeing the excitement in her eyes made him want to watch them more so they agreed to watch it when they got to his place.

They got to his place in a matter of minutes he ushered her in just incase any paps were waiting to catch a glimpse of him.“So this is my place, it’s not much but I call it home.” This place looked beautiful to Y/N different art pieces decorated the white walls, different crystals sat on side tables each were different in shapes and sizes but were all connected by a common color of red. The living room and a color plan of yellow, black, and red it was weird but Harry made it work. The two walked to his couch and took a seat “Now show me this House Hunters you go on about.”

After about four episodes and Harry yelling at the wifes when they complained about the light fixtures our the shower head, the two found themselves cuddling on his couch. Y/N lifted her self from his chest to get to his face “H, calm down show’s fake anyways she’s just bitchin’ for no reason.” Harry looked up at her, her eyes were glazed over and her hair was a hot mess because Harry ran his fingers through her hair, getting it tangled, but she looked absolutely adorable. “It is? Tha’s upsetting.”

Y/N chuckled and started to ramble about something but Harry was too focused on her lips, they were puffy and looked so soft Harry couldn’t help himself. Harry reached up to capture her lips Y/N was caught off guard but it felt right and she quickly melted into the kiss. This wasn’t the 'sparks are flying’ 'fireworks in my stomach’ type of kisses because those just didn’t happen, but this was the best kiss Y/N has ever had in her life no doubt. Push came to shove and they’re in his living room making out like horny teenagers.Y/N was the one to break the kiss “Can we, I don’t know. Go to your room or something?” she said gasping for air

Harry didn’t hesitate before he lifted Y/N up and wrapped her thighs around him. He ran upstairs and dropped Y/N on the bed before crawling over her. “So beautiful love, jus’ layin’ here fo’ meh.” Harry kissed her cheek trailing down to her jawline then neck. Y/N started to moan when he sucked a sweet spot under her ear. “Oh babe that feels amazing!” she moaned and grabbed a hold of his hair. Her moans ignited something in Harry that caused him to rut his cock on her thigh.

Harry made sure he had two beautifully colored marks on her neck and collar bone before continuing. He lifted the bottom of her shirt to under her breast. Harry kissed, sucked, and kitten licked her lower stomach. Different profanities including fuck and shit leaving her mouth her skirt created no barrier as Harry continued his assault while rubbing her panty clad clit. Y/N took her shirt off and massaged her breast through her bra “Fuck Harry do something please I need you!”

Harry decided to give her what she wanted, he reached up to undo the clasps on her bra and slid it off her arms. “You’re such a fooken sight to see petal. Your tits are so perfect, let me get us situated then I’ll get back to those, okay beautiful?” Harry went down to her lower region he pulled down the zipper on her skirt and slid them down her legs. Then Harry leaned in to place a kiss her her clit he licked and sucked as much as he could seeing she still had underwear on. “Sweetheart, these little thongs yeh have on are so beautiful pet, bet they make ya ass look incredible. In fact turn around and let me see it babe.”

Y/N whined “Baby please I just want you in me please H I’ll do anything!”

“Love when I say do something, yeh do it. I don’t wanna spank that pretty ass red. But I will.”

Y/N groaned but turned around on her stomach. “Christ sweetheart I was right.” Y/N’s ass was beautiful it was the perfect size for Harry her ass turned Harry’s semi hard straight into a raging hard on. He dove into her ass, Harry licked and kissed under her left ass cheek while the right hand grabbed onto her other ass cheek. Y/N never thought someone paying this much attention to her ass would feel so good but now that it’s happened she doesn’t want to have sex again if it didn’t include this part. Most of her moans were muffled by Harry’s pillows but they both knew how aroused she was especially Harry since he could smell her dipping in between her legs.

“Sweetheart, yeh smell absolutely wonderful take off those pretty panties fo’ meh.” While Y/N took care of that, Harry quickly stripped out of his clothes, leaving his cock angry red and throbbing. Harry laid down between her spread legs as she still laid. Harry spread her pussy lips apart and blew cold air on her opening. “Har baby that feels so good, you’re doing me so good but please baby fuck me.”

“In a second love.” Harry tongued her entrance. He took his time while he ate her out he’d smack her ass a few times just to watch it bounce luckily it turned her on so it was a win-win. After Harry ate her to the verge of tears “Harry baby I’m gonna cum I’m so close babe I’m right there jus- Harry!”

“Yeh aren’t cummin’ 'till I’m deep inside you pet. But I got one more thing to do.” Harry flipped her over to see her face, her face was flushed she she was sweating, not to mention the tears going down her face. Harry cooed and wiped her tears away “I’ll let you cum in a second pet, just let me play with those pretty tits first.” Harry leaned up to circle his tongue around her nipples, making them hard. He took her pointed nipples in between his teeth and tugged on them. Y/N wanted him to fuck her so bad but this felt almost as good almost. “Harry please fuck me!”

“Okay love I gotcha. Hand meh a condom outta that drawer.” after Harry got the condom on he rubbed the head of his cock on her slit. He got whines in return from Y/N so he finally thrusted in. “Fuck Harry! You’re so big my gosh fuck me baby” The words coming from her mouth made him thrust faster, her cunt was heavenly around his cock since he had a condom on he couldn’t feel everything he’d like but he still felt on top of the world inside of her. Harry held her legs at his hips then reached down to capture this girls lips. Harry got his deepest and thrusted his hardest into Y/N and he could cum at any second. “Harry please I’m almost there!” that’s all he needed before reaching down to rub her clit. That’s what pushed her over the edged, Y/N came on his cock “Tha’s it baby cum all over Daddy’s cock I got you pet I’m right here.”

Y/N’s climax crashed down on her while Harry’s followed shortly after. Harry laid down beside his lover. “Stay tha night, I’ll make you breakfast in the morning and maybe we can have a round two.” Y/N obviously didn’t need to think twice about this offer. “Okay but next time I want to be in charge.”

“I think we can work sum out.”

He Calls Me Kitty (Damian Wayne x Reader) Part 3

tinyfandombloggerprancingdestiellastbelievercapt-coldy captthe-smartass-under-the-mountainThe long awaited part three, this is not where I expected this story to go, but I’m curious to see how it ends. I really enjoy exploring Damian’s softer side, because most people chose not to see it, even though he has his moments in the comics where it is super clear he loves all of his brothers, especially Tim.

Part One Part Two

Trigger Warnings: Talk of Violence and Death

Originally posted by sixofclovers

Your leg was healing, slowly but it was healing. You lived in the manor as you waited for your bones to mend and you were beginning to enjoy the life you found their. Titus thought you were fun, and played with you often, Goliath took an extreme liking to you, allowing you to curl up on his warm body at night, and Pennyworth didn’t say as many rude things anymore. Batcow and Jerry mostly stayed away from you, but they were kind when you passed them for your breakfast. Each night Damian would take you to his room and dress your wounds, then leave to go and Robin. When he came back he would pat the bed next to him, but you still refused to climb in with him, it was a principle.

Today was a Sunday and you were beyond excited, because you had overheard Damian say you would get the wrapping off your leg today. The entire day you lounged near Damian, hoping he would catch a glimpse of you and take off the bandages, but he was sparing with ‘brother’ all day.

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Unknown King - part IV

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: I am really slow on updates because I’m busy with work and I’m trying to do 3 school projects at a time. Please let me know if you ant to be tagged or added to my permanent tag list

Word count: 2.1k

Part I Part II Part III 


Two months passed and you still didn’t have a good headline. At work, you were still called the Rookie. Not to mention your pay was not all that great. The savings you had were running low. The owner of the house you lived in raised the price on the rent, which meant that your entire check from The Report went towards the rent. If you didn’t find a good scoop, you’d be doomed for sure.

However, every time a killer story surfaced, the opportunity would be snatched away by a newly hired girl. Her name was Madison Titan. She’s only been at The Report for a month but has managed to climb the ladder of success. She always scored front page headlines. She hated you. It wasn’t hard for you to realize that, but you didn’t let it bring you down. You didn’t have time for silly middle school actions.

You sighed as you looked at the stack of bills that needed to be paid. Asking you parents for money was not an option. Your father told you this would happen and it did. He’d just use this opportunity to give you the “I Told You So” conversation. No way did you want him to have that victory.

You looked out the window. A handful of sports cars were parked in Bucky’s circular driveway. You became very good friends with Bucky. Every Saturday he would take your out for lunch. It became a routine. You still knew little about him but didn’t push him to open up. You bit down on your bottom lip and turned away from the window. Shortly after, you received a message from Bucky.

Bucky: come over, I have some friends I want you to meet.

You: right now?

Bucky: yes! You’re not busy right?

You: of course not, I’ll be right over

You ran into your room and pulled the closet open. After pulling on a soft oversized sweater, you quickly sprayed some perfume on you before grabbing your keys. The sun sat high in the sky, beating down on you. You pulled the sweater into your exposed shoulder, but it was no use. The cloth would simply fall back. You walked through Bucky’s garden. Everything looked beautiful with its exotic flowers and pungent smells of roses that engulfed your senses. It looked beautiful, almost ethereal.  You sighed and knocked on the door. A butler opened the door.

“Miss Y/L/N, Mister Barnes is expecting you,” He said.

You smiled and stepped inside. This was the third time you were in Bucky’s house. Clearly, you never went this the extravagant parties he threw every Friday night.

The Butler led you to the pool area where there were a few people mingling around. Bucky saw you and made his way towards you. His head bent down a bit as if he was going in for a kiss, but at the last minute pulled you into a hug. You patted his back and smiled. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Y/N these are friends of mine,” He said.

A tall man with blond hair steps forward. He was ad muscular as Bucky and flashed you a kind smile, “Steve Rogers.”

You smiled and shook his hand. A beautiful woman with red hair shook hands with you. She introduced herself as Natasha Romanoff. Then you met Sam Wilson, who had a mischievous smile and lingered close to you for a few seconds before leaving your side to talk to Steve. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff introduced themselves at the same time and you almost didn’t catch their names. Finally, you finished off with Clint Barton and Thor, who didn’t give you his surname.

You sat on one of the bar stools at the outdoor bar. You watched as Bucky spoke with his friends openly. Wanda sat next to you, she ordered her drink before turning to you.

“How long have you and Barnes been together?” She asked, her thick accent hung on her voice.

You choked on your drink and began to cough. You shook your head, “We’re not dating. Just good friends.”

She hummed, “The way he looks at you says something else.”

“How does he-?”

“Never mind that,” She said abruptly. “You must be special. James doesn’t always introduce us to his neighbors, much less his girls.”

You sipped your drink, growing uncomfortable about the situation. It seemed like she was talking to herself aloud instead of you. You shrugged, “we’ve known each other for a few months now.”

“He’s not the most open person in the world. Just be patient,” She smiled.

Bucky told you to stay until everyone left. It was two hours of just talking and drinking and lounging around. It wasn’t bad, you were able yo take your mind off the stack of bills that would surely give you a headache once you stepped back into your home. You stood at Bucky’s side as he watched the final car leave the driveway.

He turned to you and smiled, “did you have fun?”

You nodded, “I did!”

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour of the house.” He opened the door and you stepped inside once again. “It had dawned on me that I hadn’t shown you my home.”

“Your house is very beautiful,” You remarked as you followed him deeper into parts of his house that you hadn’t been in.

“It is,” Bucky agreed. “It was built in the late 1800s. The chandeliers had all collected an inch of dust when I first bought this place. Obviously, no one had lived in it for a while.”

You passed various closed doors that you didn’t bother asking what was behind them. Instead, you continued to follow him until the vibrant hallway opened into a large room with a long table in it. The table could possible seat 20 guests and it almost made you sad at the thought of Bucky sitting on one of those chairs eating dinner by himself.

“The dining room,” He said. “Had this table imported from a castle in Europe. Never eat here.”

You weren’t surprised by what he said. He was already moving forward, you quickly followed close behind. Bucky opened a door that revealed the kitchen. It was probably the size of your house. It had a pizza oven, another oven, a grand silver stove, a refrigerator, beautiful marble island and other things you did not recognize. Two chefs were working around the kitchen. Cutting vegetables and fruit while another stirred something in a pot. It smelled exquisite. You watched as the chef cutting the fruit threw the diced strawberries into a large machine that ate the berries and produced a red juice.

“These are the chefs that run the kitchen. Renaldo, Anthony, this is Y/N.” Bucky introduced.

The two men smiled and bowed their heads. Renaldo came forward, “would the Miss like some bread?”

“Yes! Of course!” Bucky boomed happily.

Renaldo grabbed a knife and opened a silver drawer in an oven. Be pulled out a loaf of bread and began cutting it into slices. He handed you one. It was warm, crunchy and soft at the same time.

“This is amazing,” you remarked. “Best bread I’ve ever had!”

“It’s Renaldo’s family recipe,” Bucky said. “Even I don’t know what’s in it.”

You smiled and took another bite from the bread. Bucky led you to a walk-in freezer, where all the ice cream, frozen meats and other foods were stored. He grabbed a wine glass that was filled with chocolate. The door closed behind him, keeping the cold contained. Anthony handed him a spoon and Bucky gave you the glass of chocolate. You dipped the spoon in the glass and ate the chocolate mousse.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

You nodded, “it’s delicious.”

Bucky opened another door and revealed the small room to be filled with different wine bottles. The shelves had white wine as well as red wine. Your lips parted in awe at his wide collection of wine bottles.

The rest of the tour was a blur. Bucky showed you the indoor pool and jacuzzi, gym, game room, lounge area, the courtyard where all the parties usually were held and various other rooms that only seemed to be found a palace.

“Bucky your place is amazing!” You twirled around and closed your eyes as you spun.


You stopped and faced Bucky. He was smiling at your state. He took a deep breath as if preparing himself for something.

“Y/N,” He paused. “Do you-would you like to-?”

He was interrupted when the sound of his phone went off. A look of anger flashed through his eyes as he pulled out his phone. Bucky looked up apologetically.

“I’m so sorry, I have to take this, it’s an important call,” he said.

You nodded, “It’s okay Buck.”

He turned his back to you and walked into another room. You managed to catch the beginning of the conversation.

“This better be good Harrison, I was in the middle of something,” Bucky growled.

You were a bit taken aback at his attitude. Not wanting to eavesdrop, you walked away from the door. Your own phone vibrated. It was a message for Emma, saying that Cole wanted to see you. You bit your lip, debating whether to stay and find out what Bucky was going to ask you or go to your boss. You slowly walked towards the room and poked your head in. Bucky was listening intently to the voice at the other end of the line.


Bucky turned.

“I have to go to work,” You whispered. “We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?”

He moved his phone away from his mouth and nodded. He quickly mouthed an apology. You smiled and turned, making your way to the exit. Leaving a very frustrated Bucky behind.

“Ah, Y/N so good you could make it,” Mr. Cole said when you entered his office. “Please, take a seat. We have much to discuss.”

“What do you wish to discuss?” You asked though you had a feeling of what he wanted to talk about. Mr. Cole leaned back in his seat and set his cigar in the ashtray. You tried you best to muffle a cough. The smell was pungent.

“I’ve heard that you are neighbors with Barnes, is that correct?” He asked.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his comment but nodded, “Yes, I am.”

Cole nodded in approval, “I am willing to make a deal with you.” He paused. “I can raise your pay.” He opened a drawer and pulled out a check. Cole set it in front of you. The check read five thousand dollars and it was addressed to you. “You can walk out of here with this check as long as you agree to my proposal.”

“And what’s that?” You asked, knowing the demon that was around the corner.

“You find out where Barnes gets his money and give me various stories about the skeletons in his closet.” He said.

You scoffed, “Mr. Cole, Mister Barnes is a mystery to me. I barely know the man.”

“Emma tells me she’s seen you going out to lunch with him various times,” Cole said.

Anger fueled inside of you at his comment. How dare he! And how could Emma ever do that to you? You shook your head. “I refuse to do what you request. I can’t ruin a friendship over a headline.”

Cole shrugged and grabbed a pen before writing ‘VOID’ across the check. He threw the pen down, “Pack your things Y/N.”

You nodded, “Gladly.”

You walked out of the office, with nothing but your pride. Your head was tall as you walked to your desk. There was nothing that you wanted to take with you. Nothing to 'pack up.’

“Y/N!” Emma called to you.

You looked at her with tear-filled eyes. Your bottom lip quivered as you grabbed a small postcard on your desk and left to the elevator. You couldn’t help but scorn them. You hated that they were about to use Bucky for a headline. That they were going to invade someone’s life to get a story. You shook your head and wiped your eyes. These people were gullible. Hiding behind their laptops and hunting in a herd for weak prey.

Although he was still a closed book to you, Bucky could possibly be the most truthful person you’ve met.

You thought your day couldn’t get worse. You were wrong. With a slam of the car door, you ripped up the postage card and threw it on the ground, knowing that you’d come back and pick it up later. You walked up the steps of your home and your heart shattered by a single piece of paper.

It was an eviction notice.

You took the paper down and went into your home. You pressed your back against the door and sat down. With your knees pulled up to your chest, you cried. You cried because you had finally done it. You failed. You cried because you lost your job. You cried because you felt used, you felt dirty and stained.

You cried because you knew you had to leave New York, which means leaving Bucky as well.

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83 & 79 together please?

79. “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” & 83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”


Being someone who worked a normal job, paying her own bills after hours of distributing the money on necessities and in London, you weren’t very close to Harry’s lifestyle.

So when you were having a “me-time”, watching reruns of Friends and eating junk food while you knew Harry was having a concert in LA, you got a call from Anne.

“Hey, Anne, how are you?” You instantly answered.

“Y/N, honey,” Anne said in a panicked voice, making you sit up straight.

“What’s wrong, Anne?”

“Harry fainted on stage. He wasn’t feeling well and he kept throwing up before the show but he was persistent to still perform. We’ve been in the hospital for two days now but Harry didn’t want to tell you so you wouldn’t get worried but I think you really need to come and see him if you can.”

Your mouth hung open. Not to worry your ass. “I’m-” You cleared your throat, “I’m coming. I’ll text you when once I know what flight I’m taking.”

“Very sorry to disturb you, honey. I just can’t help but think that that if you didn’t know now then it might cause problems later.”

“Don’t apologize, Anne. It really would have. Thank you for this.”

After hanging up with Anne, you were quick to run to your room, opening your drawer and taking out all the money you had been saving for years. You had wanted to buy yourself your dream car but guess that can wait.
After checking the flights schedule, booking a ticket and texting Anne the details, you were waiting in the airport with a small suitcase that had your necessities and a few clothing items.

During the entire flight, you couldn’t sleep. You were constantly cracking your knuckles, biting your lip and bouncing your leg nervously.

After getting your suitcase and backpack, you were searching for Mitch who came to pick you up.

“Y/N! Here!” You saw Mitch waving his arms around.

You hugged him quickly before the both of you got out of the airport and into Mitch’s car.

“How is he?” You asked as Mitch drove.

“Pretty drugged up. Better than when he first got into the hospital though.” He replied. You nodded, looking out the window.

Once you reached the hospital, you followed Mitch to Harry’s room.
Mitch knocked softly on the door before opening it and walking inside, holding the door for you. You were instantly engulfed in a hug by Anne.

“I’m so happy you’re here, darling.” She cooed quietly.

You gave her a tired smile, patting his on her arm. “Jeff and Glenne were here an hour ago. They’re coming again at 8.” Anne whispered, glancing at a sleeping Harry who you still didn’t see. You only nodded before Anne smiled at you, excusing herself before her and Mitch left the room.

You looked at Harry, IV attached to him and nasal prongs. He looked pale; dark eye circles and pale chapped lips. You swallowed, feeling your eyes well up with tears.

You walked closer to his bed, standing by the end of it. Harry began waking up, his face scrunching up.

You hurried to the shut the blinds, allowing just little light to pass through, enough to make the room dimmed.

“Thank you, Leslie.” Harry said in a tired crooked voice.

“My name isn’t Leslie. Who’s Leslie?” You chuckled quietly.

Harry’s eyes opened widely, turning his head towards the voice he knew too well. “Y/N…”

You walked closer to him, sitting on the chair beside him as you started playing with your fingers.

“What are you doing here?” Harry whispered, “Not that I’m not happy you’re here but…”

“Anne called.”

Harry took a sharp breath, closing his eyes in frustration. “Of course.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?” You asked quietly.

“I was, baby. Once I’m out of here.”

“Tomorrow, yeah?” You asked, looking up at him. He nodded.

Harry knew you were upset. You avoided his gaze, played with your fingers and didn’t bother to tuck your hair behind your ear when it fell over your eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Harry said quietly, extending his arm and opening his palm for you to place your hand in it.

You finally broke, letting your tears fall before looking at him and putting your hand in his. “I was so scared when Anne called, Harry and seeing you like this? I could’ve been here from the start.”

“Hey, hey, no. This is why I didn’t want to tell you.” He squeezed your hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” You sniffed, scooting closer with the chair to him, putting your other hand on top of his. “Are you feeling any better?”

“I’m perfect now that you’re here.” Harry said with a joyful smile, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You idiot.” You laughed.

That day, you spent it with Harry, only going to his house with Anne to sleep before going back the next morning to get him out.

You wrapped your arm around Harry’s waist, his arm around your shoulders as you walked down the hallway.

“Jeff made a pretty good job at keeping from the media.” You said.

“I couldn’t be happier he did.” Harry replied.

You, Harry, Jeff and Anne made it to the car, you, Harry and Mitch sitting in the backseat.

After calling sick for a few days from work and having your boss give you an earful, you were Harry’s nurse.

“I’m home!” You said once you opened the door and got inside after a grocery shopping trip.

Harry smiled from the couch, standing up and walking over to you, bending down to take the bags from you. “Nope.” You shook your head, bumping your hip with his as you walked to the kitchen.

Harry smiled to himself before following you. “What did you get?” He asked, peaking at the bags. “Soup. Soup. More soup. Orange juice.” He moved to the other bag, “Soup. More orange juice,”

“Vitamin C.” You smiled, beginning to empty the bags.

“I want food, baby. Actual food.”

“Doctor’s orders, Haz,” You said, looking at him as he pouted, chuckling before wrapping your arms around his waist, “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

“I’m craving pasta, baby. I’m like a pregnant woman right now.” Harry groaned.

“3 more days, baby. Hold that baby in.”

“No promises.”

I’m taking it upon myself to finish at least most of the requests. Very sorry it’s taking me a lot. x

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Part 3)

Summary: (Modern AU) A player bets his co-workers he can make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days. But he bets on the wrong girl – a writer with her own agenda.

Word Count: 1,854.

A/N: Sorry this took a while to post! School’s been getting in the way. Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Part 1 Part 2 

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okay I’m STILL not done the book yet because #life™ but some follow up reactions

  • The entire scene where Calypso and Apollo were trying to escape on the slow kiddy train at the Zoo had me in stitches holy shit
  • Apollo frantically hitting the gas and Calypso is just leisurely walking next to it while glaring at him??? And the guards? omfg I was dying
  • Meg’s entrance was dramatic and awesome good for her
  • Why the fuck is this 12 year old so good at sword fighting she can keep up with one of the deadliest swordfighters of the ancient world™
  • When Lit threatened Leo and Calypso essentially morphed into the knife emoji on spot. A plus.
  • I mean I’m just saying: I feel like a pregnant griffin isn’t more important than helping a tortured seven year old girl. But I still love Britomartis so I guess it’s whatever
  • I love how Lit was going on like he has a score to settle with Leo because ‘he and his friends’ fucked him up in Oklahoma but like….Leo didn’t contribute to that at all like Jason literally did everything during that fight??? That was kinda like important to Jason’s development and shit??? Leo and Piper were golden statues and Hedge was outside eating grass??? Shouldn’t Lit’s anger be focused on Jason??? lol
  • Idk I just found it funny (I want to see Jason Grace again)
  • Calypso managing to shove out some magic yeah girl!!!!
  • Leo meeting Meg was way too fucking funny omfg “so I understand you can like…control him?” and when Apollo tried denying it she makes him slap himself??? 😂
  • How did we fucking segue from lighthearted banter directly into Apollo having a vivid flashback of the time he had to murder the love of his life with his bare hands
  • Like I??? Was sobbing??? So hard???? Because a batshit insane Roman empire was getting killed by someone who loved him bc it was necessary for the world and the lover couldn’t stand to see anyone else hurt him??? Fuck me???? Rick Riordan ain’t real
  • “I couldn’t bare to look into the water without seeing my beloved’s betrayed face starring back” or whatever the fuck the line was but FUCK
  • Jo was a teenage girl crossdressing to fuck around with gangsters in the 1920′s before Artemis found her and honestly??? Goals
  • Also the scene where she was helping Apollo after his flashback was very sweet
  • Can’t believe the nerd spent like six hours playing soothing music just to get a griffin to lay an egg
  • Leo and Calypso better be whispering amongst themselves what I think they’re whispering
  • Leo seems a lot more…subdued than usual in this book? I don’t know if that’s just because we aren’t reading from his POV, or if it’s like a “I literally died and came back and then spent six months getting attacked every single day while trying to find home and now I’m stuck on another dangerous quest I’m fucking stressed” type thing, or if it could be from the relationship problems he’s having with Calypso, but either way he seems a little off and I’m worried about him
  • The Dread Pirate Valdez…leave.
  • How was that joke never made once on the Argo tho??? lol
  • The speed at which Leo seems to have emotionally adopted Meg is astounding and also #relatable
  • Meg’s far from my favorite character tbh but like??? I will probably punch everyone who’s ever frowned in her general direction in the face. Holy shit give this kid a break
  • She thinks Nero is scared of the mystery third emperor on the West Coast??? So….Caligula, probably? Laying my bets down on him now
  • I triggered the First Law of Percy Jackson” I had to put the book down bc I was laughing so hard I think that lines gonna end up on my gravestone or as the afterword in my autobiography omfg
  • “I’ve always had a phobia of snakes, especially if you included my step-mother Hera. BOOM!” I choked.
  • I like that half the time Apollo is able to figure out what to do to win because he has a general understanding of science
  • Like he knew his burst of godly voice power would only help so much, but he also knew if he stood in the right spot and yelled in the right frequency it would reverberate and knock over the bricks and shit??? NICE
  • How long were these kids wadding through a sewer how do none of them have hypothermia
  • Leo: *sets himself on fire* “Gather round, children.”
  • Like first off someone saying ‘gather round children’ is always going to make me laugh for some reason that’s just a fact but human torching it up really added to the effect lmao
  • Like okay I understand the set up of the room so that no one would look in the canal and see them but like…how the fuck did no one realize they were there that just felt too easy I’m sorry
  • Chia Girl
  • When they found the prisoners was horrifying omfg???
  • The two fucked up boys on a hunger strike???
  • “…Hunter the Hunter?” “Yeah, I’ve never heard that before.”
  • Tall, Dark and Jamie.
  • Apollo babe you’re on a rescue mission with a time crunch please you can check out Jamie later holy shit
  • Georgie made me wanna cry get her back to her Combat Moms immediately
  • The entire sequence of Apollo getting the door open: S C I E N C E  B I T C H
  • “Lemme just fill up some syringes with ammonia just in case”
  • Alright I’ll admit when Meg started insisting she had a feeling they needed to go through the door: I was really worried she was about to double cross him.
  • Glad I was wrong but tbh that whole arena dress rehearsal bullshit was STRESSFULL
  • S T R E S S F U L L
  • First of all: Apollo’s out here constantly complaining about his puny mortal body but manages to fight and climb and run with a heavy ass chair strapped to his back: okay,
  • Second of all: why did no one warn me about Livia the elephant I was on the verge of tears every time he mentioned her
  • Third of all: Monsters, ostriches, race cars, basketballs, football, human mercenaries, animals, like…what even the fuck else SO MUCH WAS GOING ON I would’ve died in ten seconds flat???
  • Fifth of all: THE FUCKING HUNTERS SHOW UP AND CAUSE EVEN M O R E CHAOS. Truly I don’t know how any of the main heroes survived that there was just too much.
  • The entire time I was reading it I was like “This feels like a giant fight at the climax of the book how the fuck are there more pages left what else is going to happen???” AND IM STILL WONDERING THAT LIKE
  • Thalia Grace has been returned to me.
  • Apollo’s strong urge to save Lit??? Okay I guess. It’s nice to see him being compassionate and shit but. I was kinda with Leo on that one lol
  • “Thalia Grace slid behind me on the elephant, which fulfilled one of the fantasies I’d had about the Hunter, although I never quite imagined it playing out like this” M E
  • What was his elephant-involved fantasy with Thalia I need a complete play by play lmao
  • Also the scene where Commodus dropped his composure for a sec and had a full-blown Angry Ex moment (which…he’s definitely entitled to). That was good and also I was highkey worried he might just try to kill my nerd then and there
  • Also that he’s not just mad that Apollo killed him but like. All their fucking history together. Shit’s intense.
  • Apollo loves this elephant so much after only like 15 minutes the first thing he’s gonna do when he’s immortal again is bless her or some shit
  • Also I’m glad they got that awful chainmail off her
  • The Hunters apparently just have a magical energy drink with mercury in it okay
  • Honestly??? I’m a little mad Artemis has been ordered not to contact him THE BOY JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS SISTER HOLY SHIT
  • Aaaaaand that’s about where I left off. Hoping to finish it all together the next time I get a chance. Hoping all the losers are alright. LOVING this book so far. Waiting to see an official reunion between Georgie and her Combat Moms. The Headless Ghost’s cryptic warning has me worried. Until next time…
Return (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  (Loki Imagine: Imagine Thanos targeting Loki’s lover to punish him for his failure to get the Tesseract.) Taken from tumblr. Thor finds you during an intense mission with the Avengers. After disobeying Steve’s orders and saving you, Thor is cornered. Who are you? What were you doing there? How did Thor know you? Knowing he has to answer all of these questions, Thor explains everything.

Words: 3546

Tag: @mashed-fandom-imagines @oxodianaoxo

Read on Ao3:

Thor had watched his brother for what seemed like hours sit there in that room with her. The machine beeped, noting that Loki’s fiancé, (Y/N), was still alive. Thor couldn’t see Loki, but he could see his back jolting up and down from all the sobbing he was doing. The whole thing was confusing and painful for Thor as well. Thor had no romantic feelings, but he loved her. He loved his almost little sister as much as he loved Loki. Thor wanted to put the blame on Loki. It would be so easy to put the blame on him. Thor blamed Loki for almost everything else, but deep down inside Thor blamed himself. The memory flashed back to him.

“My lord!” one of Odin’s best came running to him. Thor turned around confused. He was having an okay day. What could be wrong?

“What is the meaning of this?” Odin demanded.

“Heimdall spotted him! It’s Loki! He’s alive! He’s on Midgard and—

“Stop,” Odin simply said as he held his hand up. “Loki is dead and has been for a while.”

“My lord, I assure you, this is no trick. Heimdall sent me here myself,” the soldier explained. “You must leave. Heimdall is expecting you.” Odin rose from his throne, and looked at Thor. Odin said nothing, but he gave a disgusted and angry face. Thor nodded. They were leaving for the Bifrost immediately.

Thor followed his unhappy father in pursuit. Dozens of questions came up in his head. How did he survive? Why was he on Midgard? Was he hurt? Should Frigga know? Should (Y/N) know? He let himself contemplate on that question. Truly, she should be the first to know, but he couldn’t even bring himself to visit her anymore. Every time he saw (Y/N) he felt like he has to apologize for what happened. Loki’s death wasn’t so easy on him, and (Y/N) brought back those awful feelings. Thor snapped back to what was happening around him. People were rushing around preparing for what might happen.

“He’s going to come back here isn’t he?” Thor heard a servant say. “He’s going to come back and hurt us.”

“Don’t say that,” Thor interjected. “He’s only been spotted. Don’t go there. He’s not coming here. He will not hurt any of us.” Thor felt an anger course through him. It’s been so long, and people still speak so low of his brother. Leaving the panicked servants behind, Thor rushed to Heimdall along with everyone else who mattered.. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw (Y/N). She looked stressed and exhausted. The ends of her hair were dead. Dark circles were underneath her eyes. She held onto Sif, her best friend, for support. He wanted to say something to her. Her parents had been weary of letting her out into the public. She was often ridiculed everywhere she went. ‘Traitor Queen’ and ‘Loki’s Whore’ were among the kinder words that people said to her. As a result, (Y/N) had stopped her visits to the palace and she no longer attended the balls or events. She stayed at home where she could find some peace.

“Yes, my lord, I did see him,” Heimdall said, snapping Thor out of his personal thoughts again. “He’s very much alive. He seems to be preparing for something.”

“Preparing for something? For what?” Odin asked.

“I’m not sure. Loki always knew how to hide from me. However, I don’t think he is working alone. He seemed to be communicating to something.” Heimdall said. This was serious.

“Father, let me bring him home,” Thor volunteered.

“Bring Loki back here?” Odin asked with a chuckle. “Have you lost your mind?”

“Odin!” Frigga called out. “He’s still my son. Bringing Loki back home is what is best for him, for Midgard, and for us.” Things between Frigga and Odin hadn’t been the same after Loki’s “death”. There was tension between them.

“Father, please, let me bring him home before he does something horrible,” Thor pleaded. He glanced back at (Y/N) who was staring at Odin, hoping for an answer. Silence filled the room for a few moments as Odin thought to himself.

“My lord, I do not mean to interrupt you, but I implore you to not wait on this decision. You must act now. Loki acts fast.”

“Fine,” Odin frowned. “You go to Midgard, and bring him back here before something happens. Understand me?” Thor nodded. Thor went to his mother.

“Mother, I—

“You do not need to say anything to me,” Frigga said to her son. “I have faith in you. Tell him how much he is missed, how much he is loved, and how much we need him.”

“Could you give this to him?” (Y/N) asked Thor. Surprised by her voice, Thor took the token from her hand. It was (Y/N)’s engagement ring on a silver chain. She still wore it. She still loved him.

“It will be the first thing I give him, I promise you, (Y/N),” Thor said and he kissed her on her head. “I will make this right.” Then Thor left. A sense of purpose clouded his mind. Thor did not have communication with Asgard from the weakness of the Bifrost, but he did his best to fulfill the tasks he was told to do. After the devastating events of New York, Thor took his brother home to face trial. Odin felt proud of Thor, bringing his brother home to face true justice. Thor felt awful because Loki he knew was gone. Loki was taken away in chains, and Thor walked off to find his mother, or the Warriors Three, or (Y/N). He needed someone to know how it all went down. He came upon his mother’s garden to find his mother comforting Sif. Sif was sobbing with her head in her hands. Thor rushed over.

“Mother? Sif? Sif, what’s wrong?” Thor asked.

“Thor, you’re back. We heard an hour ago that you were here,” his mother tried to keep a smile on her face. “I must apologize that we were not there to greet you and Loki.”

“DAMN LOKI!” Sif screamed out. “This is his fault! This is all his fault!”

“Sif, stop,” Thor grabbed her wrists gently. “Yes, many died in New York, but you must not feel bad for the mortals. Loki will be brought to justice.” Sif looked up at Thor. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying for a while.

“No, Thor,” Sif explained. “It is not New York I cry for.”

“Then what?”

“It’s (Y/N).” Thor felt his stomach drop.

“No, please tell me she didn’t. Mother visited her every week. You saw her every day. You even told me yourself that she was getting better. She wouldn’t.”

“No, you misunderstand me. (Y/N) did not kill herself. She was taken.”


“These men. They claimed that Loki had failed to complete his mission. They were taking her as punishment. Heimdall was right. Loki wasn’t working alone. Loki was working for someone else, and now (Y/N) faces the consequences.” Sif broke down again.

“I don’t understand,” Thor looked to his mother. “I was only gone for a couple of days. When did this happen?”

“Last night,” Frigga said. “It came out of nowhere. No one was there to protect her.” His mother’s words hit him hard. No one was there to protect her. Thor wasn’t here to protect his sister. His heart dropped into his stomach. Thor had no anger inside of him left to be angry about this. He was exhausted from the past couple of days. Resentment against his brother boiled inside of him, but that was then. This was now. Thor watched his brother’s movements in the hospital room. Any resentment Thor had towards his brother was gone. Loki had suffered enough.

“Thor,” Natasha approached him from behind. “I hate to do this, but our doctors need to look her over. Loki needs to leave her for right now.” Thor turned his head towards her.

“You do realize you are asking a big task,” Thor said. “That’s like taking a starved horse away from sweet apples.”

“It would only be for an hour. Maybe less,” Natasha said. Thor got up from his seat, and headed towards the room.

“If things go astray, please don’t hurt him. He’s already hurting,” Thor said.

“I can’t make any promises,” Natasha said as she turned and walked away.
Thor walked into the room quietly. Loki’s hands were on (Y/N), gripping her body. Loki and (Y/N) looked exactly the opposite from the other. (Y/N)’s hair was spread out onto the pillow. Her eyes were closed and she looked absolutely peaceful. The only concerning thing was the IVs attached to her, and how her skin was still slightly cold despite being in a temperature controlled environment. Loki’s hair was a mess. Knots and ends were everywhere from him constantly tugging and pulling at it. His tears leaked onto her blankets. His eyes were half open and red. His skin was too warm from the anxiety that pumped through him. Loki did not even bother putting up an illusion; he was too exhausted.


“Please leave,” Loki said. “I want to be alone.” Thor closed his eyes and took a breath. He knew this was going to be hard.

“Loki, their doctors need to take a look at her,” Thor said calmly. Loki rose his head. Strands of his black hair fell in front of his face.

“No,” Loki said, almost hissing.


“I said no. You clearly heard me,” Loki went on. “These are mortals. Mere, stupid mortals. They cannot do anything for her.” Loki’s grip on her body grew tighter. Blankets scrunching up in his hands.

“Loki, they are human and they are more intelligent than you realize. They can help her.” Thor was trying. Loki stood up and leaned forward across the hospital bed. His body was over hers.

“I almost ruled them all in a matter of days. Humans are a fragile race. I do not trust them especially with her care. She is coming back to Asgard with me where she can be helped.” Loki explained.

“You’re not going anywhere. She is not going anywhere,” Thor put his foot down. Loki narrowed his eyes.

“What makes you think you can tell me what to do? Who do you think you are?” Loki hissed. Thor raised his hands.

“Do you not realize where you are? What you are doing? I am trying to help you. I want to be on your side,” Thor explained to Loki. “For once, will you let me handle this and trust me?”

“She is my…” Loki trailed off. He knew what he was going to say, but he couldn’t finish it. It made him angry, and he let Thor see it.

“I know. If I send her back to Asgard, you will not be able to see her. She will be healed with our people, and she will be sent away, Loki. You are serving a sentence here. If I send her back, her parents can and will take her away from you. They will force her to marry someone else. She will live with him. She will be loved by him. She will mother his children. Do you understand?” The cogs started to work inside Loki’s mind. Loki stood up straight, no longer covering her body.

“How do I know if I leave her now that I will see her again?” Loki asked Thor.

“You will. I promise,” Thor replied. “Trust me.” Loki looked back at her face. He let his finger touch her hair once more.

“What happens now?” Loki asked, not taking his eyes away from her.

“You’re coming with me. Their doctors will look at her and try to determine what to do with my help. You will be going back to your holding cell.” Thor explained. Loki shook his head.

“No. I have a right to know where you found her. I want the details of the mission,” Loki still did not look at Thor.

“I don’t think you—

“I still have my powers, brother. I can hurt your loved ones too, especially your lady. Jane is it? Shipped her off to London so I couldn’t get to her?” Loki slowly looked at his brother. Loki knew which words to say to put a chill down Thor’s back. He did have the complete right to know, but the complicated part is whether anyone else would understand.

Loki left with Thor escorting him back to the cell. None of them wished to say anything. Thor was still emotionally tired and stressed with keeping his word. Loki was feeling relieved. (Y/N) was alive and on Midgard. Two things he never expected. He remembered the dread when he found out her kidnapping.

“Frigga is the only reason you are still alive and you will never see her again,” Odin said coolly in the throne room for everyone to hear. There wasn’t much. Just Loki, two guards holding him in chains, and the Queen and King of Asgard themselves. Odin needed to keep this a private matter. Having a public trial of his “adopted” son was out of the question.

“What of (Y/N)? You told me yourself that you would put her on that throne if she were your daughter,” Loki wanted to hit him hard with words. “You value her intelligence, her temperament, and her kind heart. Are you telling me now that (Y/N) has no value here? Is that why she isn’t here? You don’t trust her?”

“(Y/N) is not here because she is gone,” Odin stated. Loki controlled his anger up until now.

“You banished her? Because of me?” Loki laughed. “You truly are an old oaf. (Y/N) may have been my queen, but she had no idea about any of this. I did this on my own.”

“Did you?” Odin almost laughed. Loki narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

“You banished your only hope for this realm. She would have made a better king than you.”

“I did not banish her, Loki,” Odin immediately shot back. Thor entered the throne room, but no one noticed. The tension between Loki and Odin was the main attraction. Thor feared he may have been too late. He would have been here earlier had it not been for Sif.

“Then where is she? Why is my wife not here? What did you do to her?” Loki’s anger rose with every question he threw at Odin. Then it hit Thor. Loki doesn’t know. Everyone in Asgard heard of her kidnapping last night except for Loki. Out of the corner of his eyes, Thor saw his father smile wickedly. He knew his father could be awful, but this was too much. Loki didn’t deserve this. No one did.

“You were never married to (Y/N). She is not your wife. I did not do anything to her. She’s gone and it is all your fault.” Odin was enjoying this. “Last night, there were men who invaded Asgard.”

“Fools invade Asgard all the time. What does any of this have to do with (Y/N)?” Loki shot back. “You’re avoiding my question.”

“They weren’t from any of the realms we knew. They came here and they took (Y/N) in the middle of the night. When my soldiers heard of this, it was too late. They only saw the lights of the ship leaving. Her parents are with Eir, safe and sound, but (Y/N) is gone.” Odin smiled more. He wanted to twist the knife.

“Someone took her?” Loki said, not believing a word Odin says. “Let me guess, they did not leave a single piece of evidence did they?”

“Oh, but they did,” Odin said. Thor looked back at his father. No one told him there was evidence or even a lead to who she was with. Thor looked back at Loki who still held an apathetic face. Then, Thor looked at his mother. She looked beautiful as always. Her long hair and gown flowing, but her eyes held serious tears.

“He left us a note.”

“He? Who’s he?” Loki asked.

“Your friend, Thanos.” Loki froze in his spot. His apathetic face dropped and it was replaced with a shivering fear. Odin smiled, finally getting the reaction he wanted. “He knows you failed him. So, he took action. I believe his note said, ‘She will suffer due to your incompetence.’” Loki’s face went completely pale. It left his mouth partially open, but he could not breathe. Loki did not twitch or shake. He did not move. For the first time in Thor’s life, he saw his brother terrified. Thor watched as Loki’s body dropped to the floor, and all of the chains followed in pursuit. They clanged on the ground as if they couldn’t hold Loki anymore. Loki couldn’t hold himself up anymore.

“You will spend the rest of your days in the dungeons.” Odin said. The guards tugged onto his chains, almost dragging Loki away. His feet dragged across the smooth marble court floor. What did it matter if he was in the dungeons? Loki would rather take the ax. Many thoughts clouded his thinking. The worst one kept repeating itself over and over again.

This is your fault.

That thought followed him through his short time in the dungeons and then onto Midgard. Loki went into his holding cell at Stark Tower reluctantly. There were too many questions unanswered. He knew he had a right to know all of them. Where was she? What happened on that mission? Where has she been this entire time? Loki grabbed onto his neck and the silver chain with (Y/N)’s ring appeared in his hand. He grabbed it and looked at it closely. (Y/N) was never a diamond lady. She always preferred emeralds even before him. Green was her favorite color, and green was their color. So, it only made sense that her ring was a bright emerald with smaller lighter ones around it. He remembered how she would twist the ring around her finger whenever she was thinking deeply. He cast the illusion in front of him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked the illusion. (Y/N) was turned away from him. Her hair was loose and she was wearing her favorite green dress. The (Y/N) illusion did not respond to him, so he asked again.

“(Y/N)? What are you thinking about?” Loki smiled to himself. He walked closer to the illusion. The illusion was still very quiet, but it was moving around like a ghost. Slowly and quietly walking around minding its own business. Loki followed the illusion, and allowed it to go deeper. Soon, Loki and the (Y/N) illusion were no longer in the cell, but in Loki’s bedroom. Green and gold were everywhere. From the curtains to the floor, everything was extravagant and regal. Loki was used to the familiarity of it all, but (Y/N) not talking to him was off. (Y/N) loved to talk to him, especially about ideas and opinions. Loki could spend all day listening to what she thought of books he hated. It didn’t matter what the subject was, he just loved her mind and the endless thoughts she had.

“(Y/N)?” he called out. The illusion still did not speak, but walked out onto the balcony. The skies were gray and a storm was rolling in. The illusion walked to the balcony railing, and placed her hands there.

“Why did you do it?” the (Y/N) illusion asked.

“Do what, little dove?” Loki smiled. He was worried for a moment there. The illusion turned around to Loki, revealing her half-frozen face. Ice crystals froze her left side and tinged her skin blue like a frost giant.

“Look what he did to me.” The (Y/N) illusion said. “I’m so cold, Loki.” Horrified, Loki took a step back.

“(Y/N), its going to be okay. We-we’re going to be fine.”

“Why did you attack New York?”

“I was going to rule them, (Y/N). I was going to make you a proper queen.”

“Lies,” the (Y/N) illusion said lowly. “You were only thinking of yourself. You only want power.”

“That’s not true,” Loki said. “I want you. I need you.” The (Y/N) illusion turned away, and started to climb on the rail.

“More lies. You keep lying to me and yourself when you know the only mistress you love is power,” the illusion stood on the railing. Loki’s eyes went wide. His illusions never did this.

“What are you doing? Get down, dove,” Loki said.

“You left me here to cry and rot and freeze!” the (Y/N) illusion cried out.

“No, I didn’t.”

“You did,” the illusion started to cry. Tears came down her right side of her face. Loki walked over to the railing. He tried to grab her, but the illusion disappeared so quickly.

“(Y/N)” Loki screamed out from his cell. As Loki screamed, a vibration went through the pipes all the way back to the temperature controlled room where (Y/N) sat up in the hospital bed as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. (Y/N) rubbed her eyes and saw the IVs in her arm and Thor outside her room speaking to someone she recognized.

“Thor?” (Y/N) said.

The Beginning (Secrets)

Summary: After leaving your assassin life behind, you seek a new life to forget your past. Nick Fury brings you into the life of the Avengers, posing as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But, what happens when your secret’s revealed? 

A/N: Hey, all! My last series (Timeless) ended and I felt the need to write another one. Not really sure where I got this idea, but I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in this series. Also, I don’t speak many of the languages I’m writing here. Gotta trust Google Translate. Happy reading!

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, (Eventual) Steve Rogers x Reader.

Words: 1,312.

‘Secrets’ Masterlist’

“You’ll be safe here,” Nick Fury said, patting you on the back. You flinched and he let his hand drop to his side. 

“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” you asked. Nick sighed and leaned on his desk, meeting your gaze.

“You defied HYDRA’s orders to save a girl from the burning building.”

“Yes, but -”

“I know that nobody knows what you look like, but if I figured it out, someone else is bound to as well. Let us take care of you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but we need to make sure you’re safe,” he said. You sighed. 

“Mr. Fury -”

“Please, call me Nick.”

“Nick. I just want to have a normal life and experience normal things. You know, like getting a job and staying out late with friends. I’ve never had friends.” 

“You can do that. I can arrange for you to work alongside the agency,” he said. 

“I don’t want to work for another agency, Nick,” you said, crossing your arms. 

“You can work alongside Tony Stark, then. I can arrange anything you want as long as you work close to the tower.” You sighed, knowing that you couldn’t get out of this. You wanted out of the assassination business and this was a way out. 

“Okay, I’ll do it. 

You read your file again. It stood at the top of your cabinet where nobody would look. The manila folder was a little dusty, but you paid no attention. 

Alias: Shadow. 

Location: New York, New York. 

Handler: Fury, Nick J. 

Background: A bred assassin, experimented on by a part of the recently destroyed HYDRA branch. Started training at twelve years of age, made an official assassin at eighteen. 

You skimmed over the next few details which account for your total number of kills. 

Brought in by Fury and given a new story. Y/N Y/L, grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was put in the foster care system at the age of three. Moved around foster homes until the age of eighteen. Went to a local community college, but dropped out after her third year. Got a job at Stark Labs as a personal assistant to Tony Stark. 

You shut the file before reading further. You’ve practically memorized the words on the paper and didn’t need to read it to know what other information it held. Nobody knew your name from before. The members of the HYDRA branch that handled you were long dead and nobody kept any record of you. HYDRA had been afraid that somebody wanted to replicate their methods and decided to keep you a secret until they were ready to use your full potential. However, they didn’t account for the brainwashing to go south. You began to see that nobody else was like you. You began to crave a normal life and HYDRA desperately tried to reject the brainwashing. Fury had been able to take down HYDRA, but he didn’t know you existed. 

Now, after months of careful observation and questioning, he was sure you had no more ties to HYDRA. Dr. Cho and Maria Hill were the only two people, other than Fury himself, who knew who you really were. Maria, Fury’s right hand woman, knew everything Fury knew and assisted him in questioning you. Dr. Cho was the one who oversaw your well-being and recovery.

You tied your hair into a bun and glanced at the clock. Tony liked to be greeted in his office at seven in the morning so that he knew where you were. You lived near the other Avengers and his office wasn’t too far from your floor, just one down below. You stepped into the elevator and was greeted by FRIDAY, the Artificial Intelligence, who also knew your real identity.

“Good morning, Y/N,” FRIDAY greeted. 

“Good morning, FRIDAY. Is Mr. Stark in his office?” 

“Yes, ma’am. He arrived two minutes ago and is awaiting for your arrival.” 

“Thank you, FRIDAY.” 

You stepped out of the elevator and fixed your pencil skirt before giving Tony’s door a knock. 

“Come in,” he said from the other side. You stepped into the office and Tony was brewing a cup of coffee. 

“Good morning, Y/N. Would you care for a cup of coffee?” 

“No thank you,” you replied. 

“Suit yourself. I have a few reports on my desk that I’d like you to go over. I just need to know if it’s worth giving money to. Also, the French left a message on the phone and I think they’d prefer hearing someone who speaks French. They close their office in an hour.” You nodded and he proceeded to say you could use his desk. You smiled gratefully at him and opened the file, reading it twice over. 

“You should invest in this company,” you said. “They’ll bring you revenue and a lot of good press.” 

“Got it, I’ll have Pepper write a check,” he said, sipping his coffee. You picked up the phone and played the message from the French, calling them back as soon as you were finished listening. 

“Bonjour, comment puis-je diriger votre appel?” Hello, how can I direct your call?

“Bonjour. Je suis ici au nom de Tony Stark.” Hello. I’m here on behalf of Tony Stark.

“Ah, c'est Y/N Y/ L, non? Il a dit que vous avez parlé français.” Ah, it’s Y/N Y/L, right? He said you spoke French. 

“C'est correct. J'appelle à confirmer le contrat entre nos entreprises.” Correct, I’m calling to confirm the contract between our companies.

The conversation didn’t last very long. You looked at Tony. 

“I just made you a few million,” you informed. Tony grinned at you. 

“I don’t know how you do it, kiddo. You’re really something else.” You stood from his desk. 

“Is there anything else you need?” you asked, reaching for the door. 

“Yeah, if you could make your way to Fury’s floor and talk to him about the money we just made and give him the details,” Tony said. “Also, round everyone up for debriefing when you’re done. I need to check up on everyone.” You nodded and rode your way to Fury’s office and knocked on his door. 

“Come in.” You entered and explained the contract. 

“Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad that Tony’s bothering to keep me in the loop of anything he does nowadays. I have you to thank for that.” You offered him a small smile. 

“How are you fitting in?” Nick asked. 

“Fine, I suppose. I keep my head low and I do what I’m told. The pay’s good, too.” 

“Are you making friends? I know that’s something you mentioned when I first brought you here.” 

“Friends. That’s a touchy subject.” 

“Are you befriending any of the Avengers?” You tightened your jaw. 

“Not exactly.” Fury gave you a slow nod. 

“You’ll find your place, Y/N. I guarantee you will.” You sighed and nodded. 

“I’m not really used to being around other people. I think the team thinks I don’t belong there and I can’t really blame them.”

“I’m sure they don’t think that.” 

“I can guarantee it. They make the smallest comments and wonder why I’m living on their floor. I don’t belong there, but I don’t have anywhere else to go.” 

Fury looked at you with sad eyes and could only imagine what you’re going through. 

“I have to go. I’m supposed to round up everyone for a meeting.” Fury let you walk out the door and you found yourself back in the common room. You saw that everyone was in the room and they stopped their chatter once they saw your figure walk through the door. When you stood there for a while, Bucky spoke up. 

“Is there something you need?” It took every ounce in you not to roll your eyes. 

“You’re all needed for a meeting in Tony’s office,” you instructed. You turned your heel walked towards the elevator. 

Feelings of your own

Requested: Yes. “A Dark x read soulmate au. The one where first words are written on your wrist, and Dark has nothing, bc the reader is mute and she has something harsh about not being able to talk on her wrist bc he’s upset she won’t reply.”

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing:  Darkiplier x reader

A/n: I know. The ending is totally shit. I couldn’t really figure out how to end it… I hope I did this request some justice. It was a great request!

Originally posted by lum1natrix

               Dark sat in his bedroom. This was, once again, a night of sorrow for him. In a word full of love, he was alone. Everyone he knew had found their soulmate. Hell, even Wilford found his when she escaped from an asylum! Her first words to him where engraved on his wrist, just like everyone else in this world.

               Except for Dark.

               Dark’s wrist was clean of any permanent ink. Did he not have a soulmate? There was no one that he could love and cherish like everyone else? He was a demon, something without emotions, feared by everyone! So why did he feel so alone? He was a murderer. A creature of nightmares. Why did he want love so badly then?

               His apartment only seemed to get bigger and colder the longer he stayed in it. He began to dread the place he once called home. It was dark and gloomy. Before, that was what he preferred but now it just made him feel worse.

               Dark sighed as he stood from his bed. He couldn’t stand being here any longer. It was time for him to go outside and have some social interaction, despite the fact that he hated all living beings. A cloud of black smoke surrounded him for a moment, changing his previously lazy attire to his usual suit. Once he felt confident in his appearance, he grabbed the keys to his front door and left his luxurious apartment. He stood outside his door, trying to decide if he wanted to teleport to a local café or walk.

               “I suppose I should get some exercise.” He muttered to himself before walking down the hallway and to the elevator. He pressed a button and waited as the elevator descended to the lobby before walking out the doors and onto the sidewalk. Cars rushed by beside him as he waltzed down the street with his hands in his pockets.

               “Dark!” A voice boomed behind him, attempting to get his attention. “Dark, wait up!” Dark tossed a look over his shoulder to see Wilford running his way. An exasperated sigh left his lips.

               “What do you want?” Dark growled when Wolford slapped his hand onto Darks shoulder as if he were his friend.

               “So, I overheard that little angel talking to someone! Guess what he said.” Dark could only assume that he meant Lightiplier. He couldn’t really care less about what Wilford had to say but he knew he would tell him anyway.

               “Cut to the chase, Wilford.” Dark kept walking as Wilford trailed slightly behind.

               “Ooh! You’re going to hate him!” Wilford nearly squealed at the thought of Dark’s rage. “So remember how you both had an argument when he suddenly appeared in your place? Well, turns out, he slipped something I your coffee! Have you been feeling any… Emotions lately?” Dark stopped in his tracks at this before dragging Wilford into a space between the building and forcing him against a wall.

               “What did he do?” Dark growled, his breath fanning over Wilford’s face.

               “He said it was supposed to give you emotions so you would understand the humans.  Like a punishment for all the bad deeds you’d done.” Wilford gave a sinister smile to Dark before pushing him away.

               “I don’t have time for this.” Dark scoffed and began walking away. Luckily Wilford let him leave peacefully, feeling satisfied with the mischief he caused.

               Dark grumbled to himself and continued his way to the café. A horn blazed at a nearby cross walk and caused Dark to look up. That’s when he saw you.

               You walked in front of your car with both offensive fingers blazing and directed toward the driver. While the driver shouted some very colorful words at you, you said nothing. You probably wouldn’t, even if you could.

               You had been a mute all your life. Some weird speech disorder had disabled you in this way. It could be an inconvenience at times but, for the most part, you were able to manage it.

               Once you crossed the street safely, no thanks to that asshole, you walked straight into your favorite café. You took your usual spot by the counter and grabbed a menu. You flipped through the three pages, looking for anything that caught your eye.

               “Hey, (Y/n)!” You looked up to see one of the waiters. You had been coming here for a while so most of the employees new you well and often talked to you when they had time off, even if you didn’t verbally reply. The manager saved a notepad for you to write in whenever you came here. They were like a little family that you had. “What’re you craving today?”  You pointed to the order you wanted and the waiter scribbled it down. “I’ll be right back with that, hun’.”

               You pulled out your phone, getting a small glimpse of the ink on your wrist. What? Too proud to say thank you? Your soulmate sounded like a real jerk. You couldn’t wait to meet him.

               Dark walked into the café and began walking to his usual spot only to stop when he saw the same woman from the street sitting in his spot. He already had to deal with Wilford today and he didn’t want to have to deal with anything else. That spot was what he had been looking forward to all day. It was right next to the window, so he could watch the people outside, and by the counter so that he would get the check faster. There were plenty of other spots but Dark wanted that spot specifically. He knew he was being childish but he couldn’t care less. His day had been shit. He didn’t bother to say anything, though. Instead he took the seat next to you and ignored your side glance.

               “Here’s your food, sweetheart.” You smiled gratefully at your waiter as she dropped the plate in front of you and refilled your coffee. Dark gave you a glare.

               “What? Too proud to say thank you?” Dark growled at you. You cocked an eyebrow at him before your eyes widened in realization.

               “She’s mute, genius.” Your water said as she walked by. You nodded to her in thanks and Dark’s cheeks grew red. He felt idiotic. How could he not realize that? These damned emotions were beginning to get in his way of judgement. He should have practically smelled the disability on you. It was part of being his demonic self, he instantly found weaknesses.

               “I apologize for my rude behavior.” You waved your hand in dismissal. People often became frustrated when they couldn’t understand you. “Why didn’t you just use sign language?”

               Most people don’t know it. You quickly signed. Dark gave you a slight smile and it only grew bigger when you showed him your wrist.

               “Well, I’ll gladly be your interpreter. If you’ll let me.” You, of course, eagerly accepted and ever since then you both had been inseparable.

               Dark had revenge on Light with many pranks that you helped with but what he didn’t know was that Light hadn’t given him anything. He knew Wilford would be listening to him and he knew he would tell Dark anything he heard, so he set up a fake conversation. Dark’s feelings had always been his own, even if he only began feeling them recently.

               You and Dark had a happy life together. He even found a way to give you immortality! He truly was your soulmate.